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Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang

    My intention, earlier in the quarter, was to devote this quarter's Admiral's Thoughts to a concept several other clubs and KSF have been discussing called Klingon Tri-Table.  The Klingon Tri-Table would actually be a listserve where the leaders of every Klingon club could communicate with each other regularly, in the hope of promoting harmony and cooperation in a group where that goal has been, at times, hard to achieve.  It is and was a good idea, and I will write more about it at another time.

    When the New York Word Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked on September 11, 2001, however, I realized my Admiral's Thoughts column had to encompass a larger scope in the real world.  I wanted to address our feelings about the disaster itself, as well as our hopes that somehow, after all was said and done, after whatever consequences come to pass, world harmony and cooperation would still be a viable possibility.  While contemplating what to write, and finding my own words inadequate for the task, I began reading the letters some of you wrote on the same subject, and I realized that you had all said what I wanted to say, better than I could say it.  So, therefore, this quarter, I will not be writing the Admiral's Thoughts.  You will.  Space does not allow me to use all the contents of all the letters, but I've tried to include as much as possible.  I thank you for your eloquence. 

Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang
Klingon Strike Force Commander in Chief
Klingon Strike Force High Command
tlhIngan HIvbeq ra'ghomquv


by Commrades and warriors;
There are few places where I can say what I feel right now to so many, and no place I know my feelings will be shared quite so much.  We are at war, and as Klingons, we pretend in our fictions that such a state brings glory and honour.  I am not ashamed to admit that all such feelings are subsumed within me now by a fear I have never experienced in my life. 
Our hearts and imaginations may belong to the stars, but our bodies are firmly rooted to this planet, and I know that many of us are here in the United States.  I have been watching one news channel or another, local, national, or cable, since awakening this morning, and I can hardly believe the events that are unfolding on the canvas of history stretched before us.  The attacks were timed for maximum influence -- to a group of people who's
hobbies include 4 popular TV shows, how can we not notice that there was just enough time between World Trade Center collisions for most major news networks to have a camera in place.
We have reached a moment in our history that no one now alive and aware of the world in which we live will ever forget.  Few events of this magnitude ever come along -- the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of President Kennedy, the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger, the fall of the Berlin Wall.  And now this.  We may never know why this has happened, but of one thing we can be sure -- our world is now a different place, forever.
I may be wrong, by I understand that our friends in the New York area were planning festivities in the near future, to celebrate the next installment of the far future -- if this is true, may I encourage you to keep that date, that even if it is a more somber occasion, we must not lose sight of the friends and relations that will keep this nation strong in the weeks to come.  And may I encourage all members to send your best wishes, that if they do decide to gather there, they will know that even those of us that cannot be there in body will be there to mourn the loss we have suffered, and to celebrate the life in this country, a life that no attack can take from us;  we will indeed be there in strongest spirit.
I cannot say enough about how moved I am by the tragedy of today's events.  I would like to ask every member of the Klingon Strike Force, as you finish reading this, to bow your heads and offer a moment of silence, wherever you are, be it alone at home, in an office, or in whatever place this madness has found you or forced you, a moment of silence dedicated not only to the dead, but also the injured, the dedicated professionals lost, and the  rescue workers unaccounted for.  This is all far from over.
May whatever Supreme Forces guide this world protect us all in the days to come.
 *  *  *

This week was also the 20th anniversary of the Camp David Peace accords between Isreal and Egypt if I remember correctly.
 *  *  *

Brothers and Sisters, I am in shock, like the rest of the world. As long as humans are alive the image of the plane crashing into the world trade center will be stored somewhere and taught to our descendants. The fear I have is what else will we teach our children about what followed the action. Many are hurt and wounded are morning their loved ones, it is a time when the blood boils and blood cries out for blood. this is understandable this is natural this is human. but, as innocents died in this attack that does not mean more have to over the world because their location happens to fall close to the barbarians that took this action. Many Muslims around the world are in fear today for loved ones in countries that these minority of people may happen to live in.  Muslim friends in the U.K. are frightened to walk the streets because of racist thugs using this terrible tragedy as an excuse for their own brand of barbarism. The world today is on a knife edge of chaos and destruction. A deep breath is needed. To kill these men may be a kind of justice that the world can understand but can it afford it.  These barbarians do not deserve the honour of martyrdom. As then for every one you kill ten more will replace them. My heart goes out to those in New York and the Pentagon and those on the planes. I hope before this week is out my heart goes out to no other innocent lives.

Yours Kha'Mish"Khal
*  *  *
Fellow Warriors,  I personally thank all those who have sent their feelings/concerns/condolences on the events in New York and Washington. I and my immediate family are safe , we do have close friends and family members who were in New York and Washington DC working at the time of these unholy acts of war. I still do not know if they are all safe. All I can do is hope.  I can not sort out my feelings , from crying to rage to I want revenge. I pray for all the victims (present and those to come as this is not over), rescue workers and others whose lives have been affected by this senseless act. As a Klingon I know we glorify violence and revenge in a way, but to see this unfold, there is nothing to be gained in killing innocent people. They had no idea when they got up and  went to work that they would be dead or injured in a short time and their world forever changed . Right now in my heart I am a scared hurt human who wishes and wants this to end forever across the entire planet.
 *  *  *

I would like to say something and it must be said!  It was a terrible shame what has happened here in the US.  New Yorkers I have a long hard feeling it will be a long time to pull back together....... I Like New York LIVE IN
WASHINGTON DC WERE THE OTHER PLAN HIT THE PENTAGON,    I myself was near by when it happen and took me almost 5 hours to get home,  also what we here in the Nations Capital had to go through to get out of the City.  They are many dead here and it is a shame about those on the planes themselves.  Words
can't say what I feel for what I saw and heard.....

Cmdr Krowgon
*  *  *
I just saw on the news the disaster that struck New York... Are you alright, fellow US Klingons? I hope none of you or your loved ones were in the New York area.

I hope that you could make sure they are okay. I imagine you in USA are in a state of shock. It's a shock for the rest of the world too. A slaughter of such magnitude... it feels like the dawn of a third world war

*  *  *

Thanks for your concern. I am fine. I live in Missouri and though it happened in New York, we felt the impact here as well.

I would like to thank all overseas warriors for the expression of concern for us in the USA. And I would like to ask you all to remember those members who reside in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C, where the terrorists struck.


*  *  *
Just to show that it is the Government as well as the British people supporting the US in sorrow as well as seeking justice.
 qe'San / Jon
 LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Tony Blair has told an emergency session  of parliament that Britain must help bring to justice the perpetrators of  the "hideous and foul" suicide attacks against the United States.
 "These attacks were not just attacks upon people and buildings, nor even  merely on the United States of America," Blair told the House of Commons on  Friday.
 "These were attacks on the basic values in which we all believe so  passionately, and the modern civilised world."
 Blair said the death toll ran into the thousands, of which at least 100 and  "maybe many more" were British.
 "Murder of British people in New York is no different in nature from their murder here in the heart of Britain itself. In the most direct sense  therefore, we have not just an interest but an obligation to bring those  responsible to account."
 The special session of parliaments -- called to debate Britain's response to  Tuesday's suicide attacks in the United States -- coincided with a day of mourning across Europe in honour of around 5,000 people believed to have died.
 It is the first time Britain`s parliament has been recalled from its summer  recess since 1998, when the Omagh bomb blast killed 29 people in Northern  Ireland -- the worst single attack in 30 years of violence in the
 British-ruled province.

*  *  *
Stardate setpember 11 2001
time index 8:45 pm
Responding on what happened in new York and Washington.  Lets make a prayer for all our American warriors and hope they are all alright.
Lt koi kai drocklon

*  *  *

I spent more damn years sitting on the West German border by the Fulda Gap waiting for the drumming of Ivans big guns as an Infantry Squat Leader then I care to think of, knowing full damn well no mater how perfect and good I was that some of my people would die from my actions and inactions.  And that's not the end of the war stories by any stretch of hope for those forced to listen... ;)  I know the value and truth in Man is the animal who laughs to show his courage!  More now then ever we need to start laughing and getting back to a semblance of normality what ever fallacy that might be.  My heart goes out to all those who were totally taken by surprise over last Tuesday and are still paralyzed by it all for all intent of purpose.  Just overwhelmed by it all.  Trying to come to grips with it and understand and digest it all.

*  *  *

    I am probably the only KSF member who remembers Pearl Harbor day. My mother and I were sitting on the couch when my father came in from our filling station next door and told us the Japs had attacked Pearl Harbor. Of course we had only radio in those days, and we turned it on and listened to report after report. We took a daily newspaper and I remember the screaming headlines. I kept some of those front pages for years until they fell apart
with age.
     I was a sophomore in high school at that time. When I went to school on Monday (Pearl Harbor was on a Sunday) there was an eerie silence in the halls. I remember one teacher saying "You young people are living in
trememdous times." There was an air of solemnity all day. The war lasted until into 1945. How long will terrorism against the US continue? It could be almost endless. 

     Now once more our shores have been attacked. I don't doubt that you who are young and younger than I will remember the day of this new tragedy, perhaps where you were and what you were doing when you first heard the news. In 1941 we knew who hit us. This time we aren't certain. Then the enemy was across the ocean. Today there may still be enemies in our very midst that could do other forms of terrorism. Remember Oklahoma city - I
think that was a car bomb. The enemy among us - what a disquieting thought! I heard someone mention atomic bombs in one TV report. That is too horrible to contemplate.

     I live in a tiny town in the middle of the country - yet there is not a feeling of complete safety even here. There are ramifications from this horrible attack that will effect everyone, if only by delayed transportation of goods (some which will have spoiled on the ground), higher prices, other inconveniences which are inconsequential in comparison with the horrors of injury and loss of life and terror caused to those so affected in New York and Washington DC.

     It is sickening, events caused by sick minds. As one said, innocent Muslims will suffer just because they are Muslims, tho' they had nothing to do with this savage senseless attack.
 "What evil lurks in the hearts of men?" Only God knows.
 DHM K'Zhen
*  *  *

Friends:     As a person from New York (living in Miami), the past few days have been hard, very hard.  I do wish to thank all of you for your well wishes and we (America) continue to ask for your prayers as we seek appropriate ways of continuing life.  Be of courage my friends.  Everyone in the world, continue to live and experiance life.  As stated in the Bible:
 Psalm 37:1-11
 1.  Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of  iniquity.
 2.  For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green  herb.
 3.  Trust in the Lord, and do good.  Dwell in the land, and feed on his  faithfulness.
 4.  Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of  your heart.
 5.  Commit your way to Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.
 6.  He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, And your justice as  the noonday.
 7.  Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;  Do not fret because of him  who prospers in his way,  Because of the men who brings wicked schemes to pass.
 8.  Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret - it only causes harm.
 9.  For evildoers shall be cut off:  But those who wait on the Lord, They  shall inherit the earth.
 10. For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more.
 11. But the meek shall inherit the earth, And shall delight themselves in the  abundance of peace.
 I encourage you to pick up a Bible and read the rest of this Psalm 37 passage.  This was written for a time such as this.  God be with us all.
*  *  *

         I think i am the only Irish member here. If there are others here you may well agree with me and what i say, if not them you are the lucky ones. I was born in the states to Irish parents, but we moved back to Ireland where i
grow up at the start of all our troubles. I have seen it at first hand and up close the carnage, the bombings, kneecappings and punishment beatings, THE HATE THAT WELL UP INSIDE LIKE A CANCER! But like a boxer you become punch-drunk to it, numb that is to say, and that is the saddening thing about it. Yes you agree that what happen in Omagh and New York was crazy, sick and shocking, the lost of life a waste, That these people who committed such acts should be rounded up and shot like the mad dogs that they are, but you are
still numb to it all. 

       Hold on to what pain you feel for this will be your saving grace, this will be the thing that still makes you human, this is the thing that will bring hope to you and all yours, so you may stand tall and proud among all.
       Sorry if this is bumming you out, it isn't meant to, It is just I have lived in New York in Yonkers and i have lived in London in Paddington. Two beautiful cities, rich in life and diversity. I have also seen the destruction in my own country the so called land of  "Cead Mille Fealta". I know i should be angry and i know i should be mad, saddened and i am, but not in away you would expect, I'm numb. A inside look , that look that hashheads get after the bang of blow, you see it but  you don't feel it. That is what terrorism has done for and to me. 
        I have gone to my church and i have prayed to my god that madness will stop, that Bust won't go button happy and people won't become numb like me.
 Qupla Good Warriors.

 May your houses groe in honor.
 Kea'deC Vestrai Cadogan.
*  *  *

I thank you for your perspective. Yours are words that need to be said to remind of that the rest of the world lives with this kind of violence and to give us impetus to see that it does not happen so often there, that we become
more numbed to violence than we already are. Thank you for speaking out.

Adrienne / Azel
 *  *  *

  Let us stop the cycle of these attacks now, whether they be political, religious, or of vengeance for a past grievance which may have happened tens, hundreds, or thousands of years ago; there is NO honor in attacking the
innocent or the taking of another's life to 'make a point' or 'statement'.  That is what newspapers or other media are for! My sympathies and condolences go out to everyone who has lost someone because of the cowardly attack, I shall not forget what has transpired, as I know others will not forget as well! I was thinking that a memorial could be built upon the former WTC buildings foundation, as no other building should be put upon there.  May The Lord bless us all, and those who have passed on. LONG LIVE ALL FREEDOM LOVING, DEMOCRATIC LOVING, PEACE LOVING COUNTRIES! We will carry on and overcome terrorism! If the character of Kahless was 'real', I know he would be disgusted by this terrorist attack, and he would want the perpetrators held accountable! 
 la' Kosh sutai-Zu-Merz

*  *  *

1.  Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.
 HIja'!  matullaH!  We are able to hope!
 DaH bISaQtaHchugh, yIQuch.  ghoStaH jaj, 'ej jajmo' bIHagh.
 ( Lk:6:21b: Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh. (KJV))
 (lit.  Now if-you-are-weeping, be happy!  coming-is a-day, and  due-to-that-day you-will-laugh!)
 yIrojqu',   jol / Joel
*  *  *

Greetings,  This warrior has been empowered, by the Sector Four Commander, to begin a project for donations to help in the rescue of victims of the World Trade Center disaster, assistance to those working in the rescue and all the families of the murdered victims.  I have contacted the Salvation Army and have received approval and information concerning needed items.  Of course, any cash donation would be greatly appreciated!  These are the items most needed:

CASH: For the families of those killed.
       Clothes:  Heavy Duty work gloves, undergarments (underwear, T-shirts, socks) blankets, etc.
      Food:  Quick, disposable food and Drink items--Instant Soup, Juice Boxes, Bottles of water, etc.
      Basic, Medical Supplies:  Peroxide, Alcohol, rubber gloves, Tylenol, bandages.
    Misc. Items:  Travel sized toiletries, soap, toothbrushes, combs, brushes, deodorant, Hand sanitizing lotions or gels, Baby wipes.

 It is our intent to contact all of Sector Four; as well, I wish to ask the club proper to donate to this disaster relief.  All donations will be delivered to the Salvation Army in Middletown; the person coordinating this project with me is Ms. Ann Dalrympell, the Assistant Director of the Salvation Army. 

For those who wish to make out a check to help, please write: Salvation Army, in the Pay to area and NYC Disaster fund in the Notes section.   For anyone wishing to check out the Salvation Army and their ongoing work in this area, you may access them on the web at:  USE.Salvation Army.Org.  On this web site is a process for those who wish to use their credit cards in order to donate.

 The population of NYC, the victims and their families and the members of Sector Four would greatly appreciate whatever you may be able to donate to this effort!  I will stay on top of the Relief efforts and statistics, anyone who cannot find answers to their questions about this disaster can contact me and I will do my best to reply to your inquiries.
Thank You, from Sector Four!

Captain Khaufen zantai-JurISS                  
T'Lara sutai-JurISS 
*  *  *

 World Tragendy:
     So many of you have said it so much better than I could ever hope to express it.  We weep for those people, Americans and those from all other nations, who were directly involved, or who had friends, colleagues and loved
ones caught up in one of the terrorist attacks.  We pray, in whatever Faith we hold, for all those touched by this insane act.  It is indeed a threat to all, not just to the USA.
 Margie / K'Lay


by V. Adm Volar

"These days have seen my spirit die, my life propelled out of control, my wounds lay naked to the world, my depth of suffering exposed. This damaged past will never heal until this nightmare book is closed."  "If a great wave
shall fall and fall upon us all, then between the sand and stone, could you make it on your own?  If I could, then I would.  I'll go wherever you will go.  Way up high or down low, I'll go wherever you will go.  And maybe, I'll
find out a way to make it back someday.  To watch you, to guide you, through the darkest of your days.  If a great wave shall fall and fall upon us all, then I hope there's someone out there who can bring me back to you."

During a conversation with Thought-Admiral K'Lay I began to think, which in itself has been classified as a deadly weapon.  What I thought about was the past, in how far we have come, how I have grown into an adult among such influential people like K'Lay, K'Obol, Azel and countless others who remain as friends whether here or elsewhere.  I began to think about the present; the tragedies that have now befallen nearly to my own doorstep in both big and small events.  How apparently destruction has brought about unity of a people far easier to order their dinner from a drive-thru window than see a real human being.  How dronish we sometimes feel to then suddenly recapture the essence of what it is to be free and united as this nation flourished at each pivotal moment.

It wasn't until I looked to the future and saw both a question mark and a curiosity.  On September 26th we will see a glimpse of our future, as inspired by the eyes of a man that said there will come a day where the Earth's people will fall under a global government.  Where war, disease, and famine will vanish like a piece of chocolate caught in the eyes of a certain Thought-Admiral.  Where peace will no longer be considered a coy word.  Will such a utopian society ever exist?  At what costs and barbarism will be seen before this light is ever fully realized?  Have these days seen our spirit die, or has it just rekindled its flames?  True, this nightmare book will not fully close, but between the sand and stone we have already made it.  More great waves shall fall and fall upon us all, but someone out there will always bring us back. 

I may not be a Klingon Warrior or Starfleet Officer who commands starships in the stellar fantastic that is our dreams.  But it has been my experience that those very dreams of such a time and place are closer now than the days of when they were first dreamt.  Images from across the globe have circled revealing not just a country in sorrow, but a global community where borders have not barred the hearts and dreams of humanity as a whole.  As we watch September 26th, as those did on July 20th 1969, we will look to a dream of the future.

Christopher M. Gable
aka Vice Admiral Volar zantai-K'zota-K'Onor


by Flt Capt qe'San Sutai be'rawn

Before I say anything else K'Zhen was able to advise me that the over of the Summer 2001 BL was done by David Falagan (Lt. Kar-zhe Tzikan) from Spain. "Look at the curious little signature at the bottom right, you'll find it the same as the blood spattered warrior we used, and others."

So THANKS Kar-zhe! 

To Reality for a moment I have dedicated this issue to everyone who has or is suffering as a result of circumstances surrounding Sept 11th... It doesn't look a nice but the non official KSF Logo that we use on the cover has been put at half mast as a sign of respect.  I hope this doesn't offend anyone reading this issue as a form of escapism. I have also kept out some usual Halloween type images but left in ones like the Pumpkins.

This issue has been delayed but was published prior to Halloween which is a first for this editor. It was however delayed by many factors and should of been with everyone a few weeks earlier.  One of these factors is down to warrior contributions especially late or non-existent post reports.  I'm not saying this for blame. I'm not here for that but I feel I do need to say that it must be remembered that an individual delay especially no-responses have a knock on affect and cause problems at every stage. In the case of Post Reports they can go through four people before being inserted in BL and each step will naturally try to give as much time to those below them... Obviously this last quarter has been a exceptional case but a short message just to say you still exist helps commanders and they'll know they can submit what they have.. nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI' - A warrior doesn't let a friend face danger alone. PS If anyone submitted a PR that has not been published please let me know.

As with anything related to Battle Lines please feel free to contact me either on qeSan@btinternet.com +44 7833 192 832 or Woodside, 10 Withycombe, Furzton, Milton Keynes, MK4 1ET, England.

Don't let your honour down support your magazine, like the club itself, it is what you make it.




Lt. (jg) Kha'Mish'Khal vestai Duraqnan -  GSE XO

Lt. KIySa'ra vestai-VelaH - Imperial Military CO

Ann Bingley / Lt (jg) VeQ'ma Makai-K'Mpec transfer to Trouble Shooters
Michael D. Stanley / SamwI' quvHubwI'  assigned to Trouble Shooters


KSF Officers: As non-voting Chairman of the Imperial Review Board, I would like to announce
the following promotion decisions for this quarter.  I would also like to take this time to thank the members of this quarter's IRB for their cooperation, and for their thoughtful and conscientious consideration of all candidates: 

Kha'Mish'Khal Duraqnan - Rank promotion to Lieutenant
Moqra QendeH - Rank promotion to Lt.
Kea' Dec Ceadagon - Honorific promotion to Sutai
A'qmarr ramHov quvHubwI'  - Rank Promotion to Lt. Commander
Qwll'eren DuppIm - Rank Promotion to Captain
Ke'reth Makura - Rank Promotion to Captain
K'Obol K'Onor - Rank Promotion to Fleet-Captain


Capt. Khaufen zantai-JurISS - Commendation for his work in reactivating
Imperial Military

GSA Sector
Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal
GSA Commander

  Sector Three
Filed by Admiral Katalyia Epetai K’Tore-Jiraal, Sector Commander

U Admiral Katalyia Epetai KTore-Jiraal: I am currently getting ready to go on vacation to go to Las Vegas to go to the Star Trek Experience and spend some time at a Star Trek Convention. I have seen the previews of the new Series Enterprise on UPN and TNN. The sets I found were interesting and the cast members I saw were impressive-with the exception of the Captain. I am not impressed with the actor they chose. However, I will have an open mind when I watch the show. I look forward to the new series.

U DHM K'Zhen: Having a wretched time finding medicines I don’t get a reaction from. Stay up at night, sleep in the daytime to avoid the worst of the Restless Legs. Exhausted, sometimes don’t feel up to turning on the computer. Hope to have better news next time.

U qaqen terelaq - Ken Traft: What can I say? I’ve been busy. I have had little time before now, but with work becoming more hectic and getting into my internship leaves me little time to do much. Fortunately, my class was canceled for this month, so I don’t have the work that entails. I was going to work on my thesis, but have done little on it. Usually in the evenings, I watch TV. With mostly reruns, the SciFi channel has offered some alternatives with the Invisible Man and now the Chronicles. I have also been intent on the Witchblade series. I had to laugh when she negated the entire season with the “swipe of the sword”. I’m glad they will bring it back next year. I’m also looking forward to the return of Buffy on UPN. I also must mention that I’m putting a lot of hope in Enterprise this September. I really miss Quantum Leap and have a bit of ambivalence over Scott Bakula’s role of Captain of the Enterprise. There seems to be too much “updating” for a series that takes place before Pike. I continue to browse through Battlelines. The printed issues are very well done. I can’t wait to send in my Renewal!!! My best to all in the EMPIRE. poH nl’ ylyin ‘ej ylchep!! tahjaj wo’

U Kolar epetai-Rasmehlier: I thank you for your contact. Unfortunately, I can offer little as a Post Report. I and my organization is still trapped within the bounds of a Limbo, with my people fighting for survival, against financial and political problems. I hope to have better news, soon.

U Kragtowl Da'Har Master: Sorry for the lack of communication. My new job had kept me extremely busy and thus not much time for things related to Klingon. I do have some information about Chancellor Martock’s(JG Hertzler)writings. I was informed yesterday by him that his books should be available by December. These books describe his continued service to the Empire as our present Chancellor.

Sector Four
Filed by Cmdr. T’Lara Sutai-Juriss-Rasmehlier, Sector Commander

U  Cmdr. T'Lara Sutai Juriss: Hello once again from Sector 4! There has not been a lot happening in the last quarter here. Settling into married life.. making sure bills are paid…taking care of my son.. and of course staying employed. My son has again been in Sports Camp this summer, and loved it. He also went down to Hilton Head Island, SC to see my folks for a week…something I was originally going to do with him. Unfortunately, since I was out of work for 5 weeks with migraines in May, all my vacation time was used up. Now, he has gone for the month of August to be with his father. I will miss him, but it will give us time to ourselves…something that is very hard to find, as any parent will tell you. I have started training for a new job in the PO. It will be a lot less strenuous and stressful. The hours will be the same, but now I will have Friday nights and Sunday nights off. I can’t wait! The weather here has been unbearably hot and humid, and the pool here at the apt. complex is not going to be working at all this summer, due to, I think, neglect last year, and no incentive to fix it. Thank God for air conditioners!<BG> Anyway, that’s the latest from the CO! See you all next quarter!

U  Capt. Kishin zantai-Kukura: Can’t wait for this fall’s new ST series, Enterprise. Summer in Occupied Philadelphia-it’s been pretty steamy. I say, if the Vulcans want this kestn outpost, let ‘em have it! The life of a Klingon is good, though, in a land where cappuccino flows freely and you can always get fresh local beer. Philadelphia hosts the world Science Fiction convention this year, over Labor Day Weekend. It’s a very cool deal. Thousands of SF fans thronging the town, people who won’t look at you like you have two heads even if you do. Our garrison can go on vacation, but we don’t want to miss it. Looks like I’ll be involved in a masquerade presentation through the Seattle Klingon contingent. I am also glad to report that the man in charge of Special Collections at the Temple University Library, the one who has given an honorable berth to my collection of Klin-zines, has also expressed an interest in my Klingon newsletter stash. It’s almost too good to be true. Out of my basement, onto his shelves! Much of Klingon publishing has moved to Web sites, and will probably be lost unless someone gets archiving with a zest. Still, let it be noted that Rogue has got issue #2 of the revived hard copy Agonizer out as of this Spring. It’s big and fun with a splendid article by Cat Ramos titled “Coming of Age Ceremonies”. Interested? Contact Rogue: agonybooth@lycos.com Till next I salute you all for keeping the flame alive. From strength to strength!

U  Lt. K'rai vestai G'orgh-Jurris: Hi! I’, K’rai. I’m in Sector 4. I’ve been busy this past year with two start-up companies. One is Homemade Jewelry and Crafts; and the other is a production company. Other than that, not much is going on other than helping friends with their problems. I went to Shoreleave and had fun meeting Bruce Boxleitner. Talk to you soon.

U  Lt. KlySa'ra vestai VelaH': I FINALLY GOT MY KAYAK!!! I had been shopping for one for almost a year. For anybody who’s familiar with the sport, I bought a nice little light-touring model. I love it. I’ve had it out as much as I possibly can this summer, which unfortunately hasn’t been often (see next paragraph!). There are a lot of lakes, rivers and canals in NJ, so I have my pick of locations. (I’m only paddling in flatwater-no whitewater for me! My ridges are hard, but not THAT hard!) I’m going back up to Maine later this year for vacation, and I plan to take it with me. Maine was where I got the idea to get one in the first place-they have some wonderful lakes and rivers up there. I’m going back to the very rustic, very Klingon, cabin I went to last year. I can’t wait!! In other news, I’ve been working my tail off at the job. Power failures and equipment breakdowns are wreaking havoc, and I am spending much more time there than I would like to. It looks like that’s over now, and life can return to a more reasonable pace! I’m much relieved!

U  Capt. Khaufen zantai Juriss: Upon searching my thoughts, this one cannot think of anything truly informative to express to the KSF. Real life is consuming the majority of my time, each day a new beginning and a new battle. In some respects, not too different from role playing a character; due to the disciplines and tactical necessities that life presents to be dealt with. This individual is reminded of something a friend of mine used to say; when he was among the living: “The circle is now complete.” Another friend of mine would say: “History repeats itself.” I say: “I am master of my destiny; for freewill molds event that which is considered already written in stone.” What does all this mean? (smile) Plainly written, it means this man is up to his ‘ridges’ in RL difficulties, but refuses to be conquered. Why do I write such to everyone? It is from a powerful need to reach out to everyone that has problems and to let them know that ‘ANYTHING’ can be dealt with and in the process discover new joys of life. I speak it to those reading, who are in perhaps a similar situation or in difficulty and do not think there is a way out or a way to overcome it. To tell them to reach out to another person, to a friend in the KSF, or a friend of spiritual nature and absorb the incredible power of sharing something with another. You are a human, but we portray a Klingon; I say, “Bare your teeth, through the courage of reaching out; and take the real life problem by the throat and growl in defiance.” I also say this in articular to those I know, in every walk of life, whom I ‘know’ suffer from Real-Life-Syndrome. Come back to the circle of friends within the KSF; speak to your particuliar problem that YOU are in command-not the situation! The KSF needs you; and you will find you need your fellows within the club! I profoundly believe that anyone doing this will find their burdens easier to bear and their involvement in the club to be a benefit above and beyond just fantasy. Friends are a precious thing and a powerful thing; don’t let life’s illusionary growl drag you away from them! I hope to hear from many of you, and expect to receive mail from someone needing to share their situation…and Grow stronger from the Sharing. It may be a line from a Star Trek movie; but it is also the Truth. Together, we are stronger and we shall embark upon Glorious adventures, and in the doing of that, step on the neck of the RL problem and step into new vistas of creativity that will soften even the strongest pain! So, you find this a strange Post Report? Excellent! I hope you also find within this report something which will benefit you and lift you out of any ‘negative’ which has assaulted you! There is no shame in being different my friends; just as there is no shame in sharing your pain with a real friend. It is said, so be it.

U  QiS IoDnl': My parmeq has finally arrived from the planet Qoyllur (Peru), after our alacritous nuptials in December. Now we’re in the midst of a complicated bonding-ceremony for her daughter aylSa to bring her into the house of Toraq. This is a real interplanetary intrigue! It seems that my attempts to nominate a worthy cha’dich to represent me on Qoyllur were rejected by the Klingon ambassador: my blood sings for his destruction! Now I must make the long and perilousjourney back to Qoyllur to represent aylsa for her test of worthiness. Wish us well on our quest!

U  Cmdr Krysythe Sutai QI'mpeq: Concentrated diligence by operatives have revealed that Commander Krysythe QI’mpeq is alive and well! She has been operating in her House territories, dealing with and conquering the complexities of RL. For the past nine months, the battle has been intense; however her courage and Glory has prevailed. She reports that she will be moving to a new residence soon! This event is an exciting prize after such a battle. She has expressed an interest in working with the Juriss in his new capacity for the Empire; her request will soon be transmitted to Command. Wherever she goes, or does, this warrior knows that only Victory and Glory will be the result! For those who wish to communicate with her after her campaign, her new address is: Ingrid Maack, 777 Seaview Ave., Staten Island, NY 10305 Bldg 2 SR 2.

This report was prepared by Khaufen Juriss on the behalf of Cmdr. Krysythe Sutai Qi’mpeq.

Sector Five
Filed by Lt.-Cmdr. Rakqor Vestai K’Mpec, Sector Commander

U Lt.Cmdr. Rakqor sutai-K'Mpec - Richard Heckert: Greetings Warriors, Wow where has summer gone! Anyone see it! Anyway I have been very busy, only got about half done that I wanted to.

Finished building a deck in the back yard (stage two) getting ready for more work next year. Got in a nice vac to Washington DC, it was nice too see all the monuments and museums, could spend a year looking at all the stuff and still not be done. Work has been interesting to say the least, the company I worked for sold their contract, and I went from thinking I might be out to working for the new one. However this has brought on a lot of extra travel for a while and I have been spending 1 to 2 weeks a month in god awful hot and rainy Houston/ Austin Texas. It looks like this will continue to November or December. But the extra money is nice, and a promotion and big raise may be forth coming , the future is looking good. I maybe able to finally retire my 76' pickup and buy a new vehicle we have not decide what yet, just started looking. I like the new avalanche truck, but maybe a nice bigger car would be better. Time will tell, expect to make a decision in a few months. That is about all from here.

U Cmdr Lusciuoslips-Chang-Ka'Tan: Lusciouslips has gotten herself a new bondmate, blackheart, and has had some personal happensings on cait. Her homeworld recently went nova due to a chain reation from a near by planet, in fact a total of 7 planets went nova. Reports have been written on this, and the story is unfolding..currently DUKAT is at the head of the #$#$list!!!!

On a personal note..i really want to get involved more..as im finding myself with too many ideas for lushy<G>

And I've just won yet another poem contest, my Mistress of the Ivory tower recently won an editors Choice award and is now also on cassette and CD.

Until we write again may your gods be merciful to you

U Lt. vestai ''BlackHeart'': Greetings to you also Cmdr. may this find you contented as well,. I do have an assignment to carry out. So I should finish it this weekend or get a good start
anyway..Other than that,not much has changed but i will have something for you before the deadline , okay..?, Lil' help here?..On this bonding, is it "Lushy's" place to make some sort of mention in the report since after all is said and done, she does out rank me?..or does it needing to be in there at all fall as her decision?..I guess we can discuss it and she what she'd like to do ..Just wondering what would be best ..thanks.. take care , // BlackHeart

U Lt DuroQ vestai of Qlaned - Derrick Andrew Baldwin: How are you? Well, here are a few pictures from my Georgia trip a few weeks ago. I went to visit my brother and his family. We are practicing for a few minutes with our blades. (DuroQ has been busy practicing his combat skills I am sending along a picture attachment ...Rak)

U Lt Cmdr A'qmarr ramHov vestai-quvHubwl' - Anne Zecca: DATE: 0106.15 - I did the following during the last quarter (Club activities outside of the main rpg, and other (real life) activities. Please do not report what you did in the club wide (CCC) game here:, they will be included in the CCC report if you sent one to your Division Corn mander ~):

Received disk copy of last batch of RPG reports and other communiques from Thought Adm. K'Lay on 0105.04. After transferring them to my system's files, I placed an electronic response to the admiral which was sent via Samwl'joH on O105~06. She has told me that everything will work out in the end and I'll get caught up. My report on accepting the IDS XO's post & ('First Kill" account of my new ship were, in the meantime, incorporated into the IDS summary. While I continue to work on getting Samwl' joH's system to handle my e-transmissions in a more timely manner, I'm keeping busy with other activities.

I have secured a copy of the now out-of-print (Last Unicorn Games) ST:TNG RPG boxed supplement The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire. This intelligence has been shared with Samwl' joH (who already has other elements of the ST: TNG RPG series) and will prove helpful in our dealings with our adversaries. I assisted with some clothing alterations for K'iana Reshtarc-who needed some warm weather attire in a hurry-and went along with her & Kenar
vestai-quvHubwl' on a shopping excursion. All was successful, except a second copy of The Way of D'era was not available in the stores we stopped at. Several days later,Samwl.' fl~" secure the..last copy of The Way of D'era found at the Books-A-Million location (US 441) in Gainesville (FL).

Speaking of my linesister, Kenar joH received official word of her assignment to Imperial Security & her rank and honorific; now Lieutenant ig. Kenar Vedra vestai-quvHubwl2 (I just use her first name only). She was also told by that division's CO that she could (if she wanted) have her own ship! I helped Kenar come up with a name and designed an appropriate crest.
Pending final review, her ship will be called IKVqa' warn wi' <Spirit Hunter) and its crest will contain dragon's scales (as with the other quvHubwl' ships) & a mek'leth. Copies of the crest will be sent to the appropriate KSF Command officers at a future date. Kenar joR is waiting for
specific information on her first duty assignment for Cmdn Kosh.

Part 2 Report Date: 0106.15

I "sat in" on several Monday night on-tine chats during the quarter.. at Samwl' joH's residence, as he has on-line access and I don't (at this time). He had told me several times that several people-including Thought Admiral KtLay--had kept asking where I was.

I received a communique from Dahar Master K'Zhen on 0105.25, concerning the Heraldry Project. Samples of Deghmey once used for award certificates and two KSF patches (I'd ordered) were enclosed. I have since sent her (via Samwl') updated information about the project and other related items for her review. They will, hopefully, be appearing in a future issue of the newsletter. Speaking of the newslefler1 I have submitted a prose-based "Ode
of Respect" in memory of the late K'Lynn zantai-Hurric {Sfl old friend of mine) for future publication.

I attended a Memorial Day service at a Gainesville-area cemetery on 0105.28. My father was among 100 (or so) veterans of World War II who received special recognition via the "Thank You, America" certificates. These honors were given by the French government to those who partidpated in any way (land, sea, air) with the liberation of that country-including the D-Day invasion. The French Consul General came up from Miami to personally hand out these certificates and, yes1 I did get some pictures.

I was informed during the on-line chat of Ol 05.28 that Thought Admiral K'Lay would be away on a trip and requested that, in her absence, I continue with my developing RPG storyline. It's a challenge I'm already looking forward to.

Several items related to the Heraldry Project were written during the quarter. I wrote letters to all Sector Commanders; to gage feedback on whether or not the current Sector logos should be changed. I also wrote an introduction for publication in the newsletter and a project status report to T'var. On a related note, I began experimentinQ with my system's M-S Paint program and created several simple (protolype) designs (in color & b/wy for sector use: I'm in the process of sharing them with Artists Guild Chair k'Zhen and the Sector Commanders as of this writing (via Samwl' joH).

A small celebration of Kenar joH's birthday took place on 0106.11, which was another on-line chat night; I gave my linesister a pair of much-needed pants. Several online "visitors," including Sector 5 CO Rakqor, also offered appropriate greetings to her.

I have also been helping Kenar joH wflh costuming and, especially, in getting her "adjusted" to our RPG. These efforts include choosing suitable dress patterns to adapt, helping her understand her Division Commander's orders and offering "hands-on" advice on story development.

I also continue to donate blood to a "KSF (Gainesville)" account at our local blood bank. The account, which I helped establish, is at LifeSouth Community Blood Centers (Gainesville branch); the local Red Cross chapter is not set up to handle blood donations.

I also continue promoting the KSF by word-of-mouth; giving out the e-mail contact address
(ksfcommand@aol~com) on several occasions.

Sector Seven
Filed by Soghla Kaiden Vestai Katia

U SoghLa Kaiden Vestai Katia: In the last few months I have begun and finished my first semester of school and I am happy to say that it has gone well. General organic chemistry and anatomy are now out of the way. In this semester while taking bio-organic chemistry and physiology I will apply to two separate nursing programs. I have continued working full time at the hospital and have named lead technician on my shift.

Sector Eight
Filed by Flt Captain Borg Zantai Ql'mpeq

U Borg QI'mpeq - Michael C. Robbins: Back in July; I attended the Shore Leave 23 convention with Carrie. At Shore Leave 23; I brought 3 buttons; 1 says "It's A Good Day To Die.

Would AnyOne Like To Make An Appointment?"; 2 says "Death Is But A DoorWay... Here, Let Me Hold That For You!"; and 3 says "I'm Just Wearing Black Until I Find Something Darker."

We did abit of sightseeing through upstate New York. And ended up spending a day in CoopersTown, New York; to visit one of America's Favorite PastTime Sports Hall Of Fame; the National BaseBall Hall Of Fame.

My Yahoo! Clubs, in which I'm a Club Founder; have been doing just great as Club membeship has been on the rise; especially the Star TrekV Star Wars Warzone with 480 members; the Palpatine Sidious Fan Club with 413 members; and The Darth Vader Fan Club with 340  members.

Me and Carrie will be attending the United Fan Con convention; November 9 - 11. 2001 at SpringField, Massachusetts. 

U Azel Tavana - Adriene Paradis: I'm here, just nothing to report.

U He'rra Havok - Annick Woodall:  I'm here, just nothing to report.

GSE Sector

Filed by Vice Admiral qe'San Sutai be'rawn

U V. Adm qe'San Sutai be'rawn - Jon Brown: Where do I start.. Who cares... So much has happened to the world and my world this quarter it seems silly to even start.  So here's being silly  >>>>>>

U Kha'Mish'Khal - Daren Carmichael: All is now quiet upon the western front of the empire.  The onslaught of juvenile ferengi have taken its toll upon this old warrior of the chalk face but I trust in both Kahless and the keenness of the edge of my blade.  The Bloodwine flowed faster than the blood of the slain the night that grand battle ended.  We sang songs of glory til sunrise.  Intelligence reports state a new attack in 6 weeks time, the fek’lhr moves in mysterious ways.  A walking holiday in Montgomery Scott's own country will feed the soul until the battle starts again.  The highland warriors have much in-common  with the Klingon. As Kahless might of said 'They may take our empire, but they will never take our FREEDOM!!' sound familiar to me.  Still perfecting my taiji chuan the next few weeks will improve it no-end.  A relaxed warrior is an able warrior.

U Lt Koi Kai Drocklon - Alberto - Koi Kai Drocklon: I bought windows XP Beta version Professional and I have to say it a divrince responds is faster and easier to install. I might get as well home edition. August 26, 2001 turn in to 36. Are more celebrate there birthday in August All those Happy Birthday! I watched on BBC we will have still Voyager and DS9. Take time before new Enterprise take off. Tomorrow if you read this over airbornwalkday. Its remind of Second World War and are walking distance. I do since I was a child only lost all medals. That it I think. Yep that’s it. No, No, I gonna make a black golden bird of prey. I saw a black Trans AM. Am thought of a black golden bird of prey.

U Kea'Dec - Declan Kearns :  What can i say ....  All is quite over here. Started a new job who's working working praticies can only be  described as difference to say the least and chaos at best but they still make money which is the ninth wonder of the world.  Planing another holiday but don't know when and not to sure where (thinking of Thailand again or maybe Fiji this time), so long as there is no phones or fax machines to be found that will do me.  Finnish making my Bath'Leth and its' stand and if I may say so myself, "not too dam bad looking".  Looking to the next bout of RPG, had a little bit fun with the last one and other than that not much else happening.  Till next time, Kea'deC

U Lt Cmdr T'var quless vestai Byle-Chang Liam

U Kveld Q'Kadrak Azhir - Martine Blond:  Greetings, Report from France. Here my efforts concentrate on the growth and health of my anti-tribble squadron. On the 30 of May were born 5 new feline warriors: Tonkinese kittens, 2 boys and 3 girls... They grow beautifully, strong and joyful, ready to shred any tribble in the empire.  Now, the number of warriors at home is: 7 Bombays, 5 Tonkineses, 1 Burmese, 1 Siamese... we are short of live tribbles for training... we were glad to read on the list that pokemons can be used as substitute.

GSD Sector
Filed by Captain K'Obol sutai-Chang-K'Onor

U K'Lay K'Onor-Chang - I've been busy
helping organize structure and protocol for the Klingon Tri-Table, an organization whose goal is to facilitate positive communication between the leaders of all Klingon clubs.  The Abbot and I have also been preparing for our first convention of the year, King Con, to be held in New Brunswick, and we have Klingon armor and leather pieces all over the house.  On a non-Klingon note, I've been up to my head ridges in romance novel creations and revisions, and am trying to meet a deadline...which is why some of you may think I've fallen off the face of the planet.  I need to be cloned.  "

U K'logh / Mike Wagar (our piratical pal), the following:"
The Extremely Mundane Life of  K'logh

In the last couple months I have,
a. Won my court case against my ex-wife
b. Moved to the city and escaped rural living
c. Escaped the clutches of the Evil B'Tana
d. Gotten involved in Legal sanctioned Drag Racing (street stock division)

I won't touch on the first three cause it could cause the faint hearted to unnecessarily whine , bitch, moan, gripe, and otherwise make their displeasure known. so I'll avoid that particular problem by avoiding that particular problem

On to the good stuff,,
Drag Racing rules!!!
( its almost better than sex,, I repeat ALMOST!!!)

for the first time ever,, yours truely competed in sanctioned Street Drag racing at Western Speedway in Beautiful Victoria B.C. I competed in the Street stock division and ran my beloved Camara Rally Sport against some pretty stiff competition My first opponent was driving a 1973 Camaro Z-28 but the superiority of a standard transmission against an automatic made the race ,, no contest.. he had me off the line but was maxed out by the time I reached Fourth gear,, one In thatgear I poured on the juice and shot by him like he wasn't there. result? 11.38 on the clock with a reaction time off the line of 1/32 of a second from the green light till I hit the gas, over the day I was able to cut that time down by about 1/100th of a second ,,which may not seem like much but counts a whole lot to overall time.  My second vict,, er opponent,, was a 1985 Mustang 5.0 litre this guy was a little touchier to beat, a bigger engine and a 5 speet transmission almost knocked me out of the running, but for the grace of Kahless, and a missed shift on my vict,, er opponents part gave me the edge I need to gather another victory. 

on to round three... this was a no brainer,, the guy I was up against had the superior car but had no real idea how to drive it.. too much clutch at the beginning meant a stall on his part and an easy run down the 1/4 for myself,, best time of the day 10.2 on the clock victory number three.

Round 4 was my downfall,, I was pitted against an 1985 Camaro Rally Sport, only this guy kn9oew how to drive and had the advantage of a 4:11 positract rear end where mine is a 4:11 limited slip ( the gearheads among us will understand that, but for those of you know don't I'm talking about he differential gears in the rear Axle assembly on the car and pertains to ratios) he took me off the line and while it was a  close race he had the better time of 10.1 to my 10.45. all in all though when it was all said and done, and the total points were tallied I took 4th place over all in my division I plan to do better the next time.

while I have no photos of this particular event I am planning on rentinfg a digital video camera and taping some footage I will send that along when I have it. anyway thats all for now"

U K'Obol / Doug Welsh - The past few months have done two things - 1. ped past like a Feddy cruiser being chased by a Klingon BOP, 2. developed some interesting twists in RL terms.  At long last, legal matters are proceeding to a conclusion, so some of my stress loads will ease.  Healthwise, nothing much is changed.  I still see far too many doctors for far too little benefit.  My other hat as a senior officer of our allied club, KAG Kanada, has been busy with plans for the annual showing at Toronto Trek, and some difficulties arround that event.  Now, we are in the final stages of preparation for KingCon, in Saint John, NB later this month.  A new costume will be unveiled (hand sewn leather, and yes, designed to fit MY body!), and we hope to see folks from Ontario, Montreal and Quebec City as well as the bunch from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  A rumoured appearance of the "Throne of Kahless" is expected to spice up the event.  This ancient artifact was recovered by the warriors of KAG Kanada from the mists of time about four years ago, and it has been permitted away from the museum for short visits only.  It has not, of course, been used as a Throne since it was recovered. 
We keep hoping to find Kevin Conway attending the same Con.  He gets to see if it still fits, before we try it out.  More, next Quarter, I hope.  BTW, the kilt fits!



This book takes place just after Sisko got back from fighting Worf in the Mirror Universe

Part Two - Chapter 1

Tension was low, and spirits high, aboard the station. Another Bajoran Cleansing ritual was at an end, and Quark's was bustling with customers again.  The sounds from the gaming tables were nearly drowned out by the chattering of guests and the clattering of glasses.  The smells of the drinks were rich in the air.  Miles and Julian were over playing darts.  Jake was in, trying to start a conversation (or a relationship, no one was quite sure) with one of the Dabo girls.  Benjamin and Kira had just left from their spot on the second level.  They had probably been talking station business, but at least they were doing it in a leisure-type setting.  Odo, of course, could be anywhere--or anything.  And then there was Worf.

She could see him, sitting there.  He had a padd in one hand, which he scowled at and scanned through all too often, and his glass of prune juice sat at his elbow, barely even touched.  His powerful shoulders were hunched forward in a way that she could only see as frustration, probably at some judgement he had made and could not hand down to his fellow Klingons, and his brow was furrowed more than just species could explain.

There was only one person on the station who could get away with interrupting him right now, and she was it.

Dax got up, walked over to Worf's table, and sat down.  “What's in the padd?” she asked without preamble.

“I'm sorry?” he said, confused by her greeting.


“You've been sitting there scowling at that padd for the last fifteen minutes.  Bad news from home?”

“Yes,” he replied, “that is correct, for the most part.  These are subspace news updates from Qo’nos,”  The concern, or perhaps disapproval, was apparent in his voice.  “There are a few tales of a renegade Klingon.  The stories are quite flattering to him, but they tell tales of conquest without honor.”

“And this concerns you” she said, knowing it did.

“When the Empire begins to idolize a man with no honor,” he said emphatically, “that means that the honor of the Empire as a whole must be questioned.”

“I don’t see how that follows, Worf,” she said, her tone smooth and even and quite disarming.  “If one man does something differently, it doesn’t mean he does it wrong.  It’s intentions, not actions, that prove honorable.  Just because he uses unorthodox methods, doesn’t mean he has no honor.”

“But there are established means of dealing with problems.  As Klingons, we must know where we stand.”

“But times change, Worf,” she countered.  “People have to change with them.  So do Klingons.  Give me an example of this guy’s style.”


“There is one instance...” He trailed off as he consulted the padd.  “It says he delivered a message by establishing a low-level, subsonic disruptor output to build harmonic resonance in certain materials, mostly glass.  As the materials vibrated, they made sounds, and that was how he delivered the message.  Apparently, the governor of this planet, Kamella II, was conspiring with Romulans, and he had jammed all communication channels to and from the planet.”  Worf looked up from the display.  “You see, he does not confront his enemies head-on.  He takes the situation, plays two sides against each other, and leaves.  There is no honor in that.”

“It seems honorable enough to me,” Dax returned.  “The citizens of Kamella II were the real victims here, and he gave them the knowledge they needed to rectify their situation.”

Worf seemed to think about that.  “Perhaps you are right.  In any event, I severely doubt I will ever have to deal with him myself.  And for that, I must say I am grateful.”  He looked at her, a look in his eyes she had never seen before.  “I... appreciate your company today,” he continued unexpectedly.  “I have always found our debates... enlightening.  However, I am expected In Ops.”

Worf stood, drained his prune juice, and turned to leave.  He paused then, and turned back to Jadzia.  “Thank you,” he said, “for your insight.”  He left the bar, not waiting for her response.



The intercom chirped alive in Captain Sisko’s office.  “Captain, there is an odd ship approaching.  I’ve tried to hail them, but there’s no response.”

“I’m on my way,” he said, putting down the padd he had been reading Jake’s newest story from (a humorous piece that he was enjoying greatly) and getting up from his desk, a broad grin on his face.  He was in a good mood today, and felt that nothing could possibly spoil it.

Just as he was coming out of his office, he saw the ship, a Danube-class runabout with Klingon markings that Kira had displayed on the main viewer, power up it’s warp engines and fly off, cloaking as it went.

“What did you say to them, Major?” Sisko asked, laughing lightly.  His smile was as broad as ever.


“I didn’t say anything to them.  I never had the chance.  I hailed them twice, then they went to warp and cloaked on me.  The ship registered as the Hop’Hov, but I don’t know enough Klingon to figure out what that means.”

“I have to admit, I’m stumped,” Sisko said.  “The first question I’d have to ask is why, exactly, is a Federation runabout going around with Klingon markings and a cloaking device?”

“The second,” Major Kira said, “would be why did they pull this little hit-and-fade appearance?”

“Exactly,” the captain agreed.

At that moment, the lift arrived at Ops, and Worf stepped out.

“Mr. Worf,” Captain Sisko called, the smile on his face broadening.  “So glad you could make it.”

Worf looked confused.  “Am I late?” he asked.

“No,” Major Kira answered bluntly.  “But the Captain is in a good mood, and he’s trying to share it with everybody.”

“Yes, I am,” he said, spreading his arms out in front of him and walking down to the main floor.  “So have some, won’t you”

“Some what?” Worf asked

“Some of my good mood.  Talk to us, tell us what’s on your mind.”

“Oh, no,” Kira said quickly.  “Tell him what’s on your mind.  Don’t include me in this love-in.  I’m busy.”  She moved to another work station.

“I was having a discussion with Lieutenant Dax in Quark’s...” Worf began.

“Well,”  the captain said, “Ops is quiet for the moment.  What’s on your mind?”


Worf related the entire discussion to the captain, even so far as to pull out the padd that had held the news feeds.  Captain Sisko looked everything over and thought for a moment.

“I would have to say,” Sisko said, still high spirited, but a bit more somber than before, “that, as much as I respect you, Worf, I have to agree with the Dax on this one.  You’ve got to let people be themselves sometimes.  I won’t speak to the condition of his honor, but if I were you, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.”  Remembering the ship that had just been by, the captain asked “By the way, what do the words Hop’Hov mean?”

“That would be the Far Star, his shuttle.” Worf said, scanning through the padd.  “It’s a Federation vessel, although I’m not sure how he came into possession of it. I thought these feeds were fully translated to Federation Standard.”

Kira and Sisko looked at each other, their eyes wide.  Neither wanted to be the one who told him.

“There are so many strange legends that surround his life.” Worf continued, not noticing the look they passed.  “Somebody even started a story that fiery rains and earthquakes accompanied his birth.”

“Actually, Worf, that one’s true.”

The unidentified voice filled the Operations center.  All heads turned to the main viewer.  A face had appeared there, unbidden.  It was obviously a Klingon face, made almost ridiculous by the maze-like complexity of his cranial ridges.  However, unlike most Klingons, his hair was cut quite short, and his teeth were almost perfectly straight.

“I,” he said, “am Moqra QendeH, Merchant Prince.  I hereby officially request landing at your station.  My sister and I are in need of minor medical attention, and my ship could use some repairs, all of which I would gladly pay for.”


“Runabout pad C is clear, Captain,” Kira noted automatically, all business, as usual, in spite of her surprise.

“Fine,” Sisko said.  “Send him there”

“Runabout pad C it is,” Moqra said lightly.  “I’ll be in Ops as soon as I dock.”

The communication lines were closed, and Moqra’s face disappeared from the screen.  The confusion he had created, however, was almost complete.

“How has he tapped into our communication systems?” Sisko demanded, his good mood temporarily displaced.

“I don’t know, Captain,” Kira responded.  “There are no open lines that I can see.”

“Check for a piggyback signal,” Worf said.  “Something that’s normally open anyway.  He may be using those lines to tp in.”

As Kira began digging through the vast amount of comm traffic that the station normally supported, looking for an unauthorized carrier signal, a soft hum, accompanied by a shimmer of blue light, filled the operations center.  All eyes turned to follow the sound, as Moqra and his sister appeared.

The image the two gave was decidedly non-Klingon.  Moqra’s sister was small for a Klingon, and not as tall as her brother.  She wore a very simple flower-print sundress with open-toed, flat sole shoes.  Her long hair was back in a ponytail, and she seemed to be wearing some light cosmetics to enhance her appearance.  Her nails were painted light pink.  He, on the other hand, stood tall and muscular, but with a bit of a belly hiding under his clothes.  And what clothes they were: Three-piece, double-breasted dark blue suit with a white shirt and a bright red tie.  His shoes were polished to a high mirror shine.  As they had all noticed before, his hair was cropped quite short, and swept back from the ridges of his brow in tight, flat waves.


Without stepping off the transporter platform, Moqra quickly swept his eyes across the room, and then lighted them on Sisko.  A hint of a smile touched his lips.  “Captain,” he said, his rich voice echoing through Ops like a single cello note, “I am Moqra QendeH.  This is my sister, Q’Hettor.  We humbly beg permission to come aboard your fine station.”.


http://scoop.nb.net Chapter 6


Filed by T'var

Updated KSF Projects List

Project Lead: Adm. Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal
Status: Open for submissions
Do your line justice and write its history. Send for
Katalyia's clan history as an example. (A number of
these appear in the Budget Guide to the Klingons.)

Project Lead: Adm. K'Lay K'Onor-Chang
Status: Still accepting submissions
Among the various replies to an out cry for a good
recipe for Stuffed Targ, there's a collection of
material here unsurpassed. Warning: Highly humorous
and perhaps dangerous to someone's health!

The 4th Annual Klingon K'Ristmas Kookbook is alive and well, and seeking
submissions for this year's edition.  PLEASE send all recipes to KSFCommand
and the new book will be released on or about Christmas.  I would also like
to thank K'Logh for submitting the first recipe of the season.  It
sounds...hmmm...delicious isn't quite the word....maybe WARRIOR LIKE.  Thanks
K'Logh.  I am taking any and all submission now, voluntarily.  If I have to
come after them, it could be painful.  {{{;-)

Project Lead: Adm. K'Lay K'Onor-Chang
Status: Accepting submission
We know Klingons love ghargh (or qagh), roqeg blood
pie and a few others, but what else could they eat?
Send Mana your ideas - perhaps with an appetizing

Project Lead: FAdm. K'Zhen Zu-Merz
Status: Accpting submissions
Consisting of all who like to draw or create artwork
by hand or on the computer. We will create works
together, answer the needs for art pieces, logos, or
whatever the club has a need of. New logos are needed
for various sectors. If you need a
design, illustration, logo, etc, send your ideas with
a rough sketch to the GUILD!

Project Lead: Abbot K'Obol K'Onor
Status: Accepting submissions
Gods, goddesses, sects and tribes! A discussion group
online has been formed to bring about thoughts and
ideas about Klingon Religion, its first synthesis of
the first series of discussions have been published in
Battle Lines. The next stage is underway now!
Contact the new director for submission guidelines.

Project Lead: Volar K'zota-K'Onor
Status: Ongoing
The CNIT board. Have you an idea for a new weapon,
monitoring device, defense system, or an improved
model of an existing item?

Project Lead: qe'San be'rawn
Status: Ongoing (Ed's Note: You're reading it!)
Our quarterly newsletter is in need of art, poetry,
and articles on Klingons as well as newspaper or
magazine articles concerning the Klingon aspect of
Star Trek fandom. If you have anything you'd like to
have included in this publication, please submit it to
the Editor-In-Chief.

Project Lead: T'Lara K'Uhlig
Status: Accepting submissions
Collecting birthdays of all members for submission
into Battle Lines can be a tough job for any Klingon.
Submit your month, day, and year will be optional for
those of you who wish to escape being found out!

Project Lead: Rakqor K'Mpec
Status: Open for submissions
Create your Homeworld, or a section thereof, a new
Klingon world, (perhaps just conquered!) Describe
geographical features, cities, inhabitants, exports,
flora and fauna, whatever you imagine. Maps would be
most beneficial.

Project Lead: la' Kosh
Status: Open for submissions
Think Seven Wonders of the World - and come up with
some Klingon ones!

Project Lead: KIySa'ra VelaH'
Status: Open for submissions
Whether you've seen one, created one or know a human
proverb that might make a good Klingon proverb, let us
hear it.

Project Lead: Q'Rul DuppIm
Project Status: On going
The Starship Registry Project keeps track of all
officially approved KSF member vessels.

Starship Database Project
Project Lead: Q'Rul DuppIm
Project Status: Seeking One Assistant
The Starship Database Project contains data for over
1000 starships. Not just Klingon, but also Federation,
Romulan, Orion, Gorn, Tholian, Cardassian, Dominion,
Ferengi, and Borg.

Klingon History Project
Project Lead: Q'Rul DuppIm
Project Status: Seeking Assistants
The Klingon History Project is an Archaeological dig
into the past, examining clues left to us in Star Trek
series, movies, and a few selected books and comparing
them to the laws of physics, biology, etc. to put
together as accurate a picture, Pre-Historic to
Modern, of the History of the Klingon people as
Imperial Cartography Project
Project Lead: Q'Rul DuppIm
Project Status: Looking for a research assistant
The Imperial Cartography Project is currently putting
together an on-line map for use by the KSF. Help with
detail is appreciated 

Klingon Heraldry Project
Project Lead: Lt. Cmdr. A'qmarr ramHov
Project Status: Accepting submissions
Show off the symbols and crests that make your house,
ship, division, or sector the most proud!  Like a
surcoat from the ancient medieval times on Terra, the
Empire's greatest warriors have something that they're
recognized by.  Email your scanned image in .gif,
.jpg, or .bmp format, or email the director on how you
can snail mail your hard copy image.


Lt. Cmdr. A'qmarr ramHov vestai-quvHubwI', Project Manager

Greetings, fellow KSF officers & warriors.
As previously announced in this newsletter, I am the newly appointed Heraldry Project Manager. I look forward to hearing and receiving submissions from you. What is the Heraldry Project? As simply as is possible to describe it, the project is a place to gather/collect and record the symbols (aka logos, crests) used by our organization & its members. The symbols are grouped as follows:

Corps/Divisional Logos
Global Sector Logos
Guild Logos
Line/House Crests (tuq Deghmey)
Vessel Crests (Duj Deghmey)
Individual crests (corresponds to Terran "coats of arms")
Anything not covered in above areas
I already have access to many of our logos, including the following:

In GIF format: - Campaign Coordination Command, IDS, IS, Imperial Security, GSA-1 through 5 & 7-8, GSE
In bmp: - SATCOM

To those Sector Commanders who don't yet have a logo for their area, I challenge them to come up with one or utilize the services of the Artists Guild. The same goes for all who have ships in our honorable KSF fleets and those house/line lords/ladies (joHpu') who don't have Deghmey yet. Designs don't have to be elaborate to be distinctive; clean and simple design elements work best.

 When submitting a design to the Heraldry Project, also include the following items:
What is it? Describe the symbol
What's it for? Is it used for more than one thing?
What's its "history?" Why/When was it chosen?
Does it have a significance?
*** NOTE: Use of Terran heraldic blazoning language is strictly optional. ***

My guidelines for sending submissions are as follows:   Electronic submissions will be accepted in both color & black/white line art, in GIF, JPEG & bmp formats; I use MS Paint & Corel Photo Shop on my system.

Electronic submissions can be "sent" to my linebrother/epetai SamwI' vestai-quvHubwI' at this address: samwiksf@yahoo.com  He will, in turn, transfer the submissions to me. As my printer cannot handle color at this time, I can convert those pieces into b&w line art for printing hard copies from my printer. Disks containing these submissions can also be mailed directly to me at my home address (see below for address). 

Postal (Land) mail submissions will be accepted in both color & black/white line art (one clean copy of each) along with the symbol's history and description (previously mentioned). These items can be mailed, again, to my home address:
Anne Zecca
2525 NW 51 Place
Gainesville, FL 32605 USA
If we get enough submissions, I would like to try getting a KSF armorial (a collection of heraldic designs) put together in both on-line and hard copy editions. But to make that goal possible, I still need support from the membership. As of now, I've received some samples from Dahar Master K'Zhen's files (thank you!) and created some for my house a tuq Degh & three Duj Deghmey, including my ship's. I've also "played around" with creating prototype designs for the Global Sectors. However, I would love to see more submissions. As a member of the Artists Guild and manager of the Heraldry Project, I stand ready & willing to help our members with their "warrior heraldry" needs. If anyone has additional suggestions, ideas or comments, let me know... I want to hear them. My
e-mail account is set up to handle queries about the Heraldry Project... but no graphics. If you have questions, e-mail them to aqmarrksf@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

A'qmarr (Anne Zecca)

STATUS: Accepting submissions 

(qe'San, SamwI' still has the FASA ST: The Role Playing Game Klingon manuals that contain some of the old House Crests including Dok'marr, Juriss & Pallara)




Role-play report to the KSF
Edited by Captain K’Obol Chang-K’Onor
Greetings. My report is submitted herewith.

Imperial Intelligence - Cmdr K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-JIraal commanding 

Commander Lusciouslips Ka'tan-Chang has been training some new recruits.

They were surprised at her mental powers, but showed great progress within a few weeks. Commander Qwll'eren zantai-DuppIm had been questioning a captured Vorta. He allowed this Vorta to "escape" into a Holodeck simulation that allowed QwIl'eren to determine where the Vorta's base was, and who some of his contacts were. Commander T'Lara sutai-JurISS-Rasmehlier has regained her memory, and was given some information about a Vorta terrorist cell headed by the very same Vorta that QwIl'eren had been questioning, information that she quickly sent off to him. Commander K'Eherang encountered some Jem'Hadar on a planet she'd been exploring, but managed to escape them. She later put down on a class-M moon rich in dilithium. If only she could bring a larger Klingon force in to claim it...

Imperial Military Imperial Military had received new orders, while enroute to the huge minefield they were to eliminate. Captain JurISS swiftly called his officers together to brief them. KIySa'ra, M'red, DuroQ, Kea'deC, K'Reger, Krai, and Mordok responded; having more than a few questions about the silent Kostner Outpost and the besieged Star Fortress, Korba Du Re'. His confidence high as to the identity of the mysterious new enemy of the Empire, Khaufen had orders not to reveal his suspicions, until the time was right. They spent hours on tactics, strategy and methodology for dealing with this unknown foe; Khaufen made sure they knew enough to survive their encounter, however he longed for confirmation. He did not like keeping his Marines in the dark. Necessity was a difficult taskmaster; yet Khaufen knew within the fires of his heart they would succeed! To ensure it, Khaufen called once more upon the resources of his own House and allies; command rarely rebuked one's initiate and resourcefulness.

The necessary augmentations, weapons and technology was quickly assembled and HoS fleet departed the Battle Platform, leaping into high warp; they had to reach the fleet before it reached the minefield!

Once the I.M. vessels reached the perimeter of the minefield, now well equipped for their mission, they broke formation. Four vessels sped to their designated coordinates, deploying the Soliton Wave Devices the HoS fleet had delivered to them; just one of the badly needed augmentations for what was to come. Eight hours later, Khaufen and K'Reger rendezvoused with the fleet, having deployed their bombs. KIySa'ra and M'Red confirmed that their payload had been deployed as ordered.

Four hours out from the minefield the warriors of I.M. watched the detonation; the dual wave fronts were clearly visible. The mines were carried toward the center where all the wavefronts met. The explosion was quite impressive, even at their current distance the viewscreen automatically dampened the brilliance of the detonation of the mines and the colliding Soliton waves!

They did not have long to admire the view, another briefing was before them; the Kostner Outpost had gone silent, Captain JurISS had ordered a coordinated ground offensive. Everyone left the briefing somewhat subdued; the Captain's warnings and cautions uncharacteristic of him. Each warrior began to secretly create this faceless foe in his or her own mind; but it did not dampen their enthusiasm or confidence, they were resolute.

Days passed, the I.M. fleet approached the Kostner Outpost; sensors revealed no Klingon lifesigns, they did reveal life, but it was undefinable and intermittent. Khaufen expected this, and kept the Marines occupied with preparations and troop deployments until the beaming began. Confident, and wary, each warrior stepped onto the transporter, soon to be materialized on the surface of Kostner. KIySa'ra, M'Red, DuroQ and Kea'deC had been assigned one corner of the Outpost; Khaufen and K'Reger were beaming into the central control chamber, the others were to converge from an equidistant lateral angle.

Fighting began almost immediately. The prey's armor emitted a blurring affect, making them impossible to clearly identify. Moving among the empty Klingon shells, the I.M. Marines took the measure of their mysterious prey; they were formidable indeed! Warrior after warrior died, but they continued to advance, sweeping the station clean of the invaders. Each time one of the blurring prey fell, it's armor began to smoke, leaving an unidentifiable ruin on the floors! The prey would not yield, committing suicide before capture.

The action lasted only two hours, but it seemed like days! The Klingon forces moved through the blood and stench, defying death and defeat at every step. As one, the officers reached central control, alive, but they had lost almost half of their contingents. Khaufen and K'Reger had barely held their own, the floor was littered with the dead when all of I.M. converged. Concentrated barrages soon cleared the Outpost of the remaining prey. I.M had taken heavy losses.

There was one compensation; KIySa'ra and DuroQ had secured two specimens; the corpses badly damaged. KIySa'ra, under Khaufen's orders, secured the Outpost with fresh Marines and had equipment beamed down. They didn't have time to spare, the Korba Du Re' Fortress could not hold out much longer! Soon, the I.M. fleet again leaped into warp; this time to face almost thirty cloaked vessels........and they could fire while cloaked!

Korba Du Re' was now visible, the I.M. fleet approached in a V formation. The lead vessels fired the bipolar, neutrino-charged titanium cloud torpedoes; the detonations carried the cloud outward and the cloaked prey was revealed as ghostly, outlined images. It was clear these ships were unknown; their shape was completely alien....to all but one. Khaufen, his suspicions now confirmed, gave the command to engage. The I.M. vessels broke formation and attacked according to their orders. Space around the Star Fortress churned into chaos; HoS fleet decloaked and created havoc amongst the prey as I.M. moved in for the kill. Keeping their prey off balance, kill after kill was made; soon it was hard to keep count, Korba's sky was filled with vessels. An opening was carved out of the prey's line, Marines were beamed aboard the Star Fortress, away from the irradiated areas the prey's weapons had left on the hull of the base. The Marines joined what was left of Korba's defending forces, as the battle raged outside the hull.

The Marines could hear the vibrations of multiple impacting volleys as they slowly cut down the boarders; each one almost disintegrating into a heap of smoldering bone, fur and metal as they died. Moving over the smoking ruins, the Klingons took back their installation. Outside, the battle had turned in favor of the I.M. forces; the Sunfire, FyreFrost, Tong and STORMWALKER laying waste to the prey; KIySa'ra VelaH and M'Red, like avenging suns, leaped upon prey after prey. HoS fleet disengaged, pursuing the ships attempting to escape: not one succeeded!

The battle ended as quickly as it began, space around Korba Du Re' was thick with plasma, supercharged wreckage and countless dead.

Kahless had been with them! Imperial Military had succeeded! Damage was considerable, however each I.M vessel was intact. Steering clear of the dense field of wreckage, they converged around the STORMWALKER; piercing cries for the dead filled the atmosphere upon every vessel. The living did not count their dead; they celebrated the Victory over a new and formidable foe! M'Red had captured one of their ships, almost intact; his name was sung through out the fleet, along with every officer who had commanded and who had died.

The victorious had little time to write new songs however, KIySa'ra gathered the forces of I.M. fleet, beginning repairs; as Khaufen, K'Reger and M'Red escorted the prize to command.

KIySa'ra looked over her charges on her mainscreen; her first command upon her. The words of Captain JurISS still fresh in her mind, she awaited her new orders; the Naked Stars now capturing her in their gaze. She was now in charge, at least for now; and she had no time to give thought to the weight of that command....there was a fleet to repair, and warriors to command!

Starbase K’Shona -  Admiral Katalyia Epetai K’Tore-Jiraal, Starbase Commander: I no sooner got into the computer system and convinced it that it WOULD give me a list of all the malfunctions that had occurred, than the red alert sounded throughout the Base. Seeing that the alarm had been sounded from environmental control, I opened the com unit to that department and demanded what was going on. Being informed that the life support systems had reset themselves for Tellarites, I swore softly under my breath and told them to FIX it.

No sooner had I completed that order, than Killon contacted me from the bay. Hearing the sounds of alarms, curses, and shouted orders, I demanded what was going on. Being informed that the shuttles were starting their engines and then shutting themselves off—by themselves—I slammed my fist down on my desk and informed him I was on the way.

Arriving five minutes later, I found the Docking Bay once again in controlled chaos. Spotting Killon standing at the controls of a shuttle, I headed over there and ordered him to explain what the problem was this time.

Being informed once again of the problem, I turned to the Docking Bay officer and informed him in no uncertain terms, that engines did not turn themselves on and off by themselves. He was to go over every control panel, even if it meant tearing them out of the shuttles, and determine what caused this. If he were unable to do this, he would be replaced. Seeing that he understood, I turned to Killon and informed him that he was to oversee the clean up of the Bay and that NO ONE was to leave until the Bay was in top shape and the Bay completely repaired.

Returning to my office, I once again found the computer stating that there had been no malfunctions, despite the two major ones that had just occurred. I sat there silently, studying the screen, thinking of the malfunction of my door and what I was willing to do to get it to open.

But surely the Base was not possessed—or was it? When I had pulled out my disruptor to open the door, the door decided to open. It had been as if someone or something had been watching what I was doing. Glancing toward the ceiling, I didn’t detect anything abnormal.

However, my disgust at the situation did remain long and a smile of comprehension came over my face. Deciding to test my theory, I removed the disruptor from my belt, tapped it a couple of times on the palm of my hand, then the desktop. A moment later found me tapping it gently against the screen.

I was not surprised when there was no response from the system—I did not expect one at this point. However, when I activated the disruptor, pushed back from the desk a few feet, and aimed it at the computer screen—calmly saying at the same time—divulge the information requested—it obeyed the order without further protest. Thus confirming that I was on the right track and would have these malfunctions corrected—and once corrected come up with a way to deal with what ever inhabited the systems on the Base.

The Chaplain General Corps -  Tolar’tu, Boreth, HovpoH 20010930

My plan for Avakhon is proceeding as planned. He is an exceptional warrior, with much more intellectual capacity than his previous masters have ever thought him to possess. Getting him away from Kahless was a stroke of luck, one I will continue to hope does not turn to bite my hand.

I managed to find an obscure reference to a legendary treatise on our early Faith, the "Book of TIergh", supposedly located on a lost colony in a sector of space that is now Romulan territory. He and Blackheart, my favourite assassin, and bodyguard, are supposedly heading for that site to recover the Book, ostensibly to find the data on a wonderful new/old weapon, once used by our ancestors to drive off the incursions of that warrior race who became known (since they fell upon us from the direction of the Sector bearing that name) as KinShaya. The truth is that, by careful use of silence and thought, Avakhon is discovering the secret which may truly give us the weapon we will need when the Demons of the Rift return once more. He has long held fast to the belief that he has no soul. His claim is, since he and his brethren were "constructed" from the mortal remains of the dead of several races, and since the "soul" leaves the physical body at death, that he cannot possibly have a soul. It is my hope that he will discover that the soul is the natural consequence of life, and even though he is not "natural" in his "life", still, as he lives, he HAS a soul. Once he makes this discovery, he will become the weapon we need. His considerable skills in war, together with his ability to command, together with the loyalty to the Empire I believe he will develop freely (compared to the "enforced loyalty" that was the result of his former masters having the ability to destroy him with the merest flick of a thumb on a detonator), will give us the battlefield commander who is capable of facing and defeating these Demons. Pray Durgath it is enough, for our numbers are now so few that we cannot withstand them, should they come before we are ready. Certainly, the Orders have resources, and TIergh knows, I have enough retired Thought Admirals and Thought Generals and Thought Masters giving me advice, whether I need it or not, that we can find Commanders of ability, and the Orders have enough troops and ships in reserve to field a Fleet of sufficient strength, but my people are tired; tired of war, tired of always being at war. They need someone, something, to inspire them to a level far beyond what we can now provide. Durgath grant that he becomes who he will become, in time.

Imperial Security  .The report from Imperial Security is delayed, and not available. We believe that Cmdr. Kosh and his troops have been more involved in the suppression actions with which they were taxed than had been expected. His courier is overdue, and we are investigating.

Science and Technology Command - The report from SATCom is not available due to the absence of the Commander on secret operations. He was ordered to allow no information to be transmitted until his return, and the absence of his report is as expected.


Imperial Diplomatic Service -  War may be over in Empire, but politics live on. IDS did not know how Imperial Intelligence discovered that they had secreted a small Dominion ship on Ferengenar, but they did know once it was discovered, II lost no time in sending agents to retrieve it for their own investigation. Ambassador A'qmarr ramHov quvHubwI', new XO of IDS, knowing nothing of the underlying tension between Imperial Intelligence and the head of IDS, and given no time to contact her superior officer to receive instructions to the contrary, gave the ship to them. II is nothing if not swift when it strikes.

K'Lay K'Onor-Chang, IDS CO and Thought-Admiral in near political exile from the Homeworld, did not want the Dominion ship to fall into II hands. It gave too much power and information to those who she was convinced were behind her removal from NI, and perhaps behind the recent Breen attempt on her life. The problem was, if a counter move to retrieve the ship was to work, IDS had to find someone to follow II swiftly, before they disappeared, taking the ship with them! K'Lay gave the orders necessary.

Koi Droklon, the closest IDS officer on the scene, reported for the duty, taking Command of a Ferengi attack ship, acquired and secretly given to him by A'qmarr. (A'qmarr had acquired them from Dokrez, Grand Nagus Rom's Personal Assistant for four bars of gold-pressed latinum & three bottles of aged Aldebaran whisky). Leaving half of his crew with his own ship, the Thunderwolf, Koi and his men donned Fernegi uniforms (which neither he or his crew found enjoyable) and followed the II agents who had commandeered our Dominion ship, tracking the II ship and its prize, being towed, on the covert route which would take them back to II HQ. All they had to do was keep them on sensors until our additional help could arrive at the coordinates. It was not an easy task, as II agents are extremely well trained in evasion tactics.

Once Moqra QendeH arrived however, he and Koi stopped merely tracking the vessel and initiated their orders, which were to get it back! Moqra had already been briefed on what he was to do: A Dominion ship that had been in the possession of the IDS had ended up in the hands of Imperial Intelligence. He and his crew had been asked to get it back, using any means neccessary short of destroying the II ship that was towing the Dominion vessel. Here Moqra once again, lived up to his growing reputation for cunning.

Dragon Girl by Ke'RethOrdering his freighter, Arcadia, to pick up a few things and meet him at the coordinates, Moqra boarded a modified Ferengi warpshuttle, and caught up with Koi. Once there, he used the "borrowed" ships, a host of holographic technology and four replicated mobile emitters to project a holographic image of five Breen ships in front of the II ship and then fired, making a surgical strike to the engines and weapons. Without warning, and within seconds, it was dead in space and defenseless. Then they were hailed. Two "Breen", anonymous in their refrigeration suits, appeared on the screen on the II ship's bridge and demanded the return of the Dominion ship they had in tow. The request was refused, as Moqra feared it would be, forcing him to fire on the ship's tractor beam, releasing the Dominion prize that way. Hooking onto it with a tractor beam, he left at warp, knowing full well he would be followed. Five light years away, he dropped out of warp, had Arcadia dump its cargo, several hundred metric tons of Dominion ship debris, and fired into it, scattering it and leaving a weapon signature the II captain would recognize. Leaving them with something to take home to II HQ after all, Moqra and Koi returned the "borrowed" Ferengi vessels, reclaimed their own ships and turned the Dominion vessel over to those who would find a better hiding place for it next time.

K'Lay realizes the time has come, however, to fill A'qmarr in on some political realities and so she orders A'qmarr to Earth, where she herself has been posted, indefinitely.

A'qmarr, leaving Administrator Aq'brel quvHubwI' in charge of the Embassy and the many convoluted duties and complex politics on Ferenginar, boarded the IKV QI'lIn toDuj for Earth. Contacting Federation Starbase Four, and her old friend, Starfleet Commander Anne Zecca, she inform the UFP of her intention to enter Federation space. Once in orbit over Terra, she cleared Terran customs in San Francisco, and she and her military attache, Lt. QI'ret, were escorted to meet with Thought-Admiral K'Lay. Leaving Lt QI'ret at the door for security, they discussed the ongoing political situation, and made plans to "ferret out" the II traitor. So far A'qmarr had come up with two possibilities: First, that the traitor could be in hiding among the new religious sect members arriving on pilgrimage to see the "quvaH'magh"--the child of Starfleet Lieutenants Tom Paris and B'ElannaTorres; Or, second, that he could be here masquerading as one of the embassy staff, perhaps even a close staff member. It was a disquieting possibility. What they were to do about that situation was a problem each would have to contemplate.

Back on Qo'noS, there was little time for contemplation. When seasoned Commander Krysythe QI'mpeq arrived as ordered, to take over the Embassy on the Homeworld from the junior officers K'Lay had been forced to leave in command when she left, Krysythe found IDS computers had their memories wiped, the hard copy files had been ransacked, unauthorized personnel from various divisions, including Imperial Intelligence, were roaming supposedly secured halls, and even civilians, were lounging in the private meeting rooms. She was able to secure the building, get new guards reassigned to safeguard the premises, and make a report about the transgression to Kahless himself. But security had once again been compromised, and IDS temporarily outwitted.

Thus were political wars fought in the style of the Khomerex Zha. The battle would continue......

Campaign Co-ordination Command - The affairs of the Empire, at least, those affairs in which the Strike Force has an interest, continue to improve, slowly. You will be apprised of any significant changes in that condition immediately, of course, and you will receive my next update in due course.

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The 10th feature film installment of the Star Trek franchise — with the working title of "Star Trek: Nemesis" — will go before the cameras on November 28 under the direction of Hollywood veteran Stuart Baird.

"Nemesis," written by "Gladiator" scribe John Logan (see related story here ) and produced by Rick Berman, will reunite the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast, headed by Patrick Stewart (“Captain Jean-Luc Picard”) and Brent Spiner (“Data”), for the fourth time in the theaters.

Baird previously directed “Executive Decision” in 1996 and “U.S. Marshals” — the sequel to “The Fugitive” — in 1998, but his credits during his 30-year career in Hollywood are varied. Most recently serving as executive producer on Paramount Pictures' “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” Baird has gained most of his film experience in the editing room. He has cut together more than 20 features, starting with “Tommy” followed by “The Omen,” “Superman” and “Superman II,” “Outland,” “Lethal Weapon,” “Demolition Man,” “Maverick” and many others. As a director, though, Baird is also currently developing two other action-thrillers at Warner Bros, called “High Tide” and “Nowhere to Hide,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film's visual effects will be overseen by Digital Domain, a Venice, California facility that has produced digital shots for numerous Hollywood films including "Titanic," the upcoming "The Time Machine" and "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," according to Daily Variety. Mark Forker will be the visual effects supervisor.

As previously reported, Berman has revealed that the Romulans will be prominently featured in "Nemesis." He has also stated, "We've got, in my mind, the greatest Star Trek villain since Khan. John [Logan] was intent on creating a wonderful villain, and we've got a doozy."

The last two movie installments of Star Trek, “Star Trek: First Contact” and “Star Trek: Insurrection,” were directed by cast member Jonathan Frakes (“Will Riker”).

The release date for "Nemesis" is not yet confirmed.

Please note: All production information is subject to change.



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