NB: So that you can see Battle Lines as it was meant to be seen the original fonts used are on this site at http://www.btinternet.com/~qeSan/fonts/


Whether it is an aftermath of the Dominion war or treachery by the Romulans is unknown, but it seems that quite a few of our warriors are experiencing problems in the lives of their human counterparts. This is sad and regrettable. But those I have heard of are exhibiting courage and a determination to overcome their enemy, be it bad health or other circumstances beyond their control. I especially commend those who at the same time have made an effort to keep in touch and participate at some level. That is the true warrior spirit.

It is especially important, when members find it difficult or impossible to live up to their comitments, that they inform their superior officers ASAP. If someone is a Commander, they should see if their XO (if they have one) can take over, and inform the Admiralty whether one or the other can continue or not. If someone is a roleplayer, and has been assigned to a mission, he or she should let the commander know if it is not possible to complete the assignment.

One of the greatest frustrations of Command is to be left wondering what has happened to someone who has gone silent. Then we have to seek out the person for the reason, on top of our other duties. You should always notify your Sector or Division Commander if your situation changes and affects your ability to perform your duty, whatever it may be. We are all friends here, or we should be; it is only common courtesy to let a friend know if you cannot do something you promised to do. It is not mandatory, except for DivComs, to participate in the rpg, but if you have been playing, your commander is expecting a response to the mission orders he or she sent to you. Don't leave your commander to wonder if you fell into a black hole. DivComs and SectComs, the Admiralty and CCC is depending on you to send quarterly reports. Don't make us wonder if a galactic demon has swallowed you up.

A few new members have been added to our roster, thanks to the recuiting efforts of Kriger/Karl Holtz. I have sent out information to quite a few prospects sent to me by members. It is a disturbing fact that most do not respond and follow through.

When the new roster is sent out, several members will be deleted since they have been out of contact for some time. We need new members to replace them and make our numbers grow! I strongly urge you to do your best to interest others in joining our club. It is necessary most of the time to talk to people, not just hand out flyers. I don't want to blow my own horn (too much) but since I joined I have recruited well over a dozen members - not all are still with us, but many are - and that was before I ever got online. I don't consider myself bold in the least, but if you show your own enthusiasm for our group, you can interest others . So good hunting and good luck!

Until the Christmas issue, may each of you enjoy a truly frightening Hallowe'en, a bountiful Thanksgiving, and a joyful holiday season.



I Hope you all enjoy this Halloween issue. Our honorable leader asked me to include lots of Halloween type pictures. That's my excuse anyway for the picture on the previous page. So please Admiral don't take offence and come seeking revenge as no dishonour was intended. I did enjoy it though (Grin!!).

Before I go much further I have a very important confession to make: In the last issue I produced "The Klingon Body". This included a subtle test to see if everyone was awake (Anyone who disagrees with that statement can take it up with my betleH). I'm glad to say that our glorious leader was well and truly awake and quick to point out she'd spotted the deliberate mistakes :-) Odour/Odor = pIw not pIr.

Here's an additional meaning to another of the words used;

qogh - "belt" is also "ear"

Something about tlhIngan Hol is that it's full of Marc Okrands little jokes or double meanings. For example "back of body" shares the same Hol word as "improve". It might just be me but is this a reference to 'correct posture' i.e. 'improve back of body'.

This Issue also see's the start of the Klingon (Cannon) Timeline.




Pok Chang-Martok - to Lt.Jg. - nominated by DivCom for his involvement and efforts in the rpg.

Kriger DuppIm - to sutai - for continued high activity in the KSF, involving others and recruiting efforts.

Karg Juriss - to sutai - for continued involvement and enthusiasm for additional service.

Reyna Kor-Zu-Merz - to zantai - for faithful service as commander of G.M. and time in service.

jatlh K'Mpec - to Lieutenant - for her involvement and efforts in the rpg.

K'Obol Chang-K'Onor - to sutai - for outstanding service as GSD CO and CGC CO.

Stephen Kronsei - to sutai - for his loyal service as Internal Security CO.


Admiral K'lay epetai-K'Onor-Chang - for her loyalty and faithfulness to the KSF despite recent health problems.

Lt.Cmdr. Azel vestai-Tavana-Vrenn - for her loyalty to the KSF despite real life and health problems.


- Post Reports -

Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

GSA Commander



Sector Two:

Filed by Kulec

Sector 2 Commander

U Kulec: Things are going fairly well. August has quieted down a bit after a busy July. I was down in St. Louis the second weekend in July for a friend's wedding and also took in a baseball game. I flew down to St. Louis, because my car would never had made it. As long as it keeps limping along until the first part of September when I can pick up a new one that my mom bought me. A new used one, that is. A Ford Taurus '97. Still much newer than my '88. Otherwise, I've been keeping up with church things. I've got a pastors' conference this week, so I'm leaving this afternoon.

Sector Three

Filed by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

Sector 3 Commander

U Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal: I had to put my beloved dog, Bo, down last week. In June, I bought a new car. It is a '99 Ford Escort and I now have car payments to look forward to once again. I am currently getting ready for my vacation to Lake Tahoe come September. I am looking forward to it and have a countdown going on my computer at work. The girls are really starting to tease me about it.

U FAdm. K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz: This quarter has seen great improvements at KSF Headquarters offices with the addition of a new Compaq Presario 5280 computer. After struggling along with a laptop for several months, I find that things move somewhat faster online, and more conveniently on the system.

Before Kadak left this area, he graciously bestowed many gifts, including two ceiling fans which he installed to cool the fevered brow of your Fleet Admiral, more art supplies than I expect to use up in my remaining lifetime, and other assorted goodies. My gratitude for this officer's generosity and giving of himself as well as the pleasure of his company cannot be expressed in words. Since does not wish to receive promotions and honors, this will serve to let everyone know of my appreciation. We were able to see ST:Insurrection and Star Wars together as well as our time together at KSF Headquarters and in the city of Cassville.

I've been working to streamline the membership packet, and now that I have a scanner, to get more of my artwork into digital form. Since I have trouble sleeping, some new pieces have been created in the wee hours of the morning. One might as well be productive whenever possible...

U Ken Traft - qaqen: I have not really been that active recently. I haven't done anything Klingon lately. I will continue to offer support to the KSF as I have come to care for several of the people and want to help them as I am able.

U Marine Capt. Ju'Ngah Sutai Chang: On orders from my new IMC CO, Marine Capt. Kolar Vestai Rasmehlier, I have taken my ship, IMV Bold-Heart to join an armada of Federation and Klingon ships to launch a pre-emtive strike on a Cardassian-Jem'Hadar outpost located near the Badlands between Cardassia and Bajor, which is considered to be a very strategic location for us to use; my ship and the other ships will engage any enemy ships, while ground forces, led by my first officer, Cmdr. K'aag K'Teria, will beam down to the planet where the outpost is on, and secure it; may 'KAHLESS' watch over us during this battle! Update: Our mission was a success; the armada took our enemies completely by surprise, and we've only lost a few ships in our armada, the ground forces met little resistance on the planet, and casualties on our side were very slight; we are now secruing the outpost and awaiting further orders. For Willy: Things have been getting very hectic for me lately, both at work and in my personal life; so hectic, in fact, that I haven't had time to do anything else; but, in June of this year, I got a break from the monogamy: I got to take off work on Saturday, June 19th and go to a sci-fi convention in Cincinnati, Ohio where I got to meet three of the stars from the series "Babylon 5"(Mira Furlan, Robert Krimmer, and Robin Atkins Downs), and one of the stars from the "Star Trek" movies(Robin Curtis); I even shook hands with Mark Goodard from the original "Lost in Space" and said hello to Apollo Smile who is into "Japanese Animation"; I got pictures taken of me with three of the stars, but only one came out good(me with Robert Krimmer and Robin Downs), and I ran out of film before getting one of Mira Furlan; other than that, I had a realy great time, probably the best time I've had in years.

U Ensign Markhet Khalar-Nordeth: Due to family obligations, I Ensign Markhet Khalar-Nordeth, have been on a leave of duty this past quarter. As a warrior, I look forward to returning to the battle field for the next quarter.

U Cmdr.Koloth sutai K'tama (Nick Muehlenthaler) Imperial Security CO - IKV Hov veS CO - A few things happened this quarter that I am just beaming about, lent me start at the beginning of the year. I went down to

Springfield, Mo. For Vision Con 99' where I got to meet our fearless leader K'zhen. I also met William "Bear" Reed the Chapter Leader of KAG for the Kansas City Chapter. Drove straight eight hours and stayed up the whole time there (24 hours) and then back eight hours straight, making it a total of 40 hours I was up without sleep. Something I've not done since high school. I was surprised that I still had the stamina at the age of 24 to still do that. I had such a great time while down there I'm thinking of taking some of my vacation time to spend the whole three days this time (I think it was Fri- Sun).

I have been Working at Bosselman's (A Truck Stop and Service Center) for a year now and got a raise from $7.25 to $8.50 an hour. I got a great review of 27 out of 36 (75%). A friend of mine lost her job and then there live in blew the engine in their van. This is the same ones that got in a car accident last fall. On top of this just recently she went to the doctors and they found a spot on one of her lungs (she smokes). Her boyfriend still has not been to work since the accident and now they are starting to really hurt finically.

Recently upgraded my computer and bought an autographed picture of Christopher Plummer as Gen.Chang from Star Trek the Undiscovered Country. Also in the near future (sometime this quarter) I'll be moving my website to a new Dominion. I'm also working on a review of the Birth of The Federation game that will be included in next quarters report.

Sector Four

Filed by Lt.-Cmdr. T'Lara Juriss

Sector 4 Commander

U Lt.-Cmdr. T'Lara Juriss: Since last quarter, I have done only one thing of notable interest. That is to go to the Dover Peace Conference. We had great fun this year there. I had the chance to meet the Abbot and see some of our club members there. Morath was there auctioning off a Bat'leth with the signature of the actor who played Kahless on it. It was a great success! There was of course the chocolate party, and the Slave auction, at which our beloved Admiral and Abbot decided to buy me a slave of my very own! This may be because my roomate Klogh had trouble getting across the Canadian border, and so I had no on to "hang out" with. It turns out my "slave" was one of the best bartenders in the house! People loved his Bloodwine so much, he was carrying it around in a gas can! We went around to some of the room parties, and he bought my drinks. It was nice to have an escort. There was a Klingon wedding also, complete with wedding cake and everything. All in all, I think everyone enjoyed themselves. In real life, I am still working for the Post Office, and still living in an apartment with my 8 year old. I have finally sold my house! It will be nice to get out from under some of my bills....finally. Last but certainly not least, I am hereby joining the house of my consort, Kolar Rasmehlier. My name, as of this report, will be T'Lara Juriss-Rasmehlier. Until next quarter, Q'apla!

U B'Etera K'Mpec: This April's Slanted Fedora Con in Buffalo, New York, was a great one for me. I was able to make Richard Herd(L'Kor from Birthright)an Honorary Member of the KSF, and won 3rd place in the costume contest with my Klingon uniform. Mary Kay Adams(Girka), Rene Auberjonois, Nana Visitor, and Alice Krige were also in attendance. Two weeks later, Borg and I attended the Camp Dover Peace Conference for the third April in a row. I rewarded myself with a new cloak, and we were both glad to see K'Lay, T'Lara, Kobol, and Morath. In May and June, I attended a public TV auction and a church festival in my Klingon uniform with my KAG group, and I just returned from the Shore Leave Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland this past weekend (July 9-11). In the non-klingon department, I enjoyed seeing the new Star Wars movie its first weekend. Speaking of which, if you're chatting with me these days, I may look a little different, as I've been trading in the ridges and big hair for a black helmet and cloak...

U Kordon DokMarr: Kai Klin-bros and sisters. I the one have been busy attending biker swap meets and shows and report for the terrans this group have fun. I'm planning on attending a con at the end of July in Boston and hope to have more to report on at that time. Some weeks ago we had a klingon cook-out and that went over with much success

members of our ship received Battle notches from our KAG quadrent leader for their glorious deeds over the past year..May your summer be free of tribbles.....Kordon on the house Dok'Marr.

U Sue Frank: We have had serious hot and stickies(and I don't mean erotic encounters with Roms, either!)here. But Klingons love that sort of weather, and we even got a break from it with two days at the Jersey shore. There is something magical about being able to ride a merry-go-round and see the ocean at the same time! Highly recommended for R&R. Perhaps it is time we claimed Ocean City for the Klingon Empire. On the home front, I've been doing some heavy taking stock. I've been looking for a way to protect the archive of several hundreds of Star Trek zines I've collected over almost ten years, most of them with some item or other of Klingon interest. I finally got a nibble from the Temple University Special Collections people. They have a Science Fiction and Fantasy section, and when I described my horde of zines, they sounded real intrigued. I figure if they will accept them as a gift and accession and catalogue them for the use of anyone who might like to see them, that would help guarantee their safety. I'll keep you posted. A library staff member is supposed to visit today to assess and maybe actually take away my treasures! Of course, I have kept extra copies of the most Klingon-inspirational of the zines. I can't imagine surviving without my runs of GRIP or CLIPPER TRADE SHIP, so full of the work of Admiral K'Zhen over many years, and other Klingon material. And the classics. I will always have copies of Cat Ramos's "Children of Empire" series here and Ann Schwader's "Diplomacy and Empire" novels, the Nu Ormenel and Antithesis series which go WAY back and prove how Klingons have fascinated fans from the earliest. But at least now I will have the satisfaction of knowing that a reference collection of these things is in a safe place. Kai to the Empire, and her writers, artists, and publishers!

U Chris Torak: I'm writing from the misty cloudy capital-fortress of lima mong, in Qoylur in Sector H. It reminds me so much of the Homeworld I feel very happy and yet homesick as well. I've been here on shore-leave for almost three weeks(the strings I had to pull to get THAT!).I recently finished a lecture series on how to get along better with our Federation comrades. Qapla! They really grabbed the targh by the horns! We had a time full of great songs and much ghvay Hlq and seplche. I visited many honored warriors and former underlings, and we shared many tales of battles won. Now I am spending time with my parmaqqay Aracely, whose name means "altar of heaven", and she has been that for me very much. But of course, every circle comes back to its origin, and so my shore-leave wil end on the 30th of July. I salute all our honored warriors in KSF, especially our comrades in Sector 4. Qapla'.

Sector Seven

Filed by Lt.-Cmdr. Karg Vestai Juriss

Sector 7 Commander

U Lt.-Cmdr. Karg Vestai Juriss: Real life is keeping me busy. We are packing to move, but don't know where we're moving to yet. I'm also taking self study courses for my job. We are trying to get the kids ready for school and developing my skills in Klin-Za. In the KSF I'm helping Kriger to develope the KIRA division and am helping Capt. Khaufen with House Juriss information. I'm also having fun participating with Admiral K'Lay in the side RPG. I continue to serve Capt. Khaufen in Global Security with honor and pride. I also continue to be active in the Broken Lands Alliance and Pat and I have found a nearby pool hall to help us to relax.

U Lt. B'Tana Sutai Juriss: Not much to report, except a move at the end of August, so that means the old task of boxing and packing, lifting and hauling, and all the good stuff that goes with moving. Otherwise, it is basically the same thing, just a different day. I'm still working on all my quartermaster things, as well as other KSF duties, beyond the quarterly mission reports. I am preparing to play in the more traditional game that Karl is developing. In House Juriss, I have finally been informed of my House position and am now the House recordskeeper, scribe of the rituals, and quartermaster. So, I have plenty to keep myself busy, and I am actually enjoying the duties I have taken on. That pretty much covers it, for this quarter. Oh, I received a commendation, and a couple days later, a promotion to the status of Sutai. Neither were expected, and I was pleasantly surprised by both.

Sector Eight

Filed by Capt. Borg Zantai K'Mpec

Sector 8 Commander

U Captain Borg Zantai K'Mpec: I spent from June 30-July 14, visiting Carrie(B'Etera). I got to see quite a lot of the Central New York area during this visit. Also got to meet the rest of Carrie's family and relatives over the 4th of July weekend. We attended Shore Leave Con held in Hunt Valley, Maryland from July 9th-11th. Got to do some driving through Maryland and Pennsylvania. I did go see the new Star Wars Movie and the new Austin Powers movie. I created a couple of Powered by WebTV HomePages.

You can find my KSF BackGround Profile at: http://community-1.webtv.net/Borg_KMpec_KSF/My_KSF_BackGround .

The House of K'Mpec HomePage is: http://community-1.webtv.net/BorgKMpec/Noble_House_Of_Kmpec

I've even created a Star Wars Home Page:

http://community-1.webtv.net/palpatine_emp/Dark_Side_Of_Force .

The House of K'Mpec(QI'mpeq)has gained another LineMember during the past quarter, Apocolypse Lee's Klingon Character jatlh is now a linemember of the House of K'Mpec, currently it is...jatlh K'Mpec, she hasn't really made a final decision on a Klingon first name, yet. But for now it is, jatlh K'Mpec. jatlh brought up the discussion to me about converting the name of K'Mpec into the Klingon Language. So, after much discussion and figuring nelimating certain letters. Then it basically came down to me to decide since I am the LineLeader...I decided that K'Mpec spelled in Klingon is Ql'mpeq.

U Azel Tavana Vrenn-Juriss: The famed Captain Khaufen Juriss has been called on many away missions and his distant postings has made it difficult to keep, but I have done my best to show him some new territory he now inhabits. The Dominion is everywhere and seems to attack on a regular basis, but he deftly dispenses with them as is his style and I see to his wounds as best I can. Meanwhile, I continue my studies of this world while incognito as human while tending to the wounded in my own camp. It has been brutal war. The reports of this world is not goot to say then..well...you know the rest.

U Captain Khaufen Zantai Juriss: Reporting from my new quarters on Terra. Well met warriors of the KSF! In RL, I have been exploring the medical possibilities of California; with some small success. I shudder to think what is available on this world without a pile of gold-pressed latinum. I am thankful for the efforts and hard work of our MOC CO. Azel! In fantasy, Khaufen has been busy as his condition allows; and that is more than I expected. Included the conclusion that putting out "We Are Klingons" via computer is beyond my skills, so am re-doing it the old fashion Star Trek fan way; cut n paste and copy! Not to mention several rpgs and July 26th to greet a British KSF member at the LA airport for her and a friend's first visit to the USA. How could an American KSF warrior do less for our Honored Bristish KSF warriors! As well, I am involved in some research involving Empire vessels for accurate rpg details...when called for: especially the Vor'Cha and another even more powerful vessel for another project. Back to RL, I have been gifted with some incredible sights of California, with a lot more to see. Unfortunately, due to medical restrictions my perambulation perameters are not what they used to be. More's the pity...and you have to pay for everything here; even parking; so stay alert for neighborhood parking. I wish to thank Margie, for he patience and support; and Adrienne for hers and her hard work. I'm a grouch when in pain. Pain or not, this warrior moves forward. I may not be a computer adept, but this ST fan of more than 30 years still has a vew abilities left to him.(smile)I encourage you all to fight the battle of RL and continue to communicate with your KSF friends and other friends.The KSF is more than worthy and has many excellent people in it; in my opinion the absolute BEST in the Klingon Fandom! I salute you all and eagerly waiting to see where we will go now that DS-9 is over. The possibilities are incredible. as long as we don't spend all of our valuable creative efforts in dispte 'which' direction to go. Kai Kassai to everyone of you! By the way, we had a great party here at Admiral K'Lay's place for the last episode of DS-9: Starring the Admiral, Azel, Borg, and Maw'qu! My compliments on the work done by both the Admiral and Azel...outstanding members. It was very enjoyable to meet the Honored Captain Borg again as well.

U Lt. Maw'qu Vestai Karizan: I did not get any orders for GM this quarter. So, Maq'qu did not do anything there, which is just as well. Because I am working at a new job(lazer tag referee). And taking extra classes to graduate early, so I can go into the Navy in January. I've also taken over my brother's old garage room apartment, since he moved out and I've been real busy with that!

Cyber Sector

Filed by Admiral K'Lay Epetai K'Onor-Chang and Capt. Volar Zantai K'Zota-Chang

Cyber Sector

U Admiral K'Lay Epetai K'Onor-Chang: This has been a relatively quiet quarter for me, making the arrangements for and preparing for eye surgery which will hopefully make it possible for me to see to do all my written work again! i should be back in my usual form next quarter. Azel, Khaufen and I of Sector 8 did manage to meet Christine Preston/Lt. K'Tor K'Mpec on her recent trip to the United States, and found her company and that of her friend Pat very enjoyable. Although due to work restrictions, I was able only to spend a day with them, the highlight of which was lunch at Wolfgang Puck's and seeing Star Wars, Captain Khaufen was his usual gallant self and managed to provide escort and assistance to our GSE member and her friend on several occasions. I hope to have more opportunities to visit them in the future.

U Captain Volar Zantai K'Zota K'Onor: In all my time here on this bloody rotating rock I had yet to see a collective intelligence of -100 until I worked with 25,000 tourists on any given day. And to think, that was the start of the summer. I have a great deal of many stories to relate to anyone willing to listen or believe, but it's scary what people do when they go on vacation. At least save it for the hotel you're staying at...not the theme park! I don't get paid that much, especially when I'm hot and been there for 15 hours....::smiles::...okay....I fell better. You know, Admira, you're right. This was better than writing an article on the Klingon geneaology. Thankfully my visit from Keel this year was...enlightening to say the least. Had an incredible time David!(so where should I send those pictures eh?)hehehehe...Well to make this short, I've been hanging in there this summer. As it comes to a close I say goodbye to one of my favorite attractions at Universal. The Herc & Xena show, which comes to a close Sept. 2nd. Was there for the opening show and I'll be there for its last. Though I promise that it'll be quite a day...hehehehehe. Nothing to say..no comment. <g> Beside this I have spearheaded a new role as Gamemaster of a growing group of fantasy gamers, which so far has received much attention by outside sources. Been fun, but most of all has been my sucessful audition for Halloween Horror Nights 9. Yup...I got it...the star is born, and thus the Captain takes his leave of any living/non-living soul for the month of October. Sweet overtime, yeah baby!


U Cmdr qe'San be'rawn

(Jon Brown): As previous this quarter has again been a mad time. I have also joined forces with a new member, qe'pIS 'artIS (Heather McCoy). Heather and my family became friends some time ago, we knew she was a Star Trek fan and had ST artwork published it has taken some time to pin her down to joining the KSF. We have now started a little private enterprise together offering the service of drawing anyone in the guise of a Star Trek alien (or any other alien). The name for our little enterprise came from the company "Alien Voices" formed by Leonard Nimoy and John DeLancey. We were going to mainly involved in faces so we just put a ST twist on the spelling with cross between phase and faces and arrived at "Alien Phaces".

U Stephen Kronsie (Stephen Humphrey): This quarter I have finally moved to my new flat which is a little bit small so I have to sell all my non trek/scifi trek books and old 8 bit computer gear. The flat has had a few problems but nothing that can't be sorted by moaning to the agents. I Have been trying to help my brother-in-law with his tax return always good fun, the inland revenue write their forms in pure gobbiddy gook (unsure of spelling).

Been listening to the stories from K'tor concerning her trip to the states.

well that seems to be it for now.


U K'Tor Krell K'Mpec (Christine Preston) as dictated over the phone to qe'San: It has been a very exciting three months.. In June we were getting things sorted out for our holidays... July came and everything was coming together...... (Ed's note: the remainder of this report and K'Tor's special trip to Las Vegas has been given 'special article' status and placed in another section of this edition).



On Monday July 26th we set off by taxi to Heathrow airport to get our plane. We had to leave home early as the plane was leaving at 15:10 ... It was the first time that my friend and I had been on an aeroplane so we were nervous. The flight was great and we arrived at Las Angeles airport the same day. Although California is 9 hrs behind Britain.

We went through customs etc. collected our bags and went to find Capt. JuriSS as he had come to pick us up to take us to our hotel.. I saw him stood there. He said he'd been waiting a while. We went to the hotel, the Sheraton Hotel at Anahein, in his car.. It is a fantastic hotel and they have a private bus to Disneyland; We went three times in the fortnight. We also purchased a pass to Universal Studios and Sea World San Diego.. Universal studios was really great especially the Terminator II show and the Back to the Future ride.. Sea World was also great.

One of the best days out was to the Star Trek experience in Las Vegas. We bought our tickets at the entrance.. On the ceiling was an almost full size Bird of Prey. Next to it was a large replica of the original Enterprise then the Enterprise-D then the Voyager. Walking further along there was displays of uniforms and weapons used in the series including some fantastic Klingon weapons. Whilst looking at some more exhibits a Klingon officer came to speak to us... He looked at me in my Klingon tee-shirt and he said, "you are a Klingon?" I said, "I am and my Klingon name is KTor K'Mpec". The Klingon Warrior then said to me, "Have you fought many battles?"... I looked at him and said, "Yes and there are many song sung about them." I then asked if I could have my photo taken with him.. After this he than said, "I'll see you in Quarks and have some Blood wine with you."

We were going along later when the lights suddenly went out. We heard voices and running about and the next minute we were experiencing a funny sensation; Our bodies were being scrambled. after a while the lights came on and we found ourselves in the transporter room of a ship. We were informed that we were on the Enterprise-D. Starfleet personnel then ushered us through the corridors to the turbo lift. We were all told to enter, the doors shut and the lift set off. All of a sudden the lift shook violently a voice came over the Comm system and said, " You will be alright. Two Klingon Bird of Prey are firing at us and the Enterprise

is responding"... The lift started falling at speed. Another voice said, "We have to stabilise the lift!". After a few second the lift started to go up again. When we stopped the doors opened and we found ourselves on the bridge of the Enterprise and all the Starfleet personnel were at their stations.

The screen of the enterprise lit up and there was a Klingon face Capt. Korath. He said, "We have your Captain. We want the people you have brought on board killed! one of them might be an ancestor of Jean Luc Picard." "You can not escape!" Then I shouted " GLORY TO THE EMPIRE". and I was quickly surrounded by Starfleet personnel and asked, "Are you a Klingon spy?" "Yes..!." I said proudly. "Put a force field round her and keep her quiet!" shouted someone. The screen went blank again and Riker and Geordie appeared they said, "We have brought you from the past into the future for a reason. As you will know by now one of you is an ancestor of our Captain, Jean Luc Picard you were brought here from the hands of the Klingons but now you are safe in the hands of the Federation. We have a mission for you. Geordie will inform you of what the mission is.." Geordie appeared on screen by himself and explained the mission, "It appears that the Klingons have made a temporal rift in time which is cloaked on another planet so.." It seems we were to find it and knock out the cloaking device. so that we could be returned to our own time. Geordie and Riker said we would have to go down to the shuttle bay and would be led by Geordie... "Now you will save our Captain.... Good Luck!"...

I had kept interrupting by shouting, "Glory to the Empire!" They said, "We'll have to take her with us but keep her quite!.." We were taken down the corridors again and into another turbo lift to the shuttle bay. We entered a shuttle. Geordie went in his and we went in ours. We were all strapped in and I was told to keep quite by a Starfleet officer. The shuttle bay doors opened and you could feel the air escaping into the vacuum of space. We hadn't been flying long before two Klingon Bird of Prey came and started firing at us.. I was shouting, " I hear, I'm hear". The Enterprise came over the intercom... "We will keep the Klingons busy while you try to find the device... We eventually found the planet at which point two more Bird of Prey came from behind the planet and started firing.. We carried out evasive manoeuvres. Geordie said he'd keep them busy while we knocked out the cloaking device.

We found the device and knocked the cloak out and destroyed the device that was causing the temporal rift in time. Korath of course was very angry.. and sent some more ships out. Time started to go back to normal and we started to go back to the 90's.. Two Bird of Prey followed us through to the present. Riker spoke to us through the intercom as it had also followed us through and said, "We'll keep them busy". But we weren't able to continue back and ended up having to return to the future and disembark onto Deep Space Nine ..

On the Promenade I met the Klingon officer I had met earlier. We all had a drink and had some more photographs taken with him and others. We then went and looked around the rest of promenade including Garek's shop, the Admirals collection and Zek's emporium.

Later we returned to our Hotel after an exhausting day.......






Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal (GSA Sector 3).


Updated June 1999.

Do your line justice and write its history. Send for Katalyia's clan history as an example. (A number of these appeared in LET'S TREK - A BudgetGuide to the Klingons.

STATUS: Open for Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.


Updated June 1999.

I have received three submissions since the last report. This still makes less than a dozen

since the project was started during TA Keel's administration.

Create your Homeworld, or a section thereof, a new Klingon world, (perhaps just conquered!) Describe geographical features, cities, inhabitants, exports, flora and fauna, whatever you imagine. Maps would be most beneficial.

STATUS: Open for Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.


Updated June 1999

I have not received any new submissions. The Fauna book has sold very few copies. Come on folks!! Aren't you curious to see all the fabulous beasties of the Empire?? (These are all original, none of those we've seen on the air were used.

Describe animals, insects, birds, fish, and plant life of Klingon worlds. Draw a sketch, even a rough one will do. Ask Adm. K'Zhen for examples and form to follow. KLINGON FAUNA BOOK NOW AVAILABLE for $5.00

postpaid in the U.S., $7 overseas.

Write to Cmdr. Borg K'Mpec (Sect. 8)

STATUS: Will still accept Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.


Updated June 1999.

I barely have a few of these. Still open.

Got any? Or convert jokes or anecdotes you like into Klingon jokes. Make fun of Romulans, Ferengi, Cardassians, Changelings, Pakleds, etc. Make funny sketches, too! Keep them clean. Send them to Adm. K'Zhen. *Many more needed!*

STATUS: Open for Submissions.



- Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz. summers@mo-net.com

*Updated June: Closed by Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.


Cmdr. Sarena Zu-Merz (Sector 6)


or Lt. Azel Tavana (Sector 8) AzelTavana@aol.com

A project to catalog Klingon diseases, drugs, cures, medical procedures and practices. Send to Cmdr. Sarena Zu-Merz (Sector 6) or Lt. Azel Tavana (Sector 8)

STATUS: UNKNOWN (Would someone associated with this project please give me an update? Thanks.)


K'Obol K'Onor Kobol_Konor@hotmail.com

Updated June 1999.

I put together a discussion group on Theology, and we have been having some very interesting discussion on Klingon Religion. A synthesis of our first series of discussions has been published in BL, and we are now prepared to move to the next stage. We just are not certain what that next stage will be, yet.

Gods, goddesses, sects and tribes! Send information gathered, and ideas to K'Obol K'Onor, Chaplain General & Commander - Chaplain General Corps, KSF

STATUS: New Director, contact K'Obol K'Onor for submissions guidelines, etc.


Lt. B'Etera K'Tral K'Mpec


A gathering of references and information on Klingons from Star Trek novels and other publications. Be on the lookout for them! And cite your sources.

STATUS: The Klingon Research Project gathers references and info on Klingons from any published source, and I would welcome contact from anyone wanting to report on a particular work. At this point I'm still awaiting submissions, and haven't started any of my own.


Lt. B'Etera K'Tral K'Mpec cwilliam@dreamscape.com

My other project is the Birthday Project, which collects birthdays of all members so that they can be submitted to Battle Lines, where members can use them to know when to send greetings, etc. I have most of the email members' birthdays, as I contacted them about it. I asked in my latest SPR (in the issue of BL about to come out) for birthdays as well, in the hopes that some of the offline members will send theirs to me, but the more reminders, the better. I'm asking for month and day, with year optional.

STATUS: Accepting Submissions


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz. summers@mo-net.com

Updated June 1999.

Whether you've seen one, created one or know a human proverb that might make a good Klingon proverb.

I only have a few submissions. Still open.

STATUS: Accepting submissions.



Updated June 1999. By the Fleet Admiral.

Short anecdotes or short stories, poems set in the time of Kahless.

A director has applied.

WHO APPLIED FOR THIS? I have lost track -?? -K'Zhen



Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.


Updated June 1999.

Think Seven Wonders of the World - and come up with some Klingon ones!

STATUS: Accepting submissions.


Khen K'With (Sector 3)


The CNIT board. Have you an idea for a new weapon, monitoring device, defense system, or an improved model of an existing item? Send it to Khen K'With (Sector 3), He will evaluate it and give suggestions.

Final approval is by the Gamemaster. If approved, it can be used in the KSF rpg. Online, send to SATCOM Cmdr. Volar K'Zota (Sector 5)




Koloth K'Tama (Sector 3) Kktama@aol.com

Criteria are:

Cmdr.Koloth Sutai K'tama, (Sector 3)


STATUS: Stalled Reason: Awaiting Art Submissions


Kriger DuppIm (Sector 2)

duppim@startrek.com Updated: July 1999

STATUS: progressing. I.I. members can view a small, but usefull portion of the work in the Imperial Intelligence HQ club site. Other members may request information on specific vessels, I have most of the popular vessels completed. I was not going to do the Negh'Var, and though I do not believe anyone below the rank of admiral should have one, information has been requested anyway and will be available soon.


Kriger DuppIm (Sector 2)

duppim@startrek.com Updated: July 1999

Send articles or ideas to Kriger DuppIm (Sector 2)

STATUS: Proceding nicely. The debate about Klingon martial arts was

disappointing, only two people responded. Will try again soon.


Adm K'Lay, KLAYCHANG@aol.com We know Klingons love qagh, roqeg blood pie and a few others, but how would you make them, and what else could they eat? Send your ideas - perhaps with an appetizing sketch! Send to Adm. K'Lay.

STATUS: Accepting Submissions


qe'San be'rawn (GSE)

updated June 14th

Our quarterly newsletter is in need of art, poetry, humour, and articles on Klingons as well as newspaper, magazine or online articles concerning the Klingon aspect of Star Trek fandom. (BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES)!

Also send topics for discussion in the Forum, questions for Ask the Admiral ( to Adm.K'Lay), language questions to Adm. K'Zhen. You can send Submissions through your Sector Commander. Or write to bleditor@yahoo.com or direct to the current editor at qeSan@btinternet.com

STATUS: Ongoing

Trying to catch up and publish in middle months of season's. This has been made difficult through lack of any imput from club members other than regular items. Please SUBMIT artwork and/or articles!



- consists of all who like to draw or create artwork by hand or on the computer. We will create works together, answer the needs for art pieces, logos, or whatever the club has need of. New logos are needed for many sectors and divisions. If you need a design, illustration, logo, etc, send in your ideas, with a rough sketch. Anyone interested in joining may apply to FAdm. K'Zhen.

STATUS: Ongoing


Lt. Cmdr. Karg vestai-Juriss CO Sector 7


Updated June 1999.

The information on the Klingon Heraldry Project is correct. I'm earger to see the Division logos and I'm hoping that all Sector CO's submit one for their Sector. (I'm working on one for Sector 7) I have also recieved symbols for many noble Klingon Houses but would like to see more. Have we got a logo for the KSF yet?

Here are the specifics for the Klingon Heralry Project. It's purpose is togather and record symbols for Sectors, Divisions, Giulds, ships,individuals, and anything else that anyone can think of. I would like a color copy of the symbol sent to me in bmp. GIF. or JPEG. format or something similar.

Pictures sent as ART don't work very well and I don't have graphics program that can convert one type of picture into another one.

Along with the symbol I would like a history of the symbol which details why it was chosen and when and any significant meanings that it may have.

Please tell me what the symbol is for, ship, individual, ect. Especially if it is for more than one thing. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, I would be glad to hear them.

I look forward to hearing from you.Karg, Mike Tucker,

STATUS: Accepting submissions

Send submissions for any project to its director. If you have an idea for a new project, contact Capt. Mimbral Eripmav (Sect 6); you may even head up your own project if you like. If accepted it will be listed in BL so members can contribute. When there is enough material it can be published. Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.

Also, see the message on following the page.


Your kindly Fleet Admiral suggests that *all project directors * respond to Mimbral's request for information about your project. If it is going nowhere, then say so, but DO RESPOND





Role-play report to the KSF

Edited by Fleet Admiral K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz

IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE (wo' lIndab): Cmdr. K'Eherang sutai-K'Shontan-Jiraal :


K'Eherang Jiraal: Went to Cardassia Prime to interrogate any ranking Dominion members remaining. She was only allowed access to a senior Jem'Hadar, apparently the only remaining Dominion of any consequence. He refused to give any information that he might have, and shortly committed suicide with a poison gas contained within a false tooth.

qIjvaj: Disguised herself as a Breen and infiltrated a military compound. Broke into an office and was retrieving data, but tripped an alarm and had to leave quickly. She learned of a Breen plan to betray the Founders, and they (the Breen) are developing a weapon to destroy the Federation. She stowed away on a Cardassian vessel and arrived at Cardassia Prime just as the Cardassians traded sides.

Kriger: IKV Qib Veqlargh distinguished itself in the Dominion conflict and sustained significant damage in the process of capturing two Jem'Hadar ships. While the QIb Veqlargh was making repairs, Kriger beamed over to one of the captured ships and assisted the

Qib Veqlargh's chief engineer in looking for any information in the computer's data banks and from the crew. The Jem'Hadar encryption codes were proving a problem, and the crew did not volunteer any information, but some I.I. personnel assisted the chief engineer and were able to partially decrypt some of the files, which were filed away for perusal later.

INTERNAL INTELLIGENCE: (botlh lIndab ra'ghom) Cmdr. Stephen sutai-Humphrey-Kronsei:

After the end of the recent war with the Breen, Cardassian and Breen forces, I assigned Lt. K'Tor Krell-K'Mpec to undercover duties on Cardassia Prime in the new

Embassy whilst I headed back to my home on Earth to check how my own family had been affected by the Breen attack, also to arrange to have my name cleared from charges of working for the Maquis.

The journey had been uneventfully apart from a message from Lt. K'Tor, who was unhappy with her duty on Cardassia Prime, but I just replied to her message with one phrase, "orders are orders".

On arrival at Earth, several of my crew as well as myself were arrested by

Starfleet Security and questioned concerning our work with the Maquis. We were released after two days and given a pardon for our crimes earned for our war work, as I had informed them that we had fought independently of other commands.


I have arranged for my crew to have shore leave whilst I spent several weeks resting before returning to the ship and heading back to Klingon space.

IMPERIAL SECURITY: (wo' Hung): Cmdr. Koloth sutai-K'Tama

Imperial Security Commander, Global Sector Alpha

Imperial Klingon Vessel Hov veS - HovpoH 9906.12


I.S. has been given orders to find a Vorta on a Jem' Hadar fighter that had escaped from Cardassian Space during the assault by the alliance. I have dispatched two ships: the KPV Dragonstorm and the IKV KORNILOV a Warpshuttle to search the area where the ship was last seen.


Update: Hovjaj 9907.15

The KPV Dragonstorm advanced to a small outpost on the outskirts of the Federation. It was learned that there the fighter purchased long-range sensor stealth material, as well as trilithium; that indeed there was a Vorta on board, and that Vorta was planning to "wreak havoc and revenge upon the Federation". Repair crews said they replaced the shield generator on the fighter with an illegal shield generator, the kind that would be more sufficient for a Vor'Cha class Cruiser. They are now on our way to the nearest plasma storm; it is believed that they intend to use a trilithium weapon. The shield generators were probably installed to enable the fighter to hide in a plasma storm, like the badlands.

Update: Hovjaj 9907.26

The IKV KORNILOV Warpshuttle is still searching the area, but has only encountered a Ferengi Trade that tricked the commanding officer, by kidnapping the first officer, into buying 30 boxes of Stem Bolts for a gross of 150. I'm a little peeved and will confiscate them and turn them over to the supply section of the KSF.

History is written by the Victorious.

GLOBAL SECURITY (qo' Hung): Captain Khaufen zantai-JurISS:

Global Security, working with the 7th Fleet of the USC and running protective support for M.O.C. ships and their shuttles engaged the enemy.

The Liberator, severely damaged, and the FriskyClaw were on special missions of their own. This left an effective strike team of thirteen ships total; therefore both Khaufen and Katlow called upon several House allies to bolster their forces. Considering Martok's orders and their attack concentrating upon the left flank; strategy and damage potential their combined assault would be more devastating with more ships.

The G.S. ships, minus several on independent missions and the USC ships linked their shield systems. With the Stormwalker's Sun, the LAST SIGHT, Katlow's ship, the Blood Hammer and Glory Seeker to power the primary shield front it proved an efficient deterrent during the first attack by several Breen and Jem'Hadar cruisers. Then the massed firepower of seven of our ships turned them to scrap metal. The formation did not last long, as was expected during this kind of battle and soon it was like a free-for all...except where the Roman equivalents kept their forces organized. G. S. and the USC were of those tactics.

The toll was becoming high; and the Stormwalker's Sun made a run to transfer wounded to the Dreamsnake. And, to ensure that the security measures employed to protect the Healer was still in operation. The Tong's fighters and shuttles were getting quite a workout, and to his surprise the Dreamsnake still had it's cloak up. This was good news. Khaufen beamed over, hoping to get a few moments with Azel and check on his injured members; but she was moving from patient to patient so quickly he only watched for a moment, then let her return to her work. He had his own duty; and she was not fond of being interrupted. After checking the status of several of his crew, Khaufen beamed back and once more joined the mayhem. To his surprise he found the

Blood Hammer dead in space; the Silver Talon and several G.S. ships running interference and drawing enemy fire. There was no ship that had escaped damage; and he ordered the Stormwalker's Sun to the Blood Hammer's position to extend his shields and allow the other vessels to reengage the enemy. His sister started to object, but Khaufen reminded her that his ship was quite able to both protect and assist his brother in his plight. For now, the enemy was a priority, and finding a way through to the Founder's Ship.

Although, this seemed like a slight possibility as he watched ships explode through his port screen. He saw the Lincoln take a fatal strike, as well as several vessels of


Stormwalker's and Forked Lightning Squadrons. As

Khaufen ordered the extension of shields; his ship was dwarfed by Katlow's vessel as it took a position directly above his. Together they painted the battle with the ships under their command; and poured a massive amount of firepower into the Breen and Dominion War Cruisers. If it was a good day to die; then they were going to make it a very expensive one for the enemy!

Then, then Khaufen received a message: The war was over!

The Breen had powered down their guns, even though they had kept their shields up. On an open channel, Khaufen smiled at Katlow and said, "Maybe when the Cardassians turned on them it took what little heart they have out of them." Katlow returned a reply, "More likely, they have received an offer they can't refuse; the Jem'hadar will fight to the last warrior if order to do so."

While many celebrated the Victory of the Empire and Alliance, Khaufen was assessing the Blood Hammer; something his sister once more insisted on being a part of. The Silver Talon grew closer to the Blood Hammer, and Khaufen was listening to Karg's findings. Sabotage!

Khaufen and Katlow began a swift and pains-taking search among their other vessels to ascertain if it had occurred elsewhere.

Soon, he was with the other Commanders of the G.S. vessels and a few of the USC ships; taking in the carnage left on Cardassia. Koner set a self-folding case up before her Captain; inside were House glasses and an old bottle of Bloodwine. They toasted the Victory and Honor of the Empire, the warriors that had gone to the Black Fleet and the warriors that had fought with them. Then, leaving the scene in capable hands, Khaufen beamed back to the Sun and ordered a course for the Dreamsnake and the Medical Ops area.

He suspected it would not be long before Katlow did the same. Khaufen smiled. If he had not already made his move; Katlow always did think well ahead.


GLOBAL MILITARY (qo'QI' ra'ghom): Cmdr. Reyna sutai-Kor-Zu-Merz:


Have contacted Vice Admiral Karen Emerson regarding new orders. I was busy in the meantime with investigating a barroom brawl ostensibly started by my officers. However, as my investigation was to demonstrate the true perpetrators (to my horror) was criminal Jalell and his followers, disguised as Klingons. They placed some of my officers under a bizarre form of mind control in an attempt to locate non-heavily guarded transportation vehicles to aid their continued escape from justice. I am proud to say that none of my officers cracked under this mind control, to their honor! A planet-wide search has already been commenced at my orders. Admiral Karen Emerson has been notified and her assistance with this mission has been requested.

Yes, Admiral, I remain proud and honored to be invited to join the house of Zu-Merz. My father, Qor, has agreed joyfully to this great glory as well. Qapla'!

Lt. Maw'qu' vestai-Karizan : has been given leave after the war to take R&R before reporting back to the Academy for further training.

TROUBLESHOOTER TASKFORCE COMMAND (Seng ra'ghom) Captain Borg zantai K'Mpec:

During the final battle over Cardassia Prime, the TroubleShooter TaskForce suffered heavy casualties in the loss of ships and Klingon power. But the TaskForce returned the favor, causing heavy casualties to the Breen and Jem'Hadar vessels. Most noticeably destroyed: the IKV DreadNought, but the crew was able to do an emergency beam-out, before the ship exploded. Its crew now serves aboard the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS.

In a major coup on my part, the TroubleShooter TaskForce discreetly and quietly escorted about 24 Breen and Jem'Hadar vessels back To The Klingon Empire before The Federation, Cardassians and Romulans knew what happened.

The 24 Breen and Jem'Hadar vessels are been held at a top secret location, known only by me.

The TroubleShooter TaskForce has finally returned to its home port of Beta Thoridar. All of the TaskForce ships are in various states of repair. I have since returned to Qo'noS. For now, it's a time to start the rebuilding process of the Klingon Empire in ships, weapons, and in Klingon power.

In light of the war, who's the Evil Empire, now? The FEDERATION! It looks like the Klingon Empire came out of this war smelling as sweet as a rose. And now the Klingon Empire has to put up with its Federation Puppet of a Chancellor And Its Lap Dog as an Ambassador. I give Martok, six months; three if he cooks.



Colonel Mimbral zantai-Eripmav has taken command of IMC and had sent out new orders to his officers.

DIPLOMATIC CORPS (rIvSo' ra'ghom): Staff Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor Chang :

The war with the Dominion is over, but the situation on nearly all allied worlds is grave. Cardassia is in ruins, the damage so severe that I have ordered an embassy opened on the planet from where we can coordinate medical help and whatever else might be needed. They are a warrior race; we must not relax our guard around them, but they risked all to fight against our common enemy, and are worthy of our aid now.


Our Embassy on Romulus is under tight security...though I do not feel this will be needed, even considering the recent kidnapping there. They are up to their pointed ears in political reform, executions have already begun, and they will deal with their own problems before coming back to be a problem for us. Qo'noS itself is another matter, and I fear that if something does not

stop it, we will have traded intergalactic war for one closer to home.

General Martok, the common born war hero, has claimed the Klingon High Councilor's seat after Gowron's death at Worf's hands. The military follow him. However, the faction of Klingons represented by the Noble Imperial

Houses want someone of THEIR choosing instead, and political unrest at home has escalated into threats of House and even civil war. I am not on active duty at the present, due to recovering from war wounds and the birth of my twins, Maccus and Torala, Abbot K'Obol's heirs, and I am not on the homeworld, but even my own House is involved. My cha'dich, who speaks for me in council, was not following my orders to support Martok, so the rumor has it, but rather rallying around the noble Houses, of which House Chang is one.

Thus I had dispatched Krowgon Drexa there in my stead to get a feel for the politics as a whole, had received his first report and was waiting for more news when I got a garbled message from my House Captain of the Guard,

Kothari...near dead, telling me that my House estates had been attacked, and my three heirs Krell, Morag and Morath, gone, and feared dead, the traitor possibly coming from within. I know...knowing politics as I do...that other demands will come, probably relating to the Chancellorship, and that the bloody civil war that we feared is now begun. There is no negotiating with terrorists. But I cannot let all three of the House Chang heirs die either, and if whoever holds them


knows we seek them by other than giving in to demands when they come, the children will likely be killed. Thus I have sent the bortas beq and their newest member, Karg JuriGG, into the mountains where last the children were seen, on a covert blood hunt. He has gone with a party of beq, relying on the keen blood scent abilities of the giant slintara beast to find the children.


It is a risk for them all, as the slintra is dangerous, carnivorous and voracious while on the hunt, and yet Karg thinks it is our best hope. The other beq, riding s'tarahk animals to keep a low profile, have accompanied Karg into the mountains where they hope to pick up the trail. Enemies abound, from even within our ranks, and with politics the way they are, there is no telling who is friend...and who is foe.

The war is done, but as Karghas said, treachery is all around us. My sabbatical must now be over. The time for my House, my mate and my allies to return to the Khomerex Zha has come.

TRIANGLE OPERATIONS: (wejweH yIS ra'ghom):

Cmdr. K'logh vestai-Juriss reports that conditions in the aftermath of the war with the Dominion find him extremely occupied, so that no formal report could be processed at this time.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: (Qed cham je ra'ghom): Cmdr. Volar zantai K'zota-K'Onor:

9909.29: During the aftermath of Malkuth's attempted, and still possible, destruction of Adm. K'Lay, SATCOM found itself in the middle of an all out assault on Khenzia, the division's central headquarters. Through some deal of Malkuth's, the Breen have made sure to keep up her end of the bargain even in death by taking their reward...Khenzia and all that belongs to it.

The planet being under-powered at this time to protect itself from an all-out invasion has survived only by Capt. Volar's diplomatic efforts in handing over the command and barely escaping with his life, and the lives of a skeleton crew that boarded the Proberunner. The honorable thing would have been to fight, but that'd leave nearly forty years worth of work and provide a devastating blow against the Empire's already suffering military stance. Until there comes a time for Capt. Volar to return to Khenzia and reclaim his command, he has set out to other matters that require just as much attention.

Meanwhile, no word has been received on the whereabouts of Maj. Lauryn, Mikel, or the location of Vaneza, Volar's now estranged daughter, formerly deceased. And the question now is...where is the Proberunner and its captain?

CHAPLAIN GENERAL CORPS (lInDab ra'ghom) Abbot K'Obol Chang-K'Onor:


With Admiral K'Lay safely recovered from her kidnappers, and our children safely birthed on board the IKV rav puv'lI' (Winged Justice), I will leave them in safe hands for a short period while I return to the surface of Rondak III to deal a final justice to Malkuth the criminal. She will meet a final death at my personal hands. The Cardassians are in revolt against the Dominion; I will use the confusion to withdraw my Fleet and leave them to gnaw on each others’ bones while I take my new family home.

The Fleet will return to the vicinity of the Priory, while my mate and I head for the Homeworld, for a rest, to get to know our children, and enjoy each other's company. While there, I will summon the seniors of the Order of Durgath, along with Postulant Cintro TakBeta, continue with his ordination as a Voice, and restore some order to my colleagues. While on the

Homeworld, it is likely that the growing unrest among the noble Houses over the ascension of Martok to the Chancellorship may spill over to open tensions. The Abbot, although formally on leave, may be forced to assist his Mate, as her cha'dIch, who sits on the Council in her place, is known to favour another candidate. The Abbot, of course, being both on active duty and a senior cleric, does not occupy the seat of House K'Onor, although a seat has been taken by a representative of his House. Expect the politics to be warm and tasty. Remember, the Abbot has a predilection for removing his enemies rather...precipitately!

MEDICAL OPERATIONS CORPS (pIvmoH ra'ghom) Lt.Cmdr. Azel vestai-Tavana-Vrenn:


And the battle raged on.

Azel watched the view screen as she administered another dose of stimms to herself. She rarely used them, but at the rate casualties were coming in, she could not afford to take even an hour to rest. She watched as ships on all sides were damaged, debilitated and destroyed. When necessary, a necessity that was now constant, she sent scout ships in to retrieve wounded who could not be beamed over or were out of transporter range. Piloting the scout ships had given the warriors who just had to be in the battle something to do, and they did it well. Never underestimate the abilities of a scout ship in the hands of a well-trained Klingon Warrior. She was sure she saw one take out three Jem'Haddar ships before returning with it's wounded, but she is still not sure just how the pilot managed to do it. She hoped to hear about it, if the pilot survived his other runs.

The Dream Snake stayed on the peripherals of the battle, cloaked. A code had been provided, different for each scout ship, so that they would know where the Dream Snake was. Wounded would be beamed over and the scout ship would be off again. So far, the system had worked, the medical ship had not been attacked or even investigated. Azel was not so naive as to think it had not been detected. The Dominion seemed to have no interest in wounded at this time. She surmised that, as in wars of the past, the victor would do the mop up. If the Dominion were victorious, then they would come after the Medical ships after the battles were won.

Ensign vestai-K'Ila and Ensign Keisi vestai-Katia had proven themselves invaluable medics. Azel had moved them from triage into the hospital, where their obvious talents could be better utilized, leaving triage to the interns. Lt. jg. Austin vestai Demarik had volunteered to stay with the scout ships, running triage on the ship when the wounds were too severe for the trip. Last she had heard, Demarik has transported back and forth between ships at least 22 times. He would need an extensive examination of his molecular structure, just to be on the safe side.

Azel knew Commander. Sarena zantai-Zu-merz had been doing her part on her own ship. Considering the activity the Dream Snake was seeing, she knew the

Commander was at least just as busy. Azel hoped that the Commander Zu-Merz and her ship survived well.

It was perhaps not wise, but Azel tried to see each and every warrior who came in, even if for a few seconds. It was not enough time to give a full healing, but with her healer's touch, she could at least stabilize them and begin the healing process faster than if left entirely to medical procedures.

Her trusted aides, those that knew of her gifts, did an excellent job of helping keep the process concealed and K'lla and Keisi, also aware of Azel's ability to heal, knew just what to do to follow up and keep the healing progressive. It was an impressive team effort.

As large as the Dream Snake was, it was filling fast. Those that could be returned to duty were sent, but usually to a different ship than they had come from, unless their original ship had actually survived. When a warrior learned that his or her ship had NOT survived, the look that came over their face and eyes consistently make Azel shudder. She rarely saw a warrior come in wounded a second time, if they survived at all, she would not know until this was all over, depending on who won of course.

Azel watched the view screen for just a few more minutes. There was courage beyond measure not only from the Klingons, but from the Federation and Romulans as well. It saddened her that it took such a threat and ultimate loss of life to finally bring the three powers together in a single effort.

He only hope that some good, some kind of peace would come out of it all.

But for now, wounded awaited her, fatigue showing in every breath, she rose and departed for triage.

And the battle raged on.


CAMPAIGN COORDINATION COMMAND (Dupjij ra'ghom botlh): FAdm. K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz: In the aftermath of the Dominion war, our forces are scattered far and wide. Mop-up operations continue, as does the counting of the dead and missing. We hope to find many of the latter and liberate them from prison camps, or from isolated places where they may have ended up. The IKS Shadow Striker and the IKS Lightning will move from place to place, overseeing operations, and receiving reports.

The KSF forces, as well as those of the Empire itself, will require much time to recover its losses, rebuild and recruit new personnel. But we will rebuild, and we will recover our strength, and we will continue on in victory. taHjaj tlhIngan wo'!





Heather McCoy

qe'pIS 'artIS

23 Cambridge Street,


Milton Keynes,



Alien_Phaces@btinternet.com (via qe'San)

(Not previously announced:)

Alberto Gorin

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N.I. Agent



Robert W. Cunningham

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Dayton, Ohio 45427

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e-mail address: avalon52@juno.com or


Darrell Crone

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2073 A Langely

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IL 60088




Peter Lin

Korgath, son of Ta'Grah,

of the House of Le'en

(Lt.Jg. Korgath vestai-Ta'Grah)

Home Address: 21, Bedok South Road, #02-41

Singapore 460021



Mike Wagar

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Glen Proechel, - proechel@yahoo.com

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As main address in place of bt.com and yahoo addresses.

Christopher Torak/QIS toraq -catmon@usa.net

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Also See Last Page for F.Adm. K'Zhen's List

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- DaHjaj Hol wIghoj. wa'leS wo' wIghaj -

A précis of some new words for your Hol archives

Obtained from sources in the KLI at the hands of qelaS here.. She is exceedingly good at whipping up a response from her subjects.

yor - top side, top face (of an object) (n) never used for lid or cover.

yuvtlhe' - top, lid,cover (of an object) (n)

'aqroS - top; inside of the top (of an object) (n)

rav'eq - top; top of a room, ceiling of a lower room

pIrmuS - bottom, underside (never the interior bottom) (n)

bIS'ub - bottom (interior of an object) (n)

tlhoy - overly, to an excessive degree,too much (adv)

ret - ago, time period ago (n) e.g., cha' tup ret two minutes ago. Normally just used for periods not otherwise described eg seconds, minutes, hours weeks.

pIq - time period from now (n) e.g.wej tup pIq - three minutes from now

ghal - jealous (of), envy (v) e.g., choghal - you envy me

SuD veqlargh mInDu' - Fek'lhr's eyes are yellow/green, jealousy (idiom) e.g., a] loSmaH romulSngan SuvwI'pu' HoHta' qeng b] SuD veqlargh mInDu'...

ghIq - then, (adv) in the sense of 'and then'..., after that..., by then..., subsequently and the like. e.g., wam chaH. ghIq Soj luvut - They hunt and then they prepare food.


Full details can be obtained from the KLI's HolQeD (Volume 8, Number 3 September 1999) membership or back issues can be obtained via their website at http://www.kli.org/

"Reprinted with permission of KLI."


- request@kli.org -

FAdm. K'Zhen

The Admiralty has received the following notice from the Klingon Language Institute. Meanwhile, this section should be of interest to all who wish to sprinkle their rpg reports with a little tlhIngan Hol, besides the uses listed here: Remember, if you get it from the KLI, it will be as accurate as you can get next coming from Marc Okrand himself. So if you want a Klingon battle cry, a name for a ship, a motto or slogan, whatever, let's take advantage of this offer!

From the KLI:

Maybe you want to have a set of helpful phrases you can use when working security at a local con. Perhaps you want to be able to present a toast at the next Klingon Feast. Are Federation types mocking you with Klingon insults that you don't understand? Or could it be that your own junior officers are challenging you to curse warfare? Let us help.

All you have to do is let us know what you want. As requests for different categories of Klingon expressions come in, we'll prepare more PDF documents and post them to the KLI's website. You'll be able to download them for free, print them up, and pass them out at your next meeting, incorporating them as you see fit.

Why are we doing this? Because it's who we are and what we do. We see it as a win/win situation: More fans get to learn the bits and pieces of the warriors' tongue that they specificly want, and more people will be using Klingon which is what we want. It's that simple. There're no catches, no hidden agendas. Now, the last part, but the most important! Send your request lists to us by writing to: request@kli.org Put the word REQUEST in the subject line. We'll handle it from there.

taHjaj wo',

Lawrence M. Schoen, Ph.D. (KLI Director)



Helen Ruback & Karl Holtz

T'was nightfall when the well armed and armored foe did charge the Klingon warrior.

The foe, armed with an envenomed weapon, showed no fear as it charged the Klingon on duty.

While the Klingon warrior had not encountered such a foe before, the call of the warrior sang in his blood.

With moves well practiced on lesser foes, the Klingon warrior rose to meet the threat, fearless.

With skill of a seasoned warrior, the Klingon put down his foe with a few swift moves.

The body of his foe left lying dead on the floor for those who would come after to witness.

Klingon Warrior - 1

Oklahoma scorpions - 0



Helen Ruback & Karl Holtz

Please wish these warriors celebrating in the next few months a Happy Birthday

02 Nov Malakore Noraxlycus-K'Mpec (T. Anne Heyer) 11 Dec Mimbral Eripmav (Jeff Scmidt)
02 Nov Kang Koshang (Bill Lee) 12 Dec K'Logh Chang (Mike Wagner)
05 Nov Kavach K'Tach (Les Ramsdell) 14 Dec Vekma K'Mpec Makai (Anne Bingley)
16 Nov qaqen terelaq (Ken Traft) 30 Dec B'Tana JurISS (Patricia Tucker)
02 Jan K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal 29 Jan KrySythe K'Mpec Ka-elZi

See the entire list of birthdays at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/raktajinoroom

For corrections or additions, email cwilliam@dreamscape.com or beteraktral@hotmail.com



by K'logh



I Cardassian

1 onion

I pound of carrots

600 lima beans

two bags of mixed vegetables

I can of instant gravy

4 cups of water , or bloodwine

Cut up Cardassian (dead or alive, it makes no difference, the knife goes through easily) chop resulting bits into cubes and feed to pet targ. Combine remaining ingredients into a really ripping veggie stew.( I know what your thinking, where does the Cardassian come in,,, it doesn't, this recipe just gives me a good excuse to kill a Cardassian and feed the targ)



A prequel to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek Klingon Academy stars Christopher Plummer as General Chang and David Warner as Chancellor Gorkon. Under the tutelage of Chang, you will learn battle tactics and the code of the Klingon warrior. Complete with 3-D space terrain, a Gunnery Chair and the ability to command capital ships, Klingon Academy has set a new standard in space combat.

General Chang, the Empire's greatest living warrior, has established an Elite Command Academy to prepare a new generation of warriors for the inevitable conflict with the United Federation of Planets. As your mentor, Chang will instruct you in the ways of battle tactics and teach you the rigors of warship command. Prove yourself worthy and you may be recruited to fight with Chang in an even greater, real-life conflict - a conflict that will decide the fate of the Klingon Empire.

From: General Chang, Commandant of the Klingon Defense Forces Elite Command Academy
To: All New Students

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Elite Command Academy. As you are well aware, attendance at the Academy is by invitation only. We have no standardized tests, no entrance exams here. Your exemplary record of previous service aboard starships in the Imperial Navy has served as your only prerequisite for your acceptance to this institution. Upon examining your record and interviewing your commanding officers we selected you to join us because you have demonstrated the characteristics necessary for starship command. The instructors at this academy, every one of whom walked these halls as a student at one time, will either mold you into a fearless and deadly instrument to ensure the future of our Empire or break you and leave you behind. You may succeed, and success is rewarded with a command upon graduation, but most likely you will fail, which means dismissal and immediate return to your previous posting, but in either event your attendance here places you among a select group of the finest warriors in the Empire. Glory and honor to you, and your house.

General Chang
Commandant, KDF Elite Command Academy

Klingon Academy Grounds 1



by Fleet Admiral K'Zhen

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nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI' - A warrrior doesn't let a friend face danger alone.


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