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By Fleet Admiral K'Zhen epetaii-Zu-Merz


Admiral's Thoughts            Spring has come, and we see new life all around us.  It lifts the spirit and refreshes our interest in life.  The great outdoor calls, and distant places beckon.  Let some of that revitalizing motivate us into putting more effort into our club.  It is time to go forth and conquer.  So many of you have shown great dedication and interest that we have the longest list of promotions and commendations I believe that we have ever had.  The KSF lives and prospers!  It is evident that many enjoy the fellowship and activities here.  Would it not be a dishonor not to share it with others?  The efforts of those who have recruited new members is greatly appreciated as well as those who have made efforts without positive results.  We can make ourselves known in fandom and in our surroundings, to keep our club growing and strong.  We welcome the new members into our midst; they have brought great new life and enthusiasm with them.  If we had a dozen more like them, nothing could stop us from conquering the galaxy!


            Always remember that if you have any ideas or suggestions for the club, you are encouraged to send them to your Sector Commander, or directly to the Admiralty if  you have occasion to write us.  A club that remains static is in danger of growing a bit stale, and we don't want that to happen.


            The New Worlds project that I started on the listserv is one that I hope will spark the interest of a number of members.  To Creating a new planet together, where everyone that will contributes ideas can be a unifying factor for those involved.  This is something that can continue on, as we make use of it in roleplay.  Is there something you would like to encounter in the game?     Send in the idea to the list, or directly to me, FAdm. K'Zhen.


            Have you an idea for any other project?  Let us know.   Those projects that we have are not receiving many submissions.  I hope to display what we have on the Web eventually, where your efforts and contributions can be viewed by all, and not just by our members.


            If you are not involved in the roleplaying game because you feel a bit uncertain or have little time for it, we understand your concerns.  If you would like to play but haven't taken the plunge, we are ready to accommodate whatever needs you have, in limited time, guidance, and any help you need.  We can arrange it so you would only need to write one sentence if that's all  you have time for.   If you have any interest at all in getting involved, we are ready to help.

            I wish for all of you a happy spring summer season and vacation time!




By K'Obol K'Onor/Doug Welsh


Ambition - For Good or Ill


What is ambition, and what does it really mean, to ourselves, and to others?


In some areas of our lives, we each of us have a desire to "do well".  It is natural.  It is deeply ingrained in our ancient responses based on instinct.  We desire, as naturally as we breathe, to achieve.  Somewhere.  In some aspect of life.  It is not given to all of us to achieve greatly.  It IS given to each to excel once, at least.  The difficult thing in life is to find where!


This club is unique in many ways.  We tie together people from many different places in the world, from many faiths, from many backgrounds, different education levels, different skill levels, different approaches, different responses.  Most of the time, we get along reasonably well.  Occasionally, as in most families, we squabble.


Recently, on an email list that many members receive daily, a few members forgot that we are all family, and allowed a discussion to become very harsh, to such an extent that feelings were hurt beyond repair, and we have lost members who were welcome here, because of their many different talents.


It is not my purpose to throw rocks at anyone, to suggest anyone was out of line, or carrying a grudge.  What I want to do is remind everyone of why we came here, in the first place - to have fun.


Most of us have adopted a Klingon personality, one for which we have varying degrees of many different characteristics.  We are prickly, proud, arrogant, quick to anger, slow to cool.  What that all means to us is that we often speak before fully considering our words, and, whether intended or not, someone gets hurt.  And make no mistake, folks, words can hurt.  Badly. Now, I am not going to suggest silence, nor am I certain that more than one or two would go along with that suggestion from me only!


I am going to suggest that, as adults, or teenagers, whatever we are, we owe it to our friends in the Club to THINK first, consider second, and reconsider third before we push an ENTER key on a keyboard, stick a stamp on an envelope, or speak harshly to a friend.


Text Box: KOR:  


Name:	 Kor

Life form: Klingon Male

Career:  Early in his career, Kor becomes the Governor of Organia.  He goes on to inflict serious defeats on the Romulans, most famously at the Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt.  In old age he is made the Klingon Ambassador to Vulcan, where he discovers the Shroud of the Sword of Kahless.

Politics:  Kor is not impressed by Gowron, and opposes his decision to go to war with the Federation in 2372.

Medical Condition:  Despite his advanced years, Kor is still strong and healthy; he is easily a match for most warriors half his age.  He has taken to drinking Heavily.

Skills:	  Kor is a Dahar master, and is extremely skilled with the bat'leth.

First seen:  'Errand of Mercy' [TOS]

 Kor is a skilled warrior.  He has won many victories, earning himself an important place in Klingon history.  In old age, he has developed a weakness for drink and a tendency to exaggerate, but retains his skills in combat.

KOR:    The Legend
Kor is a Klingon Dahar master and a semi-legendary warrior.  Klingons children learn about this infamous and his encounters including, the one with Captain Kirk on Organia and his victories over the Romulans. His fondness of drink particularly in his latter years has grown, but he is still a formidable opponent.

In many ways, Kor is the perfect Klingon; he has won many famous victories, and even in old age lives Please remember an injunction that has been with the human race since the beginning, in many forms, as many different quotations, but always with the same intent: As ye sow, so shall ye reap.  Treat others with respect and consideration, and you have a right to expect, to demand it from them in return.

Durgath's Blessing upon you all, and may the chocolate Demon deliver large supplies to your house.




Qapla' Komrades Once again I bring you another issue of Battle Lines albeit very late. 

A magnificent warrior and his alter ego took the road to Sto-vo-Kor recently and I decided to honour him  with a Tribute Issue. This has however meant that I have been unable to run the Klingon (Cannon) Timeline in this Issue.  So to those awaiting the next installment, I apologise but hopefully you will not be too disappointed that in this issue it has been replaced with a Life and Times type article on the Great Da-Har Master himself, Kor.  The Timeline will, as the saying goes, be back! This has delayed things slightly but I'm sure all self respecting Klingons out there will think it worth it.  To try and get back on track you'll find that this issue is 50% bigger.  Not quite a double issue but the next issue will also be the same so page for page we'll be back on line again.

Read on and enjoy!




K'Lay Chang (Margie McDonnell) - Executive Operations Corps

K'Obol K'Onor (Doug Welsh) - Military Operations Corps

Volar K'Zota (Chris Gable) - Galactic Operations Corps

Azel Tavana (Adrienne Paradis) - CIVILIAN ENTERPRISES

Q'Rul DuppIm (Karl Holtz) -  KIRA CORPS


K'Lay Chang (Margie McDonnell) - C.O. of Internal Intelligence

M'Red Nor'Deth (Sean Prosser) - C.O. of Imperial Marines,  Online CO of Imperial Military

qe'San be'rawn (Jon Brown) - C.O. of Diplomatic Services, Inspirational Media

Katalyia K-Tore-Jiraal (Lynda Phillips) - C.O. of Internal Operations (expanded from Starbases Operations  to include all logistics)





Sector 1

Kosh Pallara Zu-Merz  / Curtis Martin - for taking command efficiently when his CO was temporarily unable,  for active participation in the rpg during past quarters and for listserv participation, and time in service.


Sector 2

Kulec Tera'weH (George Naylor) - promotion to Commander

for ongoing Sector 2 Command duties in spite of diffuculties, and time in service


Sector 3

Markhet Khaler K'Onor (Ann Collings) - promotion to Lieutenant

-  for participation in role play, listserve, time in service and mingling in

chat area


Sector 4

T'Lara JuriSS-Rashmeiler (Susan Wyss) - promotion to Commander

for information retrieval, diplomatic efforts, participation in role play,

Sector CO duties performed well, time in service, willingness to help and

mingling in chat area with other members


Dennis Higgins (Mordok JuriSS) - promotion to Lieutenant

for assuming GM Command, diplomatic efforts, role play and listserve

participation, and time in service.


Sector 5

Richard Heckert (Rakqor K'Mpec) promotion to Lieutenant ***

(check with K'Obol about his participation levels in CGC)


Sector 6

Sarena ZuMerz (Debbie Green) - promotion to Captain 

for retaking command of MOC and continued role playing efforts, for staying

out of politics  in this last crisis, time in service, roleplaying with other divisions, participation

in chat areas and on line presence, encouragement to Sector CO and others.


Kriger DuppIm (Karl Holtz) - promotion to Commander

For high level of participation in II XO duties and coordinating role play work, CCC discussions, listserve

help, time in service, Rak room maintenance, listserve help, roster work


Sector 7

Kadin Katia (Jon Rowe) - promotion to Ltjg

for assuming command of  Sector 7  on short notice and going to work immediately; elevation in rank required in this instance.

Sector 8

Borg K'Mpec (Mike Robbins) - promotion to Fleet-Captain

for BL work, maintaining good behavior, diplomatic efforts in the blood bar and in all role plays where he participates, time in service, dedicated and consistent maintenance of Sector duties...and causing no trouble in spite of being in trying conditions.


Adrienne Paradis (Azel Tavana) - Commendation for diplomatic efforts and technical and personal help offered during all times of need and CCC website management


Volar K'Zota (Chris Gable) - promotion to Fleet-Captain  for assuming GSA XO duties, attempts to arbitrate for the good of the club, cyberSector XO duties, role playing work, website maintenance, setting up listserve, and for being called upon in an emergency to aid and assist us in whatever needed.



K'Obol K'Onor (Doug Welsh) - promotion to Commander 

for continued work in CGC and in playing with other divisions, for project work completed and pending including the religion project and the KAG Kanada /KSF pop tabs for charity project, the promote the KSF and member relations, on  the listserve, in Rak room, blood bar and in chat area to keeping as much control as there was in the GSD people when  recent problems began,  for refusing to quit in spite of trying circumstances and for his ability to apologize when he knows he is wrong.


K'Logh Chang (Mike Wager) - promotion to Commander for continued work in the Triangle and for playing with other divisions, for maintaining objectivity and as little involvement as possible during a very trying time over divided loyalties during the recent crisis, and remaining with us when they quit, for his Pirate's chat room and his cheer ful and constant presence in other  public areas and lists



qe'San be'rawn (Jon Brown) - promotion to Captain for exemplary work on BL, for diplomatic relations to all and support to the Admiralty, listserve participation and distribution of BL to GSE 


Stephen Kronsei (Stephen Humphrey) - promotion to Commander

for active role play in NI and correspondence with others, activity on listserve and for diplomatic efforts.


T'Var Byle (Liam Boyle) - promotion to Lt jg for active participation on listserve and in Kookbook project, role playing activities in IS , working on new projects, efforts in artwork, interest in learning tlhIngan Hol.


David Falagan promotion to Lt jg - for staying true in spite of several shifts in IMC command, for his beautiful art contributions for the cover of BL, and time in service.


Kargo K'Mpec (Patrick Bills) / to Lt jg - for time in service.


KISara – commendation.


The above announcements were correct at the date for the issue. Although you may be aware of further changes these will be published in future Issues


Text Box: life to the fullest.  Kor is an independent spirit who pays little attention to the High Council, and openly scorns the last leader he was to serve under, Chancellor Gowron.  It is not uncommon to hear tales of this semi legendary figure's heroism within the Empire.

One of the most famous stories is about Kor's encounter with Captain Kirk.  When negotiations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire break down in 2267, Kor is sent to Organia, a strategically important planet, as the Klingon military governor.

Kor is a great believer in traditional Klingon values; he takes great pleasure in his work, and enjoys laughter.  He is convinced that in a war with the Federation, the Klingons will win because they are more disciplined and ruthless.

On Organia, he established a standard set of strict rules and regulations.  Kor made it clear that any violation of these rules would result in punishment by death and that if a single Klingon is killed, 1,000 Organians will die.  His dominance over the pacifist Organians was total, and he was disgusted by their lack of backbone and their "stupid, idiotic smiles."

The only opposition Kor encounters came from a man called "Baroner".  Kor instantly made him his liaison to the Organian Council, because he feels it is important to deal with a man whom he understands.  When it was revealed that Baroner was actually Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, Kor was thrilled to have a worthy adversary.  In Kirk, he saw a challenge that appealed to his battle-loving nature.

When the Organians finally revealed themselves to be powerful beings and imposed the Organian Peace Treaty, Kor's one regret was that the battle with Kirk wouldn't take place, as he was sure it would have been glorious.

-  Post Reports  -


Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

GSA Commander

U = 1st quarter / i = 2nd quarter reports

GSA Sector Report

Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal


A Note from GSA Commander, Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal: I am happy to see that all the Sectors are represented in the NL this quarter. Congraduations to all Sector Commanders for making the effort.


Sector1 BadgeSector One

Filed by Cmdr. K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal

Sector One Commander



U Commander K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal: Have still been toiling away at my job, which I love but wish I got paid a little more. Went with my friends Abbey and Mike to a Star Trek Convention on January 9, where Robert Picardo was the GOH. We found him quite delightful.


i K’Eherang K’Shontaon-Jiraal: Nothing has really changed since my last post report—everyone seems to have more exciting lives than me! I’m still at the same job, doing the same thing, and trying to keep track of the funny things the kids at work say to me.


U Lt.-Cmdr. Kosh Pallara-Zu-Merz: Have been very busy with my job as well. I am considering a vacation. Have continued to work on the club rpg, and enjoy the new KSF listserv.


i Lt.-Cmdr. Kosh Pallara-Zu-Merz: Got a promotion about a month ago. Went to Bend, Oregon to spend some time with his mom around Mother’s Day—they did some traveling around Oregon.




Sector 2 BadgeSector Two:

Filed by Kulec

Sector Two Commander


U Kulec: Not too much to report. Trying to get caught up after the Christmas season and just starting to get ready for Lent. I was in Ft. Wayne for a theological symposium at one of my church body's seminaries. Despite the weather, I had a pretty good time. Some of the presentations were very helpful and thought-provoking. I got to see a lot of old friends and acquaintances, plus I met a few people.


i Kulec: All is quiet on the Sector Two front. The last month or so I’ve been busy with Lent and then with Easter Week services. I also spent most of April having my computer worked on. I got terribly behind on e-mail and other projects because I was without it for days at a time, besides making about three trips a week to the computer store, which is an hour away. So I’m really glad to have one working again. I’ve still got one in the shop, but it’s not as important right now. So between Lent and computers, I haven’t been doing much in the last quarter. Things are finally starting to quiet down a bit. I’ve got a couple of pastors conferences coming up here in May and early June, but overall things will slow down for the summer. I hope.


U Helen Ruback & Karl Holtz: All is well, nothing new to report from Duncan OK. Qapla' y'all.



Sector 3 BadgeSector Three:

Filed by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

Sector Three Commander



U Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal: Have accepted the new position of List Moderator on the KSF Listserv. Received the video of the Bonanza Convention I attended and watched it. I was able to find myself at least nine times on it, which was a surprise. I am looking forward to attending the Star Trek convention in March and the possiblity of meeting Kragtowl there, as he is planning on attending.


i Admiral Katalyia K’Tore-Jiraal: I enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend very much. I mostly stayed home and enjoyed myself. My dog Cybil has received her first haircut for the year and she is as cute as a button. I also have seen the animated movie ‘The Road to El Dorado’ which was pretty good. I am looking forward to the 4th of July weekend as they are giving us Monday before off. But, I decided that I was going to take the full week off as well. Am looking forward to that.


i Trekken: Only thing to report is in March, hosted a party which was a “birthday” party for Chancellor Martok (J>G> Hertzier). He and former Chancellor (Robert O’Rielly) were in KC for a convention. They both came and showed how well they are as true fans of the fans. Also in attendance was the Borg Queen (Heavily watched), Alice Krieg. The Chancellor received many a unique gift and had a great time! The party was hosted by House Trekkan and House of Martok without the knowledge of the “Slanted Fedora” influence. A future note, both Chancellors are scheduled to be at VisionCon 2001 in Springfield, MO. This is a fan run convention and it should be a great time. I will keep everyone posted!


U Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Epetai Zu-Merz: It's been much the same at KSF Headquarters, except for a major crash of this beast I call "Paqi", which necessitated wiping the hard drive and starting over. Fortunately, I had backed up all the KSF data files a couple of weeks ago so I didn't lose too much. I lost about 1200 emails in the inbox alone, and nearly as much in the 'sent file', and I haven't missed them at all. Most were just being kept there for reference and reminders. I had backed up many other files as well; fonts, graphics, sounds and MIDIs. I don't trust hard drives. They are like honorless warriors, prone to desert you when you need them most...


U 2nd Lt. Kane Vestai Gre'Ndel: Other hobbies I enjoy are cooking, playing with my Sony Playstation, role-playing games, and surfing the net. My Christmas and New Year's were great and thankfully, uneventful.


U Kragtowl: Effective November 15th, I was given the position of wa'DicH(Vice President)of the House of Martock, the Official JG Hertzler Fan Club. I have also taken over as webmaster for his site as well. On February 18-20th in Springfield, MO, the convention known as VisionCon will be held with the following guests: Michael O'Hara(Commander Sinclair of Babylon Five), Richard Hatch(Apollo of Battlestar Galatica), Jack Stauffer(Bojay of Battlestar Galatica), and Don Pedro Colley(The Black Mutant from "Beneath the Planet of the Apes). Should be a fun time for all. Here is the URl for the convention: http://www.visioncon.net/. On March 11th & 12th in Kansas City, MO, Slanted Fedora Productions is holding a convention that will have the following guests: Alice "The Borg Queen" Kriege, JG "Gowron" Hetzler, Robert "Martok" O'Reilly, John "Q" DeLancie, Andrew "Garrick" Robinson, James "Vic Fontain" Darren, Robert Duncan "Paris" McNeil, Armin "Quark" Shimmerman, Gates "Dr. Crusher" McFadden, and a surprise "Highlander" guest to be announced. The URL for this convention is: http:''www.sfedora.com./kansas2.htlm. HomeWorld is still going and more individuals are participating. Also, JG Hertzler is writing two pocket books about Martok as Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. He has these in the works right now.



Sector 4 BadgeSector Four:

Filed by Lt.-Cmdr. T'Lara Juriss-Rasmehlier

Sector Four Commander


U Lt.-Cmdr. T'Lara Juriss-Rasmehlier: Hello once again! The holidays came and went around here rather quietly. There hasn't been much new in the real-life area of this Klingon. The job is the same, and although I worked a couple months on the day shift, and got to see more of my son for awhile, I will be going back to the evening shift on February 4. My son is doing better in school, and although he is going through the 8 year old stage of being impetuous(bg), it has been great to spend some time to get to know him again. Most of the time, I get to see him an hour every morning and every other weekend, due to my work hours and his visitation with his father. Life has had it's ups and downs, and the finanaces have been kind of "down" BG. On the personal side, I have a new boyfriend, and that is really good! Well, that's about it from this end. Q'apla!


i T’Lara: Here is a little report based on my Klingon activity this Spring which was getting to Galacticon 2000. A cool trend I’m seeing is that science fiction conventions have been around for years have started featuring throngs of Klingon fans as a special attraction. Lots of Klingons in full battle kit and strong Klingon  fannish programming add a lot of style to cons. At Galacticon in Chattanooga (weekend of April 1, 2000), writers and filkers and dealers all acknowledged our presence and the energy and fun the Klingons added to the fray. The Ramanda Inn was especially suited. Taysir of the KAG Demon Fleet set up his jail and bail behind this balcony in front of a big window which overlooked the patio in back. Friday and Saturday night parties in the Klin-suite run by the glorious Cincinnatti contingent (Carol Bockelman and Joel Nye, aka Kerla and K’Wist) were made magic with a star-scape backdrop, white lamp bulbs changed out for Klingon command deck red, chocolate in infinite diversity and peculiar varieties of hard liquor ever self-renewing. I felt like we had discovered the Big Rock Candy Mountain for Klingons. It was great to be able to hang out with the filkers and drag butt back to the room I was sharing with four others at 3:30 without getting scolded or even groaned at. (We’ve got to get the words and music to Teri Wachowiak’s chest-burning ‘Song for Odin’. She herself agrees it calls for Klingon voices. A high point for me was the charity auction. Josepha Sherman, a writer guest who is interested in the popularity of Klingon fandon, had written a paper about it for a folklore conference and she put it up for auction. I WANTED it. So did another in the room, a fully kitted Klingon warrior. I was in bellydance clothes, with only $35.00 in hand. We got into a bidding war, and my worthy opponent soon had me outbid. That’s when I decided I had to dance for my honor and it was the ladies in the audience who piled on the dollars until I won the damn auction! Later, I got sold off at the slave auction for a bargain rate. At least my master was a very attractive gent of military bearing who might one day make a fine Klingon. You haven’t lived if you haven’t been shackled and hauled off to jail. Guess I’ve lived! I very much enjoyed condemning a darkly handsome stranger to ten minutes injail the next day. His cries of ‘Hi, Dad! I’m in jail! I LIKE it here’ were, well, music to my ears. Looks like he’s a Klingon-to-be as well. I am impressed that costumed active Klingon fans continue to grow in numbers. I had wondered if the fandom would weaken as ST series peter out. Looks like not-and I’m gonna guess it’s kind of vision of anarchic fun a lot of our comrades have. it is truly weird and wonderful.


U Lt.Jg. Mordok Juriss: Real Life for me has been a bit of a hassle since May. I drive 150 miles down to Princeton, NJ on Mondays and get home on Fridays between 9-10. During the weekdays, I spend my nights at my Mom's house in Cherry Hill, NJ. That is 50 miles from the lab where I work. Most of the time, in the evening, I help my mother prepare for her MCSE exams. When I'm not helping her with her exams, I spend time working on her systems to keep them in shape. I set her up with a 3 node network so she can get hands on practice instead of relying merely on simulation. I'm pretty proud of what she's done. Of her original class of 34 people; only 4 are left! She's the only woman left and she's the oldest person there at 61. Inspirational isn't it? That has been it for me for quite some time. The family is doing well. My brother in law is recuperating from 2 surgeris he had in December. Once surgery was to remove his gallbladder and appendix, the other was to clean out the site of the surgery as it had abscessed internally. He wasn't doing too well for awhile and he still has some recuperating to go before he's out of the woods. He came home just a few days ago.


Text Box: Kor continues his military career within the Klingon Empire and has several stunning victories, including leading the winning forces against the Romulans in the battle of Klach D'kel Brakt in 2276.

In 2290, Kor and two other Klingons, Kang and Koloth, tracked down a criminal known as the Albino.  The Albino escaped their trap and avenged himself on Kor and his fellow captains by murdering their firstborn children.  This personal tragedy haunted Kor for the rest of his life.

The three Klingons and the godfather of Kang's son, Curzon Dax, took a blood oath to avenge the death of their children.  Kor and his fellow warriors are relentless in their pursuit of their enemy, whom they finally located in 2370.

By this time, Kor was an old man.  He travelled to Deep Space Nine to reunite with Koloth, Kang and Dax, whom unbeknown to the three Klingons had moved on to a new host Jadzia.  On the station, he got drunk and refused to leave the holo-reenactment of his victory over the Romulans years before.  In old age, Kor had turned to wine, women and song.  But when the Albino's whereabouts were discovered, his former vigour surged back.  Kang and Koloth die in the Albino's final battle, but Kor survived.

In 2370, Kor is appointed as the Klingon ambassador to VULCAN.  While serving in this capacity, Kor acquires the Shroud of the Sword of Kahless, which was found by a Vulcan expedition to the Gamma Quadrant.

Kor is not impressed by the events which follow on the  Klingon homeworld as war with the Dominion looms, and he opposes Gowron's decision to  abandon the Khitomer accords.

In 2371, Kor returns to Deep Space Nine and recruits Jadzia Dax and Worf to help him locate the Sword U Ensign KlySa'ra Vestai VeleH': Last quarter was a bit hectic, to say the least. I work for a pharmaceutical company, part of which was bought by another. Luckily, the new company considered all of the existing employees as part of the deal(we were sold along with the equipment), so only a few lost their jobs.(I"m not sure how I feel about being bought and sold, but since I'm still getting a paycheck, I think I'll get over it!!!<VBG>)Since the fall of 1999, I have been more or less immersed in the subsequent corporate sort-out, and 2YK, along with everybody else. I will be fore some time to come. On a happier not, I really like to garden, so I have spent a lot of time this winter planning for the coming spring.(My husband, who gets to do all of the heavy digging and lifting, etc., is not quite as enthusiastic as I am.)Our house sits on what was formerly a soybean field. The only interesting architectural feature on our lot is our septic mount. I'm trying to spruce things up a bit, but we have a big deer problem over here, and that always provides an interesting design challenge<sigh>. Downtown Princeton has a REALLY BIG deer problem.(I actually live a short distance outside Princeton itself.)They will come right up to a house and stand on the porch--which looks really funny(probably because it's not MY porch<grin>). With all of the 8-12 foot electric fences people have put up around their properties in recent years(in a futile attempt to grow something), the area is beginning to look more and more like Sing-Sing<chuckle>. Creative suggestions are always welcome. I've tried everything. I joined the KSF in December and am having a great time, especially in the RPG, which I was allowed to sneak in on the tail end of last quarter. To date, my communication has been a bit limited, since I only had access to my computer at work(the company tends to frown on such things). I'm happy to report that I just got a new home PC, and will be hooked up to the net soon, so that ought to facilitate things quite a bit.


i Ensign KlySa’ra Vestai VelaH’: Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report this quarter as some rather serious and unpleasant family matters in RL have occupied most of my time and attention. Thankfully, things seem to be settling down now and hopefully I can get back into the normal routine of things. On the brighter side, in my last report I had mentioned that I was planning some major landscaping projects at my home. I’m just about to get started on a good one—a big enclosed garden complete with a pond and gazebo. This will be a multi-year project, but it should be something really special when complete. I’m pretty excited about it. (Surprisingly, so is my husband who will be doing most of the construction.) It has to be enclosed to keep the deer out. I want to have some fancy and exotic flowers and trees in that garden. We’ll see if the fence works. I got to do a bit of traveling for my job in early April and spent a glorious four days in Wrightsville Beach, NC. If you’ve never been there and you like the seashore, by all means GO. The dolphins were coming in really close to the shore and were playing with the local surfers. That was something to watch. (Being a Jersey girl, I don’t get to see stuff like that very often. The water is too cold.) There were plenty of brown pelicans about as well. The beaches are so clean there, and being that it was before the summer crowds descended, we practically had the whole beach to ourselves. It was great—I wish I were still down there. As far as my KSF activities are concerned, I’ve been busy trying to recruit some new members. I hope to have at least one in the very, very near future—I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve been putting in my two-cents worth here and there on the New World Project, but nothing terribly noteworthy on account of those other matters occurring in RL as I mentioned earlier. I am hoping to change that soon, too. That is basically my report for this quarter. I’m really looking forward to participating in the RPG again—I’m anxious for another battle! My Klingon blood is starting to boil, and I’m ready to go again in service of the Empire!


U Kishin Kurkura: Greetings from The Philadelphia zone of Sector 4, with thanks to our noble Sector Commander, T'Lara., who so patiently reminds us to report! Bulletin: Raider Rogue has revived AGONIZER ! It looks great! Anyone who would like to see the reborn 'zine of Empire, contact Rogue by email: lowtech@hotbot.com  or snail-mail: Rogue, 516 Connecticut Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23508-2706. This issue, #12, has a theme of "Klingon Games". It contains many interesting articles and boodless or great art. The next issue is scheduled to appear this coming July, with a submissions deadline of May 21, 2000. The theme is "Klingon Performing Arts and the Heroic Age". Be a part of it! All are welcome to submit items of Klingon interest to Rogue for future issues. Subscriptions cost $5 per issue(add $1 for Canada, $2 for overseas). I have also just had the pleasure of renewed contact with our comrade K'Tura of the Imperial Mounted Guard. Any who might enjoy sharing news and views on the subject of horse-equipped Klingons can contact her by email at: wolfmoon@ecenet.com. Here in Philly, I have received a letter from the librarian who accepted my gift of Klingon zines to Temple University's Special Collections Department.(For once, I'm glad to be part of something special). He has cataloged them thoughtfully. Someday soon, the information will be available to online seekers of Klin-zines. And I am looking forward to attending Galacticon at the end of March in Chattanooga, TN. Any KSF-niks planning to be there? I hope to be on panels dealing with Klingon fan publications and filks. Should be a blast since this con historically has been heavy klingon participation. I'm taking my bellydance kit. Till next time, I salute you all. From Strength to Strength!


U Krysythe QI'mpeq (Ingrid Maack): For the past year, I've been living in a hospital, as I have no where to go.  Things aren't too bad, as I'm active in letter writing again, and want to be active in the KSF again. (Krysythe wants to go on a mission!)  I have a huge limited edition poster of a Klingon Bird of Prey up on my walls, and a friend told me about a Klingon version of Hamlet.  I want to get that.  I finally saw Insurrection, and thought it was great.   I wish "Q" would've
been in it.   See everyone next time! 


i Cmdr. Reyna Kor-Zu-Merz: I have a new job! I work at Richmond Children’s Center in Yonkers, NY. I am a Team Program Coordinator/Psychology Specialist. It is a combination of Management and behavior Modification programming. We work with developmentally disabled and physically disabled kids and young adults. I’ve been working long hours there, though I’ve gone back to my regular schedule (Mon.-Fri., 9-5 pm). We recently had an excellent sudit, so my job is secure for the time being. My Uncle Jack died. I wasn’t close to him, and I’d only seen him once in 1994 at my sister’s wedding. His funeral was still a sad and stressful situation. I’ve had a lot of trouble with my 9 year old car. I’ve had to get multiple maintenance and repairs (“wear and tear” variety) attended to.


i Cmdr. T’Lara JuriSS-Rasmehlier: Hello all! Well, not a lot has been happening since last report. I have heard from K’rai G’orgh-JuriSS (Eric Clemmer). He says he is very busy with school, his job, and his family. I am finally going to be moving in August, although not to PA where I had thought. I had wanted to transfer to a PO there, but there were no openings. My son can’t wait for school to be over, and the swimming pool to open. He is also taking Karate lessons, and is starting counseling. Things are beginning to settle down a little. I have gotten a promotion, and am now a full Commander. Well, that’s all for now folks! Til next time!


Sector 5 BadgeSector Five:

Filed by Capt. Volar Zantai K'Zota-K'Onor

GSA Sector XO, for Sector Five Command


U Capt. Volar K'Zota-K'Onor: The quarter has had its up and downs, as I am currently trying to struggle through the latest of the happenings now. Sector 5 seems to be quiet during the time that Lushy rejoins us from her leave. Welcome back Lushy! Continual progress is being made in ensuring there is good show of reports from this sector, and we here in GSA Command are looking forward to naming a new Sector CO here shortly. Until then, I am your point man!


U Krowgon Drexa: Well the holidays went well for myself, busy as I could be, seeing all the people in my office asking about Y2K and worried about the outcome. I had a wonderful Xmas and must say it was very nice.(Sure wished it would have snowed here, it was cold enough.)I have been so busy that I wish things would have slowed down just for a moment for me to take a breath. I did get a new Car which was very nice and since my last one was stolen only have 8 months of having the car. Well the new one has an alarm and I want to make sure it would be tough to get this one. You have more than a alarm--it has the Lo-Jack system on it as well and the Club is also staying on the Car whenever it is parked. The New Year went wonderful here in the US Capital and the Fireworks were wonderful! After hearing everyone get good and water and put themselves in a place they felt safe, I had a feeling all things would go well for Y2K. As we know it did nothing happened. Well the New is starting and I find myself already busy with work. I do hope to be able to catch up and stay active in KSF.


U Lushiouslips: Well, Lushy's back! After a long break with health probs..Luschy's back---sooo hold onto yer battleships...'cos CHAOS-on-legs is back and kicking butt.,


Text Box: of Kahless, which has enormous significance for his people.  Worf's current dishonour among the Klingons is of no importance to Kor, who has his own sense of honour.

Unfortunately, Kor has boasted about his quest to anyone who will listen, and a group of Klingons led by the renegade Toral follow his party to the Gamma Quadrant. 

As soon as they have the sword, Kor's mistrust of Worf surfaces, as does Worf's dislike of the loquacious ambassador.  The two fight nearly to the death, and must fend off Toral's party of Klingons before they leave the distant Hur'q planet where the sword was hidden.  As a result, Kor and Worf decide the Klingon Empire is not yet ready for the return of such a powerful, symbolic weapon.  Fearing it would only serve to create more strife for the factions battling for control of the Empire, Kor, Worf and Dax transport the legendary sword into deep space in a distant part of the Gamma Quadrant, confident that it will someday be discovered again and returned to the Klingon people. 
In 2375 Kor feared that his memory was beginning to fail him and knew that the time to face his last battle was fast approaching.  He needed to get back into the fight and that point in time that was against the Dominion.   He sought out and confided in Worf knowing him to be honourable above all else.  Against General Martok's wishes Worf allows Kor to serve on Martok's flag ship the Ch'Tang.  Throughout the mission to Trelka V their relationship deteriorates.  At one point both Worf and Martok are knocked unconscious and Kor assumes command of the ship but his age leaves him confused and Kor starts to relive a glorious battle from his past. General Martok recovers just in time to save the Ch'Tang.  Kor's presence of mind returns to the realisation that he may have lost the honour that he had intended on capping.  He is subsequently removed from active duty by Worf U Rakqor K'Mpec: The last quarter of 1999 is over. Many changes took place. Good and bad. My lab business is not doing too well and had to take a pt job, trying to make a decision on the future. I lost a potential sponsor on my race care and won't be doing any serious racing this spring, hope to get back on track by fall or spring 01. I was called in to testify on a civil action and almost ruined my trip to England. But lucky the judge released me after my testimony just one day before departure. The trip was great! Went to Chester, Wales and the Lake District. Got to explore some great castles and rock circles. Got to drive on the M6 at over 100mph with out worring about a ticket! Found some really coll little english pubs that had some great local brews and had fun playing darts with the regulars. They treated me and my family as long lost relatives...especially my son Bill who is 8, they wanted to know his favorite soccer team!(We were there during the England/Scottland matches, much like our superbowl). We had a great "Pokemon" Christmas and a smashing New Years party. I got a Hallmark Klingon talking globe with a bird of prey inside. The Cherryville Shooters(I live in NC Cherryville) came on New Years Eve and shot! It's an old german tradition to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck for the New Year, they shoot black powder muskets..they even let me shoot! They travel around town from 6p.m. New Years day shooting every hour. So our family is looking for an exciting, healthy and profitable New Year...Now if I could only get in some racing...hmmmmm!


i Sector 7 BadgeRakqor K’Mepec: Things have been slow here in Sector 5. qljvaj ghechoq Dupplm has been working on some graphics for Sector 5, we have yet to put together a sector chat meeting, but will keep trying. We both have joined the tech guild that Volar/Chris has started. I have made some e-mail friends from Japan and am trying to find a Japanese font for my machine and learn the language. Possible new recruits. Life has been very busy and getting busier. I spilled ale all over my keyboard and that took me off line awhile. I am leaving on pleasure/work trip for the next month. Starting off in Charlotte for the Winston, then on to Clemson University, then Chicago, Philly, and finally home for a 4th of July party. The worst part is I may miss the final Voyager episode. We just got a new swimming pool installed and I have been spending much of my free time landscaping around it. I think it will be a 3 year project before I finish! Needless to say our racecar was not finished for summer, maybe we can make a few fall runs, if not there is always next year. I hate that this is so short. I wanted more but am pressed for time and wanted to report something before leaving tomorrow and missing the deadline. I will be asking my XO to forward any other reports to you that may come in during my absence. That’s it for now.


U qljvaj ghevchoq Dupplm: My new e-mail addresses are: qljaj@klingons.com or qljvaj@erols.com. i prefer all Klingon stuff going to the Klingon address. I have just began creating the House of Dupplm, site addy is http://www.geocities.com/duppim1. It is not nearly finished yet. Currently role-playing in Imperial Intelligence with Karl and others. Looking to buy new Truck/Jeep. My Ferengi mobile died finally, I killed it. Attended my first Convention(Farpoint)with Qor'ethl and the IKBF, a few months back. We'd dressed as Klingons. Roomed with 2 others, pll'o' and Rosa. Got a few things signed by Marc Okrand and purchased a copy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark--signed while I was there. Daughter is about to graduate in June.


Sector Six:

Filed by Hlruback

Sector 7 Commander


i Hlruback (Karl Holtz): Another uneventful quarter here in Oklahoma. We never had a winter, and now the Summer heat is two months early. Zanna and I wish everyone a good summer.




Sector Seven:

Filed by SoghHom Kaiden Vestai Katia

Sector 7 Commander


U SoghHom Kaiden Vestai Katia: The last few months have been very busy for me. I have been seeing about starting school again and trying to balance my life between taking Mom to chemo therapy, work, a girl friend, and the NSF. I have turned in submissions to the Heraldry Project regarding the ship crest for the 'Iw Jev and turned in a clain history for clan Katia. I have just recently finished my second RPG submission and have just a month ago taken command of Sector 7. I have tried to get into contact with each of the officers and even had to resort to the old fashioned postal system to let some of them know about the command change. Although, I have only three officers anymore, I am confident that I can create something that we can all work on together and then submit to the KSF as a whole. I am currently looking into moving up to Clearfield that is after I can find a good job up there. As a result, my email address may change and I may be out of contact for a few days. As the days start to get warmer I am planning to start working on my German Shepherd again. I am also looking into starting up my Aikido Classes again.


i Sogh Kaiden Vestai Katia: The last few months have been an ordeal between constant sinus infections and mom’s cancer treatment. I have not had time to do much except go to work. Take care of mom and come home and try to get better. But mom is finally done with her cancer treatment and I am trying to get my life back to the way it was before the whole thing started. I have been looking for a new job and hoping for RPG orders but have received none. I would think that I was forgotten except T’Var has been waiting for orders and has not received any either. I began working my dog a week ago and have been trying to get things packed up to move. I have continued work on my character background in the small amount of free time I have had. I am currently trying to set up a Dungeons and Dragons game. I hope to have the first game run by the end of the week.


Sector 8 BadgeSector Eight:

Filed by Captain Borg Zantai Ql'mpeq

Sector Eight Commander


U Captain Borg Ql'mpeq: Let me see...I went to be with B'Etera(Carrie)for New Years(From 12/28/99 to 01/13/00). Me and B'Etera did get to see the movie, "Galaxy Quest". I have also earned my third Founder's Status at  another Star Wars Yahoo! club. Just a side note: Adrienne Paradis/Azel Tavana is the GSA Sector Eight Executive Officer. Also, as of 01/22/00 is the start of my eighth year in the KSF. Geez! Has it been that long?? Time really flies when you're having fun!

i Capt. Borg Epetai Ql’mpeq: Let me see…what did I do this past quarter? Not much! The only thing close to exciting was I got selected for Jury Duty, unlike other USA states, California has enacted a 1 Day or 1 Trial Jury Duty service system. Other than that, I am been getting ready to attend the Shore Leave 22 convention (July 7-9) with Carrie. I’m taking two costumes; my Klingon costume, and my new Star War Costume (Emperor Palpatine) for this convention. Hopefully, I see a KSF member or two there. I also recently gained another Ql’mpeq/K’mpec Linemembers serving in the KSF; from the USA, Germany, England, and Australia.


U Azel Tavana: Well, the New Years offered me about the three days of peace and quiet and then things went sour again. But, in true Klingon style, I continue. Hightlights of this past quarter include the movie "Galaxy Quest" and TV shows like Farscape and EFC. OK, I know, just TV, but I take my highlights where I can find 'em! Activities have included major landscaping in order to create a livable enviroment for all the strange species that manage to come my way and a reawakened interest in horticulture, which in California, is not much of a challenge, since almost anything grows here with a little enticing. Not much else to report, I seem to be in deep space as is my character. Few if any communications. Just the me, the stars, and whatever aliens I encounter along the way.

i Azel Tavana: All is quiet on this front, too quiet, like the calm before the storm. There IS the army of Triffidls waiting to take over the world in my back yard and the constant, daily, overhead surveillance by beings in black. However, I feel both the Triffids and Black ones have different agendas. I am attempting to create a more comfortable water world for those who live with me and need it, but everyone who has done any work in enviromentals knows what a chre it can be to adapt a place to other beings. All of this is an attempt to make a reading about a difficult life and time more interesting. Details would be depressing, so I’ll skip them.


U maw'qu Karizan: I have been trying to graduate early, to go into the Navy. I finally did, and I will be leaving mid-January. I'll try to keep in touch with people from the sub when I can. I'm still a part of the KSF and I will send in post reports when I can and be watching to how things go.


Text Box: and ordered from the bridge.

As Jem'Hadar Warships attack, the only solution seems to be for a suicide mission by a capable Klingon. Worf volunteers to pilot a ship and hold up the enemy but Kor is alerted to the situation, cleverly disables Worf and switching places with him. Unbeknown to General Martok until Worf staggers on to the bridge Kor the DaHar Master took on his foe with the brilliance and ferocity that had made him a legend in his own time.   He not only regained any lost respect but also that of the General and surely ensured his rightful place in SIto'vo'qor.  


"I have heard stories about you since I was a child; your confrontation with Kirk on Organia, your attack on Romulus, your defence of the Kohmer pass"
-	Worf to Kor


And The Klingon Way

pung ghap HoS – Mercy or Power
Kor was thinking of the apharism when he said to Kirk " Ah sentimentality, mercy – the emotions of peace. Your weakness Captian Kirk." [TOS]

bortaS nIvqu' 'oH bortaS'e' – Revenge is the best revenge.
Kor said to Worf, "A Klingon who denies himself the right of vengeance is no Klingon at all." [DS9]

reH Hegh yoHwI'pu''e' – Always it is the brave ones who die.
Kor used this adage when speaking to the Organian Council of Elders. [TOS]

pIj monchugh vay' yIvqQo' – U Khaufen JurISS: Most of what has happened to me is personal; so will not be mentioned. I shall be leaving California within the next three weeks. No mention of my location shall be announced accept to my superiors in the club. I have much to consider. Meanwhile, I salute you, members of the Klingon Strike Force! May Kahless guide you to your respective rewards.


i Captain Khaufen zantai-JurISS:  Greetings All, Finding me'self in an unexpectedly accelerated situation; this Captain in his rush to set coordinates for a planet with suitable life-support qualities was pulled into one of the famous Trek space anomolies and materialized here. 

This one found, to his dismay; that he needed to assume the mantle of 'chief cook and bottle washer' as well as singular person to maintain the current environment in which he exists. ( A situation I am positive that several of you are well acquainted with!)   This, in conjunction with his duties as a Captain, and attempting to secure his own personal maintenance necessities. I be learning to dance in highly pressed circumstances!

 Needless to say; that's what happens when one is in a rush.   The Organians are not overly pleased!  >:)   However, as it has been in the past, this one shall overcome and fullfill his Klingon Duties and hang on until the living situation settles into a form that is completely understandable and decide upon my future and hopefully permanent RL situation and habitat.   Until then, the Klingon persists.  The human......has been scratching his head (in the best Laurel and Hardy tradition) and endeavoring to keep all in order and maintain a non-Collective type of mind set.
To all out there in the KSF; I send my greetings and offer appologises for not being able to answer all emails.  There is simply not enough time in the day and/or night to accomplish all with adequate proficiency.   This one WILL survive and find the sub-space conduits and conditions suitable for optimum performance in both arenas!  Kai the members, officers and Klin of ALL of the KSF!  Captain Khaufen zantai-JurISS  (at least last time I looked!  LOL)  


Cyber Sector Report:

Filed by Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang

Cyber Sector Commander


U Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang: This past quarter has flown by quickly and I've spent most of it trying to get Maw'qu (my RL son, homas)graduated from High School early so that he can go into the Navy, transferring my daughter from one school to another so she can graduate early, doing the usual day care job, and talking to realtors about selling my home. K'Lay has been doing what she can to keep matter from anti-matter in other areas, and is  currently dealing with nearly 800 e-mails. You may see the wicked  daughter of Chang some time in  February when she digs herself out  from fall out.


i Admiral K’Lay Epetai K’Onor-Chang: It’s been an incredibly busy quarter for me, repairing, selling, and packing to move from my house of 17 years (with all the expected glitches in escrow, movers and paperwork), relocating my day care children, my daughter, and myself with all of our belongings from a 1300 plus square foot four bedroom house (with garage) into an 800 square foot apartment. I am still writing to you from within a cubby of wall to wall boxes, some of which are doubling as computer stands and chairs! A vacation in the middle of the move to Nova Scotia for sanity maintenance was highlighted by a visit to KAG Kanada’s headquarters where I was suitably treated to gourmet Terran food, good scotch and delightful company, and two weeks in the Abbot’s company, for R&R and strategy meetings. Ahhhh, it’s GOOD to be Chief of Staff! I have also been busy, with Admiralty and Division personnel, in reworking the RPG Division Structure, a time consuming and complicated business, attending to secret Internal Intelligence matters, and conducting/overseeing more than one successful recruitment campaign. It seems to be the beginning of a good year and a new era for the KSF, and I am so far very pleased with the results. Kai Kassai fellow warriors.


U Capt. Volar K'zota-K'Onor: By the Klingon Gods, the holidays are over! Starting off the quarter I ended up changing jobs, and now am working for Disney making more cash! Wahoo! Not to mention I'm now a performer in the park at Epcot. So I spent the New Year at ground zero of the celebration. If you watched on ABC and when they showed off the "big ball" at Epcot, I was right beneath it with everyone. If you look real close, you might see me<g>. But also since starting at Disney, I've had the chance of seeing LeVar Burton and performed for a Delegation from the Government of China and the Florida State Agriculture Commissioner. Looking further ahead there's a chance of my getting a chance to shadow in Entertainment Production as well as performer in Tapestry of Nations(the original thing I had wanted, but get paid more now). So things work wise have seen their way out and all is good there! Am planning as I write this, for my birthday in March to take a cruise out into the Bahamas on the Disney Cruiseline. Would rather go on their boats than the competition...no fear of it sinking! So expect to hear a lot more about this when I get back. So everything is going along well, except it's SO FREAKING COLD! Only days after this segment was written and sent in for my report, I ended up getting myself involved in a very costly car accident. My poor Fiero, not altogether a bright car, but still transportation, decided to spin around a few times while a bus came hurling towards me until I slammed into a curb. I shattered the brake rooters, shredded the CV joing, busted the axel, and bent to controler for the wheel. That there was about $1800+ in repairs, and there was a lot more besides that the tire. The impact force was so great that the mechanics were surprised that I'd only had a severe migrane that's not going away. I am now the proud owner(inser sarcasm here, not enought strength for it myself)of an 86 Audi 4000S...where everything you can think of doesn't exactly work, but still less to fix than the other one. For $400 what did you expect in an emergency, but things will be going back to as normal as they can get. If anyone has any idea of Audi's, I'm available to listen. Thanks!


i Fleet Captain Volar Zantai K’Zota-K’Onor: The last few months have been very hectic here in my “office”. From the creation of the Klingon Technology Guild (with a great team of people to boot) to assisting K’Lay with various issues, mostly ranging from onboard Klingon Therapist for stressed Admirals, to being the wonderous poet of the Rak Room, I have otherwise been swamped! The KSF may see a large increase of members in Sector Five as communications continues with a group of lost Klin who need a home. With all of the changes and the busy schedule both on and off line, I will be attending college (Finally) in August for Film Production. A tough program, but an incredible ride! So much happening lately, I need to take it in stride and hope all the money comes in for this new feat of mine. I will also be moving to accommodate school, so look out for a new land mail address. Email will always remain the same. As I seem to have a disruptor at my head: nice K’Lay nice: I must get at more work before my desk is unrecognizable! On top of this my computer has had a nervous breakdown, and is in the midst of being put back together…just as soon as I figure out what went wrong. Oopsy. that’s my soapbox for this quarter. See you in Cyberspace!


i Maw’qu Karizan: The Navy is keeping me busy. I graduated from boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois and am now in school before being sent to my first assignment. I bought my first car, a 1992 Chevy convertible and I will be driving it home to California after getting leave on June 16. I’d stop and visit people on the way but I won’t have a very long leave. And I have a girlfriend in California. I’ll try to keep up with post reports, but from where I’m going it could be harder. Consider me in deep space! Maw’qu out.


GSD Sector (Summer)

Filed  by K'Obol sutai-Chang-K'Onor


U K'Obol/Doug Welsh: The last quarter has been very interesting for me. As some of you are aware, I have not been in absolutely top form for some months, and that continues, but the three new specialist I have seen this quarter are hopeful of being able to assist in restoring my health.  I hope they are right.  Family continue as before.  My employer continues to be supportive, so I keep looking at things with a positive attitude.


U Report for nagh gor K'Onor and teh hel Mo'Klar K'Onor: We spent a very quiet Christmas, with our children spending the holiday with their opposite parents.  New Year's was quiet, but what else would you expect when you are celebrating the occasion with 4 children ranging in ages from 9-13?  We would not have had it any other way!  To all our friends and family in the KSF, from our house to yours, a very Happy New Millennium!  May all your hopes and dreams come to fruition and may all your problems be little ones easily resolved!

U  Lt. Jg.M'Red vestai Nor'deth:  M'Red here, CGC, life has been weird, both personal and Klin related.  The much touted engagement is off, I have been dealing with the psycotic husband of a close friend in Klin-dom, and I have started working full time (Which is why my post, and RPG segment are late).  All in all though, I'm alive, and that which does not kill me, had BETTER pray I do not find it!


i K'Obol sutai-Chang-K'Onor: This will be a combined post report for all known members of GSD. 

Real Life reared its ugly head.  My life was shaken by a significant change
as I moved from my home of 18 years to an apartment shared with another
uprooted member, Sean Prosser.  Ethel Swinamer and Gord Mackinnon were almost buried under a series of family pressures and health issues for both.  Mike Wagar relocated to the West Coast of Canada, and later left the club.  Our numbers are thus down a little in the Frozen North.  We have several recruits in various stages of being processe...I mean, in, um.. various stages of uh...completing paperwork, Yeah, that's it!  Paperwork, right!  At any rate, your Canadian contingent are now recovering from the earlier upsets, and will be starting fresh next Monday, so, look for better work from us then.

Doug Welsh, for Sean Prosser, Ethel Swinamer, Gord MacKinnon



Text Box: Don't trust those who frequently smile.
Kor harked back this expression when he said, referring to the Organian Council of Elders, I don't trust men who smile too much." [TOS]

wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap – We succeed together in a greater whole.
Kor said to Kirk and Spock, "Do you know why we are so strong? Because we are a unit. Each of us is part of a greater whole." [TOS]

GSE Sector

Filed by qe'San GSE XO


U Captain qe''San sutai be'rawn (Jon Brown): Things have been very busy and hectic hence this Issue being soo late. Work have been taking more and more on and I've been taking more and more on in the club. On the other hand I've been enjoying myself which is what counts. Hope you all had a happy New Millennium I for one was working but that has enabled us to have a holiday this year which will be great and the Kids are really looking forward to it.


U Lt jg. Kargo Vestai K'Mpec  (Patrick Bills) : I am really looking forward to this year because I am going to Spain for the first time which I am really looking forward to.


U K'Tor K'Mpec (Christine Preston):  I sat watching DS9 episode: "Tacking into the Wind" .  Being a Klingon I was upset at seeing Worf kill our great leader Gowron.  Martok is now our leader, he will never be like Gowron who was a great leader, he believed in all that is Klingon.  Glory to the Empire.  (Ed: A lot has been happening in the life of K'Tor but that is another story).


i Lt.jg. Korgath Dupplm: Things in Imperial Intelligence are going smoothly, and I’m enjoying every bit of the RPG. Karl Holtz (Kriger Dupplm) is an excellent GM, and he accommodates me very well, even though I live in a timezone that is 12 hours ahead of most of you. I’m also very encouraged by my fellow I.I. agents, K’herang, ValQis, K’ehleyr, T’Lara have all been very active in the RPG and it spurs me on. Karl has just let the new I.I. team practice in the holodeck, and we are now exploring a new star system. Outside of the KSF, things are pretty smooth going. I am a teenager after all, and schoolwork and friendships occupy much of my time, and so far, nothing’s really coming out of place, just the usual ups and downs. I have a major exam at the end of this year, the Cambridge ‘Advanced’ Level, something like SAT but requiring a lot more studying and memorizing, but I don’t think that it’s going to affect my KSF participation.


Ferengi by T'var


GSF Sector

i Lt. jg. Korgath DuppIm (Peter Lin):  Things in Imperial Intelligence are going smoothly, and I'm enjoying every bit of the RPG. Karl Holtz (Kriger DuppIm) is an excellent GM, and he
accomadates me very well, even though I live in a timezone that is 12 hours ahead of most of you. I'm also very encouraged by my fellow I.I. agents, K'herang, valQis, K'ehleyr, T'Lara have all been very active in the RPG and it spurs me on. Karl has just let the new I.I. team practice in the holodeck, and we are now exploring a new star system.

Outside of the KSF, things are pretty smooth going. I am a teenager after all, and schoolwork and friendships occupy much of my time, and so far, nothing's really coming out of place, just the usual ups and downs. I have a major exam at the end of this year, the Cambridge 'Advanced' Level, something like the SAT but requiring a lot more studying and memorising, but I don't think that it's going to affect my KSF participation.   Qapla'




U Mike/Karg To all members and friends in the KSF, It is with deep regret and for various resons that I must resign from the KSF. I have enjoyed your company and working with you. I am going to remain active in Klin fandom so our paths may cross again.   May Kahless smile upon you, Mike/Karg





Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-JIraal




Just a few things that I want to say and bring to the attention of everyone, especially the Sector Commanders.


As you all know, the Sector Reports for the KSF have been sent to the GSA Commander for compiling to be included in the Newsletter, for the past two years. This was done to prevent confusion during the changes taking place in the club during that time. Now, that the changes have been weathered and the confusion is now in the past, it is now the responsibility of the Global Sectors to submit their reports to the editor of the Newsletter.


Effective February 1, 2000 (All Global Sector Commanders were notified of this previously), Global Sector Commanders are responsible for submitting the Sector Report to the NL editor, to be included in the NL. I will still be sending the reminders out that the Sector Reports are due, but it will be your responsibility to send it to the editor, Jon Brown, Woodside, Withycombe, Milton Keynes, MK4 1ET, England.


To clarify what this means, the following procedure should be followed.


1. I will remind all Global Sector Commanders that it is time to file their report and when the due date for the report is.


2. When the Global Sector Commander receives the reminder, he is to remind all Sector                          

     Commanders under him, that it is time for them to file the Sector Report.


3. When the Sector Commanders receive the reminder, they are to notify all members in their sector that their post report is due.


4. Once the Sector Commander receives the post reports from their members, they are to file their Sector Report with their Global Sector Commander.


5. Once the Global Sector Commander receives the Sector Reports from their Sector Commanders, they are compile a Sector Report and submit it to the editor of the NL.


If, as a member, you do not know who your Global Sector Commander is or your Sector Commander is, or it is unclear, please contact one of the members of the Command Staff and we will be happy to assist you in filing your post report. The members of the Command Staff are: Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu'Merz, Admiral K'Lay Chang, and Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal.


There is one other change. In the past, filing a Sector Report has been on a Voluntary Basis. However, after due consideration, that effective March 1, 2000, it will be MANDATORY for all Sector Commanders to file a Sector Report. Even if you do not receive any post reports from members in your sector, you will still need to file a Sector Report. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact me.





I believe the majority of the following have come via Glen Proechel of the ILS


Puns on English Words

joy' = torture

val = smart (valedictorian)

qul = fire (cool)

tIq = heart (ticker)

pI' = fat (pig)  (also ror = fat)

Sut = clothing (suit) &

loD = man (lord)

blr = cold  (brrr)

'IH = beautiful  (ick)

tlhaq = chronorneter (clock) 

pIn = boss (kingpin)


synonyms or antonyms by saying the words backwards:

megh = lunch - ghem = midnight snack

puq = child - Qup = young

mol = tomb - lom = corpse

SIm = calculate - mIS = confuse

Shortening the English:

Dargh = tea (Darjeeling tea)

HI' = dictator (Hitler)

Changing the middle vowel:

SeS = steam - SIS = rain - SuS = wind

ghur = increase (go up) = ghIr = descend

Synonyms varying the initial consonant:

HIjol = beam me up - HIQol - beam me down

Qorgh = to care for - Sorgh = to sabotage

Related words share the same initial consonants:

ngem = forest - ngeng = lake - ngech = valley

puq  = child (puke, spit up).

Ha’DIbaH> Let’s go! We shoot them!

Saw - (man to marry) Serman Schau = to look

nay - (woman to marry) German dialect; nm/English nay for No!

mir = You have nonthing to lose but your CHAINS. Russian "Peace"

ghop = hand - nogh>  = glove

lom =  corpse    “loam”           

mol = to bury, or 'tomb' "Mole", an animal that likes to dig in the dirt

reverse it: lom "corpse"-  going from m to n gives you "nol "funeral."

 “ghoch” means both “destination” and “to track down". If you fly <ghoch> (coach) we may have to track down your luggage.

jaq = bold (Jock)


bech = suffer (bitch)

'argh get worse

‘ugh heavy

Hagh = laugh

'Iw = blood

'oy = it hurts

yay' = shocked

yIQ = wet (ickY vIH = tribble.

HuD - mountain (Mt. Hood)

yIH - tribblebIgh =  prison (big house)

rhIrgh = temple (church)
chIp  cut hair (chip’)muD f ~s shsre (mood)
Dor = escort (show someone to the door)

HuS - mountain (Mt. Hood)  
ghu = baby (goo)

Hat = illegal ("hot")
HeD - retreat (head back)
HeS = crime (Rudolf Hess, Nazi)
HoS = power (horse power)
Hot = touch

Hu' = zoo (Dr. Seuss "Who's in the zoo?_

jab - serve food (job)

jar = DIS - (month, year  (jar, dish)

jIp = penalty (gyp)   

lIm = panic (out on a limb)

luj = fail (lose

mul = stubborn - (mule)

muv = join (move into)

nglp = borrow (keep)

lon = abandon (loan)

lay’ = promise (lie)

paw' = collide (pow)

pIp = spine (a pipsqueak is someone spineless)

puq = fed up (puke)

Ha’DIbaH = animal  (Let’s go! We shoot them!)

Saw - (man to marry) German Schau = to look

nay - (woman to marry) German dialect - English nay for No!

mIr = chain  -Russian: peace (You have nothing to lose but your CHAINS.)

ghop = hand - pogh =  glove

mol = to bury  (mole, an animal that loves to dig)
      Reversing gives you lom - corpse

      Going from m to n gives you nol = funeral

ghoch  means both “destination” and “to track down. If you fly ghoch  (coach) you have to track. down your luggage.

jaq = bold (jock




This message was found scratched on the hull of a B'rel Class BOP, adrift.   There were no survivors.
"The Klingon that strikes from behind will only use one stroke; while the Human uses many."  






**Poem by lagh T'var quless vestai Byle**

Strength through honour and war is all a Klingon needs!

Remember this well you warriors, in battle remember

this, and victory will always be yours!

Remember your home! remember this well young warriors,

and victory will always be yours.

Remember you family! remember this well young warriors

and victory will always be yours.

Remember your honour! remember this well young

warriors and victory will always be yours.

Remember your Empire! remembr this well young warriors

and victory will always be yours.

Remember yourself! remember this well young warriors

and victory will always be yours.

Never forget anything you are taught by anyone! or

else defeat will only ever be yours!










   K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal (Sara Tate)




   Kai Kargo K'Mpec (Patrick Bills)




  Krysythe K'Mpec Ka-el zi (Ingrid Mack)




   Avakhon Khinsharri (Robert W. Cunningham) 




 Mara K'Nera-K'Mpec (Susanne Schell)




  Vit'quv Mim (Jessica Saxton)




 Keisi Katia (Caterina Campagnero)




 Kea'Dec Ceadagon (Declan Kearns)  keadac@yahoo.com




 qe'San be'rawn (Jon Brown)




  Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal (Lynda Phillips)




  Tytlh'om Xarr (Pascal Teva BORDRON) titom@caramail.com




     Pok Chang-Martok (Christopher Petersen)




    jatlh K'Mpec (Apocolypse Lee)




   Borg K'Mpec (Michael Robbins)




 Markhet Khalar Nor'Deth (Ann Collings)




    Azel Tavana (Adrienne Paradis)








 K'Lay Konor-Chang (Margie McDonnell)




 Stephen Kronsei (Stephen Humphrey)




  Qo'neS K'Mpec (Samantha Gyseman)




  Kolar Rasmehlier (Earl D. Jones)




   Volar K'Zota (Chris Gable)




  B'Etera K'Tral-K'Mpec (Carrie Williams)




 A'qmarr ramHov quvHubvI' (Anne Zecca)




  T'var quless Byle (Liam Boyle)




   Koloth K'tama (Nick Muehlenthaler)




  Korvan K'Mpec (Paul Alan Stephens)




 Kadak (David Kraklow)




 Jacen Kas-Chang (Chris Rogers)




 Chris DeHart (Steven Chris Nibbelink)




 Blackheart   (David Yates)  lostpoet@webtv.net




 T'Lara K'Uhlig (Susan Wyss)




  Khaufen Juriss (Ron Moore)




 Debra Lynn Stanley             mds@ufl.edu




 Kulec Tera'weH (George Naylor)




 Steven P. Holdren




 T'Ernama Dok'Marr (Geneva Anderson)




 Kelvor Krudak  (Kelwyn Cruddace)  kelvor0@aol.com




 Kordon Dok'Marr (Gordon Pittsley)




 Morath Ben'Dai (James Polanco)




 KIySa'ra VelaH' (Paula Peacos)




 joH SamwI'quvHubwI' (Michael D. Stanley)  mds@ufl.edu




   Sarena Zu-Merz (Debbie Green)




 K'Arvon Dok'Marr  (Phil Campbell) klingonsandmore@hotmail.com




     K'Zhen Zu-Merz (Gennie Summers)




  Kaiden Katia (Jon Rowe)




  Lusciouslips Ghlanx-Chang (Gill Curry)




 Rakqor K'Mpec (Richard Heckert)




    Kosh Pallara (Curtis Martin)




  Min-Kwak Zu-Merz (Mary Frances Berry)




    Kobol Konor (Doug Welsh)




 Kragtowl Trekkan (William "Bear" Reed)




 Ju'Ngah Chang (Ryan Williams)




 Korgath, son of Ta'Grah, of the House of Le'en (Peter Lin)




 K'Ila Kurn (Paola Chiavalin)




 Kriger DuppIm (Karl Holtz)




   Malakore Noraxlycus-K'Mpec (T. Anne Heyer)




 Kang Koshang (Bill Lee)




 K'Ken T'Relak-qaqen terelaq (Ken Traft)




  K'logh Chang (Mike Wagar)




  Vekma K'Mpec-Makai (Ann Bingley)




Role-play report to the KSF

Edited by Fleet Admiral K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz




(wo' lIndab) : 

Cmdr. K’Eherang sutai-K’Shontan-Jiraal:

The S.S. Thor's Hammer, a commonly used name for an Imperial Intelligence Spy Trawler, responded to reports of a secret retreat in uncharted space beyond Cardassia’s borders by the Jem'Hadar.  Thor’s Hammer to pick up agent’s along the way that might assist and help fill out its crew.  Lt. Commander Kriger DuppIm of the IKV Qib Veqlargh, now first officer of the S.S.  Thor’s Hammer, has been able to narrow the search down to a few hundred possibilities.  The new captain of the S.S. Thor’s Hammer, Cmdr.  K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal, transferred over from the IKV Do’HoS.  Special Agent valQIS DuppIm was the lead agent on this mission and would act as the chief engineer.  Lt. jg. Korgath Ta'Grah poses as the vessel’s gunner in combat, Science Officer otherwise;  Dr. T'Lara JurISS-Rasmehlier would serve as ship's doctor, and finally, t'Arra Khithat ch'Lorn, one of two communications officers on this vessel and an I.I. computer hacker filled out the remaining Player crew positions of a total of 40 crew members.

As the vessel began its long journey into deep space, the crew was called to a series of holosuite simulations to help pull the agents for this mission into a team.



(botlh lIndab ra’ghom):

Adm. K’Lay K’Onor-Chang:


Civil war has broken out on Qo'noS and nearly every high ranking officer and important civilian NI knows is involved somehow!  One of the most pressing "wildfires" is the white hot dispute between House Chang and House DuraS. 

Finding out that Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang's heirs have been kidnapped, that she has taken Toral DuraS hostage in retaliation, and realizing she may kill him and thus fire the opening shot for real civil war hostilities to break out if her heirs aren't returned, NI sends a special agent to Qo'noS at best possible speed and takes K'Lay aside to question her about the whereabouts of the heir to House DuraS.  After she refuses to tell NI anything, Internal Intelligence agents begins to search secretly for Toral.  The whereabouts of Toral are discovered only in time to follow K'Lay to the council floor and after using every threat at NI's disposal, Admiral Chang is finally convinced not to kill Toral.  He is then taken into NI's protective custody.



(wo' Hung):

Cmdr. Koloth sutai-K’Tama:

KETH:  tlhIngan HIvbeq

The following report contains the full and undisclosed actions, of all the brave and honorable SuvwI'pu' of the tlhIngan wo', and some unexpectedly honorable Cardassians 

Aboard the 'cloaked' IKV Hov veS, orbiting the third planet of a planetary system claimed by the Cardassians (Designated 887658.4, by Starfleet), awaiting next movements of Cardassian freighter, which the crew of the Hov veS tracked to this system. The freighter landed on a small moon orbiting the planet, and I placed the crew at Alert Two. I then sent three scrambled transmissions from my cabin, one to Koloth la' (informing him of the situation), and two to T'Var lagh (ra'wI' of the Imperial tlhIngan shuttle IKV KORNILOV) and Kaidin SoghHom (ra'wI of the IKV ‘Iw jev, a B'Rel Class Duj).

Returning to the bridge, our sensors reported movement on the planet's surface...some kind of installation, a Jem’Hadar encampment... and vessels launching from the surface.

I ordered Alert One.  When two Dujmey came into closer sensor range... they were Jem’Hadar Strike Ships.  They were able to sense our cloaked Duj ...like they could have easily.  I reasoned they must have scanned our Duj from the planet’s surface.

The two vessels crept closer, and then I ordered decloaking procedures and firing the disrupters on the lead craft.  The battle ensued, the first vessel being damaged, and finally disintegrating.  The second vessel was also damaged and out of the fight.

The sensors had scanned both vessels before combat; both were undermanned, holding only a small "skeleton" crew.  The sensors detected four more vessels approaching from the surface, more Jem’Hadar Strike Fighters.  When the two vessels were in range, I ordered the same tactics as before. We fired upon them... but the disrupters encountered extra shielding.  The sensors sensed an outer shield surrounding the vessel; our disrupters couldn't go through.  We launched torpedoes at them, and they attacked us, making hits on our shields.  We still fired our weapons, as we lead them on a chase.

The sensors reported a vessel coming out of warp, as we took a strong hit on our port shields, bringing them down.  The arriving vessel turned out to be the IKV KORNILOV, a tlhIngan warp-shuttle.  I ordered our Dujmey wings to "salute" in response, which was not easy while in battle.

Then our vessel was hit by concentrated fire from behind, causing the Hov veS to flip end over end.  After the crew repaired the gravity systems, I contacted the KORNILOV, informing them of the extra shielding of the Jem’Hadar vessels.  My science officer broke his arm; he indicated a possible solution to our dilemma... remodulate the disrupters.  I ordered the crew to do so, and the KORNILOV had started to take a beating from the Jem’Hadar as well.

While the Jem’Hadar still "pounded" us, and the KORNILOV, as the crew worked on remodulating the weapons.  After the tasks were complete, I ordered all weapons brought to bear on the Jem’Hadar, the disrupters passed through the "extra" shielding.  At the same time, the IKV ‘Iw jev (Bloodstorm, a B'Rel Class, SoghHom Kaiden HoD) arrived in system.  I then had the data for remodulating the disruptors transmitted to the KORNILOV and the ‘Iw jev.

As the Hov veS and KORNILOV damaged two Jem’Hadar ships, destroyed the other one, and the ‘Iw jev destroyed the one that attacked it and badly damaged the other Jem’Hadar vessel, a force of five Galor Class Cardassian vessels; came from the other side of the moon.  The Jem’Hadar vessels were finally "put out of commission", and we readied ourselves for the Cardassians.

A communication was received from the KORNILOV informing us of a tlhIngan HIvbeq Battle Fleet on its way here (consisting of wej Vor'cha Class, wej K'Vort, and wa' Negh'Var Class), that they had passed by them in responding to my communication, and that some Jem’Hadar vessels had been also dispatched by them.

As we readied our vessels, I ordered the Comm officer to transmit a copy of the Alliance/Dominion peace treaty to the Cardassians, informing them of the surrender of the Dominion, and the massacre of over 800 million on Cardassia Prime.  We awaited the actions of the Cardassians, wondering if they were going to attack us, or if they were going to stand down.

Then the Cardassians started attacking each other.  It appeared that two had accepted the treaty, and the other three had not accepted it.  I ordered the Hov veS into the fray, to attack one of the three, the KORNILOV held back, affecting repairs to their Duj; while the ‘Iw jev sped toward one of the other three, which were firing their weapons at the Hov veS.

At this time the Battle Fleet arrived as well, with Koloth la' in command, on one of the Vor'chamey, on the IKS Dragon's Tooth.  One of the non-accepting Cardassian vessels were destroyed (As it was treated by weapons fire from the tlhIngan Battle Fleet) , one severly damaged (the ‘Iw jev put their impulse engines out of commission) and one slightly damaged, while one of the accepting Cardassian vessels was broken apart, and the other severely damaged.

The Hov veS attacked the remaining slightly damaged Cardassian vessel, and as their shields were disabled, I beamed aboard with an Infiltration Specialist Team, as Koloth re-took command of the Hov veS; we to control of their bridge and vessel, having one member of the Team slain.  We also found some tlhIngan P.O.W.'s onboard, releasing them to help take the vessel.

With the combat in orbit finished, Koloth signaled for the ground assault to begin, and T'Var communicated he was leaving the KORNILOV in orbit and transferring to the newly arriving IKV qevllghopDu' (a B'Rel Class toQDuj)

to be joining the ground assault; the ‘Iw jev would also be joining, with the troops from the wej K'Vortmey and troops from the Vor'chamey.

The peace treaty was transmitted to the Jem’Hadar on the surface of the planet, after waiting an alloted time, the ground assault began.  With the Battle Fleet conducting a bombardment from orbit, the ‘Iw jev also conducted an aerial assault of it's own, strafing the base with its disruptors, causing considerable damage and causing a barracks to go up in a ball of fire.

A lone Jem’Hadar Fighter attempted to bring them down, but was itself brought down upon meeting a canyon wall, when it was lead on a merry chase through a canyon.  T'Var commanded his new Duj on a strafing run of the enemy installation, also destroying a barracks, and two Ketracel White storage facilities.  After the ‘Iw jev returned to orbit, Kaiden beamed down to the surface with troops.

They surprised, and then quickly dispatched, a group of Jem’Hadar, who were manning a ground-based beam weapon.  Kaiden was victorious, but one SuvwI' of his crew, went to Sto' vo' kor.

After an initial strong defense by the Jem’Hadar, the bloodthirsty, honorable tlhIngan Assault Troops quickly gained a foothold upon the planet’s surface, surrounding the Jem’Hadar base and dispatching the resisting Jem’Hadar. Others were taken as prisoners; as they were of wounded and surrendered troops, to be given possibly over to Starfleet for transportation back to the Dominion.

With the enemy base destroyed, the ‘Iw jev, the KORNILOV, and the Hov veS agreed to adjourn to Deep Space Nine for repairs to our honorable vessels, and some well deserved R & R (as the tera'ngan saying goes.).  Hmm... I wonder if any HoDpu' DIvI' in command of "garbage scows" will be present...

Soghla' Kosh sutai-Pallara-Zu-Merz, reporting from bridge of captured Cardassian Duj.



(qo' Hung):

Captain Khaufen zantai-Juriss:


The Global Security fleet took up positions around the Klingon Homeworld.

Some vessels cloaked: Liberator, Hov Hoj, the Silver Tooth and the lot.

The visible vessels: The Tong, the Death Bird, the Stormwalker's Sun and later the IKV Striker and the Merciless.

The Liberator was the vanguard for the cloaked vessels; and carefully shadowed any vessel with similar mass and shape to escape the Homeworlds Tachyon net.  The cloaked vessels took position, as ordered, and with their best officers at the helm were prepared to avoid accidental collision and stay within target range.  Surprising enough the old passive mass detectors gave them much help in avoiding detection.

As Khaufen beamed down to acquire some special equipment; Kovan Kas Chang reflected upon the events of the war, the cooperation, deaths and potentials for the Alpha Quadrant.  If the Alliance held with the combined Empires; the possibilities were that nothing could stand against them!  Kovan also thought of the loss of his first officer and of Jacen, his former host.

After his first trip to the First City of the Homeworld; accompanied by Kwen and K'reger as bodyguards; they squeezed the G'dayt Ferengi for the equipment and information.  Then they beamed back to their respective vessels to dress for the Council Chambers, and ones befitting the Honor Guard of the JurISS; who represented two Houses and had a voting seat on the council.  Kovan also did the same; slowly, as his thoughts perused the events of the last year.

As he pulled on the formal dress armor and cloak, Kovan ended his reveries with thoughts of the destruction of the House of Chang and of his support for Martok.  His thoughts were interrupted by Sharok, telling him the Honor Guard was ready for the beam down.

Kovan did double-time and took his place on the transport pad.  Moments later they all stood in the lower Council Chambers; the only part of the building not shielded from transporters.  Khaufen, Kovan, Kwen and K'reger began their search for Admiral K'lay Chang or Abbot K'Onor.  Tier by tier they elbowed or bowled over Klingons in their haste.

Finally, they located K'lay.  She barely had time to notice their presence before K'lay dragged Toral out on the Council floor; thanks to K'logh.  The Admiral would not submit to blackmail, and made it plain: return my heirs or I'll cut Toral's throat here and now!

Bedlam took life, and Khaufen and his Honor Guard moved as quickly as they could toward K'lay; Kwen and K'reger still in pursuit on the assassin who tried earlier to end the JurISS vote.  Mere meters from the Admiral and Toral, the assassin reemerged, she was headed for K'lay.

K'reger brought her down, but the assassin once again disappeared into the crowd.  Khaufen, his Guard and many others took a protective position around the Admiral.  Khaufen and Qothari, a beq mercenary, made it clear that the first Klingon that drew a weapon was dead.  Khaufen's crystal phaser, undetectable by the Council scanners, punctuated the point.  His Katana dripping blood made clear their sincerity.  The next move was up to the Admiral; while the now arrived Abbot and the head of N.I.  tried to talk K'lay into releasing Toral.



(qo'QI' ra'ghom):

Cmdr. Reyna zantai Kor:

Lt. Jg. Mordok JurISS, XO:

No summary was received.  To read the full reports, go to the CCC website at  http://www.crosswinds.net/~cccommand/qapla.html



TroubleShooters TaskForce Command:

Captain Borg zantai K'Mpec:

A new year is apon us...it is the start of the 2376th Year Of Kahless.  The war against the Dominion has passed, but a new war is brewing on the homefront.

I had rescued two of my three missing consorts, who appear to have been kidnapped by some of those who support Martok for Chancellor.  There has been unrest amongst the High Council.  Among  many High Council meetings and through reliable sources I did finded out that B'Etor, not Toral is head of DuraS House.  And that Kerrod Chang and B'Etor DuraS have secretly become bondmates.

I had also slowly gained enough support through the rank and file of the High Council to be nominated as Chancellor.  My supporters on the High Council have informed me, they think that a Klingon Civil War can be averted as long as I accept the position of Chancellor.  Some of the High Councilors stepped forward, denounncing Martok as Chancellor and suggesting me as Chancellor, which caught Martok and his supports by surprise.

Councilmember STaVanES, K'Nera, L'Down, K'Temoc, Vagh, K'Vada, Reshtarc, Simparri, Subaiesh, Koord, Kargan, Limmni, Solazarn, Roshka, Valkris and K'Tral support me as Chancellor (I did the honorable thing by abstaining) so it looks like a three way fight between me, DuraS and Martok, if I accept the nomination.

Toral DuraS' clone was handed over to N.I. without incident.  I just didn't have the heart to mention that.  That cloned Toral will just lead N.I. on a wild goose chase.


(wo' bIq'a ghom):

Lt.jg. Mordok vestai-JurISS:

In the wake of the Dominion war, and having lost two commnders, IMC has been placed under the aegis of Global Military until such time as a suitable candidate may be found.



(‘ejyo’waw’ ra’)

Adm. Katalyia zantai-K’Tore-Jiraal:

While heading to Qo'noS at top speed, Volar informed me of the situation and the escalation of a civil war.  I agreed to add my voice to those in support of Martok and accompany Volar to the Conference.  I then headed down to the shuttle bay to check on the security of my ship.

Upon arrival at Qo'noS, I accompanied Volar to the transporter room and beamed down.  As his Commander materialized next to us, I saw that Volar stiffened, and before the Commander could say anything, I stepped forward saying 'Commander, let me congratulate you on your choice of Officers.  This one broke rank to assist me in getting out of a very difficult situation.  I commend him.' When it appeared that he would protest, I stated 'I would advise you to remember an Admiral's orders out weigh those of a Commander's.' Then nailing him with a glare 'Do we understand each other?' The Commander continued his glare for a few moments, then nodded curtly to me.  Motioning for us to follow him, we entered the conference chamber.

I stood and listened to the others voice their support of General Martok to retain his chancellor's seat in the High Council.  I added my support by voicing that there was not one here that had not fought harder to maintain control over the situation than Martok and dared anyone to disagree with me.

At that moment, a noise in the back of the room drew my attention as well as everyone else's.  I turned and watched in surprise as the door burst open and K'Lay entered the council chamber, dragging Toral with her, to claim the floor.  Stepping back, I proceeded to watch the display, keeping my eyes open for trouble.  If K'Lay was here, so was the assassin.

I watched as K'Lay forced Toral to his knees, only mildly surprised to see the dagger at his throat.  I glanced at Volar, who was standing next to me, keeping a vigilant watch of the officers in the room.  Seeing that we both suspected something to be amiss, we separated, keeping each other in sight.

K'Lay proceeded to tell those gathered, that Toral had taken her children and that she would do anything to gain their return.  I hoped this did not include Toral's death, as we needed him alive to gain further information to stop the war.  But knowing K'Lay, I knew this would not stop her.  Just as a noticed a suspicious movement, she let out with a yell 'Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!' A moment later, chaos broke loose.  I headed toward Martok, aware that he would be a target, and found myself under attack.  Not knowing who was the aggressor, I drew my knife and thrust it at him, feeling it hit the target.

Pushing the now dead body out of my way, I forced my way to Martok's side.

Seeing one of his honor guards go down, I immediately took his place and said in a loud voice to the survivors 'Get Martok out of here!  I will assist!

Move!' Seeing that I was in charge, we slowly fought our way out the door.  Seeing that Martok was wounded, I ordered his remaining guards to take him to Sarena's hospital.  I then re-entered the room and took up a guard position at the door.  Who ever decided to start this mess, had picked the wrong time to mess with the line of K'Tore!


(rIvSo’ ra’ghom):

Adm. K’Lay Chang epetai-K’Onor:

In an uncharted region of space, Azel Tavana's ship has been found, and the once Commander of Medical Operations is given treatment herself by a race of beings she cannot now remember, any more than she can remember who she was, or what events triggered all the pain that had driven her to seek the Long Night of the First Death.  Pain that had driven her to the stasis chamber and subspace for what she expected to be forever.  But the beings who had changed all that had also reversed her course, and had redirected her back home...

But home was not peaceful now, and from the looks of it, a bloody civil war would still be raging when she returned.  So far the sides were simple: 

Martok's supporters against a faction or factions who believed that the rulership of the Empire belonged in the hands of the older, noble Houses and not in the hands of a simple military leader.  The tactics they used, however, were far from simple...blackmail, extortion, betrayal and kidnapping...in the latter case, the heirs of House Chang, Krell, Morag and Morath, and, in retaliation, the heir to House DuraS...Toral. 

Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang had come home as Diplomatic Corps Commander to find a diplomatic way to end the hostilities and found herself neck deep in the middle of the war!  Search parties had failed to find either the attackers of her House or her children, and she did not even know who had betrayed her from within until Abbot K'Obol's training and past contacts in intell led them to her cha'dich Kerrod who had not only orchestrated her children's abduction but was plotting with DuraS to assassinate Martok as well.  Luring him to council chambers on the premise that someone else was going to be named as traitor and given discommendation, K'Lay confronted him, and surrounded by House Chang members and Allies alike, conducted a discommendation ceremony before pronouncing him to death.  Kerrod tries to escape, but is prevented from it by K'Reger Chang, the newest member of House Chang, and K'Mund Jaj who cut out the traitor's lying tongue before handing him over to the Abbot for execution.  The sentence is carried out swiftly and artfully, the Abbot skilled in such things, and oaths of fealty to Martok sworn again.

But victory is short, as when they return to the Abbot's castle in the First City, a ransom note from house DuraS awaits them there.  The heirs to House Chang will be killed if K'lay does not withdraw her support of Martok, and now the stakes have been raised.  K'Logh Chang has been taken hostage too, being held incommunicado, and he will also die.  Knowing that she cannot succumb to blackmail, K'lay sent GM, CGC and beq forces out to hunt for her family, sends Krowgon Drexa out to negotiate and buy time with the DuraS', and waited in hope that a miracle would occur.  When it did not, when even Krowgon's renowned diplomatic skills and persuasive abilities failed, she was left with only one choice.

Beaming directly into council chambers with the captive Toral DuraS whom K'Logh had managed to procure for her before being himself captured, K'lay threatened to slit Toral's throat if her family was not returned, backed up by K haufen Juriss, Kovan Chang and GS forces as well as by the beq.  Abbot K'Obol, who has been searching for a miracle himself, burstsinto the room along with N.I.  Commander Stephen Kronsei just as she was holding the knife to Toral's throat, both telling her not to kill Toral...K'Obol because he had learned that her children have been found and are on the way home.

Just then Mordok JuriSS, KlySa'ra VelaH', Karg Qul MupwI' and other GM forces burst into the room, her children with them.  Taking the opportunity to escape while her concentration is elsewhere for that split second, Toral did not get far before Mordok felled him with a paralyzing agent, and left him for NI to deal with.  K'Lay ran for her children and reached them just as the shooting began.  The room was in chaos.  Covering the heirs to House Chang with her body, she saw Katalyia and Volar gathering equally protectively around chancellor Martok, the apparent target of an assassination attempt, and saw a wounded Khaufen JuriSS taking off running after someone who appeared to be...herself! 



Lt. K’logh sutai-Chang:

Triangle Command - supplemental  (Adm. K’Lay Chang)

::As The admiral touches the padd, it activates , recognizing her heat and genetic signatures as they were entered by her brother...it reads :: personal log: K'logh Chang:: 

I have once again double-crossed the DuraS; you will find an arms shipment that was supposed to be delivered by me to the DuraS.  It was the reason behind my abduction.  They kidnapped me in order to secure arms for their house, as I had emptied their war chest in my last raid, they felt that they needed to acquire weapons one way or another.  Some had wanted to execute me for what I had done but cooler heads prevailed and decided to use me and my contacts with the underworld, to acquire the weapons for them;

Triangle Commander K'Logh Chang, who was abducted by House DuraS and is being held incommunicado and for ransom by them.  Their purposes with him are as yet uncertain, but their intent is clear, as can be seen from the ransom note sent to Admiral K'Lay K'Onor Chang:

We are the Duras we have abducted your brother, the one known as K'logh.  no rescues are to be made, any attempts will result in his death.  we will release him when he has fulfilled his purpose.  as long as you follow our instructions he will not be harmed.  no communications will be received from this point on.  you will be informed. The DuraS

We await information about our brave pirate brother, and vow that we shall not forget who is responsible for his loss.  The DuraS and their allies will be held responsible.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY COMMAND:  (Qed cham je ra’ghom):

Capt. Volar zantai-K'zota:

HovpoH: 0001.19

From the start of things, Capt. Volar easily picked up on the wagings of nearing civil war.  At the beginning, Adm. Katalyia and Capt. Volar's entrance seemed to be surprising, especially when it came to additional votes to the council floor.  As soon as General Martok took position and Adm. K'Lay drug out Toral DuraS, the fighting ensued.

Finally finding his way through the mess, Volar nearly tripped over the object of the chaos, Toral.  Confronting the still green young man, Volar uncovered the obvious and tossed him back into the fray.  He had not the ability nor the gall to pull off a shunt as incredible as K'Lay's missing children.  In nothing more than a few minutes, a shot arced across the council floor and brought down an Honor Guard, an apparent misshapped assassination attempt on Gen. Martok.

Leaving the council floor during the Klingon political process, Volar dispatched both Lt.  Qra'kyn to the Science and Technology Commission and Lt.Cmdr.  K'Thug to the MOC Medical Center.  Turning up the murder of one Honor Guard and the apparent financial backing of House DuraS by another major Line House of the council in the process.  Keeping both planetside for further investigation, Volar left orbit for the return of Maj. Lauryn and Specialist Mikel, along with two new temporary additions.

Weighing the balance of things, only one threat remains...that everything Volar has feared is about to break the Empire wide open.


(lInDab ra’ghom)

Abbot K'Obol Chang-K'Onor:

The Abbot having dealt finally with Malkuth the Rebel, and having closed the Cetagandian Episode with great satisfaction, he decided to take some time in the near future for himself, to get to know his mate and his new children in a more peaceful setting than a military base, or the cold, sterile confines of a monastic order of clerics.  He searched his schedule, and spoke with his senior officers, identifying a few things which required his personal attention, and then advised his staff that he was going on leave to Qo'noS with his family.  For a month, NOTHING could be serious enough to disturb him, as he very clearly informed them.  Among the matters requiring his hand were the ordination of Dintro TakBeta, a student of the Order who had completed his years of training, and was ready for assignment as a Field Advisor to a Marine detachment, to act as a Voice of the god in all necessary matters, and also to ordain his brother, M'Red, as a Priest of Durgath and Claw of Veqlargh.  The ordination of a Claw was an event that the Order had not seen for some years, as the practise had been out of favour during the long "peace" which had started when the "Organians" had imposed their limitations on actions which the Empire and her opponents could take against each other.  The Claw was a special "Order within an Order", highly trained in tactical and strategic sciences, and gifted with special powers that stemmed from the study of those mental sciences, which were ordinarily forbidden to the Klingon peoples.  Those event safely concluded, K'Obol boarded ship for Qo'noS, where his mate and children already rested.  On the way, he received reports of unrest in First City, of open rebellion in some quarters, and of the edges of civil war, as a result of the political infighting on the High Council.  A faction of Councilors opposed to allowing General Martok to hold the Chancellorship had formed among some of the older noble Houses, not yet strong enough to seize power, but gaining steadily as they bought their allies.  The Abbot, knowing his mate's opinion, was prepared to support her choice, and instruct his Proctor to support Martok, as he was certain she would do.  As he got closer to the Homeworld, the reports increased in the levels of violence detailed each hour; the situation was swiftly deteriorating.  Two days out, he received a coded message from K'Lay; her three eldest children, the established heirs of Chang, had been kidnapped from the House Chang stronghold in First City, the estate near destroyed, and dozens of faithful retainers slaughtered.  She had been left with a ransom note - If she supported Martok, her children would die.  She had immediately established a Command Centre at Castle K'Onor, since hers was laid waste, and had sent thousands of Chang retainers, as well as the Bortas Beq, in search of not only her children, but also of those who had perpetrated such a villainous crime as attempting to extort a Klingon. 

Instructing his crew to increase their leisurely pace to maximum warp, he informed K'Lay only that he was on the way to her side.  Privately, he contacted several old agent friends, from his days in active II service, and gave out specific assignments, according to his particular suspicions. 

Arriving at First City nearly a day and a half ahead of his expected landfall, he spent that time with his agents, watching and listening, storing information away, and learning much that would be of benefit to Martok's cause, but nothing about the locations of the hostages.  He did, most importantly, learn who in her household had betrayed her.  He eventually disclosed his arrival to K'Lay, and together they made plans to defeat those who hoped to steal the honour of both Chang and K'Onor.  In front of the High Council, later that day, the Abbot made clear to the miscreant House that he not only knew they were behind the attack, but that he had identified the formerly honest Klingon whose faithfulness they had suborned; he knew it all.

In fact, he executed the traitor right in front of the House Duras station in the Council Chamber.  Chang was out for blood!  The Abbot and his now-bloodthirsty mate left the Council chamber, then, to return shortly with the titular head of House Duras - Toral the minor.  Just before K'Lay extracted revenge by slicing Toral in half, her children appeared in the hands of trusted members of the Bortas Beq, and Internal Intelligence intervened to take Toral for their purposes.

A busy time for the Admiral and the Abbot!


(pIvmoH ra’ghom):

Cmdr. Sarena zantai-Zu-Merz:

No summary was received.  To read the full report, go to the CCC website at:





(Dupjij ra'ghom botlh):

FAdm. K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz:

After speaking to the High Council on behalf of General Martok’a bid for the Chancellorship, Fleet Admiral K’Zhen  stood in amazement as Admiral K’Lay fought like the tigress she was for her children.  Ready to act at any time and command her personal guards, she waited to see if she or they would be needed.  She was relieved when K’Lay’s allies had come through, and the children were rescued and returned to their grateful mother.  The KSF worked well, she observed, in any crisis. 

Now it was a matter of averting civil war, or if that was to be impossible, winning it.  She was very much annoyed at Borg K’Mpec’s move to gain the chancellorship for himself.   She would regret killing him, he was otherwise a good and valuable officer, but it was he that had placed himself in the path of danger.  Martok would rule the High Council, no matter who had to be sacrificed.   Fadm. K’Zhen made this known in a loud voice just after Martok declared that it would be civil war…




-  Journey into Destiny  -

Pt IV - The Conclusion

by Kovan

Smoke curled around the darkened chamber in thick tendrils as it rose from the incense urn on the altar.  A feint orange glow from the large white candles on the altar.

In front of the altar sat the large, imposing figure of Worf.  Sat perfectly still, eyes closed and breathing in shallow slow breaths.  He was deep in meditation.  His recent imprisonment by the Breen, and his encounter with Ezri Dax had played  on his mind more than he had wished.  Meditation on how to proceed was the only way to make sense of events.

The war had taken a turn for the worse, the alliance between the Breen and the Dominion was more than the alpha quadrant alliance could cope with.


All these years the Breen had been a quiet race, very little was known about them.  Everyone who had entered their space was not seen again.  But now they had made their presence felt.  The energy weapons on their ships crippled their opponents allowing them to pick an enemy off at will.  They had a attacked Starfleet Headquarters, showing the alliance that they were not afraid of taking offensive action.  And only the Klingon ships were immune.  Things did not look good.

On top of this, he and Ezri had coupled.  It was an enjoyable experience, but it was not a relationship they could pursue, for one she was bound by the rules of Trill society not to carry on the relationships of past hosts.  Then there was the revelation during their imprisonment that she had feelings for Doctor Bashir.

Worf took a deep breath and settled further into his meditation, clearing his mind, allowing silence to crawl over him like a warm blanket.

After several minutes an image shimmered into existence in his minds eye.  It was a barren waste land, in the distance he could see a city in ruins.  The blackened carcasses of building poured acrid black smoke into the sky, the smell of charred flesh flooded his nostrils.

At first his mind returned to his childhood on Khitomer but something was not right.  The architecture of the buildings was different, they were Cardassian.

"This is the future Worf." a voice said behind him.  In a split second Worf had spun round and dropped into a casual defensive stance. On seeing who had spoken he relaxed.

"Darvin." Worf said.  The Time Guardian leaped down from an outcrop above him and walked towards the Klingon.

"It's been a long time my friend." he said.  Worf grunted and turned towards the ruins of the city.

"You said this is the future, what do you mean? This is Cardassia Prime isn't?" he said. Darvin came up level with him to overlook the city.

"It is.  The final legacy of this war.  The carnage will be massive." he said, disgust lacing his voice.

"If you have come here to ask me to convince the Federation to stop this war you will be disappointed.  These are the enemy and deserve no mercy." Worf growled. "They betrayed the Alpha Quadrant  and let the Dominion establish a foothold." he continued.

Darvin raised his hand to calm the Klingon.

"Hang fire Worf." he said. "I'm not here to do that.  The Allies don't do this, the Dominion does." a confused expression crossed Worf's face..".

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I shouldn't tell you. But, you win the war.  Right at the end the Cardassians realise the error of their ways and open fire on the Dominion and Breen ships." Darvin said in theatrically low voice for the effect of secrecy.

"You mean they realised they were on the loosing side and switched mid battle like sniveling Ferengi." Worf spat on the ground as though the words were  poison.

They stood in silence for several minutes.  Worf was taking in the scene with a renewed sense of exhilaration.  The Cardassians would at last be punished for their misdeeds.  There was a perverse sense of justice to the whole scenario.  He snapped away from his thoughts and turned to face his companion.

"So why are you here.  You only ever visit when you have some hoop for me to jump through."

"You're right." Darvin answered. "But I'm hurt you think that they are hoops.  I thought you'd be honoured to help things remain calm in the galaxy." he said.

Worf sighed heavily.

"OK. Well, you already  know you win the war, but what do you think will happen afterwards?"

"I don't know what you mean. If we win we win.  The honour will be ours.."  Davin smiled

"A typically Klingon reply.  Try thinking like a Romulan instead." He said, Worf snarled at the thought.  Davin continued.

"Once this is over all the major powers will be heavily weakened to a point where you'll all be vulnerable.  The two strongest powers will be the Federation and Romulans.  Can you imagine the Romulans sitting back quietly and not taking advantage of this."

Worf shifted his stance as he mulled the idea over in his mind.  There was a long history of distrust and blood between the Romulans and the Klingon Empire.

"I see your point. The Romulans would almost certainly take advantage of the Empire's weakness if they could. They are without honour." He said to the Time Guardian.

By now darkness had fallen over the Capital city of Cardassia.  The two men sat by a small fire and eating strips of eat from an animal Worf had caught and was now slowly roasting over the flames.

In the distance fires that were burning up what remained of the decimated buildings cast an eerie orange glow on the horizon as the light reflected of the thick smoke that hung over the city like a funeral shroud.  At irregular intervals explosions pierced the silence as the flames found isolated plasma conduits that were still live.

Worf finished eating and looked up to face Davin who was sat on the far side of the fire.

"So why am I here." he asked.

"That's simple.  Before war was officially declared with the Dominion the Klingons and the Federation  ended their treaty and began fighting.  That must not be allowed to happen again." Davin said in reply to Worf's question.

"I agree, together the Federation and the Empire can maintain the balance and peace that existed before.  But what does this have to do with me?" the Klingon asked.  Davin looked at him through the flames for a long while then replied.

"Do you remember when i first visited you as a child on Khitomer?"


"And that I told you that you were an important key for the future?"

"Yes I do remember" Worf said as the memory of that first meeting after the bombing of his home world by the Romulans came flooding back.

"Well this is that future Worf.  You will be the key to the continued alliance. After the battle is over Martok will ask you to be his Ambassador to the Federation.  You must agree." Davin said.

Worf stood in silence as he assimilated the information.  So, this was the important role that was promised to him all those years ago.  It was an honourable task and he would make sure he would be ready.

"When will this happen?" he asked.  The Time Guardian gave and feint smile and replied,

"I can't tell you when exactly but it is soon." he paused for a second to look towards the city then turned back to the Klingon.

"It's time to leave, our time here is done.  Your journey into destiny is about to begin Mr. Worf, it will be a long hard road, but don't waste the opportunities that will present themselves."

Worf's eyes snapped open, he was back on Deep Space Nine where his meditation had begun.  The room was still dim but the candles had burnt out. 

"Computer, what is the time." he called out.  Immediately the harsh voice of the Cardassian computer replied.

"The time is 0200 hours." with quick calculations Worf realised he had been in his meditation for seven hours.  But it had seemed longer.

Standing, he walked over to the replicator and ordered a prune juice and blood pie.  He set them down on the table and ate in silence contemplating what Davin had told him, and what the near future would bring.  It was good to know that they would win the war. He just wished he could tell the others.


The war had been over for three months.  Worf looked out across the Klingon capital.  It was a great morning.  For days the City had been shrouded with thick cloud and pouring rain.  Today it had lifted and the sky was clear.  He ha decided early in the day that he would go hunting after he had carried out his duties.

In the after days of the war he had seen to it the alliance between the Empire and the Federation had been maintained.  It had not been difficult.  The camaraderie felt on both sides was great, they had fought side by side during the war and done it well.  The fact that the alliance had been victorious had only served to strengthen the alliance.

But now things did not look so well, there were rumours of unrest.  With the death of Gowron the Durass were once again on the move, scheming behind closed doors, planning to seize power for themselves in the empire.

They had worked with Romulans twice before, it would only be logical that they would do so again.  The Romulans would stop at nothing to see the empire fall.  He had spoken of hi concerns with Martok and Admiral Ross, they had both agreed with his assessment and that extreme vigilance would be needed.  Both Klingon and Starfleet intelligence agents had been assigned to keep an eye on events in the Klingon and Romulan Empires to look for signs of treachery.

However, today he would go hunting. He need a distraction to clear his mind and focus his thoughts.  The door chime signalled that a visitor was waiting to be admitted.

"Enter" he called out loud enough for the comm unit to pick up.  The doors hissed open and Chancellor Martok entered the room.

"Worf my friend it is a great day for the hunt." he said as he threw a spear to his friend.  Worf caught it and a smile played across his face as the thought of the hunt raced through his mind.

"It is indeed.  My duties for the day are complete.  I am ready to go." he said as he threw his pack over his shoulder.

The two Klingons left the office and headed to the waiting transport in the street.  It sped of the forest to the north of the city.  It was a great hunting ground well stocked with the fiercest of animals on all of Qo'nos.

Leaving the transport at the edge of the forest Worf and Martok put on their packs, picked up their hunting spears and walked into the thick foliage.

The light was dim under the thick canopy above them, it made it more difficult to see.  This was a favourable situation among the Klingon schools as it forced students to rely heavily on other instincts, smell, sound, touch.  It made them stronger warriors.

The pair walked quietly through the undergrowth looking for any signs of a worthy prey.  After ten minutes they heard the sound of a Targ in the distance.  Stooping low they moved towards the noise.

Stopping at the edge of a clearing Martok moved a shrub aside to allow them a clearer view.  To the left side of the clearing they could see an adult male Targ.  It was ripping the flesh from a small mammal and was noisily swallowing it down.

The creature looked up from it' meal and began to sniff the air.  From their vantage point the Klingons could see the crimson blood of the creature's meal dripping from it' snout.  After a minute of sniffing the air it turned and looked diretly at their hiding point.  The wind had betrayed their presence.

Detecting the presence of the hunters the Targ abandoned it's meal and raced into the foliage on the opposite side of the clearing.  Martok slammed his spear into the ground in anger.

"We must give chase." He said to Worf. "We will spit up.  You flank right, I will take left.  Circle round and cut of the creature's escape route." he continued.  Worf nodded his agreement.  They split up and headed into the forest after the Targ.

For twenty minutes he had walked through the forest following the Targ's scent.  It was a clever beast, eluding him.  Stopped for a minute to drink some water from his canteen.

"I will never understand the Klingon obsession with hunting lower life forms.  It's not as if they are worthy prey, they have no intelligence to provide a challenge".

Worf turned to look in the direction of the voice.  As he had suspected Davin stood leaning against a tree, this time wearing his normal uniform of a Time Guardian.

"I've been keeping an eye on you Worf since our last meeting.  You've done well for yourself.  Need to keep a close eye on that Durass problem though." he said.

"What do you know of the Durass?" Worf demanded, the burning of the hunter's spirit was still coursing through his blood making him more aggressive than he intended to be towards Davin.

"Keep your temper my friend.  That I can't tell you I'm afraid.  It is something that you must deal with without our help I'm afraid."  He moved away from the tree and picked up the spear that Worf had laid on the ground. He examined the tip.

"Nasty looking weapon" he said as he tossed it back to Worf.

"That's the intention" the Klingon growled in reply.

"Indeed.  Well, I'm here to say goodbye my friend." Davin said.

"Goodbye?" Worf responded, clearly confused.

"Yes.  We must part company now.  My job is done.  I was assigned to put you on the right path and make sure you had all the necessary information to lead you to this point.  What you o now, how you carry on the journey is up to you.  But I'm sure you'll do well." he answered.

"I see. Well, goodbye." Worf responded in his usual Klingon manner.

Davin removed a control pad from his belt and activated that controls.  Behind him a portal opened and he walked towards it.

"Will I see you ever again?" Worf asked.  Davin stood his approach to the portal.

"I doubt it.  I'll be re-assigned to a new project.  Besides, you don't need me anymore." he replied.

"In that case, it has been an honour to know you." Worf spoke.  Davin gave  a feint smile and nod in Worf's direction.

"Thank you." he said and walked into the portal.  Worf was left alone in the Forest.  The future was waiting for him.  In the distance he heard the cry of the Targ and continued the hunt.

©2000 Chris Rogers











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By LT Ruthar

A Klingon, a Cardassian, and Bajoran are out riding horses. The Klingon pulls out an expensive bottle of Bloodwine, takes a long draught then another and suddenly throws it into the air, pulls out his disrupter and shoots the bottle in midair.

The Cardassian looks at him and says, "What are you doing? That was a perfectly good bottle of Bloodwine!"

The Klingon says, "On Qo'nos, there is plenty of Bloodwine and the bottles are cheap."

A while later, not wanting to be outdone, the Cardassian pulls out a bottle of Kanar, takes a few sips, throws the Kanar into the air, pulls out his blaster and shoots it in midair.

The Bajoran can't believe his eyes, "What the heck did you do that for? That was a perfectly good bottle of Kanar!"

The Cardassian says, "On Cardassia, we have plenty of Kanar and bottles are cheap."

So, awhile later, the Bajoran pulls out a bottle of Recantha Province Champagne.

He opens it, takes a sip, then another, then chugs the whole bottle. He then puts the bottle in his saddlebag, pulls out his weapon, turns around and shoots the Cardassian.

The Klingon, surprised, says, "Why in the name of Kah'less did you do that?!"

The Bajoran replies, "On Bajor, we have plenty of Cardassians and the bottles are worth 5 strips of latinum."


v  vavwIjvaD gha'tlhlq  -

-  An Ode of Respect for My Father  -

By QIS Torak (Christopher Torak) HovpoH 99.0210


no’mat DlSmeyvo’ ‘uqra’ HuDmeyvaD SIQa1 blQtlqvo’ chu’paq bIQ’a’vaD lurSor rIgeng QIStaq HuD je Daq Sar ngechvaD Qo’rioSvo’ boretlh wovvaD

tlhlngan Hoch HIQoy bIQ’a’ DoqDaq ‘oHtaH ‘etlh’e’


Sonchly yuSlv ‘epetay toraq tuq vaj puqloD no’toDuj ngaspu’

val; Huy’ rur~1ugh; Sor rur.Sagh; Ho”oy’ rur batLh Dujmey law’ chljpu’

may’ law’Daq betLheH yanpu’ DeSDu’Daj HoS jagh ghljmoHtaH qu’ tlqDaj



‘1w blQtlqDaq jaHpu’

jagh lucharghlu’ta’bogh HuH lungaSpu’ ghopDu”Daj tlqDaj ‘uy batlh law’


narghpu’ qa’Daj ‘ach taH may’ reH yo’ qljDaq batlh tu’jaj reH wlqawbejtaHneS

‘ej qaStaHvlS puq poHmey puqloDpu’Daj puqloDpu’chaj je quvmoHtaH


chal jachmeymaj’e’ luQommoHjaj qa’mey DlghuHmoHbejjaj:

“peghuH, peghuH! ghoS Suvwl’. Qapla’!”


From the caves of No’mat to the Uqrah mountains

From the River Skraal to the Chupaq Sea

From Lake Lursor and Mount Kri’stak to the sSar Valley

From Kronos to Bright Boreth

All Klingons give ear: the sword is cast into a crimson ocean


A Warrior is dead: Yussif Epetay, House of Torak, Warrior Son.

He was full of the courage of the ancestors

He was clever as an eyebrow, correct as a tree, serious as a toothache

He has navigated many Warrior’s ships with honor

In many battles, His arms were strong to lift the Bat’tleh high

His heart was fierce to keep the enemy afraid


He has travelled the river of blood

His hands bathed in the gall of his enemies

His heart is burdened with many honors



His spirit has escaped, yet the battle continues

May he find honor now with the Black Fleet, my father

We shall always honor his memory without fail

And he shall honor his sons and their sons for generations



Let our screams shake the heavens

Let us warn the dead:

“Beware, Beware! A warrior comes.



05.04.00 Production Dispatch @ startrek.com:

Rick Berman, Executive Producer of Star Trek: Voyager, confirmed that a new Star Trek series is in the works, and will premiere after Voyager concludes its seven-year run, as reported last night on UPN affiliate KCOP in Los Angeles.

"I think we've come up with a concept that's dramatically different from Voyager or Deep Space Nine, but at the same time it's going to definitely be Star Trek at its core," Berman said. The new series will likely debut in
September 2001, according to the news segment. Berman also spoke about the final season of Voyager, saying that the series will conclude either with the U.S.S. Voyager returning home, or remaining lost in the Delta Quadrant. "There are a great number of repercussions in either scenario," he said, pointing out that the fates of certain characters come into question if they reach Earth. For example, what will happen to the Maquis crew members who are outlaws to the Federation, the Doctor whose holographic program has far exceeded its original design, and Seven of Nine, whose Borg heritage will be of great interest to Starfleet? If the crew remains stuck on the other side of the galaxy, Berman said, "there are numerous interrelationships between our characters that might be dealt with in very unique ways."

Berman promised that fans can expect some major surprises from Star Trek:  Voyager in the next year. "I would always like to believe that, with one
season left, the best episodes are yet to come," he said.


lagh T'var quless vestai Byle


The 'Star Trek Sticker book.' is quite a useful book depending upon what you use it for.

I received this book for Christmas, which was ummmmm sometime ago now!!

I find it quite useful; it has stickers from every Star Trek series, from TOS, to VOY, and everything in between.

It includes the sorts of labels that were used to label the doors on TNG, Starfleet equipment from early TOS tricorders, to modern VOY communicator pins.

Most of the famous Starships are in here, the TOS Enterprise, the A, D, and E, and the USS Excelsior, Voyager, and Defiant. I was a little disappointed though that it doesn't include the Enterprise B, and C,

because after all this is ment to be 'A history of Star Trek in stickers.'

It has insignia of Starfleet, and many other races. Romulans, Cardassians, Borg, Breen, Jem'hadar, Trill, and some other minor races from TNG, Worf by and Voyager.  Of course it has the best part sticker from the Klingon Empire,
including birds of prey, Vor'cha class attack cruisers, the Negh'var, and much more.

To back this all up, and to prove the people at Paramount didn't just make this all up as they were going along, they have also included many pages of history, which include things such as: Where each logo was seen first, what it ment, how it was used, and of course how at paramount created it.

The artwork and colouring of the stickers, and indeed the whole book is very good, I wouldn't say amazing, because its not, but any keen Star Trek fan must at least see this book, if not buy it.

I give it a good 6.5 out of 10.



From Star Trek: Continuum.

Okay, fellow Klingons, you're sorry the war is over with its opportunityfor glorious battles?  Never fear:

The war isn't over yet and the Federation has not yet begun to fight.

Simon & Schuster Interactive has announced today that "Dominion Wars," their newest Star Trek title is due to ship in Fall 2000. This real time strategy game will focus on tactical space combat. The game will be developed by Los Angeles-based Gizmo Games.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars allows gamers simultaneous control of up to six different ships from either the Federation, Klingon, Cardassian and Jem'Hadar in real time combat. Players are able to recruit a range of different ships and Captains through the use of a point system and engage in both single and multi-player battles. The game provides an unprecedented level of control over each ship for a space combat game.  Each mission is designed with multiple objectives, thus challenging the player to come up with unique strategies for victory. Game interface and player controls are designed for flexibility, facilitating creative tactical thinking in an action setting.

Dominion Wars is being built using the QUANTUM engine, developed by Mass Media Inc. The QUANTUM  engine represents the state of the art in real time graphics for PC gaming, incorporating sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) functionality.

"As long-time as gamers and Star Trek fans, we here at Gizmo are very excited to have the  opportunity to contribute another great game to Simon and Schuster's ongoing line-up of Star Trek products," Said Gary Wagner, president of Gizmo Games.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars takes its title from the epic story line of the last seasons of the television show. The Federation and their allies the Klingons battled for control of the Alpha Quadrant against the Cardassians and the invading Dominion Alliance.

Executive Producer of the game Ken Gordon of Simon & Schuster Interactive produced the company's recent Star Trek release "The Fallen." He was quoted as saying, "In approaching the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine licenses, we realized that the Dominion War's story had the potential to be a great tactical space combat game. With Gizmo, we feel we have the perfect team to make "Dominion Wars" an engaging game for both fans and gamers alike. "Dominion Wars," is going to be a huge title for us next Christmas."

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars will be available for the PC
(Windows 98/95).

-  tlhIngan wo' SarI'  -
by catmon@usa.net    HovpoH 200003.09

nuqneH? When I read of the passing of John Colicos, I was filled with great sadness. So I put pen to paper and wrote a gaTH'k for the character for which we may remember him best. It's in tlhIngan Hol with English below. Qapla'!

qor DaHar pInvaD gha'thlIq

mova' 'aqI' ruStaq!
DaHar pIn tIn Da rIntaH qor'e'.
reH tay' rIntaH qolIqoS tuq ghaH je.
reH SuvwI' puqloD Da rIntaH.
HoS maS rIntaH 'ej pung par rIntaH.
pIj monchugh vay' not voq rIntaH.
wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap nughojmoH rIntaH.

'orghenya'yuQ 'e' batlh Dan rIntaH 'ej qum rIntaH.
qItI'nga' may'Dujmey law' chIj rIntaH.
tlhach DI'qel braqItDaq charghbej rIntaH.
qorma' ngech Hubmo' jaghpu' law' HoH rIntaH.
tI'nagh mangghom pe'vIl bI'chu'DI'
nIteb Qob qaD qeng qolotlh je 'e' chawbe' rIntaH.
romuluSyuQ yot ngIlDI' ngugh DoqchoHpu' 'apneQ bIQtIq bIQ.
SeqoruS loSDaq bortaS gho SoQmoHchu'DI'
qeng qolotlh je lonbe' rIntaH.
batlh vulqanyuQ Duy'a' Da rIntaH.

tlhach DI'qel braqIt, qorma' ngech, romuluSyuQ, SeqoruS loS je Daq
batlh betleH luyanchu' rIntaH DeSDu'Daj po'.
qeylIS betleHna' vaSqu' lupeplaH rIntaH ghopDu'Daj HoS.
jaghmey ghIjchu' rIntaH tIqDu'Daj qu'.
volchaHDu'Daj 'uy rIntaH yaymeyna' law'.
Ha'qujDaj 'uy rIntaH DaHar Deghna'.

reH Hegh yoHwI'pu''e'
'ach Hovmey van rIntaH
'ej not Hovmey lulIjjaj !

Hegh rIntaH qor'e' 'ej nargh qa'Daj.
HeghbatDajmo' 'ejwo'na' naQ'e'
luQommoHjaj lujachbogh tlhInganmey.
vaj yo'vetlh qIj wIghuHmoHjaj:
" ghoQoy! ghoQoy! ghoS SuvwI'na'. Qapla' ! "

GaTH'k to Dahar-Master Kor

Today is a good day to die!
Kor was a great Dahar-Master.
He was always a part of the House of Kolikos.
He always behaved as a warrior's son.
He prefered power to mercy.
He never trusted those who smiled too much.
And he taught us that we succeed when we are united in a greater whole.

He occupied and governed the planet Organia with dignity.
He navigated many K'tinga cruisers.
He won a decisive victory at Klach D'kel Brakt.
In defense of Korma Pass, he killed many foes.
While forcefully sweeping awat the army of T'nag, he didn't let Kang or Koloth face danger alone.
When he dared to attack the planet Romulus, the Apnex Sea turned red that day.
He didn't abandon Kang and Koloth when he closed the circle of vengeance on Secorus IV.
And he honorably executed the office of Ambassador to Vulcan.

At Klach D'Kel Brakt, Korma Pass, Romulus and Secorus IV,
He honorably wielded the batleth in his expert hands.
And his powerful hands were able to hold the formidable batleth of Kahless.
His fierce heart brought fear to many enemies.
Many victories have weighed upon his shoulders.
And the insignia of Dahar-Master has burdened his sash.

It is the brave who always perish,
but it is they who salute the stars,
and they whom the stars may never forget!

Kor has died, and his spirit escapes.
At his passing, the screams of Klingons everywhere
make the very Empire tremble.
Let us then give warning to the Black Fleet:
"Beware! Beware! The warrior comes. Qapla'!"



Cover Artwork by Bobbi Hawkins and reprinted by permission of Randy Landers Zine, ORION 27,1998,   (http://www.mindspring.com/~randylanders/), "qelaS – cheers ©" by  Heather McCoy (qe'pIS  'artIS) 

Credits for individual articles appear under the relevant titles - retlho'

Other Artwork by Ke'reth Makura, K'Zhen Zu-merz or created/modified by qe'San be'rawn.

Last but not least everyone who has contributed to the club.

nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI' - A warrrior doesn't let a friend face danger alone.


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