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Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang

Just the other day, retired Thought-Admiral Keel K'Ta'ri sent me a batch of old files from the KSF, and for several hours I lost myself in old rosters and histories and Strike Force memorabilia that reminded me how much things have changed and how far we've come. 

It wasn't so very long ago that role plays, post reports and the occasional letter were our only means of regular communication, official correspondence from one's DivCom or Sector Commander arriving usually just once a quarter.  The pace we worked at was slow, which was a good thing, because communications, via land mail (that frequently seemed to get delayed or lost between countries.) was slow as well.

The pace has gone to warp 9 since then, and communications have exploded.  Last trimester, we broke the new record for role plays sent in, set only the trimester before, posting more than 140 new RPG turns via the KSF Klin Zha listserve.  We went from "message board" chatting in the Hot Blood Bar in the mid-90s (where people could hide and we couldn't tell who all was there) to real time chatting in the Raktajino room Q'Rul DuppIm created in 1998, to our latest two rooms, dedicated to the KSF, where we are working on two separate schedules to accomodate everyone who wants to meet. The KSF listserve is over 4 years old, and contains nearly 5,600 messages.  Battle Lines is online too, and if you're so inclined, you can read issues dating all the way back to the Winter of 1998  Think how many Admiral's Thoughts that would be..... ::smile:: 

The latest update we're in the process of making is to our post reports and how we do them.   Although post reports can still be e-mailed (or land mailed) to Sector Commanders at the end of each trimester, and Sector COs will still be sending out reminder notices, you will now have the option of posting your reports directly online at a website qe'San has set up for just that purpose.   It's quick, simple and can be done whenever it's convenient for you at: 


         So go check it out.  And while you're at it, take a minute to update your address books with all the latest KSF URLs, listed elsewhere in this issue of BATTLE LINES.   They'll give you the latest view of how we're changing to meet
our evolving needs.


Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang
Klingon Strike Force Commander in Chief
Klingon Strike Force High Command
tlhIngan HIvbeq ra'ghomquv


by Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn

"Oh Boy" yet again Battle Lines is overdue... Damn Cardassians... Still popping up here and there and needed taking care of.  Needless to say, mind your footing, as decaying entrails tend to act like the proverbial banana skin.

Hopefully you'll find the issue worth it in the end.  Took a while to get the K'Tinga bridge image suitable to include.

Don't forget we need articles, fiction, artwork.. Please send it to me at my normal email or BLeditor@btinternet.com .  I know we have a great deal of creative talent in the KSF. On the fiction front we only have to look at the CCC RPG or Klin Zha to see the fiction abilities... Oops.. I mean how SuvwI' are able to write up there accounts of adventures. Asside from artwork and fiction what about book reports.. I do not believe that everyone has stopped reading and I know Simon and Schuster haven't stopped publishing Star Trek books... So how about some reviews on some of the latest stuff.

Anyway enough of my nagging.. Enjoy!

nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI'
A warrior doesn't let a friend face danger alone.



teH Hel Mo'Klar K'Onor - rank promotion to Lieutenant
Kimpla Dorig-Dokmarr Zu-Merz - rank promotion to Commander
T'Lara Zu-Merz - rank promotion to Captain

qe'San be'rawn - honorific promotion to epetai
K'Obol Chang-K'Onor - honorific promotion to epetai
Volar epetai K'Zota-K'Onor - rank promotion to Admiral


LCmdr. Luciouslips vestai-JurISS-Chang - role playing quality and quantity



Compiled by Admiral Katalyia KíTore-Jiraal
GSA Commander

Due to remodeling, the reminder for the Sector Reports were not sent out. Thanks to those who sent in a Sector/Post Report without the reminder.

Sector One
Filed by
Commander K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-Jiraal 

U  Commander K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-Jiraal reporting:   Nothing too exciting this past quarter - still wrangling the Little Darlings (aka the 3-to-9-year-olds) and trying not to turn into a blithering maniac in the process.  --    In Victory,   Commander K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-Jiraal, Division of Imperial Intelligence, Commanding Officer - GSA Sector 1, IKV Do'HoS

U  Kosh Zantai Zu-Merz - Curtis D. Martin : Howdy all!        Well ... what the heck happened to me during the last three months ... I didn't move again! {{:7)

I did change my ISP to Fox Internet, they were my first ISP after AOL when I got out of the USAF in 1992, just to get on the Net and have an E-mail addy, all I have to use the IE browser and my Incredimail E-mail program; no other program to download like AOL, MSN, Earthlink and JUNO require of ye! I never utilized all their features anyway!

I finally got all my personal stuff out of a storage lot I was sharing with a past roommate... thank the Lord! Now my two felines have something else to tear up other then my futon couch, my papa son chair... or me!
Course, my apartment looked like I had just moved in again, what with a couple of boxes and a couple of pieces of furniture strewn about! But, at least I have all my things once again, I feel somewhat complete...  

For Christmas I took the Amtrak train down to Salem Oregon and saw my relatives there, it was pretty close to being on time this time... but it was two hours late leaving again! It may be cheaper and easier to ride then an airplane... but it seems to be late a lot lately. Thanksgiving, I took a plane down to Desert Hot Springs California (just SE of Los Angeles) and saw my Mother and her boyfriend... great weather down there! I also shot my first 18 hole golf game as well... a very tiring affair!  The eight same holes were played twice, and the golf course was in the middle of a trailer park, with a small lake and palm trees of course, it was sunny and warm ... come to think of it ... it seems to be always sunny and warm when I go down there! {{:7)  At least I didn't take out anyones windows or bombard the tops of their roofs with my golf balls.  Two days ago ... it was 80 degrees for a high there!  Oh, the humanity...

It seemed almost every region of the U.S. and the Eastern part of Canada had to deal with weird and wild weather, except for Southern California of course, the Pacific Northwest had to to deal with flooding and ... heavens forbid ... snow!  It had been literally years since I had seen snow before Christmas!  Then we got a second helping in January, people have a hard enough time driving in the rain ... then they had to learn how to adapt to REAL winter conditions!  One day was really bad, at work they had people leave about noon, every place else had shut down for the day or was doing the same thing.  I bike about 20 minutes to and from work, so the snow had a real impact on my commute!  It took me almost an hour to get to work two of the snow days, bike trails were not a high priority to be cleared for some reason... 

Now our weather has pretty much returned to it's regularly scheduled forecast ... rain!  We did have an unusual spat of almost summer like warmth about two or three weeks ago ... weird.   I have been fortunate compared to what Margie and Doug have had to survive, I have never lived in an apartment and have part of the roof give way, I hope that I can weather such a happening to me if it ever occurs some day.  Now I hear that they are dealing with a dumping of snow... again!  Maybe the Romulans are working their weather controls on our planet overtime...

At this time I am conducting open-case surgery on a non working computer ... it is a slow and agonizing process ... for me ... not the patient!  Changing a motherboard and unplugging and hooking back up the various connections and devices is the easy part ... getting it all to 'talk' to one another and work... I may be seeking a miracle!

Sandra and Nikko, two felines who share my humble abode with me, are doing well, Nikko especially likes the addition of the cat post to my apartment!  He has taken to occupying the upper 'nest' almost exclusively... must have a smidgen of Klingon blood in 'em!  Sandra holds her own when they play throughout the apartment though... they will fly through the apartment at near lightspeed at times!
     My workplace is under new directions once again, a couple of large accounts are leaving the company and warehouse, but we are moving other accounts in from our other warehouse across the street, my responsibilities might be changing somewhat...  You'd think that for being in this kind of business for over 11 years, I might be use to the change ... at least I am not surprised by it anymore, and I roll with the changes!

I am planning on going down to California soon again, I have to use up some of my vacation time, I have about 130 hours!
     That is about all I have for now, you all take care and continues to survive in this crazy tera'ngan world!
Curtis D. Martin
(AWA la' Kosh zantai-Zu-Merz)
mIch wa' member
wo'taH QanHung ra'wI'
Wonders of the Empire Project Director

Sector Two
Filed by Lt. Q'urras vestai Doq'Marr 

U  Lt. Q'urras vestai Doq'Marr - Stephen P. Holdren:   I'm sorry that I haven't been able to keep in touch, but personal matters have conspired to keep me from the Klingon community. I haven't had the Internet since I joined the KSF, but I'm still living in Omaha.

   I still have my core group, but we haven't had a ships meeting in quite awhile. One of my crew has been diagnosed with ALS. right now she is in a nursing home. She is also my real world sister. the Doctors are giving her from 6 to 12 months. If any of you pray, please remember her.   

While we do not have a lot of money to spend on costumes, we try to do some volunteer work in the community. That's why I started the group in the first place. We normally work a water stop in the annual MS walk-a thon, and I'm trying to find something we can do for an ALS benefit.

Things are a little tight right now, but hopefully they will let up some this spring. My new address is 1045 So. 28th St. Omaha, NE  68105

U Moqra Q'endeH / Steven R. Dare - My computer is currently having some problems. Actually, it currently has the approximate computational power of a boat anchor. This has been going on -- and getting worse -- for quite some time. I sincerely apologize for the lack of contact over the last six months, but I had no way to get in touch, until I thought of logging on here.

I'm hoping to find some solution to the problems my system is experiencing, but until I do, I'm afraid that I'm going to be out of the loop in a big way. I know I have some responsibilities to the group, as an XO and sector commander, and I sincerely apologize for my inability to fulfil those obligations.

You are a fine bunch of people, all good friends, and I'm sad to lose contact with all of you, although I hope when things get fixed I can get back in touch. Until I can talk to you all again, thanks for everything.

Sector Three
Filed by Admiral Katalyia Epetai KíTore-Jiraal, Sector Commander

U  Admiral Katalyia Epetai K'Tore-Jiraal: I had a great Christmas and a New Years. Went on a camping trip on February 6 thru the 8th. It was an indoor camp and I had a blast. At Christmas, my brother and niece paid a surprise visit and we talked for about two hours. I am currently looking forward to going to a Star Trek Convention in April with my friend Cherrie. It is being held the first weekend in April at the Airport Hilton. We will be staying at the hotel as it is quite a distance from where we live. The guest that I am looking forward to seeing the most is Armin Shimerman. I have met him once before, but was unable to hear his talk as I had a prior commitment. Also, I am looking forward to attending the event; Barry Vegas Bash in June 4,5, and 6. I am also looking forward to going to this event as well.

Lt.-Cmdr. Kimpla Dorig-Dok'marr Zu-Merz: Along with the time Iíve put into KSF projects and getting Imerial Medical Services (IMS) up and running, RL has kept me busy also. The Holidays were hectic but lots of fun. We spent much of the time with Edís family, but made sure to have time for friends too. As usual, there was way to much food. If the holidays had lasted a couple more weeks, I would have required a whole new wardrobe to accomadate my growing expanse. Iím still bowling on Tuesday nights, but for some reason my average is going in the wrong direction. <G> I think I smell another last place finish coming on. LOL. Iíve been putting in some overtime on the job; as if my 12 work shifts werenít already bad enough. The house remodeling has been put on hold for another month or so. At least until it gets a little warmer and we have some extra time. I did manage to get the bathroom painted last month though. Strangely enough, I used a feather duster to paint it with. It is such an amazingly beautiful pattern. So far this season, we have managed to avoid the flu, and other nasty viruses that have been going around. I feel like weíve really accomplished something with that, especially considering how bad the weather has been here.

K'Ken T'Relek: I guess there really isnít a whole lot worth saying. I continue to work-I have a job and a paycheck and I am grateful for that. I continue to watch Enterprise despite the constant reruns that are taking place. I am not very impressed with the new story line. I donít think the characters are advancing as quickly as some of the others. Iím not an Archer fan and donít really find any of the characters that appealing. Itís tax time again and I am not jumping into it yet. Iíve started put some of the things on paper, but havenít really reached any motivational peak as of yet. Iím happy to say that my wife still seems to love me and she is the most important thing to me. I always seem to stretch myself thin-must be I canít stand being with myself. Iím glad to see that the KSF continues to thrive and Iím very impressed with the dedication of the leadership-KUDOs everyone! Hope the New Year brings some prosperity to each and everyone.

Commander Avakhon Sutai Khinsharri: Iím working on several projects, the least of which MAY get me the convention I have been trying for ten years to make happen. have been working two part time jobs making a few bucks here and there, but the second job is where I expect to make it bog soon. Opened up my own E-Bay listing company and get a niche commission off everything that sells there. Hooked up with a pair of comic book and collectibles dealers and they have several thousand items they want to list in the next month. Once the systems are in place I should have 3-4 people working for ME! IF this works out I should be able to afford MY own ISP and not have to keep here to the library restrictions. (The real problem is that funding in this county is being cut and the library's issue is up for renewal. IF it doesn't pass, WE could lose most if not ALL 21 branches in the county.)That would seriously impact my participation in KSF activities as I donít have the home connection. WONíT that be nice? NO Prior to kick around? (I doubt that will happen, but ya never know, I might have to become a previously known Prior to my knowledge type of thing, sorta like Prince who became that symbol and is now known simply as the used to be artist who canít decide who the khest he is now.)Wouldnít due for that to happen would it? Yall might look into my past and find a PRIOR record, or possibly a PRIOR conviction to Klingonism or something, and all without my PRIOR consaent I might add. Well enough of my PUNishment, do 20 hail Kahless and a dozen Durgathís prayers and I might absolve you of your dishonors, prior to my consciousness that is!

Sector Four
Filed by Cmdr. TíLara Zantai Zu-Merz, Sector Commander

U  Cmdr. T'Lara zantai-ZuMerz / Susan Wyss:   The rest of 2003 rounded out fairly well for those of us in the Wyss household.   Happy Turkey Day went well...better than last year with the bug problem...enough said on that.  I had my son from when school got out until Christmas.  We did some Christmas shopping and got our tree.  He decorated the entire house.  The rest of his vacation he spent with his father, so I had a quiet time for a week.  We got new living room furniture from my mom, and I decided to do a 'winter cleaning'.  While doing that, I discovered that a ring my grandmother had given me had been stolen.  Also, the credit card company I had been dealing with since the card was stolen in June called and after asking me many questions about certain charges, we discovered that my so-called friend and babysitter was the one that stole the card.  Needless to say she is no longer my babysitter.  Things are just starting to settle down again around here, and let's hope for a while this time so I can get back to being more a part of the club once again.

My son is doing ok in school.  He has started being more involved in things like the drama club (they are doing Annie now), and the Student Council.  Funny, it's hard for me to think of him as my little boy.....he is 5'2" and 180 lbs. now!  Well, that's all for now.

I just have one more thing to add.....I want to send my prayers to a very dear friend and my former Klingon mate, Kolar Rasmehlier/ Earl Jones.    Kai!    T'Lara

U  Qaplah.    It is I, Lt. K'rai vestai-G'orgh-JurISS (Eric Clemmer).   I have had such a busy time these past 2 years. My Grandmother had been deathly ill.  She was in the hospitals left and right. This past year she was in the hospital for about 9 months out of the year. So on top of bringing her things at the hospital and taking care of her house because she lives alone. I also had to help take care of my mother (who has Lupis). My brother and mother moved away from my father. So I helped them move. While my brother was in school, I would help her clean her new place and stuff like that because she physically couldn't handle it. I would do things Like grocery shop for her and take care of the bills and mail. All this while taking care of my Grandmother too.

During all this I had a full time night shift job at a components plant. It was hard work and got worse as the sun would set. 1st i was hired to operate a forklift. 2nd i was outside all night. so after the sun would set it would get quite a bit colder and even worse in the winter. Well recently I had to move out of my fathers house (after paying him rent) because I couldn't handle his drunkenness any longer. The next day I got laid off from the job.

The bright side of things is my brother is student body council President of his school.  

My Mother can take care of herself now that she is feeling better (although she is still sick from the lupis). And finally my grandmother is out of the hospital and can take care of herself with some outside assistance. Oh, I almost forgot I'm Still Single and I'm 27.

U  Lt(jg) ch'HulHu vestai Kormel / David Stayduhar:   The last few months have been relatively uneventful..  Been working and going to school full time, while trying to get my IFT chapter (the USS John W. Comish) and the rpg station Khitomer 2 operational... 
U  Capt. Kishin zantai-Kukura / Sue Frank:    Quiet is the night here in Terran Philadelphia. but the heavens are glorious in this quadrant. Last night the sky was unusually clear. We could see the Moon, Venus very bright  beside it, Mars nearby, Saturn overhead, and Jupiter ..over there:-) Mars is expected to appear in this hemisphere soon. I understand that Earth's Commander in Chief intends to mount an expedition of conquest to the Red Planet. Somebody needs to let him know that we were there first!
I hear there are some new books out that feature my breed of Klingons--the smooth browed "Classic" variety. Anyone know anything about that?
I salute you all--
From Strength to Strength!

U  Cmdr. Rakqor sutai K'MpecGreetings, Not much to report. The winter has been full of ice and snow. Even here in North Carolina, not the big storms like up north, but just saying the word "snow' sends schools closing for days, cars and trucks skidding out of control and a run on toliet paper! HAHA! (probably beer and spirts too..but I am always stocked)  The Holidays were very plesant and I enjoyed the time!  Did nothing except eat and drink. 

I finally found a good butcher who will cut meat to my request, that was one thing I had missed very much since I had come to the south. Just had a great 2 inch thick tbone last night. UMMMMM.  Looking forward to spring very much. The new aluminum heads and headers for my engine have finally arrived. I am itching to get back under the hood.
Thats All!!!

Sector Five

U  Commander Lusciouslips-Chang-Ka'tan - whilst last year was the absolute pits for me im hoping that this year will be better.... im up for poet lauriate of 2004.....ive just come back from a lil visit to my family in the UK..MY GOD it SNOWED !!!!!!!!

i havent seen snow for over 8 yrs..it was a BIG shock to the system <GRIN>....im doing another koi art show in march..in orlando...so im hoping my work will go down well.
end of report

U  Vice Admiral Volar epetai-K'zota-K'Onor (aka Chris):  Letís see...Peter Jacksonís ďLord of the RingsĒ Trilogy of films scored eleven Oscar wins, including best picture, in what could only be called a sweeping nod of approval by the academy that filmmaking is ushering in a new era.  Yeah!  Okay, shameless plug all over and done with, the last several months have proven to be quite paramount to both my retirement in the KSF and its eventual failings.  What can I say...I enjoy enduring punishment.  Either that or the KSF is similar to that of an infectious disease, now much how much you scratch, burn, or shoot the bloody thing off, it comes crawling back for more.  And thatís a very comforting though really.  So Iím taken up the reigns in a few areas to help out, but mostly my effect will be witnessed in game play (which its already been felt to some degree!).            Outside of my decision to take a more active leadership role in the KSF, Iíve been progressing smoothly though school.  As it stands now, I weigh in with a 3.8 GPA going into the second term of my sophomore year.

Iíve already been given an offer to attend the University of Tampa as a Political Science & Criminology double major.  Remember what I said about punishment?  Yeah...but itís what I seem to be enjoying, and knowing that someone has to speak up and ensure they are heard.  My scholarship search is expanding a great deal, despite being invited into another honors program, college is just bloody expensive.  Iím hoping to snag a way into a summer studies abroad similar to one happening this year in Italy, where theyíll be studying Comparative Government.  Between Italy and Russia, Iím split, but right now Iíd go to either place if given the chance.  But thatís entirely a whole other issue!            Spring break is nearly upon me, and I really could use the momentary break from the midterm season and deadlines that are looming this week.  Itíll give me more time to plot my galactic domination on behalf of Solen!  With spring/summer (Florida has only two seasons, and thatís about sums it up) coming fast, another move is in order for the summer, and a new school is on the horizon for August.  You know, I really envy my characters...starships make transitions so much easier!!!

Sector Six
filed by Kimpla on behalf of sector 6

U    Fleet Cpt. Khaufen & Cmdr. Khorghan: Subspace communication received from F.Capt. Khaufen epetai-JurrISS indicates
imminent comm failure due to corrosion in essential circuits.   Fleet Cpt. Khaufen & Cmdr. Khorghan

U Lt.(jg) Kerlof: I'm afraid that I will be off line for the foreseeable future due to my computer going down. I'll get a new computer as soon as possible, I'm now using a friends and having all my correspondence forwarded to my Yahoo address and check it as much as possible. I hope to get back up and running, I miss my computer! .......( Kerlof AKA Don

Sector Seven 

U Lt.Cmdr Kaiden vestai Katia - Just happened to check my e-mail something I do very rarely anymore I do not have time to write anything up I am in the middle of a nursing school rotation and in my opinion the worst one there is OB/GGYN.  So i have a lot of work to do if I am going to pass it.

U Ensign Toraq tai Martok - John Barnes

November 2003:    My 1st Neice was born on the 4th day of November 2003.  Thanksgiving, we went to my GrandFather's house.  The Father of my Father.  It went as usual, with two extra people.  My new Sister-in-law & Neice.
December 2003:    I lost my job on the 12th.  Finished my new Computer I built myself.  Christmas, I got a couple Marvel posters, the usual "smell good" kit of deodarent and cologne, a T-Shirt, coffee mug, and new glasses.  And like most years before, nobody thought about giving mt gloves for winter.  Then went to my GrandFather's house again.  New Years Eve we had a private party at home with family.
January 2004:    Began job hunting.  Saw LOTR3 as an early Birthday gift from my brother.  Had a minor car accident.
February 2004:    Went to Court on the car accident.  Got my Driver's license renewed.  Turned 22 on the 10th.  Got a letter via snail-mail from Kimpla.  Used the ListServe address to find the group.  Typed in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ ListServe name.  Joined it.  Got an e-mail asking me to confirm my identity, because they recognised my address as my old character's name, Krothos.  Once I replied and verified, I was in and the rest is history.  Car broke down, missed 3 weeks of college.  Also had to cease job hunt efforts.  Cable turned off.
March 2004:    Got a new car on the 1st.  Resumed College classes today (the 3rd).  The Job Hunt resumes.

Sector Eight

U Borg QI'mpeq / Michael Robbins ~  Let's see where to begin!?!? Back on November 27th. it looked like I might have to evacuate from where I live, do to a wildfire that was burning south of Tecate, Mexico. That was heading north toward the United States - Mexico border. But by early Saturday (November 29) morning the fire was out, which stop about 100 feet from the U.S. - Mexico border.

Got a surprise concerning my cat named Blue, when I went to get Blue; fixed, neutured, spay. That's when the Vet informed me of Blue's sex; it turns out that Blue is a female cat, and not the male cat that I thought.

Back in December; I came the Group Owner of another Yahoo! Group (My 11th Yahoo! Group, where I'm either the Group Owner or Group Moderator) that's devoted to a British Rock N Roll Band known as QUEEN. The Yahoo! Group is called Queen Lives - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QueenLives .

By the time you read this, my 49th birthday (March 12th) will have come and gone. Forty-nine!?!? But it's not too bad, when I consider the fact; that another KSFer will be the BIG 5-0 also by the time you read this. Back on January 22nd; I started my 11th year as a member of the Klingon Strike Force. Hard to believe sometimes!?!?

U Azel Tavana / Adrienne Paradis ~  If there are any Scapers on this list, take heart. I was at the convention on November 15, 2003. They made a very, unoffician non-announcment.

All that remains is dotting the i's and crossing the t's on the contracts. In as many ways as they could, they said FARSCAPE IS BACK!
without actually saying FARSCAPE IS BACK! 99% of this almost accomplishment is due to FANS!! YAY US!!

UPDATE: Look for a miniseries this year. Not quite what we want, but better than nothing.


Lost: 1 Brain   
Last seen 2:36am Saturday
Skull is lonesome
Small reward

U K'ven Jurek / Jil Conway ~  I may have returned mid-trimester but I hope I've made an impact. *S* Life is very busy these days.  My bookkeeping service is expanding, two new clients this month, and I'm involved in various writing projects.  Meanwhile I've had great success with Weight Watchers--sixty pounds since July!
Jil Conway


U K'Lay - MargieIt's been a whirlwind season here for us.  Doug and I spent Christmas week with our daughter Kelley, who came to Halifax from California to spend the holidays (and nearly froze to death due to the 50 degree temperature difference.) I've also been drafted to work even more hours at the Children's Wish Foundation, which, while taking time away from everything else I need to do, is for a great cause, granting wishes for kids with life threatening illnesses.  I'm also about mid-way through the Canadian Immigration process (whose officers have been taking diplomatic lessons from the Romulans and who follow the Ferengi Rules of Aquisition when it comes to finding new and improved ways of transferring ever growing amounts of my US dollars into Immigration Canada's bank account.)  Hopefully this will be at an end soon!

U teh'Hel, nagh Gor, and James Barnaby / Ethel, Gordon and PeterHaving survived White Juan (4 hours with a snow blower one day, plus 3 hours the second day -- just to get to a street that was not plowed until the night of the 3rd day!!!); shoveling out the drift that sealed the front door -- twice!; rationing heating fuel so as not to run out before our scheduled delivery -- limited use of hot water and thermostats at 60 degrees -- because our fuel provider was only responding to emergencies, i.e. we had to be completely dry before we could get oil!; watching a 90 lb dog tell you where you could go and how you could get there because SHE was NOT going out in THAT even if her bladder was full!; and, housebound with one house guest (3 days) and 2 bored teenagers, for 5 days! watching how the snow blows when the wind changes direction continuously; I/we can unequivocally say:  WE ARE READY FOR SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have survived the coldest January on record for the longest time period in at least six decades, and more snow than we had all the last winter (95 cm 37.5 inches in 24 hours), accompanied by cyclone winds that sculpted the snow into 8 foot drifts or higher.

Aside from the weather, it's been a typical winter coping with cabin fever, bad-weather-boredom, not much on TV that we haven't already seen, and going to work and school and home again.  Luckily, our health has been collectively good and our spirits are rising because THE SNOW IS MELTING!

Until next quarters post report, Happy St. Patrick's Day and may the Luck of the Irish be with ye!

U K'Grimm / ClayKept in contact with members of CGC.  Attempted mail contact with Nova Scotia members (received no reply - assumed RL problems as reason).  Survived Juan.  Visited Toronto, hit shops, saw EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL, generally bounced around.  Visited office of RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE.  Rearranged lair again.  Grumped about fade out of paper mail from life.  Survived Juan.

U The Abbot / Doug Welsh After some months ... well, years actually, believing that all government officials were useless except as firewood, I have had my faith restored.  A senior member of the Canadian Governmental structure has stepped up and assisted Margie and I at a point when we were literally expecting months if not years of further frustration.  A weight is being lifted. 

Additionally, while I am still on the Disabled List, I have been given an opportunity to play with books in a Masonic Library that has been in need of a new (unpaid) librarian for over ten years.  I love playing with books.  I expect it could keep me occupied for ten or fifteen years!

Oh!  One thing more.  I HATE SNOW.  In February, the part of Nova Scotia we live in was smack in the middle of the path of the worst snow storm the Province has seen in over a hundred years.  We got a little over THREE FEET OF SNOW in just over 18 hours.  Parts of the City were blocked in their homes for a week or more.  One very pregnant lady in labour was rescued from her home via a huge Payloader/excavator which crawled its way to her door, then crawled back to the open road a mile away to reach the waiting ambulance that took her to have the baby.  She delivered three minutes after arriving at the hospital!  Our street was not plowed until three days after the snow stopped.  The piles of snow scraped from parking lots and streets are still monumental.  Literally!  Some are three stories high.  No kidding!  All that on top of the coldest winter in over 50 years. 

I hate snow.


U Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn - Jon Brown: Things have really gone mad in my life this year.. There's been some herat breaking moments lately.  My son had 2 Guinea Pigs, 1 died just before Xmas so recently we got him a couple of rescued females.  One gave birth a few days later and Peter was just like a real dad with one of those grins that disapear.. Then the old boy got ill.. Peter stayed up all night nusing him but he died in his arms just after 2am.. Two days later and 1 day before the baby was 2 weeks old it was taken by a neighbours cat and Peter found it in the garden... It tore me apart seeing him going through the grief.. But it wasn't over.. a few days later the other female became ill and died by the end of the day... He'd lost three in just over a week and the one left all alone was the mother.. still looking for it's baby.. In the middle of all this one of my daughters rabbits died under anesthetic.. But that was somehow easier to take. God knows why... Anyway we couldn't leave the lone Guinea Pig alone so we found two 4 month old girls to keep her company and so far so good.

"Oh boy" - That was the down side of this period.. 

However the up side has been work or at least career... My job has been getting better and better but a better still has been some development on what had been a hobby front... I've been interested in Magic for most of my life and been a member of The Magic Club of Great Britain for a few years now.  I'd got more involved and set up a better Members Area  for the club just over a year ago and now offered the care of the business side of the website.. followed soon after with the actual club catalogue.. So the way it's going now I could start earning from that.. I'd also developed a few tricks and they have been selling well with more in the pipe-line.

U Lt koi kai drocklon - Alberto Gorin:  

stardate febuari 3 2004 time index 9;07 pm 

Waiting for mi breeze digital camara, telsell.com should be anny day.   

The new computer doing wel,just can`t have those large thrust speakers.but other doing great no problems   

Januari 30 went for checking for hernia was 2 days for hospital man should see me after operation on a moment had go to bath room walked diszzy faint twice happend lucky am alll allright   

Be a sience fiction LP/CD/DVD www.mmmarc.com and soon have to clean shutel craft   Lt koi kai drocklon


U Lt. Korgath DuppIm - CO GSF -  Due to school starting again, I'm back at the grind. The RPG has taken a back seat as this semester's modules threaten to be worthy advesaries. Everything is alright at home, despite regional threats of bird flu and SARS.



A toasting we did go .....
   As K'Lay and K'Obol entered the 'Warriors Inn', they immediately noticed an unusual amount of activity for the typical Monday night chat. More than just the usual 'bar fly's' (Terran term) were present.
   A quarter hour into the chat, Kimpla (sector 3) calls for attention.
"qIm! qIm! ."  *the chatting stops.*  Everyone is thanked for attending and K'Lay and K'Obol are welcomed to 'their' roasting/toasting.
   At first, K'Lay and the Abbot thought it was a joke, but they soon realize not;
as Khaufen (sector 6) changed the look of the room.

   Everyone is transported to the 'Hallowed Halls of Blood and Fire".
Four large, well armed Klingon's guard the room. Ritual torches and candles light the area. The chamber is of native stone and the ceiling is supported by several mighty pillars. Along one wall is a very well stocked bar and many kegs of Bloodwine. A large onyx table, in the shape of a trefoil, with several heavy chairs are the center of attraction. K'Lay and K'Obol are lead to the head of the table.
   Kimpla announces; for all to hear; " This night is to honor you both, for all you do 'in and for' the club."
   Standing Khaufen proclaims, " You are awarded the scrolls of 'Blood and Fire' and you shall have a place in the 'Halls of the Honored'." He unfurls an ancient looking scroll and reads .........

   "For unselfish dedication and relentless honor.
    For countless hours spent dealing with the needs of others.
    For excellence in leadership.
    For outstanding service, above and beyond the call of duty, ...
                          You inspire us all. "
   Rolling the scroll back up, it is passed to K'Lay and K'Obol.
***Cheers and mugs are raised from those attending***

   K'Lay and K'Obol "Thank Everyone" and momentarily are at a loss for words. (Of course that didn't last long!)

    There were so many great toasts, but due to limited BL space, I will only list a few lines of some.....
   "It was the start of a great friendship and I dare say membership into a great family."
   "A source of inspiration."
   "K'Lay's choice as head of CCC was the best possible one."
   "Together you have become more than the sum of you both."
   "The friendship I have received from you both, is something that will live with me forever."
   "... never before met one who struck me as truly Klingon as she (K'Lay) did... and I have the scares to prove it."
   "devoted, concerned and beautiful human beings."
   "... adding wishes to the honor of your house, fortune, wealth, loyalty, glory, or fame do not come close to how I feel and want to express...."
   "Words alone are not enough and actions as well, can not convey the way I wish to honor you both."
   "If ever there were truer warriors in life and spirit, only Kahless, himself was it."
  And then, there were the stories of broken buttons, naked bodies, mistaken identities and being asked to leave and not come back! (If you weren't there, you'll have to find those out on your own....  )  LOL

   Thanks goes to Ft. Cpt. Khaufen; who's idea this was; and without his help, I could not have pulled this off.
   Special thanks to all those who attended, including...
Admirals; qe'San (GSE), K'Zhen (sector 3), Katalyia (sector 3), and Volar (sector 5).
Commanders; T'Lara (sector 4 ), Kosh (sector 1), K'Eherang (sector 1), Rakqor (sector 5), Khorghan (sector 6), Azel (sector 8), and DuroQ (sector 5).
Along with the rest of us the members; Krai (sector 4), SamwI' (sector 5), Kanara (sector 5), Kerlof (sector 6) and Klogh (GSD).
   Thanks also go to Maj. Khinsharri (sector 3),  (retired) TAdm. Keel (sector 1), Cpt. Kishin (sector 4), Koi (GSE), Kulec (sector 2), Blackheart (sector 5), Kragtowl (sector 5), ch'HulHu (sector 4),  and A'qmarr (sector 5).

    If I missed anyone, I so apologize. It was a lot to keep up with in a short period of time.

View The Full Toasting  
(Click on the link for... Well everything we managed to grab)





Campaign Coordination Command Summary - K'Obol Chang-K'Onor & K'Lay K'Onor-Chang

Strike Force Situation Briefing

We are slowly beginning to understand our situation in this universe, slowly because we dare not make our presence more known than it already is.  In this universe, our people were destroyed as a coherent political entity nearly 200 years ago.  To the powers in control of this universe, Klingons are a minor irritant, not even worth tracking down and killing.  For now, and as much as it may anger our warriors, we MUST keep out of the sight of the Romulan authorities.  Only by avoiding their scrutiny can we gain the time to complete repairs, rebuild our supplies and weapons capacities and recruit skilled allies who are native to this reality, so we can successfully either find a way back to our own space or find a way to live on in this one.  Remaining here is not our first option; but it may come down to being our only option.  Gods may travel freely between dimensions and universes, but mortals cannot.  Yet.

A small number of officers of Imperial Diplomatic Services have "surfaced" in this universe and are working to locate potential allies among Confederationist forces and other factions.  Imperial Intelligence is working to try and track down surviving Klingon populations in the hope that some of them, at least, will remember their warrior heritage and join us in opposing the Romulan Star Empire and its near absolute domination of this Sector.  They are also working to help keep the RSE unaware of our actual strength (more accurately, our weakness) by assisting our ships and people to remain hidden as long as possible.  Additionally, they have located a potential source of parts, weaponry technology and even ship hulls that we may be able to use to replenish our supplies and help position us to begin establishing ourselves as more than refugees.  In one area alone have we given the Roms evidence of our existence.  Admiral Katalyia, assisted by Da'Har Master K'Zhen, Capt. Borg and Cmdr. Kosh, has seized a Starbase from the Roms, the mirror of our Starbase K'Shona, and has had it moved to a hidden location where it will help ease the strains on K'Mer Base, which is far too small to support all the ships we now have.  Imperial Medical Services have stopped the potentially disabling outbreak of bio-engineered disease on three ships attached to Imperial Security that had threatened our survival, and at the same time may have given us a possible tool to negotiate with our enemies.  Security Forces have been augmented by a Federation ship, the USS Dauntless, which was also caught in the chronoton wave and dislocated to this universe as we were.  They were able to assist our seizure of K'Shona and destroyed the Rom Squadron that arrived at the Base as we were preparing to move it, thus proving their value and the wisdom of seeking allies outside our own people.  Imperial Military has very limited numbers present, but in the course of their long flight to join up with our main force, located a supply point where our dilithium and other needs may be met as we gather our resources for the future.  Our Chaplain General and his staff of tactical scholars have made contact and have brought the QuvaH'Magh, who may yet proive to be our "Saviour" of legend, although not in the way that many have expected.  On a final note, I will say that I can only hope our fellows of the Strike Force and the rest of the Defense Force are working to maintain the Empire's security back in our own timeline


Imperial Medical Services - Kimpla Dorig-Dokmarr Zu-Merz

Placing my cup on the desk, in my private office, I sat staring at the PADD in front of me. It was time to send a report to Command. So many things had happened over the last few months I wasn't sure where to begin or how. Taking a drink and a deep breath, I just started talking .....

Computer, begin report ....

After receiving orders from Thought Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor Chang;
to take command of the reactivated Imperial Medical Services (IMS); I had to work fast to accommodate the new directives set for me.

   The crews of both the IKV Bringer of Justice and the stranded saber class Federation vessel 'Genesis' work diligently to accomplish the changes necessary for the new position. While there have been some slight .. er... difficulties between the two species; as you might expect; they are learning to work together as a crew. To date, we have lost only one crewman; our Chief Communications Officer; due to an airlock malfunction.

   Upon our return to the base, I met with Hurgh K'Mer. While not the easiest Klingon to deal with, he had what I needed and with his assistance, it was installed on board the 'Genesis'.

Due to an incident aboard Commander Klogh's ship, the K'Orellian Klaw, some bio-toxins from our Universe, were freed, killing members of the crew.

Cmdr. Klogh then came into contact with Commander Kosh Zu-Merz, who then had contact with Captain Soltar Pallara. Cpt. Pallara seems to be from the Federation of our Universe. The virus also took members of their crews.

The three ships were examined and determined to be toxin free, but the surviving crew members are now carriers of the virus. the three ships have been placed under self-imposed quarantines, but should be able to continue to carry out orders for the Strike Force, as long as no one transports on or off the ships.

I have received communications from Cpt. Pallara and Cmdr. Kosh Zu-Merz, indicating that they will comply with the directives of the quarantine. At this point Cmdr. Klogh Chang tlQwoQ's ship has closed communication links and is accepting no incoming transmissions. It is my opinion that he intends to violate the quarantine and endanger not only all the inhabitants of this Universe, but our already depleted Strike Force as well.

A Klingon version of a holographic medical unit is now functioning on board the Genesis. The EMH, or Medra, as she prefers to be called, is pursuing a vaccine for the Klingon's of the in our unit. There is one small problem in that area as she only has my crews blood type to work with. I will soon be requesting all ships in this sector to submit samples of all species onboard their ships for her to work with

At present, it is difficult to ascertain whether the bio-toxins will be an effective weapon in this Universe. Analyses in that area is being hampered by the lack of 'native biological's' from this Universe to use as test subjects.

The crew has installed a Romulan cloaking devise, which we managed to acquire from this Universe, and will be trying it out as soon as some fine tuning is completed.

As we orbit K'Mer Base and await new orders, we are using our time to make a few other modifications to the Genesis and run tests on the bio-toxins.

Imperial Security (wo'taH QanHung) - Kosh ZuMerz 

 Survival in this alternate timeline remains our top priority, as does the consolidation of our forces and limited resources, allies are in short supply, but we carry on ... for the continuation of the Klingon Empire!

Klingon Medical Command investigated and found that all aboard my ship, the IKV mupwI' chuS, and also the crews aboard the IKPV K'Orellian Klaw and the Starfleet vessel the USS Dauntless (la' K'logh and Captain Soltar Pallara commanding respectively), were all carriers of a parting gift from the destroyed viral invader (Capt. Soltar had visited the Thunder Strike (mupwI' chuS) for a feast, the virus had been carried to the Dauntless when he returned); subsequently no beam-outs/beam-ins were allowed, any ship's personnel caught violating the command ... would be dealt with harshly.  la' K'logh had ... misgivings about the command, but he complied, for the time being.

After our crews were cleared from any immediate outbreaks of viral illness, the medical ship the IKV Genesis returned to this universe's K'Mer defense base, new orders were received from the Klingon Strike Force CCC, the combined force of ships of the Imperial Security (which consisted of three vessels) were needed to provide defense for the movement of the conquered K'Shona starbase; it would not be 'a piece of cake', moving an entire starbase was not going to be easy given we were still operating our forces in covert operations.  The moving of K'Shona had been unofficially deemed Operation Stagecoach.

Engineering teams from the Thunder Strike had been dispatched to the Dauntless (both crews were already carriers of the virus, so new carriers would be created) to assist on isolating 'glitches' in their warp engine, after the Dauntless's engine was deemed ready for high warp speeds, both ships were prepped for departure to K'Shona ... but la' K'logh had took it upon himself to investigate a "lush green planet" that his ship located on the outskirts of a local nebula, a "proto-Romulan" race had been sighted living on the unnamed planet and K'logh had a plan to introduce the virus we carry to their ecosystem; a test of the biological weapon 'discovered' aboard his ship is what he seeks, a satisfactory target to engage and exploit.

Sporadic communications from our home timeline have me concerned, with the vacancies left by our forces stranded in this timeline, other KSF forces have had to keep the Empire secured from her enemies, those who are starting to probe our defenses and make scouting raids into our territory along the border with the Imperial Romulan Empire; I have sent scrambled and coded messages to Sogh's Kanara and SamwI' to leave their present duties and to help the KDF in securing our borders, Soghla' Kaiden has been communicated with ... but his whereabouts are uncertain at this time.

Leaving K'logh to his 'test' and knowing I would meet up with him later and go over his ... findings, a KSF ship had been dispatched to 'babysit' K'logh (I did not envy la' T'Lara, my mate, and her task, but she had the IKV Stronghold at her command), I ordered the Thunder Strike to warp to K'Shona with the Dauntless accompanying us, we would arrive in a couple of days time   We arrived at K'Shona and made contact with 'aj Katalyia (Killion was in charge of the base, yo' HoD Borg and yo"aj K'Zhen my Epetai were also present) and was directed through the minefield around K'Shona, we then assisted in the move by 'getting out and pushing' ... even though 'aj Katalyia had wanted my ship's Chief Engineer present onboard the base, he had to communicate to the other engineers on the base using a secured channel to coordinate the implementation of the base's sensor grid, the Thunder Strike and the Dauntless concentrated on using our deflector screens and reversing our tractor beams to give the starbase a nudge in the right direction; the rest of the ships present did the pulling, after long the base was moving along at impulse speeds.

With K'Shona being towed to it's new 'home', the Thunder Strike and the Dauntless both brought up the rear of the group, after sometime had elapsed .. one of the expected romuluSngan warbirds showed up for the party ... working with the Dauntless in tandem, I commanded the Thunder Strike to lay down covering firepower for the Dauntless to make the first strike on the enemy, giving them the honor of drawing 'first blood'; with the detonation of some of the mines it was hoped that would cover the movement of the base, and with the Dauntless going in for a 'close encounter' with the Romulan warbird it would allow the Romulans less intelligence on our limited forces .. they would get to know us eventually!



USS Dauntless NCC-98750 - Captain Soltar Pallara

After the medical exams on my crew had taken place by CMO/EMH Medra and her compatriots in the Klingon Medical Command and on the IKV Thunder Strike and the KPV K'Orellian Klaw, we were found to be carriers of a virus but no one had been found to be ill as of yet, but we were informed to allow no one to beam on or off the ship, the Thunder Strike and the K'Orellian Klaw were also under the same quarantine; with the engineering team supplied by Commander Kosh the Dauntless's engineering glitches (possibly due to conflicts of new and old equipment and software) were remedied for the time being, high warp could now be employed.  I, and my senior staff, the ones that could be pulled away from their respective departments for a short time finally gathered in the Outer Limits lounge onboard the Dauntless; aside from the lounge's proprietor being somewhat ... out of sorts with being nosy and hearing about the virus, everyone present had been clued in to our current situation and the meeting went along as planned.

 The Ops officer, Lt. Commander Daffine Da'sue, had also made it to the briefing, only the Chief Engineer and Counselor Dreama were not in attendance; as I had been informed by Cmdr. Kosh that Commander K'logh of the IKV K'Orellian K'law had split from our small group and was conducting a planetary survey on his own without given leave to do so, I made my senior staff aware of this as well ... in case we had to deal with a rogue Klingon in the future.  I had given Captain Ian Monz the liberty of bringing his vessel into a docking bay and then making himself at home, the Dauntless was to be his to command after all, he would join me for an update on his current situation and what details he could inform me about his secret mission, he had been assigned quarters due his rank; I had been informed by the officer who took the call from Capt. Monz that there had been a woman .. crewmate with him as well, her name was Angela ... I would have to wait a bit before I touched base with Capt. Monz though.

I also had reiterated our alliance with the ships and crews of the KSF who were also stranded in this altered timeline along with us, they were in the same boat as we were, I had committed the Dauntless and her crew to the mission of the Imperial Security Division, which was to travel to their Starbase K'Shona of this timeline and defend her from attacks from the Imperial Romulan Empire as we moved the captured base to a more defendable location; as the Steamrunner Class was heavily armed as it was and with our new upgrades and repairs, I was confidant we would be a great asset.  High warp was initiated on my command, the travel time would be only a couple of standard days, enough time for my crew to conduct battle sequences and diagnostics on critical systems, such as weapons and shields; we would not let our Klingon comrades down!

The Dauntless arrived at Starbase K'Shona along with the Thunder Strike about the same instant, we met up with other KSF ship's first, then were escorted through a mine field set up around the Starbase, as we entered orbit around the base itself; I was instructed on the moving plan for the base, the Dauntless would help push the base ... to get her in motion ... then the other KSF ship's would pull the base along at impulse speeds to her new home.  After the base was moving along at a good clip, three expected Romulan warbirds were encountered, I guess they had took issue with the theft of their base, but along with the Thunder Strike we met one of the warbirds before she could get too close to the station; I ordered the Dauntless in for a 'close encounter' with the Romulan ship, the Thunder Strike held back a bit so the Romulans would not get good scans of her and laid down a suppressive fire ... the less information they could gather on our small forces the better.


Imperial Military - K'ven Jurek

Ship and crew of IKV Guardian have survived the transit to this new universe.  Not as much can be said for most of the IM fleet.  While there has been no report from Cmdr KIySaíra Velahí or Marine Captain KeaíDec Ceadagon, communication was received from Lt. Cmdr DuroQ, and Ensign Toraq.  Duroqís ship arrived on the other side of the quadrant and sustained much damage but is functioning and on course to rendezvous although ship speed will be slow.

Weeks at high warp on course for KíMer Base included several near encounters with Romulans, and the frequent detours and course changes overtaxed much of our available dilithium. Monitoring subspace chatter, a trading planet was located where we procured fresh crystals and other needed supplies.  I transported down with Security Chief Mavek to a marketplace on this trading planet.  Almost immediately we spotted Romulans.  While I acted as decoy, Mavek located Toraq and transported with him to IKV Guardian.  I then returned to my ship using a calculated collision with pottery to conceal my transport.  All parties made it safely aboard and the ship resumed course to KíMer Base.

While in orbit of the Base, I met with old friend KíLay.  It was good to see a familiar face in this unfamiliar universe, if troublesome to know my fusion friend was still maneuvering situations to her liking.  The plans discussed regarding the Romulan shipyard were ambitious but worth the considerable riskóassuming the Abbot can be convinced to permit us to proceed.


Romulan Star Empire Division - Deihu Aeov Rhian

Last time on Star Trek: Empires....             TíAzar and Talar had caught sight of a Klingon signature matching the same phase variance that that originally began this hunt.  During the pursuit of a Klingon vessel, who had been only recently transitioning into this space, tempers flared between Commander Talar, CO of the IRV Devous, and Tal Shiíar Major TíAzar.  In short order, Talar ordered the vessel to be detained and its occupant held in custody for questioning.            Meanwhile, several sectors away, Deihu (Senator) Aeov Rhian and Sub-Commander Maiek uncovered a mine field which had previously been the site of communications substation 371.  With no word as to the condition of the station, its crew, or an explanation of the mine field, Aeovís ship, the IRV Raven detected neutrinos and ion particles leading away from the site.  Coordinating a strategic and preemptive strike in following the ions, Aeov recalled Tal Diann military forces to accompany the Raven and seek out all former Klingon facilities in the area, bringing the destruction of Starbases Sompek and Reclaw at hand.  During the investigation of former Klingon military installation Vigilance, the Raven encountered unequivocal evidence of a Klingon presence when a bird-of-prey instigated the destruction of Starbase Vigilance on their own.  Though damaged, the vessel escaped, but not without clear detection.            Now armed with this information, the reports of Klingons being spotted across the merchant lanes, missing personnel, and the destruction of Romulan vessels at the hands of ancient Klingon weaponry, Aeov prepares for his return to the Romulan Senate with a declaration of war.


Chaplain General Corps - Prior Avakhon Kinsharri

In this tri, we of the CGC have discovered that not only were we transported to a new and unknown universe, but that it's got certain deadly effects for myself as a product of KLINGON technolgy. Having saved my XO and others aboard another ship that was badly damaged and was unable to continue, I found myself in a stasis chamber and delusional and wondering why this was happening to me. 

My XO had his share of delusions as well and my staff and Medra came through with the needed information to attempt the proceedure necessary to save us both. WILL it be successful? Only time will tell. It has also been discovered that one fo our numbers is able to move among the Romulan population as his Terran ancestry is playing to our advantage. 

See us next time for MORE eciting stories of the CGC and the Quvagh Magh,(oh yea and iM'Fried too!) same Durgath time, same Durgath channel!


Trouble Shooter Task Force - Borg QI'mpec

Was kinda upset, at first, over the loss of StarBase Reclaw and StarBase Sompek. But I took pride in the fact that we exacted a price from the Romulans in equipment and personnel.

While enroute to StarBase Vigilant, there a slight malfunction with the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS's warp drive engines that suddenly dropped the ship out of warp. As luck would have it, Starbase Vigilant was only 5 parsecs away so we made the necessary repairs.  But wouldn't you know it, the Romulans show up.

How the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS escaped from StarBase Vigilant has been declared Top Secret Information. The Tactical and Helmsman were killed, for trying to leak the information on the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS's escape.

Enroute to StarBase K'Shona; long range scans picked up on some action in the Hannrileth system. Apon investigating further, the Romulan Subspace Relay Station over Hannrileth VII had been destroyed by an unknown enemy, leaving Hannrileth VII devoid of any life; plants or lifeforms. Hard to say how many Romulans were living on Hannrileth VII, or when it was attacked.

It took 8 hours to move StarBase K'Shona from it's previous location in Outer Oort Cometary Cloud to it's new location. After about 6 hours into the move, the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS and the other ships were no longer needed, and sent on their way, back to K'Shona's previous location to engage 3 Romulan Warbirds. The IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS engaged and destroyed the Romulan Warbird RSE Duras. The IKV Lightning, IKV Thunder Strike, and the USS Dauntless engaged and destroyed the two other Romulan Warbirds.

To cover our tracks; the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS led the IKV Lightning, IKV Thunder Strike, and the USS Dauntless, back through the Outer Oort Cometary Cloud's Southern Corridor. As the last ship passed by a stopped IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS, I sent the code to detonate the minefield. By the time, a small group of Con-Federation Starships arrived at the Outer Oort Cometary Cloud; the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS and the other ships had gone to warp. The helmsman asked "Where to, Captain!?" I replied "Second star to the right.. and onto dawn."


K'Shona Base - Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

After our departure from K'Shona and on our way K'Zhen and I decided to enjoy a bottle of the Romulan Ale that was presented to us by Kimpla. But before we could really start enjoying it, K'Zhen received a call from the bridge, notifying us that a Ferengi ship was being pursued by an Orion.

K'Zhen hailed the Orion, wanting to know why they were chasing the Ferengi. At first the Orion refused to tell us until K'Zhen reminded them we out gunned them. We then assisted the Orion in stopping the Ferengi and boarded the ship. The crew of the Orion and K'Zhen's crew had a slight meeting in the cargo hold, but we got what we wanted off the shhip. When the Orion protested, we found out that we were dealing with a group of pirates.

As K'Zhen was dealing with the Orions, it was decided that I would deal with the Ferengi. I had the Ferengi, who's name was Tar, beamed aboard the ship. From my interview I found that he had made a deal with the Orion's for the cargo they were carrying and they didn't like being on the short end of the stick. While interviewing the Ferengi, K'Zhen informed me that we had to return to K'Shona as a squad of Romulans had descovered something amiss and were heading toward them.

Borg, who had left the area of K'Shona after surrounding the Base with cloaked mines, and Kosh with his two ships, were ordered to K'Shona to assist with the Bases defense. Killon had found out that the Romulans had learned of the mishap when they had ran into a mine and it exploded, damaging one of its ships and had also managed to dismantle one. The Entity had informed him that Romulans were on the way and would arrive in approximately 3 days. We had that long to return and move the base. The marines who were currently on board the base, were deployed at different areas, in the event that the Romulans beat us there and they had to defend the Base against the boarding party.

As we headed back to K'Shona, K'Zhen informed me of what she learned from the Orion and informed me that the Ferengi would not get the object back. I informed him that I promised him a ship in exchange for his help and he had agreed, as had the Orion. Both parties agreed that they would help us move the Base. When we dropped out of warp, we found that Borg was there, waiting and watching and I contacted the Base.

Killon informed me that the Romulans would get there in 36 hours and the base had to be moved by then. Kosh had a shield system on board that we could use to hid the Base, but it would have to be set up through the sensor grid. Killon informed me that he could have it done in 6 hours with help. Kosh provided the help and Killon got the shielding installed within the allotted time.

I proceeded to arrange the ships around the base. Kosh would use his two ships to give the Base the much needed hard push to get it moving, with half the Defense Squad, which had been ordered to return to the Base, pushing. K'Zhen, Borg, The Orion, and The Ferengi ship was used to pull the Base once we got it moving. It wasn't long until the Base was moving through space at impulse power, toward K'Mer.

It had been decided that Kosh and his ships would remain behind to cover the Base's escape. It was a decision well made as within a couple of hours, the Romulans had arrived and he engaged them in battle. As a further distraction and tactic to cover the direction that K'Shona was being pulled in, Borg exploded a couple of the mines that were still active. Once the Base was far enough away, both K'Zhen and Borg returned to the former site of K'Shona to aide Kosh in defeating the Romulans.

A few hours later, K'Shona arrived at it's new location, in the area occupied by the Base K'Mer where I will soon be boarding the Base to help Killon put it back together after the move.


Imperial Intelligence - Rak'qor K'Mpec and K'Lay K'Onor-Chang

Rak'qor K'Mpec, K'Lay K'Onor-Chang and T'Aiya Llire were able to download a great deal of basic information from devices taken from the Romulans from DS9 and used this information to warn Admiral Katalyia and K'Zhen regarding Romulan activity in their area.  They also conducted a brief scouting mission of the Romulan ship's graveyard known as Iraha Hieras before reluctantly leaving the potential plunder untouched and heading for K'Mer Base to rendezvous with other KSF forces.  Although the graveyard was only lightly guarded and secured, it was decided that they might be able to acquire more ships with help than they would be able to alone.  Thus, K'Lay met with Imperial Military Commander K'ven Jurek as soon as they'd reached station keeping, to discuss the possibility of a joint mission to this end.  She then went to meet with the Abbot who was unsuccessfully attempting to gain useful information from a little grey Orion named Solen, who had demanded to be taken to the leader. 

Meanwhile, T'Lara ZuMerz, who had brought Solen back to K'Mer Base, was almost immediately given another mission, this one to covertly follow pirate K'Logh Chang and his ship, the K'Orellian Klaw.  K'Logh, most of whose crew had not survived a biotoxin, inadvertently released when they'd come from the old universe to the new one, had planned to test the toxin as a weapon by releasing it onto a planet full of a protoRom species. 

Q'Rul DuppIm, Korgath DuppIm and Kha'Mish'Khal Duraqnan have not yet returned from their various scouting missions to locate or foment Klingon resistence movements, and are maintaining communications silence, and a low profile, as ordered. 

 We have received one other tidbit of intell from a source in the Chaplain General Corps, Peter Barnabus, a cleric sent to recon one of our old starbase locations, StarBase Delta.  It was thought that Peter, as a Human, would attract less attention in Romulan circles than would a Klingon or fusion.  The base, from what we can tell, is still there, but has been transformed into some kind of geisha house for Romulan officers.  More interesting still is the possibility that one of the girls working there is one of our own, Lushy JuRISS-Chang, who, from what we have been able to piece together, arrived there in a severely damaged ship, and has no memory of who she really is. 

Clearly, we have a great deal of Intelligence gathering to do on many fronts before we can get a clear idea of what we're facing.  All we know now is that the Romulans command this part of the universe and they present a formidable adversary, one that we are in no position to defeat at this time.


Imperial Contacts Branch - Khaufen JuRISS

Khaufen JuRISS, KirroQ JurISS, Kib'tores Kaleth, Kerlof KorVok and
T'Arra cha'Lorn have been ordered back to Klingon space following the mysterious disappearance of so many KSF ships and personnel.  Strange eddies still swirl in some places near the Klingon Empire, swallowing stray ships, leaving no trace of their passing or any evidence that they still exist.  Whole worlds are unsettled, with old enemies and old alliances equally disturbed, for no one trusts anyone else now, as no one yet knows who or what to blame.  That a chroniton wave passed through our galaxy is known.  What caused it to do so, wiping out sections of the Empire is not yet known.  But Kahless must find out.  He summons Imperial Contacts Branch Commander Khaufen to a private audience, with a desperate plan in mind.


Imperial Diplomatic Service -  A'qmarr ramHov K'Onor

Ambassador A'qmarr ramHov K'Onor felt mixed emotions, a bit unusual for a Klingon let alone a diplomat. She had made significant progress in learning more about this Romulan-dominated universe from studying the retrived records from the destroyed human colony S'vana. A'qmarr had also learned more from the colony's governor, James Sheridan, about how the Romulans seemed to have a mild disdain for human colonial activity. Harassment from D'Virin-class frigates had been going on for several years.

The IDS commander was pleased that she'd made some head way but disappointed that intermittent problems with communications on her dreadnought, IKV QI'lIn batlh, meant that orders to and reports from her scattered diplomats wern't getting through. The frustration began to show on A'qmarr's face as her operations chief brought word that Thought Admiral K'Lay and Abbot K'Obol needed a status report. "You expect me to stop trying to contact my diplomats for that?" she asked the officer. "What are you, a bochmoHwI'?" A'qmarr looked over her padd and told the technician at the comm to continue trying to contact her personnel, then went to her ready room for some privacy as she put together her report.

"Lord Abbot, Thought Admiral," A'qmarr began her remarks, "Durgath, it seems, is trying my 'patience' to the limit. Intermittent communications problems have prevented much of my orders to & reports from my envoys from getting through. All I have heard from anyone is fragments from Lt. Commander Moqra. It seems that he is also suffering from communications problems on Ferenginar. Whether these problems are natural or caused by saboteurs remains to be seen. We are attempting to reestablish contact with Lt. Koi & Cmdr. Reyna and will continue to do so until we hear from them. We have tried to contact the USS Dauntless, but the interference has hampered the attempts. We will try again after I complete this summary."

A report over the comm system interrupted the ambassador's recording. "There's a Confederation Starfleet shuttlepod in the main hangar bay," Force  Leader Hurric reported. "A Captain Jeremy Probert is asking to see you." "Major," A'qmarr responded, "escort the captain to my ready room. A lightly-armed escort this time." A'qmarr paused and told the bridge crew, "Proceed under cloak to Abbot K'Obol's coordinates at K'Mer Base. They've been programmed into the navigational systems. Go to Warp six after Captain Probert's shuttlepod has been secured." "Acknowledged, Ambassador," the operations chief reported.

The commander of IDS continued her report, "James Sheridan, the governor of S'vana, has provided useful information about the Romulans. Prior to the colony's destruction, D'Virin-class frigates had harassed them for several years. Sheridan's past encounters with the Romulans goes back to the time of his capture by the Tal Shiar; he was forced to watch them kill his wife, an archeologist, as she denied their charge that her work was a Starfleet intelligence-gathering mission. Sheridan escaped from the Romulans, retired from Starfleet and became a colonial governor. I will send you a more detailed report about his activities with this summary." She paused then added, "I am still hopeful that the problems will be corrected and we can continue the work you have asked of us. Durgath willing, we will see you at K'Mer soon. And... I would like to retain Governor Sheridan's services after you are through with him. His experience dealing with Romulans may be of use to us, diplomatically speaking. Recall our universe had a Delta Quadrant resident, Neelix, assisting the human Starfleet Captain Janeway while USS Voyager made its way back to the Alpha Quadrant. Perhaps Sheridan will be such a help with us."

As A'qmarr sent the information to the Abbot, the door chime announced the arrival of Major Hurric and Confederation Starfleet Captain Jeremy Probert. The diplomat opened the door and prepared for another few hours of questioning.



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