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Greetings, Fellow Warriors of the KSF!

Over the past year, we have seen some changes made. Changes which have made the KSF stronger. One of these changes was in the structure of the Sectors in Global Sector A (GSA).

Some of you are aware of this change as if affected you as a Sector Commander or as a member being moved from one Sector to another due to the restructuring of GSA.

The restructuring of GSA from Eight Sectors down to Five Sectors, redistributing the members more evenly, making the Sectors themselves stronger. Due to the restructuring, each Sector has filed a Sector Report and is represented in the NL.

But we can do better, can't we? Even though each Sector filed a report, not everyone took the time to file a post report. Now, I understand the Post Report is voluntary and I commend the officers who took the time to file one. I enjoy reading them and find them very interesting.

However, I think it is time for a reminder as to the purpose behind the Post/Sector Reports.

Post Reports are reports that you file with your Sector Commander, letting him/her know what you have been doing for the past Tri (4 months) in Real Life as well as the club. This report also helps your CO to determine your activity level-i.e. how active you've been--and is considered when determining if the officer's eligibility for promotion in rank or honorific.

It is one of many tools for the member. Not only does it let your CO know what you've been up to, it tells everyone else as well without the member-YOU-having to write everyone.

Consider this. If your Sector CO never hears from you, how is your CO going to know you deserve the promotion/commendation you are up for? How will your CO know you're the officer to fill a position if you don't file a Post Report or even contact him/her? The answer: Your CO won't.

The Post Reports received by your Sector CO are placed in the Sector Report and sent to the GSA XO, or if your Sector is not in GSA, it is sent to Qe'San, Commander of Global Sector Europe (GSE). The GSA XO then processes the GSA Sector Report and sends it in to Qe'San (Jon) to be included in the NL, where members-like you-enjoy reading them, as it helps you get to know each other.

See how important your Post Report is? Reading them is a great way to get to know your fellow Officers and writing them is a great way to let others get to know you. If you need assistance or help in filing one, your Sector CO will be glad to give you some pointers.

I and others in the club enjoy reading the Sector/Post Reports. But there's one catch. It takes members-LIKE YOU-to write the reports. How about it? You game?

Until next we meet….

I salute you!

Admiral Katalyia Epetai K'Tore-Jiraal
GSA Commander


by Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn

Kai SuvwI'

Yes Battle lines is late... Well unfortunately , that's life... However I'm hoping you'll love the issue and forget the fact... As you will have seen already, there are some changes afoot...  I'm so pleased to be able to bring you a refresh of many of the long serving icon/images thanks to Ke'Reth.. In fact I have such a library of artwork from him now that I wish I could share more of them with you here.. But if I dd that I'd soon run out and for while we're still producing a hard copy space.. I reality This issue shouldn't have any of the artwork in it because it was drawn well after the true publishing date for this issue... But I saw no reason to be too strict on myself for that..

However and this is something to note there are things that have since been sent in that although appropriate I feel should wait.. One of those is club changes.. The ones shown here are the ones which were current at the time.. Bearing in mind that I do plan to produce the next issue on time or within a month of this I saw no reason to confuse anyone reading this issue in retrospect.. Up to date address changes for example can be found on the current roster so I don't feel I'm doing anyone a disservice... If anyone really wants to know specifics please email me at BLeditor@btinternet.com or my personal email qeSan@btinternet.com 

nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI'
A warrior doesn't let a friend face danger alone.



Rose Compton - promoted to Captain Kimpla sutai D-Dokmarr Zu-Merz


Sector CO's GSA
Sector 1 Kosh /Curtis Martin
Sector 2 Borg /Michael Robbins
Sector 3 Katalyia/Lynda Phillips
Sector 4 T'Lara/Susan Wyss
Sector 5 Rakqor/Richard Heckert

Commendation to all of the above officers for outstanding achievement and work done in their particular Sector areas of GSA

Commendation in addition goes to Rak'qor for diplomacy in handling diplomatic situations.

K'Zhen ZuMerz - Commendation for many hours of Command Staff participation behind the scenes as well as RPG assistance and literally hundreds of drawings for the Kookbook website (and soon to be released hard copy)

Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal - Commendation for Sector work as well as RPG participation, and many hours of behind-the-scenes Command Staff work that often goes unseen and unappreciated.

Abbot K'Obol Chang-K'Onor - Commendation for pulling double and triple duty in Command Staff duties, IRB service and many hours of RPG work that almost always goes unnoticed unless something goes wrong.

Volar K'Zota-K'Onor - Commendation for hours stolen from study to do the Kookbook, attend to Command Staff duties, RPG ideas, and for taking the time to spend extra time with members in need. 

qe'San be'rawn - Commendation for unfailing and exhausting work on BATTLE LINES that takes him away from family and work, and for often staying up till the wee hours of the morning to be available in chat, and finally, for always being there to pour oil (or Earl Grey tea or chocolate) on troubled waters

Azel Tavana - Commendation for Command Staff participation, for being our advanced "eyes and ears" when the rest of us are running in circles, and keeping the details from drowning the rest of us.



Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K’Tore-Jiraal
GSA Commander

Due to remodeling, the reminder for the Sector Reports were not sent out. Thanks to those who sent in a Sector/Post Report without the reminder.

Sector One

U  Hod Kosh zantai Zu-Merz/Curtis Martin - Sector 1 Commander
It seems my job is my life ... at least for now, a couple more weeks at least ... maybe three? 

U  Commander K’Eherang zantai-K’Shontan-Jiraal:  Things have been pretty insane around my place recently. What with working and going to school, I’ve got very little time left for a life. Thusly, there isn’t much to report.  --  In Victory,

Commander K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-Jiraal
Division of Imperial Intelligence
Commanding Officer - IKV Do'HoS

U  Lt. Q'urras vestai Doq'Marr - Stephen Holdren:  qavan!  The Last three months have been difficult for me. I don;t know if you knew that I'm ill. Since I last wrote any one in KSF, I've changed Doctors, changed some of my medications and had a short stay in the Hospital. 
On the home front I had to invite a couple of people to live with me. Not only for the money they provide to keep this place running, but they also help me when I'm not feeling as well as I do today.

As you might guess I work at home so that I can make my own hours. Right now I'm painting some figurines to go with the Game Workshops Lord of the Rings Battle system. I have a few World War Two German armor that have yet to be completed. Plus I'm shopping around for an old ERTL kit of the Bird of Prey. I still want to build and paint my ship the Empire's Glory, but so far no luck. Living on Social security isn't easy. They only give you 50% of the poverty line. About $6000.00 a year.

I haven't seen any Star Trek recently. It's not on the big three! Though I do get to watch a movie now and then, since I do own a DVD and a VHS. I get together with friends and play Magic the gathering occasionally. But the Klingon way lives in my heart. I own the Klingon Dictionary and a copy of the Klingon way sit proudly on my book shelf next to my World War two and future way Science Fiction. 
(Reported by Rose Compton)
TA Keel K'Tara/David Christensen (retired) has been spotted on the list-serve recently, updating the KSF on StarTrek news.

Sector Two

U  Borg QI'mpeq / Michael C. Robbins, GSA Sector 2 Command - With each passing day, My health continues to improve since my open heart by-pass surgery back in September. By the time, you read this. I will have celebrated my 50th birthday (March 12) on this planet.  

And back on January 22nd, I started another year (13th) as a member of the Klingon Strike Force. oh joy!?!?

U  Azel Tavana Zu-Merz / Adrienne Paradis:  Reporting, for a change ... 

I'm still out here on the furthermost rim of the Delta Quadrant, floating around, enjoying the wonderful display of nebula, watching the birth of new stars ... from here I can monitor the collision of NGC 4038/4039 as they continue on their collision course. A link to that report is  http://hubblesite.org/gallery/showcase/galaxies/g8.shtml 

I'm fine, don't bother to call me back unless it is of dire importance!  ( I'm open for rpg's, please email me separately if you need Azel for a mission, otherwise she is quite happy out there! )

Thought Admiral Azel Tavana Zu-Merz

(¯`·.¸¸.-*If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, it would be the purrr.*-.¸¸.·´¯)

U   Kven Jurek / Jil Conway:  So far 2005 has been very busy. It is now the tax season and I've gotten six new clients, all of whom have waited until the end of the year to get their bookkeeping in order for tax time. One client is in such a snarled mess it seems simpler to just re-do the books entirely [sigh]

Aside from work (is there really such a thing?!?), I finally wrapped up my mother's estate and managed to sell her home. Gee, after seven months of that you'd think I'd have time to spared NOT.


U   Kerlof KorVok / Don Maddox:  My apologies but I've just been in formed by my company that my services will be required for the next 18 months in Kuwait. My hopes for the continued success of the KSF!!!!!

Kerlof aka Don 

U  K'Tarra Hitenshi/Paralee Emdy (Reported by Rose Compton):  has been visiting the KSF chat regularly. She seems to keep herself quite busy.

Sector Three
Filed by Admiral Katalyia Epetai K’Tore-Jiraal

U   Admiral Katalyia Epetai K’Tore-Jiraal, Commander: The past three months have been busy for me. My mother has been in the hospital since December 17, 2004. After being allowed to come home for week, she had to go back into the hospital. Needless to say, neither one of us is happy about it. Also, I watched the Clay Aiken Christmas special and enjoyed it. I admit, I watched it mainly because Barry Manilow was a guest, but I still enjoyed it. Also, I have put in my reservation for the Welcome Home Barry! Convention in Las Vegas in July. While I am there, in between events or afterwards, I am going to try out the virtuality rides: ‘The Borg Experience’ and the new one ‘The Klingon Adventure’! I can hardly wait. Also, in April, since the Convention here was canceled (still smarting over the fact money wise as well as event wise) my friend and I are having our own Trek party at my house! I am also looking forward to that.

Kimpla D-Dok'marr Zu-Merz/Rose Compton: 2004 rolled into 2005 with some major bumps, but Ed & I survived them. The Holidays were good. The turkey made it to the table without incident and we spent alot of time with the family. (Something We both enjoy). We ran into some computer problems but now have that taken care of. (We hope) We ended up buying a new system. (Got a 'Dell Dudes). 

As the winter progresses, we're surviving the cold and snow, although it has been a somewhat mild season with only a few really bitterly cold days and the snow has been kept to a minimum. In January, I was stricken with a bout of pneumonia, but have since recovered. Work goes along as normal, except that we are experiencing a lot of overtime. Oh well, you have to do what you have to do. As we move into March, I'm gearing up for the spring. Time to decide what I'll plant this year and where, as well as what we want to do to the house. The Bathroom is our next project. (big fun!)

Qwll’eren Dupplm/Karl Holtz: "Toil and Trouble" seems to sum things up here. Just when you think you see the light at the end of the tunnel it turns out to be an incoming photon torpedo. On the lighter side, we did have a whitish Christmas in Oklahoma. 

K'Ken T'Relak/Ken Traft: Well, not much happening as usual. I've been busy working with the Auditors to finish our Sarbanes-Oxley General Controls for IT. It has been a hectic task. It seems that no one really understands how the Sarbanes-Oxley act of 2002 applies. We've gone through 2 internal audits and 2 external audits and it seems they change their expectation each time. The good news is that our company is in good shape. A few minor deficiencies and no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses. We are rushing to get ready to leave tomorrow for Paris. I am dreading the trip. We don't speak French and at best we know only a few phrases to get by. I don't like the food there and the people are not friendly. But Julie wants to go so we go.

U  Khaufen JurIS/Ron Moore Pohlen (Reported by Rose Compton) is without a computer for the moment so all correspondence is via the post. He has undergone some major changes in his RL, but looks forward to returning to the RPG soon.

Sector Four

U  Capt. T'Lara ZuMerz - Susan Wyss:  Sector 4 Commander.  Greetings all! Much has happened to everyone since last Tri. and certainly I did not escape that. While up here in NY, we have not had to deal with the hurricanes, our weather has been just as weird. We get snow of any amount and my son gets out and shovels, earning $7.-9./hr! He joined the ski club at his school, where they go to Pa. four times to the ski slopes. Of course he did not ski....he snowbarded. LOL The first trip was not great because the buses were late and it out the whole schedule off. The second trip, my son fell and hurt his tailbone. The third trip, he fell and broke his arm and had a very black and blue and swollen knee. The last trip was the pizza party so he went then too. All in all, he had a great time and wants to do it again next year.

My winter has been no less 'exciting'. After returning from Canada in August, I tor the cartilage in my knee. On December 29, I had arthroscopic surgery on it. A week later I was feeling fine, but the day I was to return to work I twisted my knee and re-injured it. I have been attempting to recover from that since then.

The holidays were nice....and quiet. I had my son for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This coming Christmas he will be with his dad. 

On a club note, I have joined what was the CGC division, and look forward to some great role plays!

U  Captain Avakhon zantai Khinsharri /Bob Cunningham :  Ok, I wasn't wanting to go into too many details as it has been a bad time as it is. Dec. 13th my wife of nearly 20 years died, and since then my (former and mostly in-laws) family has, for the most part disowned me. At the time I was devastated, but have come to see it as a blessing. My uncle had hip replacement surgery the 3rd of January and needed help with his wife and himself afterwards, so I have moved in here and am starting life as I know it now. After 3 weeks in the hospital and nursing home, he came home and I have been one of his primary caregivers since then. Not exactly what I had envisioned happening to me at this time in life, but I am happier than I have been in years. I have freedom unlike I have never had before and have met MANY new and exciting challenges since this has occurred. 

The 30th of January saw my 46th birthday and I spent it with family that I am sure care and love me for ME. . . . Those who I know and those who I have never met face to face made it a day I will probably never forget with their kindness and offerings of well wishes and such. THIS outpouring of affection more than anything else made me realize exactly HOW fortunate I really am.
I am NOW looking forward to my FIRST Dover and several other conventions I've always heard of and never been able to attend. That and the beginnings of course studies at THE Klingon Academy, (which I have been made a Dean of Cultural studies, thank you!) have made this the best time of my life so far and I now eagerly look forward to that portion of the rest of it to come. 

Prior of Tolar'tu/Bob Cunningham out.

U  LTJG. Ju'Ngah Vestai-Chang/ Ryan Lee Williams:  This is Ryan Lee Williams/LTJG. Ju'Ngah Chang reporting. I was given a notice by Cdr. Kimpla Zu-Merz to turn in a sector report for this month, so here it is. First about my character. I've been given my first assignment since returning to active duty. I'm to head to a Romulan moon and liberate some Klingon slaves. I've even been given command of the I.K.V. Durgath's Hammer for this mission. While I'm confident that the mission will be a success, I can't help feeling a little trepidation about how I'll perform, what with me being out of action for awhile. But regardless of that feeling, I don't intend to let anyone, especially my line sister, down. I will succeed no matter what. VICTORY OR DEATH!!! 

Now about the real me. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened for me or my family, but there was one good thing that came to past last Christmas. My half-brother, Troy Edward, came home to us. He had been living in Boston, Massachusetts for a number of years, but now he's back in Kentucky for good, which brings a big smile on my face, because I've missed him very much. New Year's Eve also went by very fast, and I'm happy to report that I survived the first month of the new year. My sister was saying that January went by very fast, and she's right. Has anyone else noticed how fast the month went by?

Well, that's about all I have to report for now. Until next time......


LTJG. Ju'Ngah Vestai-Chang
Ministry of Culture
G.S.A. Sector 4
I.K.V. Bold-Heart 

U   Sue Frank - Capt. Kishin zantai-Kukura:  Greetings to you , Commander, and to the brave officers of the KSF!

My latest project is learning to play a terran drum popular in the Middle East, a "darbuka". I've never had so much fun trying to play an instrument before. Maybe the best thing about it is that it is both intriguing and possible. (I tried to get with the guitar as a teenager but never made any headway.) I figure it might come in useful if a Klingon contingent decides to parade through town and needs a little assist keeping in step.

Did my comrades in arms celebrate Valentine's Day with suitable ferocity? I hope you secured your proper share of yuch! Blood and chocolate....:-)
I salute you all--
From strength to strength!

U  David Stayduhar / Lt(jg) ch'HulHu vestai Kormel:  Well, where to start... been busy with work lately... not a lot else... gotten involved in playing neopets online in my spare time, and keeping an online journal at livejournal.com... sprained my ankle walking to work in the snow in january... battled the flu a couple times, and built my DVD collection (doubled, since last yr) since there isn't much else to do with the cold weather... got a new jacket which I'm looking for any kind of star trek patches to sew on it... that's about it... work's kept me busy...

U  Reyna Kor-Zu-Merz/Joan Higgins (Reported by Rose Compton), has been ill recently and is suffering from a sprained left shoulder and right knee. If you're waiting for a response from her, be patient.

Sector Five

U  Cmdr.Rakqor sutai K'Mpec/ Richard Heckert, Sector 5 Commander:  I havent myself had a good month, I got sick (bad cold) that lasted 2 weeks, then I got a tooth ache ,thought it was part of the cold, ya know when ya feel like ya want to tear your teeth out! Never got better, had a root canal! Another 2 weeks shot! 
Between the pain meds and cold meds, seems like I lost the whole month! Havent felt like doin anything. Go for the final fillin tommorrow morning. Hopin for better times.


U  BlackHeart/ David Yates:  Hey There,. Not alot to tell but that message sorta got me thinking I'd best put something in ..I have been "prospecting" off and on with the weather allowing,.locating old or abandoned mines and gathering..hmmm,. from garnet to sapphire, emerald, flourite.galena, amethyst,. peridot , ruby, .sphalerite (a beautiful gem Refractive index rivals that of a diamond tho,so lots of colors fron the stone refratcing the light,.only hardness is 3-4),.pyrites,in gold and silver colors. Best of all Opalized Blue Quartz,.a boulder or two, found at least a 100lbs,and it's never before been found in GA.Museums are wanting pieces,so they will get that, pieces..lol..hey its a living a passion and it's paid in cash...lol...Some RL concerns that should be setteled before too long.  So no "major" complaints..BlackHeart

U   LCmdr. Lusciouslips sutai JurISS-Chang/Gill Curry

well not much to report for lushy <grin> she has yet been bonded..HINT HINT!..and boy des she EVER need to be!!..She's been laying on her back...outta her head with the virus for some time now...but like any cat..she has 9 lives!!..On a personal note I hope this year run's smoother...less hurricanes..more art shows..<grin> 

Sector Eight

U Borg QI'mpeq / Michael Robbins ~  


U  Lt. J.G. Kohn vestai-K'Tarra: REPORT:  Okay...what have I done for the past Four Months...??

Let's see...

I'm still working as a 'Records Officer' (Filing Clerk), and at the moment, it looks like it might continue for awhile (it's been over Seven Months so far)... but anything can happen I suppose

Still looking for a better place to Live... that's both affordable AND close to work, but I'm also waiting to see if I can be made Permanent in the Job I'm doing (I've been there more than Seven Months, and I'm still a Casual !!)

Met up with my Mother for the first time since my Father died over Five Years ago.... which I thought would have turned into an 'Interesting' Experience (in the same way that Necti is an 'Interesting' Drink), but it was relatively painless

Oh yes...

I managed to find and read a copy of Kahless by Michael Jan Friedman... and then bought a copy of The Hand Of Kahless... not realizing that it was merely a Combination of 'The Final Reflection' by John M. Ford (which I already had) and 'Kahless' (which I had just recently bought) :-(

No matter...

Having the two in the same Volume is a nice touch and makes them easier for people to find that didn't get the chance when they first came out

Oh... and I managed to finish that Short Story I was working on... the Klingon/StarGate Crossover

I'll be Submitting it to qe'San after I've had a chance to Proof-Read it }}:-{)>


Lt. J.G. Kohn vestai-K'Tarra
Imperial Security
GSB Global Sector Commander


U K'Lay - MargieWork, two jobs and college courses - upwards of 70 hours a week of it, have taken their toll on my time. Extra time has been split between sleep and the KSF. I have enjoy the counseling courses, but am glad that they're done for the next year or so, and HOPE to have more time on my hands starting now. Of course, KSF will get most of that! I'm dedicated! Really! (No matter what the little grey Orion told you!) Speaking of Orions and Volar....Chris Gable and his alternate egos came to visit for Klingon "K'Ristmas" here the first week in February. (No, of course we don't celebrate our holidays the same time as the Terrans!) We managed to show him the fun of snow for the first time, drank from the purple ::shudder:: bottle, watched movies, role played and in general had high level CCC Command meetings with he, Abbot and I discussing the future of our RPG. (No, don't ask; that's still classified!) The R & R was wonderful. It's good to have Line House Family come for a visit. 


U Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn - Jon Brown: Life has been busy.. But then that seems to have been the course for the everyone lately.. A business adventure is working out at a pleasant walking pace and is allowing us to get everything worked out while we're going.. More than that I think everything else has been said in the editors dagger... 

U Lt koi kai drocklon - Alberto Gorin:  alberto gorin
lt koi kai drocklon

stardate may 22 2005
time index 19;46 pm

start with am no longer organizer of klingon meetup klingon meetup throw me out unless i resign up sign up again.i do not feel like i would say no one of the members notice.

mi first meeting was opening meeting of www.tfd.nl this is second meeting http://www.PictureTrail.com/newstarcon3
2 meetings to go www.screenheroes.com and www.utopiasite.com vaughn goes if am right to fedcom.de believe site is vaughn armstrong funny joke at newstartcon was asking pictuer of andrew robbinson i asked if he could hello to vaughn so he swing his pen few times i though is it that hard okay he wrote something.

in cooking am bit stuck do we throw bunge of chily in it or what o we throw in take chuiken meat soya food you have some sort of klingon stew also add chees makes nice when it melt

as terran
caddilac try promote there cars in europe and i was lucky be there and i got ride in a CTS V8 2.8 liter and pictuers are here http://www.PictureTrail.com/caddiliacday

not a bird of prey yet need to think make space so thats in mi mind.




Greetings All. The following is a transcript of the chat session in Avakhon & K'Lora's honour compiled by K'Zhen and composed by Kimpla.

We thought you all might also like a copy:

ChHulHu Hic

DHM Kzhen says:  Welcome back Klogh

Beastie says:  ssshhhh

KmpIa says: ty

katalyia says: welcome back

Kinpla says: We are here to celebrate A SPECIAL UNION.. THAT OF AVAKHON and K’LORA 

Avakhon says: ty

Kimpla says: Avakhon.. did you two wish Is say something?

Avakhon says: I wish say that I am pleased that ALL my friends are able to be here for this momentous occasion
TheAbbot says: to corrtinue... bow down before the gods’ power that brings two hearts together as one. 

Kimpla says:  Abbot, I will then turn this over to you as you have something to say. 

Avakhon and Klora bow before the Abbot

There_Can_be_0nly One says: I’d like to propose a toast to both of you, Avakhon 

TheAbbot says:  Now Prior, and Prior;s Lady...

Avakhon says:  That’s what the Abbot is doing now, ty

Kimpla: Raise glasses

There_Can_be_0nly One says:  Raise your bloodwine everyone

Katalyia raises glass

Solen has left the conversation

ChHulHu doesn’t have a glass 

Avakhon and Klora raise glasses high

There_Can_be_0nly One says:  Somebody get Chu a glass of wine, please

Azel gives Chu a bottle 

HoD Kosh ZuMerz raises a tankard of Arrogant Bastard Ale and a glass of bloodwine

Klogh upends his bottle of hooch

ChHulHu is in the barrel 

…Please continue your eminence.

TheAbbot Says:  Avakhon, who was once a weapon without a soul but now joined Antel with a future, and K’Lora who is about to lose her soul to the same demon-eater we all know and love as the Prior

Avakhon says:  Awwwww,ty, A

There_Can_be_0nly One has left the conversation

TheAbbott says:  May your hearts beat together as one, may the blood in your veins turn to a bright purple with the passion of your love, and may you both avoid the Purple (shudder) bottle 

TheAbbot says: Forever and ever. Amen.

Avakhon says: EMCORE!

Kimpla says:  AMEN!

Avakhon says: AMEN! 

Kimpla says:  Next up is K’Zhen

Katalyia says:  May it be so

Kimpla says:  Speak now.

There_Can_be_0nly One has joined the conversation

HoD Kosh ZuMerz says: Qapla’!

DHM KZhen says:  To my little sister Leora, who discovered her Klingon heritage and found her way home to the KSF; and to Prior Khinsharri, my dear friend, May your happiness flow like bloodwine, and may your union be blessed with increasing joy as you journey together, and may you gain victory over all your enemies.

Kimpla says:  Amen!!

Beastie says:  Amen!

Katalyia says:  Hear Hear! 

The Abbot says:  Wait! Wait, I forgot something!!!!!!!!

The Abbot says:  May you have many tiny priorish feet running across your kitchen floors!

Avakhon whispers to DHM KZhen:  Who would have known this many years ago?

Hod Kozh ZuMerz says:  Qapla'!

The Abbot says:  Qapla!

DHM K'Zhen whispers to Avakhon:  Who would have known it a month ago? 

Kimpla says:  So say ye Avakhon and Klora?

Avakhon says: Yes.

Kimpla says:  As it is your celebration I turn the chat over to you. 

Capt Tlara says:  Then we stand as your friends and your witnesses to this glorious occasion.

The Abbot says: Sad say when a weapon that was designed over decades, hard unremitting scheming and planning, and it all goes to hell when he meets a woman.

Avakhon says:  Now she gets SHY on me! 

Capt TLara says:  It is an honor…..our honor.

Avakhon says:  Thank you one and all for the words of encouragement and honors bestowed upon our union.

You know that ain’t HIM typing!

ChHulHu says: Oh.

The Abbot says:  Shows what You know, Priorish personal.

ChHulHu raises toast with butter and promptly drops it in the barrel. 

ChHuIHu nays:  Damn

The Abbot nays:  Too much… oiI.. on your fingers, Chu?

Capt Tlara raises her glass of bloodwine in a toast to the couple 

Avakhon says:  Well we all know that the PRIOR isn’t a man of few words.

Katalyia says:  May you fight your battles together, may you fly through the stars as one and may your blades always be sharp toward your enemies.

The Abbot says:  KAI!

HoD Kosh ZuMerz says:  May you two always be the ones that only hold the lock and true key to your combined happiness. 

ChHuLIHu says:  well, since I Iost that toast... may you face many enemies together, and have a good Iong life together, and die in Glorious battle together

KimpIa says:  Qapla!!!

Avakhon says:  excellent

The Abbot says:  The TA says: To one of my most honorable warriors, and the woman who has claimed his heart - May you be as happy as the Abbot and I.

ChHulHu says:  Damn

Kimpla says:  Oh so cool!!

Avakhon says:  that is the best we could ever ask for

The _Abbot says:  We are also going to climb the wooden hill, folks. Priorish Oerson, Little-Lady-That-Has-tamed-The-Priorish-Person, be well, happy, and close to each other, even when far away, as the TA and I are. For ever and ever. 



Campaign Coordination Command  
Summary - Vice Admiral K'Obol Chang-K'Onor

Our newly named Minstry of Culture has achieved nearly all of its intended tasks. Lady Teh hel K'Onor, with significant help from K'awn Kin-Chin, JuNagh Chang, Medra, an occasional Caitain, the Quvagh Magh, a godling, many acolytes, some of the newly freed Klin cousins from this universe, Abbot K'Obol Chang K'Onor and a pair of entities identified as Father Durgath and Mother Cymele, have completed the restoration and resurrection of Prior Avakhon Khinsharri and our new khinsharri, the assassin Blackheart. 

Moqra Q'endeH and his sister have forged allies for us among the Ferengi here who seem little like the avaricious, untrustworthy merchants of our home space. In addition, they have involved with Bajoran worm hole aliens to aid us, or at least not work against us. A'qmarr ramHov K'Onor is close to completing an alliance with the Confederation, one which will reduce the Romulan influence and strengthen both the UCP and our new Klingon Empire. T'Lara ZuMerz has brought Miraal and her parents to the new First City on our new Home World where she hopes to complete her most important mission, Saving these Klingons as she has saved us.

Imperial Security has recovered many usable ships from the Rom graveyard at nominal cost to us, and only eliminated two of the Romulan observation posts doing so. Additionally Confederation Captain Soltar Pallara of the USS Dauntless has engaged a Romulan squadron while assisting in freeing our people. It seems we are finding allies in many places here. Borg QI'Mpeq has freed thousands of our cousins from Romulan slavery and tey have now been transported to the first freedom they have ever known in what we are negotiating to become Klingon Space. Kimpla ZuMerz has completed work on the vaccine and anti-toxin to control the plague we loosed on the Romulans. She managed to blend skills from the multiple Medra units with blood from the Quvagh Magh and has been distributing both products throughout our own fleet, holding enough in reserve to bribe the Romulans High Command with, after they have given and guaranteed us time and space to re-establish a Klingon Empire in this reality. In addition to her work on the plague cures and vaccines, Kimpla has achieved a working relationship with Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal's Entity which inhabits this universe's version of K'Shona Base, and has 95 percent of its function restored. Kosh ZuMerz and DaHar Master K'Zhen Zu Merz have returned with their prizes from the ship's graveyard, including two Confederation ships which were immediately deployed. Reyna Kor has organized the refugees and has set up training programs to teach our cousins how to be Klingon Warriors again. She has also set up living quarters and medical facilities. Miraal and her parents will also be helping with the re-education efforts. The refugees seem to revere all three of them. K'Logh TiQwoQ Chang has used his pirate skills to recover two important POWs, Krowgon Drexa and Lushy Chang JurISS, both of whom were tortured in various ways by the Romulans. Both have been cured of the plague, Lushy due to her adepti powers, temporarily assigned to remain on K'Logh's ship until reassignment, and Krowgon still weak and in sick bay, recovering from his ordeal with the help of Azel Tavana.

Imperial Intelligence was busy as well. K'Lay K'Onor-Chang, was detailed to recover Krowgon when he was "released" by Romulan Viceroy Aeov. It was expected that the release would not be without complications, and true to form, with Krowgon came a transmitter that the Tal Shiar would have used to locate and attack our people. But the transmitter also carried a message, from the Viceroy, offering an end to hostilities in return for a cure for the plague. K'Lay met with Aeov to set up a meeting between the Romulan High Command and II CO K'ven Jurek to negotiate these ends, which were eventually agreed upon, though not before Aeov was killed by his subordinate. The original plan was carried through however, the medications were delivered, and the treaty so far seems to be intact. As an added bonus, K'ven was able to learn the whereabouts of a life pod containing II agent ch'HulHu Kormel, who, after being rescued was sent on a mission of his own. On the way he was attacked by two warbirds who either had not heard of the peace negotiations or did not agree with them. ch'HulHu destroyed one while a third warbird arrived, decloaked and destroyed the second one of its own kind, all without communication. We can now safely say that while this reality is not ours, we can make it a home and eventually resume some semblance of our old lives.

It is almost too much to hope that K'hen K'With's ongoing experiments to reverse the chroniton wave's effects might work to return us to our own kind, but he has summoned us to his ship to view the latest attempt, and the Thought Admiral has ordered everyone to be there, perhaps only for morale's sake. 

Ministry of Culture - Prior Avakhon Kinsharri

The blending of the former IDS and CGC divisions has been not without it's turbulance, but in all, it has occurred nonetheless. I feel confident that the next tri will produce much more and even better from this newly formed division, the Ministry of Culture.
All has proceeded as best can be expected for the LONG awaited ceremony of resurrection of the two Khinsharri. teh'Hel has gathered the troops and the needed herbs and roots as well as planetary concerns for this to occur. Her accolytes and engineers have produced a minor miracle in finding, procuring and building the altar and such for this to happen finally.

Recently returned to our fold,after a long hiatus, Ju'Nagh has aided tremendously in the effort of freeing the slaves of chu'tu and bringing them up to speed as much as possible with regards the needs of the NEW Empire of this reality. A KLINGON one! Although this has garnered some attention from the current reigning Empire here (The Romulan Star Empire to be exact) we are confident that we shall prevail as the deadly plague of which WE are the apparent carriers for has devasted their Empire along with the addition of our cunning and forceful Daavit, Nagh Gor, with his weapon of CONSIDERABLE mass destructive capabilities.  PLANET wide is something the Romulans CAN'T defend against and with the cloaking abilities of covering a group of asteroids, they have NO early warning to defend against it. Quite ingenious.

Kimpla and the medical staff, along with the Medra units have done a miraculous job of securing the needed blood plasma from Miraal, the Quvagh'Magh, to begin producing the needed anti-toxin and curative and have begun distribution of it's formula to the needed ships throughout our forces. 

Aqmaar should be using this to our advantage soonest in her future negotiations with the Confederation for an alliance that will secure the Empire's place in this reality as well as our own. 

Moqra and his sister have completed their visit to the erstwhile missing Federation Captain Sisko and the Wormhole Aliens of THIS reality, and returned to find they were sent the formula as well for their possible negotiations with the Ferengyi rebel concerns. After a brief sibling tussle over the origins of the formula, stemming from it the fact it came from Miraal! Seems everyone who meets this child of wonder has the same feeling. One of instant concern and parental care for her. Seems you can't help yourself now matter how hard and tough a warrior you are, she melts that exterior facade away and you become her protector. I know the feeling well. . . I DIED for it! Moqra may turn his profit yet! I'd swear there was a Ferengyi in his lineage somewhere if I didn't know better! Wouldn't surprize me a bit if he didn't make Grand Nagus HERE! Probably invent the position himself if they don't already have it.

K'Awn's first excursion into the world of the wild and wonderful is one of interest. Seems snipers have pinned him and his aides down, costing him one of them, to which he became so enraged with fury that he went berzerk and found the sniper. . . there wasn't enough left to place in a specimen bag for delivery to his relatives. The Romulan that is. Seems we have a new workhorse in this division and his name is K'Awn Kin-Chin !

T'Lara has found herself a new mission. Babysitting s godling named Kyan. NOT exactly what she envisioned with her crew now, but it is the mission she was given, and by Kahless she will complete it. Delivering the child-god to chu'tu may prove more challenging than she had thought before as he has a mischievious side that rivals any imp we've ever known.

BlackHeart and I remain as brothers, now that we've seemingly come away from our long imposed slumber. Mine of need for technology reasons, his for trying to do what a warrior does, serve and die with honor. Both have seen and experienced MANY strange and wonderful events since our enforced sleep began. Nightmares of the past, those of the future, and those I hope may never come to pass. All within that etherael realm of nothingness called death. OR was it? 

I can only hope that once we have fully returned to our senses, these nightmares are over and I will find that my place as Prior of
Tolar'tu has been returned to me as well. I welcome it's calming and cavernous areas to meditate and solve some fo the demons that seem to habitate my sleeping hours now. . . Only time and Durgath knows what happens now. Prior out

Imperial Security / Imperial Medical / USS Dauntless - Captain Kimpla D-Dok'marr Zu-Merz and Captain Kosh Zu-Merz

The wo'taH QanHung has been busy scouring the captured/salvaged vessels of the Romulan graveyard of ships, Iraha Hieras, working on the antidote (Medical) for the virus that was let loose in the alternate universe on us, and then on the Imperial Romulan Empire! Klingon slaves held by their Rom overlords have been freed, a Starfleet vessel (USS Dauntless) is also trying to free more, and an agent has been picked up.

HoD Borg freed literally thousands of Klingons from under the heel of their Romulan masters, he used a flotilla of vessels in which to transport said freed Klingons to their new home ... a planet in Romulan occupied space, former Klingon territory, in which to start a new Klingon Empire!

HoD Kimpla conducted thorough medical scans of the rescued Klingons and set up a medical base, MED Base Geb, her MEDRA unit (working in conjunction with other MEDRA units on other vessels) devised a vaccine for the virus using a sample from the blood of the Kuvagh Magh (Miraal), a 'saviour' of the Klingon race after all...

She also is still dealing with an entity on K'Shona Starbase and the base is 95% functional, the refugees were transported from the base to one ship, then to another with the help of la' Reyna, and finally to Narenda III; Reyna also set up a medical base on the planet, thereby hastening the growth of a new Klingon Empire! (More medical details below) 

The two Romulan outposts of the ship graveyard were taken out by myself and DaHar Master K'Zhen, as precaution from Romulan surveillance, and to hasten our 'liberations' of any needed supplies and ships, such as medical supplies and two Confed vessels; the USS Hermes (an Oberth Class vessel, modified into a hospital ship) and the USS Archer (Excelsior Class), both were found to be re-deployable for IS/KSF operations (I did have my eye on the USS Armada, a Niagara Class ship).

(Imperial Medical details - continued) K'Shona base Medical facility repairs were completed; although behind schedule; due to the influence and interference from the Entity residing there. The base now has an operational unit with 95 percent of it's equipment functioning. The 5% of nonfunctioning equipment is due to a lack of parts and availability in this Universe.

The refugees stranded on the base were removed to ship Genesis and given medical attention, to ensure the health and well being of all. Basic instruction and training in the use of the equipment was also provided. Doing all that she could to provide a feel for living on a ship and in space, Kimpla then had the refugees transported to the IKV Kor yay Hem. Commander Reyna zantai Kor-Zu-Merz took over from there and transported the former Klingon slaves to a planet in the sector. They would begin their lives anew, as free individuals on this planet, away from the rule of the Romulans and their influence.

Cmdr. Reyna also set up a temporary medical base on the planet. Using one of it's many caves as protection and cover, she set up generators and medical equipment, using the Romulan supplies that we had managed to 'salvage' and all the surplus supplies we could spare from the KSF medical ships.

The Child, Miraal, finally arrived on ship Genesis. The EMH unit, MEDRA took the necessary steps and extracted the blood samples needed for a cure to the virus. Within a few short hours, Medra had the necessary vaccine to save the Universe. Cmdr. Kimpla was the first to try it and after a severe reaction, set Genesis' off to find the other KSF ships, delivering the life saving vaccine to each.

The Bird of Prey, 'Bringer of Justice', along with 11 of her crew, was sent to aide Imperial Intelligence and to deliver Lt.(jg) ch'HulHu vestai Kormel along with a 'bargaining unit' for the II. 

K'Logh Chang-TiQwoQ was kept busy as well, rescuing Lushy Chang and Krowgon Drexa from the Romulans, who abandoned them to their fate when both became infected with the virus. Both survived, Krowgon transferred to an Imperial Intelligence ship, while Lushy was reassigned, perhaps permanently to K'Logh's vessel.

*ADDENDUM: The following was downloaded (classified IS/KSF operation, using II procedures for information retrieval) from a Romulan Comm buoy... 

"...I repeat, this is Captain Soltar Pallara, of the Starfleet vessel the USS Dauntless of the United Federation of Planets from an alternate universe ... if any UCP or independent Klingon ship receives this transmission ... we are being set upon by three Romulan vessels; two heavily armed scout ships and one Warbird, Comdr. Tomahoc of the IRE commanding.

We are on a rescue mission to free Klingon slaves from their Romulan masters, if you can render aid or more firepower ... it would be welcome! If not ... then the Klingon Empire, what is left of it's populace on Cristar IV and beyond ... is in jeopardy! The future of freedom in this universe is in your hands..."
-Transmission jammed at source-

Imperial Intelligence - Captain K'ven Jurek

When it was learned that Krowgon Drexa had been released by the Romulans, K’Lay was dispatched to retrieve him. As was suspected, a subcutaneous transmitter had been implanted to trace Krowgon’s movements, ultimately revealing the location of Command. As hoped, there was also a message imbedded in the transmitter, and a set of coordinates. The message stated simply that the Romulans wanted an end to the plague which had been unleashed upon them.

K’ven ordered K’Lay to meet with Aeov, the Romulan Viceroy, at the prescribed coordinates and conduct the negotiations. Meeting with the Viceroy, K’Lay proceeded to negotiate an agreement for the release of all Klingon prisoners. Amid insults, the Viceroy agreed to their release in exchange for the anti-toxin. Even as K’Lay agreed to these terms, the Viceroy released a virus into her ship’s computer core. Seconds later, in a surprise maneuver, Aeov’s subordinate assassinated him. The assassin then addressed K’Lay, offering to remove the virus, and gave assurances that all further attacks on Klingons would cease.

Meanwhile, Cmdr Kimpla reported that a sample of the Romulan anti-toxin was ready, and offered the use of a Bird of Prey to deliver the anti-toxin. The Bird of Prey, with the anti-toxin onboard, was sent to rescue Lt ch'HulHu who had been stranded in a Lifepod. ch’HulHu then took command of the Bird of Prey and proceed to rendezvous with K’ven. While en route, ch’HulHu’s ship was pursued by two Romulan warbirds. K’ven was alerted of the danger and changed course to intercept the Bird of Prey. During the ensuing battle, the Bird of Prey took heavy damage but succeeded in destroying one of the warbirds . K’ven’s ship arrived just as a third warbird closed in, destroyed the second warbird then vanished.

The anti-toxin along with the crew of the Bird of Prey was transported aboard K’ven ship while ch’HulHu remained behind in order to rendezvous with Kimpla. IKV Guardian proceeded to the rendezvous point with the anti-toxin. The exchange was swift and the Romulan provided the coordinates for the location of the Klingon prisoners, giving assurance that no harm had come to any of our people. Without further dialog, K’ven set course for those coordinates.


by Lt. J.G. Kohn vestai-K’Tarra

“My Lord, a small metallic object is drifting towards us”

“On Screen”

“Yes, my Lord”

Emperor Kahless, Legendary Leader of The Klingon Empire, long thought to be dead….and looking like he probably should be having just returned from battle with a Predator, still looked impressive in his bloodied Battle Armour as he took his seat on the Bridge of his Voodieh Class Flagship, THE DRAGON, and waited for the object to be put on Screen.

“Magnify to clarity” he ordered

“Yes, my Lord”

The object, too small to be seen clearly in the View Screen, was soon magnified to a suitable size and brought into focus by the Tactical Officer.


There was the slight hum of the Transporter as the Tactical Officer correctly interpreted the Order and Beamed the object, the fabled Sword of Kahless, onto the Bridge to appear right in front of Kahless himself. Kahless then picked up the Sword and held it in front of him with both hands as he felt the Power of the Sword flow through him.

“Set Course for Boreth” he Commanded

The surface of Boreth is mountainous….desolate….no Cities or dwellings of any kind except for a single Temple situated high up on the tallest mountaintop. As we enter the Temple, we see Torin, a Klingon High Cleric, and Koroth, also a Klingon High Cleric and the one in Charge of the Monastery, going about their respected duties….when suddenly they hear the hum of a Transporter. Kahless, and a dozen of his Imperial Guard, appear in front of them.

“Who are you?” demanded Koroth “Why are you here?”

“You dare question me? I am Kahless, and I have returned”

Koroth glances quickly at a large Painting at the other end of the Hall and then back to Kahless….while the clothing is different, the resemblance to the figure in front of him is uncanny. Koroth then turned to Torin….“Are we expecting the return of the Kahless Clone anytime soon?”

Upon hearing this question, Kahless’ eyes flashed with an inner light, and his Imperial Guard, dressed all in Battle Armour and each wearing a Black Robe and a Black Battle Sash, leveled their Staff Weapons at the two Clerics and then activated them, causing them to all expand at the front with a flash of Power.

Suddenly, the two Clerics are startled by a throaty ROAR, as Kahless demands of them in anger “You dared to have me Cloned?”

After quickly explaining themselves, they informed Kahless where his Clone could be found.

Reacting to this news as only the real Kahless could, he Beamed back to the Ship with the two Clerics, and was followed shortly after by his Imperial Guard, who have just reduced the Temple to rubble.

“Engage Cloak, then set Course for Qo’noS” he commanded

THE DRAGON, along with a small Fleet of K’T’inga Class Battle Cruisers that also Cloaked when the Order was given, soon arrived at Qo’noS and then took up their respected Orbits while they awaited instructions. Kahless Scanned the area of The Great Hall and, after making sure that the position he chose was clear, Beamed down with his Imperial Guard.

The Imperial Guard, after then leveling and activating their Staff Weapons, made their way forward to deal with any threat that may turn up….and as it turned out, they didn’t have very long to wait as a Sentry spotted the Group and raised the Alarm.

“Vapourize him” Kahless ordered

As one man, The Imperial Guard aimed their Staff Weapons at the Sentry and opened fire….there was nothing left but ashes and his d’k tahg.

Within a few moments, Chancellor Martok arrived with Ambassador Worf and The Klingon Honour Guard….and, taking up his seat as The Ceremonial Emperor, the Clone of Kahless.

“So, this is the Imposter I have heard so much about”

And with that, Kahless spoke into his Communicator. Moments later, Koroth and Torin, the two Klingon High Clerics from Boreth, were Beamed down right in front of Kahless and his Group.

“Imagine my day so far” Kahless said addressing his Clone. “First I find my Sword drifting in Space. Then, when I get to Boreth to fulfill my Destiny, I find that these two couldn’t wait for my return, so they Cloned me….and more to the point, I am told that everyone knows about it and accepts it. So, what should I do with them ‘Brother’? I have already destroyed their Temple”

This news was not received well by those present….especially Worf, who was the first one to find out about the Clone, but still had him approved as The Ceremonial Emperor. It was also Worf who played a part in finding the Sword and then setting it adrift in Space.

In the meantime, the Members of The High Council have arrived and taken up their seats.

“Am I to understand that you claim to be THE Kahless-The-Unforgettable?” asked Martok

“I claim nothing. I state merely what is Fact” replied Kahless. “And who are you to ask this of me?

“I am General Martok, Chancellor of The High Council, and Leader of The Klingon Empire” Martok replied

“And what of my Clone….what is his purpose here?”

“He has united us and reminded us of what we had lost. He leads us by example….he may well be merely a Clone, but within him are the Original Teachings of Kahless. He reminds us of what it means to be Klingon” replied Martok, still not entirely convinced that this was the REAL Kahless that he was talking to.

“And how can we be so sure that you ARE the REAL Kahless as you say you are….the Clone of Kahless was unaware that he was a Clone until he was informed about it?”

You seek to test me….how would you suggest? I’ve already been informed that my Clone is physically weaker than I am, and that he doesn’t have all of my knowledge or memories”

“That may not be necessary” started Koroth. “If you are indeed the real Kahless, then there need only be an X-ray conducted”

“Explain yourself” Commanded Martok

“Something that was not made public at the time that the Kahless Clone was revealed, is that while Kahless is physically Klingon, he has an extremely powerful Alien Symbiote, known as a Goa’uld, inside him. A Symbiote which is, effectively, Immortal, and it is this Symbiote which would have kept the real Kahless alive these many Centuries”

Kahless’ eyes flashed with Power as he started to speak in a somewhat different voice.

“You may conduct your X-Ray, but it will merely confirm what you have said. Moreover, not only do I possess one of these Symbiotes, but each of Imperial Guard also has one, as do the others that are with me in the Cloaked Ships in Orbit as we speak….albeit not nearly as powerful as mine. Likewise, the Fek’lhr, whom I eventually killed, also had a Goa’uld Symbiote inside him….almost as powerful as my own”

And so, when the Medical Team arrived, they proceeded to perform Tricorder Scans, which included X-Ray Tests, on Kahless and his Imperial Guard, and were only slightly hampered by the Fact that The Imperial Guard still had their Staff Weapons pointing at them and the others present, ready to be fired at the Word of Kahless….or otherwise given cause to do so.

“It is as he said” announced the Klingon Doctor. “All of these men have a snake-like Parasite within them”

“So, it would appear that you ARE the real Kahless….what now? What are your Intentions?” asked Martok

“Quite simply,” replied Kahless “I am here to fulfill my Destiny. I have retrieved my Sword and am here now to Re-Claim my Throne”

In the meantime, some Members of The Klingon Defence Force arrived and, together with some more Members of The Klingon Honour Guard, proceeded to surround Kahless and his Imperial Guard; just as, in Orbit above Qo’noS, various Cloaked Ships of The Klingon Defence Force had managed to locate the Ships in Kahless’s Fleet (due to the vast differences in Technology), and were currently awaiting the Order to Attack.

The Clone of Kahless, like his Counterpart, was never one to refuse a Challenge, and this being no exception let out a mighty Roar in response.

“Over my dead body” stated Emperor Kahless

“As well as mine” stated Chancellor Martok

“And mine as well” stated Ambassador Worf. “We don’t want you here. If you are THE Kahless-The-Unforgettable as you claim, then you will know that we killed our Gods a VERY long time ago. And now you turn up and turn out to effectively BE a God, why should we let you take The Imperial Throne when we’re quite happy with the Emperor we have?”

And with that, one of The Imperial Guard fired in Worf’s direction. It missed, but that didn’t stop the outcome.

Every Member of The Klingon Honour Guard and The Klingon Defence Force present in that area, along with Worf Martok and the Kahless Clone, drew their d’k tahgs and Disruptors and launched themselves at the Goa’uld Kahless and his Imperial Guard.

While up in Orbit, the Ships of The Klingon Defence Force had received word about what was happening in The Great Hall and opened fire at the Ships of The Imperial Guard.

Or rather, where they thought the Ships were, because what they actually fired at were Sensor Ghosts as the ACTUAL Ships of The Imperial Guard fired at the Ships of The Klingon Defence Force from behind….giving them, for the moment, an advantage.

While down below in The Great Hall, The Imperial Guard were firing their Staff Weapons in various directions…. finding out too late that they are good for Long Range fighting, but almost useless when it came to up close and personal.

The two fights lasted almost an hour.

In the end, the Ships of The Imperial Guard were all destroyed leaving only THE DRAGON intact. Not that it was entirely one-sided, as a number of Ships of The Defence Force were also destroyed.

And in The Great Hall, many of The Imperial Guard and a number of The Honour Guard were killed.

Both Worf and Martok were sporting a number of wounds….apparently with pride.

But there was only one Kahless left alive….

During the battle the Goa’uld Kahless had taken off his Battle Armour, which left him wearing the same style Tunic as the Kahless Clone, so at this point, there was no indication which of the two Kahless had managed to survive.

The surviving Kahless stood up and, slightly unsteadily, walked over and picked up the Sword with guns pointing at him from various directions as the various surviving Klingons were waiting to see which Kahless actually survived.

He then walked over to The Imperial Throne and hung The Sword on the wall behind it, then he sat down and, after surveying the scene, turned to Worf with a huge smile on his face and said “Now THAT was Fun”.

That was enough to convince Worf that the Kahless on The Throne was The Clone and not the Goa’uld that was dead, and rather bloodied, some 20 feet away on the floor.

Then, a number of personnel were summoned to start clearing up the mess as the surviving Members of The Imperial Guard were escorted to the Brig, while the Kahless Clone, along with Worf and the two High Clerics, joined Martok as they all Beamed aboard THE DRAGON and started exploring his new Flagship.





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