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Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang

Last quarter I told you some of the reasons why being a part of the KSF gives me so much pride.  I quoted examples of ways members have helped one another over the years, but I did not put names to those acts of help.  I did not give recognition to those people.  In some cases, to do so would be inappropriate.  Good Samaritans often prefer to remain anonymous and the privacy of those we help should also be maintained.

But I realize there are times when saying a public thank to those who help you is very appropriate, even necessary, and this leads me into this quarter's Admiral's Thoughts.....

I am often asked what someone has to do to gain power in KSF, power (for some unfathomable reason) being associated with rank.  If you have been in KSF for long, or indeed any other fan club, you will have run across those people who think that some officers have too much "power", while some have too little. 

There is always the inevitable jockeying for power, talk of political power, derogative terms like "power hungry" or allegations of "abuse of power".  At one time, mid way though my KSF career, I seriously thought about claiming the rank of Thought-Ensign and resigning from the "race for power".  I have often told people, now that I have achieved the "pinnacle of power" that having power in the KSF does not mean one has control over other people and other things;  it means one has responsibility TO other people and FOR other things.  That truth often sinks in only in hindsight.

Still, "power" is seductive, and people often will go to great lengths to have it and keep it.  So, what is it really that drives people to attain it?  Why is it so important and what need does it fill?  I think the underlying need is for recognition. 

Let's face it;  most of us spend more time on KSF related things than we do on some of the things in our "real lives" we are SUPPOSED to do.  We don't get paid for it, we don't get ribbons or medals for it, and except for the rank that sometimes goes along with all that hard work, there is only one thing we CAN get for the hours of work and the time taken away from other things.  Recognition.  Or to put it more clearly, a thank you, a pat on the back and a private or public acknowledgement for what one has done.  And for some reason, letters complaining about things that have not been done, or done wrong, seem to be easier to write than letters in thanks for what has been done, and done right.  We are recognition starved. 

I can't promise to give anyone the "power" and recognition of a higher rank. That "power" belongs to the Imperial Review Board, and the rotating members who serve on it.  And I won't make you wade through my thanks to the truly mountainous list of people here who have helped me cope with my duties in this past week alone.  But I do promise to give more recognition where recognition is due, to take the time to say thanks to those without whose efforts I could not do my own job here in KSF.  And I suggest to all of you, it might be a positive thing to do the same.  Say thanks to your Sector Commander for reminding you about the post report deadlines, and to the DivCom who spell checked your RPG report so you didn't have to, to the person who helped explain how to get into the chat room, or to the guy who sent you information on websites, to the person who stayed up late doing HTML coding for the newsletter, or the guy who printed it, addressed it and put it in the mail for you, to your division members who wrote role plays that helped make your division look so good, to the person who did all the great artwork for the last newsletter, to the officer who took the time to help with whatever you needed, to the KSF member who made that long distance call just to say hi and see if you were okay.  Take time to recognize each other's worth.  Take time to empower each other. Chicken-gagh soup for the Klingon soul......


"Thought-Ensign" / Thought-Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang


by Flt Capt qe'San Sutai be'rawn

Kai Komrades. Here we are at yet another issue of Battle Lines. We have plenty of changes to announce including some new members. This issue also sees the start of a serialization from Moqra (Steven Dare) called Far Star I hope you enjoy it but please remember I couldn't bring it to you if Moqra hadn't passed it to Battle Lines. We also continue with Scoopy Trek .

For this issue I've also managed to get permission to print some StarTrek Photos as in to reprint a scanned image of Starlog's Issue 212 cover. Quite chuffed with myself for that one.

As with anything related to Battle Lines please feel free to contact me either on qeSan@btinternet.com +44 7833 192 832 or Woodside, 10 Withycombe, Furzton, Milton Keynes, MK4 1ET, England.

Don't let your honour down support your magazine, like the club itself, it is what you make it.




Anne Zecca / Lt (jg) A'qmarr ramHov quvHubwI' to accept the Heraldry project
(part of the Artist's Guild)

Robert Lydford  / Cmdr. Ke'reth zantai-Makura has accepted Command of GSE sector 1 (UK)


KSF Officers: As non-voting Chairman of the Imperial Review Board, I would like to announce
the following promotion decisions for this quarter.  I would also like to take this time to thank the members of this quarter's IRB for their cooperation, and for their thoughtful and conscientious consideration of all candidates: 

DaHar Master K'zhen epetai-Zu-Merz,  DaHar Master Kragtowl zantai-Trekkan, Kadak,  Fleet Capt. Borg zantai-QI'mpeq and Cmdr. Kulec sutai-Tera'weH.
K'Lay K'Onor-Chang
IRB Chairman


Christine Preston / Lt. K'Tor vestai-Krell-K'Mpec - Honorific promotion to Sutai

Robert Lydford / Cmdr. Ke'reth sutai-Makura - Honorific promotion to zantai

Jon Rutledge / K'Reger sutai-Chang-JurISS - Honorific promotion to zantai

David Yates / Ltjg vestai "BlackHeart" - Rank promotion to Lieutenant

Alberto Gorin / Lt (jg) Koi tai Droklon - Rank promotion to Lieutenant

Derrick Andrew Baldwin / Lt (jg) DuroQ JuriSS - Rank promotion to Lieutenant

Paula Peacos / Lt.(jg) KIySa'ra vestai-VelaH' - Rank promotion to Lieutenant

Liam Boyle / Lt.T'var quless vestai-Byle.-Chang - Rank promotion to Lt Commander

Jon Brown / Fleet Captain qe'San be'rawn - Rank promotion to Vice-Admiral



1. The Klingon Strike Force (KSF) exists for the purpose of correspondence and fellowship among its members, fans of Star Trek's Klingon Universe, promoting communication, role-playing, exchange of ideas, and creativity to be enjoyed by all.  Uniforms, activities at the local level, and attendance at conventions is  encouraged, as is friendship and alliances of recognition with other Klingon clubs whose aims are the same as our own.

2. The club is organized as follows: One commander-in-chief, with two or more members as Command Staff Officers.  These officers and the Commander in Chief comprise the Command Staff.  The Command Staff are consulted upon matters of policy, protocol, concerns of the members, changes within the club on procedures or structure, and set all policy and regulations for the club. These can be changed as deemed necessary by the Commander-in-Chief who makes all final club decisions.

3. A processing fee for membership shall be set by the Admiralty at a price to cover hard copies for the membership packet and the newsletter, plus a small amount for operating expenses.  E-mail memberships are free.

4. A quarterly newsletter shall be published by a volunteer editor, approved by the Admiralty, and is open to contributions from all members.

5. The KSF is divided into Global Sectors, each with one commander and an XO.  Each Global Sector is divided into Sectors with one CO and an XO, for the purpose of collecting member post reports, helping to settle disputes between members of the sector, answering questions and concerns of individual members, and passing on messages from the Admiralty to the membership.  Sector Commanders, in order to retain command, are required to contact each member of their Sector at least once each quarter, and to send a member evaluation form to the Commander in Chief once each quarter evaluating the level of activity and behavior of each sector member.  These evaluations will help determine eligibility for possible appointment to an open command post or department, promotion in rank or status, and/or awards.

6. For purposes of role-play in the club RPG, the KSF is divided into Divisions, each with a commander and XO, who answer to Campaign Co-ordination Command HQ and to the Commander thereof.  Division Commanders, in order to retain their Command, must relay orders from Campaign Co-ordination Command to each of his or her officers each quarter on which to write a report, receive their reports in return and write a summary to send to CCC, along with an evaluation of each player for the purpose of determining role-play awards.  The CCC CO will then write a summary of all role playing activities for the newsletter, determine future role playing directions and forward nominations for promotion based on these evaluations and his own, to the Commander in Chief to add to her nominations. Involvement in the above KSF club role-play is voluntary, however rewards and appointments in the Divisional chain of command will be based on game participation.  The CCC game is played in the "creative writing style".  There are also additional role play venues sanctioned by the KSF, separate from CCC's main club game, including KIRA Corps which is played in a D & D format, and CIVILIAN Corps which is designed around an unstructured chat format.  Participation in these games may contribute to promotion, however other games run by private individuals, not sanctioned or monitored by the KSF will have no bearing on a member's rank or status within the club.

7. Promotions in Rank and Status are decided by an Imperial Review Board comprised of five members;  three permanent members who are not eligible to receive further rank or promotions in KSF, and two rotating members of Command rank or higher who are not eligible to receive promotions during their quarterly term of service.  Promotions in both rank and honorific are based on nominations received from Sector COs, CCC, DivComs, or individual members, and decided on the basis of participation in club activities such as the club-wide RPG, other RPGs except non-Klingon RPGs, contribution to projects, creativity, strong communications, recruiting efforts, taking on jobs to help the administration, helpfulness to others, as well as time in service.  Members who complete requested or assigned projects, who aid others in their projects, or who create technical, literary or artistic material that furthers the cause of Empire will be considered for promotion or commendation. Members who successfully recruit new members will be credited, and this counts toward promotion as well. Usually a combination of several things is considered. Conversely, members who fail to turn in post reports, don't answer communications, Sector or Division Commander's inquires, or participate in club activities will not be considered for awards, promotions or assignments to important positions. It is all right to just receive the newsletter and not participate, but rewards are based on participation.  Officers who continue to exacerbate a personality or other conflict or who repeatedly are involved in problems with other members will not be considered for promotion, appointment or awards, may be reprimanded, and severe offences to the club or its members may result in the termination of membership, at the sole discretion of the Commander in Chief.

8. In cases where there is a need for conflict resolution, members are to first go to their Sector CO and ask him/her to assist in the resolution of the conflict.  If the matter relates to a problem within the Division, the Sector CO will then attempt resolution by contacting the CCC CO, who will then either contact the Division CO directly to help resolve the matter and / or resolve the conflict directly.  If the matter relates to any other area, the Sector CO will contact the Sector CO(s) of all other parties involved and attempt to resolve the conflict.  If this intervention does not resolve the conflict to the satisfaction of all parties, or if there is a conflict of interest due to one or more of the COs being involved in the conflict, the situation should be redirected to the Commander in Chief who will make a final decision on resolution.

9. The KSF recognises that diversity among its members reflects the diversity  among the peoples of the world.  It is hereby stated that the KSF deplores unfair discrimination in all its forms, however presented, and we present the following declaration: The KSF does not discriminate among people on a basis of race, colour, creed, religious belief (or lack thereof), gender, or gender preference.  We deplore such discrimination by other parties and will not accept it in our club, nor will we support others who practice such discrimination. However, as it is our intention to maintain a safe and accepting atmosphere in which all our members can interact we reserve the right to deny membership to anyone who compromises these ideals.

10. The KSF acknowledges the sole copyright of Star Trek in all it's forms as  belonging to Viacom and Paramount Pictures.  No intention is made to violate or infringe the intellectual property rights of Viacom or Paramount Pictures.  All KSF materials relate to fictional characters created by the membership. Such material is not sold in any form, nor distributed outside the KSF membership.  Any opinions expressed in any KSF publication or Website are the opinions of the author(s) and not the KSF.  The KSF has no opinions. All material deemed possible of exposing the KSF to copyright infringement will be rejected.

Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang
Klingon Strike Force Commander in Chief
Klingon Strike Force High Command
tlhIngan HIvbeq ra'ghomquv



GSA Sector
Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal
GSA Commander

Sector One
Filed by K’Eherang K’Shontan-Jiraal, Sector Commander

U Commander K’Eherang Zantai K’Shontan-Jiraal: Not much to report, living in Oregon means that I live in the boon docks, and nothing happens in the middle of nowhere. Real Life has been taking precedence at this point, not leaving much time or energy for club things (regrettably).

Sector Two
Filed by Kulec, Sector Commander

U Kulec: The last couple of months have been in the heart of Lent & then Easter. I’ve been busy with church services and events. I’m also serving another church about 16 miles away that doesn’t have a pastor right now. I have 8:30 services there and then I head back there to Oxford for 10:45 services. I only have to write one sermon for both services, but the travel time does get wearisome after awhile. Plus, I have to get up earlier on Sunday mornings now. Otherwise, not too terrible much out of the ordinary going on. My cats are doing well. They’re a bit grumpy right now because my mom was just here over the weekend along with her dachshund. He just doesn’t understand why the cats don’t want to play with him. As for KSF activities, about the only person I’m in contact with nowadays are Margie and occasionally Gennie. I did just recently serve on the promotions board.

Sector Three
Filed by Admiral Katalyia Epetai K’Tore-Jiraal, Sector Commander

U Admiral Katalyia K’Tore-Jiraal: In April I participated in the March of Dimes for Healthier babies. I and my dog walked the challenge route, which covered 13 miles. The walk started at 8 am and we finished at 12 noon. My feet were sore from all the walking and I had a tired dog for the rest of the day. I did enjoy that as it kept her from crying in the car on the way home. Also, I went and saw the Titanic, the Exhibit that is currently in town. It was awesome as it covered the history of the building of the ship and the sinking. It had a lot of artifacts that were brought up that were on display and some of it looked like it was brand new. They also had videos of the discovery of the Titanic and a computer redition of how it broke apart and sank after it struck the iceberg.

U Dahar Master, Fleet Admiral (ret.) K'Zhen Epetai Zu-Merz: I finally got my computer desk put together with the help of a friend. It’s a monstor of a thing, and I doubt it would ever go through the door if I ever move again. But it is roomy and nice and I enjoy it very much. I still spend most of my time here even though I am no longer running the club. I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate I, which can devour a lot of time; I subscribe to two lists in French on in Spanish, and KLI list, all of which require time, but I love to study languages. I’m determined to gain mastery over the warrior tongue, as least as much as possible. My medicines give me daytime drowsiness; I’m eagerly awaiting Springtime, so I can get outside and do a bit more walking in the fresh air, which is good for what ails me. I keep in touch with club members, attending the Monday night chats at the Ractijino room, and corresponding with a few by both email and ground mail. I still draw, and recently sent some sketches in for the next issue or the Agonizer, and also to the KLI. I am keeping the Artists Guild as my only project for the club.

U Ktraft: My life has not been much involved with anything Klingon. Between work, home life and school, I am pretty much BRAIN DEAD. I have offered my opinions of Klingon translations for Admiral K’Zhen. I have heard from plntin (Glen Proechel) a few times. His life is pretty full over in China with his teaching and preaching (mostly English and Lutheranism, not Klingon). I have successfully completed a little over a year of coursework toward my Master’s Degree (Psychology and Counseling). I am formulating my proposal for my thesis (not related to Klingon-but it might be interesting to note that the DSM-IV would need much rewriting for Klingon Psychology). I recently was promoted at work to Senior Systems Analyst (which doesn’t say anything about the fact that I test SOFTWARE). It will mean a little more money so I’m grateful for that. I continue to read Battle Lines with interest and commend everyone on their success in the RPGS.

U Kragtowl: I am here and nothing to really report. Real life is taking it’s toll.

U Commander Kain Kentoo: Just a quick note to let you know I’m still out here drifting in space, solar sails have been deployed and crew moral is high despite our current state. Ship should be back up to full power in two solar days as we will try a second transmission then.

Sector Four
Filed by Cmdr. T’Lara Sutai-Juriss-Rasmehlier, Sector Commander

U Commander T'Lara Sutai-Juriss: Much has happened since last quarter. My son has gotten his first level green belt in Karate. He is doing ok in school, although not as well as last quarter, apparently due to lack of concentration more than anything else. My job is about the same, although, due to automation, things are changing. I had been out sick with a Migraine for 3 weeks, and unfortunately all my vacation time was used up so I could still get paid. The big news is that I am back together with Roh Pohlen/Khaufen Juriss. We went to Florida with my son for vacation and got married there! The weather was nice and warm and we actually got some time in to relax, in between all the activities. We met Volar/Chris Gable for dinner one night, and had a nice time except for the fact that Ron fell on a wet floor and hurt himself. While my family and friend was in to visit me and come to the wedding, I saw not too much of them due to the fact that I spent 6 hours in the ER with Ron on Easter Sunday. My family was nice enough to bring us a "doggie bag" from the all you can eat seafood restaurant we were supposed to meet them at

Sunday. The next day, while we spent the day recouperating, my sen went with the family to SeaWorld. On Tuesday the 17th, we got married and that went well. The chapel was small, but very pretty..lovely flowers all over the place. Wednesday, Ron’s brother and my son went to Islands of Adventure in Universal and had a blast! They seemed to hit it off right from the start. Thursday, the last of the family and friends had gone home, and we finally had some time to ourselves. The three of us spent time at the pool, just relaxing. Early Friday, we left to come home. Now that we are back home, I am trying to get back to work. I have gotten clearance from my doctor to go back to work and am awaiting clearance from the PO DR. so that I can get back and get some money coming in again.

U Capt. Khaufen Zantai Juriss: This officer has moved once more. My new home address will be listed in the Roster to come out; my Primary email account for club business is; KhaufenJurISS@aol.com. The Juno account will be reserved for chats, briefings, personal or confidential messages. Think of it as the Captain’s Ready Room. My bridge is AOL, my auxiliary bridge and records will be Juno. Since I very rarely use my Hotmail address; it will primary used as storage. Beginning with Oklahoma: I lost my job there after 3-4 weeks. At the time I didn’t realy care because I found out my brother has terminal cancer, an old and dear friend died, my stepfather is dying and not expected to live much longer. And other unpleasant circumstances to deal with. Now that I am relocated once more; I am praying this is the last time I’ll have to move, until I get to move closer to my children. The ‘state’ of existence here in NY is not what I remember; but I am adjusting; not only strategically but also emotionally. Leaving an old friend behind, and my children and my Blood was no small thing. It was a great plane ride; similar to some of the more primitive of the Klingon Star Academy’s recreational modules. Upon arrival I began the assimilation process. Short of lousy weather most of the time, and of course getting prepared to be married, it was pleasant here. Then the Volcano shouted it’s challenge and all heck broke loose. I learned another hard won lesson. Similar to the terms "unconditional love", but many other aspects of my own personality and what will happen in the immediate future. We went out to a place called "Jungle Jim’s" to eat and spend some time with Chris/Volar; unfortunately there was an incident there; take a hint from me, never try to use your cane on a slippery surface; even if it looks dry! For those wishing to vacation in Florida, BE careful; the waiting lines and the treatment received for injury is minimal. Make sure you have your Own insurance, and any information from your family doctor. I write this strictly because I do now want anyone else going through was I did and AM. Although I spent most of my time on the couch bed; I did get to go out when Susan picked up my brother and her son at Universal Islands of Adventure. I was able to take four or five pictures! I sure wish I could have taken more pictures.

U Capt. Kishin Zantai Kukura: And a Klingon salute fromPhiladelphia to all KSF stalwarts! Last year John Colicos, the Canadian actor who portrayed Commander Kor in the Star Trek TOS episode "Errand of Mercy" and reappeared years later to reprise the role in several DS-9 episodes, went to the Black Fleet. Our fandom has raised a death howl for him in different ways. (Shoot. I’m one Klingon who has tear ducts and I admit I cried. he was my absolute bottom-line Klingon role-model and hero.) Well, Rogue has got out her second issue of Agonizer, #13 in the series I started back in ’89, and she has made Kor a major theme of the issue. If you’d like to get a copy, you can reach rogue by email at: agonybooth@lycos.com. Or submit by snailmail at: K. Franz, 516 Connecticut Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23508-2706. if you have art, jokes, essays or other work of Klingon inspiration you’d like her to consider for the next issue she’s planning, get it to her by December 25, 2001). More good reading, recommended to me by Inzar (Betty Bigelow, Klingon of Seattle) is Andrew Robinson’s Star Trek, DS9 novel "A Stitch in Time". He does for the Cardassians what John Ford did for the Klingons in his great "The Final Reflection". Good stuff! Now for something really different—a question for you guys. What do you think a Klingon female belly dancer would wear? Got any great ideas for a costume designs?

U Kordon Vestai Dok'Marr: Not much happening in klingon for me. Wish there was a convention here in the northeast; seems they don’t come this way any more maybe they heard of the Granite Dagger and are afraid. Well, in the real world some of you know I’ve been fighting a battle for my daughter my klingon stubbornness has payed off and things are going good—we won! So the summer is ahead of use and we plan on doing some motorcycle riding. I have a Russian sidecare motorcyle a Ural that we all drive around on. Some of my ship mates want us to dress up in full costume and hit a con so maybe if one comes this way during the summer, you might be able to check us out and say QAPL’A till then "May you always find a blood worm in your class".

U Lt.jg. KlySa'ra Vestai VelaH': I’m beginning to realize what a dull life I’m leading through my sector reports! LOL! I don’t have very much to report for this quarter. I’ve been spending as much time outside as I can, as the weather in NJ is just starting to get really nice. I’ve been doing a lot of gardening, raking back the mulch and pruning out the dead stuff in order to make way for the new. (This is one of my favorite times of year.) When I’m not gardening, I’ve been taking day trips to some of the nicer places in the state, like the Delaware Water Gap. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to do this on the weekends, as business is booming at my place of employment. I’ve been putting in a lot of overtime, which is wearing me down to a nub. I try to make up for it on the weekends. I’m not complaining—at least I have a job.

Sector Five
Filed by Lt.-Cmdr. Rakqor Vestai K’Mpec, Sector Commander

U Lt.-Cmdr. Rakqor K'Mpec: I have been very busy this past quarter with work, keeping up with new quality regs. This has required some travel and some long days and nights, but it was not all bad as one of the trips took me and my family to Boca Ratton, FL, for 2 weeks where I combined some play and work. We still managed to get to the spring Rockingham Nascar race for a weekend too, but that was rather sad following the untimely death of Dale earnhardt, Sr. the week before at Daytona, plus it cost me a few dollars as I bought way too much in Earnhardt collectibles. My wife is a Hugh Earnhard fan..of well..it’s only money. I have also finished phase 2 of the back yard project and built a new deck, as you can tell I am not racing this spring, the car or whats left of it, is in storage, hard to give it up completely!

U Lt. qljvaj ghechog Dupplm: I’ve been redoing my website tlhIngan maH, trying to give it a black and white look. This past fall my daughter started her first semester of college. I just returned from my first Camp Dover Peace Conference. It was great. I had lots of fun, met Kerla for the first time. I got to do the Hokey-Pokey in Klingon with a group of fellow Klingons and Hod Qanqor. It was hilarious. We also had sudden out burst of singing various Klingon songs and the Klingon National Anthem, taHjaj wo’.

U Lt. Blackheart: I have been involved in the writing of a mission with KinSharri (R Cunningham). It has just been completed recently, at least this first part. It has been sent to Abbot, where I believe it was met with approval. That has been the extent of my orders and I have complied with them, and on time too! I am attempting to enter the Gemological Institue of America in California. This will be in the next 4 months or so, allowing times for the grant approvals. I am very excited about this as it will finish my Master Jeweler and Graduate Gemologist degrees in about a years time..Ah, the weapons I can design then.

U Lt.jg. DuroQ of House JurISS: We just finish having a kind of winter season. Usually, it’s only cold 2 days of the year. I truly believe this year we had at least 3 straight weeks of cold and it has just been real nice the rest of the time. As a former New Yorker, the change of pace has been quite welcome. the other great thing is work at the firm is picking up. So much so we added a part-time architect to the staff which takes only some of the pressure off of me. I still have to deal with the projects we’ve had for a while. It’s kinda nice to be needed, but I’m looking forward to going to visit my brother and his family in Georgia. We’ll get together and have a little bat’leth practice (I bought his bat’leth for him). It will just be a great time had by all.

U Lt. A'qmarr ramHov quvHubwl': Sent submission to SlySa’ra for her "Proverbs of Kahless" and copies of articles on costuming and casting a ridge. Sent some more art samples to Dahar Master K’Zhen for the "Artist Guild" and accepted her offer to manage the Guild’s "Heraldry Project". Did community service at the Hoggetowne Medieval Fair at Alachua County Fairgrounds by providing relief for artists during food/comfort breaks. Attended a planning meeting for the "March of Dimes" and participated as a team Captain by walking the entire 8.6 miles route. Our team raised $172.00. Volunteered as a score keeper/greenside reporter. Kept scores and stats electronicly for release to the media. This is a PGA tour event and helps raise founds for the Amrican Heart Association and American Cancer Society. I worked the info booth answering questions, assisting artists and selling merchandise at the Spring Art Festival. Assisted Kenar with modifications and up grades to my head piece, including changing hair color and adding bead-accented braids on either side of the ridge. Got a computer from Samwl’ a refurbished IBM clone with windows 95 WP* and a black and white jet printer, however I am not on line yet. Sent a copy of the KSF Ship Registry Form to Divisonal CO, and a "first kill" report from Samwl to Admiral K’Lay and received notification of acceptance. The new vessel will be known as IKV QL"lln to Duj K’Lynns Courage. In memory of the late K’Lynn Zantai Hurric, a personal friend and trusted advisor.Also have been prompting the KSF by word of mouth and giving out e-mail contact address on several occations.

Sector Six

U Lt.-Cmdr. Kriger Vestai Dupplm: Lets see, this quarter has been one of the most hectic ever. I should have custody of my kids by the time this makes Battle Lines (keep your fingers crossed). I have learned to do new things in HTML, some of which will help me put the KSF projects I am working on on-line. I am also studying for a promotion at work.

Sector Seven
Filed by Sogh Kaiden Vestai Katia

U Sogh La Kaiden Vestai Katia: In the last few months I have begun a new job at University Hospital. I am a psychiatric technician. I am currently working about 56 hours a week. I really like this job. I work on the admitting unit which is also the most acute unit full time and take on the extra shifts they offer when I have time for them. I am trying to continue with aikido but it is not easy and I feel that I am neglecting training time with the dog. In the next few weeks I will begin my classes for nursing school that will start on the 21st of May and go all summer. I have been keeping up with my KSF RPG for the most part and I am looking forward to more RPGs. I have not been able to do almost any work in the recruiting area because getting the new job and getting back in to school are taking up most of my time. I am currently looking into getting a job as a flight nurse after I finish nursing school.

Sector Eight
Filed by Flt Captain Borg Zantai Ql'mpeq

U  Capt. Borg Ql'mpeq: Well, I celebrated my birthday back on March 12th. Me and Carrie will be attending the Shore Leave 23 convention, the weekend of July 13-15, 2001 at Hunt Valley, Maryland. Three of my Yahoo! Clubs have seen an increase in membership over the past three months, including one particular club that I created; Palpatine Sidious Fan Club (has 339 members) had it’s One Year Anniversary back in March; the Star TrekV Star Wars Warzone has 228 members; and the Darth Vader Fan Club has 210 members. As a Club Founder, I’m very proud of all these Yahoo! Clubs and the members; especially the Star TrekV Star Wars Warzone. At It’s Your Turn site; I am currently playing in the Quarter-Finals of a BattleBoats Plus Tournament; my tournament record is 122 wins and 91 losses.

U Azel Tavana: Nothing to report though. My life is just work..not very interesting.

U He'rra Havok: This is the story of my life, my birthplace was Orange Country in Southern California. On June 4, 1972, my mom had sick when I was in her womb and I was born deaf. It was called Toxomplasimsis as causes for deafness, blind and artimist when I was taught to communicate in mute words called American Sign Language. It made us very beautiful than lip-speaking. I watched "Star Trek" and love science fiction movies…love to draw these comic arts. My mom found NIAD, it will help me to draw arts for selling one of my paintings. I’m a member of NIAD for 5 years, I mean National Institution Arts of Disabilities. I likes AOL better than earthlink. I always wanted to role playing my character than my old Atari video games.

GSE Sector

Filed by Vice Admiral qe'San Sutai be'rawn

U V. Adm qe'San Sutai be'rawn: FA lots happened this quarter and I'll not go into it all. However as far as my alter ego is concerned he's celbrated his 19th Wedding Anniversary. This were awkward last year as you probably noticed from all the delays but giving shift work was definitely the right thing to do.

I've also appointed Ke'reth Makura as GSE sector 1 commander. This should also take some of the load off of qe'San and Ke'Reth noticed for more than his fantastic artwork (one of which is to the left)

Something else I'm also chuffed about is that I've also managed to get permission to print some Star Trek Photos as in to reprint a scanned image of Starlog's Issue 212 cover. It took q reasonable bit of work to clear base with that one.

U Ensign.K'elvor Tai Tuq'mar - kelvyn cruddace - i been made uk sector regent for the houes Tuq'mar and i also found a ship to serve on its also been a bad quarter becouse i live on a cattle farm and its no fun waiting for foot and mouth to get you i hope the next quarter will be better K'elvor out.    - i been made uk sector regent for the houes Tuq'mar and i also found a ship to serve on its also been a bad quarter becouse i live on a cattle farm and its no fun waiting for foot and mouth to get you i hope the next quarter will be better K'elvor out.   

U Ke'rethRobert Lydford : - Kai Kassai fellow warriors, Well where do I start?

I suppose at the beginning is best, for this quarter, I have been working as the Klingon Ambassador at Starbase 410. 

Working late into the night, I keep a wolf like vigil on the goings on of many of the Stations other Ambassadors including my esteemed colleagues the Romulan and Bajoran Ambassadors.

Meanwhile, my ship, the Gunboat 'IKV. -Diplomacy' Has been paroling an are of space called the 'Nightfire Nebular,'

I've also found time to draw some pictures, for a number of clubs. . . Ke'reth out. . .

U Lt Koi Kai Drocklon - Alberto - stardate may 12 2001, time index 8;51 morning

i have`t done to much reason is funding,but this what i have done

1,i made a smal homepage by the yahoo clubs,name is ikv thunderwolf its not ready cause need to add 2 pictuers,iroc-z and trans am gta

stardate may 12 2001
time index 8;51 morning

i have`t done to much reason is funding,but this what i have done

1,i made a smal homepage by the yahoo clubs,name is ikv thunderwolf its not ready cause need to add 2 pictuers,iroc-z and trans am gta http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/theikvthunderwolf

2,i am member of serval stingray 82 camaro corvette firebird,than are 3 opel clubs 2 general one manta and so star strek i have to let bit go. at stingray they asked me since i take pictuers send over to them,and i try to go to the meeting help them out.i mised opening meeting of stingray so had to go to all american car show cause i promise a lot of people and 1 website www.iroc-zpost.com try get iroc-z

i attached the report on alll american day in assen where i ben i develope pictuers and next week i pick up the first 2 of around 6 films.

next meeting june 6 in eindhoven,at daf meuseum,stingray meeting first meeting i go is speed 2001 its for european hot hatchbags,i for opel am shure are rover and MGM as wel with luck as last be one F body down there,last year was trans am 4th gen other plans are make a real homepage mi provider is www.chello.nl but have`t figer out how to do it i could go to yahoo,stil a nestcape or was at homestead,in this case am a federation ship where engine is gone i have to paddel mi way trough as a bike,other words am slow.   

thats it.  unless you wanna hear i have windows M.E am XP come out so save money for XP only english version,  U.K or american.windows M.E is  malysian ala american.

U Kea'Dec - Declan Kearns :-All quite in Ireland and The WEARTHER IS CAT! I need
another holiday far away fast. P.S. I'm also changing jobs! That should be fun?

All quite in Ireland and The WEARTHER IS CAT! I need
another holiday far away fast. P.S. I'm also changing jobs! That should be fun?

U Lt Cmdr T'var quless vestai Byle-Chang Liam : - Within the KSF things have been going well, I've begun creation of the KSF Projects List Website, and that is progresing at a steady rate, due to problems still with the internet at home. Although it will be completed in the near future. The RPG was short and breif for me, this quarter, because of problems with the internet again. Oh and the promotion, that was a surprise, I had no idea that was coming, but I'm glad of it.

As for my real life, parts of that are ok, and as with everything parts of it are not. Well, my school work, thats going well! School will be finished in the next month or two for me, and I'm just finishing that last piece of business studies coursework that needs to be handed in. Then I'll be revising for my exams in he early summer, and hoping I get better results this time than last. Work is going well, easter was the busiest time for the DIY industry, and I was working almost everyday of the two weeks I had off, because it was that busy. But I'm not going to complain, because I enjoy my work, and the pay isn't that bad either!

Home life is going ok, everything is running smoothly.

The only problem area as usual is in my love life, or in this case lack of, I split up with my long term g/f again because she was cheatin on me again! and theres no chance of gettin back with her anymore, no matter how much I might want to. So I tried goin out with someone else but... yep same trouble. So I'm feeling pretty down about that at the moment, happens to everyone right? just seems to happen to me more than often!

Anyway this quarter coming up, I hope is a good one for me, as it will be summer soon, a time to enjoy the good weather I hope we get, and just relax, no school, a nice break from work, it'll be great! I hope everyone within the KSF has the same!

GSD Sector
Filed by Captain K'Obol sutai-Chang-K'Onor

U K'Lay K'Onor-Chang - This quarter has been an interesting one.  I, and the Command Staff of one of our allied clubs, Kag Kanada, recently did a radio interview on our respective clubs and what we do, our mission statements, so to speak.  Kag Kanada is mostly face to face, convention interaction and community service, whereas KSF, as I said, is role play and long distance communications based, but we also help others, our charity beginning at home. In recounting some of the things we have done for others that  I have first hand knowledge of, I was very proud to be a part of Who We Are in the KSF, and to be able to present that face to a larger audience.  It was also pleasing to note that while other clubs are bigger, we are still the oldest, our 23 year longevity a testament to our strength and endurance, and our ability to meet the needs of the membership as a whole.

In my "other than KSF life".....there IS an other-than-KSF-life?  Hmmm..... I'm flying back and forth between Canada and the US in an attempt to keep an eye on both of my "home fronts" and earn enough frequent flyer miles to buy my own bird of prey, but I hope to get finished settling in soon.

U M'Red NorDeth / Sean Prosser: - The past few months have been miserable, work has been hell, and personal life is almost as bad.

This has culminated in the past few days with the passing of my Step Father, and a DRASTIC change in my employment situation, and with me not being able to meet schedules or deadlines on commitments I had made for this quarter (Once again KIySa'ra, and Kaufen I apologize)

Hopefuly things will change and get better over the next little while, until then, I'll be here.

U TeH'Hel and nagh gor, Ethel Clarke and Gord MacKinnon: - They have been a little busy themselves.  They have had some illness in the family, with Ethel's mother and with Gord. They have had to buy a house large enough for their tribe and with separate space for Mrs. Clarke.

Finding, and processing the property alone would have been enough, but they have had to contend with a number of related issues where Mrs. Clarke formerly lived, as well. Let's see, Gord, Ethel, Pete, five kids and a Mother-in-law. There are times I am very glad my children are grown, even if they do make me feel old, some days.  At any rate, Gord and Ethel have promised that they will write their next post report themselves.

U K'Obol the Late: - The past quarter has presented its challenges.  I grow to dislike lawyers almost as much as Shakespeare, when he wrote in Hamlet, "First, we kill all the lawyers". Apart from that, and I admit it is an emotional response, I continue much as I have before, no progress, no deterioration. Life is satisfactory.  Margie's presence goes a long way towards moving life up into the next category.


This book takes place just after Sisko got back from fighting Worf in the Mirror Universe

Stardate 49782.4

Part One

Commander Riker lay dead behind the Tactical station, his face and neck shredded by debris from the explosion.

Disruptor blasts rocked the Enterprise as the two remaining birds-of-prey continued to hammer mercilessly against the Federation's flagship. Casualty reports were tumbling across Data's display almost faster than even the android could keep up with. LaForge's updates from Engineering, being routed directly to the command chair display at Captain Picard's left hand, looked increasingly grim and hopeless. And then the voice filled the bridge.

"Federation Ship Enterprise," the nameless Klingon captain said, smug victory clear in his voice. "Surrender and prepare to be boarded."

Picard felt anger, hot and bitter, rise up in the back of his mouth like bile. This was the flagship of the United Federation of Planets, and no matter how bad things got, she would not be surrendered to the Klingons. Over thirty years of experience in Starfleet railed against the Klingon's demand, and the bile in Picard's throat rose higher. He set his jaw in determination and rose from his chair, saying grimly: "That will be the day."

With the agility of most men half his age, Picard vaulted over the railing that separated Tactical from the rest of the bridge. Immediately, he began accessing targeting subroutines, and within seconds the Enterprise was once again firing at the Klingon ships.

But the Klingons were closing in quickly, and it was all Picard could do to keep them away from him, much less protect this other ship that had been thrown at him by fate. He prayed that Tasha's modern knowledge could get that ship home. He could do nothing for her now.

And as the flames began to rise around him, he saw on the main viewer, the Enterprise, NCC-1701-C, this ghost from their own past, which he had allowed to carry off a very warm and living part of their present, sailed slowly, but quite surely, through the anomaly and out of their lives.

Captain Picard stared at the view screen, seeing the anomaly, now with the ship gone, and said "Report, lieutenant"

Lt. Worf analyzed his readings, unaware that just an instant before, in another place that could never be reached from here, he had been the hated enemy. "Readings fluctuated momentarily," he said, his deep Klingon baritone filling the bridge with melodious speech. "It appeared to be a ship, but then it vanished."

Data looked up momentarily from his instruments to report. "The phenomenon is closing in on itself, captain."

Picard thought for the briefest of moments, and then made a decision. "Very well," he said. "Prepare a class I sensor probe. We'll leave it behind to monitor the final closure." He turned to the command chair and sat down. "Mr. Crusher," he said, "lay in a course for Archer IV"

The communication system signaled an incoming message as Picard and the other bridge staff heard a voice they had not often heard on the bridge before.

"Captain, this is Guinan." Her voice was hesitant. "Is everything alright up there?"

The captain looked in confusion to his first officer. "Guinan?" he asked, nearly incredulous. Then he addressed her, to the air: "Yes, everything's fine. Is something wrong?" Knowing how her intuition often worked, he was concerned.

Down in Ten-Forward, however, Guinan looked around her, a slightly enigmatic but obviously relieved smile on her face. "No," she responded. "No, everything's fine. Sorry to bother you." She motioned to a waitress, who came over and set a drink down in front of Commander LaForge, seated at a table nearby. She sat down across from him, not sure of the request she was about to make.

"Geordi," she said, "Tell me about...Tasha Yar."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Time is a relative thing. Relative to the moment that the Enterprise-C had slipped through the anomaly, it was just brief moments later, and therefore exactly the moment Guinan was asking Geordi about her. According to the ships chronometers, however, it was the year 2344, and two decades would pass before she even set foot on the Enterprise-D.

Of course, right now Tasha was much less concerned about the temporal relativistics of the situation, and much more concerned with the fact that she was about to die under the disruptor fire of these four Warbirds. She wanted to make a fight of it, but she knew that they were out manned, outgunned, and outnumbered. There was no hope, no way out that she could see. But, if she was going down, she intended to go down fighting.

Lt. Castille called out battle formations, maneuver sequences, doing everything he could to maintain the combat integrity of what was now his ship. But it wasn’t enough.

"We cannot let them have the ship." Tasha called. "We can't win; we should set to self destruct."

Castille and Tasha were the only people left alive on the bridge, and after a moment's thought, Richard decided that she was right.

"Computer," he called, "Activate auto-destruct sequence."

"Only the captain and first officer can initiate an auto-destruct. Request denied." Castille looked over at Tasha, abject horror dawning across his features. No official death certificate had been filed for either. Had only one of them been absent, it could have been overridden. But he was just a helmsman, dammit.

"The captain," he said, speaking very deliberately, "is dead. Override."

"Unable to comply."

"Damn! Computer, lock out all command functions, authorization Castille--Omega-1-C, engage.

"Command functions locked out."

"Let's head to the weapon's room and grab some phasers. We'll see what damage we can do to them when they board."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

"A Captain goes down with his ship. I'm the Captain now. I'm going to go down with my ship."

In all honesty, he had no idea how he had managed to survive. He was hurt. Hurt bad. He figured he was dying, and he knew he couldn’t stop that from happening. But he would go down with his ship. The colony was devastated, he knew that. The warp core was losing magnetic containment. Within fifteen minutes, there would be nothing left of the Enterprise but a cloud of dust. He really didn't want to see that happen.

He could tell that the Romulans didn't know he was about to explode. They were sitting there, taking low-power potshots at the ship, trying to breach the hull and cause the ship to implode.

He had an idea.

"Computer, reinstate command functions, authorization, Castille-omega-1-C.

"Command Functions Reinstated"

"Transfer thruster controls to my present location in Engineering", he ordered, touching a panel to indicate where he was. He was lucky enough to even be standing.

He began inputting commands as quickly as he could.

The Romulan fleet commander watched as the Enterprise began tumbling towards the planet, obviously caught in the planet's gravity well. Suddenly, there was a brief flash of light from the ventral side of the ship, and a long, thin tube shot out, headed straight for the Romulan fleet. Then the Commander saw the antimatter pods, as well as the warp core, and realized what each of them was. And he knew he had no time to do anything about it. He gave the order to move, but he knew it was futile.

Three of the Warbirds were destroyed outright. The fourth, the one with the hostages, was the only one spared.

The Enterprise fell to the planet.

It came in upside-down, it's dorsal side hitting the atmosphere first. There was a high pitched scream as the hull began to heat and vibrate against the air itself. The atmosphere of the planet turned it a bit, and it arced over, slowly, gracefully, like a diver slicing into the water. It landed nose-first with an amazing, earth shaking impact and sank twenty meters into the soil. For a brief moment, it just stood there, like a monolith of some kind thrust up out of the ground. Then the structural integrity fields overloaded. The ship broke off and crashed to the planet, like an aftershock of the great quake.

And somewhere, far away, beneath the still smoking ruins of the Klingon outpost, a newborn child was scared by the violent rumblings of this planet he had just been born onto, and, according to some natural, primal, instinctive response to that fear, he drew his first breath, in order to cry.

http://scoop.nb.net Chapter 6


Filed by T'var

Project Lead:  Adm. Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal
Status: Open for submissions
Do your line justice and write its history. Send for Katalyia's clan history as an example. (A number of these appear in the Budget Guide to the Klingons.)

Project Lead:  Needs director to look after the project
Status:  Will still accept submissions
Describe animals, insects, birds, fish, and plant life of Klingon worlds. Draw a sketch, even a rough one will do

Project Lead:  Needs director
Status: Open for submissions/Needs director
Got any? Or convert jokes or anecdotes you like into Klingon jokes. Make fun of Romulans, Ferengi, Cardassians, Shapeshifters, Pakleds, etc. Make funny sketches, too!  Keep them clean.

Project Lead: Abbot K'Obol K'Onor 
Status:  Accepting submissions
Gods, goddesses, sects and tribes!  A discussion group online has been formed to bring about thoughts and ideas about Klingon Religion, its first synthesis of the first series of discussions have been published in Battle Lines.  The next stage is underway now! Contact the new director for submission guidelines.

Project Lead: Volar K'zota-K'Onor 
Status: Ongoing
The CNIT board. Have you an idea for a new weapon, monitoring device, defense system, or an improved model of an existing item?

Project Lead:  Adm. K'Lay K'Onor-Chang
Status:  Still accepting submissions
Among the various replies to an out cry for a good recipe for Stuffed Targ, there's a collection of material here unsurpassed.  Warning:  Highly humorous and perhaps dangerous to someone's health! 

Project Lead:  Cmdr. T'Lara sutai-JurISS
Status: Accepting submissions
Collecting birthdays of all members for submission into Battle Lines can be a tough job for any Klingon.  Submit your month, day, and
year will be optional for those of you who wish to escape being found out!

Project Lead:  FAdm. K'Zhen Zu-Merz
Status: To apply contact director 
Consisting of all who like to draw or create artwork by hand or on the computer.  We will create works together, answer the needs for art pieces, logos, or whatever the club has a need of.  New logos are needed for various sectors and divisions.  If you need a design, illustration, logo, etc, send your ideas with a rough sketch to the GUILD!

Project Lead: Rakqor K'Mpec cygnus17@shelby.net
Status: Open for submissions
Create your Homeworld, or a section thereof, a new Klingon world, (perhaps just conquered!) Describe geographical features, cities, inhabitants, exports, flora and fauna, whatever you imagine. Maps would be most beneficial.

Project Lead: la' Kosh curtisdmartin@juno.com
Status: Open for submissions
Think Seven Wonders of the World - and come up with some Klingon ones!

Project Lead: KIySa'ra VelaH' kiysara@hotmail.com
Status: Open for submissions
Whether you've seen one, created one or know a human proverb that might make a good Klingon proverb, let
us hear it.

Project Lead:  V.Adm qe'San be'rawn 
Status: Ongoing
Our quarterly newsletter is in need of art, poetry, and articles on Klingons as well as newspaper or magazine articles concerning the Klingon aspect of Star Trek fandom.  If you have anything you'd like to have included in this publication, please submit it to the Editor-In-Chief.

Project Lead: Adm. K'Lay K'Onor-Chang 
Status: Accepting submission
We know Klingons love ghargh (or qagh), roqeg blood pie and a few others, but what else could they eat?
Send Moana your ideas - perhaps with an appetizing sketch!



 Have you ever wondered about role-playing regulations in the KSF RPG, or been asked by another player what the rules are?  In case your membership packet did not contain the rules, or you just need a refresher course on the ins and outs of the creative game, we thought we'd give you the list here.

The KSF role-playing game directed by Campaign Coordination Command is played in the "creative writing" style.  Each quarter the game master / Campaign Coordination Command CO, decides on a role play direction and sends his / her orders out to one of 7 Division Commanders in order to put these plans into effect.  The DivCom in turn, often with the help of an XO, will break these orders down into segments, and give the segments out to each of the officers in the Division. Officers are then given a period of time to write a report based on those orders, either alone, or interacting with others as ordered by the DivCom.  Once those reports are turned back in to the DivCom (or XO if so ordered) the individual reports are sent in to the CCC website where they can be viewed by all interested KSF members, along with the Division Commander's summary of all reports from that Division.


1) At no time may members of any division be killed, wounded or forcibly detained, nor can their ships, bases, property or NPC's be destroyed without their permission.  Prior permission MUST be obtained from each player if scenarios involving any of these events are to take place.  (Members can kill their own NPC's, but KSF frowns on players killing their own characters for any reason.)  Scenarios involving any of the rest of the above scenarios can take place if both officer and DivCom agree.

2) Sexually explicit role play scenarios will not be permitted in the official CCC game.

3) Each Division Commander is responsible for giving orders to all members in his / her own division. No other person or DivCom outside the Division may countermand or interfere with those orders, with the exception of the Campaign Coordination Command CO who has the right to edit and direct all game play as needed.

4) Anyone wishing to participate in role playing orders with a member(s) of another division MUST have the permission of both Division Commanders to avoid conflicts in storylines. Division Commanders who wish to participate in each others storylines may do so after notifying CCC.

5) In the event that orders given are not acceptable to the player for any reason, the player may, in advance, ask the DivCom to amend the orders.  If this method of conflict resolution does not result in a solution satisfactory to all parties, CCC may be called in to mediate by either side. Once orders are accepted however, role-playing reports can be edited with the CCC COs permission if they do not follow the orders given.

6) In general, once the orders are given and accepted, the game is advanced by the role plays of the officers involved.  Thus when each officer is given a set of orders, as long as the orders are followed, and none of the above rules violated, the details surrounding how they are followed are not only left up to the individual officer, but creativity is encouraged, as it is these unexpected twists and turns in the individual role plays which determine the course the overall role play will take.




Role-play report to the KSF
Edited by Captain K’Obol Chang-K’Onor

Greetings. My report is submitted herewith.
The Empire remains under strain as we continue our efforts to rebuild.

Imperial Intelligence has recovered a missing operative in Cmdr. Lusciouslips Ka’tan-Chang, while losing the services of Cmdr. T’Lara JurISS-Rasmehlier, who is in a sense missing, as she has suffered a medical event resulting in loss of memory. This may or may not be related to certain discoveries relating to connections between the Orions and the Dominion. The answer may be locked in limbo with the Commander’s brain. Additionally, Cmdr K’Eherang K’Shontan-Jiraal and Lt.(jg) Korgath DuppIm have avoided capture by the JemHa’Dar, but their ships are severely damaged, and not capable, at present, of returning home. Korgath has, in fact, gone missing in action, immediately after advising Cmdr. K’Eherang that he had found evidence of JemHa’Dar presence on the world where they had set down to make repairs. His current condition and fate remain unknown.

Imperial Security seem to have had much better results, in that they have lost few personnel, however, they are stretched rather thin. Cmdr. Kosh Zu-Merz has landed on Shaula in the LamSIj System, and has assumed the Office of Planetary Governor, following the uprising of the Meherrin natives against our garrison and colonists. His air assault on the insurgents routed the opposition and enabled him to recover the compounds and facilities thanks to the ground troops he landed following the barrage. Lt.Cmdr. Kaiden Katia is in support, and will be his Deputy Governor. While the Meherrin are in retreat, he is now facing a guerilla war, which may occupy his attention for some time. His resources are near maximum load, as Lt. T’Var Byle-Chang is on secondment to Imperial Intelligence at present.

Starbase K’Shona reports that the new "EARS" listening system is fully deployed and operational, thanks to the assistance of Fl. Capt. Borg K’Mpec and the Troubleshooters Task Force, however, Admiral Katalyia reports several "strange" occurrences which cannot be explained at present. She has received reports from all over the Starbase, of Comm units failing to work, doors refusing to open, Air Locks in the Docking Bays cycling improperly – a long list of malfunctions, all of which have somehow managed to avoid being recorded in Station logs. She fears that the Station may have been sabotaged by the Rihannsu before they left it – either that or it is haunted. She is looking for a more acceptable explanation.

The Chaplain General Corps has embarked on a program to increase the numbers of Chaplains available for field service, as well as to recruit specialists for their other functions in the various academies of the Empire. At the moment, a contingent of CGC personnel are in transit to Klinzann, where certain information relating to an "Ancient Enemy" has come to light. That contingent is led by the Kinsharri~, although he is not yet aware of his responsibility. He has concerns about his status, in the Corps and in the Empire, in fact, and it was thought best to allow certain information to be released on a strict need-to-know basis. He will have that need shortly, but for now, it saves arguing with him, and he is a most capable arguer.

Imperial Diplomatic Services have achieved satisfactory results in several areas. The Embassy on Ferenginar is producing useful amounts of intelligence data, as well as a significant flow of profits from a variety of commercial enterprises that the Grand Nagus has endorsed, after careful brib…um, negotiation with A’Qmarr, our Charge d’Affaires of our newly re-opened Embassy. Her skills at negotiating should allow the Embassy to remain a profit centre for some years. The Ferengi are VERY anxious to acquire more of the Dominion technology that was found in a salvaged

Dominion fighter that had been found by Koi Drocklon, and will not only part with large amounts of latinum to obtain it, they will continue paying a "finder’s fee" to IDS, for several ventures in connection with the Orions, where our good offices have been of use to them. The Ambassadors to the UFP Conference, K’Lay Chang and Volar K’Zota are making themselves useful to the Federation, having demonstrated that they support the aims of the Federation by assisting them in recovering a "salvaged" Federation warship, the USS Marauder. In addition, they have managed to build a near perfect cover for one of their personnel, Moqra QendeH, as a venal and tough negotiator Merchant Prince, a fair competitor to the Ferengi.

Imperial Military has at last secured the major Communications Arrays which had been seized by parties allied to the disgraced House of DuraS during the recent civil unrest on Qo’noS, and "normal" military communications will be resuming, shortly. The Arrays were heavily defended, and the Division was hurt during the assaults. A portion of the losses was due to the fact that the Arrays could not just be torpedoed out of existence; it was necessary to attack them and drive the hostile forces out. DuroQ led the assault on Array #1, while K’Reger and KIySa’ra commanded the assault on Array #2, neutralizing the traps left behind by the DuraS traitors. The assault on Array #3 was in the hands of M’Red; the Array was captured, and repairs on all three are moving forward swiftly, at last. In addition, the minefields left over from the Dominion war have now been mapped, and a plan is in place to destroy the things, clearing the space lanes for travel once more. The only disquieting note in their report is a single mention of a ship (they think) that appeared briefly on scanners, then disappeared. Our techs were not able to trace the vessel.

Science and Technology Command have reported the discovery of substantial new supplies of dilithium, on Gnuu Re. The crystals have a high degree of purity, and have been found in sufficient numbers to aid the Empire for many years to come. The Federation’s Dr. Zimmerman has completed the upgrades to our Emergency Medical Holograms. Apparently, although she still has the temperament of a male Tahrnian Boryx, she is now considered competent by Federation medical standards. Frankly, she is likely the best physician in the Empire. Just don’t expect her to be nice to her patients. At any rate, this advance should enable Cmdr. Rakqor to solve the medical crisis, as the program can be duplicated, as often as necessary, for distribution throughout the Fleet. I also have his initial report on the "package" he was given. The contents of the "package" have been moved to a remote secure facility, under heavy guard. The investigations into the capabilities of this equipment have started, but final results will take some months, at best.



Name Change

DuroQ of Qlaned shall now be known as:  Lt (jg) DuroQ vestai JuriSS

Division Transfer

Robert Cunningham  / Avakhon vestai Khinsharri - transfer to CGC

Eric Clemmer / Lt. K'rai vestai-G'orgh-JurISS transfer to Imperial Military




GSA Sector One:

Jon Cason
Ensign Vhemen vestai-Vra'al
3737 146th SE


GSA Sector Two

Steven R. Dare
Lt(jg) Moqra vestai QendeH
Imperial Diplomatic Service
1012 S. 24th St. #113 
Omaha, NE  68108

(rejoining member)

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- STARLOG 1995 -

What about this for being on the button of what's new.

The Team at STARLOG managed to get all Series Captains (from those that had one at the start of their run) on their front cover SIX years before Paramount announced the Scott Bakula had signed up for the role as Captain Jonathan Archer (Ed note Great first name) to lead the crew.

That what a call something of a coupe.

Oh alright Bakula was there re: his part in Quantum Leap but all the same.

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Last but not least everyone who has contributed to the club.

nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI' - A warrrior doesn't let a friend face danger alone.


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