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Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang

It's been awhile since I've relinquished my "Admiral's Thoughts" soapbox to any of the other Command Staff, so this trimester I thought it was time to share the limelight.  (translation:...paint the target on someone else's back...grin)  In the future, you'll get the chance to hear from other Admirals, but this trimester, we will start with Admiral Volar.      Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor Chang
Klingon Strike Force Commander in Chief  


Admiral Volar epetai-K’zota-K’Onor

Is this thing on? Hello? Oh, well hi there everyone! Yes, it is I, Admiral Volar of the Command Staff filling in for the Thought Admiral. Why do you ask? Well, since everyone is off in another universe, or on vacation, it has fallen upon me to bring you my thoughts (and take the throne). It is advised at this time that you start popping Dramamine, cuz it’d bound to be a bumpy ride! 

Actually I’m quite honored to be writing this, as it gives me time to think back over the last few months in the KSF. We have done exceedingly well with our role-play reports. Every day there are new twists and turns in the overall game, and we’ve nearly tripled our total RPG activity since the creation of the Klin Zha site. Divisional commanders, there is even a special article this trimester in the BL just for you regarding summary reports. Our prolific writers here in the KSF are encouraging examples to the CCC Staff, and are enticing even the most casual of players to write more and more. Congratulations Klingons! 

While our Thought Admiral was on her escapade through the Terran state of California, no doubt taking in the local sights and tastes, most of us followed her lead by taking our own vacations or moves. I implore you all, whether you went anywhere or not, share your varied tales with us for future BL issues; Sector reports being down this trimester....we need to get them back up. This is further extended to our newest members, who are currently making themselves at home within the KSF. Many of you have already welcomed our new members, but do take the time to say a friendly Klingon greeting in their general direction the next time you thing about it. 

The Command Staff is working hard to ensure that each of you get what you’d like from the KSF. It is with that thought that I shall leave you. We’re here for you, and if you have any questions or thoughts of your own, we welcome them. Our role-playing game relies on your active involvement, the BL relies on your submissions of articles, pictures, stories, and all tidbits you have to share, including those tasty post reports where you share your real world life with us. These are the ties that bind us together as a family. Though this term is often used, that is exactly what we’ve become here in the KSF; a family. Over the eleven years that I have spent with each of you, I do not believe there was ever a time that I couldn’t come to someone and talk about things. Now as I stand before you as an Admiral, I want to ensure that each of you can do the same with me.  As this is my first Admiral’s Thoughts article, and perhaps not my last, I wanted to make sure this was shared with all of you. Our busy fall and winter schedules are about to kick up into high gear, so just don’t forget all of us here. For those new to the KSF, welcome! For those who have always been here, new leather straps are coming, so stop trying to gnaw your way free!

With Honor, 

Admiral Volar epetai-K’zota-K’Onor

Klingon Strike Force Command Staff


by Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn

Editors Dagger seems to have become space to put excuses about why Battle lines wasn't out on time.. So here it ends.. Here I make a promise to have all future issues out on time.  Not only have I agreed schedules with the rest of my family they are also entered on the family calendar. I'll not say any more on the subject as I'll let history be the judge.

This Issue see Lt. J.G. Kohn vestai-K’Tarra open up Australia in the form of Global Sector B. Not only has he hit the ground running but he has a post report and story in this issue. He also has another one ready for the next issue..

Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn




Lt(jg) K'Grimm vestai Satir - rank promotion to Lieutenant

Commander Kosh zantai Zu-Merz - rank promotion to Captain

Lt Cmdr. Luciouslips vestai-JurISS-Chang - status promotion to sutai

Cmdr. A'qmarr ramHov vestai K'Onor - status promotion to sutai 

Commander Avakhon sutai Khinsharri - rank promotion to Captain 
status promotion to zantai



Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K’Tore-Jiraal
GSA Commander

Sector One

U Commander K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-Jiraal:  The Montessori kids are still keeping her busy, and she is thinking about
taking some classes at Portland State University (PSU) this fall.

U Commander Kosh zantai-Zu-Merz:  Kosh has been very busy over the last quarter. Among other things, he went on a company cruise in March, and came back safely from the three-hour tour. He went to visit family in California, and bought a beer brewer. Also survived the tornadoes that struck Washington recently, and is planning to go to Mollala, Oregon for the 4th of July.

Sector Three  
Filed by Admiral Katalyia Epetai K'Tore-Jiraal, Sector Commander

U Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal : As some of you may know, I went to an activity called 'Barry Bash' in Las Vegas the first part of June. It was a get together with Barry Manilow fans, which included a two night stay at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, two Disco events, a dinner buffet, a lunch buffet, a question and answer session with Barry's management company. The highlight of the event was the 'One Night Live!' Barry Manilow Concert and the Midnight with Manilow, where we got to ask him some questions and listen to never before heard, nor will it be heard, music that he has written when he was first starting out. It was a hoot and I had a real good time! 

U DaHar Master K'Zhen Epetai Zu-Merz: On March 22, I had to have surgery on my right eye for the third time, for Glaucoma. The other surgeries healed well but didn't do the job they were supposed to do in lowering the internal pressure permanently. This time it looks like it worked, and I won't have to use eye drops in in to control the pressure. However, I did have complications, and it took a long time to heal. I also caught what must have been an evil Romulan virus and thought I'd cough out my eyeballs. But I survived and will get my revenge on the Romulans.

U Lt.-Cmdr. Kimpla vestai Dorig-Dokmaar Zu-Merz: This Tri has been a busy one. April was a beautiful month. We finished the bowling season in 5th place and I turned another year wiser. The weather for May was terrible, with lots of storms and lots of rain. The Mississippi River overflowed it's banks (as usual), but with the rains coming later in the year most of downtown was spared any major flooding. I took a few days off in June and went to visit my family in Kentucky. 1 child, 3 men, 5 women a cat and a dog all under the same roof. Talk about adventures! The plane flight out of Louisville and Chicago's O'Hare was another adventure. What was supposed to be a three hour trip, took most of the day and evening, but I finally made it home. Needless to say the last few days have been hectic just trying to get things caught up and to salvage what was left of my garden. While I was gone, it would seem that my dogs did not obey Ed, as well as they do me. Those poor pitiful veggies have paid the price for my time-off.

U Cmdr. Avakhon Sutai Khinsharri: RL has intruded as it always does upon my Warrior's life and I deal with it as best I can. Several family members (inlaws)have had cancer scares and difficulties so dealing with them on a DAILY basis has become the norm.(ALSO the reason I haven't been on in many moons as well. Sorta pulls the plug when your not near a computer for almost a month. (YES I went through withdrawals syndromes like ANY junkie and now am going through a 12 step, er typing program to get over my E-mailosis and IMing's disease to boot. Hope all are well in the rest of KSF and I shall rise above these things as well. (On a more personal note, I was recently promoted to the T-Gen of the 
BLA due to the failing helath of our former leader, Kolar, who I'vejust been informed was DENIED by the VA for his cancer surgery and will return to chemo soon. The outlook isn't good and I fear I shall soon be howling for my closest friend and that's got me down more than I care to admit. SHOULD he pass anytime soon, I will announce it to any and all who care to join me in that time of rejoicing for his ascension to Sto'Val'Kor as I KNOW Kahless has long awqaited THIS warriors arrival to that hallowed place....Prior our) Also I would like to NOTE that MY Division has become most active in posting their RPG's to the listserve of late and I am QUITE proud of their efforts to produce such wonderful and interesting stories. KUDOS to the CGC!

U Jol RojpuqloD: Last year saw development and release of the KLV for the Sword Project. See http://klv.mrklingon.org or http://thebibletool.com/passagestudy.jsp?mod=KLV#cv . Recent launch of http://swlanguages.mrlingon.org. a site spun off of the http://galacticphrasebook.mrklingon.org site. The new site is confined to Star Wars languages; the other mixes vocab and phrase from Trek and Star Wars.

U K'Ken T'Relak: I continue to communicate with plntln occasionally, but there is never any follow through from the populance. The interest in tlhlngan Hol just does not sustain the effort. At least the Klingon Language Institute seems to be going resasonably strong. My admiration for those brave tlhlngan Hol Suvwl'pu' are great! I encourage you all to support their efforts. My wife returned from her trip to France. It was not the most pleasurable of experiences. She is not a French speaker (despite trying to learn some of the language before going) and the receptions she received from the populace was typical of the horror stories one hears about the French people to foreigners. She did have a wonderful time when she had the chance to get to Paris. She was truly charmed by the wonder of that city. The people in Paris seem to be much friendlier too! The whole experience was unfortunate as she was mistakenly lead to believe that she would be in south Paris. She was actually much farther south in Orleans. I called her every day and was sad that things were so miserable for her. But she is determined that she will be going back and this time she will be staying in Paris! She has planned more language courses to help her too! I am trying to talk some friends into going with her as I do not want to go. I am glad to see that there continues to be so many KSF people actively involved in the organization. It is a good organization and its officers are all Suvwl'pu'quv.

Sector Five

U Cmdr. Krowgon I am still here and about, just very busy these days but I still try to keep up with our RPG

U Jill / Lushy Lushy has been very active in the RPG and has loved every minute of it : MiladyClaws has a medieval RPG on yahoo..any1 wishing more info please contact me..On the poetry well she's up for 2004/2005 award again, and on the art well she sold 12 paintings not so long ago..She's gearing up for her mums first visit to USA in October

Sector Six
files by Khaufin Juriss

U Khaufen Juriss: It is amazing what a person can experience, and learn in four months. And in retrospect, just how fast 'time' can fly. <G> The one is living in a larger apartment now, it is good to have a room to oneself! A lot of time has been spent in rearranging everything in order to simulate an average Terran living room. We're not there yet. The one has been involved in various 'humanitarian' activities, and hopes to increase those activities. There has been increased time for Fellowship, a significant developement. 

My son has come to stay for the summer, and with him two friends. I have a feeling it is going to be busy summer. 

It has taken more than four months to compile enough computer parts, and software to finally construct this machine. I am hoping that there will be no further 'donwtime', and look forward to role playing again.   Khaufen/Ron "Let the Dream take flight!"

Sector Eight
filedby Khaufin Juriss

U Borg QI'mpeq / Michael C. Robbins - For the first time, in a long time. Got nothing much to report. At the It's Your Turn game site ( http://www.itsyourturn.com   ); finally made it to the champship round of IYT Tournament called Anti-Checkers (GiveAway Checkers), which I ended up, finishing in 2nd Place. 

U Azel Tavana / Adrienne Paradis - Nothing new to report.

U K'ven zantai-Jurek / Jil Conway - I've been very busy this trimester, though if you looked at the rpg posts you'd never know it--but I finally have a post ready for tonight. My bookkeeping business has been doing very well, keeping me busy if not entirely wealthy--yet! 

If anyone is interested, my website is http://www.jilconway.com  . I'm available for individuals as well as small businesses. I'm still following Weight Watchers but have experienced a lot of ups and downs. It's a learning experience.


filed by Lt. J.G. Kohn vestai-K’Tarra

U Lt. J.G. Kohn vestai-K’Tarr- Philip J. MostynOkay….what have I done for the past Three Months….??

Not a great deal actually ;-)

Let’s see….I got a Computer (for Free) and thanks to my more Knowledgeable Neighbour, actually managed to get it working :-D

One of my (MANY) Hobbies is Scratchbuilding, so I’ve recently started on a Set of Plans for a Jaffa Staff (yes, I know it’s not Klingon, but I’m also toying with the idea of a Klingon/StarGate crossover). I’ve been Re-Reading a Novel by Sir Terry Pratchett (my Favourite Author at the moment….and my Library doesn’t have a great selection of Science Fiction, so there’s not a lot of Trek), ‘Thief of Time’. Playing various Computer Games (I have ALL THREE Klingon ones; Klingon, Klingon Honour Guard and Klingon Academy, and have played the first two a number of times, but only a small amount of Klingon Academy). Working on a Vest of Maille for my new Armour (There’s a Photo of my old one in my Yahoo Profile, for which I made the Armour and Accessories) as well as working out the Pros-And-Cons of various Design Ideas that I have for this new Armour (as you may be able to see by the Photo I just used whatever Belt and Buckle I had, but a few years ago I managed to find someone that can make Klingon Style Buckles and I’ve made a Belt to match it, but I’ll no doubt be making another one by the time this new Armour is finished. And I’ll be (hopefully) making a Sash out of Maille this time as well)

Oh yes….and I just joined this Group and have been made Commander of Global Sector B }}:-{D>

Aside from all that, I’ve been trying to Track Down a Former Member (so far without Success), and looking for Work.

Lt. J.G. Kohn vestai-K’Tarra
Imperial Security
GSB Global Sector Commander

GSE Post Reports:
Filed by Adm qe'San

U qe'San be'rawn - Jon Brown -  As ever things have been manic this is just a sort post report as time has crept by far too fast... Where did the year go..

U Lt Koi Kai Drocklon - Alberto Gorin - computer record message

theres`t to much to tell,ile do 2 main updates

1,subject - star trek meeting,from tfd.nl we had serval meetings i ben to opening meeting and to 2 3 other meetings.after took plenty of shots
appear to be am sort of second photographer or main i also ben to believe name is new starcom.com where was cast of 2 movies star wars and dirk bendikt and dweight shultz
i took mi pictuer with them

2,www.stingray82.nl - i am second photographer and try to go with there meetings, june 19 and 20 be one(instead of a meeting with tfd.nl in lisse)

mi latest star trek camara is a trust limitit edition mi phone is a panasonic,also qwiet close to star trek
also wish longhorn was here try to be close to longhorn to create or sort sty;es and background, boots,longjorn gotta be a artr

anny wish yep,voise command pocket pc phone of microsft try to locate a classic commnicator and phaser klingon
or maby i wear tng disrupter

thats it
end computer recording


Lt (jg) Kohn vestai K’Tarra

“Captain” announced Lt. Worf as he looked up from his console “I’m picking up a signal.”

“Friend or foe Mr. Worf?” Captain Picard inquired.

“Unknown at this time Sir.”

“Very well Lt.. Monitor it and keep us informed.”

“Aye Sir” Worf replied “recommend we go to Yellow Alert until we’re sure.”

“Make it so” ordered Picard.

Lt. Worf proceeded to monitor the signal and to find its source. Worf was feeling a bit tense because he seemed to recognize this style of signal, but he was also able to conceal such feelings from Counselor Troi, as he didn’t want to alarm the crew until he was sure.

What made Worf so tense was something he was told about as a child. Androids that were built on Kronos, the Klingon homeworld, that were given the outward appearance of a normal Klingon, but would be programmed to seek out and destroy Klingon renegades. They were also designed to broadcast a variety of signals, often at the same time to confuse their enemy, and it is a signal similar to this that Worf is currently monitoring.

Worf then walked to the Science 1 station behind him.

“Computer” Worf commanded “request information on Klingon history regarding ‘jan HoH’.”

“Something wrong Lt.?” Inquired Commander Riker.

“Unknown at this time Sir.”

“Would you care to explain that?” inquired Captain Picard as he and Commander Riker joined Worf at the computer panel.

“Working Sir.” Worf replied.

“Captain. Sensors have picked up a ship at bearing 034, mark 36” announced Lt. Commander Data.

“Can we get a visual?”

“Not yet Sir the ship is too far away.”

“Very well Mr. Data. Inform me when she comes into visual range.”

“Aye Sir.” Data replied.

“Mr. Worf can you explain any of this?” inquired Picard as he Riker and Worf turned back to the console. “And does that ship have anything to do with that signal you picked up?”

“I believe so Sir. Yes here it is. Many years ago, just after the war ended between Klingons and the Federation, the Klingon High Council built what we called a jan HoH or Killing Device. We built them to infiltrate the Klingon Empire and seek out and destroy Klingon renegades; no matter what their rank. And I believe that’s what may currently be on its’ way here” added Worf as the three of them turned back to look at the screen.

“I don’t get it. Why would a Klingon Terminator be seeking us out?” inquired Ensign Crusher.

“I would theorize Wesley” replied Data “that it may think that Lt. Worf is a renegade.”

Captain Picard then called for a conference and as soon as Dr. Crusher and Lt. La Forge arrived they were updated on the situation.

“The obvious thing to do of course” stated Captain Picard “is contact the Klingon High Command on Kronos and see if they can help.”

“It may be the obvious thing to do” rumbled Worf, “but there’s also a distinct possibility that it will be picked up by the jan HoH and jammed.”

“Mr. La Forge is there anything you can do to eliminate this possibility?”

“I think so Captain” replied Geordi. “I could cross reference the Klingon/Federation sub-space codes and boost the signal. It’s still possible that this thing will have access to them, but I’m counting on the ENTERPRISE having more power than a Klingon ship. No offence intended Worf.”

“None taken” Worf rumbled “and in most cases you would be right. But a jan HoH will build their own ship, or heavily modify an existing one, to be even more indestructible than they are.”

“That being the case” stated Captain Picard “I would like you two to work together on this one.”

“Yes Sir” replied both Geordi and Worf.

“Recommend we also inform Starfleet Command at the same time” suggested Riker.

“Make it so.” Picard ordered “Anything else? Dr. Crusher, how are things down in sickbay?”

“We’re clear for the moment but I’ll put my staff on full emergency alert; it sounds like we’ll need them.”

“Agreed Beverly. Well if there’s nothing else I suggest we get back to our posts.”

As soon as they left the Conference Lounge, Geordi headed towards the upper level of the Bridge so that he could transfer Engineering to the Bridge display, while everybody else returned to their own stations. Then he and Worf began cross-referencing the sub-space frequencies for the ones they could use to best advantage. It didn’t take them long before they found one suitable, with proper boosting, for transmitting to Kronos; and also one for transmitting to Starfleet Command.

“Captain” announced Lt. La Forge “I think we’ve got the right frequencies.”

“Excellent Mr. La Forge. Inform Starfleet and the Klingon High Command of our situation and ask Kronos what our best chances might be of defeating this thing.”

“Yes Captain.”

Geordi and Worf then set about boosting the signal to what they hoped was sufficiently high enough to get past the jan HoH, then they set about sending the required messages to their destinations. However, until they were received and a reply was sent back, there was little that the ENTERPRISE crew could do but wait.

“The ship is starting to enter visual range Captain” announced Data.

“Thank you Mr. Data. Set viewer to highest magnification, then let’s see what’s out there.”

“Aye Sir.”

Data proceeded to adjust the magnification controls until there was a shape on the view-screen. He adjusted them some more until the shape became recognizable.

“What do you make of her Worf?” inquired Riker.

“She’s Klingon….barely” Worf replied tensely. “She looks mostly like a Vor’cha Class, but she also looks like she’s got major parts from other ships; including Romulan and Ferengi. This jan HoH has been busy. As for what we can do against this ‘thing’? I believe the human expression would be ‘pray’.”

“You may be right Worf. Data, how soon until this jan HoH is in attack range?” Riker inquired.

“Taking into account our current speed of warp 5 and the attacker’s speed of warp 7, estimate contact in 2 hours 56 minutes.”

“Can we outrun her?”

“Not for long Sir. The Vor’cha Class is roughly equal to us anyway and at this range it is not possible to get an accurate reading of what advantage the added technology may have given it.”

“Acknowledged Mr. Data” replied Captain Picard. “Nevertheless the problem remains do we stand and fight? Or do we run until we are unable to?”

“Captain” announced Worf “I’m getting a reply from Starfleet and the Klingon High Command.”

“Put it on screen Mr. Worf. Secure channel conference display.”

“Aye Sir.”

The screen faded from the image of the enemy craft to be replaced with the split screen image of an Admiral from Starfleet Command and the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council; each with enough medals and sashes to moor a decent size trawler of old 20th Century Earth.

“Vice-Admiral Nechayev, Chancellor Gowron, thank you both for responding so soon.”

“Under the circumstances Captain Picard” replied Vice-Admiral Nechayev “we were lucky to have been able to reply at all.”

“I would tend to agree Admiral. Chancellor Gowron is the High Council able to tell us the best way of defeating this Killing Device?”

“Regrettably Captain Picard we are unable to do so as we built the jan HoH so that even we couldn’t destroy them for reasons your Lt. Worf has, I’m sure, already informed you about. We have, of course, sent a number of ships of different Classes to aid you as best they can.”

“We too have sent a number of ships to your aid Captain Picard. Most notably the NEBULA and your sister ship the GALAXY, as well as other AMBASSADOR and EXCELSIOR Class Starships. We don’t know how powerful this thing might be, but even though it may not be as powerful as the Borg, we also don’t want to take any chances.”

“Agreed Admiral Nechayev. Mr. Data how far is this Killing Device now?”

“At current speed of both the ENTERPRISE and the enemy ship, estimate contact in 2 hours 45 minutes. Also estimate contact of Starfleet and Klingon ships within the hour Captain” added Data as he anticipated the next order from Captain Picard.

“Let’s slow that thing down a bit. Mr. La Forge bring engines to full stop. Mr. Worf lay in a path of gravitic mines as soon as that thing comes in range. Program them to seek out anything of Ferengi design on that enemy ship.”

“Aye Sir” came the replies from both Geordi and Worf.

“Mr. Data what is your revised E.T.A. for that Killing Device?”

“As the enemy ship has increased speed to warp 8 Captain, revised E.T.A. is now 1 hour 30 minutes. Also estimate the arrival of allied ships within 45 minutes.”

“We’ll try to get those ships to move a bit faster for you Captain Picard. Starfleet out.”

“As shall we Captain. Kronos out.”

The screen faded from the image of Admiral Nechayev and Chancellor Gowron to be replaced with the familiar view of starry space.

“Inform me as soon as the allied ships arrive No. One, I’ll be in my Ready Room; you have the Conn. until I return.”

“Yes Captain” Riker replied.

“Captain” announced Worf as Captain Picard was about to go through to his Ready Room I’m picking up an audio signal that seems to be coming from the jan HoH.”

“Very well Mr. Worf. On speakers.”

What came through on the speakers was like nothing the ENTERPRISE crew had heard before. It did sound like a Klingon, but deeper and metallic, almost like the old Earth robots sounded like.

“Lieutenant Worf. For your crimes against the Klingon Empire, you are mine.”

Then abruptly the signal stopped.

This in no way appeared to unnerve Worf, in fact he appeared to be expecting it. Noticing that the message had no apparent effect on Worf, Captain Picard continued through to his Ready Room to prepare himself for the oncoming battle.

Worf also was preparing himself for the oncoming battle by psyching himself up and getting into a ‘comfortable’ state of mind. In fact it could almost be said that he was meditating. Counselor Troy was aware of al this, but because she didn’t want to embarrass Worf, she made a mental note to ask him about it later.

Less than 30 minutes later the Klingon ships started to arrive and 10 minutes after that the Starfleet vessels arrived. Riker, as ordered, informed Captain Picard of this and soon he was back on the Bridge to plan the next move.

“Mr. Worf” Picard ordered as he took back his chair “raise the Captain of both lead ships.”

“Sir. They are hailing us.”

“Acknowledged Mr. Worf. Secure channel conference display.”

“Aye Sir” Worf replied.

As before the screen faded from the familiar view of starry space to be replaced with a split screen image of a Starfleet Captain and a Klingon Commander.

“This is Captain Jones of the EXETER.”

“And Commander Krogh of the QAPLA’. With me is Valkris, representative of the High Council.”

“This is Captain Picard of the ENTERPRISE, greetings to you all.” Picard replied as the image changed from that of Krogh to that of Valkris. “Council Member Valkris. Has the High Council come up with any ideas on how to destroy this thing?”

“We hope so Captain Picard. We’ve spoken to the scientists that designed the jan HoH some 75 years ago. They tell us that a certain frequency at the right power level may be enough to destroy it; but it will have to be severely weakened before hand. How far away is it now?”

“Mr. Data?” inquired Picard.

“As current speed for the device is still warp 8, E.T.A. is now 45 minutes.”

“Thank you Mr. Data” Picard replied “hopefully that will give us enough time to prepare.”

“Agreed Captain” replied Valkris.

“And we’ve got our staff working on the best way to damage this thing enough for the frequency to be used” stated Captain Jones.

“Excellent Captain” Picard replied. “We’ll be able to help in that area as well.”

“Captain” announced Data “the Killing Device appears to have increased speed to warp 12, estimate arrival within 15 minutes.”

“Then I suggest we waste no time” replied Picard.

“Agreed” came the replies of Captain Jones and Council Member Valkris.

“Already we have begun to get the frequency ready for use.”

“Excellent Council Member Valkris, that should speed things up considerably.” replied Picard.

“Agreed Captain, but we all have a lot to do so I suggest we get busy. QAPLA’ out.”

“I agree Captain. EXETER out.”

Once again the screen faded from the dual image to be replaced with the familiar view of the stars.

“Mr. Data” ordered Picard. “Get me a visual on this Killing Device again.”

“Aye Sir” replied Data.

“I want you to work with Mr. La Forge and Mr. Worf. I want the three of you to try and find a weakness; no matter how small.” Data was just about to acknowledge a reply when Picard remembered who he was talking to. “Providing it seems large enough to help destroy this device.”

“Yes Captain” Data replied.

“Inform me if anything warrants my attention No. One, I’ll be in my Ready Room; you have the Conn. until I return.”

“Yes Captain” Riker replied.

Captain Picard proceeded to go through to his Ready Room while Commander Riker again took the central seat, and Lt. Commander Data started scanning the enemy ship as best as was possible from this range.

Commander Krogh and his crew continued to get the frequency ready for the opportunity to use it.

And Captain Jones and his crew continued to work out ways to damage the Device.

While all the other ships of the small allied fleet were merely waiting for their chance to be useful.

Less than 15 minutes later the jan HoH started to come into range. Mr. Worf, as ordered, lay in a path of gravitic mines and programmed them to destroy anything of Ferengi design. Within a matter of minutes the enemy craft entered the mine field; and, of course, only the areas of Ferengi design were destroyed. All the areas of Klingon and Romulan design remained untouched but to program the mines to destroy anything of Romulan design may risk destroying the small Klingon fleet as well. Unfortunately the enemy craft was not damaged enough for the signal to be used; in fact the attack didn’t even appear to slow it down.

“Well so much for that idea” observed Captain Picard.

“The theory was good though” Riker replied in support.

“But what we really need is something that will make a very big hole in that thing” stated Worf. “While being careful not to damage the other ships around us.”

“Agreed” Picard replied. “Mr. Data have you found anything that may help us?”

“I believe so Captain. I’ve been scanning the craft both before and after the destruction by the mines, and I believe I may have found something.”

“Yes Data, go on” urged Riker.

“Well Sir it would seem that the Ferengi area may have been protecting some weaker area of the main ship, a makeshift repair if you will. But not enough to actually protect it against an attack like this; and we can at least theorize that the Romulan and other areas that are not part of the original design may well be serving the same purpose.”

“Thank you Mr. Data. Mr. Worf fire Photon Torpedoes at the areas that Mr. Data has just indicated.”

“Yes Captain. Sir should I inform the rest of the fleet?”

“I don’t think so Mr. Worf, it may be picked up by the Device; and with luck they will be able to see what we’re doing anyway and join in.”

“Aye Sir.”

Worf then sent off a volley of five Torpedoes aimed at various parts of the enemy craft. And the other ships, noticing what was happening, sent off their own volleys of Torpedoes and Phasers/Disruptors.

“Thank you Mr. Data, the pan seems to be working.”

“Yes Captain. Sir the QAPLA’ appears to be powering up to use the frequency.”

“Acknowledged Mr. Data. I just hope that the enemy craft has been damaged enough.”

“I think we’re about to find out” Riker replied.

“Sensors indicate that the frequency is being used now Captain” announced Data.

They watched in silence while they waited to see what effect the frequency would have on the enemy craft. Nothing appeared to happen for awhile but then the craft shattered completely.

“Captain, we’re being hailed.”

“On speakers Mr. Worf.”

What came through on the speakers was the voice of the Killing Device. “I’ll be back” it said, then the signal stopped.

“Mr. Data, anything on sensors?”

“Scanning Captain. No Sir. No indication of anything apart from the allied fleet around us.”

“Now that’s odd” observed Riker.

“Captain, the leaders of the allied fleet are hailing us.”

“Thank you Mr. Worf, on screen conference display.”

“Aye Sir.”

The screen faded from the view of the debris to be replaced with the split screen image of Captain Jones and Council Member Valkris.

“Captain Jones and Council Member Valkris I thank you and your ships for all your help.” Captain Picard then told Valkris about what the Device said.

“I don’t think you have any need to worry Captain, but we’ll keep a lookout on the way home.” Valkris replied.

Captain Picard thanked them all again while they closed their channels. Then the allied fleet made their respective way home and the ENTERPRISE made her way towards her next adventure.





We've received word that members of Imperial Contacts Branch have managed to cross into this universe, exiting nearly on top of two Romulan war birds that they were thus forced to destroy. We have no details on how they were able to make the crossing, but hope to debrief them as soon as this can be arranged. We had hoped to minimize contact with the Romulans in this universe, thus keeping our presence and activities low key, if not altogether hidden, until we had bases, ships and personnel to staff them, and allies to help defend them. This plan has proven unsuccessful however, as two of our warriors have been captured and are being held hostage, and the rest seem to have more interest and skill in confrontation than evasion. One of our captured officers has managed to get word out to us, letting us know that the Romulans are responding to our presence by reinforcing their alliance with the Cardassians, by mapping out all reported sightings of our activities, and by taking steps to predict where future incursion into their territory is likely to be. Far more troubling is their apparent willingness to commit genocide in order to prevent us from either rescuing or recruiting members of our own species. Imperial Intelligence has learned of a Romulan plan to sterilize the Klingon workforce it needs, and to eliminate the rest. We have found several locations where Klingons are being held, either in prisons or on agricultural or mining colonies, but we've made preliminary contact with only a fraction of these, and we do not yet have the personnel, ships, or safe locations to rescue them all. Nor nor do we know which colonies are at greatest risk. More intell is needed, and quickly, and a plan to counter the Romulan response. We are working on ways to slow the Romulans down, but desperately need the ships and equipment to launch a proactive response. 

The Trouble Shooter Task Force have done recon on both Ferengenar and Risa, and have returned with a small group of badly needed working ships. They have also gone in search of a staging area for us, and are attempting to discover what role the Cardassians....and their Obsidian Order....might play in our fight with the Romulans here. 

Imperial Security and Imperial Military personnel have finished their surveillance on Iraha Hieras, the Romulan ships graveyard, the blind spots they've found allowing them to pass in and around the graveyard so far undetected. Scans have revealed a great variety of vessels that could be salvaged for our use, and we will proceed with all haste to procure them. Time is of the essence.

As much as ships to transport those of our people we might be able to rescue, we need safe places to take, house and hopefully train them, as their sheer numbers would quickly overwhelm our present resources. The Imperial Diplomatic Service may be able to give us some help there, as, with the help of the Dauntless crew, Captain Probert and Governor Sheridan, they have at least convinced the Confederation to talk to us. The Romulans are their sworn enemies too, and the Earthers seem to be as cooperative by nature here as they are in our own space. More surprising was the discovery that the Ferengi here are somewhat more assertive than their counterparts back home, these Ferengi having fought to the death to save the last Bajoran outpost from Romulan destruction. It is to be hoped that Moqra can survive his first encounter with their underground resistance group, the first such group we have discovered so far. If he does, he may be able to organize help for the fight that is surely to come. 

The only other "help" we may have is in the form of a bio-weapon we could only use as a last resort....the bio-toxin brought here from our own universe that has turned two Imperial Military ships into plague carriers. Imperial Medical Services personnel have found an "antitoxin" of sorts, an antidote made from the blood of Miraal, the Quvagh Magh, but so far they have not been able to synthesize enough of it to inoculate even our own people, much less the rest of those who could be infected with it if it were to get loose, and as yet we have not managed to create a vaccine. To do that IMS needs more lab facilities. These are being hurried along as quickly as possible. The medical ship Genesis is now up and running and even outfitted with a Romulan cloaking device, and med techs are attempting to refit the Medical facilities on K'Shona Base as well. In the meantime, IMS is keeping the Romulan POWs on ice, and hoping for a way to utilize what's left of them to the greater good. 

Miraal is in the hands of the Chaplain General Corps and may be the only "supernatural" entity willing to render any service to us....once Ngah Gor can return her from the Daavit homeland for IMS to work with. The rest of the Gods that seem to populate this universe, though more visible than our own Gods, have proven to be maddeningly enigmatic, and either unable or unwilling to render us any practical service. Indeed, the one on K'Shona Base seems to be actively getting in the way of our efforts to get that base running to its full capacity. Perhaps the Prior of CGC would have more sway over the non-corporeal factions, but so far, both the Prior and his XO are still comatose. This must be remedied soon, before the Romulans hunt us all down, or the Dead Soul Society.... whose often deadly curiosity K'Grin seems to have aroused, and whose interest in us could prove as fatal as the Roms. 


After I.C.B Squadron achieved orbit around the Homeworld, the Captain dispatched orders to Kerlof, t'Arra, Kib'tore, K'oner and all Department heads. Their orders were to search, seek and find 'anything' within two light days that would facilitate their next mission. Kerlof and t'Arra was to collect data concerning an unexplained phenomenon possibly responsible for the recent disappearances. Their task was absolutely critical to what was to come. K'oner dealt with contacting Kaskall, Mastocal, any and all JurIS strongholds and related Clans for data.  Information, this time, was to be the deciding factor to ensure success.

It was time, the Captain gave the order, a heartbeat later Khaufen was standing before Kahless. The Icon of his House stood before Khaufen, taking his measure. He met the gaze of Kahless, giving the Emporer ample time to make a decision. Suddenly, Kahless threw his head back and laughed, then motioned Khaufen to come forward. Kahless said, "We have little time, and much to talk about."

Aboard all but K'Jhal, the entire crew of I.C.B. Squadron was teeming with activity. Captain JurIS immediately alerted his Squadron  after Kahless extended all possible assistance in their new mission.  Supplies were beaming in, new power cells, couplings, shielding plate, new components and numerous other materials to replace damaged or outdated systems. Their Captain gave them two days to deal with the assistance promised. It would not be a 'refit', but they would make the best of the time and equipment.

Kahless and Khaufen talked for hours.

After two days, and nights of talking, drinking and feasting, Khaufen JurIS felt stronger than he ever had. Kahless tends to have that effect on one, he thought as he walked toward the Metinji sector of the old city. Fifteen minutes into his stroll, the Captain of the Stormwalker activated his communicator and ordered t'Arra to have him beamed up.  Once aboard Khaufen went to his Bridge, ordered t'Arra to inform Kerlof, Kib'tore and all Department heads that there would be a Briefing in fifteen minutes. The Captain was pleased at the exceptional performance of the combined crews. He was especially pleased with t'Arra and Kerlof's report, their information, actions and talent had greatly increased the chances of I.C.B.'s success! Each officer left this Briefing carrying a commendation for all involved. A morale boost would not hurt their chances either; Khaufen smiled. "All stations secure, Captain." t'Arra called out from her station. Khaufen swiveled to face her and gave the order, I.C.B. Squadron left the Homeworld at full impulse. Not long after, their vessels went to high warp.

Four days later, in the Battle Room, Khaufen, Kerlof and t'Arra continued pouring over the latest analysis that would lead them to their  objective. The most likely lead was the Tyn'kaleb Sector, on the Klingon/Romulan border. Intensive long range scans have identified the exotic energies and inverse fractal subspace geometry distortions that Kahless had provided. Kerlof and t'Arra's efforts and information proved to be the critical factor. Even now, I.C.B. was bearing down on the almost invisible phenomenon.

The Captain ordered the Squadron to leave Warp and to proceed at one half Impulse power. There it was, one million kallicams ahead! Even at the highest magnification the phenomenon I.C.B. had been pursuing was barely perceivable. However, the sensors displayed it clearly. The Plan was simple: approach the center of the Effect, the Shields at maximum and prepared for battle. That would have been the state of any Klingon vessel in such a situation, and Khaufen preferred circumstances to be just like that of his companions and friends. 

"Report." Khaufen JurIS bellowed over the Alert klaxon. Despite the augmented Shielding the Stormwalker was having a rough ride.  Engineering was struggling to keep the Shield frequency modulated to 'normal'. The unlikely combination of energy, radiation and subspace distortions was attempting to alter the Squadron's 'real space' signature, in erratic surges. Kerlof suggested that this space time Event was insufficient in power, as compared to the two prior recorded Events. Kahless and Khaufen had discussed this possibility at length, and they were prepared for this contingency. Thus, I.C.B. Squadron was in effect piercing the Event rather than being carried to 'wherever'. 

t'Arra was everywhere at once, she was swiftly becoming a formidable First Officer. It was her voice Khaufen heard next. "Captain, we have lost contact with Kerlof and K'oner. Intraship communications are also affected, we've lost contact with three decks.  We will cross the Event horizon in three, two . . ." Silence. An eternity of silence passed, the ship no longer vibrated, it felt like nothing in the Universe was animate. Then, I.C.B. Squadron found itself exiting the Event with a great deal more velocity than they had entered!  Khaufen centered himself quickly, and was grateful for no immediate after affects, for on his screen they were rushing toward two Romulan Warbirds! There was something subtly wrong about the Warbirds though, perhaps the Romulans had developed a variant on their existing series; that Intelligence didn't know about? 

The Captain didn't move his eyes from the viewscreen, he trusted his crew to respond immediately, and had never been disappointed.  Khaufen rapidly spoke a series of orders: "t'Arra, do we have Transporter power? Weapons, lock Photon torpedoes and forward Disrupter banks on the Engineering sections of both of those ships. Security, prepare for beaming procedure directly to a High Security cell in the Brig."  t'Arra chose her moment to answer her Captain. "Transporters are at eighty three percent, targeting scanners are available at full capacity." Khaufen replied, quickly, but calmly. "Lock onto the closest enemy Bridge before they raise their Shields, beam two of their Officers toSecurity. Fire on my Command! A heartbeat later, Khaufen heard the voice of his Weapon's Officer, "They've seen us." Khaufen projected his voice throughout his Bridge, "Open Fire!" Then, he turned his head to where t'Arra stood and said, "Do we have our prisoners?" The First Officer of the Stormwalker raised her head from the console she had been studying and smiled, wickedly, then proudly said, "Yes, sir!" Three seconds after the Stormwalker fired on the 'flatfooted' Romulan vessels, four Disruptor bolts and four Torpedoes flashed by from their starboard flank. 'Kai', Khaufen thought, Kerlof and K'oner's timing are perfect.  
"Fire at will, Lieutenent." Khaufen said, returning to his Command seat. 
"Leave no evidence." Only one Romulan ship had managed to get it's Shields up in time to avoid instant destruction, seven seconds later it too blossomed into a writhing fireball and annihilated itself. t'Arra once again called to the Captain, "My Lord, we now have communications, Kerlof is on Channel One." Khaufen JurIS arose from his seat and stretched, then walked to t'Arra's station and said, "We have a great deal to do in the next fifteen minutes, initiate Battle Condition Seven and route Kerlof through this Com. And, First Officer, damn well done! Pass it to the crew:  


Computer, ... begin log entry,
We managed to get the Federation Sabre class vessel, Genesis, back to 100% efficiency and got the Romulan cloaking device installed. With all operations now functioning, we turn our attention to the other problems that we have in this new Universe.

Medra works steadily on a cure for the bio toxin that threatens our very existence. She has had a break through in the form of the child, Miraal. From first tests, it has been determined that her blood contains the natural antibodies to fight off this virus, of which we are all susceptible. At this point further tests are being completed to determine if it is possible to replicate the blood or if we will have to get it from it's original source, .... the child. Messages have been dispatched to the vessel she was traveling on, but so far no response has been received.

The 75 Romulan prisoners held in stasis on K'Shona base have all been transferred to 'Genesis', where their minds have been probed, their memories downloaded and their knowledge of our existence erased. Most survived the process and were placed back in stasis. There were 2 fatalities during the process and 3 others remain in critical condition. For these 3, only time and my future orders will tell. Several bits of data were collected and forwarded to the proper commands. 

Rumors have run amok in regard to a ship graveyard, reported near our location. If this is the case, we may be able to salvage parts for our ships and possibly find more medical equipment as our supplies are limited. At this time, I await further reports on this situation. 

K'Shona bases Medical unit was all but totally destroyed during the occupation. I had dispatched a team of 2, to begin the cleanup so that Commander Reyna Qor Zu-Merz may step in on her arrival and make the necessary repairs to the station. I have received no recent reports from the two and fear they may have fallen victim to the 'Entity' that resides on the base. I will be contacting Admiral Katalyia, to inquire if she has had any word of my team. 

At last communique, Commander Reyna, who has transferred to IMS, is expected to arrive shortly, barring any other ship malfunctions. I await further contact from other officers who have been transferred to the Medical division, in our time of limited personnel.

We will continue to work on K'Shona bases medical unit, a cure for our troops in an attempt to keep our fighting force as healthy as is possible in this new frontier. At this point, every injury; including the non-serious ones; weakens our already small strike force. While it is important to avenge the Klingon race that has been eradicated in this universe, we must keep in mind that in order to do this, survival is and must be the number 1 priority.
Commander Kimpla D-Dok'Marr Zu-Merz

Computer, ... end log. Secure, encrypt, scramble, and ...
send to CCC


Subject: Klin Zha/wo'taH QanHung & USS Dauntless RPG Summary wo'taH QanHung ra'wI' reports...

After providing this alternate universes's Starbase K'Shona with security, and giving the station an extra 'push' to move it along to it's new 'home', I ordered work crews to repair the damage inflicted upon the IKV mupwI' chuS (Thunder Strike), my flagship; the brief but intense battle with the three Romulan warbirds was not an easy victory, the USS Dauntless had been a great ally and had suffered as well. The Dauntless had been dispatched to K'Mer to confer with Ambassador A'qmarr and two UCP representatives. 

We, the IKV mupwI' chuS, set course for a Romulan ship 'graveyard' of sorts, it had been previously discovered by Thought-Admiral K'Lay; it was officially named the IRMARS (Imperial Romulan Material And Repair Sector), it is believed to hold resources in the form of ships that could greatly increase our strength our forces forming in this alternate universe. Eventually, my ship and crew took up a position outside the range of the Romulan defense outposts sensors, on the outskirts of the graveyard, I ordered the Marines onboard readied and to be sent out to see what we shall see ... in this Romulan graveyard; as I have the mupwI' chuS keep her distance, for she has no cloak. 

Transmissions from Soghla' K'logh have been sporadic at best, he has reported in saying that his ship and crew are on their way to our coordinates, his exact location unknown. Sogh Kanara and Sogh SamwI' are in our home universe, securing the Klingon Empire from the Romulan menace on our borders. End report, 

DAUNTLESS - Soltar Pallara 

The move of the KSF Starbase K'Shona went as planned, with the exception of the confrontation with the Romulan warbird, we are still making some minor repairs from that. The USS Dauntless has been requested to travel to KSF Defense Base K'Mer to meet up with Ambassador A'qmarr and a UCP Governor and Captain, they need convincing that we are who we say we are, I will provide all the information that the Dauntless has on file, the more allies in this alternate universe ... then the more resources we have at our disposal to survive and return to our own universe. 

CHAPLAIN GENERAL CORPS - Prior Avakhon Khinsharri

I lie here in a coma wondering if what I feel is reality or another madman's dream foisted upon me. BlackHeart and I await our arrival to the new base, only to have our Daavit Captain taking the Quvagh'Magh and possibly our only hope of survival with him. I can only place my faith he acts in the best interest of the Empire as it is NOW and not how HE wishes it to be.

He has sent his protege' to search and rescue members of OUR reality and in MY current state I ahve no idea as to his progress, although it is hinted he may be in Romulan territory as we speak, attempting the rescue of a forelorned feline. TeH'hel is rapidly becoming one of those chosen whose mission in life is destined for greatness beyond her realizing it and it may overcome her in it's shadow as she wrestles with the holographic version of her sword brother for control of the temple to perform the rituals needed to resurrect the Khinsharri master and his XO, BlackHeart. Kyan is unknown to us now and perhaps so is his tutor, K'Grimm as he left in search of, as he put it,"friends from the past". We can only hope that goes well as WE will need all the allies we can get in this new reality, no matter their affiliations of old. HE has been gone for so long as to make one wonder IF perhaps he found a way back to OUR own reality and cannot return to tell us of it. OR perhaps he was destroyed by a Romulan patrol sent out to investigate all the recent disappearances of ships over a wide area of star systems. It is our understanding HE was responsible for several of these until he found Kyan and returned to the CGC finding me in my current state.... Until then, I remain ever in service to Durgath AND 
the Empire 


With the variety of Romulan vessels left in the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS's wake, are as they say, in a million pieces. The crew of the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS did get a chance to get in some R & R time at Risa, which is now, an independent empire. 

As I remember where I could get my hands on, at least two B'Rel Class BOP Scoutships, which would be a start. The IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS set course for Ferenginar, to meet up with a few Ferengi, who were in procession of the fore-mentioned B'Rel class BOP Scoutships. I made the Ferengi, an offer they couldn't refuse. The two B'Rel class BOP Scoutships needed, roughly a week's worth of general repairs at a good starbase. So, the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS ended up giving the two B'Rel Class Scoutships, a piggy-back ride to StarBase K'Shona. 

My Ferengi contacts informed to me, that I might want to check out, Surplus Depot Zed-15 at Qualor II, to see if there might be other Klingon vessels at the Surplus Depot. After dropping off the two newly acquired B'Rel class BOP Scoutships at Starbase K'Shona, so that repairs could get underway. The IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS set course for Qualor II and Surplus Depot Zed-15. 

Apon arriving at Qualor II and mainly Surplus Depot Zed-15, began scanning the surplus depot for Klingon vessels. I found several Klingon vessels amoungst the other ships in the depot yard. So, I contacted the Zakdorn about acquiring all of the Klingon vessels in depot yard. 

I decided to take the following Klingon vessels for use by the TroubleShooter TaskForce; (2) K'Vort Class BOP BattleCruisers - IKV Hegh SopwI', IKV Ban-tar; (2) K'T'Orr Class Destroyers - IKV beQmoHwI', IKV 'Iw tlhuthwI'; (2) B'Rel Class BOP Scoutships - IKV chaghDor, IKV gholmat; and (2) K'Tana Class BOP Scoutships - IKV targh jejwI', IKV QoreSmar. Personel from the IKV QI'mpeq's bortas were allotted to these ships, that are now assigned to the TroubleShooter TaskForce. 

The TroubleShooter TaskForce set out to begin exploring this timeline'suniverse. While traveling to Betazed, came across a star system justslightly off the beaten path, which might make a good staging area. Spent a day at Betazed before moving on. Finally, ended up in the Orias System, which is part of the Klingon - Cardissian Empire. I think the TroubleShooter TaskForce shall be working closely with the Obsidian Order, for awhile. 

Starting to show signs of success with most of the top sercet experimental equipment aboard the IKV QI'mpeq's bortaS. As for the Romulans.. Guard Your Grill.. Knuckle up.. Put 'Em Up.. You Ain't So Tough.


Ambassador A'qmarr ramHov K'Onor was in a better mood, 
for a Klingon diplomat. The discussions between her, Starfleet Captain Soltar Pallara of the Federation's USS Dauntless, Confederation Starfleet Captain Jeremy Probert and Governor James Sheridan had gone well, albeit slowly. She had also gotten reports from two of her diplomats. They were fragmentary but reports nonetheless.

The commander of IDS knew that her trials would continue. Probert had been sent to the Confederation Starfleet vessel USS Claymore, where their High Command was waiting. Probert had gotten his superiors to agree to meet A'qmarr, but were still working on a location--their ship or hers? While the Confederation officials waited at an agreed upon rendezvous point, the IDS commander & her ship continued to K'Mer Base (under cloak), where Sheridan would be questioned. Her idea of retaining Sheridan's services after the questioning was being reviewed and she hoped her superiors would agree, Durgath willing.

As usual, the ambassador's operations chief sent word that Thought Admiral K'Lay and Abbot K'Obol were waiting for another division status report. This time, she was waiting to relay better news than before. In her Ready Room, A'qmarr began her report: "Thought Admiral, Lord Abbot, our fortunes are improving. ghop qeylIS! Lieutenant Koi Kai Droklon made it to K'Shona Base and took delivery of his new ship, IKV Nightwolf. We do not yet know what kind of ship class it belongs to but it does have upgraded shields, longer range torpedoes, disrupters, faster cloaking and Warp 10 capability. Hopefully, our colleagues in Imperial Engineering have been able tostablize the warp drive systems at such high speeds. As for Lt. Commander Moqra Q'endeH, we received amessage on a tightly scrambled beam from his sister. Their ship, the Far Star, had suffered computerproblems while on approach to Ferenginar. Moqra hadto pilot the ship manually but was able to land on this universe's version of the planet. He reported that the Commerce Center's plaza had a fountain & covered courtyard--no displays of past Grand Naguses! There was also a war memorial to those 'brave Ferengi who selflessly gave their lives defending the last Bajoran outpost.' This would confirm what I learned from my questioning of James Sheridan, the governor of the late Confederation colony S'vana, that the Bajorans were subjugated by the Romulans. Through Katie's message, we've learned that her brother made some interesting contacts... My XO was captured by a cell of Ferengi, human, Bajoran & Romulan resistance fighters. I am sending the report from Katie & Moqra with this message. I ask that you especially read over the descriptions of this Ferenginar--they are surreal!" 

A'qmarr paused to sip a small glass of baqghol, then continued, "The presentation made by Federation Starfleet Captain Soltar Pallara, commander of the USS Dauntless, was very persuasive with our human Confederation guests. Especially since they have never seen a Steamrunner-class vessel, let alone a ship like mine. As for the viral agent Captain Pallara & his crew are carrying, I've asked him to share what medical information they have with us and IMS Commander Kimpla Dorig-Dokmarr Zu-Merz. If this viral agent is a threat to our warriors stranded with us in this universe, we need to take action against it now." 

The IDS commander refilled her glass of baqghol and summarized her own actions. "As for myself, Confederation Starfleet Captain Jeremy Probert was brought onboard my ship and questioned. Early on, Probert & Governor James Sheridan got into a typical human arguement about who was to blame for the destruction of Sheridan's colony. I had to draw the Daqtagh that you, Lord Abbot, gave me when I became K'Onor and told the two humans to accompany me to a holodeck, so they could settle their differences with the betleH quv. I relayed to both humans my orders--to seek an audience with the Confederation High Command. Probert expressed a bit of skepticism, until I noted that his superiors attempted to form an alliance with a Borg collective (thanks to the intelligence we received from CGC). I do not believe that their Confederation will succeed with that attempt. At least, we got Probert to arrange a meeting between his superiors & us. Their Confederation Starfleet ship, USS Claymore, is waiting at an agreed upon rendezvous point while we are heading under cloak to K'Mer at Warp 6. I will have Governor Sheridan ready for your questioning. My proposal concerning his services after the questioning still stands. I would like to have Sheridan accompany us as we try to secure more allies for our survival. He has the language skills, has dealt with the Romulans and, if I may say so, seems to like our food. He will be useful to us. By the time you receive this message, IKV QI'lIn batlh will be on final approach to K'Mer. Kagga's crown, I cannot wait to see you again!" 

 - K'Lay K'Onor-Chang

Too often in the past, in our own universe, we had enough agents on the ground, but not enough solid intell for them to investigate. Here, as with so many things in this universe, things are different. Here we have intell coming out of our ears, and not enough agents...or time....to investigate all the leads we've got coming in. There isn't a division represented that has not given us something to look into, more often than not, of the vital variety, and II agents are thin on the ground here.

This is one reason that Lt. Commander K'Logh Chang-tIQwoQ is still alive and free, in spite of having threatened to shoot Captain T'Lara ZuMerz and her ship if she approached his position, and having loosed a plague on a primitive Romulan held planet that destroyed ALL life forms: plants, animals, insects, even the bacteria in the ground. Lethal discipline is a luxury we can no longer allow ourselves to use in these times when trained manpower is scarce. T'Lara will be needed to follow up on one of the many areas that require immediate intell investigation, and Imperial Security is in desperate need of K'Logh's expertise, even if he is flying a plague ship. 

Vice-Admiral Abbot K'Obol Chang-K'Onor and Thought-Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang were granted an unexplained "vision" via an as yet uninvestigated technology from Internal Intelligence CO Admiral Volar K'zota-K'Onor who, alone of the Command structure, had been left in the old universe. Though suspicious that someone had done something to "cause" the chroniton wave to snake its way through Klingon space, Volar has not yet unravelled the mystery, and dares not try to cross himself, as the agent he did try to send arrived.....damaged. The Orion we used to know as Solen made it through using an experimental device, but he was damaged in the transit, his memory all but wiped. We are equally "blind" in that the "vision" ended before we could find out more about what Admiral Volar had ordered the Orion to do.

If we had had another few minutes, we might have been able to aid Volar's plans, and prevent the little grey creature from stealing Hurgh K'Mer's ship (and weapons) and heading towards the facility we knew as Deep Space 9 to try to follow Volar's orders on his own. As it stands, we cannot risk sending a ship after the one Hurgh has lost and we can only hope that if Solen returns, he does not bring the Romulan armada with him. 

What ships and agents we do have are working around the clock to find two things: Klingons being held in Romulan control against their will, and allies to help us fight the Romulans. K'Lay, T'Ayia Llire and Commander Rak'qor K'Mpec have gone in search of what large groups of Klingons they can find, using data gleaned from the tricorder they'd acquired during their escape from DS9, Romulan transmissions they'd been able to pick up, intell sent back from Q'rul DuppIm, K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal, ch'HulHu Kormel, Korgath DuppIm, Kha'Mish'Khal Duraqnan, T'Lara and others, tidbits from covert agent Lt. Commander Lushy JurISS-Chang's pillow talk conversations, and Medra's mind searches of the POWs. But time may quickly be running out in which to accomplish this task. Lushy has sent word that the Romulans not only know we are here, but have intercepted Lt (jg) James Barnaby's communiques and have captured one of our own officers, Commander Krowgon Drexa, and are interrogating him. As a result of this, and other proofs we have given them of our existence, they plan to send reinforcements out to the planets where Klingons have beed bred for use as slaves.....not just to lay in ambush for us, but to commit further genocide of our species, thus eliminating any allies we might recruit there. What we need is a distraction of monumental enough proportions to slow them down long enough to rescue as many of our genetic kinsmen as we can, and there are only a few options open to us.

Lushy, being held hostage and in seclusion at a pleasure house frequented by high ranking Romulan officials, including D'renu, and the Romulan Chief of 
Intelligence, Torqu, is the only one in a position to do the one thing that might buy us time to save our species here. But Lushy, her memories of service to the KSF fragmented in the transit, and her ancient Caitian Adepti teachings only half remembered, is in peril herself, torn between the desires of her two protectors, threatened, tortured, blackmailed, and now drugged. It is anyone's guess if a message telling her what to do can even reach her in time, or if she will have the strength of will to carry it out. 


Summary report from Iraha Hieras: The two guard stations located in the graveyard are manned singly and, while comm traffic is frequent between them, the personnel never venture outside their stations. Additionally, their comm traffic is more personal than security-related with discussions of sports and former mates as frequent topics. Most surveillance is by automated sensor sweep. A pattern of null areas has been determined within the rhythm of these sweeps, as well as blind spots in varying proximity to the sensors, which have enabled IKV Guardian to pass in and around the graveyard undetected. Captain K'ven Jurek has managed a cursory scan of the contents of the yard, revealing a great variety of vessels and possible salvage. DaHar Master K'Zhen ZuMerz is on her way to assist our efforts, and Commander Kosh ZuMerz has come up with a plan to divide the graveyard between us. We've encountered a Romulan from our own universe, an independent Rom named Saja who we've met before. She assisted with a modification to our communications array which will prevent our transmissions from being detected within the graveyard.

Without a functioning warp drive, it is estimated that Lt. Commander Duroq JurISS will not reach Iraha Hieras for several more months but operations will proceed as soon as the rest of the available team are in place.

Meanwhile, Duroq has reported that he has had to employ creative training sessions to keep his warriors busy and from each other's throats, not to mention his own, and the 10 Cardassian troops he had onboard who had become obvious targets of abuse. Luckily, sensors detected two planets, one week off their present course, which would provide some source of action for the ship to engage in, an enemy to fight or at the very least, a hunting expedition. What they found was a planet that, while having a predominately frozen climate and harsh terrain, also was capable of supporting life....including Romulan life, if the weapons signatures along the surface of the planet could be believed. Making the decision to make planetfall, Duroq took his ship down through the turbulence to see what might be found there. 


After taking one Commander Krowgon into custody and securing his attack cruiser, Major T’Azar and Commander Talar were tasked with the duty to procure all information from the Klingon, his crew, and databanks aboard his vessel. Ordered to attain this by any means possible. At this moment in time, the Klingon commander remains in their custody and undergoing Romulan questioning strategies. Back on Romulus, Senator Aeov Rhian continued to influence the Senate to take action, leading the Praetor to deem a state of military alert and increasing patrols along the border. Given the authority to initiate strike forces outside Romulan territory, the Senator and his assistant, Sub-Commander Maiek, begin mapping out all reported sightings to begin pin-pointing the root of Klingon activity. Meanwhile, Klingon keepers are issued warning regarding their “workforces” and to begin inoculations to those remaining as property of the empire. Through the military treaty between Romulus and Cardassia, waves of strength of the Star Empire begin to take firmer shape against a potential Klingon threat.

K'SHONA BASE - Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal 

Killon reporting: Katalyia and I are still in the midst of repairing the damage done to the Base during the move. Due to the complications that have arisen, she had not made a through inventory of the Base and it’s needs. 

Kimpla did arrive on time and remove the Romulan prisoners to her ship and is in the process of preparing them for interrogation. The personnel from Kimpla’s ship, a Klingon female and a Human male, did arrive to repair the Sickbay.

Apparently, they chose to ignore Kimpla’s warning, as well as Katalyia’s and mine, about the The Entity. As they were attempting to access the damage done to the computer console by disconnecting the computer, The Entity reversed the gravity in Sickbay, placing the individuals on the ceiling. A few minutes after this, I received a call from them informing me of the situation. After a consultation with The Entity, I convinced it to restore the gravity to the Medical Bay and reminded them that they were not to tamper/repair the computer in anyway. Due to the friction between the repair team and The Entity, The Entity has locked them in the Medical Bay. I have yet to secure their release nor have I been able to contact Admiral Katalyia due to the problems with the communication systems that have popped up. But I have a feeling I know who is behind this problem.


Divisional Commands  -
By: Admiral Volar epetai-K’zota-K’Onor

“How to Write a Summary Report”

Welcome divisional commanders to the first of many hints and tips of command! There were many titles proposed for this particular article. I shall share a few of them with you. “How to Beat Writing Into Submission”, “The Sum of Summary”, and my favorite...”So someone actually wrote something, now you have to summarize their four words?” Do not fret, commanders, your command staff is here for you. We can sympathize with the difficulties of summarizing loads of reports, or just summarizing one! So sit back, grab a warnog, slave girl/boy, or pie, and take a journey into; THE NEVER-ENDING SUMMARY!

So, not quite never-ending, but close. Here are some easy tips to think about when you’re summarizing your play reports for CCC. Take a moment to read over them;

§ Never use any dialogue 
§ Do not cut n’ paste reports together 
§ Do not collect all of your plays for the trimester and send them (this isn’t an attempt at summarizing) 
§ 4 paragraphs to half a page is as long as a summary should be 
§ Do mention your active players who have done something for the trimester, and summarize what they've done. 
§ Do go back and look at what you wrote for your last summary and pick up from there 
§ Summarizing means to get the gist of what happens, not a play-by-play 
§ Remember that a summary is not a role-play. It is a synthesis of what has been role played. 

This is list is far from complete, however it is a good start. The best thing to do is try to think about those two-part episodes that are so popular in Trek. Just before the second episode begins there’s a synopsis of the previous episode. This was extremely useful during this past season of Enterprise, where in the last episode they summarized the entire season in under a minute and a half. Not every tiny detail, but generalized the overall content of the season that impacted what was to come next. 

Here’s an example. In the Romulan Star Empire Division, I have three players, including myself, and roughly five primarily characters among us. Two of those players are writing together, and then there’s me who directs the flow with my characters. Some divisional commanders are in the middle of the gritty kitty, while others choose a more all-encompassing style of directing orders from a distance. In this particular division, the latter works best because of the goals set for them. This is entirely a choice of command style, and either way will work. Anyhow, as I was saying, two of these players are writing together. Their reports are often mixed together, so when I review their writing I make either a mental note or a written note about certain plot twists, discoveries, pieces of information, or otherwise noteworthy events. This is not to say that the rest of their report is meaningless! Not in the least. This is why the Klin Zha site was created, so that it wasn’t just me who was getting the privilege of reading what happened in full detail. However, for a summary report to CCC (and the BL) the whole store doesn’t need to be presented.

Now, after I have made my notes of the noteworthy events, I begin to synthesize a short and sweet version of it all. As you’ll read in this BL my divisional report, you will see how this all comes together. You are probably wondering just what makes something noteworthy. The outcomes of events that deal with the orders you gave, things that change the story in some way, or things that could very well become major things later on, are generally a good source of noteworthy material. It is possible for a divisional commander to receive ten pages a month from a very active and prolific member, and yet only pull roughly a paragraph or less of noteworthy material from their writings. Again, this isn’t to say that the rest of unimportant or bad, it is just not the focus on the summary reports. CCC is interested and in need of knowing what your entire division did this past trimester so we can see your progress towards an overall plan for the RPG. We look to your reports for our goals, and it is the job of CCC to summarize all of your reports into another one to draft out new orders in a timely manner for the next trimester.

To summarize, your summary reports are the synopsis of a multi-part Trek episode. Imagine Majel Barrett introducing your summary, the images of the scenes flashing through your mind. If by the end, if you feel you’ve just watched a movie, it may be time to cut a few things that may not be essential to the division’s goal that trimester. Just because a character took a shower for a change, doesn’t entirely mean you need to include that in the summary when they just retrieved a cure for some infectious disease. Well, not unless taking a shower was truly a noteworthy event in the grand scheme of things. If so, then perhaps they should be transferred to IMS for deodorant!!!

Good luck divisional commanders with your future reports! If you have any questions, suggestions of your own, or general comments, please feel free to leave them in my email box. I will reply to everyone who writes, and will especially take the time to help any of you who have difficulties. Check back next issue for “So I Married a Targ, Now What?”

-Admiral Volar epetai-K’zota-K’Onor
Klingon Strike Force Command Staff



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