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Self-portrait - Khar-zhe tzikan/David Falagan


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz

Deep Space Nine is now history, along with its preceding Star Trek Series. But they will always remain with us, to be mined for our enjoyment through various means. I regret that there will be no new episodes to look forward to, but we have a rich heritage upon which to draw for our RPG. We are considering a number of options and have been asking for ideas from the membership. There is still time for you to submit suggestions to CCC for future incidents and storylines.

Of some concern is what happens to the Klingon Empire now that there is no war to fight? We glory in battle, and regret missed opportunities, as the first Klingon observed "....it would have been glorious!" I for one would like to make use of races we have come across in the various series. I feel that the Andorians were much neglected in TNG and the Tellarites - you remember that pig-shouted alien in "Journey to Babel" who argued with Ambassador Sarek - were nowhere to be seen. There are certainly a lot of others that were interesting but had limited exposure. How would the Klingons relate to some of them?

On club matters, we were recently honored to accept former Admiral Kragtowl Trekkan, who was once a KSF member, and who served many years with KAG, back into our membership. It is not often that the KSF has the good fortune to acquire such a famous Klingon! Some have welcomed him on the KSF listserve, where he has told us about his ambitious project, Home World. It is certainly worth checking out. I look forward to mutual benefits to come from our association. Check it out at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Lair/9261/home.html

This issue we welcome a new editor, qe'San be'rawn, who has bravely stepped forward to undertake this daunting task, and say a hearty Thank You to departing editor Volar K'Zota. We need submissions of poetry, artwork, short articles and fiction, and invite all members to submit freely to make our newsletter more varied and interesting.

I urge every one of you to keep up your efforts to recruit new members! Handing out flyers seems to be the least productive method. They yield pitifully few results for the amount distributed, yet they are one method of making others aware of us. Better still is to talk up the club to all you hand a flyer to, if possible. We are gaining some members, but others are falling by the wayside, and will be removed from the next roster, so that our net gain may be small. So please put forth your best efforts wherever you are and wherever you go, to make the Klingon Strike Force known, and also why the KSF is the club to join!

a E E E E E E E H E E E E E E i



Valkris Qo'noS: to full lieutenant for active participation in communication and role-play, plus time in service.

K'Tor Krell-K'Mpec: to full Lieutenant for active participation in communication and role-play, despite several hospital stays over previous two Quarters, plus time in service.

Kulec TeraweH: status to sutai, for communications efforts, performance of duties and time in service.

B'Tana JurISS: status to sutai, for strong communications, performance of duties and accepting new duties.

T'Ernama Dok'Marr: status to sutai for communications and role-play efforts and time in service.

Azel Tavanna-Krenn: status to sutai for performance of duties, communications and role-play efforts, plus time in service.

qe'San be'rawn: status to sutai, upon assuming the duties as BATTLE LINES editor, and taking on the Klingon language column,


Krogran Drexa - to DipCorps Executive Officer. Best qualified candidate.



B'Tana Juriss: for continued support and assistance with Sector7 activities, communication and exchange of ideas with her SectCom and other Sector members.

For support and assistance with Sector7 activities, constant communication and exchange of ideas with her SectCom and other Sector members.

Kadin vestai-Katia: for strong communications efforts.


M'Red Nor'Deth: for participation in KSF RPG with his own, and other divisions, for promotion of the KSF at other gaming and Klingon activities. Consistently supplies Sector members with information on Star Trek and related topics from outside sources.

Malacore Noraxlycus-K'Mpec: for continued communication and support while dealing with great real life hardships.

Morath Ben'Dai - for efforts made for the Dover Peace Conference.

K'Logh Chang Zu-Merz: for reconstructing his RPG report after losing all files in a computer crash.

Volar K'Zota: In appreciation of his efforts, despite innumerable frustrations, in publishing BATTLE LINES for the past year.

Karg JurISS: taking time and effort to going the extra mile to check on Malakore personally.


Richard Herd, who played L'Kor in TNG ("Birthright") - secured by B'Elera at the Slanted Fedora convention in Buffalo, NY. Richard Herd's fan club is at P.O. Box 56297, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.

He also appeared in Seaquest, Quantum Leap, T.J. Hooker and Seinfeld.


On April 18, 1999, after extended negotiations conducted by KSF GSD Commander Abbot K'Obol Chang-K'Onor on our behalf, we are honored to announce that KSF Fleet-Admiral K'Zhen epetai Zu-merz and Vice Admiral Botaq zantai-bir JablU CK, KAD Commander of KAG/KANADA's ICE DRAGON FLEET, Chief Negotiator for KAG/KANADA, signed a mutual Treaty of Recognition between KSF and KAG Kanada. taHjaj boq





The 1999 Camp Dover Peace Conference, held in Dover,Ohio on April 24-25 was attended and enjoyed by a number of KSF members, including Morath Ben'dai, Borg K'Mpec, B'Etera K'Mpec, T'Lara Juriss, K'Obol Chang-K'Onor and K'Lay K'Onor-Chang. Kahless / Kevin Conway who had been scheduled to attend, with a signed ancient Bat'leth for auction was unfortunately unable to appear due to unexpected film committments, but thanks to Morath's assistance, the bat'leth was presented as promised on Kahless' behalf and was auctioned for charity at nearly $900. Kai Kassai Morath for your help! Other stars were in attendance, including Paul Carr (Lt. Kelso "Where No Man Has Gone Before" [TOS], Stuart Moss (Joe Tormolen "The Naked Time" [TOS], Hanar"By Any Other Name" [TOS]) and Margaret Bonanno Author "Strangers from the Sky", "Probe" and "Dwellers in the Crucible".

The Schedule of events was varied as usual, a full dress banquet, excellent dealer's rooms where we all purchased items of interest (notably a battlecloak for B'Etera and an 8 foot long whip for the Abbot), a rousing charity auction, the famed Maltz After Midnight raid on the local donut shop, dancing (with and without togas) the IKV Conquest's Chocolate Party, a Klin Zha Class and a wedding which Borg and B'Etera attended. Make up application and costume repair and design went on in the Admiral's room as last year, K'Obol showing his artistic flair by painting Morath to resemble Chakotay. Of additional memorable mention were the Slave Auction where K'Lay purchased an eager Terran slave for Lt Cmdr T'Lara, the Asylum room (which just suits a good Klingon convention) and Planet Risa, which seems to hold a special recurrent fascination, on a yearly basis for at least some of our members....

The group photograph is the only one which has yet to surface for any of these events. (Blackmail money was good this year... K'Logh would have been proud, even though he was prevented from attending at the last minute). The Abbot and the Admiral won the Special "Mystery" Contest for having the best door decorations, a combined KSF and KAG Kanada banner from K'Lay and House K'Onor and Chang artwork designs from K'Obol. KSF applications were handed out to many, new friendships between clubs and club members were formed, and all hope those who could not attend this year are able to do so next year. E E E E E





Filed by Commander K’Eherang K’Shontan-Jiraal

Sector 1 Commander

U Commander K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal:

Have been working away at my Montessori job, and see my social life continuing to disappear. Hoping to attend a convention in Portland, Oregon on 9905.2, featuring Rene Auberjonois and Nana Visitor.

U Ensign Kang Vestai-Koshang:

Is busy settling into his new place.



Filed by Kulec Vestai Tera’Weh

Sector 2 Commander

U Kulec Vestai Tera'Weh:

I’ve been doing fine. My surgery last fall seems to have finally kicked in, and I haven’t had a sinus infection since February. I also started taking allergy shots a month ago to try to help control my allergies. It’s probably too soon to tell if it’s helping yet or not. Things at church have geen going well, too. Lent and Easter went well, with no major hitches. Confirmation is winding down. We’ll have that May 23rd. Otherwise, it’s the same routine, although I have had quite a few conferences lately. After my one in St. Louis, I should have a let-up from those for awhile. As for club activities, I’ve been pretty out of touch. I think I’ve sent a few notes to Admiral K’Lay and Admiral K’Zhen. But that’s about it.

U Q'urras Zantai Doq'marr: I’ve been buzy myself. After becoming minister of science for the HomeWorld Project, I handed over command of the IKV Empire’s Glory to my real world sister. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a new web site for the Ministry of Science. I hope it not only reflects my interests in science Klingon culture but also my love of art and computer graphics.

U Lt. Kriger Vestai Dupplm and Helen Ruback:

The last quarter has seen alot go on. Our manager and book keeper at work both quit. I am now my old job AND learning to be a book keeper. I have built a new Yahoo Club for someone who liked what I did with Hero’s Haven and the Raktajino Room, but is no roleplayer/trekker. It can be found in Sports and Recreation, Outdoors, and is called "Big Guns"(the gentleman has a collection of African Rifles, a .50BMG rifle, and a 20mm Finnish Anti-Tank Rifle, along with other less exotic weapons). The Raktajino Room now has a new official photo, my thanks to those who voted. I am engaged in other work to assist the club as well including the new KIRA Department. Other things in the real world include the loss of an Apple tree in a Kansas storm, with the other apple tree now in full bloom. Flowers have been numerous this year, so have weeds and bugs. Vehicle problems and Helen’s sudden unemployment have added to some of the stress, but we are all in good health, cat’s included.



Filed by Adm Katalyia Zantai K’Tore-Jiraal

Sector 3 Commander.

U Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal:

I attended a Star Trek Convention in March at the Adam’s Mark hotel. The GOH’s were: The Duras Sisters, Grace Lee Whitney, Boomer from BattleStar Galactica, two cast members from Babylon 5(Don’t remember their names), John DeLancie, and Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Nimoy brought some out takes from Star Trek IV which were very funny. Also, at work they are upgrading the computer system. It should be done by the end of May. For those of us that are not familiar with PCs are going to be sent to school to learn the new program. I am one of those that have that to look forward to.

U Da'Har master Kragtowl Trekkan: My name is Kragtowl(William "Bear" Reed)also known at one time as Admiral Kragtowl Zantai Trekkan of KAG. I have been in Klindom (Klingon + Fandom + Klindom) for over 15 years. Ten of that was with KAG but I have resigned completely from that organization. In the KSF, I am attached to the Klingon Diplomatic Corp under Admiral K’Lay and will be serving in an advisory capacity. I offer my experience, skills and knowledge to the KSF and hope to meet or correspond with some of you from time to time. I maintain(at present)two websites. One known as "House Trekkan" which contains information about my House, HomeWorld, General Klingon information. I will be adding a section on "Klingon Collectibles" and a "Klingon Miscellanious" section which will have Klingon programs, graphics and sounds. This will be going through a major change in a week, so if you get a chance, please check it out. The second site is about HomeWorld but I will be closing it down so that I can manage it better at the same location as House Trekkan. I am working on a concept called "HomeWorld" which allows members of Klingon fandom to come together in the areas of interests they enjoy. This is NOT a club but an idea. Each section of HomeWorld governs itself and I presently serve on the Grand Council which assists in helping sections get started. The idea of HomeWorld is to offer different resources to Klingon Fandom without affecting any members affiliation with their parent organization. The concept should produce good sources of inspiration and creativity that will benefit all of Klindom! I look forward to my future with the KSF and wish all it’s members, Qapla’.

U Kadak Dkraklow:

The Admiral is still on line. And I’ve done a little cross Mirror Universal work with Klin. Perhaps a few KSF personal additions time. And a better Putter Tat for The Admiral.

990503am: I give my two weeks notice at work here.

990517am: I leave my work here and say Goodbye to 3rd Shift work!

990607am: I pick up the Rental Truck and start loading.

990611pm: I arrive Reese, Michigan and begin my next Chapter.

And of course lots more activity between now and then. I hope we always have Email/MawBell, Gennie, and maybe some more visits ahead after I move to Reese.

U Koloth K'tama:

Not much to mention this quarter. Been really busy working six days a week for the past two months. A coworker of mine got broadsided in a car accident (not their fault) was out cold for 24 hours with a concussion and suffered a couple of broken ribs. She was lucky; her boyfriend who works at the same place suffered a crushed vertebra and was not allowed to move for two weeks and now his legs are swelling up. She thinks she’ll get released to go back to work soon, I hope {{:-| Moved back to my old address and have a new toy to play around with - A CB BASE. All set up just waiting for the base I ordered to come in from the place I work, going to save about eighty dollars that way.

Somebuddy smack me, how could I forget this. Went down to Springfield, Mo. and met are leader and her guard (grin). (see enclosed report). VISIONCON: (April 20 - 21) Getting to Springfield, MO. From Des Moines, IA was half the fun (not). Because I had to work that night 4pm to 12am. I had to pack and rest during the day. I left at about 1am and arrived at about 8am. Went to my room and unpacked, took a shower and watched TV till about noon. Then wheat to the restaurant there and had a bite to eat before heading off to the con. Spent much of the day looking around and talking to people. Met William "Bear" Reed the one of the upper leaders of KAG. Around 11pm got some popcorn and went to one of the two movie rooms and watched movies till dawn. By this time, saying I was filling somewhat groggy would be an understatement. So I went back to my room and drank a picture of coffee which I hate to drink by the way in less than thirty minutes followed by a littler of coke to get ride of the disgusting Terran’s Coffee taste from my mouth. Then it was time to take a cold shower to wake me up some more, then it was off to the free breakfast - Cereal, donuts, and muffins oh my. Back at the con by which at this time had restarted I did my shopping, but didn’t get much. Spent much of the time hanging around and talking with K’zhen and Bear. Had a lite dinner before packing and setting off again for Des Moines at about 8pm getting home around 3pm to finally fall asleep exhasted to get about ten hours of sleep before getting up and going to work at 4pm for my regular nine hour shift.

U Cmdr. Khen Sutai K'With: I am currently in transit to my new labratory, but will continue to be involved in experiments by correspondance as needed.

His new address is: Cmdr. Sutai Khen K’With, Alan D. Gunhouse, 122 South Adams Street, Fostoria, Ohio 44830



Filed by Lt. T’Lara Juriss

Sector 4 Commander

U Lt. T'Lara Juriss: Well, here it is time again for a post report! Not much has happened since my last report. I have been promoted to CO of Sector 4, and am having fun getting used to command! My son and I went to South Carolina for a week’s vacation, and had a great time visiting my mom and enjoying the warm weather. I am looking forward to going to the Dover Peace Conference and mending many of our members there. It’s going to be a lot of fun this year. Look for my report next quarter!

U B'Etera K'Mpec: Greetings fellow warriors! This past February, I went to Rochester for the 5th anniversary of KAG’s IKV Crystal Dagger. Now I’m looking foward to spring, and a Slanted Fedora con with Rene Auberjonis, Nana Visitor, Mary Kay(Grilka)Adams, and Richard (L’Kor) Herd in Buffalo. I’ll also be at my third Camp Dover in April, and hopefully my first Shore Leave in July! Hope to see many of you there!

U Kordon Dok'Marr:

Kai everyone. Making plans for the KAG quadrant cook out at my place on May 22nd & 23rd here in Nashua, New Hampshire. Everyone is welcome! E-Mail me for more info. Also several members of the IKV Granite Dagger received promotions and battle notches. Q’apla.

U Morath Ben'Dai:

I have a new job that has taken some getting used to. I am now the North American Regional Manager for Universal Studios Information Technology Department. The current Project that I am administrating is a complete upgrade of the computers and Network Infrastructure in my region as part of a Global Effort. This is taking me to 30 cities in the US and Canada and I am visiting London(HQ)at least once a month. I’ve been there 3 times since February. Working for Universal Studios is a blast! I will be at the DoverCon with my brother. We have spoken to Kahless and he is drawn by other matters and cannot attend. However, I am meeting with him this week and will try to secure a taped message for all to hear at the Con. We have secured the signature of our Emperor on a Batleth to be auctioned off at the Con. It will be glorious.

U Capt. Kishin Zantai Kukura:

This is what I love--being in contact with others who are fascinated by Klingons. For one, I received a letter from a man in jail named David Xavier. He seems decent and friendly. He got my name out of the Fandom directory, said he’s looking for penpals. I sent him a number of addresses, including Admiral K’Zhen’s, and suggested that if he wanted to correspond, he might earn trust by joining clubs and taking part. If anyone might like to greet him. I can send that address. On a very different note, if you are looking for the pleasure of a great Klingon read, let me mention that Cat Ramos, a veteran Klin-fan and woman of valor, continues to produce volumns in her terrific series "Children of the Empire". She is inspired by John M. Ford(The Final Reflection),but her characters are all her own. To find out more, contact: Cat Ramos, 13559 Brett Harte Drive, Lakeside, CA 92040. Third--many of you will remember Kveld K’Adrak, AKA Martine Blond of France, a stalwart of KSF for many years. She has started breeding Bombay cats in France after obtaining a breeding pair from the US. These are strikingly beautiful cats whose breed characteristics include a glossy black coat and golden eyes. They look like miniature panthers. Anyone who enjoys cats and might like to trade thoughts is welcome to contact her: Martine Blond, Ty-Kadrak, Penandreau, 56560 Guiscriff, FRANCE. A last observation: it has been really cool to be able to watch Klingon fandom grow and change in the last ten years. To me, the most impressive development is seeing how different clubs have moved past competition to mutual--well, darn close to it--admiration. I won’t be able to go to the Dover Ohio Peace Conference this year, but those who do--and I hope you’ll report to BTL--will

know what I mean.



Filed by Commander Krowgon Drexa

U Krowgon Drexa:

Hello all, It’s been a great and bad quarter for me. First off a got a new job and took over as apartment manager of my complex, what a job. With summer coming on I am planing on trying my best to make it to Shore Leave in MD. If any other Warriors is attending please let me now by email so we can talk about getting together. As for the bad news, I had bought a brand new car in July of 98 and now it has been stolen, life just isn’t fun when your car as been taken. It was coming up on a full year since I had the car, and now it’s gone. I really didn’t know that Neons were that popular to steal...... Funny how some cars are taken and some are not. In the lot were my car was stolen set a Brand new Grand Am, yet it wasn’t touched, Oh, well these are the breaks.

Here in the Nations Captial things are going well other then watching for you car. Sector 5 has been quite, however any of the Warriors out there want to chat, just drop me a Email. This quater I also became XO of the Dip Corr, which is were I had always been in KSF and enjoyed. I gess that will teach me for leaving and going to another Sector. Seem to be playing with the Roms and Feddies these days, and now looks like we may want to reach and talk with the Rebel Cardassians. Any way time is short and I must go..... Talk to everyone soon.....



Filed by Captain Mimbral Zantai Eripmav, GSA XO.

U Captain Mimbral Zantai Eripmav: Managing the list, attempting to communicate with more members. Not much else to add. Commander Khorghan Ghlanx-Chang - is taking over as "web Doctor" (Web Dr.WHO?) / web master for the new BATTLE LINES website. URL address will be posted at a later date.



Filed by Lt.-Cmdr. Karg Vestai Juriss, Sector 7 Commander

U Lt.--Cmdr. Karg Vestai Juriss: Not much new going on. I started the Klingon Heraldry Project and I could use more submissions. I continue to be active in the RPG in the Global Security Division. In real life, my mate, B’Tana, and I just got back from a local convention and it was GREAT! We met a guy that does Star Trek illustrations and he was impressed enough with out Klingon costumes that he asked us to contact him about posing for him. We are still playing Laser Tag and getting together with other Star Trek fans in our area. We are getting started in resin casting and hope to get that going soon. Other than that, it’s too much work and not enough time with my wife and kids.

U Lt. B'Tana Vestai Juriss: Lets see, aside from mission reports for Tul Juriss and B’Tana Juriss, I have been busy with quartermaster duties of several clubs. I just finished up with a convention on the 16-18 of April, in Denver, and have been working on more sewing projects for the next convention, including getting my three kids ready for it and in uniform and foreheads. A wonderful sound hit my ears the night of April 18th when I asked our children what they wanted to be for Halloween, and I had a resounding "Klingon!" from the ranks! So, I have foreheads and uniforms to do for them, as well as several other items: uniforms, and battlecloaks, for myself, Karg, and a few others. That about covers things from this point,. As usual, nothing has really changed within the last quarter, but I do enjoy the sewing that I do. I just wish that I wouldn’t get requests for uniforms right before conventions! Makes it really tough to do them, and actually get any sleep before that. So, until next quarter, stay safe and clare skies.

U Lt.jg. Kaiden: I have successfully completed my first RPG with the KSF. Working successfully with Ensign T’Var Byle with both of us coordinating with each other to try to create a believeable story line for our last mission with Imperial Security. I also retained command of the Iw’Jev for those who have read my profile they will realize this was the Bird Of Prey that I, used for raids against the Cardassians before. I have been successfully keeping up with Aikido class, found a new job and it looks like a new car. Now that is is spring I have begun working my dog again when the weather is suitable and I have time.

U Lt.jg. Vacmeesch Vestai Qaaluhr: I’ve become rich as a new haul from a frengi has at least provided me the liquidly that my empire as been lackin as of late! I’ve gotten my new shipment of Orion slave-girls, and got the rust off my Dacta thanks to a begotten son of a Targ Frengi! I’ve gotten a new Warbird Scout plus thanks to my recent mission! and no you can’t have my BUD LIGHT!(Ha just Kiddin). Real life: Nothing new to report just getting ready for STURGISS 99 and still running from women for one reason or their husbands. Ha, just kiddin there too!

U For Malakore Noraxlycus-K'Mpec (by Lt. B’Tana vestai-JurISS) Karg and B’Tana had the opportunity to meet with Malakore at the end of May. The visit was all too short, but was quite pleasant. She is working diligently at her real life job and has recently acquired a computer. Sometime in the near future, she should be joining everyone online, and will hopefully become a more active member once again. She continues to be an inspiration in strength and courage to us all.



Filed by

Captain Borg Zantai K’Mpec

Sector 8 Commander

U Captain Borg Zantai K'Mpec: I did spend my New Year’s Week (December 29-January 6)visiting B’Etera. Was invited and have been attending monthly activity events for UCSD’s Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Service with the other local Star Trek Clubs, mainly Star Trek/Klingon activities for children. I just got back from visiting B’Etera again, and the Camp Dover Convention. I had nice time. The next con that I will be attending is Shore Leave 21, July 9-11, Towson, Maryland; http://members.aol.com/shoreleave. Whilest surfin the web, I came across a TNG STARDATE CALCULATOR, http://www.serv.net/~bobz/stardate.html. I would also like to take this chance to welcome Captain Khaufen Zantai Juriss/Ron Moore to GSA Sector 8, who recently moved from GSA Sector 4. Welcome!

U Lt.-Cmdr. Azel Vestai Tavana-Vrenn-Juriss: Rondevou with Khaufen successful..uh..but..now. busy..very...busy.

U Captain Khaufen Zantai Juriss: This warrior has traveled the length of this terran continent to discover the newlands called California. I was honored to tour the stronghold of Admiral Chang. Khaufen has discovered that moving to a new land, seems to include a very in-depth examination by the resident physician. It’s gonna be hard to get me back in space again.

U Lt. Maw'qu Vestai Karizan: This past couple of months has produced many changes. I am now rooming with Captain Khaufen Juriss on the House of Chang estates. The quarters are small but the company is interesting! I have kept my eyes and ears open and I have been included in high level talks between Federation and Klingon Command staffs and know more secrets than is probably good for me.

U Pok Chang/Martok: Haven’t been doing much. Been very busy with other things. I haven’t been on the internet often. I have visited the blood bar sometimes.



filed by

Admiral K’Lay K’Onor-Chang

U Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang - It has been a most interesting quarter. Captain Khaufen Juriss has moved into the House of Chang, rooming with Lt.Maw’qu Karizan and a Terran male feline named Freya. We have had visits from both Sector 8 Commander K’Mpec and MOC Commander Azel, USC Admiral Paradis, to watch the last episode of Deep Space 9, and for various other under cover, top secret purposes. Admiral Chang attended the Dover Peace Conference in Ohio with her mate K’Obol Chang-K’Onor (after the birth of the Admiral and the Abbot’s IC twins Maccus and Torala) and met with other House Chang members, Demon Fleet, KAG and KSF folk and enjoyed herself greatly. On the way home on a Terran flight, her personal luggage was ransacked (inept Terran Security) stolen from and damaged by Terran authorities, but she has exacted financial recompense for the insult and will conduct her own covert op into the matter shortly.

U Cpt. Volar zantai-K'zota-K'Onor - aka Christopher Gable - Post Report: Well I have survived the opening of a brand new theme park, Universal’s Islands of Adventure here in Orlando. At least so far....there’s still more to come to our part of the area. A bunch of new resorts, a new attraction for Studios where I should be in a year...Men In Black is all I need to say. Will beat Spider-man at IOA! Gotta love it!

Got with former Thought-Admiral Keel here and did the parks. I must say that Keel is quite an interesting warrior, and I think so does a few early summer vacationers thing so too <g Was pretty funny watching him go through our attractions here....not to mention the not-so-intended attractions. He knows what I mean! Good they have you locked up in Seattle Keel!

Finally in my last statement this quarter I have declared my true college major.....Theater/Entertainment. If that doesn’t worry some of you, then nothign will. But considering the area I live in, I might as well. It pays more than what I’m doing now, plus it doesn’t involve criminals. Unless you count who you work for....nevermind. I’m done now.



Filed by K’Obol Chang-K’Onor

GSD Sector Commander

U K'Obol, epetai Chang-K'Onor:

Greetings from GSD. Last quarter saw growth in numbers in the Sector, and a lot of interest develop in our activities. We entered into negotiation, IRL, with KAG Kanada for a Treaty of Recognition, which was completed just before Quarter end. We now have a formal acknowledgement between our organizations, and an agreement of a less formal nature to allow inter-mingling of our memberships.

Also in RL, I just recently returned from the Camp Dover Peace Conference, at which I had the opportunity to meet, face to face, several members of the KSF from many different areas. In particular, I want to say I enjoyed meeting Morath Ben-Dai, Borg K’Mpec, B’Etera K’Tral-K’Mpec, T’Lara JurisS, and Admiral K’Lay K’Onor-Chang. Had a terrific time at Dover, particularly when some "other" admiral suggested he was entitled to precedence. He changed his mind when I suggested I liked "crunchy bits".

The Con was a great place to meet people, and I made friendships throughout the KLIN universe which shall, I hope continue for a long time to come.

U LT.Cmdr K'logh Chang GSD XO : Not alot has happened in this local as of late. I have taken part in a few activities with KAG Kanada, in London, Owen Sound, and Toronto. The event in London was the Fire And Ice winter carnival in which the Klingons took top kudos in the intermediate ice carving competition. we had done a representation of Q'Onos, in which we were able to simulate suspending an Ice ball between supports and then fleshed it out to appear as a planet. it was the technique for suspending the ball that clinched it. a good time was had by all with plenty of photo oportunities available. we made a good showing, although I was the only KSF officer present. the event was attended by officers and crew of the IKV CopperClaw.

the owen Sound event was the supercities walk for MS ( I believe ) although I was able to raise only a small amount of money I did appear in full uniform and posed with participants along the 12k route. I do not know of the exact amount raised but judgeing by the number of participants that attended, the sum must have been substantial.

On to Toronto. This event was to commemorate the final episode of DS9 and was held at the brand new Paramount Imax theatre in Toronto Federation, Romulan , Bajoran, and Klingons were in attendance. and yours truly took top kudos in the costume competition. the contest was large enough that the group competeing was broken down into two seperate contests. each competitor was to display his or her costume and expected to do a little something that would reflect the being he or she was portraying. I was the last in my group to mount the stage. I should mention that i won a stuffed tribble in an earlier trivia contest it figures into what I did for the costume contest. as I walk up on the stage to display my gear, I was stuck for something to do, I suddenly remembered the tribble and pulled it out of my pouch. I then proceeded to eat it infront of the entire room. I believe that the laughter that ensued clinched it for me. all I had running through my head was, What else would a klingon do besides using it for a hacky sack? so I turned it into a meal. My words were,,"I shall now demonstraste the proper use for a tribble and then stuffed it in my mouth and started chewing. I will be attending a plane pull in London Ontario this weekend coming up. we will be attempting to pull a 727 50 feet down a runway in the shortest amount of time. I will send an addendum to this when the event is over... K'logh out... Qapla'

U For Markhet Khalar Nor'Deth.(by K’Obol Chang-K’Onor) - I am going to include, in this report, a brief report on behalf of Markhet Khalar Nor’Deth. Ann Collings is in the middle of uprooting and rebuilding her life, and may not be heard from on a regular basis for some weeks yet. She is in the process of relocating from Nova Scotia to Toronto, and that includes jobs and housing needs, as well as various personal issues. While those of us who knew Ann closely here in Nova Scotia will miss her, we also wish her tremendous luck with this move, and we commend her bravery in attempting it.

U teh Hel Mo'Klar K'Onor: I’m a newbie to KSF. My name is Ethel Clarke Swinemar, aka teh Hel Mo’Klar K’Onor. I’m the mother of two girls ages 12 and 10, and separated pending a divorce from their dad. I drive a 14 year old Chev Astro Van (Van-Nesa), and am getting my license so I can drive an ‘82 KZ1000 motorcycle. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and am 45 years old, brown hair and eyes, 5’8", and the weight goes up and down. I’ve been at the same place of employment with a federal government office for 22 years, 7.5 months. This is the first roleplay/gaming I’ve ever done, so please be gentle!! I look forward to participating and communicating with you all, as I figure out more about what it is we’re doing. In the meantime, I just plan on having fun and making new friends.

U For nagh gor Raziel K'Onor (by teH Hel) - Now let me introduce my bondmate, Gordon MacKinnon, aka nagh gor Raziel K’Onor. He’s 41, 6’, grey haired (long -- almost to his waist) and blue eyed, and currently goes about 300 pounds -- just a little guy! Gordon is the father of 3 girls, ages 18, 10 and 8, so our household tends to be noisy, happy and confusing every second weekend when we have 4 of them (my two plus his). The 18 year old is out on her own. He is also separated pending a divorce from his wife, and we share the upper floor of a house in Halifax. Gordon owns the KZ1000 I plan on driving eventually -- hopefully my knees will stop knocking one day so I can! Gordon is an avid gamer and is already participating in the role play. He’s looking forward to getting more involved as time goes on.



Filed by Kovan Kas Chang - GSE Commander

U Capt. Kovan Kas Chang: This quarter was a little slow to start off with as I was made redundant from my job. However, I eventually managed to get a new job on a Technical Support Line for PCs and peripherals and I have just completed the first week of training. It’s been hectic.

U Cmdr qe'San sutai be'rawn:

This quarter for me has been absolutely manic. I've had to go for promotion at work, or loose my job, Take the education authority to appeal to get my daughter into the next school we all wanted her to go to, taken up fencing again after 27 years, oh and I nearly forgot, I also took on the editorship of Battle Lines. A mad fool I hear you cry. Maybe yes but thanks to the Klingon within me I succeeded in every challenge. Well when I say succeded I suppose should say completed as success is relative. I just hope you all like the latter. Qapla'

U Ensign Kai Kargo K'Mpec: Today I went to see Star Trek Insurrection with my dad and mum. I thought that it was a really good movie. I have also really enjoyed the last series that was season six of Deep Space Nine. On Monday me and my dad and mum went to Stamford in Lincolnshire for the day. I must say Stamford is a really nice place. I can not wait for Star Trek Insurrection to come out on video.

U Lt Cmdr Stephen vestai Humphrey Kronsei: My time this quarter has been spent preparing for Xmas and paying off the credit card so that I can afford a new printer and a scanner and finally getting a phone just in time for Xmas now I aim to get a cheap modem and get on line for an hour a week as I am now head of N.I. and recently looked at th KSF mainframe page on the www and was disturbed by the lack of N.I. reports.

U K'Wen - Wendy Wilkins: I haven't done anything much this quarter except for December the 15th when I went to the Premiere of Insurrection in London which I enjoyed very much.

a E E E E E E E H E E E E E E i

- Acknowledgements -

Cover Artwork by Khar-zhe tzikan

The Klingon Body (Artwork only) is based on one found in the Star Trek Fact Files by Fabbri Ltd.

Other Artwork by Ke'reth Makura and others forwarded by Azel.

Birthdays Care of B'Etera B'Etera cwilliam@dreamscape.com or beteraktral@hotmail.com .

The Convention list came from http://www.freeyellow.com/members7/klingon-empire/main.htm Thanks Qo'Sa'ra'.

Last but not least everyone who has contributed to the club.

wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap - we succeed together in a greater whole


- The Klingon Body e.t.c. -




Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal (GSA Sector 3).

Katalyia@aol.com . Updated June 1999.

Do your line justice and write its history. Send for Katalyia's clan history as an example. (A number of these appeared in LET'S TREK - A Budget Guide to the Klingons.

STATUS: Open for Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz. summers@mo-net.com Updated June 1999.

I have received three submissions since the last report. This still makes less than a dozen since the project was started during TA Keel's administration.

Create your Homeworld, or a section thereof, a new Klingon world, (perhaps just conquered!) Describe geographical features, cities, inhabitants, exports, flora and fauna, whatever you imagine. Maps would be most beneficial.

STATUS: Open for Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz. summers@mo-net.com

Updated June 1999

I have not received any new submissions. The Fauna book has sold very few copies. Come on folks!! Aren't you curious to see all the fabulous beasties of the Empire?? (These are all original, none of those we've seen on the air were used.

Describe animals, insects, birds, fish, and plant life of Klingon worlds. Draw a sketch, even a rough one will do. Ask Adm. K'Zhen for examples and form to follow.KLINGON FAUNA BOOK NOW AVAILABLE for $5.00 postpaid in the U.S., $7 overseas. Write Cmdr. Borg K'Mpec (Sect. 8)

STATUS: Will still accept Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz. summers@mo-net.com Updated June 1999.

I have barely have a few of these. Still open.

Got any? Or convert jokes or anecdotes you like into Klingon jokes. Make fun of Romulans, Ferengi, Cardassians, Changelings, Pakleds, etc. Make funny sketches, too! Keep them clean. Send them to Adm. K'Zhen. *Many more needed!*

STATUS: Open for Submissions.

*KSF WRITING PROJECT - Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz. summers@mo-net.com

*Updated June: Closed by Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.


Cmdr. Sarena Zu-Merz (Sector 6) zumerz@hawkpci.net or Lt. Azel Tavana (Sector 8)


A project to catalog Klingon diseases, drugs, cures, medical procedures and practices. Send to Cmdr. Sarena Zu-Merz (Sector 6) or Lt. Azel Tavana (Sector 8)

STATUS: UNKNOWN (Would someone associated with this project please give me an update? Thanks.)



Updated June 1999.

I put together a discussion group on Theology, and we have been having some

very interesting discussion on Klingon Religion. A synthesis of our first series of discussions has been published in BL, and we are now prepared to move to the next stage. We just are not certain what that next stage will be, yet.

Gods, goddesses, sects and tribes! Send information gathered, and ideas to K'Obol K'Onor, Chaplain General & Commander - Chaplain General Corps, KSF

STATUS: New Director, contact K'Obol K'Onor for submissions guidelines, etc.


Lt. B'Etera K'Tral K'Mpec cwilliam@dreamscape.com

A gathering of references and information on Klingons from Star Trek novels and other publications. Be on the lookout for them! And cite your sources.

STATUS: The Klingon Research Project gathers references and info on Klingons from any published source, and I would welcome contact from anyone wanting to report on a particular work. At this point I'm still awaiting submissions, and haven't started any of my own.


Lt. B'Etera K'Tral K'Mpec


My other project is the Birthday Project, which collects birthdays of all members so that they can be submitted to Battle Lines, where members can use them to know when to send greetings, etc. I have most of the email members' birthdays, as I contacted them about it. I asked in my latest SPR (in the issue of BL about to come out [this one..Ed]) for birthdays as well, in the hopes that some of the offline members will send theirs to me, but the more reminders, the better. I'm asking for month and day, with year optional.

STATUS: Accepting Submissions


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz


Updated June 1999.

Whether you've seen one, created one or know a human proverb that might make a good Klingon proverb.

I only have a few submissions. Still open.

STATUS: Accepting submissions.



Updated June 1999.

By the Fleet Admiral.

Short anecdotes or short stories, poems set in the time of Kahless.

A director has applied.

WHO APPLIED FOR THIS? I have lost track -?? -K'Zhen



Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.


Updated June 1999.

Think Seven Wonders of the World - and come up with some Klingon ones!

STATUS: Accepting submissions.


- Khen K'With (Sector 3) (non-email)

The CNIT board. Have you an idea for a new weapon, monitoring device, defense system, or an improved model of an existing item? Send it to Khen K'With (Sector 3), He will evaluate it and give suggestions. Final approval is by the Gamemaster. If approved, it can be used in the KSF rpg. Online, send to SATCOM Cmdr. Volar K'Zota (Sector 5) VolarKzota@aol.com



- Koloth K'Tama (Sector 3) Kktama@aol.com

Criteria are:

a. Name of the type of architecture

b. Who developed it (can be a fictional character)

c. When it was developed (stardate)

d. A diagram of the architecture

e. What materials were used.

f. Ideal climate for structure's usage.

STATUS: Halted Indefinately


Cmdr.Koloth Sutai K'tama, (Sector 3)


STATUS: Stalled Reason: Awaiting Art Submissions


Kriger DuppIm (Sector 2)


STATUS: work halted until after the 15th of January. / UNKNOWN.


Kriger DuppIm (Sector 2)


Send articles or ideas to Kriger DuppIm (Sector 2)

STATUS: Proceding slowly, Chapter one awaiting a couple of submissions, chapter 2 to be started after the 15th of January.



Adm K'Lay, KLAYCHANG@aol.com

We know Klingons love qagh, roqeg blood pie and a few others, but how would you make them, and what else could they eat? Send your ideas - perhaps with an appetizing sketch! Send to Adm. K'Lay.

STATUS: Accepting Submissions


updated June 14th

Our quarterly newsletter is in need of art, poetry, humor, and articles on Klingons as well as newspaper, magazine or online articles concerning the Klingon aspect of Star Trek fandom. (BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES)! (Copywright law can be a real bummer...Ed)

Also send topics for discussion in the Forum, questions for Ask the Admiral (to Adm.K'Lay), language questions to Adm. K'Zhen. You can also send submissions through your Sector Commander, write to Cmdr qe'San sutai be'rawn (c/o Jon Brown, Woodside, Withycombe, Furzton, Milton Keynes, MK4 1ET, England), or email


STATUS: Ongoing (Latest copy in your hands)



See next page for New Projects:


New Projects:

THE ARTISTS GUILD - consists of all who like to draw or create artwork by hand or on the computer. We will create works together, answer the needs for art pieces, logos, or whatever the club has need of. New logos are needed for many sectors and divisions. If you need a design, illustration, logo, etc, send in your ideas, with a rough sketch. Anyone interested in joining may apply to FAdm. K'Zhen.

STATUS: Ongoing

KLINGON HERALDRY PROJECT: Lt. Cmdr. Karg vestai-Juriss CO Sector 7

michaeltucker3@juno.com Updated June 1999.

The information on the Klingon Heraldry Project is correct. I'm earger to see the Division logos and I'm hoping that all Sector CO's submit one for their Sector. (I'm working on one for Sector 7) I have also recieved symbols for many noble Klingon Houses but would like to see more. Have we got a logo for the KSF yet? [Until a new one is chosen the current one is on the cover..on the left of the tile... Ed]

Here are the specifics for the Klingon Heralry Project. It's purpose is to gather and record symbols for Sectors, Divisions, Giulds, ships, individuals, and anything else that anyone can think of. I would like a color copy of the symbol sent to me in bmp. GIF. or JPEG. format or something similar. Pictures sent as ART don't work very well and I don't have graphics program that can convert one type of picture into another one. Along with the symbol I would like a history of the symbol which details why it was chosen and when and any significant meanings that it may have.

Please tell me what the symbol is for, ship, individual, ect. Especially if it is for more than one thing. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. I look forward to hearing from you. Karg, Mike Tucker, 3835 co RD B, Wiggins CO 80654

STATUS: Accepting submissions



Your kindly Fleet Admiral suggests that *all project directors * respond to Mimbral's request for information about your project. If it is going nowhere, then say so, but DO RESPOND

Send submissions for any project to its director. If you have an idea for a new project, contact Capt. Mimbral Eripmav (Sect 6); you may even head up your own project if you like. If accepted it will be listed in BL so members can contribute. When there is enough material it can be published. Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz


Qapla' warriors! I bought star trek book the cookbook saw how you made qagh noodles and Soya sauce which is very nice to eat but if you take macaroni those large tubes they are closes to real qagh its til nice to eat. so take those large tubes of macaroni cook it than throw Soya sauce wait then you get qagh.

I did made blood wine out of grape juice and strawberries, quite good although nothing better than real wine.. Qapla' Alberto Gorin "a.gorin@planet.NL"@wxs.nl





by Cmdr. Koloth sutai K'tama (Nick Muehlenthaler)

I just got the game BOTF (Birth Of The Federation) its a high test game. You

control one of 5 empires.

1.) Cardassian

2.) UFP

3.) Ferengi Alliance

4.) Klingon

5.) Romulan

Its highest because not only do you have to colonize systems but also control research, ships, production, intelligence and each of those are even subdivided into more areas that must be controlled.

My two cents ranking ( 0 = Poor / 10 = Awesome )

Playability: 8.25

Layout: 7

Graphics: 10

Audio: 7.5

Length of Play: Long, example if you play with your selected empires civilization level turned up and the others all the way down and the Galaxy's size to small it would take about 14 hours to complete the game.

Overall Rating: 8.18

mdr. Koloth sutai K'tama (Nick Muehlenthaler)

Klingon Strike Force

Imperial Security Commander

IVK Hov veS Commander

Birth of the Federation by Karg

I also have BOTF and I agree. It is a great game. I especially like the 3-D renderings of the various Klingon ships and the way that you can conduct ship combat. You can watch the battle take place and choose different tactics to use. It takes some skill to properly manage everything to allow you to be victorious. Diplomacy with the various minor races is a challenge as is keeping your people happy. All in all, an entertaining and well balance game


U E i U E i U E i U E i U E i U E i U E i


Role-play report of the KSF

Edited by Fleet Admiral K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz


Cmdr. K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal:

Pok and I arrived aboard the IKV QIb rebej, in order to proceed to my vessel, the Do'HoS. As we were heading that way, the captain of the vessel got my attention, telling me they were receiving reports of Dominion vessels in the area, and that Jarolok was aboard one of them. I asked if we would be able to stand up to any of the vessels in a fight should we encounter the Dominion vessels. We probably would not be able to survive an attack, but, as the superior Intelligence officer on board, I would take command of the vessel for the part of the mission. I ordered the ship to go toward the Pentath system to see if we could pick up the trail.

Lt. Cmdr. T'Lara JuriSS: I have set up a restaurant on Vab 7791 in Orion space near the Klingon border, to be used as a front for gathering information on Dominion activity. I am the owner of this establishment, and keep a close eye on all that goes on....not only the flow of money, but the flow of information as well.

Lt. Kriger DuppIm has sent Lt. Jg. ValQIS of Qo'noS: valQIS has gone undercover on Breen, to live on the planet for several months as Aethlon, a lineless Klingon, and a disgrace to her family, to gather a valuable information. "


(botlh lIndab ra'ghom)

Lt. Commander vestai-Stephen Kronsei:

I returned from Cardassia, drained and somewhat lost because my commander and mentor at the NI was not found. I transmitted my report to Adm. K'lay and received the news that I had been promoted to commander of the NI and instructed to sort out my division in the lee of the loss of leader. One of the first things I did was to arrange for a personal Bird of Prey and crew to use as my new base.

The ship has been named "Kruge's Avenger" and my crew will consist of Klingons loyal to the house Kronsei and some former Marquis colleagues. As a human working loyally for the Empire I know that there will be some out there that will be only too happy to dispatch me off to Sto-vo-Kor without a second thought. With this in mind I have decided to make this ship the new headquarters of the NI and to always be somewhere different to cut down attempts on my life.


Cmdr. Koloth sutai-K'Tama:

Ambassador X was captured by Orions and was later recovered by a Triangle Command & Imperial Security Fleet. What was disturbing was the capture of Cardassian operatives on the Orion Ship. We were able to take prisoners with no harm done to the ambassador, but the Orion ship was lost. During interrogation of the prisoners it was discovered that the ambassador is working against the good of the Empire, but how still remains to be found. Only two of the five prisoners (Orion female slaves) are alive; the rest died or were turned into drooling vegetables from the mind shifter.


Captain Khaufen sutai-JurISS:

G.S. forces were proceeding as planned to the Valo system when two cloaked ships intercepted them. Captain JurISS received the House-coded message. The results required some fast thinking and action. Two beings beamed to the Stormwalker's Sun, and then Commander Koner disappeared into the Captain's Wardroom. Ten minutes later the G.S. fleet under Captain JurISS continued toward its objective at Valo, while the Winged Defender Class Romulan warship and the negh'ba One class vessel veered to their destination, Rondak Three, with Khan JurISS on one, and Khaufen on the other. Many on Khaufen's bridge wondered at what was going on; many more made it their business not to pay attention; and Koner....she looked as if she were chiselled out of stone. The G.S. fleet approached Valo on a perpendicular vector. G.S. wanted to circle Valo's Prime's largest moon, and stay in the gravity wells electromagnetic current to enhancing their chances to remain undiscovered until they reached where the Dominion ship was. They would not be able to enter the system at all if not for Karg and Kovan, their scouting mission to Pentath and discovery of the route through the signal-probe field was invaluable. They now had confirmation of ships massing there. Fortunately for the Klin, the s/p field was much thinner away from the Pentath system. Passive sensors showed that the bulk of the small armada was leaving Pentath swiftly. "I want their course, now." Captain JurISS snarled in an almost casual tone. "Plot each individual signal until we can tell just how many of their ships we are dealing with, and where! I want reports every ten minutes, and any sudden changes-immediately!" Even more fortunate was the morsel of intelligence that gave Captain JurISS his edge, if used at the right moment; his brother's information was going to make this a glorious challenge! After what seemed like years they passed the signal-probe field and approached N'mar, the smallest fourth and smallest planet in the Valo system. The Emerald Blade, Liberator and Tong left formation to assault the reactor assemblies on the surface of N'mar, and then swing around the moon, strafing the shield and weapons installations on Valo Four. They would also beam in Marines to secure the areas they had compromised and conquer the rest. The JurISS wanted the computer cores intact, on-planet as well as on the Dom ship! Since they had tripped no alarms going through the probe/mine field, the GS attackers held the advantage of surprise and used it well, disabling for critical minutes the defences and offensive capabilities of the Dominion on Valo. Most importantly, the strike on the reactor caused a five second fluctuation in the shield surrounding the Dominion Ship, being generated from Valo. This allowed the Stormwalker's Sun, the Frisky Claw, the Death Bird, Blood Hammer and Glory Seeker to breach that shield, and beam over 200 Klingon Strike Force Marines, under command of Lt. B'Tana JurISS. The control and laboratory facilities on the surface were now also under ground assault from Klingon Marines, under command of Korvan and Kordon. The rest of G.S. was in the thick of it, as usual; the Klingon ships seemed to be starving hunters after wary prey. The JurISS watched the battle around M'nar; like a hawk watching its next meal. GS vessels were working as a superb team; the mission was going almost too well. With a squad of House Enforcers, he took part in some blade work around M'nar until it was clean of enemy presence; then he headed directly for the main computer core. One way or the other he would find what he wanted; they would not be deterred. He also insisted loudly and intensely that he be the last person to leave the Valo Genetics Complex and the Dominion Ship Main Computer Protected Memory Core before he ordered a beam back to the Stormwalker's Sun; as he had been ordered by his brother. The small but substantial data crystals in his armor he had filled with extracted information was astounding! Once the House JurISS team was back aboard the Stormwalker's Sun, Captain JurISS received a message the Blood Hammer was in peril, and had been boarded. He ordered reinforcements to close on the Blood Hammer, and scrape the enemy off its hull, he knew Karg would deal with the interior. Karg's report detailed a newer and more deadly Jem'hadar; with modified and tactically superior technology! This threat to the Empire had to be stopped, here. Captain JurISS stepped up to the central seat of the Stormwalker's Sun and ordered the Blood Hammer's Security Scanner Override; not something he would do under any but dire circumstances.. The JurISS watched the screen link to the Blood Hammer, even as he had the scanners detailed information transferred to his best officer for assessment and neutralization. As he watched several Jem'hadar walk right through containment fields, Captain JurISS turned his head to B'Tana, and said. "I want everything down there destroyed, nothing must remain intact." She indicated: compliance. Then she passed out. Her battle injuries were not checked properly, the JurISS thought. He would request a medical ship, for future missions!

Meanwhile, Commander K'ala'bam Mnheia K'amah'shwin poured another glass of Romulan ale for himself and for Captain Khaufen zantai-Tavana JurISS. The Firemoon and the Stormwalker would arrive at Rondak Three, as scheduled. The tactical conversation concerning the disposition of the Romulan 'dissenters' progressed. As simulation data was being holo-provided, Khaufen and K'ala'bam were interrupted by an insistent officer. He spoke respectfully, but firmly to K'ala'bam and asked him to use the corridor com node. Khaufen watched as K'ala'bam did just that, quickly. Khaufen mused; there must be 'someone' aboard this ship with more authority, how interesting. Seconds passed by. The Firemoon and his fully refitted, state-of-the-art Battle Ship, the Stormwalker, warped space before them. At Rondak Three he would see if this was hoax or real; either way, before then he would be ready for both. An hour later, they picked up the identification signal of the bortaSbeq, right on schedule. Khaufen chuckled, spilling his ale slightly as he thought of the look on the old soldier's face when he saw a JurISS aboard a Romulan cruiser! Knowing the beq as he did, Khaufen prepared all the sequences of codes and counter-signals in his head. Soon, enough my friend, Khaufen thought. Soon enough, and Admiral Chang's abductors will know the bite of revenge, and the Romulan dissenters could be hauled back to Romulus to burn; those that survived. The specially encrypted message from Katlow concerned Khaufen greatly; he wanted to be on the bridge of the Stormwalker, not here. The powers that be ordered him here, and Khaufen pledged to obey. No more need be said. After minimal losses, the GS fleet began to assume the Tachyon Detection Formation; all enemy presence eliminated…and information captured! Captain JurISS placed the Frisky Claw and Lushy in command of ensuring the Dom vessel reached Starbase Victory. B'Tana was recovering nicely; although she was in a foul mood while in med-bay, and not happy at being ordered to stay there UNTIL she was healed. Kordon and Korvan had both been injured but not critically; their missions and successes would inspire many for centuries. Krai had handled himself especially well at the helm; and B'tana's feral instincts had brought the Stormwalker's Sun's weapons to life in battle! The Death Bird under command of Lt. Kwen Trekkan-Chang had taken a grim toll on the Jem'hadar! Karg had handled the Blood Hammer as the JurISS he was, and had been a reaper among the prey! Even boarded, he had succeeded; in far more than repelling the new Jem'hadar! The JurISS was pleased.

The moment arrived at last; Khaufen was once again at the helm of the Stormwalker. His newly refit ship was going to be as a griffin among sheep; in battle. Khan had picked the crew well; although they were not known to him, they did their jobs. He would hone them. In battle, it seemed. He had the lead Cetegandian ship, Romulan ships and Dominion ships on tactical; and the unexpected appeared. A Cardassian fleet! The tactical computer did not have to tell Khaufen that the rescue of Admiral Chang, dealing with the Romulan and Cetegandians would end up smack in the middle of the Cardassians assaulting Rondak Three. It was all too obvious. Khaufen was none too pleased with the sealed orders; but would follow them. Accompanied by several beq ships, cloaked; they approached. The Romulan warship was holding with them in formation. Khaufen wished K'ala'bam good hunting with 'his' dissenters. He concentrated on giving commands that would give him targets on which to cut the new Stormwalker's teeth before he beamed Azel off the Abbot's ship. Right now, Khaufen didn't care if they were Cardassian, Dominion, Cetegandian or Romulan. In a few minutes it would not matter; Dominion forces, and some Cetegandians were coming to the defence of Rondak Three. The Winged Defender fell upon its prey; the bortaSbeq carved a path thru those who had collaborated with the abduction of Admiral Chang; giving and expecting no quarter. Khaufen watched the weapon's officer intensely, as she programmed the quantum torpedoes to strike the three Cetagandian ships in their way. He programmed the following disruptor strikes on the targets, then watched the main screen as the brilliant new torpedoes sought their targets. Ten minutes later, the Stormwalker was in transport range of the Winged Defender, and scanner range. Khaufen ordered sensors equivalent to Prometheus Class to track all life forms. Even though his ship was shielded, the new sensors could filter and harmonize more than sufficiently to determine the co-ordinates and condition of Azel, the Admiral and the Abbot. Khaufen concentrated on the new Stormwalker's weapons and defensive arrays. His mind would know when the second of her 'official' extraction arrived. Khaufen learned the new system swiftly, as he programmed slave-systems links from the transporter's main control, and worked with the new tactical display. TIME. Khaufen monitored the beaming of his consort carefully, and returned battle replies to the helm. He noted a transporter signal minutes before; Romulan. Khaufen smiled, and at the confirmation of signal lock and successful transport; regretting he could not greet her. He could not afford to leave the bridge until they were in non-hostile space. Khaufen ordered a new course, one that would take them out of the immediate area, toward the Romulan Empire, firing upon the enemy ships, and what few of the collaborators remained before going into warp. At that Khaufen stood, and moved to the bridge door to greet Azel…only to stop short, as she stood in the door now. Watching him.


(qo'QI' ra'ghom):

Cmdr. Reyna sutai-Kor:

yInjaj nIwomaj Dun! Kahless be praised, we have negotiated with the tera'ngan captain, Vice Admiral Karen Emerson. She has agreed to exchange Cardassian prisoners for medical supplies and use of their bizarre medical facilities. Vice Adm. Emerson actually informed me that she considered our interrogation procedures to be ‘torture'?! What an odd point of view -- typical of a weakling human. We will proceed as ordered, and instruct the tera'gnan vessel to follow us to Major Drekkar's Marine base for repairs, and what tera'nganpu' call "R&R". Qapla'!

Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang reporting: We have received no word from Lt. Cmdr. Morath Ben'dai and his Global Military forces since sending them out on their mission some months ago. With the war in full force, communications jammed and re-routed and heavy casualties taken on all fronts, we had no idea where any of them might be until a garbled transmission came in from Mordok JurISS, one of Morath's officers. It appears as though he has been captured by someone and from the apparent confusion, probably interrogated extensively. We do not know at this time if he has escaped, or been released for some reason, but we have sent Lt. Maw'qu' Karizan out to the co-ordinates of the transmitted message in hopes that he can find Mordok, and from there, track the missing Global Military personnel.

TroubleShooter TaskForce Command:

(Seng ra'ghom)

Captain Borg zantai K'Mpec:

For the past six months, the TroubleShooter TaskForce has been exploring the Gamma Quadrant, and fighting the war over here, going on the offense. We've had to the fight the war differently here! Of the 380 vessels, only 5 have been destroyed. All the while, we have been inflicting heavy causalities and losses. So far, 3 Asteroid Starbases have been built, with 3 more Asteroid Starbases nearing completion in the Gamma Quadrant. These Asteroid Starbases are located 100 light years from the Bajoran Wormhole. Thanks to the technical advantages of the IKV K'Mpec's bortaS, we have remained undetected, for the most part.

Whilst en route to Qo'noS, I received several secured scramble transmissions from a mysterious life-form; who was doing some secret stuff. I knew IT, and IT knew me.


(wo' bIq'a ghom):

Major Drekkar-sutai-Tor-am and Marine Captain Kolar vestai-Rasmehlier received a disturbing report that a huge cargo vessel from the Empire was under attack by enemy forces bent on its destruction. This vessel was bringing many frozen Marines to the war area as replacements for those lost during the conflict. When last heard from, the Marine Commanders were racing to engage the enemy and save the cargo, or as many of the sleeping warriors as possible. Meanwhile, the Marine base and the Marine contingent on Starbase Victory have been busily supplying our warring forces with replacements for as long as supplies last.


(rIvSo' ra'ghom):

Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang:

Perhaps it was that she was a Chang and had cunning in her blood, or had been wise enough or paranoid enough or lucky enough to live through the machinations of many secret enemies. But whatever it was, Adm. K'lay K'Onor-Chang has not ever trusted the Romulans, no matter how sincere their leaders were about the treaty of Alliance with the Federation,. Alerted to trouble first when Lt. K'Mund Jaj, one of her bortaS beq ships, relays a message to her saying that she has observed a Cetagandian ship in communication with a Romulan ship, both cloaked, hidden from Rom sensors. K'Lay tells her to retrieve one of the ships figuring that neither have Rom permission to be there or they wouldn't be hiding. She gets the Rom ship, the other unaware of what has happened, since both ships were running silent, trying to evade official Rom sensors. All the Captain knows, after interrogation, is that he has been ferrying high ranking Rom representatives, including some junior members of their High Council to the Cetagandian ship where they have met behind closed doors. His previous orders were to evade official security sensors and listen for a particular communiqué on a Dominion frequency while waiting for the meeting aboard the Cetagandian ship to be concluded. He carried these orders out, and routed the Dominion communication when it came, to the Cetagandian ship before returning to Romulus to follow his next set of orders, to get supplies for a journey. He was on his way to pick his Romulan commanders up, with orders that said they were to rendezvous with other ships and head for the SATCOM planet.....

K'Lay knows that she is on thin ice. She has already violated the treaty by authorizing the taking of Rom citizens...even if KSF didn't do it and bortaSbeq did. She can't admit she has done anything like that to the Rom High Council, and yet she must warn them that they have a problem. Krowgon Drexa has the answer, arranging for her to meet with the head of the Tal Shiar. She is on her way to do this, on Romulus, telling Krowgon's one secret and trusted Romulan High Council contact that she HAS vital information about traitors on his council, when she begins having possible labor pain, and she asks her CGC assigned bodyguard M'Red Nor'deth to go back for her doctor. He goes to fetch the doctor, telling him right where she will be. But when she and Krowgon enter the High Council room where she is to meet her Rom contact, she finds herself face to face with the Cetagandian High Priestess Shekinah's sister...the one she knows is responsible for the attempted murder of both herself and the Abbot. That one has help, Krowgon is shot and K'Lay is overpowered and beamed out just as M'Red enters the room with the doctor in tow.

She finds herself alone with a contingent of Romulans and a mad woman, Malkuth, sister and would be priestess usurper of the rightful ruling title of Cetagandia. Malkuth reveals what she has not already pieced together: The Dominion now realize they can no longer use changelings to impersonate our officers and affect change that way. They need a new way to impersonate our officers, and cloning technology seems perfect. The problem is that their own facility on Rondak 3 has been geared to Vortas and Jem'Hadar, not Humans or Klingons, and it does not have the technology in place yet for that purpose. The solution is found when a Romulan faction, separate from the "official" government, but a part of their high council, discovers that the Cetagandians have the knowledge the Dominion need, and that the KSF has a cloning facility already in place, including the raw genetic material on site.... material of even High Command officers. They offer to broker a deal with the Cetagandians to get it for them in return for concessions should the war go against the Fed / Klin / Rom Alliance. The Cetagandian usurpers, headed by Malkuth, are willing to make the trade, especially if it means that they will not only be able to stop the Abbot from finishing his cloning of the Mother, Malkuth's rival, but that the Romulans will help insure Malkuth's succession. A deal is concluded. Cetagandian dissidents get power, the Roms get a bargaining chip to offer the Dominion and get to thus hedge their bets no matter who wins the Dominion war. All the Dominion needs to turn the tide of the war is to take the SATCOM planet of


K'Lay, horrified by the prospect, can do nothing but try to avoid going in to labor and go along for the ride as Malkuth secretly tries to blackmail the Abbot into returning all the cloning material he has been secretly working on for the true Cetagandian High Priestess Shekinah.

Lt. K'Mund, meanwhile, aware that K'lay has been kidnapped on Romulan soil, retaliates, announcing that she holding the captured Romulan citizens hostage, and threatening to kill them and fire on any Romulan ship that tries to take them back, regardless of the treaty and / or Ambassador Krowgon's requests that she honor the treaty, unless K'Lay is returned unharmed. She will not be budged, no matter what Ambassador Krowgon threatens her with. In hopes that someone else from Empire can assist him in obtaining needed information, Krowgon calls in Department of Inspirational Media CO, Cmdr. qe'San be'rawn to decipher Lt. K'Mund's captured Rom ship's computer logs. qe'San is not entirely successful in this, but he is successful in gaining the attention of the Romulan High Council and in gaining information from them that their official government is not involved in K'Lay's kidnapping. Hurgh K'mer, head of the bortaS beq, is not willing to take anything for granted, and enacts a blockade and begins boarding all ships entering or leaving an area in the Triangle around Romulus, searching for K'Lay. It is when he searches Karg Jurrig's ship that he finds an ally in Khaufen's clone, and one who will head the beq forces to help retrieve the missing K'Lay...when her location is determined. Allied forces believe this location has come to light when K'lay manages to escape and send a message to K'Obol of their destination before she is recaptured, naming the SATCOM planet of Khenzia. They are unaware that Malkuth has changed her ultimate destination in light of this breach of security, to Rondak 3, the Dominion's own cloning facility, until M'Red's psi tracking skill and the Abbot and Hurgh's lock on K'Lay's transmission reveal Malkuth's true destination. Suddenly it becomes a race to see who will get to the Dominion's cloning facility first; the Abbot and KSF forces or the Cardassians who have decided to turn against the Dominion and destroy this facility first. K'Obol gets there barely ahead of the Cardassians and gives Malkuth everything she wants in return for K'Lay, who is about to give birth to his twin heirs, knowing that Malkuth will not keep her victory long. Karg and the Bortas Beq and the Abbot's fleet engage Malkuth's forces as K'Obol and MOC Commander Azel beam K'Lay and her unborn children up to his ship and away from danger, the Cardassians overrunning Rondak 3 almost before they are off planet. Karg Jurrig's ship is destroyed in the ensuing battle, but the twins, K'Obol's heirs and K'Zhen's Godchildren, Maccus and Torala, are born amid cries of Klingon victory, and the Dominion, at least here, is scattered in defeat.


Lt. K'logh sutai-Chang

The Admiral has been Kidnapped. My Own sister, snatched from under the very Eyes of those sworn to protect her. Inexcusable!!! When the Admiral is safely recovered, these "men" shall be dealt with accordingly. I have ordered hasty repairs made to the Talon and am making ready to depart. My advanced tracking system should prove useful. I have been given clearance to depart space dock and am setting course to my ambush point in the triangle. I will make further entries as the situation dictates.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY COMMAND: (Qed cham je ra'ghom):

Captain Volar zantai-K'zota-K'Onor:

After having been witness to Capt. Jacen Kas-Chang's final moments of life, things started to take a downward spiral into the abyss. Visions began appearing as if a weight attached to his mind of events long ago, making him relive some of the most devastating periods. N.I. has arrived at SATCOM to investigate certain matters, though has been stalled out in space just outside of SATCOM due to a containment issue with a new weapon system being highly volatile and a security breach. On top of that, increased tension came to an all time high when Khenzia, SATCOM's HQ, nearly underwent attack by Malkuth, a throwback of a High Priestess/born again destroyer. With Malkuth's revelation of SATCOM's actual location, it is being investigated now whether or not she shared this knowledge.....and with whom.


(lInDab ra'ghom):

Lt.Cmdr. Abbot K'Obol Chang-K'Onor:

Assigning the finding of the clones to other trusted officers, and leaving SATCOM's involvement in the abominations to a full NI investigation, CGC turned its efforts back to clerical matters. The cloning of the Cetagandian High Priestess Mother, who would be infused with a soul as only we can do, was progressing on schedule. The military presence on the priory moon had lessened somewhat with Admiral K'Onor-Chang's departure for Romulus, and Abbot K'Obol was in the middle of an Ordination of a Voice ceremony when both NI and one of our trusted CGC members, nagh gor Raziel-K'Onor, interrupted the sacred rites with a message: that the Abbot's mate, Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang and K'Obol's unborn heirs had been abducted from Romulus by unknown parties. The Admiral's bodyguard, M'Red Nordeth, who had been with her as protection since leaving the priory moon, had gone to find a doctor when the Admiral went into labor, leaving her with Diplomatic Ambassador Krowgon Drexa in his absence. When he returned, Krowgon had been shot and the Admiral taken.

Ordering both nagh gor and M'Red to mobilize his private CGC fleet, Abbot K'Obol left Markhet Khalar-Nor'deth, Rakqor K'Mpec and teH Hel K'Onor to keep watch over the priory moon and CGC affairs, including the cloning work, still in progress, and went with his fleet to find K'Lay. Time was of the essence. Not only were her children about to be born, but the madwoman who had taken her captive, Malkuth, sister to the true leader of Cetagandia, had tried to kill them both once before. Indeed, almost before his forces had been gathered, she had sent word and believable "proof" that K'Lay had already been killed, Malkuth threatening to murder House K'Onor's heirs as well unless all cloning material was returned. A message from K'Lay herself, after temporarily escaping her constraints and guards, relieved some of those fears, the message saying she was being held aboard a Cetagandian ship and was headed for SATCOM and the cloning facilities there. K'Obol prepared to descend upon the SATCOM planet of Khenzia, prevented from doing so at the last minute by M'Red Nor'Deth, whose psi abilities and covert tactics were instrumental in letting the Abbot know that this was a false trail. Locking on to the coordinates of Admiral's last transmission instead, the Abbot's men found a ship and followed that, relaying the coordinates of the probable destination, Rondak 3, to the bortas beq, House's Chang's private mercenary fleet, and to those ships who might get there first. Rondak 3 was a Dominion held cloning facility and would be heavily defended. If the Admiral was to be rescued, it would take a team effort. The Abbot welcomed the help for all ships but one...that one carrying his mate. Malkuth and her ship were his! Leaving the others to take care of the rest, K'Obol took MOC Commander Azel Tavana-Vrenn with him to assist in the birth and came to meet Malkuth.

Detecting transport on Malkuth's ship as they neared Rondak 3, and knowing his mate had been beamed to the planet below, K'Obol destroyed Malkuth's ship, learning one more piece of vital information before joining her on the surface. Uncharacteristically bargaining with the enemy, K'Obol traded his mate for Malkuth's demands and beamed back to his ship, knowing what Malkuth did not...that the Cardassians had come out on the side of the Federation and were about to destroy Rondak 3, the cloning facilities there and everyone and everything on it. Giving orders to his fleet to aid the Cardassians in their destruction as long as Malkuth and what she possessed would be in his hands again before the battle was over, K'Obol presided over the birth of his twin children, his ultimate victory close at hand.


(pIvmoH ra'ghom):

Cmdr. Azel sutai-Tavana-Krenn:

As the Winged Justice sped its way to Rongtar III, Azel thought about how quickly war can change events. She had been ordered to Kolar's ship on a rescue mission for frozen Marines; now she was on her way to rescue a very pregnant Admiral. She disliked being a passenger on someone else's ship, she found waiting in her quarters difficult to do, but it was made very clear that she should stay out of the way. Azel was very grateful that Katlow Vrenn had been able to take command of her ship, the IKMV Dream Snake, on such short notice. It was the only ship like it in the Fleet; the Empire was not yet ready to risk its loss. As much as she loved her bondmate, she was not exactly happy with his latest gift. The ornate belt she now wore was indeed beautiful, she was sure not many would guess its true purpose was that of a personal shield. She could not remove it herself, Katlow knew she would try and installed a lock only he could remove. She did not feel wearing a shield would instill confidence in her patients, but hoped if she did come into the line of fire, the shield would extend to protect her and her those she was tending.

Azel shouldered her medical bag, made her way to the transporter and quickly found herself in a stark room, some bunk beds and doors at either end. The Abbot took Azel's arm seemingly before she had finished her transport and was pulling her toward a very pale Admiral K'Lay. The look in his eyes said she had better not fail K'Lay or the twins. It sent a shiver through Azel, but she shot a look back at him that said how dare he doubt her. She understood his feelings at the moment, but did not need a worried father to be in her way. Gently placing her hands on K'Lay's abdomen, Azel stated "She is about to deliver, but there may be complications. We have to get her to the ship, but I need a few moments to stabilize her." "Very few." The Abbot said. Scanning showed that K'Lay had received sedatives of Romulan configurations; if she must counter them soon, or they would brain damage the twins. Life signs of all three were faltering; Azel was about to take her best guess when a hooded figure beamed in so quietly, the Abbots guards did not turn or notice.

"This will counter the sedatives and safely stabilize all three." K'Lay's life signs began to slow; Azel had to take the risk and administered the hypo. Another scan showed all three patients stabilizing to the point they could be transported. The hooded one had already activated a beam out, saying, "Family should look out for each other."

Back on the Winged Justice, K'Lay was barely strong enough to hold one baby in her arms, but managed them both with the help of a very proud Father. They had barely beamed into medical before the babies were born. Azel felt the Abbot was a bit disappointed since there was no time to follow any of the traditional birthing rituals he had laid out. Both twins were healthy. The Abbot did not ask any questions, so Azel assumed he did not see the mysterious figure beam in and out. A relief to Azel, since she could provide no information to them about it.

"Abbot, the Admiral needs to rest for a week, three days minimum. Her body has been through too much strain and the babies need her." She then stepped back to listen to the inevitable power play between the Abbot and the Admiral about how much time she would actually rest. As Azel watched over the twins as they slept in their incubators, equipped with shields in case medical was hit during the battle that now ensued, the com link summoned her. She was being summoned to the Storm Walkers Sun, Captain JurISS ship, Abbot's orders. Reluctantly she gathered up her medical bag and returned to her quarters to compose messages to Medical Ops and prepare for reassignment.


(Dupjij ra'ghom botlh):

Fleet Adm. K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz:

The course of the IKS chalqul (Lightning) took her from point to point in the war zone, as FAdm. K'Zhen directed the KSF fleet as it took part in the fight against the Dominion.

Informed as she was of the kidnapping of her second-in-Command, she was desirous of heading straight for Romulus. But she knew that others were more than capable of engineering and carrying out her rescue, and she herself was needed here to direct the efforts of the KSF fleet at this crucial time of the war.

It was with great relief when she finally received word that Adm. K'Lay had been rescued, and her twins were safely born. The missions of the KSF had also gone well, despite losses, expected but no less regretted..


TAKE NOTE: You may read the individual reports of our officers online, at the CCC Mainframe, at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nebula/3276



Question: What are we going to do for role playing now that Deep Space 9 is finished?

Answer: The KSF role play was played independent of events on Deep Space 9 and tied only loosely to events on TNG for a number of years. In fact, we only tied the RPG to Deep Space 9 about two and a half years ago in response to requests by a group of role playing members. We will simply revert to role playing around the Trek universe as we did before, based on ideas from members and CCC staff, rather than being tied closely to the TV episodes. It will actually give us more freedom to explore new ideas, though if and when movies come out, we may incorporate those storylines as well. We are asking KSF members to send RPG ideas to CCC right now, either directly to Fleet-Admiral K'Zhen and Admiral K'lay, and /or to your Division Commander who will forward them to us. We've received a number of possible directions already and would like to hear more.

Question: Are we going to jump to the future and play in Voyager times?

Answer: At this point, we are not considering taking the whole club into Voyager's universe full time. For one thing, it would mean that everyone would need to redo their character. But we have had requests to do a "temporary" jump, that is, in some fashion to have a fleet of KSF ships throw into that space and time, as Voyager was, and see what we can do with that until we find our way home. Some Divisions might do that. We are open to ideas. Please send what you want us to consider.



Duckcon, Chicago Ill.

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Guests: Frederick Pohl guest speaker, Furry, comic book and other aliens at this con website


Tranquillity Base 1999

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Featuring: Robin Atkin Downes ''Byron'', Babylon 5- Mira Furlan ''Delenn'' Star Trek- Robin Curtis ''Saavik'', Apollo Smile, The Live-action Anime Girl


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Rising Star 8

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Galaxion 99

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by qe'San

Every Klingon knows that the Famous Terran William Shakespeare was inspired by and actually translated Klingon Stories into English. This initself was proof that Klingons had been on Earth well before the known 'First Contact'.

What I have wanted to discover is further evidence of a Klingon presence. I can now reveal that I have found such evidence; Although not as ancient as that mentioned already a toy company bastardised a Klingon game, almost beyond recognition, and pretended it was their own. What game am I referring to? Its name is Kerplunk or as it was originally known in Klingon space <qapIloyngqa' >. The origins of the word itself has been lost over time. However, it might be reasonable to assume that the qa- is the prefix I-am/do something and that it finishes with the suffix -qa' resume/do again.

The Game itself: The original version involved a large vertical tube some 20 feet high The warrior was unable to see through the tube and had to rely on his senses and judgement for when a comrade dropped a large fruit down the tube the warrior would have to throw a spear through the tube with the sole purpose of piercing the fruit or at the very least just stopping it reaching the bottom. The winner was the one who'd thrown the least spears before stopping the fruit.

How is the Terran version different: Well they start with the tube only being a foot or so high and it's clear so that the competitors can see what they're doing. Then if that wasn't enough, instead of throwing spears at the tube the Terran remove little sticks that have already been put in place around the middle and hope that a glass ball, also loaded above the sticks, doesn't fall.


[Hol note: The above <word> is not Cannon and this article was written for entertainment value only]



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Name Changes

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T'Lara JurISS.......is now...T'Lara JurISS-Rasmehlier

Miscellaneous Changes
Drekkar Tor-am now......just IMC
Kolar Rasmehlier now.......IMC CO Pro Tem

As of 9906.23: Apocolypse Lee's Klingon character, jatlh (the former Val'QIS), has joined the House Of K'Mpec. And shall be known as; jatlh K'Mpec! Welcome to the House Of K'Mpec; Lt. jg. jatlh vestai K'Mpec!


It's official - release date is August 18.

Star Trek CCG Blaze of Glory is all about the heat of warfare, bringing players more realistic battles, enhanced capturing and hand-to-hand combat, battle ready personnel, and a new side deck.

The set's content is guaranteed to amplify gaming excitement for battlers and cool strategists both. The August 18 release is timed for the midst of the summer Con season. Don't be surprised at the blistering varnish on the gaming tables. .

The Facts:

130 cards

50 Rares, 40 Uncommons and 40 Commons,

9 card booster packs with 1 R, 3 U, 5 C distribution

plus, 18 foils - the first in any Star Trek CCG expansion



Before I start I'd like to dedicate this Issue to DeForest Kelly who left this plane on 11th June to start his next mission of exploration. May the great Bird of the Galaxy be with him,

What I'd like to know is, ''Is it appropriate in a Klingon Newsletter to have the Editors dagger in the back?''

Oh well pushing Paranoia to one side for a moment I hope you enjoyed this issue. As any previous editors will tell you, and they have, It's not as easy to pull everything together in time and still lead a normal life.

This issue leans slightly on the side of tlhIngan Hol. For that do not apologise. First of all it is one of Fandom where my main interest. Secondly if no-one sends in any articles the only choice have is to fall back onto my own material and resources ie tlhIngan Hol.

Just in case no-one gets the message that was a not so very subtle hint that any newsletter is only as good as what the members put into it.

nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI' - A warrrior doesn't let a friend face danger alone.



qe'San QE'SAN







Qoy qeylIS puqloD

Son of Kahless Listen (hear).



Qoy puqbe'pu'

Daughters listen.



yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI'

Warriors brave and loyal.



Say'mo' 'ach chu' may' 'Iw

Though it is clean, battle blood is new.



maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'

We fight, are passionate and kill well.



nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu'

Our life is short but very bright.



batlh maHleghbej 'ej yo' qIjDaq vavpu' ma' DImuvpa' reH maSuvtaH

We certainly die with honour before we join our fathers in the black fleet we will always continue to fight.



Qu' mamevQo' maSuvtaH ma'ov

We won't stop the mission, we keep fighting, we complete.


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