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by Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang

Greetings Warriors, Merry K'ristmas and Welcome to the 21st Century!    

As promised in late October, the command staff and I have been busily working on transitions in KSF and we think it has gone smoothly.  Most changes have been to personnel, for the most part done to keep some of us from wearing too many hats, and to give others the opportunity for advancement.  The one major change has been in regard to how rank and honorific promotions are awarded, the new method utilizing the wisdom and experience of past and present command rank officers to participate in voting on all nominations for promotion.  Details on how this works, as well as who and what the new appointments are, changes in Command Staff and the new Chain of Command are contained in articles following Admiral's Thoughts column.  Please read these for further information.


     Also, in keeping with our plans to raise the level of participation and to address the needs of all KSF members, we are currently working to create a new squadron comprised of land mail members for role playing purposes.  All off-line officers should be hearing from the Commander of that squadron shortly, however, volunteers or anyone with questions now can contact CCC Commander K'Obol K'Onor (Doug Welsh at 17 McFatridge Road apt 31  Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3N2R3) for details. 


    It is also that time of year for all members wishing a hard copy of BATTLE LINES to send in dues which will be used for copying and mailing the newsletter.  In past years, Fleet-Admiral K'Zhen has accepted those funds and remitted them to Borg K'Mpec for copying and mailing purposes.  But this year, we are going to let K'Zhen concentrate on those activities in the KSF she is currently enjoying, and ask GSA members to send $10 for BATTLE LINES subscriptions directly to Borg K'Mpec at:   Mike Robbins  6806 Brooklyn Avenue , San Diego, CA 92114.  For subscription rates in GSD, please contact Doug Welsh / K'Obol K'Onor (address in the previous paragraph), and for GSE, contact Jon Brown / qe'San be'rawn at:   Woodside, 10 Withycombe, Furzton Milton Keynes  MK4 1ET ENGLAND (Tel: +44 1908 505 343).

     Finally, I wish to reiterate my desire to command a "participatory" club and to remind everyone that my door is always open to members and I am equally open to conversation regarding club improvements. Please feel free to contact me at any time with comments, ideas and questions.   KSF belongs to all of us.  Let us mold it in 2001 to the kind of club we all want it to be. 
Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang, Klingon Strike Force Commander in Chief

e-mail:  KSFCommand@aol.com

land mail (US members affix two stamps): 
c/o Margie McDonnell
17 McFatridge Road apt 31 
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3N2R3  Canada

phone:  902-431-3904


Thought-Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang Commander in Chief


     Although the KSF has long been more of a "family" of friends than a true follower of "military protocol", and by and large we like things that way, every so often we like to post an official Chain of Command chart to let members know where to go when they have questions or problems.  Using it will ease the work load of those at the top and also insure a timely answer to members' needs.  Our current chain of command chart is below and a simple explanation of how to use it follows.      
                         Thought-Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang - Commander in Chief
                              Fleet-Captain qe'San be'rawn - Chief of Staff
Command Staff:

DaHar Master K'Zhen Zu-merz - Advisor
Adm Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal - Global Sector Command
VAdm. Volar K'Zota - Strategic Systems Command
Flt Cpt. qe'San be'rawn - Chief of Staff
Cpt. K'Obol Chang-K'Onor - Campaign Coordination Command

Sector Chain of Command

Divisional Chain of Command

Adm. Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal – (Global Sector Command)

VAdm. Volar K'zota - (Strategic Systems Command)

Cpt. K'Obol Chang-K'Onor (CCC  CO)

Commander Qrul DuppIm (CCC XO)

Sector Commanders

Division Commanders

1.  Sarah Tate / KEherang   K'Shontan-Jiraal       
2.  George Naylor / Kulec Tera'weH 
3.  Lynda Phillips / Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal
4.  Susan Wyss / T'Lara JurISS-Rasmehlier                  
5.  Richard Heckert / Rakqor K'Mpec
6.  Jon Rutledge / Khorghan Chang JurISS
7.  Jon Rowe / Kaiden Katia   
8.  Mike Robbins / Borg K'Mpec

1.  Imperial Intelligence K'Eherang Jiraal CO / Commander Qrul DuppIm XO
     (including Internal Intelligence)
2.  Imperial Security - Koloth K'Tama / Kosh Pallara
3.  Imperial Military - M'Red Nor'Deth
4.  Chaplains General - K'Obol Chang K'Onor CO / Markhet Khalar XO
5.  SATCOM (including Medical Ops) - Rakqor K'Mpec
6.  Imperial Diplomatic Services - K'Lay K'Onor-Chang
7.  Trouble Shooters  - Borg K'Mpec

8.  Ground Forces squadron - Reyna Kor



** KIRA game - Karl Holtz (contact Karl directly about any KIRA questions)
**CIVILIAN game - Adrienne Paradis (contact Adrienne directly about Civilian questions.)
*** KSF Listserve moderators - Lynda Phillips / Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal, Chris Gable / Volar K'Onor-K'zota, Jon Brown / qe'San be'rawn. ( For technical KSF listserve or web issues, members go directly to Volar who is in charge of all KSF technical issues. For listserve moderation issues / questions go to Katalyia first, and then qe'San and Volar. )
*** Club Project Coordinators -   Liam Boyle / T'var quless Byle-Chang and Paula Peacos /  KIySa'ra VelaH' (contact T'var first and then KlySa'ra about club projects)
***BATTLE LINES editor and GSE distributer- Jon Brown / qe'San be'rawn, GSA distributer Mike Robbins / Borg K'Mpec, GSD distributer Doug Welsh / Abbot K'Obol K'Onor



   Now......for a simple explanation of how to use the chain of command.  For specific areas of concern such as the newsletter, side games, the projects and the KSF listserve, we have included a "who to contact" list above.  But for general questions, we have the following simple rule of thumb.  To begin with, if your question, concern or problem is in regards to your character or the KSF RPG, you go to the Divisional side of the chain of command, and you start out with the XO, if there is one, of the Division you were assigned to, or with the CO, if there is not one.  Your DivCom, or XO, should reply to you and address your needs at that level.  If, for whatever reason, you cannot contact your DivCom or XO, or they do not respond, you would then go up the chain of command and contact the XO and CO CCC , one of whom will respond to you. 

      For Sector issues, real life concerns or anything not directly connected to the role playing game which has not been otherwise mentioned above, KSF members are to go to their Sector COs first, and again, only if necessary, go on to Katalyia (or if she is not available, Volar) who are further up the chain of command. 

     Problems and concerns that cannot be deal with at a lower level are brought to the Thought-Admiral who may answer them herself, or confer with  her Command Staff and Chief of Staff, and may respond to them directly or through the Chief of Staff. 

     Any questions?  You now know who to ask first.  {{{:-)




by qe'San be'rawn


I know, it's not been long since you received your last issue but then I'd got behind with everything that had happened this year.   That's not an excuse, just a statement of fact.  For anyone who's felt left out in the cold earlier this year I appoligize.  Hopefully your Sector commaders and Komrades in arms have kept in contact.   This issue makes the last one for the first year of the new Millennium and when you read this we'll be into the second year.  Let's hope that this year is a great one for Klingons.


As for Post reports you may as well get them started now even if you end up writing a couple of them, so what, the more the better.  Whilst you're at it why not write that article you've been thinking of writing.  There's no better time than now.  Remember Klingons do not Procrastinate.


Happy New Year!   Fleet Capt qe'San sutai be'rawn




Chief of Staff - Fleet-Captain qe'San be'rawn
Strategic Systems Command - Vice Admiral Volar KOnor-K'Zota
Campaign Coordination Command CO - Captain K'Obol Chang-K'Onor 
Campaign Coordination Command XO - Cmdr. Qwll'eren (Q'rul) DuppIm

If we did include these in October's edition, fine;  start from the list
below.  If not, then add these to the top, and then add the list below.



DaHar Master K'zhen Zu-Merz, tlhIngan HIvbeq ta' and Fleet-Admiral (ret)
Staff Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal - Global Sector Command
Vice Admiral Volar K'Onor-K'Zota - Strategic Systems Command
Fleet Captain qe'San be'rawn - Chief of Staff
Captain K'Obol Chang-K'Onor - Campaign Coordination Command

Cmdr. T'Lara sutai-JurISS-Rasmehlier - Executive Assistant

permanent members:

DaHar Master Kragtowl Trekkan / William "Bear" Reed
DaHar Master K'Zhen Zu-merz / Gennie Summers
Kadak / Dave Kraklow
Capt. Kishin Kukura / Sue Frank
Captain (ret) K'ven Jurek / Jil Conway
OverSeer Azel Tavana / Adrienne Paradis


GSF Global Sector Commander -  Lt. Jg. Korgath DuppIm
Imperial Diplomatic Services CO - Thought-Admiral K'lay K'Onor-Chang
SATCOM CO - Lt.Cmdr. Rakqor K'Mpec
Military Operations Corps XO - Commander Kosh sutai-Pallara- Zu-merz
Chaplain General Corps XO -  Lt. Markhet vestai-Khalar
Global Military Ground Forces CO -  Cmdr. Reyna Kor-Zu-Merz


       For many years rank and honorific promotions were decided by the Commander in Chief of the KSF, based largely on nominations made by Divcoms and Sector Commanders.  Recently, however, it was decided that the fairest way to make such decisions, which would involve members in a democratic decision making process and virtually eliminate any suggestion of conflict of
interest would be to change this traditional policy in favor of a more participatory method of promoting worthy officers.  Though nominations would still be taken from the same Division Commanders and Sector Commanders as well as the Commander in Chief, the final decision as to which officers were actually promoted would fall solely to a new board called the Imperial Review

      This board would be comprised of three semi permanent board members, and two temporary members who would rotate out of their positions once each quarter.   The three permanent positions would be held by officers who did not now hold and / or who would not be eligible to achieve any further rank or status promotions, and two active KSF members, preferrably one Division Commander and one Sector Commander, chosen at random, who would rotate out every quarter (so that they would be eligible for promotion, but only after their rotating term of office was over).  These 5 board members would vote on all nominations for promotion submitted each quarter, and their vote would be binding.  When each quarter was over, the two rotating members would be
replaced by two new Command level officer volunteers. 

    With this concept in mind, we set out to fill our three permanent board member positions, and came up with the six following Officers (the additional three to act as alternates so each could take a break as needed) who were either current members of KSF, or retired Command Officers with vast
experience in KSF as well as other clubs, promotions and other Command level duties.
     DaHar Master Kragtowl Trekkan / William "Bear" Reed
     DaHar Master K'Zhen Zu-merz / Gennie Summers
     Kadak / Dave Kraklow
     Capt. Kishin Kukura / Sue Frank
     Captain (ret) K'ven Jurek / Jil Conway
     OverSeer Azel Tavana / Adrienne Paradis
    DaHar Master Kragtowl Trekkan, Kadak and OverSeer Azel Tavana volunteered to serve the first quarter.  In addition to the above semi permanent members, we asked for volunteers from Sector Commanders and Division Commanders to serve in the two rotating positions and were rewarded with almost 100 percent participation.  Within the next week, Azel Tavana who was this quarter's IRB chairperson, randomly chose the first two members from that group of volunteers, Sector 7 Commander Kaiden Kataia and II DivCom K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal, to complete the first quarter's board.   The board was given the quarter's nominations for promotions and after a week's
deliberations, announced their decisions to the KSF Listserve and to the Thought-Admiral.

     Future boards will be selected by the same process, each officer already having served in one of the rotating positions to be eliminated from the random drawing until all DivComs and Sector Commanders have had the opportunity to serve on the board, at which time all names are placed in the hat and the process begins again.  


      We would like to thank this first board for their ground breaking efforts to work the bugs out of the process and for voting their consciences when promoting the officers promoted this quarter. 

Imperial Review Board Promotions for the quarter:

  Status promotions:
 Karl Holtz / Cmdr. Qwll'eren (Q'rul) sutai-DuppIm : promtion to zantai
 Rank promotions:
  Paula Peacos / Ens. KIySa'ra vestai-VelaH' : promotion to LT (jg)
  Alberto Gorin /  Ensign Koi Kai Droklon:  promotion to Lt. (jg)
 Ann Bingley / Ensign VeQ'ma Makai-K'Mpec:   promotion to Lt. (jg)
      Liam Boyle / Lt.jg. T'var quless vestai-Byle.-Chang:  promotion to Lt.
  Richard Heckert / Lt.Rakqor vestai-K'Mpec: promotion to Lt. Cmdr.
  Doug Welsh / Cmdr. K'Obol sutai K'Onor: promotion to Captain.
  Jon Brown / Capt. qe'San vestai-be'rawn: promotion to Fleet Captain
   Chris Gable / Flt Capt. Volar zantai-K'Zota : promotion to Vice Adm.
  Margie McDonnell / Adm K'lay epetai Chang:  promotion to Thought Admiral.




Father Christmas was due for his annual pilot's practical examination and certificate of air worthiness. The instructor from the civil aviation authority arrived on the duly appointed day and walked round the sleigh clipboard in hand checking it's condition. He pulled at the harness securing the reindeer checking it was attached properly. He quizzed Santa as to the rules of the road and asked what actions he would take in certain emergencies.

 Satisfied with his findings the instructor stepped onto the sleigh, inviting the bearded man to take off and climb to a height of seven thousand feet. Carrying out his pre-flight checks Santa noticed that the instructor had brought out a shotgun from his bag and was loading it up. What is that for? he asked. Well I shouldn't really tell you but you are going to lose an engine just after take off ! - Merry Christmas everyone.


-  Post Reports  -


Compiled by Staff Admiral Katalyia Epetia K'Tore-Jiraal

GSA Commander


Sector1 BadgeSector One

Filed by Cmdr. K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal

Sector One Commander


U Commander K’Eherang Sutai K’Shontan-Jiraal: Just wanting everyone to know that I’m still here, though things haven’t changed much. Still working with the three-year olds at my job, and have no social life. Yee-haw.


Sector 2 BadgeSector Two:

Filed by Kulec

Sector Two Commander


U Kulec: Not much going on. Trying to get everything ready for the holiday season here at the church. Getting used to two new cats. At least, my allergies haven’t been killing me yet. I might possibly be having carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist, but I’m going to wait for awhile now since I saw a chiropractor today and he thought he could help me out w/o having to do the surgery.


U Hlrubak(Karl Holtz): I have spent a portion of the last three months creating a website for work. That, plus some research I had to on Fire Safety recently may earn me the opportunity to design the City Fire Department’s website. I have also been tasked with learning state and federal laws regarding drinking water for work. It’s amazing how much paperwork the government generates. You hear about it, but until you actually have to wade through it, you can not even begin to imagine, and that is just the online stuff. The merest tip of the proverbial iceberg. Well, back to work.


U Qurras Zantai Doq’Marr: I’m disabled and have a lot of free time. Right now I’m building a new website for my ship and crew. I’ve also renewed an old hobby of oil painting.


Sector 3 BadgeSector Three:

Filed by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

Sector Three Commander


U Admiral Katalyia Epetai K’Tore-Jiraal: I have been busy gathering information for updating the club roster and collecting post reports. Also, making plans on attending the Star Trek Convention at the Double Tree in March. I will be going with a friend and we will be staying at the hotel. I can hardly wait. Went on a short camping trip last month and enjoyed it immensely—except for getting sick. I didn’t enjoy that!


U Fadm. K’Zhen Epetai Zu-Merz(ret.): Since my last report, there has been a series of upheavals in my personal life. My physical condition deteriorated until I was hospitalized for two weeks in late September. the doctors finally found medicines that allow me to sleep at night without the torment of Restless Legs Syndrome that was only allowing me to sleep for 1-2 hours at a time, day or night. Shortly after returning home, I decided that I had to move, not being physically or financially able to continue living in and taking care of my house in Cassville. An opening was found at a Senior Citizens’ housing project in Exeter, which is 3 miles from Cassville, so I am not far from there. A long-time friend undertook to help me move, and Kadak immediately came from Michigan to help. My undying loyalty goes to these two wonderful gentlemen for all they have done for me.


Moving from a 3 bedroom home with extra an storage area into a 1 bedroom apartment means you have to leave many beloved treasures behind. I have the essentials, at least, my computer, ST tapes and Klingon treasures, besides the mundane stuff we all need. I’ve got a new computer desk sitting half-finished in my living room, and I have to do something about some curtains for 3 windows. It was when I was very low that I decided I could not continue to serve the KSF as its leader in the manner it deserved, and that it should be in the hands of younger and more capable hands, so I turned command over to Admiral K’Lay Chang, knowing that she was fully ready, having been a steady hand to guide me and carry much of the load of Command. It is my hope and wish that every member will give her and her staff all the support she will need in guiding the club through the uncharted space that lies ahead. I was greatly surprised and most honored when the club decided to bestow the title of DaHar Master upon me. Needless to say I don’t feel worthy of such a prestigious title, but I shall do my best to honor this high designation. The title of “Empress” is going a bit far—however, I passed on the honor by naming one of my worthy House members as “Prince Kosh Zu-Merz” in the Ractijino room last evening. I received many wonderful get-well wishes from KSF members, and I thank each of you heartily for them. I shall continue to play a part in KSF activities and serve when I am called upon, as I am able.


Sector 4 BadgeU Kadak:  I drove a thousand miles, fixed my car, moved Gennie to her new quarters, drove a thousand miles back. Looks like it needs fixed more, call it a Millenium after that…In my spare time I try and get the air out of the home radiator line since it’s looking to be a cold and noisy winter. Meanwhile, with the abdication of Admiral K’Zhen, I abash Admiral K’Lay by retaining and reminding the position of “THE” Admirals Dog..All Hail the Klingon Empire and Admiral K’Lay! Long may she rein!


U Cmdr. Kain Sutai Zu-Merz Kentoo: Greetings my fellow Klingon warriors. As the holidays approach the crew has been busy preparing tradition Klingon meals aboard the vessel. There are several barrels of Blood wine for all to enjoy along with a thick Targlet stew. At present the crew and vessel are in a high state of readiness awaiting orders for our next mission, I too long for excitement as well. Last week my communications officer detected a small vessel just outside of our scanning range and we set a course to intercept, upon nearing the vessel however it turned out to be nothing more than a small supply ship heading towards Deep Space 9. Feeling this vessel was not a threat, we allowed it to continue on it’s way as we remained cloaked. (Personal Log) It has been several months since we have been on assignment and crew moral had started to drop, in order to raise moral I ordered to crew to start making improvement upon the ship and all systems are in a high state of readiness. I am proud of the improvements the crew has perform though I try to conceal my pleasure over them. After all it would not be wise to let the crew know that I am very pleased over their results, for then the ship may fall back into a state of disrepair. As the holiday season approaches, I have ordered the crew to start preparing the tradition Klingon meals and even allowed extra use of the hallowdeck to keep the crew active. I can only hope at this time our next mission will hold more excitement than that of patrolling the Federation boarder.


Sector Four:

Filed by Lt.-Cmdr. T'Lara Juriss-Rasmehlier

Sector Four Commander


U Cmdr. T'Lara sutai-JurISS-Rasmehlier - Since the last report, there is not a lot to report from this Cmdr.  I went to Beachbash, the Klingon convention in Myrtle Beach, SC the beginning of November.  It was really nice there, and they treated us like family.  There were lots of games and contests, and the winner got a MeQ'leth.  I met several new people, and made many new friends that I look forward to seeing in April at the Dover Peace Conference.  I went to Canada over Thanksgiving to see the Abbot and Thought-Admiral, and had a great time.  Right before leaving, my computer got fried, and I was out of commission for about 3 weeks.  Happily, I am back online now!  My son is doing really good in school.  He made the Honor Roll last quarter, and continues to do well in Karate.  He! is now an Orange belt.  :-)  Life at the P.O. continues to be the same old thing, but I am thinking I would like to work elsewhere due to RL related stress there.  We shall see.  Hopefully, now that I am back to a full functioning status with my computer, I can resume all my "duties" in the club.  Until next


U Ltjg. KlySa’ra Vestai VelaH’: As I had mentioned in my last report, the pharmaceutical company that I work for was awaiting inspection from one of the many regulatory agencies that we must report to. I am pleased (overjoyed, actually) to report that we did very well!! Most of this quarter has been taken up by all of the necessary work that follows such an inspection. I lead a dull life!! On a more personal note, I bought a new laptop computer. I got a Compaq Presario 1800T. It’s really nice! My RL bondmate and I were quarreling over computer time, so this should alleviate the situation considerably <g>!! I’m having a great time typing away while he’s getting his basketball scores. This way, I can devote appropriate attention to our RPG!! That is basically my report for the quarter. I am looking forward to the RPG cranking up again and getting orders soon!! Death Before Dishonor!!


U Capt. Kishin Kukura (Sue Frank) - Terran holiday best to all from this end of Sector IV.   I thought John Harrison's TV special production of "Dune" was first rate. We got it on the Sci fi channel here. Highly recommended! And if you still havne't caught up with Denise Crosby's documentary "Trekkies" don't miss it. You can find cheap copies on Ebay. "Galaxy Quest" is another don't miss for fans.  Does this happen to you? I wandered into Borders the other day for some holiday shopping and met a neighborhood pal who works there in the children's department. She introduced me to one of her co-workers as "a Klingon." That person did  a doubletake then smiled indulgently. I find that the minute I tell anyone that I love Star Trek and have always identified with the Klingons and will actually  cross the country to wear funny clothers and hang out with folks who share my obsession, they just don't forget it. Less than a month ago now I went to Philcon, our regional SF con. (I've gotten interested in belly dancing and really enjoyed the day-long dance track of programming they had going.) But I kept running into people from my Klingon life, including a guy I hadn't seen in ten years who was running a huge roleplaying game event there, and Devra Langsam, a Star Trek "First Fandom" stalwart. Roberta Rogow, one of our fandom's great filkers and publisher of the long-running media zine "Grip" was also there and honored me with a rendition of "That's Why We're Proud to be Klingons" as she autographed her latest mystery novel which I was buying. Once you pick up the batleh...:-)


Sector 5 BadgeSector Five:

Filed by Lt.-Commander Rakqor Ql'mpeq, Sector Commander


U Lt.-Cmdr. Rakqor Ql’mpeq: Not too much to report, nothing out of the ordinary going on. I have been very busy with the up coming holiday season. I am still trying to learn Japanese, and trying to make videos for my friends in Japan. It is very difficult and all my attempts so far have failed. They want American movies/shows with English subtitles. I tried to copy a cc Star Trek movie, but the captions didn’t show up on my old none cc TV after I copied it, so direct dub won’t work, got a cc TV but is has no video out! (They don’t have cc TV in Japan, that we know of). So my thought was decode it then record it! After the holidays when I get some funds back up, I will buy a new video moniter with cc and video out or a old cc decoder maybe then it will work and I can help them out! Things are very slowly at work and some layoffs and plant closings have given me unexpected holidays. We went to Loews motorspeedway the day after Thanksgiving and if you spend enough money you can drive on the track, well I certainly spent enough (*enough for 12 laps, I thought I might need a pit crew). It was a blast! Went about 100mph in our little souped up Saturn. It was great fun blowing off minivans and suvs legally, we had 4, 3 lap segments and somehow I got to the front 3 out of 4 times, one guy in a corvette tried to pass us on the outside and his engine went POP! Oh Well!! Bill roared with laughter! My son had a great time “calling the race from the backseat” and my wife said “just don’t hit the wall dear”. I had not felt so good had so much or laughed so hard in years! We are planning our big yearly New Years party, which always includes a visit from the Cherryville Shooters, an old german tradition, they come and read a blessing and fire old muskets. They travel all over town doing this every hour from 6 PM New Years Eve, till 6 PM New Years Day, sort of sounds like a little war. If any of my fellow officers want to come out to Cherryville for the New Years party, you’re all invited! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Best Wishes!


Lt.jg. DuroQ: It has been quite the experience just getting my first computer set up. Assembly was very easy. It was the month and a half of having components all over the place while I waited for my console to be delivered from Office Max. During that time, my neighborhood here in Miami experienced a flood which kept me home for 2 days. That was the time I needed to get all my programs up and running. Today, I will go to my job and try to finish drawing details for a difficult addition to a house. I will also go to do 3 home inspections so that home owners can receive grants toward minor home repair. Just a typical day in my neighborhood.


Vice Admiral Volar Zantai K’Zota-K’onor: Since the days of the Ides of March, have I not seen such an inspiring, if furry, spectacle of missing reports by the hands of Tribbles. But with the new rodent extermination teams sweeping throughout the galaxy, we should have the matter cleared up in no time. Until then, I’ll just recap my year for everyone! Popcorn anyone? It’s been a hectic year, with changes everywhere, new digs, new wheels, and a new set of beasts to keep my days occupied (no, not another division, my boys Ares and Riley). Made a lot of changes and have finally made it to college for Film Production, but it’s not as easy as it may sound. Exposed a great deal of movies, yeah, but whoever thought I’d have to pay attention? <g> All in all, not to shabby of a year. DaHar master K’Zhen has remained an inspiration, as has Thought-Admiral K’Lay and many other members of the KSF in my plans for Film and all the others massive amount of things I have on my plate these days. To them, and everyone, I wish the best for the coming year. The game is not over yet, and it will be a long time before this warrior gives up. But hey, you know what they say about Actors….well the phone company has a few fun facts to say, but we’re a fierce fighting bunch…and no, we don’t take after skating fans to beat people with metal poles…well… Must run, the Admiral is bound to come to hunt for her newest Command Staffer…so shush, don’t tell her I’m in the bulkhead with my laptop!!


Sector Seven:

Sector 7 BadgeFiled by SoghHom Kaiden Vestai Katia

Sector 7 CommanderSector Seven—Filed by Kaiden Vestai Katia, Sector Commander


U Kaiden Vestia Katia: In the last three months I have again started aikido, and found that I am much better at it then I had remembered. Fortunately, one of my class mates that I had previously hated has grown up a bit so I now have no conflicts at all in the class. I have begun the search for a new job and gotten in contact with a former professor form the university who believes that he can get me in to finish my degree. I have also begun the search for some friends from the military that I have not seen in years. One is in Arizona now and is a police officer the other is in Michigan and is now a school teacher. Unfortunately, it seems that all the attempts I have made to breath life into this sector have failed. I have decided that it is time for recruitment. I have a few people that I plan to speak with and will soon with luck have some more warriors signed on.


Sector Eight:

Sector 8 BadgeFiled by Fleet Captain Borg Zantai Ql'mpeq

Sector Eight Commander


U Fleet Captain Borg Ql’mpeq: For me, this section of the world has been relatively quiet for the most part. I have found a game site back in September called: It’s Your Turn! http://www.ityourturn.com It’s Your Turn! is pretty nice game site, that plays mostly on-line board games like BattleShip, various Chess, and various Checker games. My I.T.Y. UseRid (Handle) is Borg Qlmpeq. I’ve been playing non-tournament and tournament gamees against people from all over the world. One of the nice things about this site; is you’re able to chat with your opponent whilest playing games. Also these days, the 5 Yahoo! clubs that I’m a Club Founder keep me busy at times. Including one particular Yahoo! club called the Palpatine Sidious Fan Club http://clubs.yahoo.com/palpatinesidiousfanclub, which currently has 105 members. Whatever warms your heart…Whatever fills you with joy…Whatever brings you peace..May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the new year 2001!


U Overseer Azel Tavana: This section of the world has been very, very quiet and uneventful. Summer and it’s projects are over. Winter has brought routine days. The Admiral’s absence from California is acutely felt, but I know she is where she wants to be. The good news is that there is no sad news! For that I am grateful. However, if life continues to be this mundane, I shall have to make something up for my next report so that it is at least more interesting to read. Here’s hoping everyone has a happy New Year! And for those of us who have read a lifetime of sci fi, did you ever think you would see that ominous year of 2001?


GSD Sector Report 

Filed by Abbot K'Obol,

GSD Sector Commander


U Abbot K’Obol: The last Quarter has flown past at record speed, as if the Warp 10 Barrier has finally been trashed! I have been getting used to a new housemate, with the Thought Admiral now relocated to Canada, the “Frozen North”, and I have also been trying to get used to my new assignment as CCC CO. (Where did THAT come from?) On slow days, I am settling in to one of the Command slots in KAG Kanada, as the incoming Fleet Commander for the Ice Dragon Fleet, our Eastern Fleet. I’m not crazy, Officer, really I’m not. I have always wanted to try to run herd over this many Klingons! Lock me up now, before I start to babble and drool on my bib! My health seems to be under better control than last October, and I hope it stays that way. Thanks to all of you who inquired, and sent messages while I was ill. I really am feeling much better.


U M’Rd Nor’Deth: So, what has been going on in this neck of the woods…not much new actually, settling in to the new job and married life,trying to get reply’s from people in my division, and just generally realizing that there are nowhere NEAR enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do. Other than that, not much new, so I will stop blathering, Happy Solsitice and a cool Yule to you all.


U Tehhel and Nagh Gor: OK, OK, I know we’re late but…the quarters are going by way too fast. The last one of these I did was September!! this is only November, er, no December! SEE! I told you time was moving too fast!!!!Anyway, September through November were relatively quiet. We’ve only kidnapped and coerced an Admiral (note it didn’t take much of earlier!) into changing residency from a warmer locale to snowy, cold and (did I say snowy?) Nova Scotia! but, wouldn’t you kidnap someone who brings smiles and sunshine everywhere she goes? We’ve been poor, happy and healthy, so there are no complaints, nor other news. We wish one and all a happy holiday season. May it bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity and may it leave you with lasting joy!


P.S. Gordon wants to know: “How did you find out about my secret dancing project? That was to be a surprise at your wedding! Give me the spy’s name and I’ll have him killed!


Thought Admiral K’Lay k’Onor Chang: Since my last post report was eaten by maurading tribbles, I am going to combine two reports into one. It has been a DIZZY yar. I have now moved three times in 8 months and believe I may have packed half of my officers in boxes lost somewhere on the MayFlower’s California to Orion Nebula route…Seriously, I sold my house in California sooner than expected and moved into an apartment (you CAN stuff the contents of a four bedroom house into a two bedroom apartment, but you must learn to jump from one box to another when moving from room to room). After that, I moved to Ohio in order to be first in line for the Dover, Ohio convention…(just kidding)…and to spend some time with my son and family who live there, but after a short time there made the decision to move to Canada where the Abbot and I are now living. I THINK this is our last move for a while, thank Kahless because I have mail now, both e-mail and land mail, that may take months to catch up with me, even at warp speeds. I was promoted to Thought-Admiral shortly after Fleet Admiral (and now DaHar Master K’Zhen) retired as head of KSF, but she has also thankfully stayed on to help assist in the day to day operations and as part of the Command Staff. I look forward to being able to stay in one place long enough to get back to the fun of KSF again.


GSE Sector

Filed by qe'San

Chief of Staff and GSE XO


U Flt Capt qe'San be'rawn (Jon Brown) - Where should I start?  At the beginning? Well ok but then you asked for it!.  Seriously now I wouldn't want to waste space here with everything that's been going on in my life. But here's a little snippet:  I've spent the latter half of this year putting out three packed issues of BL two of which were half as big again than normal. 


I've decided that six years working shifts just has to stop as it's not doing anything for my health and definitely nothing for my marriage of 19 years.  So to cut a long story short, I've packed it in but as there's nothing available at my grade on days  in my town I've taken a temporary step down.   Sometimes you just have to take a step backwards in order to go forwards.  There should be a few positions coming up this year within the Fraud Bureau at work so I'm hopeful about getting one of those. Anyway I'm back on days from the 2nd week in January and it can't come soon enough.


U Lt. Kea'deC (Declan Kearns) - nuqneH maj tlingham.    I think i'm more than late with this one, but he goes anyway. It's Christmas time again and the knocking of skulls and drinking of bloodwine( I'll  have three drums, sweet if you don't mind )is upon us.  Work is the same old druge that it is, but at least I had a few weeks in Thailand to escape it all. A great country with lovely people and savage sights to see once you get out of Bangkock. The islands are BRILL and a must for all ( you have to see James Bond Island "The man with the golden gun" ), but like all good things it is back to reality and at least i have two weeks to chillout once again.  Till next time maj batlh qupla tlIngham, qaHo' Lt. Kea'deC




2367AD - Gowron requests Captain Picard's assistance as Arbiter of Succession, in preventing an anticipated ploy by the family of Duras to block Gowron's ascension to leadership of the Klingon High Council. The ploy eventually takes the form of  Toral, the illegitimate son of Duras, who lays his own claim.  It is later confirmed that other members of the Duras family, sisters Lursa and B'etor, have been secretly working with Romulan operatives to assure Toral's ascendancy.  Picard rules Toral's claim as inadmissable under klingon law, but the majority of the High Council is still under the influence of the House of Duras.  These Klingon leaders do not ,initially accept Picard's decision; even Worf's brother, Kurn does not believe Gowron will make a good leader.


Lursa and B'Etor enlist the help of at least three fleet commanders; with these, they gain control of many key sectors.  The Duras family, backed by the Romulans, starts  a civil war.  Gowron is able to use his limited power to restore honour to the family of Mogh; seeing a conflict of interests, Worf resigns his commission with Starfleet and takes up the post of weapons officer aboard Gowron's ship, the Bortas, Kurn is ordered by Worf to ally his four loyal squadrons to Gowron. 


Gowrons forces successfully destroy the Duras supply base in the Mempa sector, but three major engagements result in significant losses to Gowron.  The Federation refuses to become involved in this internal Klingon matter, but when the scale of Romulan involvement becomes apparent, an armada of 23 ships is ordered to implement a blockade.  With the success of this operation, the Klingon civil war is brought to an end. Toral is convicted of treason, but Worf chooses not to exercise his right to take Toral's life for  bringing wrongful disgrace on the House of Mogh.  He instead returns to his posting aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D and is reinstated as a Starfleet officer.


Gowron, now fully supported as chancellor, is left to concentrate on rewriting the history books, to give himself the entire credit for the victory.  All mention of Federation aid is eliminated, along with Picard's role as Arbiter of Succession.


2369AD - Lt Worf discovers that some 73 survivors of the Khitomer Massacre have been living on a Romulan outpost on Carraya IV; because it is considered a disgrace to be captured, none of them want to return to Klingon Society after all this time. To protect their honour, Worf eventually reports that the rumours of a secret prison camp are false and that there were no survivors of Khitomer.  He does however devise a plan that allows some of the younger members of the colony to leave.


2369AD - Lursa… To be Continued….



by SoghHom T'var quless vestai Byle-Chang


Warriors, and everyone else.  With FAdm K'Zhen's retirement, we are loking for project director's to take over the projects.  Anyone interested should contact either me at Tvar_00@yahoo.com or KIySara at kiysara@hotmail.com as soon as possible!

Please note, you will be a "project manager for K'Zhen" this means it will be your task to collect
submissions, and keep them incase K'Zhen reurns, however if she does not, then you will be able to
request to keep the project and collect submissions as its director at a later date.  .. Thanks!

Project Lead:  FAdm. K'Zhen Zu-Merz
Status: Open for submissions
Create your Homeworld, or a section thereof, a new
Klingon world, (perhaps just conquered!) Describe
geographical features, cities, inhabitants, exports,
flora and fauna, whatever you imagine. Maps would be
most beneficial.

Project Lead:  FAdm. K'Zhen Zu-Merz
Status:  Will still accept submissions
Describe animals, insects, birds, fish, and plant life
of Klingon worlds. Draw a sketch, even a rough one
will do. Ask Adm. K'Zhen for examples and form to
Fauna project is finished!!! but will still accept

Project Lead:  FAdm. K'Zhen Zu-Merz
Status: Open for submissions
Got any? Or convert jokes or anecdotes you like into
Klingon jokes. Make fun of Romulans, Ferengi,
Cardassians, Shapeshifters, Pakleds, etc. Make funny
sketches, too!  Keep them clean.

Project Lead:  FAdm. K'Zhen Zu-Merz
Status: Open for submissions
Whether you've seen one, created one or know a human
proverb that might make a good Klingon proverb, let us
hear it.  Wisdom is in the ears of the wise, or the
Ferengi when ripped off!

Project Lead:  FAdm. K'Zhen Zu-Merz
Status: Open but looking for someone to direct in
K'Zhens absence.
Consisting of all who like to draw or create artwork
by hand or on the computer.  We will creat works
together, answer the needs for art pieces, logos, or
whatever the club has a need of.  New logos are needed
for various sectors and divisions.  If you need a
design, illustration, logo, etc, send your ideas with
a rought sketch to the GUILD!

Project Lead:  FAdm. K'Zhen Zu-Merz
Status: Open for submissions
Think Seven Wonders of the World - and come up with
some Klingon ones!

***Please note - The following projects - below, have
been cancelled***

Project Lead:  Cdr. Koloth K'Tama
Status: Halted
Criteria are:
a. Name of the type of architecture 
b. Who developed it (can be a fictional character)
c. When it was developed (stardate) 
d. A diagram of the architecture 
e. What materials were used
f. Ideal climate for structure's usage

Project Lead: Cdr. Koloth K'Tama

Project Lead:  Cdr. Sarena Zu-Merz & Lt. Azel Tavana 
Status: Unknown - Possibly stalled
A project to catalog diseases, drugs, cures, medical
procedures and practices.  Do you have something to
add to this project?  Email the directors your ideas
or contact the Command Staff at summers@mo-net.com.





Why Officers Should Write to Their COs More Often.......
by Lt.Cmdr. Rakqor vestai-K'Mpec, with side thoughts thrown in by
Thought-Admiral K'lay epetai K'Onor-Chang


Thought-Admiral K'lay hunted through the pile of Sector and Division reports on her desk, wondering if "matter eating" predators had been dining on her officers reports.  The holes in the pile looked worse than Terran swiss cheese, or the ballots in Florida after the fourth recount......  Could it be that her officers were just NOT reporting in as ordered??  She fingered her fully charged disruptor, set on stun.  Maybe she HAD been a little too compassionate of late.....  She growled.  It was not too late to change tactics.  She transports down for a surprise inspection of one of them at
random, hoping for another reason for the silence.....

   In his haste to answer a message from command, Lt Commander Rakqor jumps up quickly at the sound of an incoming message! He trips over several empty bottles of black ale laying around, spining him headfirst into the Holiday Tree he fashionedout of century old combat rations and some old antimatter tubing! He falls heavily to the floor in a hugh cloud of dust, squishing Henry II (leader of Rakqor's roach army). Kest! Rakqor shakes the green goo of what was Henry off
his hand and wonders what will the army do? revolt?

     "Greetings K'Lay!"  He says as he realizes it is Command at the door, not at the Com. "Its been mighty lonely out here! Good Kahless it is great to hear from anyone!"

     K'Lay reholstered the disruptor.  THIS officer at least was loyal and as happy to hear from her at she was to hear that she did not have to shoot him!  Something else was responsible for her missing Divisional and Sector reports and she was GOING to find out who or what it was!   Her first job though, was to send reinforcements before Rakqor started recruiting Ferengi....cockroaches being only a slightly lower step down on the evolutionary scale as far as she was concerned.  "I have a new officer for you, Rak.  A Vulcan who used to fight with the Maquis.  He seems both very
intelligent and able to survive your combat training...and he is MUCH better than Henry II....."  K'Lay used a dusty data padd to wipe the remains of Henry II off Rak's desk and plucked a number of his eager compatriots out of a bottle of Romulan egg nog, flicking them onto the branches of the Terran K'ristmas tree replica with it's Orion dancing girl figurine on top.    "A Vulcan!! Great gobs of dripping Targ guts! Well I guess I must start somewhere, and if he has fought with the Maquis....he is an ally at least! At this point any warm body is welcome! Thanks K'Lay."  A Vulcan might even be an asset, he thought.  At least he would now have more to do than train a fine army of rather large roaches to swim in stale black ale and goose step, particularly since they had problems keeping their legs from getting tangled when marching!

K'Lay stepped over a marching line of roach soldiers and side stepped Rakqor as the lights on the MRE decorated K'Ristmas tree started to flicker.  "The roaches may be mounting an insurrection to avenge Henry II!"  He said, grabbing his modified high cyclic rate disruptor and yelling " LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR" phzzzttttt! ppphhhhhhhhhZZZZZZzttttttt! "Darned roaches took my Orion dancing girl figure from on top of  my holiday tree hostage!! THEY WILL
PAY!! pppzzzhhhtttt phhhzzzztttt.

    K'Lay shook her head at Rakqor (the very lonely slightly insane SATCOM commander), promising to send him more warriors soon and to ferret out WHY the others had fallen silent.

     Some time later, sweating heavily and covered in green goo, Rakqor extremly tired, holding the orion dancing girl figurine with many large roach legs still  attachedand squirming, passes back threw the comcenter, and sees a "CONTACT ME LATER" message from K'Lay.

    Putting down his disruptor he laughs to himself "What a glorious victory haha! I drained 3 power cells and still they held my orion dancing girl, they came like hoards from every corner. But little did they know they had met their match! No one takes my dancing girl figurine before the holidays and gets away with it! I guess no one will sing songs of this battle unless its me!" He rights his tree puts the figurine on top and plugs the power cell in, the figurine spins atop the tree! A very happy and tired Rakqor smiles and appears to be almost in a trance, with a very strange far away look in his eyes! ........ I best answer Command, and then get a good nights rest. Who knows what the roaches may try next."
    Will anyone save Rakqor from having to train an army of roaches?  Will the Vulcan be able to figure out who is responsible for the missing reports?  Will the Orion figureine mutiny before New Year's?  Vote now, and may all your hanging chads be counted......  To be continued..........



by: VAdm. Volar K'zota-K'Onor

      A year and a half ago I introduced the KSF to a new concept on the web and in the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  The aloof, yet innovative, project was named SETI@Home.  A downloadable program from Berkley that takes satellite data in chunks and is analyzed during your computer's inactive periods.  That is the concept in short.  What has happened in two years?

Over 7,000 hours of digitally recorded data has been processed by millions of internet-connected computers in just this short of time.  Back at SETI@Home's central base, their systems are beginning the next phase of this project by separating man-made radio signals from those originating from outside of our solar system.  Their goal; to detect signals from other civilizations.
      By using the internet to create the world's most powerful computer system, SETI@Home has inspired various other projects by defining a new generation of computer system design called "peer-to-peer".  With all of this attention and continued interest on the project, SETI@Home and the Arecibo Radio Telescope will likely continuing at least a year beyond their original ending date, and may even begin scanning the southern-hemisphere sky for new frequency bands.  Nothing is finalized, but with the progress being made there is nowhere to go but....up.

      For more information on the SETI@Home Project and how you may be able to help, go to http://setiathome.berkeley.edu    This is VAdm. Volar signing off, and signing on to scan and gaze at the heavens above.  See you there soon!



Role-play report to the KSF

Edited by Thought Admiral K'Lay epetai K'onor-Chang


The Terrans have a saying:  That which does not kill one, makes one stronger, and, if this is true, we are strong indeed, for as a whole, in spite of horrdendous losses, the KSF has survived both Dominion and the subsequent civil wars. Klingon Thought-Admiral Kethas Khemara said it better still:  komerex tel khesterex: there are only two kinds of structures, two kinds of civilisations, the kind that grows and the kind that dies.  Unlike the Dominion who before their "cure" had gone home to die, and the Cardassians who may never recover from their near planetary genocide and annihilation, the Klingon Empire in general and the Strike Force in particular are among the komerex, the structures that will grow and survive and be stronger for it. 


     The process of rebuilding however has not been easy, and though it has begun this past quarter, it will be some time before we are completely recovered.  Losses on the front were catastrophic, the full extent of our casualties only now becoming clear as news trickles in from surviving witnesses' second hand reports and on badly damaged ships which had taken many months to limp home on impulse engines.  The Dominion war has cost us complete Divisions of warriors and Medical personnel, including our entire fleet of Medical ships and the IMS CO.  Surviving Marines are straggling in from decimated units, but their CO is still MIA and their dead are legion.K'Shona base, damaged in the war, was finally destroyed in total.  In the aftermath of our civil war, short lived though it was, Internal Intelligence has been disbanded, at least temporarily, and swallowed by high council politics and Imperial Intelligence, which in turn has been swallowed by an apparent wormhole instability, the extent, cause and duration of which have yet to be determined. 


     On the positive side, Galactic Operations construction crews are working to build a new base to replace K'Shona, this one closer to the Triangle and the homeworld.  SATCOM has located several sources of raw material and much needed alloys and has established planetary mining facilities in areas we should be able to defend.  What Imperial Intelligence officers remain on our side of the wormhole are piecing together an accurate picture of the emerging powers in our surrounding regions of space.  Imperial Diplomatic Services are sending feelers and ambassadors out in as many directions as possible, with an eye to any that might be financially as well as politically lucrative. 

Imperial Security appears ready and able to handle the mop up of leftover ill will, and the inevitable uprisings from colony worlds, testing our power and ability to hold them.  And finally, the Chaplain General Corps are conducting SonchIys for the dead on one hand and training for the living on the other, ordaining the next order of priests who will minister to the whole, whatever fate, the politics of war and the Klingon Gods have in store for us.


     This quarter we counted our losses, took stock of what was left, began the process of rebuilding, and sent contacts out to see where it might be safe to expand Empire's interests. Next quarter we will take the opportunity while our enemies are still immobile to establish our position in nearby areas whose occupation forces are dead or incapacitated, and we will solidify our hold on them.  Kai Kassai!  We are the Klingon Strike Force.  We are the structure that grows.



Vice-Admiral Volar zantai-K'zota-K'Onor


    Among the GOC we have actively been engaged in opening trade routes through the Triangle, assessing damages, reconstructing a front line of defense, and attaining shipments of in demand alloys.  IMS has been cataloging the loss of life and reporting victims of the war back to their respective Houses, as well as preparing to merge itself into a section of SATCOM.


    Meanwhile, SATCOM under the direction of Cpt. Kovan Kas-Chang has attained and secured several planetary locations for mining, and is now exploring the options of extending our borders to cover those locations from the rest of the galaxy.  During the operation LtCdr. K'Thug has been transferred to a special unit, while Special Agent Mikel has been on assignment overseeing material allocation to yard units, and Colonel Lauryn has been actively assisting and observing the new SATCOM XO.


    Internal Ops has abandoned the former Starbase K'Shona, self destructing the asteroid facility, and is in the process of transferring personnel and offices to a new facility within Klingon Space just outside of the Triangle.  All reports well, and defense lines are being brought up as material and personnel allocations permit.  Fleet Captain Volar K'zota-K'Onor has been moved effectively to a new position with the KSF Command Staff, as Strategic Systems Commander.



Captain Abbot K'Obol Chang-Konor


    The War with the Dominion is over.  The Civil War that followed is at least tamped down, and Martok seems fully in control.  As the units that had been on the front lines for so long were being brought home, each was being surveyed for battle damage, and battle readiness.  The results, so far, were terrible.  Not a single unit, Marine or Regular Navy, was returning home ready to go out again.  Our troops have been decimated, mauled time and again.  And yet, life in the Strike Force goes on.


     Orion pirates have been taking advantage of our being distracted, to raid and destroy in several of our Colony Systems, and worse, along many of our prime shipping lanes.  A "strong" detachment of Imperial Security was sent to track them, to hunt them, catch them in the act, and destroy them.  Hard to do with only half of your forces effective, but Kosh sutai-Pallara-Zu-Merz was a resourceful officer; if it could be done, he would.  Bit, only after he had taken steps to secure our positions on the Client worlds (so many, suddenly) whose populaces were being openly vocal in their concerns over our ability to maintain order and protect them.  T'Var and Kaiden were each assigned "pacification duties, in addition to searching for hidden enemies along the space lanes, and each returned, somewhat shot up, but still smiling.  Kosh achieved a blow against the pirates in the Triangle Sector, confirming the long-suspected involvement of the Romulans in league with the Orions; not enough to justify going to war over it; just enough to frustrate us, they thought.  It will be less frustrating, now that we know.


      The Chaplain General Corps was also hurting.  The Lord Abbot had lost over 400 trained military priests - tactical and strategic specialists.  His Monastery and Priory still rang with their SonchIy's, day and night.  His own Household troops had been shot up pretty bad.  The effective resources left to the Abbot now totaled just over 20,000 warriors.  The Orders were all hurting.  And yet, as if justifying the Abbot's well known and long-held Faith, already the Monastery doors were opening to receive new Candidates for the training on Kazh, one of these a truly unexpected surprise indeed.  Lt.Col. Market vestai-KhaLar, CO of the Abbot's personal House Guard, the First Imperial Starakh Trackers, had herself sought entry to the priesthood.  She had always quietly chuckled at the Abbot's religious interest, but now, the ancient Faith was stirring in her, and driving her in a new direction.  The Abbot thought, if this could be taken as an indication of the future of the Empire, things would be good for the Klin once more.


      The only puzzle was the detachments of Imperial Military and the Marine Corps, a ragged shred of their former glory.  They had been sent to oversee several trouble spots that had cropped up in the far reaches of the Empire, places where restive subject races were striving to support the Empire.  M'Red Nor'Deth was out of contact.  His entire force, even though sent on a number of missions, had failed to contact any of the Stations along their course.  There was no sign of them.  It was as if….. they had simply vanished from Space.   The Corps Commander, K'Obol the Abbot, in his more familiar role of Battle Commander was somewhat worried.  M'Red had often been out of contact in wartime.  It was only that this was no longer wartime that had the Lord K'Onor concerned.  He would have to wait, though.  He had no one to send after M'Red.  No one could be spared.  Would the Strike Force's Naval and Marine force be found?  K'Obol could only trust in the Gods; and veqlargh had never liked the Abbot.  As K'Obol put his thumbprint on his final report, to be sent to HQ, he turned in his seat, to look out over the darkness.  Somewhere, out there, he knew his brother would be found.



Thought- Admiral K'lay epetai K'Onor-Chang


      With war, both internal and external behind us, and a weary peace carved out of the quadrant by force, both Empire and Strike Force can do little more than try to count the losses, control future risks, honor the dead, reassign Commanders where need is most, and rebuild as swiftly as possible.


      Imperial Diplomatic Corps seems to be the most successful in bouncing back, already setting up a series of "diplomatic" efforts to assist the Empire financially and politically, sending Lt(jg) A'qmarr ramHov quvHubwI'  to the Ferengi homeworld to set up what some might call trade agreements, and Capt.qe'San vestai-be'rawn and Ensign Tytlh'om Xarr to Orion and to the Empire held colonies to convince the latter how much safer they will be against the former under Klingon rule.  Meanwhile, until the colonies understand the error in their thinking, and accept their colonial status, the Orions will be allowed a limited free agency in the colonies, the Ferengi will buy what the Orions are allowed to steal, and the Empire will get a cut of the Ferengi profits. Sometimes subterfuge and a flexible sense of priorities are necessary in Diplomatic circles.     


      Internal Intelligence is decimated, both by the war with the Dominion and most recently, the civil war which saw good warriors on both sides destroyed by politics and the aftermath of civil conflict. Captain JuriSS was saved by the efforts of Ensign Koi Draklon, only to be thrown into political and perhaps physical jeopardy again when his ship and others disappeared into the wormhole without explanation. Major Ra'Qaol was rescued by Ensign VeQma's skill and ingenuity, but not in time to avoid Admiral K'lay being removed from NI Command in a decision forced on Kahless by political necessity, and the entire division placed under the watchful eye of Imperial Intelligence, to whom no taint could be attached.


      Imperial Intelligence, in addition to acquiring NI, sent a plethora of agents out to acquire other information.  Kriger DuppIm had been sent to investigate Dominion loose ends.  T'Lara journeyed to Breen to investigate an underground resistance group there. And Commander K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal was assigned to set up hidden listening posts in the Gamma Quadrant to monitor Dominion activities, assisted by Lt.Jg. Korgath vestai-DuppIm, who, though he had to quell a mutiny aboard the IKV Rigel SabIj, arrive as ordered, and in charge, as the captain of that vessel had been incapacitated. Meanwhile, the Federation starship USS Tana Re’ and several Klingon ships ventured through the wormhole to the Karemma trade outpost where it was hoped that the Karemma, being the main traders of the Dominion, could be persuaded to establish a lucrative trade arrangement between three out of 4 quadrants of the galaxy. These plans were all disrupted however, when something unknown occurs within the wormhole, and all communications cease.  Only one II officer sees the truth, QwIl’eren DuppIm AKA Taar DuSSa, Case Officer for Imperial Intelligence, and he is covertly aboard the USS Tana Re,’ out of contact with II HQ.  QwIl’eren watches as Dominion forces seize the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the wormhole, collapsing it, and trapping him, and all other allied ships in the Gamma Quadrant.

Internal Inteligence


       The aftermath of Civil War had taken its toll, in both officers and trust. Kahless, besieged by those who favored one political outcome over another, and unable to unravel the truth of all, had asked for the return of both the Romulan Tal Shiar agent Major Ra'Qaol, and Captain Khaufen JuriSS, to give evidence either for or against charges of suspected treason by the House of Chang and the House of DuraS, each against the other.  As the Commander of NI, and the one who knew the whereabouts of all parties, Admiral K'Lay had been ordered to produce them both.


     K'Lay set her agents to work, sending spies out to uncover what the DuraS hoped to gain by demanding Khaufen's return, and sending VeQ'ma Makai-K'Mpec to bring Major Ra'Qaol safely into NI HQ's protective custody. 


     VeQ'ma took Ra'Qaol in custody and was successful in preventing Ra'Qaol's assassination after the safe house he had been placed in proved to be anything but safe, her ingenious plan to "hide him plain sight" working well after she disguised him as a female warrior to bring him in.  But the distances between the off planet safe house location and the homeworld were long, and though VeQ'ma enlisted the aid of the Trouble Shooters to assist her, time was running out.


      When K'Lay's N.I. sources revealed that evidence against Khaufen had been manufactured, and that if he lived to arrive on Qo'noS, he might not live to leave again, K'Lay made the decision to order him elsewhere, into the wormhole to Dominion territory, for a short time only, until Ra'Qaol could be produced to give evidence against House DuraS and their Rom supporters, and she could convince Kahless of the truth before Khaufen was sacrificed as DuraS scapegoat.


      The first part of the plan went well, when Ensign Koi Droklon, who had been assigned to escort Captain JuriSS, managed to fight off a contingent of DuraS allied Romulan ships sent to destroy Khaufen, before his influence could conceivably be used against them in council.  The plan fell apart when Khaufen disappeared into the wormhole, as ordered, and the wormhole collapsed, leaving Admiral K'Lay with far too many unanswered questions, and no way to prove that she had not sent Khaufen  there permanently to avoid incriminating either herself or him in treasonous actions. Certainly the House of DuraS wasted no time in accusing her of crimes against the Empire and Kahless himself, and asking for her instant dismissal.


       In a last ditch effort at finding out what had happened to Khaufen, and a loophole to exonerate her with, K'Lay contacted her old nemesis, Imperial Intelligence Bureau Chief Q'rul DuppIm for answers.  Unfortunately politics can often move swifter than science and before the puzzle could be unravelled, Kahless was forced to make a decision, impartial to all, removing both Admiral K'lay and House DuraS leaders from both council and currently held Command positions.  NI was placed back under the auspices of Imperial Intelligence where, even if the allegations were true, it could not operate independently, and Admiral K'Lay was ordered to House Chang estates to await an uncertain future.


Imperial Diplomatic Service


       The war with the Dominion wreaked havoc with our political alliances and ties, weakening some and changing all.  The Federation and the Romulans have gone home to recoup losses and take care of their own, no threat, but no help to us. The Cardassians are not able to help themselves and have come looking for help we are in no position, or frame of mind, to provide.  The Dominion have gone home to lick their wounds, and though we have sent in an IDS Ambassador to "explore the possibility of future peaceful contact" (spy), our best agent, Khaufen JuriSS has not returned, his last garbled message received as the wormhole collapsed in on itself, swallowing him, his ship and several Imperial Intelligence vessels.  We do not know at this time, if the phenomenon was caused by something the Dominion had left over from the war, by their actions now, or was an accident.  


      We have had considerably more success in other areas of ...diplomacy.  Some of conquered colonies were no longer sure they wanted to be under our protection.  Some decided to take the risk and do as they pleased on the theory that after the war we were too weak to stop them.  The diplomatic Service was tasked with making sure the colonies were aware of the advantages we provide them....for example trade with other colonies and protection from common enemies.  Two colonies in particular were giving us a problem.  One colony, on the planet of Vega, was growing more and more hostile to our presence, launching attacks against our embassy there and against our people. The Orions, on the other hand, had long wanted to "raid" their neighboring worlds, one of them Vega, but we had kept them tightly under our control.  Command decided it was time to loosen that control to our benefit. 


      To this end, OFFICIALLY, qe'San AND Tytlh'om were dispatched to the Orion home world to open an Embassy there encouraging trade and relations with our Orion colony.  Unofficially, qe'San arranged a meeting with the Orion government leaders, taking Tytlh'om with him, giving the Orions our "unofficial permission" to raid the Vegan world until the Vegans change their attitude about our presence. This done, Tytlh'om remained on Orion to keep an eye on the "Orion pirates" who took immediate advantage of the opportunity to attack Vega, while qe'San went back to the Embassy on Vega to disavow all knowledge of any secret pact with the Orions.  Playing both sides, when the attacks began, qe'San promised Imperial Security assistance in chasing the Orion pirates away if the Vegans would cease hostilities against Klingon military, civilian and diplomatic personnel on planet.  We expect this plan to be successful, though not immediately. Damage control during war is the purview of the militarists;  damage control after war is ours, and we have a great deal more damage than we have financial resources to repair it.


     Thus a new IDS agent, A'qmarr, has been given orders to open an Embassy on the Ferengi homeworld, for if any race has the ability to turn financial disaster into benefit, it is the Ferengi.  It is our private hope that we can offer them the financial advantage of becoming "trade partners" with the Klingon Empire in return for a cut of their profits, giving our pet Orion pirates someone to trade their contraband to and WITH for starters, thus ensuring a mercenary "loyalty" of a sort both with the Orions and Ferengi.  Once the colonies learn the error of their ways, the trade partnership will be in place, and by then we will hope to turn the Orions raids to other targets not under our protection, and still receive some profit from the Ferengi link to help rebuild our war torn Empire.


Imperial Intelligence 

K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal commanding


What follows are the rpg actions of Imperial Intelligence:


K'Eherang - Took her vessel, the IKV Do'HoS, to the Gamma Quadrant to set up a hidden listening post to monitor Dominion activities.  She was assisted by other members of Imperial Intelligence.  However, just as construction began, an unknown emergency arose, which cut off the ability to communicate with the Alpha Quadrant. (To be continued...)


 Kriger - is off investigating Dominion loose ends. Meanwhile the Federation starship USS Tana Re’ is waiting in the Gamma Quadrant for the arrival of a Klingon Delegation, where, together, they will proceed to Aereaux-9, a Karemma trade outpost only 28 light years from the Gamma Quadrant exit of the wormhole. The Karemma, being the main traders of the Dominion, can establish a very lucrative trade arrangement that can also, if the founders allow, bring some stability to three out of 4 quadrants of the galaxy. One minor trade delegate for the Klingon Empire was aboard the USS Tana Re,’ one of 2 starships scheduled to meet the Karemma. Taar DuSSa was what everyone called him. It was the name on the ship’s manifest and on his ID papers. No one here called him QwIl’eren DuppIm, O-4 Case Officer for Imperial Intelligence. QwIl’eren watched as Dominion forces seized the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the wormhole, before the main Klingon delegation could arrive, trapping the Tana Re’ in the Gamma Quadrant. 


 T'Lara - Journeyed to Breen and found things rather chaotic - much fighting.  She made contact with an underground resistance group, composed of various races, dedicated to restoring the old ruling party on Breen.


 Korgath - Was apparently replaced by another officer posing as Korgath on the Thor's Hammer mission.  Korgath subsequently reported for duty aboard the IKV Rigel SabIj.  He did not get off to a good start with the ships XO, as the vessel headed for the Bajoran wormhole, with the mission of assisting Commander K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal with building a listening post.  During the journey, the XO of the Rigel SabIj tried to take control of the ship by incapacitating the Captain, but Korgath was able to take control himself and enlist the crew's help in continuing the mission.  When he arrived at Commander K'Eherang's location and began to assist her, an unknown emergency arose. (To be continued...)

E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E    E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E

Karl Holtz game master

 The crew of the Thor's Hammer, having discovered little in previous unexplored star systems, was excited at the sign of a faint, intermittent energy reading, underground, in the base of an ancient volcano. The detection of the energy reading was curious, that it seemed to have a Jem’ Hadar signature, made the blood of the warriors sing. Due to radiation concerns in the upper atmosphere, a shuttle was used to take a landing party to the surface. The ride to the surface was choppy, and except for Kojun bouncing his head off of a panel, the ride down is uneventful. The region was rocky, but a safe spot 368 meters below the mouth of the cave that seemed to lead to the power source was found. The route from the landing spot to the mouth of the cave was rocky and slow going. It will also offer plenty of opportunities to ambush the unwary. So, with weapons drawn, the senior officers of Thor’s Hammer advanced toward the mouth of the cave. As they ascended the "path" (more of a series of gaps between boulders, many of them as big as a 2 story house) everyone heard a pebble hit a stone off to the right somewhere.

Nothing was seen, it was windy, it could just have been the wind. 100 meters later though, T’Lara sees something move among the rocks of to the left. No one else saw it and whatever it was it was quiet. As they entered the mouth of the cave, they found old tracks of the floor and K'Eherang briefly detected the faint smell of Jem’Hadar.

Qo'noS mach : Cilivian Sector
Overseer Azel Tavana
Constable: Krowgan
Barkeep: Kosh

FAdm. K'Zhen enters the bar and pauses to look around.

"Hmmm, too new, too neat.  But soon there will be bloodstains and wine stains, and initials carved on the tables, with Klingon graffiti on the walls."

"Let the revels begin!!"

Constable Krowgon walks in and looks at the FAdm!  Nods at her and replied, " Since I am the Constable on this planet, wine stains, however bloodstains must be approved ......... 

K'Zhen pats her Daqtagh and asks with a wicked grin "Before or after the shedding?"

A young girl in a foul mood runs up and slams a mug of blood wine in front of K'Zhen.
"Kosh isn't here. Should be in later." she grumbles and she runs to the kitchen to fill another order of thesbit lung.

[A HUGE warrior enters and sits at a table near K'zhen. The surly girl takes his order and while she is off filling he, the warrior gives K'Zhen the eye ......... ]

K'Zhen stares back with narrowed eyes as if daring him to start something...

The Huge Warrior, enchanted with her response, wonders if she means it. He takes out his knife, stabs it into his table and glares back K'Zhen with a challenging stare!

K'Zhen chuckles softly, sips from her HIvje' and takes her time...
She then nods to VeQ'ma and continues to sip her bloodwine...

VeQ'ma bursts into bar, a bit breathless. qavan admiral (on noticing K'Zhen) who sat next to a burly SuvwI', then barks off an order at the bar maid her drinks order, double Romulan ale and Klingon fire wine, DaH.

VeQ'ma mutters something about needing time to think, as she requires another safe house on the hoof. then decides to ask the admiral K'Zhen for Ideas.

VeQ'ma leaves a strangely hooded and dressed form to stand in the corner with it's head down. She then takes seat and table close to that K'Zhen but not on her table in case she may interrupt something.

A purple shimmer in the air fills a space behind the bar, handcrafted out of trees from Qo'noS, the metal mugs hanging from a rack (behind the bar, with the regular's names engraved onto the outside of them), a humanoid form appears ... it is Kosh.  He is bare chested save his black leather vest (made from a le-matya's (Vulcan) hide), he also wears his black leather pants and knee-high black boots (made from a sea predator (shark) on Terra), his tanned bald head is kept closely shaved (with help from his consort), and his
braided beard is clean of tanglements; he raises a mug filled with Black Ale into the air, as a toast and grins big "Hoch qavan to those who have graced my place with your honorable selves!  I hope ye will stay awhile and partake of the fine brews and the company of all the honorable SuvwI' present! "

"I welcome the Lady VeQma and K'Zhen yo"aj!" He takes large gulp of ale "

"The first drink is on me!" he says as he signals female Orion waitress to patrons, and reaches under counter to engage the music device, which causes ancient Terran "Rock 'N' Roll to emanate from the speakers ringing the bar, near the ceiling.

K'Zhen lifts her HIvje' of bloodwine, nodding and smiling at Kosh.

Having imbibed in several blood wines by now and still more attentive the aloof Admiral K'Zhen and the Lady Veq'ma, the Warrior bursts into a loud, boisterous song! Pretty much singing to whatever the music is playing except in Klingon, and all off key. Two other warriors have entered and joined him in wine and song.

Overseer Tavana, having heard the noise from a block away, enters the bar to see what kind of clientele her precious city is attracting. She nodded to Kosh upon entering.

"Welcome Lady Veq'ma. Do take Kosh up on his offer to pay the first round.  I'm not sure how often he will be this generous."

"Admiral K'Zhen, I am honored to see you! I do hope you have found Qo'noS mach up to your expectations." she said loudly over the din of the 'singers' as she acquired a mug of Raasna Juice and a place at K'Zhen's table.

As the tunes flow from the Place's speakers, Kosh takes a gulp from his oversized tankard, which he keeps behind the bar for it's own protection, and observes as the lady Overseer makes her first entrance through the two foot thick solid wooden double doors into his establishment; he raises his tankard in salute to her presence, and makes her drink for the serving be' to bring to the Overseer.

"Hail and well met Overseer!  The first drink is on me my lady!"

The serving be' meets the Overseer at the foot of the descending stairs, and gives the drink to her, which the Overseer accepts and proceeds over to K'Zhen's table. Kosh attempts to ignore the huge SuvwI's accompanying verbose 'singing' to the ancient tera'ngan tunes, and warily raises his tankard in salute to the SuvwI's lack of tone, but valiant effort ...
Raising her crystal mug, the Overseer says "Well met Kosh! You have done well for yourself here."






by DuroQ

Star Trek Klingon Academy

Attention Great Warriors of the Strike Force!    I wish to sing the praises of this great game put out by Interplay, 14 Degrees East, and Paramount.  It is suppose to be a simulation for warriors of the Empire back in the days around "The Undiscovered Country" to learn to become the greatest captains of the Empire.  Some of you may not be into computer games, I understand this.  The one thing this "game" has going for it is the Information packed inside of it is invalueable to any and all Klingons.  I have recently discovered a library computer onboard the ships is a mini encyclopedia of facts, customs, weapons and some star systems.  The biggest benefit to me, is the Cadet Manual that comes with the game.  It is a resource they should sell seperately just for the information. 


Their are ship designs in it for the Klingons, the Romulans, the Tholian Assembly, the Gorn, the Sha'kurians.  Above all of this, the DVD movie! is worth watching with Christopher Plummer as General Chang, David Warner as future chancellor Gorkon and the voice talent of Michael Dorn as Commander Thok Mak.


Definitely recommended by this warrior, if you're thinking of a Christmas gift for yourself.


  I salute you all,               DuroQ of planet Qlaned


-  The K'Thug That Stole Kristmas  -
Adapted By: VAdm. Volar zantai-K'zota-K'Onor
                   The Teller of Ancient Klin-Tales


Every Klin down in Klin-ville
Liked Kristmas a lot...

But K'Thug,
Who lived just North of Klin-ville,
Did NOT!

K'Thug hated Kristmas! The whole Terran season!
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be that his ridges weren't screwed on quite right.
It could be, perhaps, his battle boots were too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his brain was two sizes too small.

Whatever the reason,
His brain or his boots,
He stood there on Kristmas Eve, hating the Klins,
Staring down from his cave with a sour, K'Thugy frown
At the warm lighted windows below in their town.
For he knew every Klin down in Klin-ville beneath
Was busy now, hanging a Romulan-toe wreath.

"And they're hanging their panties!" he snarled with a sneer.
"Tomorrow is Kristmas! It's practically here!"
Then he growled, with his K'Thug fingers nervously drumming,
"I MUST find a way to keep Kristmas from coming!"
For, tomorrow, he knew...

...All the Klins admirals and all the Klins men
Would wake up bright and early, put their disruptors away...
And wish all the Terrans a Happy Holiday!
(And K'Thug was quite sure this was not the Klin way!)

Then the Klins, young and near dead, would sit down to a feast.
With their usual enemies (who SHOULD be deceased!)
They would start on Klin-pudding, and rare Klin-roast-targ-beast
Which was something K'Thug couldn't stand in the least!

They'd do something he liked least of all!
Every Klin down in Klin-ville, the tall and the small,
Would stand close together, with Kristmas Gorn balls ringing.
They'd stand hand-in-hand. And the Klins would start singing!

They'd sing! And they'd sing!
And the more K'Thug thought of the Klin-Kristmas-Sing
The more K'Thug thought, "I must stop this whole thing!
"Why for twenty-three years I've put up with it now!
I MUST stop Kristmas from coming!
...But HOW?"

Then he got an idea!
An awful idea!

"I know just what to do!" K'Thug laughed in his throat.
And he made a quick K'Santy Claus hat and a coat.
And he chuckled, and clucked, "What a great K'Thugy trick!
"With this coat and this hat, I'll look just like Saint K'Nick!"

"All I need is a reindeer..."
The K'Thug looked around.
But since reindeer are scarce, there was none to be found.
Did that stop ol' K'Thug...?
No! K'Thug simply said,
"If I can't find a reindeer, I'll make one instead!"
So he called his Orion boy Solen. Then he took some red thread
And he tied a big horn on top of his head.

He loaded some bags
And some old sacks he had stolen
On a ramshakle bird-of-prey
And he hitched up old Solen.

Then K'Thug said, "Giddyap!"
The Bird-of-Prey started down
Toward the homes where the Klins
Lay a-snooze in their town.

All their windows were dark. Quiet snow filled the air.
All the Klins were all dreaming battle dreams without care
When he came to the first house in the square.
"This is stop number one," K'Thugy Claus hissed
And he climbed to the roof, empty bags in his fist.

Then he slid down the chimney. A rather tight hug.
But if K'Santa could do it, then so could K'Thug.
He got stuck only once, for a moment or two.
Then he stuck his head out of the fireplace flue
Where the little Klin panties all hung in a row.
"These panties," he grinned, "are the first things to go!"

Then he slithered and slunk, with a smile most unpleasant,
Around the whole room, and he took every present!
Pop Chancellors! And baby vorcha's! Roller slave girls! Disruptors!
Romu-boards! Tricycles! Tribblecorn! And tribbleballs!
And he stuffed them in bags. Then K'Thug, very nimbly,
Stuffed all the bags, one by one, up the chimney!

Then he slunk to the icebox. He took the Klins' feast!
He took the Klin-pudding! He took the roast targ beast!
He cleaned out that icebox as quick as a flash.
Why, that K'Thug even took their last can of Klin-hash!

Then he stuffed all the food up the chimney with glee.
"And NOW!" grinned K'Thug, "I will stuff up the tree!"

And K'Thug grabbed the tree, and he started to shove
When he heard a small sound like the coo of a dove.
He turned around fast, and he saw a small Klin!
Little T'Lara-Lou Who, who was a Beastwoman not more than two.

K'Thug had been caught by this little Who-klin daughter
Who'd got out of bed for a cup of cold wyne.
She stared at K'Thug and said, "K'Santy Claus, why,
"Why are you taking our Kristmas tree? WHY?"

But, you know, that old K'Thug was so smart and so slick
He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick!
"Why, my sweet little tot," the fake K'Santy Claus lied,
"There's a light on this tree that won't light on one side.
"So I'm taking it home to my space station, my dear.
"I'll fix it up there. Then I'll bring it back here."

And his fib fooled the puq. Then he patted her head
And he got her a drink and he sent her to bed.
And when T'Lara-Lou Who went to bed with her cup,
K'Thug went to the chimney and stuffed the tree up!

Then the last thing he took
Was the log for their fire.
Then he went up the chimney himself, the old liar.
On their walls he left nothing but hooks, and some wire.

And the one speck of food
That he left in the house
Was a crumb that was even too small for a k'mouse.

He did the same thing
To the other Klins' houses

Leaving crumbs
Much too small
For the other Klins' k'mouses!

It was quarter past dawn...
All the Klins, still a-bed
All the Klins, still a-snooze
When he packed up his bird,
Packed it up with their presents! The ribbons! The wrappings!
The targs! And the tinsel! The trimmings! The trappings!

Three thousand feet up! Up the side of Mount Krumpit,
He rode to the tiptop to dump it!
"Pooh-pooh to the Klins!" he was K'Thug-ish-ly humming.
"They're finding out now that no Kristmas is coming!
"They're just waking up! I know just what they'll do!
"Their mouths will hang open a minute or four
"Then all the Klins down in Klin-ville will all cry havoc and slip dogs of war

"That's a noise," grinned K'Thug,
"That I simply must hear!"
(Much better than singing, he thought with a sneer)
So he paused. And K'Thug put a hand to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising over the snow.
It started in low. Then it started to grow...

But the sound wasn't mad!
Why, this sound sounded merry!
It couldn't be so!
But it WAS merry! VERY!

He stared down at Klin-ville!

K'Thug popped his eyes!
Then he shook!
What he saw was a shocking surprise!

Every Klin down in Klin-ville, the tall and the small,
Was singing! Without any presents at all!
He HADN'T stopped Kristmas from coming!
Terran K'Ristmas just CAME!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!

And K'Thug, with his K'Thug-feet ice-cold in the snow,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could it be so?
It came without ribbons! It came without targs!
"It came without packages, boxes or dak'taghs!"
And he puzzled three hours, `till his puzzler was sore.
Then K'Thug thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe Kristmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.
"Maybe Kristmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"

And what happened then...?
Well...in Klin-ville they say
That K'Thug's small brain
Grew three sizes that day!
And the minute his brain didn't feel quite so tight,
He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light
And he brought back the toys! And the food for the feast!
And he...

The K'Thug carved the roast targ beast



The Song....

You're a mean one, La’ K’Thug.
You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a targ hide,
You're as charming as an eel, La’ K’Thug.
You're a bad banana
With a greasy black peel.

You're a monster, La’ K’Thug.
Your heart's an empty hole.  Your brain is full of JELL-O,
You have Orions in your soul, La’ K’Thug.
I wouldn't touch you, with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

You're a vile one, La’ K’Thug.
You have termites in your smile.
You have all the tender sweetness
Of a Romulan crocodile, La’ K’Thug.
Given the choice between the two of you,
I'd take the Romulan crocodile.

You're a foul one, La’ K’Thug.
You're a nasty, wasty skunk.
Your heart is full of unwashed socks
Your soul is full of gunk, La’ K’Thug.
The three words that best describe you
are as follows, and I quote: "Stink. Stank. Stunk."

You're a rotten one, La’ K’Thug.
You're the king of sinful Orion spots!
Your heart's a dead tomato splotched
With moldy purple spots, La’ K’Thug.
Your soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing
with the most disgraceful assortment of deplorable
Ferengi imaginable,
Mangled up in tangled up knots.

You nauseate me, La’ K’Thug.
With a nauseaus super-naus.
You're a crooked jerky jockey Kirk
And you drive a crooked Feddie Benz, La’ K’Thug.
You're a three decker saurkraut and toadstool sandwich
With arsenic sauce.





Joe Manning
Lt. Klaad vestai K'tarra
105 Charles Drive
Dover, Ohio

Dennis DeBalso
DenIS Anderson
1600 Eastcrest Dr.
Apt. U
Charlotte, NC 28205
Derrick Andrew Baldwin
Lt (jg) DuroQ vestai of Qlaned
PO Box 680819
Miami, FL

Massimiliano Benini
Ensign Tremal vestai Naik 
Via della Beverara 118
Bologna, Italy

Pascal Teva Bordron
Ensign Tytlh'om Xarr      
38, boulevard de la Prairie Au Duc,
44200 Nantes

 Michael J. Sennet
 1817 Vulcan Ave.
 Dearborn MI 48128



Steven P Holdren
Q'urras Doq'Marr
3612 Cuming St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68131
IKV Empire's Glory





George Naylor-Cmdr. Kulec Sutai-Tera’weH - Address Change: PO Box 68, Oxford, Nebraska 689867


Ken Traft-K’Ken T’Relak (qaqen terelaq) - Address change: 6629 Park Avenue South, Richfield, Minnesota 55423-2538.  Add Additional E-mail: ken.traft@aupervalu.com


Paula Peacos-Lt.jg. KlySa’ra Vestai VelaH’ - Address change: Please withhold address. Is in the process of moving.


-  VOYAGER news items  -

sent in by DaHar Master K'Zhen Zu-merz
 "Lineage" Word has it that Paris and Torres are going to be the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl, but only after a 30 week long pregnancy.  Now the baby is conceived naturally but then B'Elanna decides to get rid of the "bad DNA" from the Klingon side. The crew is not really surprised by the pregnancy and the baby is to be born at the end of the season. B’Elanna Torres faces some tough decisions with regard to her and Tom’s future happiness. This episode, currently shooting day five of seven, marks yet another turning point in the relationship of the newly married couple.  Filming for some of the flashback scenes from young B’Elanna’s childhood continue today, Wednesday and Thursday on Stage 16. These scenes are set at a campground and prove crucial to the development and backstory of the sometimes-volatile U.S.S. Voyager Engineer.
 Star Trek.com had this to say: Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres reach a crossroads in their relationship which could have long-ranging effects on both of their lives. Early in her life, B'Elanna and her father joined his family on a camping trip where something happened, something that could
result in B'Ellana making an irrevocable decision against Tom's will that no amount of technology can rectify.
 B’Elanna’s Baby to Fulfil "Prophecy"?
 Thought you wouldn’t be seeing many Klingons in the Delta Quadrant? Think again, as filming continues today on day six of seven for the Klingon-based episode 260, "Prophecy." Episode 260 sees the U.S.S. Voyager crew take on a new complement of Klingons who believe they may have found exactly what their generations long search was intended for "the Kuvah’Magh" the savior of the Klingon race.  Generations ago, a Klingon warship left familiar territory and headed off into unknown space. When the descendants of that original crew run into the U.S.S. Voyager
in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Janeway's first concern is convincing the Klingons that the hostilities between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are long over. After that, a more intractable problem arises after the Klingon vessel is destroyed and its crew of over 200 find themselves aboard Voyager and perhaps living out the fulfilment of an ancient prophesy.  "Prophecy," the thirteenth episode to be filmed this year, marks the virtual mid-way point for the final season of Star Trek: Voyager.




Main Story Image10.27.00 Stewart Signs for ST X: "Star Trek: X" Has a Captain


 Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) has officially signed on for the tenth Star Trek movie, (the fourth to feature the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast) slated to go into production sometime in 2001, pending the outcome of next year’s actors’ and writers’ strikes.


The title and script details for "ST: X" are still unconfirmed.


Paramount Announces "Star Trek: X" Writer


 Paramount Pictures this week formally announced screenwriter John Logan as the person to pen the tenth installment in the Star Trek motion picture series. Logan, who co-wrote one of the year’s biggest blockbusters, “Gladiator,” with David H. Franzoni and William Nicholson, also recently scored with the screenplay (based on his story) for director Oliver Stone’s pro football drama “Any Given Sunday.”


 Other recent Logan projects include the Golden Globe winning HBO movie “RKO 281,” a dramatization on the making of Orson Wells’ “Citizen Kane.” Currently, Logan is working on a screenplay based on the life of billionaire eccentric Howard Hughes for acclaimed director Michael Mann, as well as an updated version of the H.G. Wells classic “The Time Machine.”


 An accomplished playwright as well, Logan wrote “Never the Summer,” which premiered in Chicago in 1985 and opened in London’s West End in 1990. The play also received the New York Outer Critics Circle Award for an Off-Broadway Play in 1998. Logan’s other plays include “Hauptmann,” “Riverview,” “The View From Golgotha” and “Speaking in Tongues.”


 Sherry Lansing, Chairman of Paramount Pictures’ Motion Picture Group, commented on Logan’s qualifications: “John is an immensely talented writer with the rare ability to combine drama and action without sacrificing one for the other. I am thrilled that he is on board.”


 Emmy Award-winning producer Rick Berman will produce the newest Star Trek film. Berman has produced the last three Star Trek films; “Star Trek Generations,” “Star Trek: First Contact” and “Star Trek: Insurrection.” Longtime Star Trek cast members Patrick Stewart (“Captain Jean-Luc Picard”) and Brent Spiner (“Data”) will once again reprise their roles for the new movie.


 The Star Trek film series is one of the most successful of all time. Since debuting in 1979 with “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” the film series has grossed more than $1 billion in worldwide box office receipts.


Romulans in Next Film, Berman Says


Rick Berman told a local news station last night that the Romulans — a Federation nemesis not yet featured prominently in a Star Trek movie — will play a major role in the tenth film of the series. He also promised a "doozy" of a villain, and disclosed that the as-yet-untitled "Star Trek: X" will not hit theaters until sometime in 2002.


 Executive Producer Berman, in an interview by UPN News 13 in Los Angeles, was being pressed to reveal what "surprises" can be expected in the next film. "I can tell you nothing about the surprises. I can tell you — I wasn't planning to do this, but I will — that we will be meeting the Romulans in this movie," he said, adding with a grin, "I will say no more."


Berman was excited to report that the writer currently working on the screenplay, John Logan (see related story here), is a bona fide Star Trek fan. "John, I think, knows far more about Star Trek than I do. He has every episode on tape." He was also excited by the direction Logan is taking the story. "We've got, in my mind, the greatest Star Trek villain since Khan. John was intent on creating a wonderful villain, and we've got a doozy." (He did not specify whether the villain would be a Romulan.) Berman added that there will be an element of comedy along with the drama and action. "It's going to be shocking, it's going to be exciting, and it's going to be funny," he said.


 He told the news station that the film doesn't yet have a title — "'Star Trek: X' will have to do for the moment" — and that it will be released sometime in 2002, rather than the Fall of 2001 as previously reported.


 Berman also confirmed that Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) and Brent Spiner (Data) have signed deals to be in the movie, and that Spiner participated, along with Berman and Logan, in crafting the story that the screenplay is based on.


 He dismissed rumors that the character of Data will be killed off in this movie, saying there are no plans to do that. He added that he does not wish to give credence to Internet rumors by discussing them. "They're not even worth addressing, because so much more of it is untrue than true." He also noted that, contrary to rumor, it has not yet been decided whether the next movie will be the last one for the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


 He did promise, though, "There are some very interesting surprises regarding Data in this film... but you're gonna have to wait to see the movie."


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