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In the last BATTLE LINES, I announced that within the next few months, the membership was going to have the opportunity to purchase items which feature a KSF logo and artwork.   We are still working on that option, but the implementation of it will be postponed in order to be sure to give everyone in the club, especially those not on line, time to send submissions in.  So, for those of you who are still working on ideas for the KSF logo, or other artwork suitable for reproduction, you still have time.  Please send in your submissions to me via e-mail or land mail by December 31st to be considered.
       In the meantime, one of our own officers has developed a project that I think many of you might be interested in.  Thus I am including his discription of the project, and asking all of you who might be interested to send him your photo and very short basic character bio.  Even if you aren't interested in purchasing a calendar (as described below) there may be others in the club who would want to include you in THEIR KSF Calendar.  This unique project provides a way for everyone in the club to participate in one way or the other. 

       In the meantime, the Command Staff here on Qo'noS want to wish all of you a happy and peaceful Holiday Season and Quch chu'DIS for 2003.  Qapla'

Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang
Klingon Strike Force Commander in Chief
Klingon Strike Force High Command
tlhIngan HIvbeq ra'ghomquv


   Want that EXTRA special something for Kristmas this year?
How about a personalized Calendar of YOU as a Klingon, with 11 other very important Klingon Fan/Club leaders or pictures of YOUR choice? All that is required is a pic of you in uniform, OR a reasonable face picture that can be added to existing pics of people in uniform, a small bio of YOUR character (e.g. Full line name(s), weight, height, race, fusion or Imperial, ranks in various groups, those groups your affiliated with, your birthday, any bonding dates you wish remembered, specific honorariums you want known or a great battle date recalled.) These will be compiled into a personal Calendar for YOU for the small fee of $7 USD and $3 shipping and handling to most North American locations.(UK and others will have to be inquired as to postage from this location on a case by case basis, as I am unsure of costs right now to those locations.) Choices for other Calendar Monthly pics include leaders of KSF, KAG Kanada, IKEF, KLAW, KLI, KAG US, some Feddie groups, Maquis International, and the BLA. Pics of ships or others of your choice can also be substituted.(Why not get the WHOLE command staff of your favorite group or 11 others from YOUR own ship?)These will NOT be the glossy kind of calendars most are used to that costs $25 or more, but will be produced on heavy cardstock and printed individually for each customer to their preferences. Once delivered, you could even take them, have more printed yourself for those in the group. YOUR choices are near endless. These will LSOinclude the various KLINGON Hly days for your rememberance and anticipation brought to you by the Abbott of Tolar'tu, Hand of Durgath and Qitumbe' of the KSF. If interested in this unique opportunity, send
e-mail to one of the addresses below and I will get all needed info for the production of your calendar.

Robert Cunningham (Commander Avakhon vestai Khinsharri)
2 Bricker Ave.
Dayton, Ohio  45427


by Vice Admiral qe'San Zantai be'rawn

Here we are with another issue of Battle Lines, the third and final one for this year. I personally can't believe this year has gone so quickly. Hopefully you will also find yourselves reading this issue before or at Xmas. If so then I have finally got to grips with this holiday schedule.

Well the last comments were incorrect.. I failed.. Please see my Post Report for more as here is no place for my feeble excuses..

I just hope that we all have a better year in 2003.. 

Happy New Year!!




David Yates / Lt. vestai "BlackHeart"
Chaplain General Corps XO


Robert Cunningham / Avakhon Khinsharri - promotion to Commander

Peter Lin / Korgath DuppIm - promotion to Lt.

Michael D. Stanley / SamwI' quvHubwI' - promotion to Lt.

Clayton George / K'Grimm Satir - promotion to Lt(jg)


Gill Curry / LCmdr. Luciouslips vestai-JurISS-Chang

Darren Carmichael / Lt Kha'Mish'Khal vestai Duraqnan

David Yates / Lt. vestai ''BlackHeart''




Sector One
Commander K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-Jiraal Reporting

Commander K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-Jiraal:  Has allowed her life to be
eaten by the vicious NaNoWriMo Monster, also known as the National Novel
Writing Month, which means that she has taken of the challenge of writing a
50,000 word novel in a month.  So, until the end of November, K'Eherang
basically has no life.

Commander Kosh zantai-Zu-Merz:  Has moved into a new house, and is preparing
for Christmas.

Sector Two
Compiled by Kulec Tera’weH, Sector Commander

U Kulec Tera’weH: I have not done any club activity over the past several months or communicated with anyone. Real life keeps intruding too much.

U Moqra: Things are quiet in my corner of Sector 2. Not much to tell. My big project, a role-playing game that I’m building from the ground up, has reached the initial play-testing stage and things look good there. The main problem with that is, as we develop the world for the game, it keeps more and more invalidating the 150+ pages of the novel I’ve already got written in that world, so that’s just more work for me, but I can handle the rewrite. I’m just plugging away at it, every minute of every day letting my mind churn away at it. I guess you could say I’m obsessed. It’s a good thing, though, I like it. I’ve also started teaching myself to play guitar. I’m doing brilliantly, fabulously, better than anyone ever, it’s been three weeks. I know three WHOLE CHORDS, and I can stumble my way slowly through one WHOLE SCALE, and I’m auditioning for the Omaha Community Orchestra tomorrow (Yeah, that’s gonna happen). I got a new set of pots and pans from my mother and my daughter for my birthday, so I’ve been back in the kitchen, trying to come up with new bizarre recipes to disgust you all with the next Kristmas Kookbook. Other than all that, not much up on the banks of the Missouri River.

Sector Three
Compiled by Admiral Katalyia Epetai K’Tore-Jiraal, Sector Commander

U Admiral Katalyia K’Tore-Jiraal: Just got off working overtime and there will not be anymore until sometime after Christmas—Suppose to be anyway. Which I am happy to say, I will not miss working it. Halloween, I went to a party and entered a drawing for a door prize—A DVD player—and won! I couldn’t believe it. I also participated in the cake walk and won a cake. I am looking forward to the new Star Trek movie and am counting the days until it premieres. I also got the rest of my convention pictures developed. They turned out good.

U Avalon: I have recently been appointed the Prior of Tolar’tu, a position which I wasn’t sure I was prepared for, but seem to be doing well at in spite of myself. (At least that’s what the critics say! I’m still waiting for the Q’onos Herald Daily’s review before I know for sure! Hahahahahahaaaa!) Personally, I have begun my own business in the advertising and marketing area, selling advertising to local small businesses then distributing a flier to area carryouts, pizza delivery places, grocery stores, anywhere they’ll give me a few inches of counter space basically. And then seeing to it that they remain there for two months at a time before the next issue is out…SO far, it’s not tons of money, but it is something…Pretty much all for now and as your faithful Hand of Durgath Prior, may he watch over you and send Kahless to greet you at Sto’Val’Kor.

U Ken Traft: Things are beginning to wind down for me. On October 4, I took my Oral Exam and passed it. The long two and a half years paid off (I think). I started January 2000. It was a great experience even though very tiring and burdensome on my family. On November 16, I will be 47 years old so it is about 22 years after when I should have gotten it. Things were much easier when I was younger!! This now means that I can spend more time with my wife, Lo’Lah. She was very patient over the years especially when it seemed like I was out every night (and at least one weekend a month) either attending classes or visiting with clients in my internship. Classes were actually over the end of June, but I was trying to finish up with clients through September. I still volunteer with the Hennepin County Medical Health One-on-One program. I’ve had the same client for almost 3 years (I am only seeing the one). I am putting on the finishing touches to the final version of my thesis which must be bound and put in the library before the Graduation Ceremony October 27. I got my Master’s Degree when I finished my orals, but the actual ceremony doesn’t occur until the 27th. I continue my job at SUPERVALUE—been there a little over five and a half years now. I think I may have reported earlier that I was moved from my position in Software Testing on the LAN/Client Server group back to the mainframe side on the Change Control Team. I have been trying to adjust to the new job, but I find I have no real liking for the work. I continue with my mantra to keep me going—"I need my job I need my paycheck. I need my job I need my paycheck."

U Trekkan: Not much to report in the aspect of Klingon—have been fighting health issues which has me incapacitated most of the time.

U DaHar Master K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz (Gennie Summers) : - The House of Zu-Merz celebrated the bonding of Kosh sutai-Zu-Merz and T'Lara JurISS. The ceremony, performed by K'Zhen, the epetai of the house at Praxis Station on HovpoH 1110.02. The House of Zu-Merz welcomed its new member, T'Lara Zu-Merz with a celebration following the ceremony, and the blessing of Durgath was bestowed at a later date on Praxis station. The House of Zu-Merz takes gret pride in its members, who pledge their service and their honor, and come under the protection of its resources against all who would oppose them.

In Real Life, I have been working on a new logo for House Zu-Merz, and also for the KSF. I received bad news in October, when I was notified that the people who still owe me money for my house have gone bankrupt, and I am not likely to receive the remainder of the second mortgage I hold. Some Terrans are sadly lacking in honor.

I am very much in favor of continuing the post reports.  I enjoy reading about the real lives of our members.  I think to discontinue it would diminish the enjoyment of the club and knowing each other.

Sector Four
Compiled by Cmdr. T’lara sutai-Zu-Merz, Sector Commander

U Cmdr. T’Lara sutai Zu-Merz: Well, the summer has come and gone since the last report, as well as the fall being in progress. My son made the final Honor Roll in fifth grad, and has made the first one this year as well. Middle school is a lot different from Elementary School he is finding out. More rules, more classes each day, and lots more work. My job is now 9:30 pm to 6am Tues, Weds, Thrus, Fri, and Sunday nights. It was difficult to get used to, but I think I am acclimating now. The divorce is finalized, and for all those who haven’t seen the most recent roster, I have changed my last name in RL to Wyss again. I will be going back to court with my ex on Dec 13 to gain sole custody of my son, and to have vistation reduced. They are not treating him well when he is there, and he does not really want to go there anymore. In the club (in case some of you did not catch the list) Kosh Zu-Merz and I have become bondmates, and I have taken on his House name and joined the great House of Zu-Merz.

U Capt. Kishin zantai Kukura: And best greetings to the Warriors of the Strike Force! I have been enjoying the latest incarnation of Star Trek—Enterprise. It’s very cool that Klingons sometimes appear, though I would be happier if we saw some of the smooth headed ‘Classic’ people of my sort-) I’ve just read William Shatner’s 1999 book, "Get A Life". A friend gave it to me just weeks ago. Somehow I had totally missed out on it. It’s everything I could have asked of him. He basically apologizes for scorning Star Trek’s fannish base for so many years, then performs a beautiful contrition by making a project of spending time at cons and learning, finally, what moves the folks who love Star Trek. It’s a funny, wise, generous-spirited book. Shatner interviewed many fans, including a number of Klingons who get long sidebars in different chapters. He looks at the history of conventions and gives loving attention to the first ST cons, the fan-run wonders that took place in New York City in the early seventies. Another stray media recommendation—"Hack" is a new TV show based on the adventures of a Philadelphia ex-cop who now drives a cab and can’t seem to help continuing to act—like a good cop. It’s filmed in Philly so I enjoy the cool locations, and the lead actor, David Morse, lives here. It gets an enthusiastic "thumbs up" from this Philly thlinghan. I salute you all—From strength to Strength!

Sector Five
Compiled by Rakqor K’Mpec, Sector Commander

U Rakqor K’Mpec: It has been a very interesting past few months to say the least. The building project I started this past spring is almost finally done. Had a heck of a time with some roof leaks but I think finally they are fixed. Will know next heavy rain…Had to get a new computer, as my old one died, went in to sleep and never awoke! I bought one at a show and had a lot of problems getting it going, (it was a kit which meant I had to assemble and add programming) that thankfully is not an issue anymore and it appears to be working correctly, the only problems are since it is so new and using Windows XP many of my favorite older programs do not function right and not all the patches have been made. I learned a lot about installing components, interfacing, and getting software installed. I see why they charge you so much to do it, it certainly was a chore and took sometime. The company I work for went under so I am back working for myself again! I started a "new" project…rebuilding a 1965 Pontiac GTO which was a birthday present from my wife. This one will take years, but I will enjoy it! I just love the sound of that 400 cubic inch engine, and the looks I get when I cruise around town are…COOL. Sure draws a lot of attention. I have been interfacing with the locale KAG group and have gone to a couple of their functions, good people. A special thanks to Anne Zecca (A’Qmarr) for getting me hooked up with them. Had a nice vacation out to KCMO, thru Tenn and IL, stopped at several Civil War Battlefields, and a resurrected Steam Ship in KC. Would have been fine except my wife fell at Stones River and banged her elbow pretty good, and the broke out in polymorphic light eruptions! (Too Much Sun!) So she had to stay in the truck at many places while my son and I toured around. Does not sound like a great vac, but really wasn’t too bad, as we stayed in some very nice hotels along the way. Eat and drank to excess and had much fun! Looking forward to the holidays and working on my new "baby".

U Lt.-Cmdr. A’qmarr ramHov vestai-K’Onor: I was honored by the local chapter of the Marine Corps League at their meeting with a Certificate of Appreciation for my organizational work on the joint MCL-VFW military library. I was appointed as the MCL group’s librarian (as well as photographer). I also began my 1 year term of office as President of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary, Post 2811, in Gainesville, Fl. I’ve already held one membership meeting and a fundraising dinner, along with attendance at a day of instruction and orientation for officers. Within the KSF, I served on the Imperial Review Board for the first time; deciding on promotions and commendations. I received a second ship from KSF Command, pumwI’ (Accuser) class Dreadnought Command and Control Fleet Flagship; named IKV QI’lin batlh—K’Lynn’s Honor. I still retain the B’rel class Scout IKV QI’lin toduj. I was promoted to the Naval rank of Commander and received a commendation for my past work with Cmdr,. Kiysa’ra and her Imperial Military officers during a previous quarter. I did find some good costume resources at KAG’s website—especially instructions on making a Command/Battle Cloak (in downloadable pdf format). I do recommend other costumers check out the details at the quartermaster’s section of www.kag.org.


Sector Eight
Compiled by Fleet Captain Borg QI’mpeq, Sector Commander

U Fleet Captain Borg QI’mpeq: Back in August, I attended not two but three conventions. The first convention was the San Diego Comic-Con International, the only actor that I was there really to see was Dave Prowse (Darth Vader), mainly because I’m one of the Group Moderators for The Darth Vader Fan Club. The next convention was in Cleveland, Ohio for the British RockBand, QUEEN called BreakThru 2002. It was while attending BreakThru2002 that I came across another convention being held in the same hotel, a S&M/D&B convention. You take a rough guess, as to which convention my Klingon side attended. On October 18, 2002 at 11:30AM; I was in Hollywood, California amongst the many QUEEN Supporters and Fans at QUEEN’S Walk of Fame Unveiling Ceremony. It was quite an honor to be in attendance, watching Brian May and Roger Taylor unveiled QUEEN’S Walk of Fame Star at 6356 Hollywood Blvd. Then later, that same day, at a club called ‘Club Sixteen-Fifty’, there was a special party called ‘QUEEN-Written In The Stars. That featured the Chris Thompson Band, Spike Edney’s All Stars, Plus Very Special Guests. It was about (;30ish, when the Very Special Guests showed up, which was non other than Brian May and Roger Taylor. A few minutes later, Club Sixteen-Fifty became the loudest Club in LA…as Brian May and Roger Taylor with assistance from Spike Edney’s All Stars began belting a few recognizable Queen Songs. The only other news is I’ve recently been shopping around for a new shuttlecraft (car); I’ve narrowed it down to one of four cars; a Hyundai Accent, Ford Focus, Kia Rio, and Toyota Echo.


U K'Lay K'Onor-Chang: Trying to rescue the balcony plants from the early Canadian winter which has hit with an unexpected snap, do college research for my 19 year old daughter to find the right university, take care of family issues in California, run to Maine to keep my status here legal, and keep up with the Abbot and myriad KSF work. 

U Abbot K'Obol/Doug Welsh - Dealing with insurers and doctors and bureaucrats and people who like to think their opinions are the only ones worth having can be both trying and tiring.  Unfortunately, it is something I can't avoid, these days.  However, Margie and I had a good summer, and a good autumn so far, except for the cold snap which told her tomatoes to stop growing when there were nearly 100 on the plants.  We did some exploring, and found out where Maine is (Just to the west of New Brunswick, which is north of Nova Scotia, and I found out that Maine is not part of Canada, yet), and found what had to be the nastiest Immigration Officer in Canada while we were at it.  We have spent some time with friends who are not Klin (yes, there are such people) and drank some fine wine, and saw some of Cape Breton as well.  Now, we are struggling with several situational difficulties with government.  What joy!

U Ens. teH Hel Mo'Klar K'Onor, Lt. Nagh'Gor vestai-Raziel-K'Onor & Lt (jg), James vestai Barnaby

I'm, as keeper of the tick list and calendar for the household, writing to apologize to our KSF friends.

We (Gordon, Peter and I) haven't been keeping in touch the way we wanted to and I/we realize that, because this is an email driven RP/club, it falls apart when we don't participate/communicate -- even in a minor way.

I/we had not expected September and October to be as hectic as July and August, but RL has a distinctly un-nerving way of throwing us – not just curves! -- but spit balls too!

Gordon and I:  August we had all 4 girls here; took a trip to New Brunswick over a weekend (Friday-Monday) so they could have fun at a water park/theme park in Moncton, and visit the largest Mall east of Montreal to buy clothes for school (ever taken 4 teenagers shopping???? Have good running shoes and a good night's sleep first!!); Tuesday that same week, our 16-year old had dental surgery (all 4 wisdom teeth out at
once!); that same day a girlfriend from Ogdensburg, NY arrived with her 19 year old son (he's joined the St. Mary's University Huskies Football team in Halifax) and her 15 year old daughter (she had her birthday the
day they left here -- Thursday); Wednesday Peter arrived home unexpectedly to a rather "husky" (pardon the pun) young man occupying his room and 3 of the 4 girls sleeping in his livingroom!  (I love understanding, patient tenants!!)  That brings us to the conclusion of my FIRST WEEK OF VACATION!  The second week of vacation was spent recuperating and catching up on housework generated by the first week of vacation.  The third week of my vacation (first week of September) the girls had gone back to their other parents and school and -- silly me! -- we adopted a dog! (Let me know if you'd like pics -- like all parents of new 'babies' we're heavy into picture taking! -- just ask those we've been sending them to, eh?!)

Peter was supposed to be able to work around the City this summer, but it didn't quite work out the way he'd hoped.  His workdays of 6:00 a.m. - 9:30/10:00 p.m. took place between the east coast of New Brunswick
(Bathurst and the Miramichi) and the Island of Newfoundland (Corner Brook), and a good many points in between (Cape Breton, Cobequid Pass, etc)!  With the same work hours (he gets up between 5 and 5:30 to get to work on time) "laying micro" (ask him what that means please -- I can't remember what it stands for and he's much better at it than I am!) which is not quite the same as paving, but goes on the road like asphault does -- sort of.  Because he's away 2-3 weeks at a time, home two days -- which he spends doing laundry, paying bills and spending time with his son --  he barely has time to see us and we live with him! or check his email -- then he's off and away again!  He's off work for the winter now -- temperatures have dropped too low for doing micro by this time of the year and daylight is too short -- and will have a little more time (he has a list of things he has to do over the winter) to spend having fun until he goes back to work in April/May.

I'm not making any promises that things will be better in the current quarter, but we will promise to try and hold up our end of things. (Fingers crossed to keep the spit ball pitcher at bay!)

Again, as keeper of the tick list/calendar, I apologize for not submitting RP segments and post reports for last quarter  -- gotta remember to react to the things on the list in a more timely fashion! Do write when you can, and we will respond as soon as we're able -- whether it's RL or RP we do look forward to your letters, etc.

Gordon, Ethel and Saint Peter ("Brasso" does wonders on halos, did you know?)

U K'Grimm Satir / Clayton George:        For the club:  beat other net-monkeys away from the over-booked library computer(s) to download RPG pieces.  Kept tryint to crowbar the "EZboard" (easy?  HAH?!!) Klingon board open, with no success, and went digging for more references.  Star charts may come in handy. 
       Real Life:  endured car repair bills in excess of $2,000, endured taking care of my elderly father, and generally tried to smash my way out of Pictou's bricked up prison.  "For the love of God, Montresor!!!"  Riequescot in pace......
       I dare all Klin in the realm to flood my mailbox with real, paper mail.  Are you mouse-monkeys or are you Klin?  The guantlet is thrown down.  Pick up paper and pen and FIRE BACK!  (grim stare)

U Lt.Cmdr. Malto'ch vestai-puqloD'veS IS: In real life, I have been extremely busy at work, I run the seat & ladder shop section of 14 AMS Component Shop, we repair and maintain the crew seats, pilot seats, and boarding ladders of the CP140 ASW aircraft, we have been going through a transition where we are taking over new aspects of the aircraft seats, that we weren't previously responsible for, so that takes up alot of time at work. At home, a four year old and two year old, as well as a wife working most evenings and weekends doesn't leave much spare time for the finer things in life, as well as a rapidly aging computer that allows me to stay online at the best of times. Most of the time I am lucky to get my e-mail downloaded. I  have also taken up the reins and am starting a new club called Starfleet Canada, essentially a Feddie mirror of KAG Kanada. On that front I had most of my crew drop off the face of the earth, actually two moved, four quit, due to various reasons. So I am now trying to rebuild. I apologize that KSF has kind of taken a back burner. One of these darn times I will actually try and complete a report for my Security section, rather then get it half finished.



U Vice Admiral qe'San zantai be'rawn (Jon Brown):  Well This year has been officially $£%@~#.  If things could go wrong this year it has.. I'll not bother reiterating the earlier parts especially as the end was enough on it's own.. My car is falling apart and I can't afford to repair it.  My Computer went kaput... Well it tried to.. I have recovered most systems.. At one point it couldn't even see the display.. I've managed to regain most things but I have no web access.. I still have email and ftp thank god but just when I thought I'd recovered a sense of normality on it I Word went out the window and no amount of reinstalling seems to be able to recover it.. Trying to open it causing all memory to be consumed even after ctrl-alt-deleting it. I can't then even shut the computer off.. I literally have to pull the plug.. Really got me down as this issue was being prepared on Word and I wasted a lot of time trying to get my system to comply... The worst thing was that the issue was almost ready to print at the beginning of December just before I lost Word.. So I'm sorry for anyone who doesn't have web access.. Your copy will be very late.

Away from machine problems my wife Suz suffered a stroke earlier in the year when she was still only 37 and just after my Computer problems started I was told that I had suspected cancer.. Admitedly the think its not a type that spreads and therefore the op I had to remove it from my leg should be the end of but I really could have done without it.




U Keadec: Nothing much to say. Started a course doing songwriting (something I love doing). My computer is still dying on me (much to my frustration), so I’m still having to use cyber cafes. That is about all.



U Lt. jg Korgath DuppIm (Peter Lin) : It's good to be an active part of the KSF again. I've enjoyed the roleplay so far, and Admiral K'lay has been of utmost kindness in ensuring that my return to active duty was smooth. The South-East Asian region which I am indigenous has seen its fair share of tragedy, most notably the "terror" attack on popular island paradise Bali. Tensions here in Singapore are high and our armed forces are on constant alert, but life still goes on for many of us. I am nearing the end of my 30-month conscription period and I look forward to my undergraduate course which begins in fall next year.




It's that time again for the Klingon K'Ristmas Kookbook!  Many recipes have been sent in by KSF members, but it's never to late to add more.  If you have a recipe for this year's Kookbook, send it to Margie McDonnell-Welsh / K'Lay K'Onor-Chang at:  17 McFatridge Rd.  Apt 31  Halifax, NS.  Canada  B3N 2R3 or to KSFCommand@aol.com
Meanwhile, here are two of the entries for you to try and enjoy!


Yes this pixcture has been used before but it was suitable... So Sue me... qe'San


Submitted by K'Logh Chang-tIQwoQ / Mike Wagar

1 box White Cake mix
1 box Spice Cake mix
1 box vanilla wafers
1 box instant vanilla pudding
1 bag miniature Tootsie Rolls
green food coloring
Kitty Litter pan
Kittly Litter scoop
plastic flies (optional)

Prepare cakes according to directions on the box.  Allow to cool.
Prepare tootsie rolls by placing in the microwave for a few seconds until malliable.  Manipulate soften Tootsie Rolls into "organic" forms.

Crush Vanilla wafers into small crumbs.  Add a few drops of green food color and mix (you should have nice,small chlorophyll appearing crumbs)

Crumble the cooled cakes coarsely into the Kitty Litter pan (use a new pan for this, ok?)   you want to simulate the color and texture of your favorite brand of kitty litter ( Gritty Kitty kat litter is soft and velvety.  And tastes great with milk)

Mix in the colored vanilla wafers and your Tootsie Turds.

Prepare the Vanilla pudding...while still liquid pour small dollops throughout the pan...you want that nice "Clumping" effect.

add plastic flies (optional...but don't eat em)

Serve with the slotted litter scoop. (get a new one of those too...no one wants to taste Garfield for desert.)

there you go...bon appetite


Submitted by Korgath DuppIm / Peter Linn

Several ingredients are not found in conventional stores, you might have to source for a Singaporean/Malaysian/Indonesian restaurants for the ingredients. Happy Kooking!

(The recipe has been altered to suit Klingon tastebuds, but should you cook for terangan'pu, you can substitute the targ for pork rib)

Targ Assam (Targ in tamarine sauce)
1 pc (200g or 7 ounces) targ rib
Rempah (Spice mixture)
4 pcs buah keras (candlenut)
5 dried chillies
1 large onion
1 handful shallots (about 4 to 6 depending on your hand!)
1/2 tbsp blachan (prawn paste)
1 tbsp tau cheo (preserved salted soyabean) - pounded
2 cubes (1 inch) assam paste (tamarind paste)
1 cup water
white pepper and sugar for seasoning


1.  Clean targ and boil for about 2 to 3 minutes in water. Throw away water. Cut targ into bite-sized pieces.
2.  Add water to assam paste to fill about 3/4 cup. Add one more cup of water. Mix well. Strain and retain assam water.
3.  Pound rempah ingredients together.
4.  Heat pot with oil and fry rempah. Add pounded tau cheo and fry till fragrant.
5.  Add in the pork and fry.
6.  Add assam water and bring to boil. Boil for 15 min. Lower heat to simmer for another 15 min.
7.  Season with white pepper and sugar as required.





Role-play report to the KSF
Edited by Captain K’Obol Chang-K’Onor

The Khomerex Zha advanced well in the last loSjar (trimester) with all Divisions performing their assigned tasks as would be expected of such warriors of the Strike Force.

Our preparations for our major expedition against the undeclared enemy in the tuchta’ mIch Sector were completed three days ahead of schedule, and the combined Fleets departed our base near veqlargh mIn Du enroute for the nebula and the Kinshaya Fleet we believed to be in hiding within.

Two days before the Fleet was to leave, one Ensign K’Grimm vestai-Satir arrived at the base where he was given a detailed inventory of the surviving personnel and assets of SATCom, which he was directed to gather and transfer to a secure location well within the borders of the Empire. He left for Boreth by day’s end, and we hope that part of SATCom can be re-established there, protected by the Home Fleet.

Imperial Intelligence has laboured under severe stresses, as a traitor within sold the identities of dozens of our deep-cover agents, causing the deaths of several and destroying the cover identities of most of the rest. Commander Hurgh K’mer was dispatched to save who he could, and find the traitor. On his arrival at II Headquarters, he found it necessary to kill 14 senior analysts and Operations staffers, as they had been tainted by the enemy within and had actively worked against the interests of the Empire. Commander K’Ehrang worked with Hurgh to locate and warn agents who had not yet been arrested or killed on assignment and arranged rescues for survivors. Acting quickly, Hurgh and K’Eherang managed to save many operatives, including Lt. Kha’Mish’Khal Duraqnan, who was recovered from the clutches of renegade Cardassian Obsidian Order free agents who had imprisoned and tortured him. As he escaped, he managed to destroy a significant database the Obsidians had been building about our resources. K’Jin, the Chancellor’s third son, was killed on Romulus without being able to transmit the information he had been sent to obtain, but Korgath DuppIm, in disguise as a Ferengi trader, managed to recover both K’Jin’s body and the information which had been encoded on a micro-implant chip. He has now returned to Headquarters, thanks to assistance given during his escape from the Rom by Admiral Katalyia at K’Shona Base. Commander T’Lara Zu-Merz had been developing a "special relationship" with a terran spy she had caught a few months ago, in hopes of turning him into a double agent. When the traitor sold the identities of so many agents, she was forced to move faster with the terran than planned, but she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, not if he wanted his family to live without fear. Having obtained his agreement, he was released to return to Sol III, and T’Lara returned to Qo’noS where she was teamed with Kha’Mish’Khal and tasked with helping Hurgh and K’Eherang in saving what was left of ImpInt’s covert operations staff. Vice-Admiral Volar K’Zota has brought his entire staff from Internal Intelligence to assist in regaining our intel capabilities as soon as possible. While this confusion reigned within the covert operations department, Captain Q’rul DuppIm delivered an updated briefing on the Kinshaya, which suggested that the Ancient Enemy was not our only adversary in the tuchta’mich Sector. By comparing legend and fact, fear and intelligence, Q’rul was able to identify subtle changes in the methods used by our current enemies when compared to their former tactics, which had never shown much skill or finesse, having relied on simple brute strength to overcome us in previous attacks. He believes the Kinshaya are being thrown at us as disruptor targets, by an as yet unknown outside force who has a technical level somewhat above the Kinshaya, and unfortunately, above the Empire as well.

Ambassador A’qmarr reports that the diplomatic efforts to gain us support outside the Empire are moving ahead well, although Commander Krysythe on Ferenginar and Commander Reyna on Bajor have not reported completing formal alliances yet. Supplies are moving through the Ferengi Alliance and the DS9 Wormhole, and should be reaching our forward stations within the week. Lt. Koi Drocklon was successful in obtaining details of the recent contact with the Kinshaya globeships that had excited the Tellarites so loudly last quarter. Unfortunately, the Tellarite ship suffered a catastrophic shield collapse. It seems they had not used the information to strengthen their own shields. There were no survivors from the Tellarite ship. Koi and his crew were able to evade the Kinshaya, who had been attracted by the blast wave from the collapse of the Tellarite’s singularity drive. Lt.Cmdr Moqra QendeH is making progress in convincing Starfleet Science to work with SATCom on new technologies to assist in our struggle with the Ancient Enemy. He was able to assist Starfleet in "identifying" the Andorian Ambassador to the UFP as a criminal that Starfleet Science had been seeking. That person has been replaced with one who is not anti-Klingon. The Breen Assembly has now voted to join with us in our war. They had been less than enthusiastic, until Major M’rynn Hurric’s platoon located a dead Breen in the rubble of a Kinshaya attack. We believe they made the decision to join us when they saw that their "honoured dead" appeared to have been partially eaten by the Kinshaya. Ambassador A’qmarr also reports that Lt. (jg) K’elvor tuq’mar is expected to join her staff within the week.

The situation with SATCom is fully as bad as it seemed at first look. The CO, Commander Rakqor K’Mpec and his XO are both still missing. A distress beacon was traced to a cave in the northern mountains, but by the time Lt.Cmdr K’logh arrived, the officers were gone. All indications at the site suggest that the Kinshaya have taken Rakqor and his XO. For some reason, they were not killed on the spot. An interim report from K’Grimm showed he has located 15 senior science officers and has formed a small convoy with the surviving assets recovered from the SATCom HQ after the Kinshaya departed from Khenzia. He is intent on rebuilding Division HQ immediately next to the Abbey of Durgath on Boreth. I believe his thoughts are that, if the forces of the Home Fleet cannot protect the Science Labs, then perhaps the God can. Prior Avakhon has not yet been heard on the topic of his new neighbour, but I expect some conversation soon.

While on the subject of the Prior, he has reported success in convincing the Paris’ family to relocate within the Empire. While he is very persuasive, his arguments did nothing to convince B’Elanna to allow the move. The child, Miral, made the decision; she spoke with her grandfather, and then told her mother she wanted them "all to go to live with the other Klingons". The parents capitulated immediately. There is a Terran proverb – "And a child shall lead them all". It appears to have come true. The Prior advises that they managed to depart Terra without the cultists becoming aware the child was moving. They left several millions of deeply religious Klingon Cultists on Terra. I doubt that EarthGov are really aware of the problems they may face, having allowed such heavy immigration in the first place. The child seems perfectly at ease with her Klin Guardians. Especially so with the Prior, who is not quite Klin, really, and Nagh Gor, his Battle fleet Commander, who as a Daavit is not Klingon at all. I understand she calls the Daavit "Gorry", and he accepts both her nickname for him, and her company, as she is nearly constantly with him. Her only other companion, from the report, is her pet "dog", some sort of terran animal, analogous to domesticated targs. Prior Avakhon is showing some concern about Miral and the animal. It seems, he says, that the "dog" is friendly to most other animal forms, except for cats. The Good Prior is concerned as he is expecting to be met enroute by a new staff officer, a Caitian named Lusciouslips ka’Tan. Apparently Caitians are very large "cats", at least as far as "dogs" are concerned. He is looking forward, he says, to seeing how things work out. I think he is learning to pray, and to rely on Divine Guidance.

Admiral Katalyia advises that K’Shona Base is fully operational and prepared for whatever action is necessary. The detection net (known as "E.A.R.S.", electronic advance radiometric systems) installed to cover her border sector near the Romulan Star Empire is functioning well; she advises the net is able to detect cloaked Romulan warships quite easily. She used that capacity when she assisted in the rescue of ImpInt Agent Korgath, in concert with Da’Har Master K’Zhen Zu-Merz, who was fortunately nearby. K’Zhen and her skilled crew provided cover fire enabling Korgath to evade the Romulan pursuit which Katalyia had discovered with the detection net. The Rom Warbirds fired on K’Zhen’s ship, but even with their size advantage, she was able to fend them off and damage both of them to such an extent that they both destructed. Her Chief Engineer, Khen K’With, is to be commended for his fast work in keeping the Da’Har Master’s ship fighting. The Romulan Quantum Singularity drives are notoriously unstable when even slightly damaged.

The major part of this report follows. With preparations behind the lines complete, Imperial Military led the Combined Fleets into the Demon’s Eye Nebula, in search of our enemy. The nebula is one of the least hospitable areas of space that we have yet seen. The cloud is full of ion-storms, charged gasses spewed from infant black holes, and all kinds of small and medium sized asteroid and comet-like projectiles moving at near warp speeds. The ion activity prevents all but relatively short-range communications. Sensors work intermittently at best. The I.M. Fleet was nearly blind, and had to keep speed under 75% impulse. Six planetary systems were discovered. The leading edge of the Fleets encountered resistance at the first planet located when Orbital Defenses attacked immediately on detecting our approach. Commander KIySa’ra disabled the Orbital Stations with missile and disruptor fire, and passed onward, leaving Imperial Security to handle the space and ground assault. As they approached the second system to be investigated, a hidden globeship attacked without warning, destroying an advance patrol Bird and escaping in the ion storm. We were unable to maintain contact with the enemy. The next system investigated was essentially undefended with a clearly pre-warp civilization having minimal space capability. They launched some slow missiles with old style nuclear warheads, but they were all destroyed without damaging our ships. We discovered, on closer examination, that the primitive satellites we had seen on first arrival were not so primitive, as they constituted a warning grid that transmitted our presence to several systems, and possibly on to the Kinshaya, as well. The natives are hostile, but not advanced. In the third system, orbital defenses similar to those found in the first system were encountered, and as quickly countered. The next system was defended by a detection grid and low speed missiles, and was subdued without delay. The next system was totally undefended, inhabited by a species resembling the Gorn, but much less advanced. Shortly after passing this system, the leading element of the Fleet was attacked by another globeship, disabling a destroyer before running. We pursued it, and were caught by another globeship attacking from a cloud. The combination of these two globeships cost us all but one ship from a squadron of destroyers. Other ships of the leading element investigated the sixth system, finding more orbital defenses which were disabled as the others. Scoutships returning brought intel that the enemy globeships seemed to be gathering near the fourth system. We approached under cover of a large gas cloud, and when ready, attacked. The engagement was short, sharp, and painful. Ship losses were near 40% across the board. Wounded overwhelmed our hospital capacities to such an extent that damaged destroyers, cruisers and freighters were pressed into service as makeshift hospital bunks. Our main force was supported by elements of Imperial Security assault forces, but even with that full Marine support, the enemy was nearly able to take back all our gains. But Cmdr. Kosh and his troops held. The enemy started to withdraw after some 30 hours of battle, and we chose not to pursue them. Our losses were so high that we would have extended our supply line beyond what we could defend. We risked losing all had we gone forward. We would not have held where we did, had Imperial Military not been so closely supported by Imperial Security. Our troops under Cmdr. Kosh assaulted five planets covered with hostile forces of natives and Kinshaya. Repeated HALO Assault jumps from altitudes of fifty miles or more followed immediately by hand to hand combat with a wide variety of indigenous species tend to wear down an attacking force. Sogh Kanara, SoghHom SamwI’ and SoghHom Malto’ch each commanded airborne assault legions that struck hard at the enemy the Fleet had isolated by spatial bombardment. These new species had been unknown prior to our attacks, but their ferocity would make them worthwhile allies, if they can be won over. During the subjugation of the enemy forces on these planets, lifeless bodies of an unknown race, possibly from the Delta Quadrant, were found in several places. (This information fits with the suspicions of Q’rul DuppIm, that the Kinshaya are being directed by others.) The attack we had spent so long preparing had found our enemy, and it confirmed that indeed the Kinshaya had returned, but it also showed that the Kinshaya were not alone. More, that they may not be in charge of the current attacks on our space. If this is the case, we dare not proceed further to track and attack the globeships. We have suffered casualties in excess of 40% of effective troops, ships, support facilities; our supplies of energy cells for our weapons are low, food supplies are late in arriving in theater, and we are low on medicines, healers and replacements. We have delivered a blow to the enemy that he will not forget, but we may be months rebuilding for the next stage.

The necessary delay will afford Capt. Khaufen, Commander Khorghan and Commander K’Reger, who have assumed command of the ships assigned to Imperial Contacts Branch, time to explore the Beta Quadrant in search of potential allies against the Kinshaya; they have left our space already, and I do not expect to hear from them for some months.

Further report will be made as information becomes available.


Imperial Security
Kosh Zu-Merz

la' Kosh zantai-Zu-Merz, IKV mupwI' chuS commanding...

Begin Playback of Mission Summary...
Authorization Alpha Omega Lima 1701...

After last great battle with the enemy, the Kinshaya, the wo'taH QanHung fleet was keeping station in orbit of the home planet of the wo'QI', where they have a number of installations based, we were busy repairing our vessel's to bring them back up to combat ready status; and also repairing the wounded warriors from the battle as well, those that did not pass on to the yo' qIj (Black Fleet).  Several great vessel's were sent there as well, the enemies vessel's are very formidable.

I received a new mission while seeing over the repairs of mine own Duj (Ship), a data packet was relayed from yo' HoD K'Obol, I took on my bridge.  The mission orders were to invade and secure six planetary systems located in a nebula, that the enemy had under their control, we were to go in to each system, remove any enemy personnel still there, and quell any arguments from the inhabitants about our taking control; and secure the systems for possible annexation into the wo' tlhIngan.  We would hold the planets from the enemy for now, cleaning their ilk from the planets they had infected.

The entire campaign might last three weeks, as travel was limited to the us of impulse drives only, targeting scanners and sensors would be affected greatly by the gases contained in the nebula, and the enemy would be scattered about, fighting in pockets; and they had defense platforms in place in the orbits of all the six systems, they would not be easy to root from their hiding places.  The main strategy would be for the wo'QI' to go in first, knock out what Kinshaya defenses they could in a given time frame, and move on, a Kinshaya fleet was reported inside the nebula waiting for us; then a scout Duj would meet wo'taH QanHung Dujmey entering the planetary system and relay the status of the enemies defenses.

I held a meeting by secured scrambled communications, I did not want the enemy possibly learning of our planning of attack, with the ra'wI' of each of the three Task Forces, Sogh Kanara commanded Bravo Task Force onboard her flagship the IKV qa' warn wi; SoghHom Samwi commanded Alpha Task Force aboard his flagship the IKV bartoQ, and SoghHom Malto'ch commanded Gamma Task Force aboard his flagship the IKV QIH vo'logh we laid out the plan of our strikes.

Samwi would strike the first system of Camish, Kanara would strike the second system of Tolk, and Malto'ch would strike the fourth system of Pohbeth, while I would strike the fifth system of Dinosora with the Omega Task Force, each of our missions were to clean out any of the enemy troops and defenses left over from the first strikes by the wo'QI' (Imperial Military); there was also the possible meeting of a fleet of enemy Dujmey out near the fourth system, a group of their vessels had been scanned by a cloaked sensor probe (From Imperial Intelligence) near there.

When Kanara reached the Tolk system she intercepted a B'Rel Class Duj, which relayed to her the status of the enemy forces in the system.  There was a battle with a small Tolkan fighter in obit of Tolk but the smaller Duj was quickly vanquished.  Kanara had troops land and spread across the planets surface, slain bodies of Tolkans and the Kinshaya were strewn about, as if massive fighting had taken place, parts of the planet had sustained heavy damage.  Kanara's forces spent about one standard week upon the planet's surface, surveying the condition of the citizenry, and conducting sensor sweeps of the planet.  A lifeless body of a possible lifeforms from the Delta quadrant was located, the race may have been assisting the Kinshaya in their conquests and holding of these planets.

My Omega Task Force arrived in the system of Dinosora and met another B'Rel Class Duj which relayed the status of the system and planet to us, then left for the main wo'QI' fleet, the enemy had been mostly been wiped out, but the Dinosoran's had suffered greatly from fighting small rebel-like attacks against the enemy; they had kept the enemy at bay for the most part, the enemy never established a foothold on their planet. 
The mupwI' chuS, my flagship, was struck by an enemy mine in orbit, during the surprise it created an enemy boarding party was able to beam abroad the bridge, we were able to quickly vanquish the small force, even though it was not an easy task.  After dispatching the enemy troops we were met by a contingent of Dujmey from the planet, from the Dinosoran's.

I encountered three of their Dujmey in orbit and was escorted down to the planet's surface, I traveled down in an assault shuttle and had the qar'DaS'ngan troop transports land as well to secure the planet.  I met with the leader of clan currently in power, he described the ferociousness of the enemy and their battles against them, the Dinosoran's had held on valiantly against superior forces, but their people and land had suffered, they had been on the brink of starvation, until the enemy had left their world a short time ago.

The clan chieftain offered a Troop of his finest warriors lead by his daughter, a princess, to battle along side us against the enemy, I took him up on his generous offer as I had received a communication from Gamma Taskforce that there were enemy Dujmey on their way to the Pohbeth planet, they had broken off from the battle currently taking place near the system between the enemy and the wo'QI' fleet; I had relayed back to them I was on my way with Omega Task Force.

Omega Task Force arrived at the Pohbeth system in a short time and spread out in a defensive spread pattern out from the planet a ways to not inflict damage upon the surface or the people, we met three enemy Dujmey incoming from the main battle, we suffered loss of Dujmey and warriors, but destroyed two of the enemy Dujmey and damaged the third which slunk away in defeat, destroyed in a later battle with wo'QI' forces; some Gamma Task Force Dujmey were destroyed as well, but the planet and it's people were left in our hands.
I received an urgent transmission to meet an unknown vessel at the sixth system, the Tarsus system (A system containing one habitable planet, but no lifeforms present, only ruins of an extinguished civilization), I was to receive data concerning an occasion which would occur, I would be informed of it upon arrival in system.  I met a cloaked high warp shuttle, which I received a holographic message on my bridge ... it was from my consort T'Lara, she had accepted my bonding proposal, to my surprise at how I received her message; we would be bonded in ritual at The Warriors Inn, a rather newish establishment frequented by the Klingon populace.

End Mission Summary - HovpoH 0210.26
la' Kosh zantai-Zu-Merz Reporting.

Internal Intelligence
Vice Admiral Volar epetai-K'zota-K'Onor ret.

Agents Mikel Vander and K’Thug remain lost somewhere within the grasp of a Cardassian resistance group, a dissident faction of the former Obsidian Order.  As to the nature of both the agents’ mission and the Cardassian intentions is reportedly unknown and all further information has ceased.  At the onset of the Imperial Intelligence exposure and eventual witch hunt, Volar was directed to assume their protection and to provide cover for their agents removal from dangerous assignments.  More concerned with NI’s own safety and the Empire’s overall stand in the galaxy, Volar ordered all known NI agents to disband and allocated their resources back to CCC for reassignment.  Upon announcing his retirement, Volar sought contact with the remaining agents who’s cover was dependant on disassociation with any Klingon force.  It is suspected that NI itself exists on the highest level of government awareness and a secret society of "dark agents" now exists within the former infrastructure that was NI.  The agency no longer communicates with outside sources, and many believe Volar still leads the new version in secret under the guise of shadows.  Known vessels associated with the former division have been removed from service and vanished just as quickly as its retired Vice Admiral.  The Empire’s best last defense is what it’s not aware off.

Imperial Contacts Branch
Khaufen JurISS

Captain JurISS and commanders Khorghan and K'Reger took a break from their strategy session.  It was time to stretch.  They had received orders from command: 'ICB was officially sanctioned to embark upon an
exploratory mission deep into the Beta Quadrant.'  The surprise, and primary reason for this meeting was the science vessel, cargo vessel and Bird of Prey that Command 'assigned' to the Imperial Contacts Branch.
   Khaufen took his time walking to the small, ornate wooden cabinet to the left of the Battle Room's primary tactical screen.  He opened the vibrant, rust colored doors and secured three Lairin Crystal glasses and
a large decanter of Zenorian wine.  Khaufen poured three very generous libations for the group and returned to where Khorghan and K'Reger were still discussing and arguing over the new ICB security program.  They had
no small amount of work ahead of them!  The session was renewed in earnest as they sipped the rare, amber colored wine.  An hour later the three Klingon officers were still on their feet, glasses now empty; the
session was almost concluded as Khaufen fit the rewritten auxiliary security protocols into the overall plan.  After reading, checking and rechecking Khorghan, K'Reger and Khaufen were satisfied that in a relatively short amount of time they could identify and verify the loyalty status of everyone aboard the three new vessels. 

Those in question, or 'any' Klingon they could not get a positive verification on would be carefully dealt with.  Khorghan swore that in less than a week he would ferret out the inevitable undercover security operatives and any warrior of questionable loyalties aboard his new BOP!  Khaufen believed him.  Khorghan had a talent for taking the measure of a person, and a finely honed instinct when it came to covering his back.  K'Reger just
smiled and nodded his head, anxious to return to the IKV Tong.  The question here was not IF the ICB squadron now contained 'special operatives', the question was how many, who, where and the most effective
method for either neutralization or manipulation.  Either way, the commander of ICB had no intention of allowing anyone in this squadron to compromise the next move in the Khomerex Zha!  

Six hours later, Khaufen occupied the center seat of the pride of the JurISS:  K'Jhal.  He reviewed the events of the day, and was now glad he had ordered 'Security Alert B' before the Stormwalker and the Tong had
assumed orbit around the Empire's new Star Fortress.  This command had shaved hours from the workload of Khorghan, Khan, K'Reger, himself and a number of loyal House members that had been deployed within this squadron.  The commander of the Imperial Contact's Branch had sent forth a host of commands and instruction; each visible vessel in the squadron had now assumed the required formation and was now enroute to the designated window into the Beta Quadrant.  This vector had been given only a fist of minutes ago.  Khaufen had to admit he was tired, it had been a long three days!  It was worth it though; he could relax for a
nanosecond and watch Khan lead the squadron into an uncertain future and the secret hope of the Empire.  No one could argue that the Klingon Empire absolutely 'had' to expand and acquire new resources, not even the
ambitious political magnates!  Khaufen waited, then ordered a velocity of warp four, to accommodate the cargo vessel; this would have to be addressed swiftly, the squadron would be at a huge disadvantage if they had to proceed at the speed of their slowest vessel.  'Tomorrow', he thought.  Rising from the elevated platform, Captain JurISS turned control of the K'Jhal over to the watch commander and after providing the security code to allow transport, he beamed back to the Stormwalker.

Day One:  Khorghan, K'Reger, Khan, Kaladin and Khaufen had their hands full, as the Terrans like to say.  The commanders of the science and cargo vessels were not pleased with the security and personnel orders, but neither of them protested 'too' loudly.  The crews of every vessel in the ICB squadron were in a flurry of activity; the new security protocols were at the heart of over a dozen fights but it did not deter Khan.  In charge of implementing the new security orders Khan set to it with a vengeance; he actually enjoyed the fights, and participated every chance that presented itself.  K'Reger led a half dozen teams to the cargo and science vessel; while Khan dealt with 'personnel', K'Reger dealt with their technology.  Nothing was overlooked.  Khorghan dealt with his new, assigned vessel; two security squads from the 'Reign of Terror' were beamed aboard to ensure discipline and facilitate the task given them by the new commander of the Bird of Prey.  Kaladin JurISS coordinated the unseen activities, deep scans and hand picked the teams needed, according to Khaufen's command.  As for Captain JurISS, he was learning new respect for the implants in his body; despite the aggravation the nanites caused, Khaufen discovered that multiple coordination, communication and computer results were greatly facilitated!  Even the almost constant ache from the activity of the Borg technology within him seemed to be diminishing. . .Khaufen wasn't sure whether that was a blessing or the herald of a new problem.  Currently, his problem was dealing with the hesitation and protests of Klingon
warriors that did 'not' want to be examined by the doctors present on the Stormwalker, Tong and the K'Jhal.  Toward the end of their first day of travel into the heart of the Beta Quadrant Khaufen implemented his
solution to the medical exam problem: every Klingon that resisted examination would be required to 'bathe' daily-the more stringent protests were rewarded with a trip to the brig, where they were 'bathed' whether they wished it or not!

Day Four:  Medical exams are almost complete, and the brigs are no longer over crowded.  Personnel information, and profiles are 80% assimilated, security confirmations and histories are in progress. K'Reger has found that the cargo vessel can do better than warp four; there was resistance to an examination of several of the cargo bays. There have been no fatalities involved in the correction of the attitude among the new vessels that make up the ICB squadron, however thirty seven warriors have been restricted to their respective sick bay.  Ongoing scans continue; it is estimated that all security protocols will have been implemented in three days. The squadron has encountered no unknown worlds, systems or races, it is estimated that contact with an 'unknown' will require at least another ten days of travel at high warp.  Sensors record an increase in the density of random clouds of ionic energy discovered yesterday.  This is not an uncommon phenomenon, however the science officer aboard the K'Jhal speculates that should this trend continue for another thirty-six hours that our squadron will have to deal with an ion storm of unknown duration and strength.

       Day Sixteen:  Security matters have been satisfactorily addressed, personnel in question are under full scrutiny.  Systems aboard the science and cargo vessel have been augmented in order that the integrity of the entire squadron will not be compromised by any known attack tactics.  The ionic activity recorded has increased, the density factor and the energetic ion charge will reach potentially lethal levels in four hours.  The shields of both the science vessel and the cargo ship are incapable of repelling these levels of ionic activity; teams of engineers and techs have been at work for two days, increasing shield output and installing additional energy cells that will be fed directly into the shield emitters.  Khorghan, now satisfied with his assigned BOP, is working with his engineer to find a more efficient method of resisting the ion storm.  If our tech crews and Khorghan's engineers cannot produce the needed improvements to the shields, it may be necessary to uncloak the 'Reign of Terror' and the 'K'Jhal'. 

       Day Twenty:  Imperial Contacts Branch squadron is, unfortunately, in the grip of an ion storm of unprecedented properties.  The shield modifications of the science and cargo vessel are holding. . .barely.
Khorghan's Bird of Prey is experiencing intermittent problems with the secondary, variable phase inducers; causing the shields to fluctuate. The Tong is in no danger at this time, though if this storm continues to
grow stronger, even the Stormwalker will be in dire peril!   Thus, the emergency plan, utilizing the 'Reign of Terror' and the ' K'Jhal ' must be implemented, and soon.  Interference from the unpredictable energies
of this strange storm has made communication impossible.  Even inter-ship communications are experiencing random malfunctions.   Captain JurISS must find a way to order the 'Reign of Terror' and the ' K'Jhal ' to
close in and for the squadron to assume a tighter formation. Then the significantly powerful shields of the larger vessels can be linked to the shields of the weaker vessels in the squadron! 

       Day Twenty One:  Kahless has given his favor to this mission!  ICB squadron has reached what must be the 'eye' of this storm; there is no record of this phenomenon in the data banks, but it isn't wise to look a
'gift Targ in the mouth'.  This 'eye' has given us the time we need to unify all the shields of the squadron and also to perform various repairs.  The Stormwalker's chief science officer predicts we have six hours before
we are swept back into the storm.  The squadron has partial sensors, enough to determine that this storm will soon break up.  This 'eye' that has afforded ICB squadron some succor will dissipate, exposing each vessel once more to the violent destructive power of this rogue storm. Sensors have confirmed these findings. 
The ' K'Jhal ' is reporting intermittent sensor readings that might indicate a planet.  This is unconfirmable; however Khaufen has ordered another course change, hoping that 'if' there is a planet ahead, ICB will not be caught in the gravitational surges that will most certainly accompany a storm of this magnitude. The squadron is now one minute from contact with the fury of the storm. The larger vessels are diverting more and more power into the shield linkage.  It is estimated that we have only enough power to maintain a .
. .
Chaplain General Corps
Avakhon Khinsharri~

   We finally cleared the Sol Sector and are making our way to Boretlh with the Paris' family, Miral's favorite toy, a stuffed targ and including a Terran of the canine species. I'm told the child won't sleep without both near her and for the sake of our trip, we brought it along. I don't know how well it will go with the crew as they seem to think it's a delicacy we've brought back and are anxiously awaiting the list of officers permitted to the feast at which it is served. Telling them none of them will be partaking of this, um, 'delicacy' will be tough since it appears the cook has been studying Terran preparation techniques for this specific animal.
   I will have to leave that to Nagh Gor to handle as I have more pressing matters to attend. MY only hope is that HE doesn't decide to eat the blamed thing to stop it's whining and yelping all the time. I'd hate to have to tell little Miral that her favorite pet was consumed by a Daavitt because it wouldn't be quiet enough for our ship's Commander. His demeanor toward the child is remarkable and I am somewhat amazed. Upon meeting her, he spoke more than the entire trip to Terra. She looked up at him and kept looking up as if he were a tree.

   She had trouble with his name, so she's taken to calling him Gorry, and he seems fine with that. It seems she's adopted him as an uncle and he has taken quite a liking to the child. Almost a grandfather type of relationship as he has taken her to his Ready Room several times to let her play undisturbed while he attends the duties of Command. Always the watchful eye on her though she's only a few feet away. B'Elanna and Tom have seen this, and at first were adamant about strangers and that she shouldn't bother the adults while they work. Nagh Gor spoke and told them HE was Commanding this vessel and there was NO place safer than with him there on the bridge. First time I ever saw B'Elanna just say "OK" and accept it as fact. SHE seems to accept him as a fatherly figure as well. Tom is glad that he can relax for awhile and study some of the mechanical texts of our holo-graphics techology without worrying over them both. All seem settled into place and accepting of the move as a good one for them and the Federation/Empire cooperative effort.

  Hard to believe that after all the arguing and defiance of our negotiations, that the child was the one to decide for them all. Her plea with her paternal grandfather to go with us seemed to settle it for them without any further discussions. Had I known it would do the trick, I would have concentrated on the child and not the parents. Of course, the texts did mention she would show wisdom beyond her years.

  I only have one problem as of now. I just got word that I'm to recieve a new officer to our staff, a Caitian, named Lt. Commander Lusciouslips ka'Tan. The science officer tells me that a canine and a feline are natural enemies, so we will need to keep them separate. I don't know though, as the smelling abilities of both species is greater than normal for most and they MAY conflict on that alone. Come to think of it, THAT could explain the dog's whining and yelping all the time. A cat that big is gonna cause it to go bonkers trying to attack or hide from, one way or the other. Come to think of it, MY genetic background may be what's setting the creature off. I had forgotten the Cappelan Razor Cat's smell is something that the canine can percieve. Most bipeds cannot, but the canine must have heightened senses.

  I'm told she has her own ship, but that it's soon to be part of the fleet presently escorting us to Boretlh that Nagh Gor had waiting for us when we encountered the Romulan Warbirds earlier today.
  I wonder if that animal can sense her presence from this distance? Hmmm will be interesting to find out it's unique abilities once we get there.

  I sent word to the Lt. Commander and welcomed her and her crew aboard the CGC. I also recieved word that there has been a severe security breach and many of our Intelligence agents have been discovered. An ALL ships warning to rescue any that call was issued by the TA and CCC. That can't bode well for the Empire.  

I sent word that she was to transport those who were reported in the Alpha Centauri sector back safely to us as her first mission under my command. If our spies have been outed, then our future may well be compromised and the child MAY have to prove herself once more as the Qubagh'magh. NOT what I had envisioned my new duties to be. Guiding the people as their spiritual leader has more than a few rammifications I hadn't anticipated. the Abbot KNEW this and still placed me in this position. I suppose I will find the means, but I have NEVER had faith in anything but my own abilties before now. Guess it will show in a trial by fire. . . I have hope for Durgath to be a patient god for awhile, or we're ALL in a lot of trouble!

  When I left Terra there were several pilgrim colonies of followers, numbering several million from my sources, that have settled across the Terran planet. I wonder how they will react to Miral's return to the Empire and under our care? I also wonder who placed that many Klingons in the middle of the Federations heart and got them to believe them all be pilgrims. I know a last line of defense force when I see it. The Federation's wars must have taken quite a toll to even think of allowing that many Klingons to inhabit such an alien world nearly unrestricted. I know from recent experience that a mere few thousand was enough to cause civil rioting and destruction so severe that they were more than glad to allow the Paris' to leave without putting up much resistance.

K'Shona Base Summary
Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

       K'Shona Base had been busy this trimester, aiding Imperial Intelligence by housing Federation spies being questioned by II agents there, and rescuing II operatives who were caught in the open after their identities were sold on the black market by so far unknown traitors within that Division.   But there was work of her own to do too, and following orders, Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal, informed the base that they were officially at war with the Kinshaya, and she released a description on what they looked like and what to look for.  Making sure the Base was secured, she took her warp shuttle, Silent Running, out to check the "EARS" Systems and the unusual amount of chatter going on. She found it interesting that the Romulans had increased the number of war games they were conducting in the area, and upon closer inspection, she was even more interested in the several 'escort' squadrons who seemed to be protecting cloaked ships.   She was about to adjust her sensors to scan that vector, when she picked up an 'Ferengi energy signature' and a faint distress signal, with an escort of Romulan ships accompanying both.   Knowing she was no match alone for a squadron of Rom fighters, Katalyia might have left the Ferengi to their own foolhardy end except for the fact that the distress signal had been sent in Klingon battle code, with the ID of one of the II agents she had just been ordered to watch out for and defend at all costs.
       She sent a message to the II agent in distress, Lt. (jg) Korgath DuppIm, another to K'Shona Base itself, and a third to any Klingon vessel in the vicinity, advising all of their situation and position, and asking for help.  DaHar Master K'Zhen Zu-Merz responded that she was in the area and on her way, but Katalyia had no idea if any of them would arrive in time to help the unlucky II agent.  The Romulans were closing fast on his position....and hers.  Worse,  Korgath's Ferengi made ship had damage to its warp drive.   She met up with him just in time to take a hit herself, her small ship already in trouble.  Ordering Korgath to keep going,  she drew their fire, and locked her phasers on target, determined to carry her orders out to whatever end Kahless had in store for her.  

       Luckily, K'Zhen's ship move into position behind them and engaged the Romulans, allowing Korgath and Katalyia to continue to the Base.  It was a course she had to prevent the Romulans from following, however, for it they could scan ahead far enough, they would know where the base was located, and that was not an acceptable option.  Two Romulan warbirds were a handful, but K'Zhen's crew, especially Khen K'With, her Chief Engineer, had honed their skills on lesser prey and was eager to test them against greater odds.  Once Korgath and Katalyia had escaped, it was time to not only stop their pursuers, but to keep them from reporting what their sensors had told them if they plotted her course.   Not bothering to challenge the enemy, the Lightning headed straight for them and decloaked, opening fire immediately.  They were taken by surprise, and one of the warbirds cloaked.  K'Zhen knew they were planning to change position and attack from another angle, so she put everything into weapons, and let the first warbird have a full spread of disruptors and photon torpedoes.  It returned fire, but its defences had been weakened and though it could withstand one direct hit on its weapons array, it could not withstand a second, and the first warbird exploded.   K'Zhen's shields held after an attack by the second War Bird, but her targeting sensors had been knocked out of alignment and this time she only damaged the second bird enough so that it moved off, and she took damage to her ship's starboard nacelle. Knowing they couldn't let the Rom ship move off and affect repairs; they went after it anyway and struck again, this time causing a warp core breach in the Rom ship's engines.   K'Zhen ordered her ship on to K'Shona Base as the warbird self-destructed.  Their emergency mission was accomplished, but she had a feeling this would not be the last time they would be called to active duty.

Imperial Intelligence Summary 
K'Lay K'Onor-Chang

For the past several months, Imperial Intelligence has been searching for intell on the Kinshaya, a fearful enemy who has made deep incursions into Klingon space.  But it appears that not everyone is working to save the Empire.  Someone in II took the opportunity while we were fighting one enemy, to hit us where we were the most vulnerable, selling numerous agent identities on the open market, resulting in agents being caught unawares in many places, and in some cases, captured or killed.  We discovered the name of one mole in II, but we did not know who the rest were.

       Former covert agent Commander Hurgh K'mer was sent in to find out.  Using security codes given to him by General Martok and Emperor Kahless specifically for this mission, Hurgh beamed deep into the bowels of Imperial Intelligence HQ with a list of enemies he had to eliminate from within, by surprise, before he could get to the current CO of II to tell her why he had been sent, who he really was, and why he had had to assassinate a number of key personnel on her staff.  Before nightfall, the moles had to be contained or killed and Hurgh could only hope the II CO would wait to hear his explanation before she stunned and contained him.  It was a near thing.

       Commander K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal was, to put it mildly, exceedingly displeased to find her security breached and her agents killed, without explanation or advance warning.  But to her credit, she was less enraged at Hurgh than afraid for the operatives who had been betrayed, some of whom were in situations where, were they discovered, they would be in serious trouble.   Subduing her own anger, for the time being, she joined forces with him to send encrypted messages to all II agents, recalling them home as quickly as possible.  Already, there were agents she could not contact, who she had to assume were either dead or captured, their identities made plain for their enemies.  She vowed then that she would find and kill whomever  was the primary person responsible for this treason.

       Orders went out all over the Empire, to rescue as many agents as possible.  One of these was Lt. Kha'Mish'Khal Duraqnan, captured and held by the Obsidian Order on as asteroid intelligence facility.  Kahless knew if the warrior agent would still be alive.  He was a Vulcan hybrid, and thus able to survive more torture than most other warriors. But the Obsidian Order was infamous for their techniques and there was no telling just how long Kha'Mish'Khal had been in their hands.  Hurgh went in after the agent himself, just minutes before his ship's Communication Officer announced that there were Obsidian Order ships had been detected on long range scanners.  Ambushing Obsidian Order guards at a small base was one thing.  Staying to be massacred by who knew how many Cardassian ships was another.  Whether the II agent was dead or alive, Hurgh would not stay long.  Surprisingly enough, Kha'Mish'Khal was not only alive, but mobile.

       Grabbing a disruptor, surgical laser scalpal, tricorder and agonizer from one of Hurgh's crew as they let him out of his cell, and in spite of the incoming ships, the Vulcan hybrid agent raced to the interrogation room where the Cardie interrogator, Dralarn, practiced his unique skills, one of which, unfortunately, was not speed with a disruptor. Firing his disrupor on a narrow beam through Dralarn's ear and out the other side of his head Kha'Mish'Khal then used the laser scalpel to make an incision in the back of the Cardassians skull, explaining that Cardassian computer security systems worked on a palm print scan combined with a retina scan.  Thrusting the Cardassian's hand on to the scanner and placing the retina scan camera onto his eye, Kha'Mish Khal utilized the agonizer to simulate movement in the corpse, which circumvented the Order's security protocols, and gave access to Dralarn's computer files.  These he erased before boarding Hurgh's ship, bound for Qo'noS. 

       Some agents were not so lucky, including Chancellor Martok's third son, K'Jin, captured on Romulus, while in the guise of a mercenary trader, managing only to hide a microchip of vital information in or on his person before he was killed  Lt (jg.) Korgath DuppIm, determined to earn himself a place of pride in what was quickly becoming an all new Imperial Intelligence, was sent in undercover to retrieve it, in the guise of a Ferengi trader. His career plans were nearly prevented permanently when he was stopped on the way in by Rom Security.  But he averted suspicion and passed inspection by declaring his intention to trade in salvaged ship parts, with documentation from the Ferengi government permitting him to deal under their endorsement.  Piloting his craft within range of the storage facility where his target's corpse lay, he beamed down, and despite another Rom security patrol, located K'Jin's body via the emitting device planted within all II agent bodies, a device the Roms had not yet autopsied him to find.  After using his disruptor, set on overload, to distract Rom security, Korgath found the microchip and retrieved it.  Alas, having already used his disruptor on the distraction, there was no way to vaporize the body, and so he took it with him, much to the dismay of the Romulan patrols who set off alarms and began to board ships in the area to look for it and whoever had taken it.  Knowing his only hope was to run for it, Korgath threw his craft to maximum warp, in a last ditch effort to avoid certain death at their hands or their disruptors. Korgath was hardly a good pilot, having trained extensively in the demolition arts, but the extra desire to come out of this alive lent a certain focused intensity to his efforts.  Plotting a course for K'Shona Base, Korgath sent a coded message to Staff Admiral Katalyia, CO of K'Shona Base, asking for her assistance.  This was given, and he effected a complete, if somewhat overt escape. 

       Meanwhile, the usual work of II had to go on, and those trusted agents in the field who were left had to be called home to do it.  Commander T'Lara Zu-Merz  had been given orders to develop a relationship with a Federation spy, in the hopes of further information contacts, and she had planned on taking her time to conduct her business with some finesse.  This changed when she received an emergency recall to Qo'noS.   Making the Terran operative an "offer he couldn't refuse", to let him go in trade for future information, or to turn him over to the Empire, where they would most assuredly kill him....or his family if he chose to renige on the deal, she informed Staff Admiral KTalyia K'Tore- Jiraal of her deal with the Feddie spy Johannsen, and that he was to be let go and sent back to Earth.  She then returned to II HQ where she met Hurgh K'mer, and found herself with new orders and a new partner, Kha'Mish'Khal, who would be helping her to investigate a possible Vulcan connection to the recent havoc in II. 

       But the war went on, and the war front could not be ignored either, and Imperial Intelligence was tasked with providing anecdotal evidence as well as intelligence on them, the end goal to find their home base, where they are hiding, who they may be allied with (if anyone), and what their vulnerabilities might be (if any).  To this end, Captain Q'rul DuppIm dug through his Great, Great Uncle Qa'tell's files and turned them over, in Quintuplicate, to CCC, providing as much hard information as he could to go with the myth and legend.  His first conclusion was that the Kinshaya were never capable of the level of Stratigic Thought required to do what they have done to hurt Empire so far, and that although we were battling Kinshaya, they themselves in turn were being directed by some outside force, deployed in ways we have not seen before.  So far, Q'rul's best guess is that we can rule out the Borg, Romulans, Breen, Federation, Ferengi, Cardassians, Tholians, Gorn, and the Hirogen, and we must consider whether the old myths might be true, that the Kinshaya were genetically engineered warriors of the T'Kon, and / or that what we call Kinshaya Space is just an area around a large, advanced outpost of an empire we have not yet heard of.

Imperial Diplomatic Service Summary
A'qmarr ramHov K'Onor

Location:  Onboard IKV QI'lIn batlh, entering the system containing veqlargh Duj mIn.

The deadlines were clear.  Ambassador A'qmarr ramHov vestai-K'Onor still had not heard back from Commander Krysythe sutai-QI'mpec on Ferenginar and Commander Reyna zantai-Kor-Zu-Merz with the Bajoran trade delegation.  The arrival of a new transfer for IDS was also delayed for some reason, she wasn't aware of. Still, Lord Abbot Kobol (her line's Epetai) expected a report from IDS and being tuq K'Onor didn't make a difference.  So A'qmarr gathered the reports already in her possession and began recording her summary.

"Lord Abbot, our preparations for war are continuing as scheduled.  We are in the process of receiving a transfer officer, Lt. (jg) K'elvor vestai-tuq'mar, from Imperial Military.  We are still waiting to rendezvous with his ship, IKV gIn'taQ, but will alert you upon his arrival.

Commander Krysythe sutai-QI'mpec is still involved with the situation on Ferenginar, in regards to the underhanded actions of some of their merchants.  She and the forensic accountants that work for the polwI'meH lanmey are working to find the 'extra surcharge' and get the shipments back to full levels.  Grand Nagus Rom has been informed of the merchants' misdeeds and will deal appropriate sanctions against them.
Commander Reyna zantai-Kor-Zu-Merz and her ship have been escorting the first major shipment from the Bajoran government.  Despite some mistrust on the part of the military advisor, Major Kireil Adami, the shipment should be arriving on veqlargh Duj mIn by the time you receive this report."

Pausing to review the latest duty roster assignments from Force Leader M'rynn Hurric, A'qmarr signed the padd and gave it to the waiting Marine 2nd Lieutenant, who left the ready room at once.  Returning to her console, the diplomat continued her summary report:  "Lieutenant Koi vestai-Droklon and his ship had a minor run-in with a Romulan Warbird but was successful in getting the information on Kinshaya shield technology from the Tellarite trader Gev.  Gev, however, was uncooperative and fired on the IKV Thunderwolf inside Kinshaya space.  Koi lured the Tellarite ship closer, in an attempt to give the computer systems officer the time needed to scan Gev's ship for the specific files on the Kinshaya shields.  Once that information was transfered to the Thunderwolf, Koi's weapons crew destroyed Gev's ship.  The lieutenant's crew were able to make repairs just as their scanners began picking up Kinshaya ships approaching the scene of the battle.  ghop Qey'lIS!  Despite the restrictions, Koi and his crew managed to escape Kinshaya space before any of the cursed black globes arrived.  He is returning to Qo'noS, to deliver the information and get more thorough repairs for the Thunderwolf.

"Lieutenant Commander Moqra vestai-QendeH continues to be an invaluable asset to IDS.  Still on Terra, he is still working (in his unique style) on bringing SATCOM & Starfleet Science together on new technologies to help us against the Kinshaya.  Moqra met with our newest Ambassador to the Federation (whom my XO knew very well) and gave him incriminating evidence against the Andorian Ambassador to the Federation.  The Andorian diplomat, Moqra discovered, had a very strong anti-Klingon bias and was against sharing this important technology with the Empire."  A'qmarr paused and got a strong ra'taj from the replicator.  "Our Ambassador," she continued, "was ready to tear the Andorian to pieces until Moqra suggested that he use the evidence against the Andorian.  The plan, Lord Abbot, was successful and a new Andorian envoy is in place.  Ambassador Sironn is someone Moqra has been in contact with for many months, since the Paris-Torres baby situation was resolved."

A'qmarr paused for a long sip from her ra'taj cup, then shifted her attention to her ongoing work with the Breen delegation.  "As for the Breen," she began, "it has proved a bit more involved.  We were ready to return with the Council Chairman and top military officers when we received proof of the Kinshaya attack on the Breen planetary base.  Debris was recovered by Major M'rynn Hurric's squad.  They also recovered a Breen corpse that showed signs of being half-eaten; as if our enemy was forced to 'eat and run,' as the humans would say.  My medical & scientific staffs confirmed that Klingons had nothing to do with the Breen death or the attack on their base.  Using a specially equipped conference room here on IKV QI'lin batlh, the Breen Council met to decide whether to go ahead with their plan to observe our joint operations on veqlargh Duj mIn.  A majority voted in the affirmative and we are proceeding as previously reported to you."

A report from the diplomat's other ship, IKV QI'lIn toDuj, caught her attention.  She read it and added, "My Vessel Operations Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Q'mret, has reported from IKV QI'lIn toDuj that they have had to respond to an emergency evacuation call from a Klingon merchant ship along the frontier.  That B'rel-class Scout will rendezvous with us within three days.  I still plan to meet with you, Lord Abbot, within the next week; hopefully back on veqlargh Duj mIn.

"Imperial Diplomatic Service is ready to carry out your orders, Lord Abbot Kobol, as our military prepares for the battles to come.  (Signed) Ambassador A'qmarr ramHov vestai-K'Onor, Commander."

SATCOM Summary
Rak'qor K'Mpec & K'Lay K'Onor-Chang

       SATCOM has been in chaos since the Kinshaya attack on the SATCOM base at Khenzia destroyed all facilities there and killed a good portion of SATCOM science personnel.  
       Commander Rakqor sutai-K'Mpec, his aide T'Sou and Thought-Admiral K'Lay K'Onor-Chang managed to flee to a cave on the planet, a cave they were unfortunately buried in when Kinshaya forces used some sort of massive nucelar energy weapon to destroy portions of the planet and facilities.   Even more unfortunate, although K'Lay managed to get a distress signal out, using a damaged com device, its range was short.  She thought she heard her line brother, Lt. Commander K'logh Chang-tIQwoQ's voice on the other end of a short transmission, but she could not be sure.  And the much hoped for rescue, when it came, brought with it horror instead, when the rescuers turned out to be Kinshaya soldiers.  Using an experimental SATCOM invented time transporter cube, T'Sou made a desperate leap into the unknown, possibly 100 hours forward, or a hundred hours back, or no when at all......there was no way to tell.  But Rak'qor gave him the data crystals to safeguard as best he could, and final orders to hang onto the cube at all costs.  T'Sou disappeared, and Rak'qor and K'Lay were left behind to face whatever the Kinshaya had in store for them.  Mercifully both Command personnel were rendered unconscious for much of the travel time, but when they awoke, it was in a cold, dark place, both clad in silver body suits, without their armor or weapons, and K'Lay hanging upside down from the ceiling, like stored meat for later.  Rak'qor on the other hand, was greeted by a voice that said "Welcome, Klingon dog."

       Meanwhile, newly appointed SATCOM trainee, Ensign K'Grimm Satir, found himself in the unenviable task of being commanded to find new SATCOM personnel or round up old ones, and rebuild SATCOM in a hurry, in the safest place possible, the grounds of the monastary at Boreth, where newly installed Prior Avakhon Kinsharri has replaced the former Abbot, K'Obol K'Onor, as Chaplain General.  Getting past Security and onto the base from where K'Obol was conducting his war operations left K'Grimm with little patience to deal with fools or clerics (both of which he encountered in large numbers) and even less patience with delays.  Still, K'Grimm did manage to pull together a ragtag convoy of ships, and 15 SATCOM officers to proceed with him to Boreth.  There he gave one order:  rebuild SATCom from scratch with whatever they could drag together and glue into place, and get the Weapons section on-line yesterday.  K'Grimm, being who he was, alloted no time whatsoever to play by the rules or fool around with legalities.  Time was a knife, headed at their throats, and they hadn't the time to be nice or honorable or to stick with what they usually did.  The facility and how it was put together didn't have to be pretty.  It just had to work.  That said, he found outside help from a source not on any Empire list of suppliers and arranged for a drop on Boreth.  He hoped the new Prior would be ready for it, and for him. 

Imperial Military
KIySa'ra vestai VelaH'

Our mission was to enter the nebula known as Veqlargh’s Eye, and to find and engage the enemy. A vanguard of frigates and destroyers was sent out in front of the fleet. They acted as a screen. The rest of our fleet followed at a close distance behind so that we could mount an attack quickly should one of the vanguard encounter the enemy. Six I.M. squadrons were held in reserve behind the main body of the fleet. Their job was to reinforce weak spots in our lines, or to exploit any weaknesses in the enemy fleet that we were fortunate enough to find. All of the I.M. ships traveled under cloak.

The I.M. forces were followed closely by Imperial Security under Commander Kosh. His job was to secure for the Empire any facilities of other valuable resources the Imperial Military uncovered.

Our search of the nebula lasted approximately three weeks. Our scanners were working, but poorly due to the large amount of ionization and radiation. However, we discovered six small systems in the nebula.

In the first system, our vanguard detected an Orbital Defense Array. This Defense Array controlled several Orbital Defense Platforms. Our vanguard reported back that these defense systems used bandwidths that we have never used. The vanguard approached, carefully and quietly, intending to observe before we attacked. They were discovered before we were ready, and were attacked by the array. The I.M. forces moved in to shut the systems down. We did not destroy them, but rendered them inoperable. Once we disabled the array, we sent a small ship out to meet Kosh’s forces, and informed him that the arrays were ready for him. (The ion storms were too severe to allow for normal communications.) The I.S. ships came in behind us to board and secure the Arrays and remaining defense platforms for the Empire. Once Kosh’s forces arrived, we moved on.

En-route to the next system, one of our vanguard ships was surprised and destroyed by an enemy globeship. A few of our ships pursued, but our sensors were ineffective over distances greater than one kellicam.

The next system we encountered had no defense array, but was inhabited by a pre-warp society. We found primitive satellites orbiting the Class M planet.   The society appeared to be space-capable, but not warp-capable. They detected out presence, and opened fire on us using nuclear warheads, which we easily destroyed. We found out later that our presence was indicated to them via sensor grids, which were established to act as sentries. They were designed to send word of our presence to the surrounding systems. We immediately sent word to Kosh, whose forces moved in to quickly quiet these early warning stations before they could warn the other systems. We found that this planet is inhabited by a species known as the Tolk.

As we moved into the third system, we encountered another Orbital Array, identical to the one we encountered in the first system. Lt. Cmdr. DuroQ quickly quelled their attack, and Kosh’s forces secured it for the Empire.

The fourth system is inhabited by a species known as the Pohbeth. Another defense grid betrayed us, and we were fired upon again. Kosh’s forces had the honor of going in to subdue them. The fifth system had no defense grid, but is inhabited by a species somewhat resembling the Gorn.

There was another encounter with a globeship as we left the fifth system. This time, one of our destroyers was severely damaged, but not eliminated. Again, we pursued the ship through the dust and ion clouds. During our pursuit, a third globeship destroyed all but one of our pursuing ships.

The sixth system contained the last defense array, which I.M. forces rendered inoperable as they had the others.

As we were moving through these six systems, the ships pursuing the globeships returned to the fleet and reported that the globeships seemed to be gathering in a location outside of the fourth system, and that the enemy ships appeared to be massing there. We moved our fleet to a position that we hoped would give us an advantage. We moved into a thick dust cloud, and hoped that it would give us sufficient cover to allow us to get close enough to surprise the enemy.

Then, we ATTACKED!!!!

The battle was furious and bloody. Ship losses were in the range of 40% across all classes. There were many dead and wounded among our forces. The number of wounded overwhelmed our field hospitals, so were required to convert a couple of our fleet transports to handle the overflow once they had transferred their cargoes of disruptors, and phase cannons. We also used some of our damaged ships that could no longer fight as makeshift infirmaries.

There was a lot of shifting back and forth in this battle. At on point, Kosh’s forces had to pull back off of the fourth planet as the enemy appeared poised to overrun it. We managed to push them back, at which point
Kosh had to re-subdue the inhabitants there.

We managed to hold our ground until the enemy withdrew. We opted not to pursue them, as the damage we are sustaining in these battles is too great to allow the luxury of quenching our warrior’s thirst for enemy blood. We do not have the resources to risk.






Address Changes

Sector One

Curtis D. Martin / Cmdr. Kosh zantai-Pallara-Zu-Merz
12106 SE 314TH ST. AUBURN,WA 98092-0913
curtisdmartin@juno.com or Curtis82667@aol.com

Sector 3

  David Yates / Lt. vestai "BlackHeart"
     Chaplain General Corps XO
     435 E. Main St.
     Trotwood, Ohio 45426
Sector 5

     Anne Zecca / Cmdr. A'qmarr ramHov vestai K'Onor
     Imperial Diplomatic Service CO / Artist's Guild Director
     2525 NW 51st Place
     Gainesville, FL 32605
     IKV QI'lIn toDuj (K'Lynn's Courage) / IKV QI'lIn batlh (K'Lynn's Honor)


    Mike Wagar / Lt. Commander K'logh sutai Chang-tIQwoQ
    #8- 1158 Yates street
    Victoria B.C.


     Kelvyn Cruddace / Lt (jg) K'elvor vestai tuq'mar
     2 Treator Cottages
     Padstow Cornwall pl28 8ru ENGLAND    


New Members


Sector 7

Arthur Rumpeltes / Lt(jg) Ka' Rell vestai Vespa
Imperial Intelligence
4375 Ingalls St
Wheat Ridge Co, 80033


Troi Woytenko / Ensign vestai Kovosh puqloD'veS
Imperial Security
PO Box 381
Aylesford NS


Jami Huffington / Ensign Zonero vestai Shiran
Internal Intelligence
PSC 80 BOX 15567
APO AP 96367-0058





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