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Thought Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang 
(C) Ke'Reth Makura 2005

I've often used the analogy of "family" when speaking of the KSF and our relationship to each other. I write to many of you more often than I write to my blood family, and I spend as much time doing things for my "KSF family" on a weekly basis (even now with my ridiculous work schedule) as I do for any of those who share my name or my actual household. And, as I've told you for years, my email box and phone are always open. So, when several members came to me several weeks ago, wanting to talk about something of great concern to them, I made time to see what it might be. They told me they were worried about the lack of a role playing game, and feared this indicated that the KSF was "dying". Because it was of such great concern to them, and because some of you out there might have similar fears, I wanted to pass on to you what I told them.

I am a firm believer in the concept of "for everything there is a season", that is, I believe things go in cycles, short or long. Sometimes we're more active in role playing, sometimes in communications, sometimes in projects. After a decade long RPG run, we put the gaming temporarily aside for a "season" and went on to other kinds of games, scavenger hunts, and a Tee shirt / KSF logo quest that has turned into something we can all be proud of! Next "season" the KSF will go on to something else. Like all families, we are ever growing, ever expanding our interests and our activities. It is the way of things, and to me, it indicates a living entity, not a dying one. 

The one thing I am sure of is that of those people and things that come into our lives "for a reason, a season or a lifetime", the KSF is here for a lifetime. It just changes it's form now and then. 

May the blessings of the season come to all of you, (and for those of you who are still worried, the RPG will start up again in the New Year!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang


by Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn

Kai SuvwI' ... Welcome to your Xmas Issue of Battle Lines.. It's a little  thinner on the ground mainly due to the Break from the RPG.. But I'm sure you will still have an enjoyable read.

We have part 2 of History and Review of Star Trek RPG by SamwI' and some more fantastic images from Ke'reth including a specially drawn Xmas cover.

May 2006 bring you everything you were left waiting for in 2005 whatever that may be.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.. 

Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn




(C) Ke'Reth Makura 2005 At the point of publishing I am not aware of any official Commendations so I Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn would like to award a house Commendation to all members who have helped me in the production of Battle Lines through the year especially Captain Ke'reth zantai Makura for all the Artwork that I could not have done without.

On top of this I have an Extra Special House Commendation to award to someone who not only goes the extra mile but goes an extra hundred miles.  She tirelessly puts in more time that she has to give and under the problems associated with living in a different country to her relatives especially her children and trying to maintain and build two careers.. Yet amoungst all that she has still been there for me and my real family as well as my KSF family.

Thought Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang I would like you to accept the highest Commendation that the House be'rawn can award: the "be'rawn Star of Honour"

The Motto reads, "taHmoH woQ vodleH" or Let Majesty Flourish (literally "Let Emeror's Authority Continue")



Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K’Tore-Jiraal
GSA Commander


GSA Sector One

U  Sector Cmdr. Kosh Zu-Merz /  Curtis Martin  -  KADAR: tlhIngan HIvbeQ neH - HovpoH 0510.30

Hoch qavan!  Howdy all!  July... Did nothing on the 4th of July, was going to go down to Salem Oregon to visit my dad and family down there, but not enough time for me to take off from work, less battles (fireworks) outside around my apartment complex it seemed. Picked up some Star Trek software/games: ST Away Team, Starfleet Command, and ST New Worlds.

August... Took an Amtrak train down to Mulino Oregon (first destination was a Amtrak platform in Oregon City) on the 24th, spent the time visiting with my mother and her boyfriend, stayed just across a creek from the Ranch Hills Golf Course, played nine holes at the Pioneer golf course once; nice sunny weather the whole time while I was down there!

September... Gave monies to the Northwest Medical Teams, Red Cross, and Petsmart, to help those affected by Katrina. Contributed to the MDA as well, I had an uncle who passed on because of MD. Purchased an external hard drive case, inserted a 40 GB hard drive inside of it, plugged it in to the computer; I had less then 700 MB left on my 20 GB one, then finally figured out how to format it for more then 8 GB ... I had to partition it first with third party software.

I finally cleared 3 GB of space on my original HD, made it run faster then it was.

One employee of my workplace gave his two week notice of leaving, then left less then a week after giving the notice, didn't show up one day, didn't call or nothing! What a putaQ! I won't miss him!

October... Another employee left PCD (Pacific Cascade Distribution), my current place of employment, he worked in TIG (purses). Sent out an e-mail informing Sector One members of the upcoming due date to send in reports to me, no replies.

A gal at work had her only child abducted over 18 months ago, was going to do a taping for the Montel Show, was told it was terminated, I sent in an e-mail to some of the party's involved; I hope and pray she gets the resources to help her get her child back ... this is the same person I tried to get help from the KSF to keep eyes out for the scumbag of an ex-husband who did not return the child at the appointed time and day.

Been trying to vanquish a tera'ngan virus (cold) since Tuesday of last week, 10/25, just been taking it easy all weekend ... not easy to be a couch bound SuvwI' ... but almost have it conquered!

Got nothing planned for All Hallows Eve, been just trying to get over this cold, have several bags of candies on stock for possible invasion of costumed tera'nganpu' though, in preparation of Samhain Day! Hopefully, you all had a safe and honorable bewitching night! Qapla'!

HoD Kosh zantai-Zu-Merz
(AWA Curtis D. Martin)
mIch wa' ra'wI'
wo'taH QanHung ra'wI'
IKV mupwI' chuS HoD
IKV Kawak HoD 

U  Commander K’Eherang zantai-K’Shontan-Jiraal reporting  -  Still attending school at Portland State University, and I’m closer to graduating than I originally thought. Am also doing NaNoWriMo again this November – the month-long insanity where I convince myself I can write a 50,000 word story in thirty days.  What have I been smoking?

In Victory,

Commander K'Eherang zantai-K'Shontan-Jiraal,  Division of Imperial Intelligence,  GSA/Sector 1,  Commanding Officer - IKV Do'HoS 

GSA Sector 2

U  Sector Cmdr. Borg QI'mpeq / Michael Robbins: As of September 7th, it's been 12 months since I had my open heart triple bypass surgery. 

From September 28th till October 5th, there was a series of wildfires in this area of California, which had me wonderin whether I might have to evac the area. But, thanks to the efforts of all the firefighters, I wasn't required to do, so. 

I recently have gotten two all-terrain motorcycles; a 1973 Suzuki RV-125 Tracker, and a 1974 Suzuki RV-90 Rover. I've been searching the web for information on these two motorcycles. 

May the Holiday Season ahead, be a Happy and Joyous one for all!

U  Azel Tavana-Zu-Merz:  Nothing new here to report.

(¯`·.¸¸.-*If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, it would be the purrr.*-.¸¸.·´¯)

U  K'ven Jurek / Jil Conway:  This has been a busy trimester. I seem to work seven days a week! 
I am also amidst a tax class--so taxpayers everywhere: beware!

All work, no play equals a dull report.  Happy Holidays!  K'ven

GSA Sector 3

U  Admiral Katalyia Epetai K'Tore-Jiraal: My summer was fantastic and I am sorry that it's over. As you know, I went to a Barry Manilow Concert in July and it was awesome. I plan on going back to Vegas in September and seeing Barry in concert again. I was suppose to get my ticket for the show last month, but my ticket decided to take a trip to St. Louis without letting me know first! Kathleen, another Manilow fan, got it along with her ticket and is sending it to me registered mail. Also, I helped out with a Halloween party and had a great time. There were over 300 people who attended. For Thanksgiving, we're going to help out with supporting a dinner for our church group. I can hardly wait.

U  Cmdr. Kimpla D-Dok'marr-Zu-Merz: Rose Compton The summer was one long hot month or so it seemed. Rain? Where was it? Well, obviously you all saw a lot. We saw almost none and I began to think I had been transported to Hades.! It was a constant Struggle to keep my plants alive and the yard.... well at least it will come back next year. (I hope!) Due to the lack of moisture, fall arrived early and tree leaves began to fall in August. I think I just completed the last raking of the season this week.

The day before Halloween, my father passed away and along with the grief, I was left scrambling in an attempt to book a last minute flight to the South. Have you ever been selected for a thorough search at the airport? Quite the experience. Might even have been ... enjoyable (?) had a male taken care of it. LOL!!!!

Now at this point in early November, I am just beginning to catch back up with everything in the KSF as well as in RL. Special thanks to Admirals qe'San & Katalyia for their patience this tri.


U  K'Ken T'Relak / Ken Traft: I continue to keep busy at work. Still married to Julie. Still spend time with son Nick (33 yo). Still volunteer. Still stuck on the Sarbanes-Oxley project. Nothing Klingon going on. Ken Traft, LAMFT

U  Khaufen: This summer has been like none before it. One of my brothers moved to Tulsa, and through grace, both he and his wife landed good jobs!

After we found them a place to live, he and my other brother began their plan to get me, right next door. They got their way, as it were. We only have one more brother and sister before the Family will be completely whole. 

I have an absolutely cool cat. And someplace decent to hang my hat. I had thought that this summer was a great one', but that changed for me when someone dear to me died.

Life can spring up, like a panther on the scent, and suddenly . . . things will never be the same again. Take it from an old War targh, call your Mom, find out where a sister or brother is, or just simply turn to the person at your side and tell them what you think and feel. 

Family, is all too real, and all too temporary. Take a chance. 



GSA Sector 4

U Capt. T'Lara sutai ZuMerz - Susan Wyss:  Well, another 3 months have gone by......let me see...the summer has ended and my son started High School, an adventure in itself. It took weeks fort the school to get everyone's scheduleas straightened out. They have construction going on during the day while students are trying to hear teachers. They had an evacuation into the pourig rain because a construction worker mistakenly cut an electrical line which in turn arced to an electric panel and shorted out the lights in the entire school. Smoke filled the gym, and 2200 kids had to evacuate! What a fiasco! Now, last week they caught a student with a BB gun after he shot some kid in the face with it. The students have had 2 walkouts to protest the conditions and several, including my son, went to the Board of Ed. meeting to voice their concerns. It was on the local Educational channel on TV! Other than these events, he is doing well.

Myself, I have changed to a job in the PO with different hours. I now work 5pm - 1:30am, and can sleep at least some of the night. It took a while for both of us to get used to the new schedule. You see, I only see my son for an hour and a half every day now.....after school. But I like the hours, and I like the job and the people I work with so it is all worth it. Of course I have different bosses so that is also better. Other than the job, I have been through some changes in my medications which have caused a lot of problems to say the least. One particular problem almost cost me my job. Unfortunately, we all know that meds have "common side effects" and "more severe side effects" that happen to the unlucky few. Well, I was one of those few. :( It put me into a deep depression, and ultimately made some severe personality changes. I was "not myself" for a matter of months before I even knew what was causing it. I thought I was losing my mind! Anyway, the doctor has changed my meds yet again, and I am for the most part back to what is considered "normal" lol. 

That's it for the news from Middletown, NY......until next time........... *Beastie out*

U Capt. Kishin zantai-Kukura - Sue Frank:  Looking forward to PhilCon here early in December, our annual science fiction convention which brings out artists, writers and Klingons in beautiful downtown Philadelphia. Always an occasion for blood wine!

In the meantime, I keep the klin alive reading the accounts of adventurous travelers who have gone where few have gone before. The British warrior and explorer Wilfred Thesiger, describes his years among the Madan, the marsh Arabs of Iraq in the 1950's. And Kira Salak is a contemporary American woman who paddled 600 miles along the Niger River, solo, in a kayak. 

I'm getting better with my Middle eastern drum. Good accompaniment for a march into the unknown or a victory dance:-

Till next, I salute you all--
From Strength to Strength!

U Captain Avakhon zantai Khinsharri - Robert Cunningham:  Well I will be short as well... Spent two and a half MOVING back to St. Joseph Missourri and it was an adventure to say the least.THE least of which is the following TRUTH: Duct tape DOES indeed hold the universe together !!!! The Lady Leora and I have arrived in our new home state and are settling into it soonest. Will leave more when it is available.

U Lt (jg)ch'HulHu vestai Kormel - David Stayduhar: Who what? oh that time already? well, I moved in Sept... still getting settled in...   Chu


GSA Sector 5

U  Sector Cmdr. Rakqor K'Mpec / Richard Heckert - Greetings,  It has been a nice summer. Not much has happened since my last report. Things are on track and everyone has been well.Been keeping busy and I am looking forward to a nice Happy Holiday season. 

My son won a xbox360 in the win every 10min Mt Dew promo!

My summer "ghost hunt" at Gettysburg produced nothin. Guess it was too hot for ghosts! Or more likely too crowded. At night as you looked over the battlefeild it reminded me of a football stadium with sooo many flashes going off.  However on our last night, We went to LIttle Round Top in front of the Maine 20th postion just after a storm had passed and the crowds were pretty much gone as it was a thursday. This was the area that Alabama and Texas units charged up the hill, and the famed Maine 20th running low on ammo fixed bayonets and charged. Much brutal hand to hand combat took place before the Yanks beat the rebs saved Little Round Top and helped the Union to eventual victory.

As we walked down from the Maine line in the direction of the charge. My wife swore she "heard" heavy breathing and someone talking about being "shot" and needing help. I heard nothing. I had not taken my instruments into the field that night and had only a digtal camera. I must have shot 50 pics.

As we moved further down the hill my wife screamed that something "touched" her shoulder. She made us immediately make for the truck. We got back with out any incident. My wife was white as a ghost , no pun intended, and obviously very shaken. When we got back to the hotel we found a small muddy smear on the back of her jacket. I then found much to my dismay, I had left the lens cap on the camera!

BOOO! , and boo hoo :(
this is a true story take from it what ya want

I have since decided we will not return to Gettysburg in the summer,(too many live peeps) but we are going again over Thanksgiving and we hope to have more stories and data/pics.

Cmdr. Rakqor sutai-K'Mpec 

U  Admiral Volar epetai-K'zota-K'Onor - Internal Intelligence Commander - Various Other Roles Too Vast To List

This past trimester has been rather productive. I aced through my summer courses, was accepted as a first year BSW student, was voted class rep for the department, and pretty much all things related to school have just totally rocked. Of course there was another move, however it came with some very nice new toys that I bought to go with it; namely a beautiful television that I often refer to as my “baby”. I did get the chance to see the highly controversial “Bodies” exhibit, which many of you probably heard about through various news agencies. It was a phenomenal experience just to see these very real (though preserved) bodies and parts. I’m not sure what else to say about it, as all I could say was “damn...that was an experience”. But several good points were raised, such as “this is a smell I do not want to become familiar with” and “you have to ask yourself who thought to make that dead body play basketball”. All in all, from a medical science perspective, it was a purely unique encounter.

In other news, I’m still playing City of Heroes, and have all intentions to be playing the forthcoming City of Villains MMO by the time you read this! Totally digging the superhero/villain fun! Been very tempted to begin writing a few short stories based upon the characters I’ve created, however school is certainly taking precedence over any fun writing!!! This could very well change for the worse in a few semesters if I pursue the undergrad honors thesis option, but more on that when I know more. Anyhow, a number of games are coming out in the coming months...here’s a brief rundown of what will be keeping my mind from exploding; COH/COV, Civilization IV, The Movies, Dragonshard, and as always...The Sims (cuz without that, there’d be no future for “AMK”). In books, well...when I’m able to read them and not text books, I’m reading City of Heroes: The Web of Arachnos, Star Trek Titan: Taking Wing (finishing) & The Red King, and finally Wicked (cuz there’s nothing like turning a classic on its end). To think, this is just my fun reading!

To wrap this up, things are going well from my side of the world. So good in fact that I’ve recently become engaged (yay!). You know me, always gotta end with a bang. That concludes today’s special report, we now return you to your regularly scheduled life already in progress....

U  Jill Curry:  well its been really quiet on ksf front only thing i have to report is that lushy bonded with klogh

end of report


U  Teh hel and Nagh'Gor - Ethel and Gordon:  Let's see............I can't remember when I did the last of these, and things are as they have always been: move from one crisis (big or small) to the next, worry about what you know you can't change, but worry anyway, etc. etc. etc. My writing has suffered accordingly as there simply hasn't been time (or energy) to keep it up!

nagh Gor's health has been steadily improving, for which we continuously give thanks! The girls are busy in and out of school: one is in a Vet Assistant's course (anyone know a Vetrinarian in HRM who's willing to take on a student who needs to do her practicum?); one is in Grade 11, working part time and playing cello in the school-connected orchestra; one is pulling in A (minus and plus) in English and B and C in Math and Science, with other subjects bouncing between those areas; one is out of school until the next semester; and one is working two jobs in Calgary and missing "home". I've been working my 40 hours a week, and maintaining my sanity, while dealing with the stress of all of the above, and being "Mom" to anyone and everyone who needs a pick-me-up, OR a kick-in-the-pants!

We've had a busy month with house guests -- by the week/month, overnight, and by the day -- and just generally distracted and busy! Nevermind that Christmas is just around the corner and all of the joy and stress that go with that!

All in all, life is great! I/we forget that sometimes and then we see a spectacular sunset, or listen to the wind and rain lash the house, and realize things could be a lot worse and there is joy there if you take the time to stop, take a deep breath and SEE it!

We wish you all much joy, happiness and love over the Holiday Season and into the New Year! May your respective Deities smile on your endeavors; may peace of mind, soul, and body be yours! May you take joy in the simplist of things; may your health maintain or improve beyond your highest hopes; and may you always remember "This too shall pass!" and cherish the good times and endure the bad knowing that all are fleeting in the scheme of things!

U  K'Lay / Margie:  has been imprisoned at the mines of Rura Pente (doing two jobs; one at The Children's Wish Foundation and the other at Home Instead Senior Care) and sentenced to hard labor (75 plus hours a week) since the summer. Interesting work at both ends of the age spectrum; one helping to grant wishes to kids with life threatening illnesses, and the other helping to keep senior citizens with mental and physical problems in their homes, rather than sending them to nursing homes. Lots of challenges to both, the most challenging part of which is trying to fit my family life and the KSF around my work hours, which run Monday-Thursday day shift at the Wish and Thursday - Sunday nights at Home Instead. I really, really do need to be cloned, and I'd like to offer a group apology to all of those in my KSF family who think they've been abandoned, or orphaned, or transported into limbo with no contact with the Thought-Admiral. Things WILL improve in January, if only because the Abbot has threatened to chain me to the bulkhead.......... 

U  Abbot K'Obol / Doug has been taking over many of the Command and family duties that normally belong to K'Lay / Margie, as well as providing shuttle service, after work debriefings, shield modulation, and R & R to the TA. His various Masonic activities and responsibilities have escalated as well, and both the Abbot and the TA are planning a well deserved vacation to Texas to spend the holidays with family from mid December to early January. Not to worry though, the lap top is going with them, and the KSF will never be too far from thought or hand.


U qe'San be'rawn - Jonathan Brown: Still very busy.. Lost my only blood related Uncle on the 22nd and will be going to honour him and his family on the 9th Jan.. Had a nice relaxing Xmas and my wife even agreed to leaving the re flooring of the bathroom until after Xmas... phew.... 

The Graphic Design website and voting took up some time and you should find the results elsewhere in this issue.. (if it's not there check back latter as it means I haven't finished this issue yet)

Hope everyone has a Great 2006... Qapla'  





Here comes Durgath.
by Kimpla

Here comes Durgath, Here comes Durgath,
Flying down Durgath Lane.
Abbot and K'Zhen and all his warriors
pulling on his reins.
Chu is gluing, Kosh is singing 
All is merry and bright.
Polish your weapons, say your prayers
Cause Durgath comes tonight!


Kimpla Had a Run-in with a Glue-gun
by Lt(jg) ch'HulHu vestai Kormel

Kimpla had a run-in with a glue-gun
Flying back to QonoS  Christmas Eve
You may think there's no such thing as ChHulHu
But as for  Kosh and the Abbot, they believe.

She'd been drinking too much  bloodwine,
And they begged her to please sit.
But she said that she'd left her Batleth
And she staggered out the  airlock into her ship.
When they found her Christmas morning
At the scene  of the attack,
She had glue trails on her forehead,
And Incriminating Chu  marks on her back.


Oh we're all so proud of Volar
He's  been taking this in stride
See him in there throwing insults,
singing  songs and taking grey orions for a ride.
It's not Christmas without Kimpie
As we see her empty chair.
And we  all can't help but wonder
How Chu glued her to the ceiling by her  hair.


Now the Gagh is on the table
And the nice big  Rohkeg pie.
And the cold and steely candles
that would just match the evil  gleem in Kimpie's eye.
We've warned all our fleet and allies,
You better  keep on alert too.
They should never give a glue-gun
to a maniacal  klingon, who gets shits and giggles playing with  glue.



Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
(It's sung to the tune called "Thank God! It's Christmas!" by Queen)
By Borg Q'mpeq

Oh my love... 
we've had our share of mayhem;
Oh my friend... 
we've had our share of chaos and havoc;
Oh my friends... 
it's been a long hard year.

But now... it's Khristmas!
Yes... it's Khristmas!
Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!

The moon and naked stars... 
seem awful cold and bright.
Let's hope the snow of Rura Penthe,
will make this Khristmas... right.
My friend... 
the universe will share this special night.

Because it's Khristmas!
Yes it's Khristmas!
Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
For one night.

Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas! 
Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!

Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
Kahless... Can it be Khristmas?
Kahless... Let it be Khristmas?
Every day.

Oh my love... 
we've lived in troubled days;
Oh my friend... 
we have the strangest ways;
All my friends... 
on this one day of days.

Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
Yes.. It's Khristmas!
Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
For one day.

Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
Yes... it's Khristmas!
Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
Oooh yeah.
Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
Yes... yes... yes... yes... 
It's Khristmas!

Thank Kahless! It's Khristmas!
For one day!

A very merry Khristmas to you all!


Here comes Durgath.
Lt. Cmdr. Kain Kentoo (Based on Kimpla's above)

Here comes Durgath, Here comes Durgath,
Flying down Durgath Lane.
Abbot and K'Zhen and all his warriors
pulling on his reins.
Chu is gluing, Kosh is singing 
All is merry and bright.
Polish your weapons, say your prayers
Cause Durgath comes tonight!

Here comes Durgath, Here comes Durgath,
Flying down Durgath Lane
with a rack full of photons,and fully charged disruptor's
causing chaos once again
the federation is running, Kirk is sighing
what the hell went wrong?
No time to wait, lets get out of here
Cause Durgath comes tonight.


By DHM KZhen

On the first day of Kahless my parmach gave to me
A ticket to Sto-vo-Kor. 
On the second day of Kahless my parmach gave to me
Two Birds of Prey...
On the third day of Kahless my parmach gave to me
Three honor badges ...
Four spiked gloves,
Five Plates of qagh,
Six battle cloaks,
Seven Fleeters fleeing,
Eight cloak devices, 
Nine Klingon daggers
Ten tortured tribbles 
Eleven batlh-letlhs swinging,
Twelve dirsupters firing


Photon Shells
(to the tune of Jingle bells)
by Kimpla

Dashing thru the galaxy 
in a ole Bird of Prey
Thru the stars we warp,
conquering all the way.
Shells exploding on contact 
Making pretty lights.
Oh what fun it is to fly and
fire on a planet tonight. 
Photon shells, photon shells,
Photons all the way
O what fun it is to fly 
and fire on a planet tonight.




The Following is a reprint of the notification published in the last issue and is included here for info only.


Campaign Coordination Command
To all the role players and Division Commanders, 

Recently we sent out an email asking all role players and DivComs to fill out a poll and / or answer some questions regarding the future of the KSF's role playing game. We decided to do this in light of reduced player participation, in hopes that we could make whatever changes might be necessary in order to increase player interest levels.

After reviewing the poll results and emails from players and DivComs who responded, after considering the increasing real life demands on many of our DivComs and their key players, after much soul searching, and after nearly 15 years of continuous role playing, CCC staff have made the same decision the creators of Enterprise made earlier in the year; that is to end (or suspend) our ongoing role playing saga, and to give players time to decide what, if any, role playing activities they want to see in the KSF. 

Before some of you faint from shock (at the possibility of there being no role playing in the KSF) let me assure you that the Klin Zha listserve will remain up and running, and will be available for those players, including myself, who are going to continue this current story line to its natural conclusion. (Instructions for those people who want to conclude this storyline are included at the bottom of this email.) The only difference will be that, unless there is some renewed interest in the traditional game, CCC will no longer be creating or sending out orders to DivComs, gathering reports, writing summaries or game mastering the game. Players will be free to play or not, essentially without direction, in whatever scenario suits them. 

So, for those of you who want to take a break from the RPG, here's your chance to spend the next five or six months doing whatever else you need or want to do without feeling like you're letting anyone down. Those of us who want to, can finish the role plays we've got going, concluding the story of how Q sent us all back to our old universe (only to find out we've got doubles there who never left.) No matter what your role playing status is, we'd like everyone to check in with the Abbot and I from time to time, think about what options you want to see; talk about it on the regular KSF list or with other players and by the end of the year, decide if you'd like to see the official RPG resume, or not. (If treaditional role playing is resumed, you will be given a chance to resume your command, or request a command at that time.) 

On a side note, it is my hope that, perhaps like Enterprise, if people miss our directed role playing enough, they will knock on our door loudly enough to warrant bringing the traditional RPG back. (My door IS always open, as is the Abbot's and we have very good hearing) I know I will miss Q'rul's detailed reports, the Merchant Prince (and his sister Katie's) daring, Aq'marr's intricate story lines, Crown Prince Kosh's sometimes risque sense of humor, Lushy's sensual daring, the Pirate's unpredictable audacity, the Abbot's wisdom...and his mek'leth, the Prior's many side plots, explanations and puns, Cymele's conversations and emotional tugs-of-war with the Daavit and Teh hel and the Quvagh Mach, Kat and K'Shona Base and her Entity who lives there, Kimpla and K'Stor and their avant guard way of dragging the storyline to places no one ever imagined, the wicked daughter of Chang, Medra and her nasty temper, Hurgh's loyalty, Solen's strange sense of humor, wit and plot twists of the weird, DaHar Master K'Zhen's experiences and heroic presence, K'hen's science reports, the many adventures of DuroQ in Imperial Military, Khaufen's House saga, Beastwoman's antics, Chu' and the glue and so forth, Volar's popping in and out, K'ven's wordcraft and talent, Azel and Krowgon in their many incarnations and permutations, Borg's many illegal upgrades, Rak's companionship and camaraderie, Blackheart's noble heart, Kovan's presence in my own House, Koi's mess hall and culinary preferences in the midst of battle, and the offerings of K'Eherang, meH'poQ, Kain, t'Arra, SamwI and Kanara, Kelvor, K'taj, kohn, KhaMish'Khal, Korgath, Kea'Dec, and so many others who have played over the past years. I can truly say that the Abbot and I have enjoyed reading your stories as much or more than we have enjoyed any of the published Trek books. It's been fun interacting with you all! 

If it were left up to me, the RPG characters above whom I've come to know so well would continue to play forever, their exploits immortalized and glorified in our usual ongoing Klingon space opera. But I've come to see that where we go in the future is not just up to us in Campaign Coordination Command. It's up to each of you now. Let us know what you decide. 

TA K'Lay & The Abbot for CCC

Instructions for those who want to finish the RPG storyline  

There is an old Terran saying paraphrased as follows: "we have met the enemy and he is us!" Imperial Intelligence, and reports from others in other Divisions have confirmed that the so called "doubles" of ourselves that we've encountered since the Q brought us back to our own universe are not doubles at all. They are, in fact, us, in every sense....left behind when the chroniton wave hit....as we were simultaneously swept away to the alternate universe. Now that Q has brought us back, we find that there are indeed two of each of us, each tied to his or her double. Whatever happens to one double, happens to the other. If one dies, so does his or her "twin". 

Each of you has to decide if you wish to:

1) remain as you are, "one of two", and find a way to co-exist with your counterpart (as Riker did with his double in TNG) 

2) try to find a way to re-integrate your two halves (as Captain Kirk did with his double in TOS) 

3) try to find a way to meld your two selves before one of you "dies" as Spock was able to do when he regained his katra, his soul from Dr. McCoy's keeping in Star Trek 3 ({Those who want to go this route might want to check with one of the priests or priestesses of Durgath: the Abbot, the Prior or teh hel to see if they might be able to help)

4) Appeal to Q's better nature...if you can find him.... to see if he's willing to take you out of this universe, and convey you somewhere else.....wherever that might be.

For the time being you are a free agent. You do not have a DivCom and you will not receive additional orders. You are free to write alone or play with any other KSF player who wishes to role play and interact with you. Write about your adventures and post them to the Klin Zha listserve. This is an ongoing story, and will continue as long as people have an interest in writing it, or until the end of the year 2005.




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A History and Review of Star Trek RPG
By Lt. SamwI' quvHubwI', Imperial Security
(a.k.a. Michael Stanley)

Part II The Glory, Death, and Resurrection

In part I, the introduction, I introduced you to the world of Star Fleet Battles (SFB), some of the background where these games found their inspiration, and the shackles put in place by the people at Paramount (PPG).

The first gaming appearance of Klingons, appears in 1966 by the company known as FASA 

After the Klingons appeared in the movies and the changes had to be explained FASA revised their world book to reflect the changes. These are the Klingons we are the most familiar with along with the changes made by “The Next Generation” (TNG) appearances. Next for FASA was when TNG went on the air, they published a first season source book and the Star Trek the Next Generation Officer’s Manual.

Unfortunately for FASA there license did not cover TNG. Also, during the time of the movies and the early years of production for TNG, certain fans were complaining to PPG that something used in ‘this book’ or ‘that game’ (one of the most common subjects revolved around the concept of transwarp) contradicted (They could of course violate this rule when it suited their purposes.) something on the big or small screen. The studio’s formulaic response to all of these letters went something like this:

"Thank you for your comments, but we do not consider any other sources outside of the studio to be valid as content for the production"

These numerous and varied complaints eventually became an annoyance to the producers and the studio management. Some of these letters focused their attention to FASA and their ‘unauthorized’ material. In what could be called (especially by me) a knee jerk reaction. PPG told FASA (and others) to cease production of all materials. This interestingly made the FASA material instant collectors items especially the first edition TNG manual (which I have). I know of one fan organization (and probably others do the same) that sells xerographic copies of the needed Klingon materials. This also had a side effect that the other publishers also had to recheck their material and correct anything that PPG might find objectionable. 

A Quick Death

So anyone, after awhile, that wanted to start fresh in ST RPG had very few options. Few stores carried the now out of-print and scarce FASA material. So you were left with having to create material from scratch or try to modify one of the other games to fit the Star Trek universe. Other games did appear Traveler, FTL2048, and Space Opera to mention just three of the most popular. They each had their own interpretation of the science, technology, history, and social structures involved with their particular game system. So to make these work you had to do a lot of rules changes and calculations. Not to mention the guesswork on what the various alien race statistics might translate.

In 1986 Steve Jackson Games (who later acquires the rights to Traveler) publishes the Generic Universal Role Playing System or as it is widely known GURPS. It now is in its fourth edition. With its basic rules you can create an rpg that takes place anywhere or anytime, even in the future. My third edition basic manual runs a hefty 256 pages. The book is like other starter books with character templates, skills and some simple weapons and equipment. With its various world books and supporting data books you can have everything from cavemen fighting dinosaurs with bazookas, your favorite super hero blowing up the bad guys with plasma bombs, movie super spy seducing the sexy villain with his magic amulet, or even (my favorite) find yourself in that fantasy world of 60’s television ‘The Village’. The data books cover specialty topics including magic, horror, time travel, vehicles of all descriptions, and (drum roll please) SPACE.

The Space book was first published 1988.

Space made it easier to generate Star Trek like campaigns that would be closer to the movies and television.

This brings us to our second major (entries three and four of the six) Klingon effort
Prime Directive 1992

GURPS Prime Directive 1993


A Resurrection?

Now in its second printing is Empire of Steel the Prime Directive world book for us Klingons. It contains an interpretation of the Empire that is colored by the limits of their contract and the fact that they wanted to be compatible with their other products already in print. The book is a good piece of work and shows the effort involved with this kind of project. However, when they bring in the empire’s feudal-like structure, they get a little carried away with knights, dukes and barons and the like.

There are sections devoted to their interpretations of what might be the religion, philosophy, and history. As I said a section on the imperial hierarchy made up of feudal like posts. An interesting new organization directly attached to the Emperor is an Inspector General type post called a Paladin. One page is devoted to a list of Emperors and Empresses covering the years from Y–942 to Y211 (approximately from ED: 1168 to 2321). A small updated map shows the empire and the political divisions of the major holding by the various duchies. Several pages are devoted to planetary data on the major worlds in the empire, including the home planet of the subject races, and planets located in the neutral zone (Remember Sherman’s Planet and Organia?). One of the largest sections is devoted to the military organization, duties, rank structure (with new emblems), and medals. Thirty-seven pages are devoted to starships and related data (see further on in the article). And two short stories that can be used as seeds for a Game Master to use for his own campaigns.

And there are the usual sections on character types, skills, and equipment common to all RPG manuals. However under equipment we find the following interesting four entries worth mentioning. First we find yet another name for that famous three bladed dagger, this time it is the “Kov-ree” (page 85). They list two ground vehicles, an armored personnel carrier, and a fairly plain looking tank. Lastly I did find a painstick, under the agonizer entry you find; “Baton versions are also available” (page 90). 

All of these items are an interesting blend of our modern Klingon (cleverly camouflaged) and the “Russian and Nazi” (pg 143) version appearing in the OS. You will not find any use of either the Ford language [klinonese?] or the newer tlhngan Hol. Though they do use a language that looks similar to the latter. As I stated previously the licenses are very specific as to what can and cannot be used for source material (again they are limited to the OSTM and the OS episodes), but they include this interesting comment in the new book:

“You can feel free to use whatever parts of this you like for a TNG-based campaign, but our contract doesn’t cover that era, and anyway, I though the evil empire (the Russian one and the Klingon one) was a better enemy” 

from Notes to GM’s, page 143.

The section on starships provides us with some rather interesting new material that we (Do we want the CNC to get her hands on this book?) could find useful in several different applications. Such as a complete D7 (Heavy Cruiser, the on-screen workhorse of the fleet) crew manifest. A set of scaled deck plans for the G1 gunboat and a couple of its variants. Detailed information on the ten major kinds of ships from the Gunboat up to my vessel the B10/11 Battleships, including, an overhead profile, the class name(s), lists of variants and the major specifications (without all those dreaded check boxes I mentioned in part I). 

As I mentioned here is a partial list (I am supposing that the Romulan manual will add to this) of the Prime Directive aliens.

Alpha-Centauran FED Kizinti (allied) FED Rovillian ISC
Andorian FED Klingon   Seltorian  
Andromedan   Korlivilar ISC Slirdarian K
Brecon FED Lyran (allied) FED Tellarite FED
Cromarg K Mynieni K Tholian  
Cygnan FED Orion FED Veltressai ISC
Dunkar K Prellarian ISC Vergarian K
Fralli FED Pronhiulite ISC Vulcan FED
Gorn   Q’Naabian FED Zoolie  
Hilidarian K Rigellian      
Hydran   Romulan      


Cole, Steven V., et al Prime Directive, Task Force Games, 1993

_____ Star Fleet Battles, Captain’s Edition, Amarillo Design Bureau, 1990

Okuda, Michael and Denise, Star Trek Chronology, The History of the Future, Pocket Books, 1993 




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