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Thought Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang 


This will be my last "Admiral's Thoughts" as Commander in Chief (some might say `benevolent dictator`) of the Klingon Strike Force. Soon, as of January 1, 2010, it will be my chosen successor, Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn / Jon Brown's task to take the Proud Horde into the next generation, with the help of his newly appointed Campaign Coordination Commander, Admiral Volar epetai K'Zota-K'Onor / Chris Gable. Over the past several months I have reflected on past Commanders, and the history of the KSF, and I want to share a bit of that history with you.

The Klingon Strike Force began life in 1978 as the creation of John Halvorson (founding father of KAG) as an alternative to the UFP fan clubs in the Puget Sound area of the US. To gain information about events in fandom, John would communicate with the UFP organizations, and introduce himself as the self acclaimed Admiral Kris Epetai Kurkura of the altogether mythical Klingon Strike Force. Even so, he soon acquired a growing database, and it was in this way that he met Dave Christensen / Admiral Keel K'Ta-ri. When John moved out of state some time later, he offered to give his contact names and the fledgling KSF to Keel. (John went on to create KAG later in 1989 but that is another story.)

Keel had no idea what he was getting into, but he accepted the list of fan names and his new command. Making contacts of his own, he added new fans to his "roster", developed the first KSF documents, created a command structure and gave birth to the Klingon Strike Force as an official club in 1984. Putting together a uniform, Keel began doing interviews and radio spots, advertising in Trek publications, and recruiting new members. He and his new officers developed the first role playing game and quarterly newsletter, instituted a chain of command, mandatory post reports and formed an international land mail membership base, which extended throughout Europe. After 6 years in the "pre-club" stage and 11 years as Thought-Admiral of the KSF, Keel turned Command over to Fleet-Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz in 1995,

For the next five years, K'Zhen grew the club and stabilized its membership, created a plethora of Klingon projects, changed the nature of Divisional RPG Commands, modified the Sector geographical areas, began Klingon / tlhingan Hol lessons for interested members, and moved us from an entirely land based club to the Internet. The newsletter, Behind The Lines, was renamed BATTLE LINES, and publishers for the newsletter changed hands several times. When K`Zhen`s tenure as Commander in Chief was cut short due to illness in early 2000, she turned Command over to Chief of Staff, K'Lay K'Onor Chang.

For the next ten years, the Klingon Strike Force evolved and grew, adding new online locations to bring members closer together and bring new recruits in. The Hot Blood Bar was joined by the Raktajino Room and the Warrior's Inn. New listserves were created which allowed KSF members to communicate, role play and store art, projects, graphics and photos. Post reports, role plays, BATTLE LINES and Command Staff business moved from land mail to online, and the KSF created a presence on My Space and Face Book. The RPG and divisional structure underwent major changes, and guest GMs were allowed to run games in addition to Campaign Coordination Command. The Imperial Review Board was created to insure fair and impartial promotions. New Alliances with other Klin clubs were formed and the Klingon Strike Force helped found the Tri-Table, an alliance of Klingon groups comprised of club leaders whose goal were to facilitate mutual respect, communication and understanding.

This One can only imagine where the next Commander in Chief will take us, and wonder at the exciting new changes the next decade and beyond will bring. But it is that very imagination and sense of wonder that have brought us together as members of the Klingon Strike Force, and I am honoured to have been an historical part of the oldest, longest lasting...and in my opinion....best Klingon club in existence. May it continue to be, as John M. Ford's character Kethas said in The Final Reflection, a "structure that grows", until the stars stop shining.

Qapla SuvwI 'ej jupwIpu'

Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang

Klingon Strike Force Commander in Chief (2000 - 2010)


by Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn

Kai SuvwI' ... It is great news that I can bring you a new issue of Battle Lines. 

This issue celebrates the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2009 being the only issue.  Thanks to Kimpla's power of persuasion  and including a yearly update from nearly every member has put in a yearly update.  This is really good as this issue also celebrates Thought Admiral's reign as Commander in Chief.

If you've been out on a convert mission and you're one of those who wasn't able to submit your yearly update it's never too late.. Email it to me and I will add it on the end.  The printable version will be completed in a few days after the online version.

Another treat with this issue is some wonderful new artwork from Ke'reth

So read on and enjoy... 

Admiral qe'San epetai be'rawn



Officers, Promotions in rank and status are based on a multitude of factors: activity levels in various areas of the KSF, communication with other members, service to the club, skill, hard work, dedication, a willingness to work with others, and a positive attitude, among other key points. Promotions are never given out lightly, never just for "time in service", never on a quota based "set" schedule and sometimes, not given out at all. The following are the first promotions this year.

Without further fanfare then, the Klingon Strike Force Imperial Review Board would like to announce this year's


Qwll'eren zantai DuppIm / Karl Holtz - rank promotion to Fleet Captain

Fleet Capt. Borg QI'mpeq / Michael Robbins - honorific promotion to epetai

Commander Khen K'With / Alan Gunhouse - honorific promotion to zantai

LCmdr. Luciouslips JurISS-Chang / Gill Curry - honorific promotion to zantai

Lieutenant K'Stor Chi'Kosa / Ed Ciccarone - honorific promotion to sutai

Lt. Commander Korek Koloth /Gary Ormond - honorific promotion to sutai

I would like to thank the following IRB members for their service: qeSan, K'Zhen, Azel, Kimpla and Kosh, and to offer my personal congratulations to the officers who have been promoted this day.

Qapla 'ej MajQa. Kai Kassai
Thought-Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang
Klingon Strike Force Commander in Chief & Imperial Review Board Chairman


Lyrics edited by TA K'Lay.

K'Santa Baby,
Slip a battle cloak under the tree,
For me,
i'll wait up for you dear,
Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight

K'Santa baby,
A new disruptor too,
Light blue,
i've been an awful good girl,
K'Santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight
yeah yeah

Think of all the fun I've missed,
Think of all the warriors I haven't kissed,
Next year I could be just as good,
If you check off my Christmas list

K'Santa baby,
I want a new BoP and really that's not a lot,
I've been an angel all year,
Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight,

K'Santa honey
There's one more thing I really do need,
The deed,
To a gold pressed latinum mine,
K'Santa honey,
So hurry down the chimney tonight,

Come and trim my K'ristmas tree,
With something taken from the Ferengi
I really do believe in you,
Let's see if you believe in me,

K'Santa baby,
Forgot to mention one little thing,
A communicator ring,
And I don't mean on the phone
K'Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight




Great News for UK fans... Both Robert O'Reilly & JG Hertzler will be attending Collectormania 16 in Milton Keynes Friday 28th to Monday 31ST May 2010.. That is also along with others like Robert Duncan McNeill & Tim Russ and that's just a start.


As a catchup on Collectormania 15: Admiral qe'San was part of a multi-species away mission to The Point Cinema to see Start Trek.

Some Klingons had decided to go in disguise as Feddies but even then despite being outnumbered we had the Feddies where we wanted them with one even on his knees:

Submitted by Adm qe'San from an article written by Capt Kehlan of Starbase 24

Starfleet/Klingon Banquet, Milton Keynes, 2009

For the third year running the Klingon Empire invaded Milton Keynes to raise money for Macmillan Cancer support. They were joined in the fight by their allies from the United Federation of Planets. An ambassador was sent from Hogwarts and even the Jedi and the Stormtroopers put aside their long time enmity to attend.

The event was held on Saturday the 26th September 2009 at the Holiday Inn on Saxon Gate. We would like to thank the hotel publicly for the effort they went to in making it a very special night for all who attended.

Guests enjoyed a three course meal based on cuisine from the Klingon Empire, including dishes such as "Cocktail of Pipius and Qarada", "Braised Tribbles on a bed of gagh and Ferengi tube grubs" and "Candied Racht". We were treated to a short talk from our special guest, Mr John Carrigan (Captain Kargh in Star Trek: New Voyages) and were treated to another glimpse of an upcoming episode from the New Voyages. In fact several glimpses and one whole episode that we loved so much we watched it twice.

After the talk John started the auction with some props from the show and then Dragunov took over the rest of the charity auction and raffles before the dancing got underway.

The third Starfleet/Klingon banquet was organised by UK fan group Starbase 24 and was attended by 67 guests. A total of £1543 was raised for Macmillan on the evening (more than 21% up on last year). The crew of Starbase 24 would like to thank all our guests for their generosity. There is not a single person alive who can truthfully say they have not been affected by cancer in some way. we are proud to support Macmillan and do our bit to fight this terrible disease. We look forward to holding the third Starfleet/Klingon Banquet next year to continue the fight. 

The next banquet date is currently set for 9th October 2010

Vulcon 2009

A very special ceremony took place at Vulcon 2009.....

A specific Abbot .. that we all know and love... went under
the knife .... well... blade actually. When he arose from the "CHAIR" he
was less than he was when he sat down. .....

(qe'San:: Now we know who makes all those tribbles sold in Terran shops.



KSF Membership Year in Review 2009

U Alan Gunhouse aka Khen K'With ( GSA sector 4 ) alangunhouse @ yahoo.com

Well, I finally got my fiancee here, to the USA, that the the first and most major thing. We are planning to be married very soon, not sure if that counts separately. Aside from that, I played in the KSF role-play for the first time in years. I have not done too much else worth mentioning, but I did tart running an on-line RPG on January 1 which is still on going (Star Wars in case you need to know).

(Kimpla knows:::: Alan & Millette were married October 24, 2009)

U Jill Curry aka Lushy (GSA sector 5) jillcurry460 @ yahoo.com

Well its been a mixed bag for me this year...but I have experienced new heights in my friendships...made eternal bonds with some people...I've grown in myself and I hope im more approachable now....

I've learned that I have inner strengths that I never knew existed...

I'm also on the Admin team on www.klingonspace as a Caitian...yep....keeping them all in line lololololo

I hope to tour a few places next year in the usa..and go back to UK...my immigration wrangle is nearly over...all looks.well on that....

Because of Russ's illness and death my PCT course has been put off until they start enrolling again....yes,,,NURSE LUSHY will be by your bedside at a hospital near you...ALERT!!!! ALERT!!! mass evacuations in progess.....

I think that's about it..you dont need to know how naughty i've been throughout the year....

less blackmailing lololo

(Kimpla knows :::: Lushy is still raising her fish and says she has over 200 now. 7 ponds worth. )

U Karl Holtz aka Qwll'eren Dupplm (GSA sector 3) hlruback @ swbell.net

2009 has been a busy year. Our son joined the US Navy, our daughter is a High School senior, both of us have had our stresses at work, and we lost a cat to old age. Helen's recovery from he 2nd bout with Breast Cancer has been slow but steady and things are looking good. In addition, I have been a part of several great sims and I have been able to put together an Air Combat Wargaming group. I look forward to starting a new sim possibly next year featuring a small free trader operating in Klingon, Romulan, Federation, and Orion space, 15 years after Star Trek VI. KSF members are very welcome to join.

U Sue Frank aka Kishin Kurkura (GSA sector 4) SueFrank @ aol.com

Greetings to all of the KSF!

This year, with the new Star Trek film (everything old is new again!) and the Trek exhibit here in my hometown, I experienced a reawakening of that old love of Trek and the fandoms it has brought into existence. Fun and friendships past imagining.

Another great thing--seeing the K'Zhen had come online with some of her Klingon art:-)

And this: I think Lushy can relate: the discovery of non-club specific "social networking" sites dedicated to Star Trek. I quickly fell in love with TrekSpace (http://www.trekspace.org/ ) and KlingonSpace (http://www.klingonspace.net/) and The Empire (http://www.klingon-empire.org/ ). All are incredibly easy to join. All are welcoming of all who show up. It is unbelievably easy to assemble a page for yourself on the first two using photos, videos, writings, music and art. Their power to bring those of us who share these special interests into swift, easy contact is incredible. I have found that I could post questions asking for any kind of information I happened to need and help was right there. The Empire site, in particular, is an incredible trove of information on all aspects of Klingon activity. Just now, for example, there has been a flourish of interest in the how-to of constructing the TOS female Klingon uniform which attracted the most thorough array of info imaginable. You can find me on any of these sites as Kishin.

In my other lives, I've been taking a lot of satisfaction in learning to play Arabic percussion instruments-doumbek (goblet shaped drum) and riqq (Arabic tambourine). My ambition is to get good enough to join or assemble an ensemble to play for dancers:-)

Till next, I salute you all--

From Strength to strength!

U John Barnes aka Toraq Martok (GSA sector 2) Survic84015 @ yahoo.com

HOME: The biggest changes was moving (still in Ogden, Utah but in a different house) in July. My niece whom will be 6 next month won her first ever award this past Friday from her school. Perfect Attendance for September 2009.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APLaowvXdR8 She appears at 8:26 on the video to claim her award.

WORK: Toward the end of July, our client dropped us, so we lost the ICON Health & Fitness site that I was the last Site Supervisor of. I worked at the Kenco site the following week through August and until September 8th. Covering for a fellow Security Officer who was recovering from a heart-attack and quadruple bypass surgery. I had a full week and a half of absolutely no work. Then was placed at the Proctor & Gamble site that had multiple positions open including the Site Supervisor position. I applied over it at the beginning of September and they still have not decided on someone yet for it, thus far. This slowness in decisions or should I say indecision is actually common in this branch in my company. I'm starting to get used to sleeping at night again after over 2 and a half years of working graveyard shifts. I got a day shift finally M. - W. 6a - 6p and Th. 6a - 10a MST, so I finally get Prime Time & Weekends off. Was able to make the chat 2 weeks ago. Had a table-top RPG game last Saturday. Forgot yesterday's, still getting used to being off weekends as well. Will set up a reminder on my Google calendar. I like the shift & people I work with, but it's nearly 35 miles away from home. I HATE snow and driving in it. I had a tough enough time getting to ICON and back during winter and it was 5 miles away. Going to P&G is going to suck big time in the winter, may not even be able to make it there at all some days. It's that reason mainly that is giving me second thoughts about running for Site Supervisor or even working there permanently at all.

CLUBS: I joined KlingonSpace and Klingon Assault Group aka: KAG recently. Along with the Fifth Fleet & it's USS Dauntless. I was awarded for my longevity with the KSF, my 1st ever award for this group. Been on Second Life quite a bit since November 2008 and the RPGs on there. I'm glad to have attended Starfest 2009 Convention in Denver, Colorado on April 17-19, 2009.

PS: Lushy, should you wish to share your naughty news, I'm all ears as the Ferengi say. LOL.


U Sarah Tate aka K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal (GSA sector 1) tate0102 @ comcast.net

I suppose that the only real thing of consequence that's happened to me recently is that I got laid off from my job in March, and have been looking for employment for the last seven months. I am feeling rather hopeless at the moment, since I've only had two interviews since march, and three temp assignments - one of which got rid of me because I apparently smell bad. Other than that, I'm preparing to participate in NaNoWriMo (www.nanowrimo.org ) for the eighth year in a row.


U Gary Ormond aka Korek Koloth (GSE Sector) thesegovian @ yahoo.co.uk

This year has been pretty rubbish really. My depression has been totally out of control for most of it, and I've had a very hard time finding reasons to carry on living. Has to be said, it's an exercise that I've had to undertake on far too many of the last 200 or so days. Ultimately, the only reason I've found, is so as not to hurt those around me, by my absence. Work is non-existent and I'm on benefits, my body shape and image are at an all time low, confidence is down, and I really don't feel able to interract with people at the moment. Frankly, I'm amazed that I could summon the will to write this email. Anyway, that's where I'm at and what my year thus far has been like.

(Kimpla knows:::: Gary has done some wonderful artwork for the KSF, even designed the new Warriors Inn and hosted an RPG early in the year.)

U David Stayduhar aka ch'Hulhu Kormel (Chu) (GSA Sector 4) RMacthomas @ aol.com

Still schooling it. Working on an ASB in Accounting and holding onto a 4.0 GPA. Still no real job to speak of, but unemployment and work-study are keeping me in money for now.

(Kimpla knows:::: David graduated in the spring with honors from Erie Business Center with an ASB in Information Technology (Magna Cum Laude -3.657)


U Ethel Clark & Gordon MacKinnon aka Naagh'Gor & teHHel (GSD) tehhel @ accesswave.ca & drackon @ accesswave.ca

We've been busy! 

We've watched one daughter land a job she enjoys at a local dry cleaner; we've watched one graduate high school and leave for 9 months volunteering with Katimavik where she'll live in 3 differenct Provinces in Canada and return home in June 2010; we've watched another buy a house and move out of our basement apartment into a mother/wife/homemaker/working-mother relationship with her military-- Naval Reserve -- husband in their first home; we've watched a fourth daughter move into an apartment with her boyfriend, her cat and his dog; and we've watched the fifth daughter move with her boyfriend and pets from one Province (Alberta) to a Territory (Yukon) looking for work. We're watching our first Grandchild learn to talk, walk and run, get his first teeth, etc. While all of that was going on, we lost one cat, acquired another, I've been to Ottawa for training and a conference twice -- within two months!; advertised and rented the apartment vacated above; and generally tried to keep our world from spinning off it's axis while all of the above was going on. We're the family anchor, while we struggle with the all of the things most of the rest of the population work at everyday -- rising bills, shrinking buying power, a vehicle we'll need to replace and a house that needs repairs.

All of that said, we're counting our blessings. Our girls, though struggling, are healthy and able to support themselves for the most part with only the occasional hand up. Our pets are healthy and happy. The roof doesn't leak, our health is under control and the van still gets us from a to b when we need to move. We are resigned with our lot and will continue to work at improving it and our outlook of it.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving Day (U.S. Columbus Day) and we are counting our many blessings. We wish you a Happy Holiday -- wherever, whatever and whenever you next celebrate one and encourage you too to look for the good things no matter how small or how large they may be!

U Steven Dare aka Moqra Q'endeH (GSA sector 1) moqra @ yahoo.com

I've been away a good long while, thanks to a marriage that should never have happened, it's inevitable end in divorce, and an ongoing battle with addiction (2 years November 7, and it wasn't easy, but it was worth it). That's the bad bits (a few of them, not all by far).

The good bits are, I met a wonderful woman, we've been seeing each other for a bit more than 2 years now, she helped me get straightened out. I've been splitting my time between Omaha, where I live, and Des Moines, her home town, but that's okay, because lately I've been working exclusively on my computer writing my book, which, proud to say, is finished! And, at 200 K in word count, it may well be my first TWO books before all is said and done.

Actually, that's all the big update on Steve. Moqra got left behind somewhere along the way, but it's high time he came back, dusted himself off, and started roaming the galaxy again!

U Alberto Gorrin aka Koi Kai Drocklon (GSE Netherlands) A.Z.Gorrin @ chello.nl

For last 3 or 4 years I write to the troops included the injured I missed a soldier captain van tach Found other one James fair or he wrote to me Soon ile have to continue I do this over 8 organization Alberto bought a Kodak C 180 for meetings, stingray82(camaro corvette firebird) and I might go to heartbreat corvette Little F body.

U Jill Conway aka K'ven Jurek (GSA sector 2) kvenjurek @ yahoo.com

Well, two of my things this year was that I finally received the much-needed cataract surgeries--one on each eye. I haven't seen this well in *years*! As for the rest of this year, I continue to work, cope with chronic pain, and enjoy my three cats--not necessarily in that order. At the moment, my youngest cat, Chloe, is sleeping on the back of the sofa--the tip of her tongue is showing, so she must really be zonked out!

U Susan Wyss aka T'Lara Zu-Merz (GSA sector 4) TLARA5 @ aol.com

Well, for starters I have just moved to a nicer, cheaper place that is closer to my job, and therefore costs less in gas as well. My son, Alfonso, has turned 18, and gone away to Hartwick college in Oneonta, NY to become a Music teacher. With him gone, my life is my own again, and the peace and quiet is nice, but I do miss him now and then.....lol. I am in debt up to my ears, but am getting help with a debt management program, so should be doing better soon. I am trying Nutrisystem to lose weight because I have decided to seriously try this time. My job at the PO continues to be what it is; and I am just glad I still have one. Other than all that, I am trying to get back into the swing of things in the club, and this is part of it.

U Richard Heckert aka Rakqor K'Mpec (GSA sector 5) cygnus17 @ carolina.rr.com

YEAH! time warner has finally fixed my internet which has been acting up for weeks and since I took the day off to be home for repairs I have time to answer!ok, here we go...........

This has been a very busy year. Mostly good some not.

The not, my mom was in a car accident and broke her ankle. She got underneath a 18 wheeler, the trailer part. She is still recovering. As she lives up in Rochester NY and I am in NC it has been very difficult for me and my family. She does not want to leave NY and come south to live with me or my sister (who is in Fla.) She is 89 and feisty! I think she may out live us all. Something has to change SOON. My sister got a flu shot and was hospitalized 4 days for reactions to it.

Her hands, legs swelled up and she couldn't move her shoulders. She has recovered and is fine now.

We had a pipe break and flood our finished basement....what a mess...lucky we were home and were able to cut off the water and move stuff as it rained from the ceiling. I had so much adrenaline going that when I used the t-wrench to turn the water off in the front yard I damaged the main valve. It needed replacing. No permanent damage to our home, but some things were destroyed and the cost was over 2k.and we were with out water for a week.

The roof also developed a leak (several) and that keep me busy fixin that. Again more a pain in the butt and no real damage done. Then to top it off a underground pool line broke and I had to dig up the back yard this summer and fix that!

In the mean time while I was helping my son work on his old muscle car we went to a junkyard with permission from the owner of a old car we wanted parts off, the owner of junkyard thought we were robbers and while we were working on getting the parts off he came out and started shooting at us with a 22 pistol! Thank god he missed and we were not hurt. Worst ,we didn't even get the parts!

And I just got finished with a root canal and getting a crown.

The good, other than the root canal we have all been healthy.

My son graduated high school and was accepted to and started college at DeVry University for computer engineering.

Bought a new car to replace my beloved 12 year old saturn, it was sad to see it go. All the miles and memories and it served me very well all that time with over 200000 miles. But I wanted something for my son to drive to college with out worries. And even though I said I would never buy foreign , well I did. A new limited edition Scion toyota racing division TC. One of 2000.

I won a first place at a classic car show with my fully restored 1965 GTO! Even through problems we are making progess restoring my sons 68 GTO.

Work...has been very busy more than I expected in these bad economic times.

Putting in a lot more time. I have been overseas 3 times, twice to Germany and once to UK and expect at least to go one more time this year to Germany again.

And since I now have a lap top from work, that's good but it keeps me from spending as much time as I use to online at home doing fun stuff such as the KSF. I cant use the lap top for "non work related issues". They do check, LOL!

But the trips were great too, got to do things with my two top hobbies,

1. cars, got to drive on the autobahn in a very nice porsche as fast as I wanted/dared and in the UK on the other side of the road, that was very strange!

2. ghosts, got a personal tour of the "Kings Head Tavern" built in the 1600's in Chester , England (Chester is a walled city with origins from roman times). In the tavern which is said to be haunted I saw a old sword with blood stains on it found under the floor when renovations started. We also experienced a "cold spot" in one of the bed rooms and heard strange sounds. The owner told us some fascinating stories.

I have been invited back to bring my instruments and stay a weekend sleeping there and investigating for ghosts. Probably sometime next year.

Germany, since most of the cities in the country were destroyed by bombing in WWII there are not many old buildings. But went to several castles including the Frankenstein and Heildelburg.Very cool. And of course the BEER!!!! and food. The cask ales in the UK were great and I tried as many as I could! Some were cool some nearer room temp.The fish and chips ahhh so good, even the italian resturants are different with very good things we dont see here.

In Germany every town and village seems to have their own brewery and they serve the beer colder than the Brits. And they drink a lot of hard apple wine/cider. A interesting drink. The sausages , hams and baked goods. Excellent! The people in both Germany and Engalnd were just so friendly and nice. I always had a wonderful time.

I hope to interact more with the KSF maybe next year and as soon as possible.

Miss you all.

U Brenda Handam aka Kirah Kautaba (GSA sector 2) bb_1302 @ yahoo.com

I joined the KSF in mid 90ish, I played in the RPG Mega I did a lot of development and a lot of Klingon Cultural things. Along with Gennie Summers and K'Ven devloped the Operation Delta that a number of KSF members played in. At the time I lived in VA and took care of my Grandmother. As her health begin to fail I didn't have as much time for the KSF and dropped out. But later devloped a RPG called Operation Terra which a few KSF member were invited to play in.

In 1996, I began working for Walmart and have for the last 13 years. In 1990 I meet the love of my life and married Hasan, we moved to Portland where he lived and taught at Portland Community College, he has a PhD. in Arabic Language and Lit. I transferred to Portland and when Hasan got a job at the military language school in Monterey I transferred here. So I'm on my 4th store in my third state. I have been happily married for 10 years.

After talking to K'Lay I decided to get reacquainted with the KSF.

U Margie McDonnell Welsh aka TA K'Lay K'Onor-Chang (GSD) KSFCommand @ aol.com

If only I could stop this letter at 3 things I've done this year and be done with it..... Hmmmm.....not possible. Some days I think a Thought-Admiral's job is never done. Other days I'm convinced there is not enough of me to go around to do a proper job on ANY of it.

This has been both good and bad for the Abbot and I. It seemed a year of endings and beginnings for us, a year of extremes. For everything there is a season, so they say. The challenging parts started out with the Abbot's mom passing away in January, followed by Staff Admiral Katalyia, and then a half a dozen friends and family. Kinda makes one re-evaluate what is most important in one's life and triage what one needs and wants to do most.

The good parts were there too though. We bought a new car (after not having one for three years) in March. It's a bright red Dodge Magnum we've named Fawkes, and it's really nice. Our daughter got married in May, and found herself with an instant family, as the man she married came with two really cool teenage sons. Abbot and I attended the wedding, the Abbot officiating. (He REALLY is a Klingon cleric!) From there we went the following month to Vulcan, Alberta for the Spock Days / Trek Fest that is held every year, and we raised about $ 5,000 for kids with cancer walking in the parade and bullying all the Terrans into emptying their pockets. The Abbot shaved his head and donated all that long Klingon hair to kids (with cancer) for wigs.

Since then it's just been work, work, work and did I mention WORK??? But we're starting to plan a road trip for some time late next year, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that I could be beaming in to many of your locations in the future. Klin BEWARE........ {{{:-)

U Doug Welsh aka K'Obol Chang-K'Onor (the Abbot) (GSD) Abbotkobol @ aol.com

I started the year with my mother dying suddenly in January. Then in May, I married my youngest daughter to a fine man who'd better take care of her the way he promised me he would or I'll remind him how well I use my meq'elth! In June, I sacrificed my hair, which reached almost to my belt in back, to raise money for Kids Cancer Care and, with some help, raised nearly $5000 for them, as well as contributing enough hair to make two wigs for kids. In August, I buried my mother (hard to dig holes in January on Boreth where the average temperature is like -400!) and accepted that my elder daughter is just not interested in being part of my family. She's a psychologist. 'Nuff said. In September, the TA and I found a new place to get away from it all and really relax, in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. On balance, more good than bad, but it's been a tough year for us and for friends.

U Curtis Martin aka Kosh Zu-Merz ( GSA sector 1 ) cdm @ iqmail.net

The start of 2009 for me was ... uneventful.

But, in May it changed forever! I found a wonderful woman to be with, first as my girlfriend, then as my fiance! She is known as my Forever Mate K'Elle! The wedding date is set at April 24th, 2010. By January or so, we will be living together ... mergin' our stuff together ... and cats! Something which has impacted both me and her, her RL job moved up North (way up North) from Auburn (WA) to Burlington, keepin' us apart for several days at a time ... half of my heart and soul is away, when she is not near me.

That would be plenty, for one year, for anyone eh?

But, in July, my apartment was broken into, stereo components stolen, computer and software (many CD's and DVD's) stolen; nothing heard about the stuff since. Spent a fun 4th of July at K'Elle's sister and husbands house though!

In August, with lots of help from K'Elle ... I got my drivers license! Had been about 18 years since I last had one.

In September, I got a 2000 Ford Ranger, with my Best Man (future brother-in-law also), helping me find it.

In October, K'Elle's Day of Honor occurred, we spent it together up in Burlington that night, great fun!

U Linda Inkster aka Kitara Kinsharrii (GSA sector 5) tala_silverflame @ hotmail.com

Well this past year I have moved from Washington State to Florida. I have started a new life for myself and my son. I have had sugery on both my elbows and wrists. Both older children have started new lives of their own.

U Mike Wagar aka Klogh Chang tlQwoQ the Pirate (GSD) klogh_chang @ yahoo.com

January - Governemt forced an 18 day vacation on me and fined me 1000 dollars,, don't ask why

classified!!! Feburary - Moved nto a new apartment and still there. April - Found out that the Cable TV company I subscribed to was sold to Shaw and I was elligable for a dividend payout as soon as the company was formally dissolved 4 figure payout to be expected. May - discovered that old man winter murdered my Motorcycle. >:( Water got in the engine cases and froze, you know what happens to brittle aluminum when water freezes in between spaces? That's what happened. Bike went to that great dirt track in the sky

June - Kag Kanada's annual meeting in Vulcan Alberta, couldn't make it but received some awards in absentia. July - summer is in full swing and so is the bar,, busy busy busy! September - found out that the cable company sale was complete and the liquidator was just waiting of final permission from the court before payout is made. end of the month. October - Bought my first Harley Davidson :D

November - winter is here, Bike is in storage >:( old man winter is my mortal enemy

December - isn't here yet but Birthday is coming up, I have 28 days left to my 40s

that's it in a nutshell.

U Darren Carmichael aka Kha'Mish'Khal Kor (GSE) dazzacarmichael @ hotmail.com


I was made the Head of Thinking at my school, which I suppose means someone thinks I have a brain.

I caught swine flu on top of another flu and it nearly killed me. My bee hives died, colony colapse, now that was a tragedy.

and I still don't understand the roleplaying in KSF and would like someone to explain to me how it works.

U Peter Lin aka Korgath Dupplm (GSF) rock_of_god @ yahoo.co.uk

I've not been involved in KSF activities for several years now, but it is surprisingly heart-warming to still be treated as part of the Force.

This year has been an emotionally exciting year for me. I have been involved in a large-scale amateur musical for the first six months, that had a four performance run. Nearing the end of the musical I fell in love, and five months later, we are trying to negotiate our differences in life-stage and expectations of one another. It is more arduous a jouney than I honestly expected, but a Klingon never gives up without a fight.

U Philip Mostyn aka Kohn K'Tarra (GSB) philip_mostyn @ yahoo.com.au

Still Employed (for the time being) in the Call Centre that I've been with since the end of June last year....

In January, though, The Company handed out a number of 'Volunteer Redundancies', which a number of Staff took, and a number of other Staff have left as well since then. Because of that, we are down to maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the Staff that we had when I started (I actually think it's closer to 1/4 myself)

Since then, we have gotten 10 more Staff, who are currently still in Training and will be so for another few weeks before they too are ready, but it remains to be seen how many of them will last, as in the Training Team of 12 that I started with, 4 have left, and out of the Training Team of 11 that started a couple of months later, 8 have left. I too am thinking of leaving, and merely require the right moment to do so (like having another Job to go to instead, or otherwise Winning The Lottery)

What else....

Got back in touch with my Sister after more than 5 years, who is getting Married again (her second) in January.

Beyond that, just Blogging away in my....well....Blog when I get the Chance to do so :-D


U Jennifer Fry aka Grilqa Q'qoth (GSB) Grilqa2584 @ telstra.com

This year, well I have had very little happen for the first half then as normal life come out to bite you in the peverbial. I have been loosing weight and trying to look after myself and have so far succeeded in loosing a dress size and about thirteen kilos.

I have been lately trying to hold my family together due to my grandmother, my fathers mother, passed away. I got a tattoo on my right ankle to commomorate her life and morn her passing. her funeral is is on the Wednesday coming up 25th.

My son celebrated his 8th birthday making me feel so old, despite I am only 25 yeasrs old. I have had so little time to keep up my klingon affairs let alone my human ones.

I wish I had time to create the klingon uniform and head piece that I always wanted. After KAG perth, australia shut down I have had no where to wear such a uniform or dress up.

U Nick Krimp aka K'Ash O'Nly (GSD) krimp @ sympatico.ca

This year has been exceptional. Some of it not so good and some of it great. The not so good is that I am being forced to retire as I had a back injury and at the tender age of 61, no-one will give me a job.

As for the rest it's been rather great. Took a trip back home to Germany this summer after 55 years and met up with old friends as well as made some new ones. I am a would be author and am an e-publisher. So I spend a lot of time working on my second book and trying get find clients who wish to have their work published. I would still like to remain a member (if you will keep me), but I have very little time to play on line games. I try to stay in touch with the latest news and try to give my 2 cents everytime I can. As for leaving me in peace; you do not bother me and I don't feel bothered at all. I enjoy hearing from the members and always read their comments. Again I don't have enough time to enter any of the games right now, but that can change in the future. My books are in the fantasy genre, but I will publish any subject you wish. And best of all, "IT'S FREE". One can check out my site at www.bestbookpublish.com

U David Christensen aka Keel TK'Tari (GSA sector 1) Keel131 @ comcast.net

My last year was a busy one. I retired from the US Postal Service eleven months ago after putting in 30 years n two months. 30 years of no appreciation, with slave-driving supervisors and incredibly bad working conditions. Retirement is good. Oh sure, I'm living paycheck to paycheck but if I need to, I can get a job.

I put my father in an adult family home nearby, sold my folks home and their furniture, applied for DSHS funding for dad, while the City of Seattle came out and cut all but one of my 40' tall fir trees down as they impinged on the power lines but I forced the issue and had them plant six new Japanese Maples across the front yard. It looks empty yet but the maples will grow and as they planted alternate red and green maples, it is colorful. I put on my annual Halloween Klingon stage show in my garage and it was a huge success this year with over 300 kids and adults. Takes me about two months to build the set pieces, 15 hours to erect everything and another 8 hours to dismantle it all but it's worth it for the enjoyment I give everyone and what I get out of it. Even had two people volunteer to put on the show so I put them in costume as well.

I read one good novel - 'Pompeii' by Robert Harris. I couldn't set it down. Most of what I read are archeologically oriented and most are coffee-table books.

My boardgame group is still running with 114 members. I take great satisfaction in the fact that of that number of members, I've hooked up four couples and had one marriage since I began the group six years ago. Pretty good odds for only 100+ people!

I made no trips this year and only one short hike. I joined LA Fitness and work out, usually only managing to get there 2 or 3 times a week. All in all, it's been an exhausting year.


U Melissa Schmidt aka K'Mel Kang (GSA Sector 1) willie_pete60 @ yahoo.com

On September 6, 2009 I became a Grams to a healthy 7 Lb. 14 Oz baby boy named Brady. He just went in to the docs the other day for his first round of shots of which he did not like to much. He hollered and screamed.

As most of you know I have been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes about 5 years or so ago. My disease progressed now I have to use insulin. That is cool cause it is allowing me to be in more control of this fraking thing. I got to admit it but I fraking hate it!!!!!

But what can ya do? You can either deal with it or let it deal you a death card. Take your pick.

This last Sept. 15 marked my 5th year of being smoke free.

I do have a new ship called the KSS No'Stromo. This is a weather station that is in orbit over Qo'NoS.... http://ksswxnostromo.ning.com/ Feel free to come by and check it out. As far as Klingon fandum goes, I am no longer affiliated with IKEF. So that makes me a free agent for the Klingon Empire. I am a huge fan of weather and I think this is a very important thing cause we all My weather of choice is Thundersnow. Kimpla if you like I would like to be the weather outpost for KSF. Let me know. I love the NING site as it is so versatile and you can do a lot of neat things with it.

I also am a lover of nature and animals. I do have a few Turtles and Tortoises as I think that they are the perfect pet for the Klingons. They are like little tanks and they are bad assed and they are so cute.....

Well my Steelers are coming on so will exit stage down ...... and *poof* she is gone.


U Jon Brown aka qeSan be'rawn (GSE) qesan @ btinternet.com

Most of this year I have subconsciously decided to forget.. I can't remember one thing about the start of the year at all..

First thing I can recollect was going to see Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in "Waiting for Godot"... Absolutely brilliant.

(Click on this youtube link to see the pair dancing on stage at the curtain call http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu_4z0AGgKo )

NEWS UPDATE 31-Dec-2009 - Patrick Stewart leads arts honours with a knighthood Patrick Stewart leads arts honours with a knighthood

Job wise for most of the year has been rubbish and I think that's one of the main reasons I've decided to wipe it from my memory... Thankfully however I still have my job so I can't complain too much.. I looked back through my emails and found I'd said earlier, "Personally though life is $"£"%^E%^ and work even worse... Still it can only get better can't it? " Well it could just be about to get worse... There are 4 of us in my team and one has to go. I can't go into details as this is likely to end up public but lets just say that they can't select people who're disabled or have bad grades so the two best performers have basically got to be judge by an automated system to see which one will have to go and then because these two deal with the more technical aspects the roles of the looser will have to be taken on by the looser whilst those not at risk just carry on their sweet way.. That decision process will be starting this coming Wednesday and be completed by the end of the Month... To make matters even worse the two excluded members have both asked to leave on a voluntary package but because they decision makers haven't made that decision yet we have to go through what they call Positive selection which might all be turned around if they decide one of the 2 can go

Friend wise several have died this year including one from my Magic Club in October... I still had some of his gear in my car in November when I was burgled and the car stolen in the getaway.

Fan wise I met a few times at conventions with friends watched Star Trek 3 times. One of those being an dozen or so strong away team following a convention.. We had a great time at the Klingon Banquet and between Ke'reth, myself and the other 73 dinners raised £1,543 with over a £1,000 of that from the charity auction after the meal.

Book wise I found out for definite that there was a Logan's Run book and made it my mission to get it... I discovered that there were in fact 3 published books and one unpublished book.. I managed to get the three in a trilogy issue and obtained a signed manuscript of the 4th book via the authors friend/publisher it also included a unique drawing of Logan by the author, William F. Nolan.

I'm still to read the 4th book but the first three were great. Thankfully I had copied the manuscript and only had the copy in the laptop bag when we had a burglary.. Caught up in the whole Logan's Run theme I found someone who made and sold sets of life crystals that covered all the colours used in the Film and Novels.

Just hoping that next year will be better as year has been worse than the last few...

However the family's great and I'm still sane, just.. So can't really ask much more than that.

U Ken Traft aka K'Ken T'Relak (GSA 3) ktraft @ aol.com

My life is pretty much “same old”. Most importantly I am still employed with SUPERVALU which is a blessing in these hard days. I joined facebook for a short time and realized that it was not a place I wanted to be. I am not a social animal and while I appreciate that people from my past were nice enough to make contact with me, it became a distraction and made me feel guilty that I did not participate much with it.

First and foremost in my life is that I am still married to my wife Julie and she’s still putting up with me for the most part ;-) Julie is the mainstay of my life and as such requires a lot of my time. Without her continued love and support I’d probably be lost and so I must sing songs to her :-) Last May we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. After 32 years of life, she was the only one willing to take on that hardship :-o My life has changed significantly for the better – she is a wonderful woman.

The second joy of my life is volunteering. pIntInvaD vISappu’mo’ tlhIngan jIH My primary focus is working with families around parenting and family therapy. It is also a way to get hours to qualify for getting my License for Marriage and Family Therapy and after 6 years I am close to completion (hopefully end of November – possibly early December. I spend 3 days a week driving to client’s houses and generally they are not close to where I am :-o I work out of a non-profit organization up here called Genesis II for Families. I have been with my internship supervisor for my graduate as well as my post graduate experiences. The cases are difficult, but it is I feel good to be a support for the families during the difficult times. I have also been involved with the Hennepin County Mental Health one-on-one program for almost 10 years. I have been a friend to the same person for that time. It was supposed to be a year commitment, but I couldn't really just abandon him after the year. Consistency is important!!!

I continue to dabble with tlhIngan Hol, but mostly for a few phrases and cards for people at work. I abandoned my membership with the Klingon Language Institute after they messed up on my membership. I was locked out of the member part of the site. Dr. Schoen did fix it after I wrote, but I realized that I wasn't really that important to the organization so never bothered to renew my membership. Glen (pIntIn) has been busy with his ministry work and working to maintain an income so our contact has been rather sporadic. The Interstellar Language School’s name remains out there as a reference. Most recently, I was able to help a fellow Klingon member in his quest for language materials. I am happy to see there are still people keeping it alive. The interesting part was that he was from Erlanger which is close to where I was born and raised. I miss Northern Kentucky and it is always still home for me despite living in Minnesnowda for the second half (almost) of my life. Well 23 years of it anyway.

Here’s hoping that the Klingon Strike Force continues to maintain a strong presence in the empire!!!

U Donald Maddox aka Kerlof Korvok (GSA sector 2) dmaddox1 @ hot.rr.com

Oh Wow..where to begin? Wife and I split up (after 26 years!) I met a wonderful gal about 5 months later, she really helped me through that time. My head is getting back on as it were and am hopeful in having a better next year!

(Kimpla knows:::: Donald has recently become GrandDad)

U Damian Gunjak aka meH'poQ Chang (GSA sector 4) damian.gunjak @ gmail.com

This year was a very important year for me in many ways, most importantly it comes in terms of simming. My connection to trek and klingons at this point is through my role playing games. I have been role playing since 2000 and for most of that time that took place in Bravofleet Althouggh I had a prominent role in the leadership of that group, i found it that we could not reform the organization because of various reasons.

Much occurred this year in regards to that. Initially I was part of Exodus fleet, which was a splinter group from bravofleet. I have since departated that organization as well. After 10 years of staying in the same spot I moved 3 different times. The problems that have been there are apperent to the people who over complicated the social end of things and bring into the fold certain negative aspects of social behavior.

I am now playing in a new organization called Band of Brothers. There is a variety of simms there, not limited in its nature to trek alone. I enjoy it mostly because it is more then just trek and the athmosphere is lighter and more focused on the game rather then some of the more unpleasant things that come up in trek focused arenas (obviously KSF there is a big exceptions since the klingons are mostly a serious bunch).

I have continued to play my klingon story's and characters aboard the IKS Da'nal. However I have also started recently a new project. This is my first non klingon, non trek simm i have attempted. It's call V the RPG and it is set in the same universe as the reimagined series that recently premiered on ABC . I am still working on the site but you most of the stuff is still in the works. (http://v-rpg.com/ )

U Debbie Cooper aka V'Dara (GSA sector 3) imzadi_52641 @ yahoo.com

I really haven't had a whole lot going on this year. They say that after your children graduate from school and wonder out on their own, parents may experience what is called the "empty nest" syndrome. Now I have heard of such a thing and have known friends that have experienced this. I have awaited anxiously for this to happen for me. Well for reasons unknown to me and only to the One Himself, I have yet to experience this. It appears that as one leaves, another comes to take his place! So while I have had the period of maybe a couple weeks here and there, my house always seems to be a full one.

My son has been deployed and is currently overseas in Iraq. He is handling it fairly well, although I can tell he really misses being home and with his friends. Of course, I worry a lot about him, as any parent would. But I am also proudd of the decision he made.

I have made many new friends since becoming addicted to many of the games on Facebook. And as with anything I have become connected with on the internet, the games come and go, but I have kept many of my new friends! This is the one wonderful thing I really enjoy about being on the computer! Without it, I would have never met so many people from so many places, near and far!

This is about all that is newsworthy that has happened to me this year. Everything is always the same...the real world invading on what is happening here with my new friends. I can take solace in the fact that it is not only me this happens to, but to all the rest of my friends and we all know and understand that is a fact of life.

I would like to thank Kimpla for all her efforts and time she has put into many things, She is a woman of many talents and appears to have much more time in a day to get things done. I wish I had her talent! Thanks Kimpla for all you do!

U Gennie Summers aka K'Zhen Zu-Merz (GSA sector 3) gsummers @ centurytel.net

 What have I done during the year?? You know me, I never go anywhere or do anything interesting. That's why I don't write post reports very often....

I am a senior citizen who lives alone in a small apartment. I have my computer and art 'desk' - well, the couch has to serve for that. I'm an artist, crafter, writer - all of which interests me more than visiting and chewing the fat. I was an only child, and learned to amuse myself, being creative I'm happiest just puttering around home, with art, writing, corresponding with online friends. Just don't care for 'hanging out'. Nothing wrong with that, if that's you, but it's just not me. I like flowers - I have over a dozen pots inside now so Jack Frost won't get them. And I like cooking ,mostly for myself .

I got into Picasa, the Google photo/art program that displays your pictures - in my case my art; there are many interesting things you can do with it. I've put artwork on Google web albums, and on MSN. Got the nicest letter from Judith Hunt, creator of Evangeline, who actually likes my stuff and even put a link to my sites -about the most exciting thing that happened this year.

I do cherish my friends in the KSF - It's a place that makes me feel "belonged", an outlet to socialize a bit. I've been a member since 1990, took the helm for about 5 years...

I don't feel deprived; At my age, and state of health, it's just about right. But I do welcome others into my world, if you have an interest.

U Eric Clemmer aka Lt. K’Rai vestai G’orgh –JurISS (GSA Sector 4) Evilsinclair @ hotmail.com

I got an Iphone back in march, had a girlfriend for about 5 months, got my truck back on the road again just to have it break down again, lost my supervisor position due to cut backs, and not only am i just trying to figure out how to survive, but also how to excell. TY.

U Ron Moore Pohlen aka Khaufen JurIS (GSA sector 3) {As report By K'Lay}

Remains in the club, but, at the moment is without a computer and at the mercy of snail mail as a means of communication. He is waiting for his vehicle to be returned from the shop where it is being worked on, so that he will once again have transportation. He is dealing with two brothers in the hospital at the same time. Needless to say, his life is stressed at the moment, but he does attempt to keep up with what is going on in the KSF

U Martine Blond aka K’Veld Q’Kadrak Azhir (France) martine.blond1 @ libertysurf.fr

Greetings, fellow Klingon, That me, Martine, from France, alias Kadrak as a Klingon... Still a Klingon at heart though I don't write often... this year, I entered the Facebook move, and thus got in touch again with many fellow Klingons...

As cat lover, I have 16 felines living at home... their photos are on facebook.

About games, I am a Playstation addict... I'd love that one day they create a great Klingon action game in the God of War style, with a Klingon warrior as the hero fighting all kind of alien enemies with style and fury...

Live Wrong and Conquer!


Martine et ses Bombays
Le magazine des Bombays Bretons: http://bombay-breizh.chez-alice.fr 
Le site des Chatteries: http://bombays.chez-alice.fr/index.html 
Club membre de Centre Européen pour la Promotion et l'Amélioration du Chat de Race http://cepac-chats.com 

U Wade Kelly aka Korona tai K'Onor (GSD) bhar_tock_kali @ hotmail.com

Ok, I have three new members to my family this year. They are my flat screen tv, my new sectional sofa, and the newest is my laptop with windows 7. I spent quite a chunck of change for a convention this summer, bringing a float for the first time for a another group I am a member of, also presentations to the guests at the con, and a party room to boot. As of the past few months, I have been training with a midevil group in the art of combat with swords and quarterstaffs. Eventually, I am having some Klingon armour made with ridges and all.

That is all I am at liberty to say for now. Ciao for Now

U Robert Cunningham aka Cpt. Avakhon zantai Khinsharri (GSA Sector 5) avalon37 @ hotmail.com

We were in Ohio and lost the house due to foreclosure last year. We moved to Mississippi on July 5th and were in Belzoni, MS for about 6 months then moved to Indianola, MS where we stayed for another 6 months. That puts us right back to July of this year. I was working for one of the largest home care companies here in MS. until about February when God finally got hold of us and we became the armor bearers for a Bishop here. Imagine that, ME an ARMOR BEARER for a highly anointed profit of God. He's a paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. I drive the limo, get him in and out of the car, put him in his wheelchair, roll him around the places we go. We've travelled the country to places like Bogaloosa, LA and Slidell, LA and Kansas City, MO. Chicago, IL. Kankakee, Il. (twice) Charleston, MO. Cape Girarduea, MO. Sardis, MS and Oxford, MS. and Gary, IN. . Had a lot of fun travelling with the Bishop and preaching the Gospel to the people. He's been down with some difficulties for the last couple months and we've been working revivals with another couple of pastors that we became friends with. Have found that my calling was more than just a fictional thing that the Abbot placed me into. Seems God pushed me into that arena subtlely and I didn't even know it was happening. Of course I've finally gotten around to reading SOME of the more than 2,000 e-mails and list serve messages from the last two years, most of which I have found that by the time I've read them are well on their way past and over with.

I did reply to that one about the Battle Cruiser that was attacked by a Feddie and then the Rommie trying to steal technology. Of course I was not replied to with anyone elses responses to what I felt to be a BRILLIANT way out of the Kobayashi Maru situation. For warriors NOT to consider their resources, I was astounded, but then again I AM a Marine Klingon and we're trained to think outside the ship. Something about being a living weapon makes you think of ALL that you have at your disposal. I know that we're supposed to carry 17 or more weapons at any given time as warriors, but to rely only on those few that we use regularly was somewhat disappointing to me.

Sorry I guess I was a bit miffed that no one thought it out too much or offered an honorable solution to that small situational problem. I've used Marine tactics for all sorts of things with MY stories in the past and that's probably why I think that way. Guess that old NAVY / Marines thing is stuck with me.The Navy is a Taxi service for the real warriors, The Marines! Hahahahahhaa

(Sorry Ma'am, couldn't help but put that in there. The Abbott wouldn't let me use the Marines in any way as HE is Navy. I had to use the special Clerical forces of the CGC to accomplish the things that I needed done. Ever hear of Clerical Special Forces troops? I had'em !) There's probably much more I could say and the OLD Avakhon would have gone on for pages and numerous e-mails doing it but that was him and I am no longer that man. I will say that Hope you have a blessed holiday season and may all your battles be victorious.

The Prior

U Adrienne Pardis aka Azel (GSA Sector 2) neila8 @ aol.com

I just don't have anything to add. I live a very quiet, somewhat repetitive life, what happened this month happened last month and every other month.

U Ed Ciccarone aka K'Stor Chi’Kosa (GSA Sector 3) kstorchikosa @ aol.com

I became a certified PRIME for Life Instructor and began teaching the Iowa Course for Drinking Drivers.

I made the President's List @ School for the Spring and Summer term 2009. I'm currently working towards making the Presidents List again in the fall semester. (president's list = 4.0 GPA) I go to school part time, and work a full and part time job.

I took a trip to New Jersey to visit family and attend my Grandmothers funeral.

U Rose Compton aka Kimpla Dok'Marr Zu-Merz (GSA Sector 3) Kimpla @ aol.com

This year was a busy one and passed way to fast. I started out the year working a LOT of OT on the job. We attended to a couple of new projects around the house and have a new driveway & gutters to show for it. I went to Virginia in April and attended a huge family reunion. We lost our youngest and littlest dog the Friday before Labor Day due to complications with his diabetes. I've put a few hours in on different charities and I remain active in the KSF. Along with other my other hobbies and interests I've had a busy year.

U Chris Gable aka Adm. Volar epetai-K'zota-K'Onor

2009 Year End Report: This past year has been a quick one. There is not a lot of details to report, as they'd bore most Ferengi, yet it was not a year without some progress. The first part of the year I spent interning at a local Youth Shelter working with kids and towards completing my degree. However there was an amazing week spent cruising along the tropics to St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Nothing beats banana daiquiris for breakfast. Nothing! Met new friends, saw great sights and learned you are never too young or old to push the limits of your drinking threshold. I stand by my belief that had the boat not rocked at the wrong time I'd have succeeded in reaching a new tolerance. Sadly though, a comforter was harmed in the process by an undetermined number of beverages.

Returning home, it was not very long before I pulled off my first major event of the year for work. I have learned I do nothing easy or without some sort of steep learning curve. I executed a company event for 120 people split into ten teams to shoot ten minute reenactments of films. Those films were then dumped into a laptop, edited and produced within an hour (because that was their lunch break) before dimming the lights and showcasing their work live. To make it more of a challenge, I showed up on death's door. I know him well, so I crashed on his sofa for a week following the event. Nothing like taking over a movie theatre for your own playtime and death.

Before graduation could even arrive, I had more projects to deal with at work. But soon the day arrived and I graduated with my Masters in May. Yay! Much rejoice was had. While the bottom fell out of the economy and jobs in my field dried up faster than Sarah Jessica Parker, I didn't have to write papers anymore! Yay! Fast forward a bit and my nephew spent some time with us at the house and changed everything. Who knew human babies could actually be better than the adult versions. Then there's STAR TREK!!! Do you need to say anything more?

The back half of year provided a number of changes with work (none exciting for me), spent time in Chicago, visited Tallahassee and planned a number of fun events including an amazing Holiday Party. Have found weekly solace in "Glee" and "Voyager" repeats. Played a number of games this year, tested Champions Online and am now playing since its launch. Working on another test and several more games "in-progress" since I never have enough time to really just play. Love Dragon Age and Modern Warfare 2. Just a joy sniping! Played a bit in Karl's RPG and am working on running our newest game for later in December. Been working on the latest launch of a new KSF platform online for us to enjoy and taking on more responsibility.

I'm optimistic for 2010. While 2009 has been a busy year, I'm hopeful that 2010 will be change of a different sort for us all. That is my holiday wish this year.


By Lusciouslips / jill curry

The memory of her forever lingers
and sings in your blood,
for real power is in the heart
Listen to the voice of your blood ...
To understand life
first you must endure pain,
to endure pain
you will require
the heart and soul of a good Mate ..
For, behind every great Warrior
lies the soul...his heart
his loyal PARMAQAI ...
will bring order
and passion,
such passion that he will fear for his own life ..
Like hearts
even the best blades will rust if not cared for,
conquer what you fear
take what your heart desires
because Warrior dear
you will always remember her scent
love is always smelled....



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