NB: So that you can see Battle Lines as it was meant to be seen the original fonts used are on this site at http://www.btinternet.com/~qeSan/fonts/

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Fleet Admiral K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz

Since we have a guest editorial, and since I have not much to say, I will make this editorial brief. (Did I hear someone applaud? Put that officer on report!) I do wish to say that I'm pleased with the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the majority of our members this year.

The main role-playing game is going strong; we have another in progress, besides private games by various members. Whether or not they may be Klingon or even Star Trek related, they unite people in a common activity to enjoy one anothers' company and creativity. Other projects and activities serve to do much the same. As we enter a new year and a new millineum, I want to wish each and every KSF member the very best it has to offer you in the future that awaits us all.



2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Captain Khaufen zantai Tavana-JurISS

What would the world be, at anytime of celebration, holiday or even disasters be without friends, and loved one? I am sure there would be a diverse list of answers from many. The Klingon Strike Force has brought something extraordinary special and rare to my life and I wish to share it and celebrate it with you: Friends.

Over the years in the KSF, I have come to know quite a few people; those friends made all the hard times easier to bear and brought joy in the good times. What makes it so special is that your real friends stick with you; even when they disagree with you. One of my oldest friends and I disagree and argue often; yet that bond of real friendship remains and continues to mature. " I have only one thing to say; and profoundly so in meaning to me: " thank you" for being real friends. It's more than gratitude; but a privilege to have such friends. I can look back, reflect and remember the great times and rough-waters, the fun we had, the painful efforts to excel or survive and the times of disagreement or disappointment. I celebrate and raise my cup to you! Thank You! It was said, in an episode of TNG by Picard, "Klingons chose their friends with great care". The reason is obvious. Fictional characters, Klingons, part of Gene's vision, are a wise race; as well as an aggressive one. <chuckle>A lot can be learned from what is defined as Fiction. We play Klingon in our characters, have some incredible uniforms or skills to create them and may toast in a Bloodwine Bar, but one thing you can count on in that specific dimension is your friend and comrade sitting and singing with you. We can but-heads with words, growl, talk loud and go into Glorious paper battles; but it'll be our human selves that sit with either family, friends, or loved ones and appreciate their presence during times of prosperity, hard times or holidays.

I've met friends like Margie, Jon, Gennie, Doug, Eric, Ingrid, Joan, Dennis, Adrienne, Chris, Pat and Mike, Gordon, Susan, Gill, Steve, Christine, Ethel, Carrie, Sean, Cliff, Ann, Jim, Debbie, Mike (K'logh) and brother Christopher ( may the others forgive me for not listing them,( you and I know); the point is I am blessed with many real friends and wish to celebrate them! Thank you for reading the Friendship poems and creations sent out; before hitting that button. Thank you for your wit, talent, companionship, loyalty, tolerance, patience, wisdom and most of all I thank you for Knowing what being a friend is all about. After a quarter century of involvement with Star Trek clubs, my 'thank you, and my affection" is offered in sincere and deeply. I am humbled by it all and am proud to know all of you!

Qapla, my friends.. Have the most excellent of holidays and life's joys this month.

Captain Khaufen zantai Tavana-JurISS


by Cmdr qe'San Sutai-be'rawn

This issue will either be the last one you'll ever read this millenium or the first one you'll ever read in the 3rd millenium. Whatever the case remember your friends and if you can help your enemies. It'll really screw their minds and who knows you might just find you've got new friends. Remember Narendra III.

This Issue also see's the second installment of the Klingon (Cannon) Timeline although a shorter time-span than intended. I hope you find it of interest I just hope I get it all right. It doesn't help when you find things like the name K'Temoc also spelt K'Temok and in the same Cannon source. Anyone know what appeared on the official captioning?




K'logh Chang (Mike Wagar) - to Lt. Commander, for proving himself an able Division commander.


(see below)


To those who sent extra $$ with their 1999 subs:

Ken Traft / qaqen terelaq

Borg K'Mpec / Mike Robbins

Kadak / David Kraklow

Kishin Kurkura / Sue Frank

Krysythe Ka-el zi K'Mpec / Ingrid Maack

K'Lay Chang / Margie MacDonnald

My apologies if I forgot anyone!


IMPERIAL MARINE COMMAND ( IMC ) is being placed under the command of Global Military, as a sub-division and will receive orders from GM.

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It is time for a new year to begin. It is time for a new millineum to begin.


That is if you wish to receive a paper copy of the newsletter. To reserve your copy, please send your subscription of to:

US members$12
(*$15 overseas except in the UK)

UK/Europe* members 5.50/7.00 to:
Only if distributed from GSE

Gennie Summers
104 North Spring Street
MO 65625

Jon Brown
Woodside, Withycombe
Milton Keynes, MK4 1ET

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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FAdm. K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz

Adm. K'Lay and I have appointed an officer to monitor our KSF websites for the purpose of helping them to stay current with their links and information on the KSF, and a few other matters. She is not going to be a Gestapo agent or even a policewoman, but she WILL act on the authority of the Admiralty. Information on websites often become obsolete, and keeping them up to date can be a time consuming task. Our Website Monitor will check the links on each site once each quarter, and if she finds any that are broken or obsolete she will inform you, saving you the trouble of checking them yourselves (though you are still encouraged to do so.) We also want all information about the club to be current. On one of my checks, I found one site was still listing the former GSE commanders as a contact. On another, we are said to be the 'largest' Klingon club. Such things must be changed. The Admiralty doesn't have time to keep check on these things regularly. If any member notices something wrong with one of our sites, instead of informing the webmaster (and risk getting your lights punched out), please henceforth inform our Website Monitor, and let her handle it. She will be informing us of problems she finds before taking action.

Introducing our new Website Monitor: T'Lara JurISS-Rasmehlier, Sector 4 CO TLARA5@aol.com

Since she has no website of her own, we feel she can be impartial. She is not there to criticize style or anything except content, and sometimes the way in which it is presented, if it reflects in some may negatively on the KSF

Also, let me introduce our new official Records Officer. B'Tana JurISS (btana@juno.com) has taken over the duty of keeping our KSF roster, and a Divisional roster, up to date, and will be assisting Mimbral in updating the officers' Service Records. If you find an error in your listing in the roster, she is the one to contact. A new roster will be published around Christmas/Hannuka/Solstice time. For your info, the officers' Service Record is kept for use by the Admiralty to determine the qualifications of members for promotions, commendations, and appointments. It is not intended for general distribution, however if anyone wants to see a copy of his or her own record, it can be made available. There is still quite a lot of work to be done on it, so if you're a recent member you might not even be listed yet, and even some older members are missing or their records are incomplete.

yIn HoS 'ej chargh!

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- The Children's Wish Foundation -

Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang

The KSF here in America has not done a great deal for charity in the past (with a few notable exceptions) in part because we are all so scattered that it's hard to get together for a charitable event or fundraiser. Recently however, our Allies in KAG Kanada brought a worthy charity to our attention and have invited us to join in it with them. After looking into the details, it sounds like something that all our KSF Global Sectors can all participate in, it's for a good cause and the Admiralty would like to endorse it and give details here. The idea is to collect pop can tabs, (the tabs on the pop cans...NOT the cans themselves) turn them in to a local re-cycler for cash, get a receipt that shows the poundage, confirming that it was for tabs only and then make a check for the amount collected out to: "The Children's Wish Foundation". These checks would then be sent in to our KAG Kanada representative and KSF GSD Global Sector Commander, K'Obol Chang-K'Onor / Doug Welsh before the end of June, 2000 so he can get them in to the person(s) responsible for collecting the funds on that end. I hesitate to make it a Sector challenge since our competitive spirit has developed something of a sharp edge lately....grin....but I would also like to see all of KSF represented in this and so ask for the support of all members. Any one having any questions can address them to me at klaychang@aol.com (4220 Chasin Street Oceanside, CA 92056 USA) or Doug Welsh at (94 Convoy Street Halifax Nova Scotia Canada B3N2R1) kobol_konor@hotmail.com

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For charity sites also see the one hosted by a freind of mine auctioning celebrity personal cheques.

There are even some ST ones. http://www.btinternet.com/~p.killick/

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Star Trek Treatys law, Day of Honor
by lagh T'var quless vestai Byle.

This is a great story which involves the original cast from Star Trek. If you haven't read the book heres a breif review: This story tells the story of the first day of honor, its told by an aging Klingon named Kerdoch, to his family on the anniversery of the day of honor.

He tells the story of how Captian Kirk, Captian Bogle of the USS Farragut, and Commander Korrid the klingon farming planet of Singi Beta or QI'tu' in Klingon, of an invading army called the Narr, at a time when the Federation and Klingon Empire were at war.

Lets just say with a few of Chief engineer Scottys sheild modifications, both the Enterprise and Farragut, as well as Commander Kor and his battle cruiser make it through the battle, on both the planet, and in space. I give this book an 8/10, so its a must go and read, if you haven't already.

Treatys law is copyright by paramount pictures, all rights reserved.

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- Post Reports -

Compiled by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

GSA Commander



Sector One

Filed by Commander K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal

Sector Commander

Cmdr. K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal: Hasn't been doing much, as her social life has gone out the window(along with the fact that there hasn't been a Trek con in Portland in some months). Is also working on a fascinating II rpg with Kriger Dupplm.

Lt.-Cmdr. Kosh Sutai-Pallara-Zu-Merz: Has been working on the KSF rpg, as well as several others. Is also looking to upgrade his computer.


Sector Two

Filed by Hlruback

Hlruback: I am now in Duncan Oklahoma, the southern part of the state, not far from the Texas border where I work at the city water plant. I never thought working here would be as interesting as it is, but there is alot involved in making quality drinking water. Much of my time has been spent studying and taking classes and speaking of whcih, time for me to get back to the books.


Sector Three

Filed by Admiral Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal

Sector Commander

Sector Three has been usually quiet this quarter.

Admiral Katalyia Zantai K'Tore-Jiraal: In September, I went on vacation to Lake Tahoe, to attend a Bonanza Convention--the first one that has been held. I had a great time and met a lot of new friends. I stayed at the Biltmore Casino and Hotel and while there, went to Virginia City and Incline Village(the Ponderosa Ranch). The ranch house was really awesome and I enjoyed being where they filmed some of the episodes. Also, I enjoyed the scenery along the route that I drove. Once I got home I counted the states I drove through--Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas--making ten states in all, not counting Missouri where I live. I had a great time. In March, I plan on attending a Star Trek Convention. At this date, I do not know who will be the GOH but I hope they have some good ones.


Sector Four

Filed by T'Lara Juriss-Rasmehlier

Sector Commander

Cmdr. T'Lara Juriss-Rasmehlier: I has been an interesting summer. While I have not been very active as a Klingon, I have been trying to keep up with those who are "on the move" in the club. Many people have changed their places of residence during the last quarter, and the roster has gone through quite a few changes. I have been developing a character profile for use in my Division, which is I.I. We are going to start running our division as all the others are run....as a unit. We are all going to interact with each other, and eventually hope to interact with the other divisions. On the "real life" side, the house that I finally sold last quarter, I, at last, closed on this quarter, and it is all over now. Thank God! In the Post Office, I am now working during the day shift instead of the evening shift. It took me great pains and time to get it, but I did. So, anyone who is used to talking to me during the daytime and late night hours online, will now have to catch me before 11pm EST. My son has started third grad, and seems to be settling in to the routine of school once again. He is glad to have his mother home to cook dinner for him, and I am more than glad to be able to spend some time with my son!

Kishin Kurkura: We've survived Hurrican Floyd in Sector 4. We got record rainfall, but nothing like North Carolina or New Jersey. We walked around Center City Philly and got soaking wet in spite of umbrellas and boots. But we are Klingons--and we didn't melt! A neighbor fellow fan loaned me his tape of the last episodes of Deep Space Nine. I have finally caught up with the rest of the Galaxy on the fate of this show! I loved it best of all the Treks, except for TOS, so I will miss it. I thought several of the ongoing stories were concluded effectively, especially Kai Winn's tale.(Gul Dukat looked FINE, even masquerading as a wrinkle-nosed Bajoran).I was, however, disappointed with the throw-away erasure of Gowran. Worf has had to carry a lot of weight in these series. Making him Gowran's Grim Reaper didn't suit me at all. Maybe I am affected(as so many fans are!)by having had the fun of meeting Robert O'Reilly at conventions and enjoying his protrayal of the feisty Chancellor so much. My next project is...a Klingon belly dancer's costume. Ack! Can you say leather? Studs? High heeled boots? Maybe a pink tutu. See you in space!

Mordok Juriss: My life has been overflowing of late with little time for me to do the non-work related, non-family related things that I enjoy. I have been working in Princeton and spending the weeknights in Cherry Hill, NJ at my mom's house helping her to obtain her MCSE. Of the 34 people who started in her class, only 7 are left and she not only is the only woman, she is also the oldest person in the class at 60. She's knocked out 2 exams with 4 more to go. After her MCSE she will be going for her MCT<Microsoft Certified Trainer>. It does keep me busy after working 10+ hours at a research lab.

Qis loDnl': The one spent the summer visiting Rome in the end of June and Peru(aka planet Qoyllur)during July. Also, my parmaq and I have decided to give honor to the Empire by joining our tuqmey in matrimony! Since she is Qoyllurngan and I am tlhingan, of course this presents some obstacles of interstellar proportions. But I believe that the Hand of Kahless will guide us to a most honorable union, and the more the obstacles, the greater the glory. To all my Klin-kin, I greet you with a hale Qapla'!!

B'Etera: Hey all! I took two gold and two silver medals in the Star Trek Olympics in August, and event put on by two KAG ships and an independent Starfleet ship in Rochester. Then, earlier this month, I went on a hike in Watkins Glen State Park with several chapters of Starfleet International. I've had a few visits from old friends this summer, and now I'm looking forward to Halloween...I think I'll be wearing my Klingon uniform to work this year. I've been getting a lot of birthdays lately...keep them coming!

Kordon Vestai Dok'Marr: It has been a glorious summer and looking forward to Fan con in Springfield, MA on November 5, 6, and 7. My ships crew and I always have a grand time there due to the klin brotherhood shared there. So if you can make it you won't regret it. Check out their web site for more info. I would also like to share some klingon poetry I wrote for my new consort Denise. She is a truly glorious woman.

Cmdr. Reyna Kor: What I have been doing in my "real life" is as follows: 1. Trying to keep my current job. 2. Looking for a new job. 3. Trying to find new clubs to join/make more friends with compatible interests. 4. Spending quality time with my two pre-school age nieces. Well that's "it"--nothing very interesting or planet-shattering!


Sectior Seven

Filed by Lt.-Cmdr. Karg Sutai-Juriss

Sector Commander

Lt.-Cmdr. Karg Sutai Juriss: Well, in the KSF I am busy as usual. I am involved in the Global Security Division and am also involved in the Diplomatic Corps and Global Military Divisions. My Klingon Heraldry Project continues on and I have quietly begun work on a Klingon songbook. I have received the promotion to the honorific of sutai and I greatly appreciate it. I have recruited several new members and I am enjoying working with them in the Global Military Division. In real life, we have just moved to a new house in a new town. The settling process slowly continues but it is worth it as I am now 60 miles closer to work! We are home schooling our children this year which has it's share of both rewards and trials. I have joined the Klingon group Fire and Steel and they have posted several of my Klingon literay works on their website. I am still involved in real life Klingon fandom and I continue to enjoy my time with my wife and children.

Lt. B'Tana Sutai Juriss: Hmmmm, lets see, In July, we were told we'd have to move, and we only had a month to do it in...in a housing crunch here in Colorado. Didn't have a house at the deadline, so we boarded two of the dogs and moved the five of us, a cat, and a dog into one motel room. Stuck there for roughly a month, but while there, we were contacted by friends who had a house to rent/sell. We've been in that house for about a month now, and finally getting the rest of our belongings from storage. Attempting to prepare for Halloween is next to impossible when I don't have my supplies. So, I will have to do the best I can to have the kids in costume this year. Of course, I have two that want to be Klingons, and only one of them has a uniform right now, so I will be in a major sewing crunch for that...if I get my supplies from storage. But that pretty much covers this last quarter for what I've been doing. It has certainly been a trying one, but we have pulled through quite well, I think.


Sector Eight

Filed by Captin Borg Ql'mpeq

Sector Commander

Captain Borg Ql'mpeq: Let me see...what did I do during the last quarter? On August 14th, I attended the San Diego Comic-Con International convention. I have joined several Star Trek/Star Wars Yahoo! clubs. I have earned Founder's status in two of these Yahoo clubs; on Star Wars Dark Side. Yes, I'm one of those people who supports both universes; Star Trek and Star Wars; unlike some who support only one universe. Ql'mpeq means K'Mpec in Klingon. On the personal side, as of September 3rd, me and Carrie(B'Etera)have been dating for two years now. "VBS" I shall be going to visit B'Etera in December for New Years. Other than that, I've just been enjoying life here in Southern California.

Captain Khaufen Juriss: This One has nothing critical to report. Have been here all summer and not been in the ocean; found out palm trees are NOT native to California. Just 'Love' being right down the road from a nuclear reactor..and under Human control(shudder). It does not ever seem to rain here! I am getting to miss a good storm; hours of rain and sleet, of Lightening to comfort me. I will however take a break on that comment concerning(and offer my condolences to those in the stricken states)storms; such as Hurricane Floyd generated. For a Klingon let's see, choose; floods, storms, tornados, and economical degeneration. Or earthquakes, smog you can't see through in places, medical care for the native worse than Ferengi and general culture shock. Answer: Yawn. Where's the challenge for a Klingon? As for where's the challenge for a Terran: the answer to that would fill many, many, many books.

Lt.-Cmdr. Azel Tavara: Beautiful sunny days and warm nights have extended a wonderfully mild summer. My heart goes out to the rest of the US whose weather conditions are so adverse, I do not take conditions here for granted. As this quarter has passed, I am looking forward to the next and coming New Year. Hopefully, something interesting shall transpire, how many times do we celebrate a millineum? Here's a thought, will the KSF acknowledge it as Klingons?

Lt.Maw'qu Karizan: I have been full time as a laser tag referee, and won second place in the championships there. I'm trying to finish high school before the end of the year, as I am supposed to go in the Navy by January 10, if I am graduated. And so there has not been much time for the KSF. I also got my driver's license and so have been going out a lot too.

  Cyberspace Sector Report

Filed by Admiral K'Lay K'Onor Chang

Sector Commander

Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang: After numberous war wounds from the enemy(6 eye operations by a Ferengi doctor over the last quarter to repair a detached retina)I left Captain Juriss in charge of the puq'mey(day care children)as well as my own teenagers(reason enough for him to be disenchanted with California!)and escaped to Canada for ten days worth of R&R. I was lucky to meet not only Abbot K'Obol there, but M'Red Nor'Deth, teH Hel Mo'Klar K'Onor, nagh gor Raziel-K'Oner, and other members of House K'Onor. M'Red turned out to be a superb chef in the art of chowder making, TeH Hel and nagh gor treated me like family, and the Abbot and I got to do a good bit of sight seeing and exploration in addition to all his usual spiritual duties. I spent some time meeting other Klingons at "Word on the Street", a charity attended by the Klingon populace there to promote literacy. But one of my favorite experiences has to be meeting representatives of our allies, KAG Kanada, including Paul Carreau/Captain Qel Iv Sa'Tir, the Ice Dragon Fleet Commander, and members of his honorable House, as well as other members of K'Obol's Sonchly Squadron, during an evening of revelry I will never forget. We spoke, over fine spirits and food, of group activities we, as allies, might work with each other on and I was shown many wonderous things, including the glorious and unique "Throne of Kahless", the twin moons of Sonchly and other classified secrets. After the traditional "battle" between honorable warriors(where the Abbott was slightly wounded by friendly fire)I was sent back home with an Ice Dragon Fleet sweatshirt and commemorative Alliance Bloodwine cup for myself and a hand carved Alliance plaque for Fleet-Admiral K'Zhen which will be sent out shortly to her. We salute our KAG Kanada allies and hope to make more Diplomatci visits in the future.

U Captain Volar Zantai K'Zota-K'Onor: So much has happened this last quarter that I'm not even sure where to begin. I guess we could start off with my "so called life", the one that goes beyond the Klingon one, yeah I have one. Shocking isn't it? Been on the edge of my seat for the premieres of Xena and Buffy, along with the intro of Angel and this year's Voyager. If I was to rate which here did better, Xena has got my vote. Haven't been disappointed yet! Career: how does a 20 year old measure his career? Usually by the amounts of coffee or other liquid no nos he consumes, but this month I'm looking at it from a whole other point of view. With my introduction into the entertainment community at Universal's Horror Nights IX, I've gotten myself around into consideration with Haxan Films(responsible for the Blair Witch Project), a few extra spots for a new TV pilot called Vamps(club scenes are the only ones filmed yet), and Disney as a character and Tapestry of Nations performer. Maybe I do have something here. Just maybe! My goals for the next quarter hmmmm, World Domination comes to mind, but I think the new 007 movie, The World Is Not Enough, would be a better choice. Garbage will be performing the title song for this one, and let me tell you Shirley Manson is an "amazing" choice! Always looking forward to the list of new Trek games rolling out, and as they say that's show biz now where's the PARTY?!!!!!


  GSD Sector

Filed by K'Obol K'Onor

Sector Commander

K'Obol K'Onor: The last quarter has been interesting. For those who are aware of the Chinese proverb with that word in it, both meanings have been around. I was honored, last quarter, to host Admiral K'Lay on an inspection of both GSD and KAG Kanada(in honor of the recent Treaty signed between KSF and KAG K.). The inspection was made all the more interesting in that I had only recently assumed command of the KAG K Squadron here in Nova Scotia, which she was inspecting! So, I had a busy time answering her questions! Reports and Role Play are behind schedule. It seemed that nearly everyone in Canada had a rough summer. I have been off work since May, but fortunately, I have a strong benefits plan with my employer. My daughter recently graduated from University with a BSC and is heading for graduate school. My son(who graduated last year)won three gold medals in the Canadian Karate Championships recently. No, I seldom argue with him these days. Otherwise, life is starting to get back into line, and move ahead.

Teh hel and Nagh Gor and M'Red NorDeth: Well, our mundane lives were anything but mundane in the last month or so! August and most of September were quiet and dull--what we normally refer to as peaceful, restful, and quiet--well unless Sean was home. He moved in with us the night of August 28th. "Quiet" is not an adjective that normally fits M'Red NorDeth, nor do any other words normally associated with peace and quiet! To say that he "stands out in a crowd" is an understatement! We would not, however, trade him for a millinoi quiet wall flowers! A diamond, even rough cut, is still a precious stone! We had the high honor of entertaining Admiral K'Lay Chang-K'Onor for a little more than a week that none of us will ever, ever forget! We winded, we dined, we played, we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we got engaged and one of us nearly died, all within the space of a few days! I have never been more proud of being Klingon than I was during this most painful, frightening, of times. I have been a member of many, many groups(Church, social, work-related, etc.). Klingons are, as a group, the strongest, closet family I have on this, or any other planet. High praise goes to Admiral K'Lay Chang-K'Onor, who as my superior officer, was already respected, but as Margie McDonnell far exceeded my expectations I have ever had a friend, confident, supporter, sister, sole-mate. She changed her travel plans at great inconvenience to herself and her family, without hesitation, in order to support me during those very trying days.M'Red NorDeth has found a Klingon worthy of his love, respect and trust. October 5th he was proposed to by a true warrior, in fine Klingon fashion(she asked K'Lay if she'd be able to attend the ceremony, and when asked by M'Red "whose" replied "ours'). Klingons! Hard to believe I once wanted to be a Feddy! What was I thinking???? Temporary insanity...had to be! Thank you, My Lord Abbot, for convincing me otherwise!

The above report was editted, for space, due to it's length. Let me assure the reportee that the entire report was read by the GSA Commander.

Lt.jg. Korgath vestai Dupplm: Having recently joined the KSF, and being posted to Imperial Intelligence under the command of Q'rul Dupplm, Korgath has been invited by his superior to join the House of Dupplm, which he readily accepted. The new member of the House of Dupplm is now slated to embark on his first intelligence mission. I am a college student in his first year. Just had my exams in which I performed decently, and will be promoted to the second year.

K'Obol K'Onor: The night before the big move, couldn't sleep, nobody on line, and still about 6 hours to go before I could even think of leaving for the ferry. I could have taken the long route but I wasn't that energetic. So I smoked cigarettes and drank coffee all night, and pigged out on my travelling food. At 6AM it was time to go, I put out a final message over the various lists and then packed up the computer. First thing unpacked and last thing packed, you know how it is. I was lucky, first on the boat and first off, I had the entire highway to myself after getting off the ferry. I opened up the trusty little toyota and headed west. I didn't stop until I reached Regina saskatchewan. I continued on my journey, stopping in Regina long enough to find the RCMP Training Facility and mooning it. I couldn't resist. I managed to make it to Kamloops BC by that night. I pulled into what appeared to be the only motel room left in the whole town, paid an outrageous sum and turned in for the night. Woke up to bad news, some time during the night, my car was broken into and my stereo TV, VCR, and digital camera were stolen along with all my video and audio equipment. Reported to police and then searched out an auto wrecker with the right glass. Insurance paid for the repair but not the stolen articles. Next time, I booby trap it. Well I made it to my destination that evening and had secured lodgings before nightfall. Been here ever since.

K'logh Chang (Mike Wagner): well where to start, I guess I could start with the night before the big move, couldn't sleep , no-body on-line and still about 6 hrs to go before I could even think of leaving for the ferry. I could have taken the long route but I wasn't that energetic. so I smoked cigarettes and drank coffee all night. and pigged out on my travelling food. at 6 a.m. it was time to go, I put out a final message over the various lists and then packed up the computer. first thing unpacked and last thing packed, yu know how it is. anyway, I'm pascked ond on the road, I got to the ferry depot in Tobermory Ontario, and had enough time to eat breaky and smoke some more ciggarettes and drink coffee. I managed to sleep a little on the boat, so that part of the trip went fairly quickly, I was luck, first on the boat and first off, I had the entire highway to my self after getting off the ferry, I opened up the trusty little toyota, and headed west. I was actually suprised at the lack of traffic on the highway given that it was still the hieght of tourist season. so I was able to make some good time. I was so desparate to get out of that province that, I didn't stop , except for eats and gas untill I reached Regina saskatchewan, and then it was where I had my first decent sleep in two days. after a decent supper, I turned in and stayd fthat way untill about 9 a.m. the next day.

Day two,,,the first thing I did was, you guessed it, smoke a cigatrette and have a coffee, but I was waiting for breakfast so thats okay. aftewr about 25 minute to eat and get gassed up and wipe all the dead bugs off my car, I continued on my journey. stopping in regina long enough to find the R.C.M.P. Training facility and mooning it. I couldn't resist. the second part of the trip was uneventful and managed to make it to Kamloops B.C. by that night. I pulled into what appeared to be the only motel room left in the whole town, paid an outrageous sum,( he would've made a good pirate) and turned in for the night.

Day three,,,well woke up to bad news, some time during the night, my car was broken into and my stereo T.V. V.C.R. and digital camera were stolen along with all my video and audio media. reported to police and then searched out an auto wrecker with the right glass. insurance paid for the repair, but not the stolen articles. next time i booby trap it. well i made it to my destination that evening and had secured lodgings before nightfall. been here ever since.that is the report I have to submit, if you have any questions please let me know. K'logh Chang.


GSE Sector

Filed by

qe'San sutai be'rawn

Sector Commander XO

Cmdr qe'San be'rawn (Jon Brown): Well what can I say; Its been very busy for me, as usual. This issue followed too quickly on the heels of the Autumn one but it was the only way to get it out before Xmas (I hope) and the only way eventually catch up on the backlog and delayed publications dates. To make matters worse I'm working nights over Y2K and additional hours spent in preparations and rehearsals is weighing heavily. I have also had a problem with my left leg and could walk let alone fence.. However I'm back at the piste and hopefully foiling my opponents.

In this season of good will and the end of our millenium remember that helping one person before the end of it will probably end up helping hundreds in the new millennium as the person you helped i n theie surprise will help another.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E 8 7 6 5 4 3 2


Written By: Cpt. Volar zantai-K'zota-K'Onor

Curiosity did indeed kill the cat, but surely not your faithful, and yet still devious uncoverer of Paramount hidden stuff. Yes, there have begun another series of rumors on the Paramount lot, and this time it has nothing to do with another feature film. At least not yet it doesn't. But with the creative talent, some would say, of Berman and Brannon ther emight be yet another chapter in the Star Trek Lore books not yet revealed. That was until I came along.

With DS9's bittersweet exit last season, Voyager's declining fan and rumored commerical sponsors, could Paramount beat a dead horse any longer? That's the question on every exec at the studio, and their aswers thus far have been an astounding NO. DS9 from the start didn't have the ratings nor fan base that of TNG or TOS, but it did finally grow into its own after the joining of Michael Dorn in the 5th season. Too bad the joining of cast member Jeri Ryan didn't do the same for Voyager, which is now been retitled the Seven of Nine Show by even the most casual viewer.

Ratings is a big answer to what someone is willing to take a risk on, and Trek has just not been pulling it in. Berman has gone to bat numerous times in the last decade, suggesting a much darker, more grittier, and more conflict type show than before. Perhaps he should be taking the hint that it's not exactly working for him and try another approach. There's no bets on that with the leave of Jeri Taylor and Michael Piller, who only now retain the credits of Co-Creators and Creative Consultants of Voyager, but new life in the darkness of Trek might be breathed in by long time team member Brannon Braga who helped pen Star Trek: First Contact with Ron Moore.

Brannon and Berman's ideas have run from a Klingon-based series to Starfleet Academy to a Starfleet/X-Files spin to just around the Birth of the Federation to even the newest idea of a section of Federation space not yet shown to the fans which would take six months to travel to at warp where lives allies of theirs with the Klingons and Romulans nearby. Rumors have it that the series would be based in this area where very little Federation backup could be found, and the only fire power would be found in the arms of the USS Excellent (what a terrible name), the only ship in the area. The ship would be about 3 times bigger than the Enterprise-E, explained only by the fact that evacuation might have been possible during a Borg invasion of the local area.

There had been mentioning that Babylon 5 had been stealing the darker image of aliens and technology greatly during its run, so CGI might be a possibility, though where and how no one has said a word on. Also, as suggestive casting is in progress for ideas on this new series, the arrival of an alien captain might spearhead this new vessel, though more than likely a Trill-like face job only.

Who might be the new big enemy in this series, the allies of course. Through some strange possibility the Federation and allies are pitted against one another for one reason or another, who knows with the Federation these days. The race is described as a gothic, genetically altered people with primitive technology....but lots of it, compared to the single starship, a few scattered outposts in these far reaches of Federation space. This is all that is currently known on this possible fifth series, but maybe there's some kind of luck on the number five, for it was then that both TNG and DS9 picked up speed, though Voyager is not a testement to this, but I think that's only because it's way too happy-go-lucky with the lycra clad Seven. Can only go so far in that when the population of viewers are roughly between the ages of 30 and up. That and who could ever forget Star Trek 5, oh...forgot, everyone did when it hit the big screen.

Paramount is at about a 50/50 with an upturn right around the corner, but can this be the answer? Only time will tell, and in this industry, it'll be the big bucks that'll be the ultimate answer. Wait and see what the next issue of BL might have to offer as we'll keep a watch on this one for sure! E

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E 8 7 6 5 4 3 2



Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal (GSA Sector 3).
Updated June 1999.

Do your line justice and write its history. Send for Katalyia's clan history as an example. (A number of these appeared in LET'S TREK - A Budget
Guide to the Klingons.

STATUS: Open for Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.
Updated June 1999.

I have received three submissions since the last report. This still makes less than a dozen since the project was started during TA Keel's administration.

Create your Homeworld, or a section thereof, a new Klingon world, (perhaps just conquered!) Describe geographical features, cities, inhabitants, exports, flora and fauna, whatever you imagine. Maps would be most beneficial.

STATUS: Open for Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.
Updated June 1999

I have not received any new submissions. The Fauna book has sold very few copies. Come on folks!! Aren't you curious to see all the fabulous beasties of the Empire?? (These are all original, none of those we've seen on the air were used.

Describe animals, insects, birds, fish, and plant life of Klingon worlds. Draw a sketch, even a rough one will do. Ask Adm. K'Zhen for examples and form to follow. KLINGON FAUNA BOOK NOW AVAILABLE for $5.00 postpaid in the U.S., $7 overseas. Write Cmdr. Borg K'Mpec (Sect. 8)

STATUS: Will still accept Submissions.


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.
Updated June 1999.

I have barely have a few of these. Still open.


Got any? Or convert jokes or anecdotes you like into Klingon jokes. Make fun of Romulans, Ferengi, Cardassians, Changelings, Pakleds, etc. Make
funny sketches, too! Keep them clean. Send them to Adm. K'Zhen. *Many more needed!*

STATUS: Open for Submissions.


LtCdr Azel Tavana (Sector 8)
zumerz@hawkpci.net or Lt. Azel Tavana (Sector 8) AzelTavana@aol.com

A project to catalog Klingon diseases, drugs, cures, medical procedures and practices. Send to Cmdr. Sarena Zu-Merz (Sector 6) or Lt. Azel Tavana (Sector 8) Oct 7th, 1999
Hi Mimbral, I would suggest you get in touch with Azel and ask her about the status of this project. She is now in command of MOC and would naturally be the one to keep it running. I have been on reserves for quite some time and have no idea when or even if I will be returning.
Until next time...Cmdr Sarena Zantai Zu-Merz Sector 6 XO

STATUS: UNKNOWN (Still awaiting reply from director.)


K'Obol K'Onor Kobol_Konor@hotmail.com
Updated September 1999.

I put together a discussion group on Theology, and we have been having some very interesting discussion on Klingon Religion. A synthesis of our first
series of discussions has been published in BL, and we are now prepared to move to the next stage. We just are not certain what that next stage will
be, yet.

Gods, goddesses, sects and tribes! Send information gathered, and ideas to K'Obol K'Onor, Chaplain General & Commander - Chaplain General Corps, KSF

STATUS: Contact K'Obol K'Onor for submissions guidelines, etc.


Lt. B'Etera K'Tral K'Mpec
A gathering of references and information on Klingons from Star Trek novels and other publications. Be on the lookout for them! And cite your sources.

STATUS: The Klingon Research Project gathers references and info on Klingons from any published source, and I would welcome contact from anyone wanting to report on a particular work. At this point I'm still awaiting submissions, and haven't started any of my own.


Lt. B'Etera K'Tral K'Mpec cwilliam@dreamscape.com

My other project is the Birthday Project, which collects birthdays of all members so that they can be submitted to Battle Lines, where members can use them to know when to send greetings, etc. I have most of the email members' birthdays, as I contacted them about it. I asked in my latest SPR (in the issue of BL about to come out) for birthdays as well, in the hopes that some of the offline members will send theirs to me, but the more reminders,
the better. I'm asking for month and day, with year optional.

STATUS: Accepting Submissions


Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz. summers@mo-net.com
Updated June 1999.

Whether you've see none, created one or know a human proverb that might make a good Klingon proverb.

I only have a few submissions. Still open.

STATUS: Accepting submissions.


Updated June 1999. By the Fleet Admiral.
Short anecdotes or short stories, poems set in the time of Kahless. A director has applied.


I have lost track -?? -K'Zhen

Short anecdotes or short stories, poems set in the time of Kahless. A director has applied.



Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz.
Updated June 1999.
Think Seven Wonders of the World - and come up with some Klingon ones!

STATUS: Accepting submissions.


Khen K'With (Sector 3) (non-email)
The CNIT board. Have you an idea for a new weapon, monitoring device, defense system, or an improved model of an existing item? Send it to Khen K'With (Sector 3), He will evaluate it and give suggestions. Final approval is by the Gamemaster. If approved, it can be used in the KSF rpg.
Online, send to SATCOM Cmdr. Volar K'Zota (Sector 5)



Koloth K'Tama (Sector 3) Kktama@aol.com
Criteria are:
a. Name of the type of architecture
b. Who developed it (can be a fictional character)
c. When it was developed (stardate)
d. A diagram of the architecture
e. What materials were used.
f. Ideal climate for structure's usage.

STATUS: Halted Indefinately


Cmdr.Koloth Sutai K'tama, (Sector 3)

STATUS: Stalled Reason: Awaiting Art Submissions


Kriger DuppIm (Sector 2)
Last Updated: Septmber 1999

STATUS: Reorganized and progressing nicely. I.I. members can view a small, but usefull portion of the work in the Imperial Intelligence HQ club site. Other members may request information on specific vessels. I have most of the popular vessels completed. Illustration work underway for Klingon vessels (accepting submissions). Will "finish" the entire Klingon section of the project before moving on to complete the other races, however, will always be willing to add new vessels at any time


Kriger DuppIm (Sector 2)
Last Updated: October 1999

Send articles or ideas to Kriger DuppIm

STATUS: On hold while Imperial Intelligence begin's it's new RPG. Will resume work on it in a month or two.


Adm K'Lay, KLAYCHANG@aol.com
Last Updated September 1999.

We know Klingons love qagh, roqeg blood pie and a few others, but how would you make them, and what else could they eat? Send your ideas - perhaps with an appetizing sketch! Send to Adm. K'Lay.

And have gotten several new ones...the latest, Romulan organ stew (I WON'T ask where you GOT the Romulans, Ensign.....) from Ensign T'var quless vestai Byle, who knows how the Admiral likes her Roms...... Anyone else want to be infamous...ah...famous? Send recipes to
klaychang@aol.com or
bortasbeq@aol.com. The Kookbook will be coming out before Christmas.

STATUS: Accepting Submissions


Cmdr. qe'San Sutai be'rawn
Last Updated October 1999
Our quarterly newsletter is in need of art, poetry, humor, and articles on Klingons as well as newspaper, magazine or online articles concerning the Klingon aspect of Star Trek fandom. (BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES)! Also send topics for discussion in the Forum, questions for Ask the Admiral ( to Adm.K'Lay), language questions to Adm. K'Zhen. You can Submissions through your Sector Commander. Or write to
bleditor@yahoo.com I've had an idea for a fun story for Battle Lines. What I need are some volunteers, plenty of imagination and some good humour to round it off. The Idea is to start a story about a Klingon Character with one paragraph then send it to the next person on the list who will write the second paragraph. They will then return it to me and I will pass only the last paragraph written to the 3rd person on my list etc etc. So in practice each person will only know the last paragraph written and have to base their paragraph on that, not knowing what others have written before. Then only exception to this is that everyone involved will also be told the starting paragraph but that's all.. The result might be a load of Targs excrement but it could well be very funny..
I want to start this as a trial but if it works well it'll find a place in the relevant BL. In order for this to work all replies must be returned directly to me and no-one else. I will produce the list but no-one will know the order.. I will send out the relevant sections and wait a maximum of three days for a reply...If I don't hear from the person I've sent it to (you might be away) I'll forward the section to the next person on my list.

If you wish to volunteer (Some already have) either reply direct to the list or direct to myself.. If you get the Digest version DON'T FORGET to change the subject to the above or something appropriate like 'Volunteer' just to make sure I see it. Qapla', qe'San

STATUS: Ongoing (This will work best via email but I am accepting mail volunteers)

The Artists Guild
Consists of all who like to draw or create artwork by hand or on the computer. We will create works together, answer the needs for art pieces, logos, or whatever the club has need of. New logos are needed for many sectors and divisions. If you need a design, illustration, logo, etc, send in your ideas, with a rough sketch. Anyone interested in joining may apply to FAdm. K'Zhen.

STATUS: Ongoing


Lt. Cmdr. Karg vestai-Juriss CO Sector 7
Updated June 1999.

The information on the Klingon Heraldry Project is correct. I'm eager to see the Division logos and I'm hoping that all Sector CO's submit one for their Sector. (I'm working on one for Sector 7) I have also recieved symbols for many noble Klingon Houses but would like to see more. Have we got a logo for the KSF yet?

Here are the specifics for the Klingon Heraldry Project. It's purpose is to gather and record symbols for Sectors, Divisions, Guilds, ships, individuals,
and anything else that anyone can think of. I would like a color copy of the symbol sent to me in BMP. GIF. or JPEG. format or something similar.
Pictures sent as ART don't work very well and I don't have graphics program that can convert one type of picture into another one.

Along with the symbol I would like a history of the symbol which details why it was chosen and when and any significant meanings that it may have.

Please tell me what the symbol is for, ship, individual, ect. Especially if it is for more than one thing. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. I look forward to hearing from you.

STATUS: Accepting submissions

Send submissions for any project to its director.
If you have an idea for a new project, contact Fleet Admiral K'Zhen Zu-Merz;
you may even head up your own project if you like. If accepted it will be listed in BL so members can contribute. When there is enough material it can be published.

New CCC Site:
New KSFCN Site:

Your kindly Fleet Admiral requests that all project directors send updates on their projects to me. If it is going nowhere, then say so, but DO RESPOND. summers@mo-net.com

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E 8 7 6 5 4 3 2


Role-play report to the KSF
Edited by Fleet Admiral K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz


(wo' lIndab) :

Cmdr. K’Eherang sutai-K’Shontan-Jiraal:

As the war comes to a close for the warriors of the empire, the pace of the work for Imperial Intelligence suddenly becomes frantic.

Rumors must be checked out, sites and materials secured for study and all manner of missions must be wrapped up or adjusted. This is the story of a rumor that happens to fit certain facts. The Rumor? Certain Dominion forces were pulling back, deep into uncharted space of the alpha quadrant, to rebuild their forces for possible future military action. In the final hours of the war, an Imperial Intelligence Deep Penetration Cruiser and a Klingon Military vessel each discovered a small group of Jem'Hadar vessels fleeing Cardassian space headed away from Federation and Klingon space. Cargo and Computer information suggested the quick removal of key supplies and equipment to a location beyond the immediate reach of Federation and Klingon vessels. A few communications intercepts suggested as much and helped narrow the focus of the search from thousands of star systems to a few hundred. Until such time as Imperial Intelligence can free more vessels to help search, only one vessel whose true designation is classified, known currently under the Federation registered name S.S. Thor's Hammer, will search for the fleeing Dominion vessels. The lightly armed spy trawler, commanded by K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal, and crewed by Kriger DuppIm, valQIS DuppIm, T'Lara JuriSS, t'Arra Khithat ch'Lorn, and Korgath DuppIm will search for a rumored base that, if found, will put the crew in harm's way with no hope of backup and little hope of rescue if things go badly.



(botlh lIndab ra’ghom):

Lt.Cmdr. Stephen sutai- Kronsei:

HovpoH 9911.02

On receiving orders I proceeded to Cardassia Prime to meet with Lt. K'Tor K’Mpec and discuss the mission that was ahead of us. The journey was to take two days through space that just a while ago would be full of hostile ships that would have meant my ship travelling cloaked. I was now travelling uncloaked towards the home planet of my sworn enemy, both as a Klingon officer and as a Maquis; at least half my crew were apprehensive upon hearing of the destination. So I spent most of my time convincing those ex-Maquis that they will not be required to meet any Cardies and the rest planning the attack.

On arrival, I signaled K'Tor to come aboard and meet with me to discuss the mission and inform her of my plan. She was brought to my quarters and after offing her a drink we got down to business. The plan was simple; both her ship, the Ruthless and mine, Kruge's Avenger, would head out towards the planetoid which held the prison cloaked. On arrival we would scan the prison and find a shield generator and transporter inhibitor near the edge of the prison, and attack these until they collapsed enough for us to be able to beam K'Tor with a supply of weapons down amongst the prisoners whilst another team would beam outside the compound and attack. The prisoners now armed would join the attack from the inside to enable them to regain their honour.

In the meantime I would command the Avenger and Ruthless to attack the shields and protect the force on the ground from any Jem Hadar attack ship. K'Tor agreed with these plans and after a farewell drink headed back to her ship. I went and to the bridge and both our ships headed out in the direction of Kronos once out of the range of the Cardassian sensors we cloaked and headed off towards the planetoid it was then that I informed the crew who would join the assault force. As the firing continued a whole appeared in the shield large enough for the forces to be transported down to the surface.

After the transport was complete both ships went back to pounding the shields until a Jem’Hadar enter the system.



(wo' Hung):

Cmdr. Koloth sutai-K’Tama:

The planet EnDnarg's main military installation was destroyed three days ago, the Hov veS under temporary command of Lt.Cmdr. Kosh Pallara-Zu-Merz has tracked a Cardassian Freighter into Romulan space where a Romulan commander gave us the direction in which the freighter traveled. The Hov veS has arrived at a Dominion held planet on the outskirts of Federation space, an area I might add far from shipping lanes and patrol routes. This is probably why the Dominion has remained undiscovered there. Currently a fleet made up of I.S. and I.M.C. are on their way there. Kosh is observing and recording data on the movement and troop numbers till the fleet arrives.



(qo' Hung):

Captain Khaufen zantai-Tavanna Juriss:

After the Dominion surrender; Martok ordered several ships from all to secure the situation and perimeter. Still holding the damaged vessels protected and stable, the remaining G.S. fleet made itsway out of the battle zone on impulse. Behind them was the Silver Talon, B'tana's vessel, two captainless vessels now charged to Krai Ghorgh-JurISS and Kordon DokMarr; under command of Lt. Cmdr. Kentoo. Once clear of the debris field he announced their heading; the Homeworld, by way of Starbase Victory. On a House encrytpted line he filled in his officers concerning his plans; that is up to Starbase Victory. Karg JurISS brought the Blood Hammer, FriskyClaw and Korvan's BOP into one of Kang's favored cloaked battle formations, then they cloaked. The Emerald Blade under Tul JurISS and Khaufen's wingmen, the Death Bird under Kwen and the Glory Seeker, under Khorghan assumed positions around the Stormwalker's Sun, uncloaked and highly visible; as Khaufen had planned. The fleet jumped into warp.

Their first stop was not Starbase Victory, which surprised everyone; however Khaufen was taking no chances. None. The fleet was now orbiting the planet where the House of Chang was almost completely destroyed. He deployed the best of his engineers, production and construction personnel and ground defense experts to beam down and secure what remained. Also, several Marines trained to track anyone or anything; he would have some answers. Khaufen ordered the first wave of his own and Vrenn House ships to assume an orbit and stay there until they heard from him. By the time he left; House Chang would be restored and protected to the best of his abilities, and that of his House.

Twenty-four hours later, having to leave many behind on the surface, Khaufen ordered the fleet to Starbase Victory; time was growing short. Once at Victory, Khaufen had to exert some influence to get what he needed for his vessels, but the JurISS engineers he assigned soothed a few aching ridges. He completed several ceremonies he could not before: honored the warriors of G.S. and allowed them a short period of celebration. It was loud and KLIN filled the place like the fires from the ancient House pit.

All too soon, he had to order his warriors back to their vessels and they set out for the Homeworld; the Death Bird and Glory Seeker specially equipped and most repairs completed. The rest would be done so en route. As they sped into warp's rainbow vision, Khaufen ordered the ship's commanders to a briefing. There, he informed them of the big picture; and what would be expected of them. He would be a voice on the council; one in favor of the Admiral's position; then he chose his Honor Guard. Khaufen allowed for substitutions to make intelligence reports less obvious, taking Karg's idea of notes to mind. His stomach rumbled over the prospect of disposing of them. He gave them all the information that he was allowed; when K'lay's transmission of her House's decimation finally arrived, while he was in warp to her estate, she was specific about security. Khaufen followed his orders. After much discussion, the mission was understood, memorized and the gravity of the situation burned into each mind. An error could cost far, far too much.

Fifteen minutes after each commander re-assumed their vessels, Khaufen ordered the Sun to be put through some of the toughest and most unorthodox battle, stress and maneuverabiltiy tests. He was proud to see his fleet matching him, each eager to be into the fray; but in maximum condition. The possibility of a Klingon civil war gave them all cause to think; but neither would they fall before the (censored) cretins that had committed such a dishonor. Fresh from one war, and in good cause; they were quite prepared for another.

After the lengthy battle drills and tests, while Khaufen, Koner and Tul were in the Combat Room discussing the strategy of the 'visable' escort for the Sun; sensors detected ships approaching. Just as he had expected. Ten BOPs in all; they engaged the escort. The cloaked G.S. and House ships grinding their teeth due to orders not to reveal themselves unless certain doom faced the escort. Having planned for this contingency, the combined firepower of the Stormwalker's Sun, Emerald Blade and his wingmen soon reduced the prey to only one. Khaufen had ordered prisoners for interrogation; he took one from that ship as well before watching the Death Bird destroy it as it fled. The damage was unmentionable thanks to their linked shields, and the fury of war veterans. He suspected one of the cloaked ships had fired upon one of the vessels, about to ram his ship; but under the circumstances ignored the suspicion. The Sun’s sensor array revealed no sign of the shots fired; thus Khaufen, satisfied, ordered their continuation to Qo'noS.

The remainder of their journey was uneventful, then they approached the Kloaya cloud and Koner arranged one more briefing, including the cloaked vessel commanders (they could not afford to be detected, so a com black-out had been ordered). The insertion of their cloaked fleet would be a tricky maneuver, and require some time; the details were sorted out quickly and confirmed. Khorghan, Karg and Tul pointed out several possible errors; they were commended by Khaufen and those details were seen to. Then the escort left the cloud that had covered their meeting and the Stormwalker's Sun soon sent a message requesting orbit coordinates and identification codes. He approached slowly; giving more time to his cloaked allies. Before the SUN had even assumed her 'ordered' position over the homeword, Khaufen and his first group of Honor Guards beamed down.

He looked for the Admiral and the Abbot; a pair not hard to spot. Despite the crowded High Council's outer tier, in moments Khaufen was standing beside the Admiral; but he was silent until she noticed him. He saw a flash of surprise in her eyes; making him wonder. I am here, Admiral." Khaufen said, and no more. He waited for her orders; then watched as she put the 'supposed' representative on the Council floor in his place and loudly announced her position. Khaufen smiled. His fleet would be pleased; another war just offered itself to their hungry instincts.



(qo'QI' ra'ghom):

Cmdr. Reyna zantai Kor:

Lt. Cmdr. Karg sutai-JurrIg, XO:

With the threat of civil war looming on the horizon of the Empire, treacherous acts have been committed against the noble Houses that support Martok as Chancellor in an attempt to force their support for his removal. One such House is the House of Chang. With the end of the war, intelligence reports have been released which have revealed the location of Lt. Mordok tai-JurISS. He has been missing from Global Military for some time and was presumed lost. It has also been discovered that the is in possession of information on who is behind the actions against House Chang. A fleet of Global Military ships, under the command of Lt. Cmdr. Karg sutai-JurrIg, is ordered to rescue Lt. Mordok and return him to Qo'nos.

The fleet made its way to the Doro system. This system was under

Dominion control but communication had been cut off to the system for several months so the Dominion forces located there would not know that the war was over. The main Dominion base was located on Doro 4 and was to be avoided. There was also an outpost on Doro 9 with a weapons station on its moon. This was also where Lt. Mordok was located. Ensign K'Raal, CO of the Death Howl destroyed the weapons station while Lt jg. Avakhon Khinsharri led the ground assault on the outpost to destroy the shield generator so that Lt. Mordok could be located. Ltjg. Kranski Khinsharri,

CO of the Fist of Kahless and Lt. Cmdr. Karg, CO of the Dark Vengence, defended the fleet from attacking Jem’ Hadar fighters.

Once Lt. Mordok was rescued and transported aboard the Dark Vengence, he revealed that the person behind the attack on House Chang was Toral DuraS. As the fleet prepared to depart the Doro system, six Klingon Birds of Prey decloaked and began to attack Lt. Cmdr. Karg's ship. All but one was destroyed. That last one was badly damaged and attempted to self-destruct. The crew of the Dark Vengence were able to override the destruct sequence and the remaining crew were captured and the ship secured in the cargo hold of the Dark Vengence. The captured BOP was found to have the markings of House Chang on it and after intense interrogation, the remaining crew revealed that they were obeying orders of Kerrod Chang. This information was relayed to Adm. Chang and the identity of the true person behind the treachery against House Chang was at last revealed.


  TroubleShooters TaskForce Command:

Captain Borg zantai K'Mpec:

Since the end of the Dominion War, the TroubleShooters TaskForce ships are still in a state of repair and refit, which does take time to complete.

Hopefully the repairs and refit of the TroubleShooters TaskForce ships will be completed by the second month of the new year, which will be the 2376th Year Of Kahless.

More of the TroubleShooters TaskForce Division Report is included in the Diplomatic Corps Division Report.



(wo' bIq'a ghom):

Colonel Mimbral zantai-Eripmav:

Mimbral had recently taken command of the Imperial Marines and reached his new command to find it in a state of chaos. Acting commander Kolar was more than happy to turn over the reigns of responsibility during a short but informative meeting. The whereabouts of Major Toram are still unknown.

Quickly ascertaining the need for a swift reaction in order to save fellow warriors. he have given the following orders to Ju'Ngah, and wished him success and a glorious mission.

One pressing issue is the return of captured Klingon warriors from Dominion

POW camps. We have knowledge of one such camp and the flight information

will be sent to your ship.

1) Recon the system in where the camp is located with the I.M.V. Bold-Heart and ascertain the enemy positions. Two smaller scout vessels will be attached to your command. Unfortunately no other ships are available due to the effects of the war.

2) At your discretion either land parties or do a full assault in order to free our comrades from their captivity. Rescue as many if not all prisoners as possible. Alien losses are not our concern so liberal firepower is authorized.

3) Destroy any communications gear or power generation plants you find in the area. Permission is granted to use a small yield atomic weapon to cover your departure from the planet surface.

Kolar has informed me of a desire for an extended leave back to his homeworld. Reviewing his record I granted it. Kolar was most helping in reviewing the orders and battle plans with Ju'Nagh prior to his departure.



(‘ejyo’waw’ ra’)

Adm. Katalyia zantai-K’Tore-Jiraal:

Having evaded the Dominion ship by crashing into the asteroid, I took stock of the damage done to my shuttle. My ship, though sturdy, did not fare as well as her pilot.

After a few hours of work, I was able to boost the location beacon and set it to transmit my coordinates every five minutes. Then I went to work on cross connecting the communications relays, so I could respond to anyone who responded to the signal. I only hoped that it was one of our ships returning to K'Shona or one of our allies--I would even welcome a Federation ship at this point, though I would wonder why it was out here all alone.

When my communication system beeped to get my attention, I opened the frequency, only to have Volar K’Zota's voice boom through "Admiral Katalyia, I am here in response to your signal. How may I assist you?"

I quickly explained my situation and inquired if he would be able to bring my shuttle aboard and take me to K'Shona. After a hurried consultation with his shuttle bay officer, I was informed "I will be able to bring your warp shuttle aboard. It will be a tight squeeze, but I will make it fit. Stand by."

Once my shuttle was aboard and the bay pressurized, I disembarked. Seeing the shuttle's damage from the outside the ship angered me further. It was bad enough that I was cut off by the Dominion, but to damage my ship almost beyond repair--I was hard pressed to remind myself that survival was more important than a ship.

Volar greeted me just outside the door. He informed me of his mission and that the Commander was not too pleased about his detour to assist me get off the asteroid. Informing him that assisting me off the asteroid was worth the delay, I inquired about the importance of the mission. Being informed of its high priority, I informed him to rejoin the task force, and I would be here to assist. Taking me to K'Shona would have to wait until after the mission's completion.

Upon hearing this, Volar ordered my shuttle to be secured and escorted me to the bridge, in order to contact K'Shona and inform Killon of my whereabouts.

Lt. Killon (NPC): I have just received confirmation from Admiral Katalyia that she is currently aboard Volar's ship.

I informed her of our situation and the current orders to get the ships repaired and ready for further action and of the altercation between two Captains who demanded they have priority. Katalyia sighed in disgust and muttered 'They will regret this' before ordering me to repair the ships in this order: the ones most damaged first, followed by the ones that are damaged by rank next, followed by the ships with minor damage, by what is damaged. She informed me that if the Captains of the ships did not like it, they could repair their own ships--using their own crews,

She expects a full report on the repairs and any delays. Also, those who caused the altercation, better be in the brig when she arrived. I assured her that her orders would be followed.



(rIvSo’ ra’ghom):

Adm. K’Lay Chang epetai-K’Onor:

The situation on Qo'noS was worse than even I had anticipated. qe'San and Krowgon both arrived on the homeworld ahead of me and were able to give me a clear picture of what we were facing as soon as I arrived. The world is in turmoil, the aggression we used to our advantage in the recent war turned inward. There is fighting in the streets, open dissent on the High Council floor, and the atmosphere is heavy with tension. House DuraS is spearheading a movement to unseat Martok and name a new Chancellor, either Toral, or another as yet undecided. Many Houses are trying to fence sit, waiting to see a clear victor in this battle. Even my own cha'dich, Kerrod Chang, had done so, he said, in an attempt to placate the kidnappers in fear of what they might do in retribution if he openly supported Martok's claim to the chancellorship. His actions, especially considering my previous orders, have only enhanced my fears for the future of the Empire. If three of my own children, the heirs to House Chang were kidnapped in order to extort and blackmail my House to sway the upcoming vote for Chancellor, how many more are being subjected to such pressure? Indeed, it appears to be a tactic used by both sides. Borg K'Mpec, whose politics I do not agree with, and whose nomination to Martok's chancellorship I could not endorse, recently found several of his consorts missing. He blames "our side", and with the blood hot in the veins of us all, I could not swear that he was wrong, though I have no personal knowledge of it. But my children and his consorts are not the only ones missing. The head of SATCOM, Volar K'Zota and the head of MOC during the war, Azel Tavana, are both MIA, and one can only wonder if anyone in this brewing civil war has had a hand in it. The question is who??

Paranoia runs rampant in us all. I will support Martok's chancellorship as long as I can, with the aid of what Allies here I have, including the head of

Global Security, Capt. Khaufen JuriSS, who has now arrived on Qo'noS, both to safeguard my person and to set my House estates in order. Fleet-Admiral

K'Zhen, I hear, is on her way back as well. I pray to Durgath that his

Voice, my bondmate K'Obol, arrives in time to assist us in what may turn out to be a bloody battle on the council floor.

Hurgh K'Mer has kept me up to date with the bortas beq and Karg Jurigg's efforts to find Krell, Morath and Morag, because I am loathe to receive any communications over channels that may not be secure. I cannot afford to show weakness now, and have been spending my time publicly lobbying for Martok's support in council, and privately gnashing my teeth in fear over my missing children. Karg tracked the kidnappers to a mountain stronghold with automated defenses and communications jamming, a very elaborate set up which could not have been put together on the spur of the moment. It looks as though the enemies of the state...and my own...have been preparing for this or some time...probably since Gowron's death. Once Karg got inside the fortress's transporter room, he saw my children being beamed away, but the transporter was automatically reset so there was no way to be certain where they were taken.... except for one clue, a supply shipment invoice, and a military escort to go with it, GM officer Mordok JuriSS. Knowing his loyalties, I cannot think that those he has unknowingly served will let him live once he has escorted them to their destination. Thus I have now sent Karg in persuit, to rescue not only my heirs, but yet another ally, Mordok.

In a final transmission from Karg, I have just heard that he was attacked while following my orders. Mordok was rescued, but my children were not there! He did manage to discover that some of my House members, which include my own cha'dich Kerrod, were involved in their abduction! Worse, I have received a ransom note from the House of Duras: House Chang votes against Martok, and I keep my silence on DuraS' involvement, or my children die. I have sent Karg on a frantic race against time to find them. I have only one ace in the hole left...a hostage of my own...Toral DuraS himself who my pirate brother K'Logh has found and brought bound and gagged to me. I

WILL have my children back, or the faction to unseat Martok will have to find another puppet, as I will kill this one myself in front of his House, even as my own heirs die. The war has come home and I can only echo my father, the General's famous words: Cry havoc and slip the dogs of war!



Lt. K’logh sutai-Chang:

The Triangle has been quiet since war’s end. No more weapons transports or black marketeers to raid. The pakleds haven't taken the hint yet, but they always have good stuff so I'm not complaining. the only note worth action to date was the raid on the Duras household. Not only did we inflict heavy damage on their defenses, we also relieved them of the contents of the house vault and kidnapped Toral Duras (this was a n unexpected event, he was apparently hiding in the vault, figuring it to be the safest place around, the weasel!!)

Upon hearing from the hold master on the Krimson Klaw, we discovered this wretch, hiding amongst the loot we beamed aboard. he was caught up in the transporter and whisked to the waiting arms of the nemesis' own brother. Talk about out of the frying pan… We immediately set course for the homeworld where I sent word to my sister as to our overwhelming success in pulling off this major victory for our house ( must have been all the good living I've been doing lately…pats growing belly) after 'interrogating' him for any useful information, his moderately beaten carcass was handed over to my sister so that she would have a better bargaining position in order to secure the release of her kidnapped children. I have since heard that the children have been returned. As to Toral Duras' fate, I do not know. I have had a rather hefty price placed on my head and those of my raiding crew, but this is nothing new and part and parcel of being a pirate. Other than this, Raiding in the triangle continues and we are planning raiding forays into Romulan space, so if there is anything you need or desire, send me a list and I'll do my best to fill it.

In Service to The Empire K'logh Chang , Privateer


SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY COMMAND: (Qed cham je ra’ghom):

Capt. Volar zantai-K'zota:

With hundreds of thousands of lives currently being held hostage upon Khenzia, The IKV Proberunner launched in an attempt to escape the Breen invasion fleet for a sacrifice to save something of the investment in SATCOM' s various projects. Cpt. Volar heads his vessel, under staffed, undersupplied, and nearly under powered off in an unknown direction leaving no word of their whereabouts. As far as the Empire knows, Volar and his staff have all succumbed to the pressures of the Breen and either are enslaved or have been murdered. No debris has been uncovered at the site, nor will Breen forces allow any Klingon vessel close enough for an intrusive scan. Lauryn and Mikel still remain missing somewhere along the Triangle Borders, but time is running out for not only them...but hope of recovery with the disappearance of Project: Kargatane. Neither are aware of the trials to come before them in the hunt for immortality, and Lauryn being played for a pawn settles heavily within her blood.

Weeks after the invasion, the Proberunner, stumbling through an old Dominion staging area trips across the signal of Adm. Katalyia's warp shuttle as its embedded into the side of an asteroid. Rescuing the Admiral and taking her vessel aboard, they discuss the events that have taken hold of their commands. En route to Council Chambers, they have no idea what is about to welcome them once they arrive...can the dead truly have a voice? When the scabbards are broken, we can no longer hide our swords.



(lInDab ra’ghom)

Abbot K'Obol Chang-K'Onor:

The enemy having been caught at last, and forced to disgorge Lady K'Lay, the Abbot and Dr. Tavana rushed K'Lay to sick bay on the IKCV rav puvlI', where Dr. Tavana barely managed to stabilize K'Lay's condition before her long-awaited twins were delivered. The Abbot proudly held his son and his daughter, in his arms, lifting them to the Naked Stars, and proclaimed them.

Then, taking his leave of his beloved Mate, he returned to the surface accompanied by his personal guard, and fought his way through the Dominion defenders until he found the enemy, Malkuth. Destroying her troops, the Abbot finally was face to face with her. She tried to justify her crimes, and almost thought, for a moment, she had succeeded. She was wrong, as she had been all through her attempt at overthrow, and interstellar political management. The Abbot tried her for her crimes against her home planet, against the Empire, and against his House and family, and having tried her, found her guilty. Being aware of no need to withhold sentence, he gave her her fate, and implemented the sentence immediately, by removing her head on the spot, with two simple slashes of his back-curved meqelth. The Abbot considered what he had done, for only a moment, and decided he was pleased with the day, and walked away to be beamed back to his flagship.

Having returned to the Priory Moon, and having made suitable arrangements for security over his family, the Abbot returned to the business of running his Order. The first matter was the completion of his challenge for Cetagandia, and the Shekinah who sat on its throne as Regent - the infusing of a soul into the restored High Priestess. Gathering his ritual team of the oldest, most learned monks of the Order, they gathered at the proper time and place, and his task was accomplished, as he had hoped, and as Meth had promised the Cetagandians it would be.

Her resurrection completed, the Abbot sat with his staff, and her Eminence the High Priestess, to discuss plans for her return to her home world. She approved of the plans his security staff had made, and asked for only two minor changes. She asked Kolaiah to return in her party to Cetagandia, as a sign of the continuing support of the Empire for her ally. Since Kolaiah was wed to the Regent, he was pleased to accept the invitation, and K'Obol did not resist, considering the presence of one of his senior Brothers at her side to be an unexpected benefit, definitely to be accepted as such.

Her other request was a little harder to complete so easily. Her Eminence, newly restored to life, a young, vibrant woman, wanted a man who had, in her previous lifetime, been her companion, although not known as such, to be with her again, on her return to her duties. She requested Senior Operations Master Meth zantai-Klesh accompany her to her ascension, there to remain as her consort. The Abbot was certain that the self- assured young lady (even though in possession of the soul of a mature priestess, she was young) had gone quite mad in the course of her infusing, and he was just seeing the madness appear now, but he went to his console and messaged his old friend. To his utter and complete amazement, Meth agreed! The old Master arrived within the day, and when the Cetagandian escort arrived, he stood at the side of the High Priestess, accepting their homage as her consort and Mate. Lord Abbot K'Obol was struck speechless. Utterly speechless!



(pIvmoH ra’ghom):

Cmdr. Sarena zantai-Zu-Merz:

Commander Zu-Merz has just returned to command the MedCorps. This report comes from LCmdr Azel and summarized by Adm. K’Lay:

Admiral K'Lay looked over MOC ; Lt. Cmdr. Azel Tavana Vrenn-Juriss's last report in silence. Her aid read over her shoulder, taking notes for the official report. The war had been savage and long and it had decimated their ranks, both high and low, including the ancient Katlow, whom it had almost seemed would live forever. It appeared though, that the war had taken almost as great a toll over the medical personnel as it had the warriors fighting.

Some of them were KSF. Leza Shakana-JuriSS...lost in battle. Ensign K'Ila, Keisi Katia and Lt.jg. Austin Demarik MIA...and the worst blow of all, Azel herself...though Azel had gone, it seemed, deliberately, even arranging for a replacement before leaving. Commander Sarena Zu-Merz would retake her old command, effective immediately. But the Antosian with her special gifts had given so much to so many, including to the House of Chang and K'onor, that K'lay felt a personal lost as well as a strategic one to have her gone.

Making a sudden decision she marked the data padd for Azel as "on medical leave" rather than dead or even MIA. She knew enough about Antosian rituals, mental links and medical procedures to guess what Azel up against and to surmise what she had done when she had left the IKV Dream Snake behind and taken her personal ship, the IKV Venom into uncharted space, leaving only the smallest of clues as to her whereabouts. Stasis, what Antosians referred to as the First Death, was as a last resort...a way to perhaps heal herself in a manner that no Klingon physician could or would do. If she ever did awaken again, and could be found, she would in all likelihood not be the person who she had been. K'Lay made a private resolve to search for clues, and sent the report on to Command.



(Dupjij ra'ghom botlh):

FAdm. K'Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz:

The war is over. And we had suffered decimation enough that even the most battle-thirsty of the Klingon race, at this point, should be relieved. But many still felt the battle urge, the energy of which must now we spent, after mopping up operations are complete, in re-building our forces. The effort and the activities in finding new resources will provide an outlet, for as Klingons, we seek out and take what we need. It has always been so, for we came from some of the poorer planets in the galaxy. So once more we return to ways of conquering, an activity that our allies in the Federation will find distasteful. And if they do, they will know there is but one way to hinder us, and that only a little, by supplying some of our needs. We would rather take them in battle, but the goal is the same. At the same time, our pirate activities must be stepped up, activities we carry on anonymously, especially in the Triangle. It remains to be determined how much increase in the percentage we will demand of them for the good of the Empire…

Our old enemies, the Romulans, we expect to return to their devious ways, despite the tentative alliance we had with them during the war. They will surely take advantage of everything they can; we must be alert and wary of their movements.

And the leadership of the Empire is in question. Since the death of Chancellor Gowron, some have questioned the appointment of General Martok, while others have taken advantage of the situation to advance their own candidate. Yes, the Duras are back to their old tricks. Internal politics and dishonorable actions demand our attention; we find ourselves on the brink of civil war, with the lives of innocent children held as hostage--a most despicable and dishonorable way to do business! I am on my way to Qo’noS to address the High Council in support of Chancellor Mortok, and then--we shall see.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

- Through The Looking Glass -
Written By: Cpt. Volar zantai-K'zota-K'Onor

Taking a step back to reflect on the possibilities that lay ahead of us pass this Millennium, I tend to look back as well. We've come a long way since the days of grabbing our women by the hair and dragging her off to our cave...well, most of us anyhow. As a people we've gone from nothing to by far nothing that we could have ever expected in our once primordial oozing single celled being.

Warping right into the past, we see that technology is not a new term. Back during the medieval time technology boomed nearly as much as it is today, though it did not exactly appear the same way. Would be kind of hard to compare a chamberpot to the modern day facilities we have now. But it obviously didn't take a back seat either, so to speak. During the year 1268, history first records the invention of the corrective lens. An English monk no less was the bringer of this great fortune, and grade school ridicule.

Though rumor had it that the China had been the first to invent this discovery with the aid of weighted cords hung from their ears, so said Marco Polo in the year 1275. Bifocals though took some since to hit the scene when introduced int he year 1784 for inventor Benjamin Franklin. Contact lenses though followed nearly 100 years later in 1887. And that's just the glasses, batteries for the consumer market didn't appear until the late 19th century, which was about the same time the first zipper was debuted at the 1893's Chicago World's Fair, all because someone had trouble tying the boot laces. Though, as with all inventions, the zipper
didn't exactly work out all that well until 1923 when Gideon Sundback improved the design. During 1888 the first ball point pen surfaced by an American leather tanner so he could mark his leather, 1899 paper clips rose to the joy of many office managers of the day, and in 1948 every child's dream came true when they didn't have to tie their shoes in the discovery of VELCRO. Yes, Swiss engineer George de Mestral returned from his dog one day to find cockleburs stuck to both him and his dog. Taking one and looking beneath a microscope he found the surface covered in tiny hooks. This giving him the idea, the space program and kids have never been the same!

Taking a closer look at all of these, otherwise, small inventions, we see that they all came out of making life easier and more productive for mankind. Jumping into the future though, we find that our nearest neighboring planet is becoming our newest real estate property. The Mars Society, a private organization devoted to establishing a human presence on Mars, is currently building a simulated Mars base on Devon Island, a barren, windswept, uninhabitable outpost high in the Canadian Article. Though not much of a vacationing spot, the place creates the closest Mars-like environment on Earth. During the summer of 2000 a crew of six will begin to enter and live in the two-story cylinder with doomed top house which will contain their research equipment and living arrangements. Though there's no current mandate to send humans to Mars, within a decade of government approval a mission could very easily be launched. And with low budget feasibility, I'm surprised we haven't jumped at the chance. We launch into space all the time on something that could easily explode and built by the lowest bidder.

Speaking of lowest costs and space, March 27th of this year marked a new era in commercial space history. The international business partnership Sea Launch successfully demonstrated the launch of a test satellite from a ship positioned within a few feet of the equator in the Pacific Ocean. Promising a reduce in costs for telecommunications hardware into orbit, Sea Launch explains that because of equatorial launch sites take advantage of Earth's spin to give rockets that extra shove. Which might or might not help when trying to reach a solar system beyond our own that revolves around a sun-like star named Upsilon Amndromedae, located just 44 light-years away. For the first time we're given a chance to explore new clues in how solar systems might form. Wondering if we're alone might not be a question anymore with the new SETI@Home program which is examined at closer detail in this issue of BL.

From cell phones, the home PC, to tires, car radios, and window tinting, technology is constantly improving. Granted the great leaps and bounds may not always be found in our living rooms, but it's out there. From the automatic vacuum cleaner which will start appearing in homes in the next few years by Eureka, to the Sega Dreamcast that is on every kid's (and mine) wish list. To the discovery of an entirely new element on the periodic table. Yeah, there's a new one to memorize. Element 114, at the time the heaviest ever made, was made by bombarding plutonium with calcium atoms. Breakdown of super heavy elements usually occurs instantaneously, but scientists from Russia's Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory kept their new element alive for a full 30 seconds.

When the past and present meet, the future brings the past into the know with the discovery of three Incan mummies found last March in the Andes Mountains. Among the best preserved bodies ever discovered, these 500 year-old bodies have intact internal organs and frozen blood. Studying them may reveal religious practices, genetic relationships to other ethnic groups, and their diet. We all want to know what they had for breakfast now!!! In a world we believe to be standing still, it's only just starting to turn.

We're entering a new millennium where new discoveries will be founded, new limits will be met and stretched further, where the arrival on Mars may no longer be just a dream but a reality, and where we can dig up more ancient bodies to see what they had for breakfast! Fantasy, like Star Trek, is never only fantasy when reality is its basis. What will you discover in the new millennium?2

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By Fleet Admiral K’Zhen epetai-Zu-Merz

Fresh bregit lung and raw heart of targ dishes;

Rokeg blood pie, all made to my wishes;

Romulan Ale brewed so strong that it stings;

These are a few of my favorite things.

Butting of foreheads and lively curse warfare;

Fighting, carousing, and taking on all dares;

The high heat of battle with enemies falling;

These are a few of my favorite callings!

Pipius claw and ghargh live and squirming;

Preparing for battle, with warship fleets forming;

My lev’ek, qutluch, betleH and disruptor;

These sorts of things are just my bread and butter!

Interrogations of prisoners taken;

Dreaming of battles all night till I waken;

Taking advantage of enemies’ weakness,

These things I love for their very uniqueness.

Peace loving Vulcans and the Federation;

Organian petaQ who enforce moderation;

Worlds that resist to much when we attack ‘em—

These are a few of my unfavorite items!

Romulan traitors with sharp pointed ears,

Tribbles and truces, peace conferences drear

Pesky Ferengi, shape shifters and Pakleds,

These things I hate even more than I hate Feds!

Ghe’or and Fek’lar and those weakling Earthers

Enemy agents, the spies and subverters,

All who oppose the mighty Klin Empire—

These are the things that I do not desire!

Commanding a proud Bird of Prey in a battle;

Giving and taking till the bulkheads rattle,

Placing my boot on an enemy’s neck—

These are the things that I seek on my trek!

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E 8 7 6 5 4 3 2


Helen Ruback & Karl Holtz

January 2000

1/2 Sara Tate/K'Eherang K'Shontan-Jiraal

1/29 Ingrid Maack/Krysythe K'Mpec Ka-el Zi

1/30/59 Robert W. Cunningham/Accentra Shadeous

February 2000

March 2000

2/5/62 Susanne Schell/Mara K'Nera K'Mpec 3/4 Christopher Petersen/Pok Chang-Martok
2/5/66 Darrell Crone/K'Rune S'cratch 3/10 Apocolypse Lee/jatlh K'Mpec
2/8/61 Caterina Campagnero/Keisi Katia 3/12 Michael Robbins/Borg K'Mpec
2/8/83 Jessica Saxton/Vit'quv Mim 3/20/68 Ann Collings/Markhet Khalar Nor'deth
2/11/61 Jon Brown/qeSan be'rawn 3/21 Adrienne Paradis/Azel Tavana-Vrenn
2/14/66 Mike Tucker/Karg Juriss 3/25 Samantha Gyseman/Qo'neS K'Mpec
2/22 Lynda Phillips/Katalyia K'Tore-Jiraal 3/25/54 Margie McDonnell/K'Lay Konor-Chang
  3/25/64 Stephen Humphrey/Stephen Kronsei
  3/27/44 Earl D. Jones/Kolar Rasmehlier
  3/29 Chris Gable/Volar K'Zota

See the entire list of birthdays at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/raktajinoroom

For corrections or additions, email cwilliam@dreamscape.com or beteraktral@hotmail.com

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From the fiendish mind of FAdm. K'Zhen

First, sharpen your spear and go targ hunting (It's no use, your resident targ, sensing your intentions, is securely
hidden somewhere in your quarters where you'll never find him.)

After you successfully bag a wild targ, cut off his feet. (I advise killing it first, the squealing is a most unpleasant sound and may attract other wild animals you may not wish to encounter.)

Soak targ feet 48 hours in a marinade of black ale, salt, hot Klingon spices (lacking these you may substitute Terran Cayenne pepper and Jalapenos, but double the amount, as these Terran spices are not strong enough for Klingon palates.)

Boil targ feet in blood wine until the hooves become tender.

Remove from pot and add more spices (2 tbsp of black Terran pepper will do.) Allow to cool.

Serve on large leaves of Klingon kabbage. Sit back and wait for compliments.
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E 8 7 6 5 4 3 2


Staff Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang

Question: Who decides who gets promoted in rank/status and how is it decided?

Answer: This is a question that has come up a lot: what criteria the Admiralty uses to nominate and / or promote officers in the KSF. As one might imagine, initial ranks are easier to achieve than higher ranks, and the quantity and quality of duties increases the higher one goes. There are certain guidelines all the Command Staff use: does the candidate turn in post reports and if aplicable, division reports; does the candidate volunteer for extra duties and do they complete all of the duties volunteered for and / or assigned; does the candidate have some special skill or contribute some valuable service to the club? Khorghan's BATTLE LINES
website, qe'San's creation of BL and BL on line, and Borg's hard copy printing & mailing duties (in addition to his private contributions to members in need) are examples of just such services, Volar's KSFCN and the other KSF related websites are others, K'Obol's work as KAG K Alliance liaison and Religion Project Manager is another such service, Mimbral's website and listserve is yet another, and so on down the line. including B'etera's poetry and birthday project, Q'rul's ship registry, KIRA game and raktajino room, Khaufen's newsletter, B'tana's Sector and Division roster and aid in records keeping, Kovan's website, recruiting and story writing, Azel's website for the CCC reports, art scanning and occasional BL printing, T'Lara's Web Monitoring, Karg's Heraldry project, not to mention K'Zhen's many, many projects which are legion, and the dozens of other members who either created and /or maintain a positive KSF presence in the various chatrooms frequented by current and potential members. In short, many KSF members, some well known and some publicly unsung contribute to the whole of who we are in KSF and contribute what services we provide to our members and the Admiralty gives promotions for these things. I cannot speak for K'Zhen and Katalyia, who may also have their own personal list of traits to look for
in candidates for promotion. But for myself, I add one more attribute to the list of things to look for in a potential candidate for rank, especially high rank, and that is the sometimes rare ability to place the needs of the club over one's own personal feelings. Not everyone in this club is going to like everyone else, but as in the "real world" I feel we often have to learn to pull together in spite of that and to refrain from the "back biting" and political infighting which have plagued other Klingon clubs....often to their destruction. I do not want KSF to be among those destroyed by personal politics. Candidates for promotion who cross my desk must, thus, in addition to the quality of efficiency, have the ability to get along with other people, to compromise and to conduct themselves with honor.

It has been suggested that we come up with some "hard and fast" rules by which we objectively determine a candidate's promotions. We have tried that before, several years ago and found that deserving candidates sometimes "fell through the cracks". But we've recently received some ideas that some of you would like us to consider adding to our own criteria. We will be looking into those and encourage more KSF participation. If any one of you would like us to submit additional suggestions, please mail them to Fleet-Admiral K'Zhen, Admiral Katalyia and / or myself and we will take them under consideration along with the others and keep you posted.
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A REQUEST FROM THE ADMIRALTY to all webmasters!: If you change your URLs, PLEASE notify me, so that our records can be kept up to date. (KSF roster, membership packet, etc.) ....... FAdm. K'Zhen

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Translated by Nick Nicholas (nsn@krang.vis.mu.oz.au)

ghIch Doq ghaj wa' 'er *ru'Dov*.
bochqu' ghIchDaj 'e' vIDIS.
chaq 'ervam leghchugh neH vay',
"wewqu' ghIchvam" jatlhlu'nIS.
HaghtaH 'ej reH luvaqtaH
'ermey latlh Hoch, bejtaHDI'.
'er Quj vay' jeSchoH *ru'Dov*,
chIch reH 'e' lutuch naSwI'!
qaSDI' *QISmaS* 'eng ram nung,
'a jatlh *SantatlhoS*:
"ghIch wewqu'wI' *ru'Dov*wIj,
DujwIj'e' DaHjaj HIchIj!"
tugh jupDaj DachoH 'ermey.
Quchqu'choH 'ej jach 'er Hoch:
"ghIch Doq Daghajbogh *ru'Dov*,
quv'a'lIj'e' not wItlhoch!"

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nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI' - A warrior doesn't let a friend face danger alone.

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